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October 2019

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Editor’s letter Welcome to the October issue! The clocks are set to change this month which can only mean one thing – the colder weather is on its way! But fear not; inside this issue is lots of advice to help ensure your property doesn’t fall foul of the cold weather. Now is the time to focus on preparing your home and garden against the elements. Doing so will ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises, such as burst pipes, or the death of your favourite garden plants you’ve lovingly tended to over the summer.

Prepare your property for colder weather Autumn is here; the leaves are falling and it’s getting colder. Here are some handy tips for preparing your home for the colder months

And as the dark nights draw in, it’s also time to start planning for the seasonal events coming up on the calendar; Halloween and Bonfire night! To get you inspired, inside we feature a winter-warming recipe, perfect for either event. And if you’re looking for something frightfully good to do to celebrate Halloween, our travel pages feature enough spooky events around the country to help you plan spooktacular fun! We hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to sharing more property-related and lifestyle articles with you next time. Enjoy! Linda McKeown Editor


By turning your central heating back on now, you will be made aware of any issues with your heating before the cold weather really hits

You can lose as much as 30% of heating through seals and gaps in your loft

Boilers and radiators With the changeable weather over the summer, you will have probably turned your boiler on earlier than normal, only to turn it back off again with the warmer weather returning in September. If, however, you haven’t turned it on again, now is the time. By turning your central heating back on now, you will be made aware of any issues with your heating before the cold weather really hits. It may be wise to get your boiler professionally serviced to check for any problems that may appear further down the line. An engineer will identify problems with your thermostat that you may not be aware of. Your radiators may have had a build-up of sludge over the summer months – an engineer will flush through the dirty water and replace it with clean water ready for the harsher winter months; helping to ensure you never have to go without heating.

Draughts The last thing you need is pesky draughts letting cold air in and hot air out. You can check for draughts yourself using a lit candle around door frames and window frames. When

there is a draught, the flame will blow towards you. You can then either fix the draught yourself using hardware from a store or by calling in the professionals. You can lose as much as 30% of heating through seals and gaps in your loft. Check under the insulation for cut-outs, pipes, wires etc, and seal them from the inside. If you have a log burner or multifuel burner, remember to close the flue after use, (when the fireplace has cooled) to avoid heat escaping.

Create a cosy ambience Even sealed windows can allow heat to escape. By using good quality curtains, you can better insulate your windows. Close them at nighttime and when you’re not at home to conserve heat. With the nights getting darker, light up your windows with some warm fairy lights to create a cosy ambience. If you feel cold, you will be cold; trick your mind and make your home as cosy as possible! If you don’t have a real fireplace, light some scented candles. Choose autumnal scents such as wild pumpkin, cinnamon or cookies to create a cosy atmosphere in your

home. Spoil yourself with some fleecy blankets to wrap up in during the evenings. This will stop you from fiddling with the thermostat and making your house too warm.

Re-arrange the furniture Move your sofa, and any other furniture, away from the radiator; your sofa absorbs heat from the radiator which stops it from circulating around the room. The same goes for big TV units, dressers etc: try to keep your radiators unblocked by furniture so they can release heat just as they should. In bedrooms, long curtains can have the same effect. If possible, tuck the curtains behind the radiator and move beds away from radiators too. Waking up with your arm on a scalding radiator isn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone! If you have a conservatory clean it too and make it winter-ready; if you have vinyl flooring, invest in a thick shaggy rug. A conservatory can get cold even with a heating system installed, so opt for a plug-in heater too!


Be inspired by

autumn’ s new colour trends

We love

Ha n d ma d Wo o l Y a r e Ch u n k n Bl a y M n k et e ri n o Y e llo w

The bedroom

Ochre is a beautiful mustard yellow that is taking the high-street by storm, and it’s perfect for brightening up a room while adding a cosy feel of autumn too. Either opt for block colour or items featuring it as hints of colour. There are a whole host of ways of incorporating ochre into your bedroom, but we can’t resist a lovely, chunky, throw to snuggle up to help survive the colder nights coming our way! Handmade Chunky Merino Wool Yarn Blanket Yellow Handmade from Merino wool, The Handmade Chunky Wool Yarn Blanket is incredibly soft and luxurious. The intricate craftsmanship gives the blanket a beautiful look and lush texture. Throw it at the end of your bed to add warmth to your bedroom. £44.95


Top pick Ideal Home Papillion Contour Fabric Accent Chair

The living room If you’re feeling brave and want to add colour to your living room, then opt for a colourful piece of furniture, such as a signature sofa or chair.

Ideal Home Papillion Contour Fabric Accent Chair Inspired by the classic mid-century contour chairs, Papillion features decorative button detail and soft rounded edges in pastel pink. The beautifully shaped leg section is wrapped in a naturally toned wood-effect that creates an eye-catching contrast against the felt-effect fabric above them. £219

Think of autumn and warm tones of reds, browns and yellows come to mind. Celebrate the season by adding the latest trends to your home

Key colour trends for the home are shades of yellow, rustic reds, dusky pinks and geometric colourways

Great value

On trend ni ng i D d re e t ls o h M a rg a ret U p li a & C o. C h a i r Op h e

The dining room

Now’s the time to be bold with your colour choices for the home. Nothing is out of bounds, so try the likes of burnt reds with navy. Experiment and you’ll be surprised! And when it comes to your dining room, it’s no different. Update your entertaining and dining space to make an impact. Margaret Upholstered Dining Chair Ophelia & Co. These chairs will add a comfortable, sophisticated feel for a formal or casual dining room. Honey finished legs made from hardwood offer modern simplicity and a rich tone to complement the seat of the chair. And at a price that won’t break the bank either! £183.99 – set of 4

Bo n e ood s W ric a n dle t e m Ge o wit h H


The Kids’ room

There’s no need to let the kids miss out on the latest trends this autumn. Give their room an uplift with fun, geometric furniture that’s practical as well as fashionable! From shelving units, funky cushions and rugs, there is plenty of inspiration out there. Why not try some geometric themed storage boxes? Geometric Wooden Box with Handles Bring adorable design to your home with this decorative wooden storage crate from Happy Little Folks. Perfect for a children’s room, it’s ideal for holding little bits and pieces. Each box has been carefully hand-painted with the bold geometric shapes having been created by using nontoxic, water-based paint and sealed with non-toxic varnish. Simply choose your colour scheme and off you go! £28 By Happy Little Folks


How best to prepare your garden for the colder months We are currently grasping onto the last ounces of sunny weather, and now your garden will need some attention and preparation for autumn and winter With the hottest day ever recorded in the UK having just passed us by (38.7 degrees Celsius in Cambridge on 25th July this year), your garden will have had its work cut out this summer, and is likely now feeling rather dried-out and exhausted. With the colder months just around the corner, here are our top tips as to how best to prepare your garden for the cooler times ahead.

Put away garden furniture Your outside furniture will have done you proud throughout the summer months, but now you need to ensure it doesn’t become needlessly wet, rusty, and perhaps even frozen in parts. Pack away any chairs and tables, as well as the barbeque if it’s a movable one, to prevent them from becoming victims to the elements throughout the winter season. A dedicated storage space or a garage would be ideal places to store them.

Protect your low-growing plants from wet weather by covering them with a sheet of glass or a cloche, and surrounding them with a slightly elevated layer of gravel or grit

The final cut of the grass It’s advised that any good gardener should keep their lawn generally well-maintained throughout the winter months, keeping it tidy and well-looked after. Late October or early November is generally the ideal time to give your lawn its final trim before winter hits. However, if you live in a particularly mild area you may be able to get away with cutting your grass in December.

Rotting plants Rotting and dying plants and other vegetation in your garden don’t only look untidy, they can also spread disease to other, healthier, plants in the surrounding area. Pests and fungi are also likely with old plants and could incur further problems for your garden. Insects feeding on your crops throughout the summer may lay eggs on the stalks and leaves, so removing any finished plants prevents pests from getting a head start come springtime. It’s also useful to note that burying old plants in your garden adds organic matter to your soil, which improves soil tilth and overall health.

Regenerate your compost A rich heap of compost can go a long way, and can be used to top up garden beds, amend deficient soils, and fertilize lawns. If you’re making way for another batch of compost and cleaning out the previous load, it’s likely to be insulated against winter’s chill, meaning microbes fester for longer into the winter. To prevent the microbes from festering further, compile your autumn compost heap with plenty of autumn leaves, straw or sawdust, layered with kitchen scraps and other active, green matter.


Prepare the soil Autumn is a great time to add in new additions to the soil, such as manure, compost, kelp and rock phosphate. It’s often best to wait until your soil dries out before deciding to work it and add in extra nutrients: doing so in autumn means you won’t need to do as much in spring. Once you’ve added your additions, cover the bed of soil with sheets of plastic or other coverings to help prevent winter rains from washing the nutrients below the active root zone. The soil should be ready to be uncovered in dry spring, ready to work its magic.

Protect vulnerable plants from frost You can protect your low-growing plants from wet weather by covering them with a sheet of glass or a cloche, and surrounding them with a slightly elevated layer of gravel or grit, to ensure swift drainage of any potential rainwater. Some outdoor containers are frost-proof, and it’s advised you use these to prevent them cracking.

Plant cover crops Late summer or early autumn is an ideal time of the year to sow crops like rye, vetch and clover because, as well as adding nutrients, such crops as these help prevent soil erosion, break up compacted areas, and increase levels of organic matter in garden beds. Also, one way to increase the levels of available nitrogen for garden vegetables is to plant legumes in your garden, such as clover or field peas. Although some cover crops are hardier than others, it tends to be a general rule of thumb to plant cover crops around one month before your first killing-frost.

Late October to early November is generally the ideal time to give your lawn its final trim before winter hits


A guide to

staying safe

on Bonfire night

Bonfire night can be one of the most exciting nights of the year and for very good reason. It’s a night filled with pretty firework displays, traditional bonfire treats and cosy hot drinks. However, it’s important to stay safe Whether you’re attending a firework display or celebrating at home, it’s important to remember that there are certain things you should and should not do.

You should: • • • • • •

build your bonfire far away from your home stand far enough away from fireworks and the bonfire make sure an adult checks the bonfire for hidden animals have a bucket of water nearby for emergencies keep your beloved pets inside during the celebrations remember to wrap up warm

You should never: • return to a firework after it’s been lit • let off fireworks after 11pm, (or midnight on the 5 Nov), as it’s illegal • build a bonfire near to any trees, fences or your home • leave before ensuring the fire and surroundings are put out • pour petrol or paraffin on the fire

According to the RSPCA 45 percent of dogs show signs of fear when they hear a firework set off


Firework safety


Bonfire night stats

Firework displays can be great for the whole family. They can also be very dangerous, so here are a few tips on how to stay safe: • Only adults should; set up firework displays, light fireworks and safely dispose of them • You should only buy fireworks which show the CE mark • Read and follow the instructions • Use a taper to light the fireworks • Have a bucket of water at hand • Use a board or other non-flammable rigid surface for flat-bottomed fireworks • Stand at a safe distance whilst fireworks are going off

4, 436 people used the NHS A&E services for firework related injuries in 2017/2018 Around half of all firework injuries happen to children under the age of 16 ( Over the past five years over 350 preschool children have been hospitalised due to firework injuries (UK fire service)

Tips to help keep your pets safe Fun with sparklers • Find somewhere safe and open • Make sure you wear gloves when handling sparklers • Sparklers shouldn’t be given to children under the age of five • Hold the sparkler away from your face and body • Never touch the end of the sparkler • Once it’s no longer burning, put it in a bucket of water

Bonfire night can be a very scary night for your furry friends. According to the RSPCA, 45 percent of dogs show signs of fear when they hear a firework set off. So, to help, we’ve put together a few useful tips to keep them safe and happy. • If you have a dog, make sure you walk them in daylight hours before the fireworks start • Close all your windows and curtains, to help muffle the sound • Put the telly or radio on to provide distraction • Create some hiding spaces around the house and if they do hide under furniture, leave them there • Make sure your pet is microchipped in case they escape • For small animals, partly cover their cages with blankets: this will help with soundproofing

Spooktacular soup! If you’re planning on carving pumpkins this Halloween, make the most of the whole pumpkin! There are plenty of recipes out there to try, but we love this soup which uses both the flesh and seeds Pumpkin & lentil soup

Serves 4 Kcals per serving: 233 Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free

Ingredients • • • • • • • • •

1 tbsp olive oil, plus 1 tsp 2 onions, chopped 2 garlic cloves, chopped approx 800g chopped pumpkin flesh, plus the seeds 100g split red lentils ½ small pack thyme, leaves picked, plus extra to serve 1l hot vegetable stock pinch of salt and sugar 50g crème fraiche, plus extra to serve

Method 1. Heat the oil in a large pan. Fry the onions until softened and

starting to turn golden. Stir in the garlic, pumpkin flesh, lentils and thyme, then pour in the hot stock. Season, cover and simmer for 20-25 mins until the lentils and vegetables are tender. 2. Meanwhile, wash the pumpkin seeds. Remove any flesh still clinging to them, then dry using kitchen paper. Heat the 1 tsp oil in a non-stick pan and fry the seeds until they start to jump and pop. Stir frequently but cover the pan in between to keep them in it. When the seeds look toasted, add a sprinkling of salt and a pinch of sugar. Stir well. 3. Whizz the cooked pumpkin mixture with a hand blender or in a food processor until smooth, then add the crème fraiche and whizz again. Taste for seasoning. 4. Serve with a spoonful of crème fraiche, a few thyme leaves and the toasted seeds scattered on top.

This recipe, and more, can be found at


O T E TI M GET COSY! cold Don’t let the oors. keep you ind gainst Snuggle up a in soft the elements and chunky knits ories. stylish access faves… Here are our

2-Piece Squirrel Print Hat & Mittens Set With this cute crocheted hat and matching mittens, they’ll be ready for splashing through all the puddles! Featuring ribbed cuffs, for a snuggly mitten fit. Embellished hat features a fun pom pom and squirrel motif. £14

Girls grey padded belted longline coat Featuring zip pockets and detachable faux fur trim, this padded and belted long-sleeve coat is ideal for any fashion-conscious girl. Made from 100% polyester fabric. £50

Monsoon Space Stripe Novelty Gloves Simply fun at their fingertips! These novelty gloves feature space-themed appliqués – perfect for any space-loving child. Available for ages 3 - 13 years. £12

Boys’ Tech Parka Made from a shower-resistant material, this parka features a zip-through front, pockets for stashing essentials and a faux-fur lined hood to help protect against the elements. Available in bright blue, navy and red colourways. £55 - £61

Barbour® Leather Black Utility Gloves Invest in these 100% leather gloves to keep your hands warm and protected against the cold. £60

Accessorize Devonshire Check Blanket Scarf In a classic check, this Devonshire blanket scarf by Accessorize is sure to lift your winter looks with tones of pink and yellow. 100% acrylic. L190 x W70 cm. £20

Chilton Short Padded Wellies Don’t let the rain dampen your mood, or your style! These mid-height wellies from Joules are super stylish and have been finished with a faux fur collar for warmth. An anti-slip sole gives extra grip for those frosty mornings. £49.95

Accessorize Nude Chunky Cable Poncho Ponchos are still on trend for the colder months, and this chunky knit poncho, made from 100% acrylic, is a must-have to help defend against the cold. £32

SD-3 Parka Jacket Dress your man in style while keeping him cosy. With removable faux fur trim, a zip and toggle button fastening, five outer pockets, one inner pocket and ribbed cuffs, what more could he want in a jacket! £90.99 www.superdry. com



ahead! Grab your broomsticks, it’s Halloween! Here’s how to keep your little coven spellbound and the not-so-little monsters in your life cackling at some of Britain’s top haunts

Apparently, we have the Celts to thank for Halloween and its creepy traditions. According to some scholars, the last day of October marked the end of the Celtic calendar and was the day they chose to honour their dead. Unfortunately, the Celts also felt this was the time when the barrier between worlds became wafer thin, allowing spirits to cross over and mingle with the living in order to destroy their recently gathered crops. So, to prepare themselves for this medieval fright night, the Celts across Britain and Europe

disguised themselves as ghosts and ghouls to wander unopposed, further arming themselves with lanterns carved from large seasonal vegetables and lighting bonfires. Sound familiar?

– the night before All Saints Day, which is November 1 – and, with the Church starting to restrict Pagan practises, Irish settlers heading to America took their traditions with them.

Of course, the well-to-do were far too important to indulge with such supernatural superstitions, so the poor offered to pray for their dead as well – in return for a small cake or, if you like, a treat. Conversely, in Irish mythology the Pooka (think Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream) would also be around to play pranks. Of course, you can’t miss the trick.

And that’s how a festival dedicated to death snowballed into the multi-million-pound fun night we know and love today.

The name Halloween originates from the mid-1700s and is derived from the Scottish All Hallows’ Eve


Warwick Castle WARWICK From October 19 until November 3, the castle becomes a dead cert for those looking for bloodcurdling tales. With a choice of scare levels – Plucky Pumpkins, Daring Dukes and Brave Knights – you can meet a host of bizarre characters, wondrous witches and even the crew of the Paranormal Encounters TV show as they try to discover why the ghosts of Warwick cannot leave. Further details:


Given such a macabre backstory, it’s really no surprise the best places to get spooked at Halloween are Britain’s mythladen stately homes and castles. We feature five which we are sure will help raise the chill factor.


It’s really no surprise the best places to get spooked at Halloween are Britain’s mythladen stately homes and castles

Said to be one of the country’s most haunted castles – which encouraged staff to keep a special ‘ghost book’ to record the eerie experiences of visitors! You may even bump into the ghost of Sir Charles, said to wander the corridors of his former home, or catch the distinct whiff of horses coming from the empty riding school. Further details: and search for Bolsover Castle

The name Halloween originates from the mid-1700s and is derived from the Scottish All Hallows’ Eve – the night before All Saints Day

oxford Castle

OXFORD Visitors to Oxford Castle, another of Britain’s most haunted buildings, will be met by a host of Halloween-themed fun; from Bill Spectre’s ghost trails and midnight ghost tours of the castle, to the jailbreak escape room puzzle game, as well as Trick or Treat evenings, pumpkin carvings and ghost hunts for families and children.

Whitby Abbey

Further details: event/ghostfest/


Fancy exploring the darker side of history among bright lights? No better place than an illuminated tour of the ruins which inspired Dracula, Bram Stoker’s classic horror story where you can meet witches and witchfinders. Further details: and search for Whitby Abbey

Other events Added to the above, the London Dungeon is promising something terrifyingly spectacular in their Halloween show (thedungeons. com) while younger thrillseekers will love Brick or Treat, the spooktacular sleepover event at LEGOLAND Windsor ( And just to prove ghostly goings-on aren’t confined to dry land, the skeleton crew of a ghostly pirate ship has moved into Portsmouth Historic Dockyard bringing with them Halloween crafts, face painting, a deathly disco, kids trail and lots of competitions (


Margam Castle in Port Talbot can be a chilling location at the best of times and is said to be the home of the nasty and angry spirit of a gamekeeper who really throws his weight around! The castle has seen a lot of paranormal activity so their after-dark Halloween Ghost Hunt should be a ghoulish experience. Further details: Of course, if you prefer your Halloween to be more home-based there are several things to keep the youngsters occupied before they go Trick or Treating. The English Heritage website ( carries helpful guides to making creepy lanterns and masks, as well as proposing a change to the modern trend of carving pumpkins by reverting to the more traditional turnips.

No self-respecting party would be complete without apple bobbing, another game which can be traced back to the Celts, who tied apples to trees to encourage the sun god to return the following year. Then it’s off for the much-loved house-to-house procession where clusters of Grim Reapers, zombies, Captain Jack Sparrows, ghosts, skeletons and even Hulks knock on doors and demand: ‘Trick or Treat?’ Whatever would the Celts have made of it all?


The EFL Championship: How are the promotion favourites doing so far? Promotion from the EFL Championship is the most lucrative prize in world football; worth around £170 million because of the enormous TV rights package on offer!

Last years’ promoted teams, Norwich City, Aston Villa and Sheffield United are already feeling the harsh realities of life in the Premier League. But, with masses of money paid out in transfer fees and player contracts upon promotion, they will hope to duplicate the success of teams such as Burnley, Bournemouth and Wolves in the long run. Two teams win promotion automatically every year, with a play-off for the final spot from the teams positioned third to sixth. It’s a long hard slog with 46 games in the league, (and cup games on top,) and the Championship always throws up some surprises along the way. Before the busy winter period, here is our handy guide to how the promotion favourites are faring so far.

Leeds United Promotion from the EFL Championship is the most lucrative prize in world football


Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds were last years’ play off final losers; despite sitting at the top of the table for most of the season the players tired and they lost their way. Losing first-teamer Pontus Jansson and top-scorer Kemar Roofe, and without the funds to replace them, they have looked to youngsters on loan from the Premier League this season. With another preseason under his belt and described as the ‘best manager in the world’ by Guardiola, expect them not to

tire this year. They steamrollered over Swansea, only to lose in the 90th minute, so they will hope Eddie Nketiah and Helder Costa bed in and make an impact as they don’t want the same problems as last season, when they lacked the cutting edge in attack.

Cardiff City Swansea City may be flying high at the start of the season, but expect this to be a temporary surge, much like a 100:1 outsider out front in the Grand National. They will fade, but expect Welsh rivals, Cardiff City, to hold steady throughout the season. Neil Warnock is an old hand at getting teams promoted, holding the record with 8 promotions in his management career. Cardiff have a solid squad of players, ready to rotate over the busier periods; when other teams drop off. Don’t be surprised when they’re, at least, in the play-off spots come the turn of the new year. And with Will Vaulks catapult throws, expect some last-minute goals ruining everyone else’s party.

Fulham Fulham spent big last year to avoid relegation from the Premier League. Caretaker manager Scott Parker did enough at the end of last season to get the job full time. They have a large squad of players, most with Premier League experience who will itch to get back to the top-flight. Like Leeds, they have dipped into the Premier League loan market, bringing in the experience of Harry Arter and the exciting Ivan Cavaleiro from Wolves, and kept hold of star striker Aleksandar Mitrovic. Expect Mitrovic and Cavaleiro to be pushing each other in their own personal goalscoring competition to the end of the season and don’t be surprised if Mitrovic reaches the magical thirty.





Between 2007 and 2017, the number of people renting in the UK increased by 63% A record number of people now rent their home as opposed to buying; with a large selection choosing to rent even though they could afford to buy. Renting has a huge number of perks and, with owning a home not as much of a priority for younger generations, this will continue to rise. The largest group of private renters are those aged 25-34. However,

there has also been an increase in renting for 45-54-year-olds. With new measures introduced earlier in the year, tenants have never been better protected. The increase in private renters isn’t necessarily because buying a house is out of their budget, many rent instead of buying due to career, family and the huge number of benefits that come from renting.

SO, WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST BENEFITS OF RENTING? The world moves faster than ever before. On average, Millennials switch jobs more often than older generations; with 60% always open to new opportunities. The job market has changed with people rarely staying in one job throughout their life. Many now want the flexibility to move to new areas to pursue their career. Renting is the perfect choice for those that do, as there is no need to put your house on the market, await viewings, negotiate offers and then wait for conveyancing. Leaving a rental property entails handing in your notice, cleaning and then moving! QUICK PROCESS

Many rent instead of buying due to career, family and the huge number of benefits that come from renting

Moving into a rental property is quicker than buying a property too. When you rent, you calculate how much you can afford using your salary, go on some viewings and then confirm to us, the agent, that you like the property. After this, you can put down a deposit and wait for the reference checks to complete, which usually takes a week. Once referencing is complete, you will confirm your

move-in date, pay your deposit and usually your first month’s rent, and pick up your keys. In theory, with the process running smoothly, you could view a house on a weekend and move in the next weekend! NO REPAIR BILLS If you own your home and the boiler breaks, or the oven stops working, you will need to pay a professional to replace or fix the item and do the work. In a rental property, report these problems and the landlord will get them fixed quickly at no cost to yourself, (as long as you didn’t cause the damage). This is the same for smoke alarms, Carbon Monoxide alarms and any other problems that happen during your tenancy. INSPECTIONS HELP YOU KEEP ON TOP OF THE CLEANING That dreaded word every tenant fears: ‘inspection’. However, this is the perfect opportunity to remind you to do a deep clean every sixmonths. When you own your home, you have no-one coming around to check on the condition of the property, which can lead to laziness in the upkeep of your home.


City Centre 024 7622 2022 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000

Barkers Butts Lane, Coundon

Offers in the region of ÂŁ240,000

A superbly presented double bayed three bedroom semi detached home briefly comprises porch entrance, reception hall, utility room, spacious lounge/diner with recently extended and superbly fitted modern breakfast kitchen. On the first floor the property offers two double bedrooms with a further good sized third bedroom and a modern family bathroom. To the outside the property boasts a substantial double garage and a good size enclosed rear garden.

Birmingham Road, Allesley


A grade two listed home within private gated grounds with further woodland area beyond. From the lounge there is a staircase to the first floor and door through to the workshop. The dining room leads to kitchen. To the first floor from the kitchen the property boasts two spacious bedrooms with bathroom. From the entrance lobby the staircase leads to office space and staircase leads to bedroom three that benefits from an En-suite shower room.


. lettings . new homes . land . surveys

Bradfield Close, Allesley Park


A detached dormer bungalow tastefully re-designed throughout. The accommodation briefly comprises; refitted kitchen, lobby area, ground floor shower room, spacious lounge/diner with bi folding doors leading to rear garden with a further two double ground floor bedrooms. To the first floor is an open master bedroom, open plan master en-suite. Externally there are beautifully landscaped gardens with single brick built garage to the rear.

Wolverton Road, Mount Nod


A well presented three bedroom traditional semi detached property which briefly comprises, entrance lobby, open plan lounge/ diner with feature fireplace, fitted kitchen with built in appliances, first floor landing, three good size bedrooms, bathroom with separate WC. To the outside the property boasts a larger than average front garden with block paved driveway leading to garage, to the rear the property has an enclosed laid to lawn rear garden with borders.

what you’re looking for |

City Centre 024 7622 2022 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000

Broadway, Earlsdon

ÂŁ1,900 pcm

Spread over three floors is this superb extended semi detached property, retaining much character and charm with modern finishes to the kitchen, bathroom and shower room. Accommodation comprising: entrance porch, L-shaped entrance hall, lounge, sitting room, dining kitchen, utility and WC. Over the two upper floor FIVE DOUBLE BEDROOMS, bathroom and shower room. To the outside there are front and side driveways and mature south facing rear garden.

Canley Road, Canley


A part furnished luxury semi-detached house in popular area conveniently located for Canley railway station and Warwick University, easy access to the city centre and Birmingham. The extended accommodation comprises porch, through hallway, dining room, lounge with sunroom leading off, substantial breakfast kitchen room and utility. Four bedrooms, ensuite and quality family bathroom. Outside - ample front driveway, garage and long rear garden.


. lettings . new homes . land . surveys

Ilford Court, Binley Court


An impressive top floor flat in this well served location with good road access to A46 and bus service to both Coventry and Rugby. The property is offered unfurnished but there is an option to buy the existing furniture if needed. Comprising: communal entrance, private entrance hall, lounge dining room with balcony, modern fitted kitchen. Two bedrooms and bathroom. To the outside there are well maintained communal gardens and close to local woodland walks, park and shops.

Monticello Way, Bannerbrook


A FURNISHED ground floor ex show flat having gas central heating and a high standard specification, the accommodation provides - entrance hallway, utility/store, lounge part open to fitted kitchen with appliances, two double bedrooms, large bathroom with shower over bath. Communal gardens, parking space.

what you’re looking for |

Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Sunbury Road, Stonehouse Estate

7622 2022

Offers Invited ÂŁ175,000

*EXCELLENT INVESTMENT POTENTIAL* An extended post-war mid terrace house situated on the popular Stonehouse Estate. The uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, through lounge/dining room, extended kitchen and ground-floor bedroom with en-suite bathroom including a separate shower area. Three first floor bedrooms and a shower room whilst outside the gardens are laid to lawn to both the front and rear with a rear vehicular access.

Joanna Drive, Finham


An excellent opportunity to purchase a detached bungalow in this peaceful setting just off St Martins Road. The property offers deceptively spacious accommodation which benefits from uPVC double glazing, gas central heating and no further chain. The accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, cloakroom, spacious extended lounge/diner, extended breakfast kitchen, three good bedrooms and modern family bathroom. There is a large driveway approached via a shared access providing ample off-road parking, a side tandem garage and an enclosed lawn rear garden.


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Orchard Crescent, Styvechale

Offers Over £450,000

A substantial extended semi-detached family home in this most convenient location close to the Railway Station, City Centre and War Memorial Park. The uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, sitting room, superb extended open-plan family room/kitchen-diner, utility room, cloakroom and study/ hobbies room. There are four first floor bedrooms (one with potential for an en-suite shower room), a dressing room/box room, family bathroom incorporating separate shower cubicle, side driveway and mature private gardens.

Meadfooot Road, Willenhall


A well maintained and improved end terrace property offered for sale with immediate vacant possession with no further chain and benefits from uPVC hardwood effect double glazing, gas central heating and CCTV security system. The accommodation briefly comprises porch, reception hall, front lounge, fitted breakfast kitchen, double glazed conservatory, first floor landing, two double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and a modern shower room. There are well maintained gardens with rear vehicular access leading to a detached concrete sectional garage.

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Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Maidavale Crescent, Styvechale

7622 2022 ÂŁ435,000

An extended semi-detached family home situated within this sought-after location on the south side of the City close to the A45 dual carriageway and benefitting from uPVC double glazing and gas central heating. The accommodation briefly comprises porch, reception hall, cloakroom, front sitting room, superb open-plan family room/kitchen diner, first floor landing, four good sized bedrooms, family bathroom incorporating a separate shower cubicle, block paved driveway, integral garage and private enclosed lawn rear garden.

Knoll Drive, Styvechale

Offers Over ÂŁ300,000

An immaculate semi-detached property with enviable views overlooking Dawlish Fields. The property comprises porch, reception hall, spacious and attractive through lounge/dining room and lovely fitted breakfast kitchen. There are three spacious bedrooms and a beautiful larger than average family bathroom with separate corner shower cubicle. There is a brick block paved driveway providing off road parking which leads to the garage. The rear garden has a brick block paved patio, the remainder being mainly lawn and having two brick-built stores.


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London Road, Whitley


A traditional double bayed mid-terrace property offering extended ground-floor accommodation and conveniently situated within easy access of excellent local amenities. The uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation briefly comprises recess porch entrance, reception hall, through living room and extended ‘L’ shaped kitchen/diner. Three first floor bedrooms and an attractive fully tiled modern bathroom with mixer shower whilst outside the gardens are low maintenance and attractively landscaped with rear vehicular access leading to a detached concrete sectional garage.

Green Lane South, Finham


A fantastic opportunity to purchase this tastefully extended home which makes it ideal for a family and having a front aspect over extensive playing fields. The property is located directly between Finham Primary and Finham Park schools and the double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, cloakroom, sitting room, superb family room/kitchen-diner with designer kitchen, utility room, four good double bedrooms, family bathroom, well established gardens and a gated driveway and integral garage.

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Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Offers Over ÂŁ350,000



Berkeley Road North, Earlsdon

7622 2022

An outstanding, extended and stylish mid terraced family residence with three double bedrooms situated in this extremely popular residential side road within walking distance of the bustling Earlsdon High Street. Benefitting from gas central heating, double glazing and many appealing features including bespoke plantation shutters, the tastefully presented accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hallway, elegant front lounge, separate rear sitting/dining room, superb refitted kitchen/breakfast room with integrated appliances and double doors leading out to the delightful rear garden, three generous first floor bedrooms and a refitted family bathroom. Externally there are neatly laid out gardens to the front and rear. Internal inspection strongly recommended to appreciate the accommodation on offer.




Astoria Drive, Bannerbrook Park

Viewing is highly recommended for this particularly well presented and spacious FOUR bedroom, three storey end of terraced town house, situated in this much sought after modern development on the western outskirts of the City. The stylish and well proportioned family residence briefly comprises; entrance hallway, ground floor cloakroom, delightful lounge with patio doors overlooking the rear garden and good sized kitchen/dining room with integrated hob and oven. To the first floor there are three good sized bedrooms and a modern family bathroom and to the second floor there is a generous master bedroom with fitted wardrobes and a much larger than average en-suite shower room. Externally there are neatly laid out gardens to both the front and rear together with rear access to a separate brick built garage and two tandem parking spaces.


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Prince of Wales Road, Chapelfields

Favouring a prime location alongside the picturesque Lake View Park, a much improved halls together THREE BEDROOM midterraced family residence, enjoying a slightly elevated position close to Allesley Old Road and therefore within easy reach of the City Centre and all essential daily amenities. The attractively presented and spacious accommodation has the benefit of gas central heating, leaded light double glazing and briefly comprises; entrance hall with ‘Minton’ tiled floor, excellent through lounge/ dining room with patio doors leading out to the rear patio area and garden, well fitted kitchen, three bedrooms and modern first floor family bathroom. Outside there is a neatly laid out tiered foregarden and a delightful south-facing rear garden with an outside utility room, separate w/c and rear vehicular access leading to a single garage.

Offers in the Region of £200,000



The Galliards, Gibbet Hill

Situated in this peaceful, tucked away and highly sought after development on the south side of the City, a recently improved and attractively presented two bedroom detached bungalow specifically designed for the over 55 year age group. Benefiting from uPVC double glazing and gas central heating, the accommodation briefly comprises; enclosed entrance porch, entrance hallway, attractive living/dining room, delightful sun room/conservatory with views over the communal grounds, fitted kitchen, good sized bathroom, two bedrooms, both with fitted furniture and the main having an en-suite shower room. Externally there is a block paved driveway providing off road parking together with a separate garage and well tended communal gardens. No upward chain.

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Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024




Hendre Close, Off Broad Lane

7622 2022

Situated in this popular and convenient cul-de-sac location just off Broad Lane, a realistically priced three bedroom mid terraced property requiring some cosmetic redecoration but offering an excellent opportunity to improve and personalise an ideal first time home. With the distinct advantage of ample off road parking, the gas centrally heated and double glazed accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, good sized lounge/dining room with patio doors leading out to the enclosed rear garden, recently refitted kitchen with integrated hob and oven, three first floor bedrooms and a modern family bathroom. Externally there is a block paved driveway and integral garage together with a delightful, neatly laid out rear garden having a paved patio/seating/entertaining area. Viewing recommended. No upward chain.




Sir Thomas Whites Road, Chapelfields

A charming and much larger than average two bedroom mid- terraced home, well maintained throughout, situated in this popular and convenient west of the City location. Being an ideal first time purchase with the benefit of replacement double glazing and gas central heating, the spacious accommodation briefly comprises, delightful front dining room with feature fireplace, separate rear lounge, well fitted kitchen, small lobby/utility area and ground floor w/c. To the first floor there are two double bedrooms and a modern first floor bathroom. Outside there is a neatly laid out foregarden together with a a good sized rear garden being paved for ease of maintenance and having side pedestrian access.


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Hearsall Lane, Earlsdon

Being an ideal first time or potential buy to let purchase, a recently decorated two double bedroom mid-terraced property, ideally situated within walking distance to both the busy Earlsdon High Street and Coventry City Centre. The surprisingly spacious accommodation benefits from gas central heating, double glazing and briefly comprises, excellent front dining room with feature fireplace, separate rear living room with feature fireplace, well fitted kitchen, small lobby/utility area, modern ground floor bathroom and two double first floor bedrooms. Outside there is a tiered foregarden and a delightful, hard landscaped rear garden with rear pedestrian access. Viewing essential.




Roosevelt Drive, Tile Hill

Being a perfect investment opportunity or an ideal first time buy, a completely refurbished first floor maisonette situated in this convenient west of the City location, close to all daily amenities and within easy reach of Tile Hill Railway Station. Benefitting from many recent and quality improvements including a newly installed composite front entrance door, new gas fired condensing boiler and a refitted kitchen with LED lighting, the upgraded and tastefully presented accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, large storage room, generous sized lounge/dining room with feature stone fireplace, quality refitted kitchen, double bedroom and modern bathroom. Newly carpeted and redecorated throughout. No upward chain.

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Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 City Centre 024

Binley Road, Binley

7622 2022

Offers in the Region of ÂŁ235,000

This traditional double bayed semi-detached property is in need of a little attention. The property itself comprises entrance porch, entrance hallway, lounge, dining room, conservatory, downstairs w/c, three well proportioned bedrooms, family bathroom, lean to garage and front and rear gardens. This property must be viewed to have its potential appreciated. Benefiting from gas central heating and double glazing where stated.

Farriers Way, Whitestone


A three bedroom extended semi-detached house (which could easily be reverted back to four bedrooms if required) situated in this most convenient and popular location, offered with gas fired central heating and uPVC double glazing (as and where specified) and having the benefit of no upward chain. The accommodation briefly comprises, entrance hall, siting room, kitchen/dining room with built-in appliances, conservatory, first floor landing providing access to all three bedrooms (one with en suite shower room) and family bathroom. There are gardens to the front and rear of the property and a driveway provides off road parking and direct access to the car port and garage.


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Honiton Road, Wyken, Coventry


Traditional style double bay end of terrace with gas central heating and upvc double glazing (as and where specified). The accommodation briefly comprises entrance hall, through lounge/dining room, refitted kitchen extension, first floor landing which provides access to two bedrooms and bathroom with white suite and shower. There are gardens to the front and rear and a former garage which is now utilised as a games room with storage.

Kings Grove, Stoke, Coventry


This property is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac and is a lovely traditional Coventry property. The property benefits from an extension, open lounge/diner, kitchen, two bathrooms, three good sized bedrooms, front and rear gardens, rear pedestrian and vehicular access along with a concrete sectional garage. This is a beautifully kept home which is close to lots of local amenities, the M6/M69 are also easily accessible. Overall this is a generously sized property in a great location. This property must be viewed to be appreciated.

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Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 City Centre 024

Lindley Road, Stoke, Coventry

7622 2022

Offers in the Region of £185,000

Traditional style single bay “halls-together” semi-detached house in need of comprehensive updating and modernisation, but priced accordingly. Comprising porch, entrance hall, two good sized reception rooms, kitchen, WC, first floor landing providing access to all three bedrooms, bathroom and separate WC, useful loft space. There are gardens to the front and rear of the property and a long car port leads to the garage. The property is offered with no onward chain.

Ringwood Highway, Potters Green

Offers in the Region of £110,000

**EXTENDED LEASE & NO CHAIN** We are pleased to present this two bedroom first floor maisonette with its own ground floor entrance and hall. Double glazed and gas centrally heated with modern combination boiler. NO CHAIN AND VACANT POSSESSION. Spacious accommodation with ground floor hallway, Good sized living accommodation and kitchen. Two Double bedrooms and bathroom. Excellent parking facility and rear garden.NO SERVICE CHARGE TO PAY, BEING SOLD WITH AN EXTENDED LEASE WITH 152 YEARS (approx) REMAINING!


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Solent Drive, Walsgrave

Offers in the Region of £225,000

Payne Associates are proud to present this well presented detached bungalow set in the peaceful cul-de-sac location of Solent Drive. The property offers two double bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. There is a detached, brick built garage, front and rear gardens and a driveway providing off road parking for at least two cars. Sold with vacant possession and no upward chain. EPC TBC.




Sommerville Road, Poets Corner

This three bed mid-terrace property has excellent potential for improvement. The property is in need of some attention but once the make over has been completed you will be the owner of beautiful traditional double bayed home. Sommerville Road is positioned in the popular location of Wyken with schools, ma jor shops and amenities close by. The property briefly comprises entrance hallway, lounge, dining room, kitchen, three well proportioned bedrooms and a family bathroom. The front and rear gardens require attention. At the rear of the property you will also find a concrete sectional garage along with a useful garden shed. This is the perfect project for either a family or investment purposes and needs to be viewed to be appreciated.

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