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Best UK beaches We’ve put together a list of the best seaside areas in the country to visit

Hot interior design Now’s the time to think about your home decor, we have the latest trends for this year Our latest instructions Take a look at a selection of our latest properties on the market

Summer skin care The sun is out, but what are the best ways to protect ourselves from its harmful rays?


Spring bank holiday Our top ideas to help you get the most out of your long weekend


May gardening guide With our handy guide we have laid it all out for you


Screen Free Week Some ideas to include in your downtime from screen time


World Bee Day It’s vital to raise awareness of the importance of bees

The sun is out, but what are the best ways to protect ourselves from its harmful rays?


hether it’s a long-overdue holiday to a wave-lapped tropical shore or just an afternoon in the garden, there’s nothing quite like lounging in the sun, catching a few rays. A beer, a book, a basting session, it’s what summer’s all about, right? Well, no. Because what you do in the warmer months may well dictate how you look in later years. You may feel like a sun-kissed Greek god for a couple of weeks but, in a few years, there could be wrinkles, skin discolouration and any number of problems which could be a prelude to skin cancer. Short-term gain, long-term misery.



Buzzingly good food Celebrate World Bee day with these wonderfully sticky honey recipes



The finals countdown the football season heads into its ‘business end’ with trophies on the line



he UK is slowly awakening from its imposed slumber. BBQs in the back garden with friends and family (following social distancing guidelines) are back on the cards, as are drinks in a beer garden. Non-essential shops are open again as are gyms and swimming pools. This month, with the weather heating up, we have an in-depth article about how to look after your skin in the sunshine and to tie-in we have a fantastic guide to some of the best UK beaches to visit over the summer. With the kids already having spent so much time at home this year, we have a feature full of idea for the Spring Bank Holiday, and if you are



planning DIY jobs to take advantage of the long weekend, we have a guide to the hottest summer interior design trends. May is a busy month for your garden, and we have our monthly gardening guide to help you with advice of what to plant and sow now, and we also celebrate World Bee Day with an article about its history and some buzzingly good honey recipes. It is also a busy month for sport, with finals in a whole host of competitions, so we are looking at the potential winners of the cup competitions and we also look into the importance of Screen Free Week. Jonathan Wheatley Editor

Of course, we heed all the warnings: we’re coated in sun cream from head to foot, we feel we’re well covered, and we’re not going to sit out in direct sunlight too long. But what happens? You get comfortable, the book’s too good, and because you’ve moved to a shady spot, there’s no need to cover-up or re-apply the Factor 30. Is there? Come the end of the day, though, you’ve discovered a little tenderness around the neck – it couldn’t have been anything to do with that welcoming breeze which sprang up, could it? – and your ears are burning like someone’s having a good moan about you. And yes, it was a mistake to keep a bracelet on. Experts have been warning us for years that too much exposure to the sun is a danger to the skin, not only in the peak summer months but as outdoor temperatures and daylight hours start to increase. And while sunshine brings many benefits, such as an increase in Vitamin D, too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily ideal. Vitamin D can improve brain function invigorate muscles and bone health, and lower high blood pressure while the levels of serotonin, triggered by sunlight hitting the retina, helps to improve mood, helping a person feel calmer and less stressed. And

COVER-UP JOB the sun’s rays are also good for helping to battle such skin conditions as eczema, acne and jaundice. The disadvantages to over-exposure come in later life with unsightly solar lentigines (often called age spots or liver spots and are similar to freckles), solar elastosis (where the ultraviolet radiation breaks down the skin’s elasticity and causes vertical creases, deep wrinkles and sagging), melasma (a darkening of facial skin), and poikiloderma (reddish-brown pigmentation common on the neck and chest). It sounds scary but there are a number of ways, requiring minimal effort, to help you stay safe in the sun this summer.

and 3pm so limit your exposure time, or even use a higher-factor sunscreen during those hours if you need to be outside or add a thin layer of clothing. A T-shirt provides an extra barrier between the sun and your skin, also protecting sensitive areas such as shoulders, back and chest – areas prone to over-exposure and PRIORITISE LIGHT where the application of sunscreen is habitually hit and miss.

There’s nothing quite like lounging in the sun, catching a few rays

Wide-brimmed hats protect the face, neck and ears, and with sunscreen, provide a good all-round shield, particularly What you do in the if moving about in direct warmer months sunlight, while long-sleeved may well dictate swimming tops are ideal for how you look in children who like to spend a later years lot of time in the sea or pool.

The most obvious is sunscreen. Using a lotion with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) provides an increased level of defence, although with children it is always best to stick with 50-plus as their skin is so much more delicate. It is best applied at least 15 minutes before you go outside, allowing it to soak in, and should be re-applied regularly, particularly if you are sweating or have been swimming – even water-resistant creams need a top-up. Be careful with the time of day. In the UK, the sun is at its strongest between 11am

Shades and shade: Eye protection is all-important as UVA and UVB rays are particularly threatening from light, reflective surfaces. Polarised sunglasses absorb that glare, while seeking shade will not only protect your skin from direct light but also keep you cool. It almost goes without saying that babies and toddlers should be kept under cover as much as possible. And don’t forget to hydrate. Sweating is nature’s way of keeping the skin cool, so you will need to replenish lost fluids with lots of water. Not wine. Or beer.




t doesn’t feel five-minutes since the kids were on Easter holidays, however, here we are again with some more time away from school. Being only a three-day break, however, time is short, so here are our top ideas to help you get the most out of your extended weekend.


London, in essence, is everything and anything you want it to be. No two trips to London can possibly be alike due to its vast scope of diversity, and if you’ve never been before, now’s the time to visit, because right now is when London is gearing up for a fabulous summertime.

A visit to this enchanting archipelago on your extended weekend would be perfect for all the family or even just as a couple, for there is plenty to enjoy

With eight fantastic royal parks, there is ample outdoors space for picnics, walks or just plain-old sightseeing, for you can see many of London’s prime landmarks from a simple park bench, including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Whether it’s a play, an opera, a tour, a burlesque show, a sporting event, a wine tasting class or anything else which may tickle your fancy, London will have something for you.


Even when the weather isn’t perfect, a walk down the beach – either alone, as a couple or with the family – can be one



of the nicest, most relaxing activities to engage in. The water gently crashing up against the shoreline as you stroll alongside the ocean, looking out to the distant horizon. It’s also something the kids will absolutely love whilst they’re off from school, as most children love simple walks down the beach. Whether it’s skimming stones across the sea or looking for rare and weird washedup artefacts on the sand, children will always have a fun experience, and what better place to do this than Dover? The White Cliffs are a spectacular marvel and the best way to see them is to take a walk along the coastal path towards South Foreland Lighthouse. Guided tours are available too to get the most out of these breath-taking views. Moreover, the UK owns some tremendous white-sand beaches, and many of them are just as beautiful as those we travel half way around the world to see. Cornwall is another great destination to visit to take in some magnificent stretches of white sand.


By far the most popular mountainous region in England and possibly the UK, the Lake District is a much-loved holiday destination for families everywhere, with


BANK HOLIDAY IDEAS This spring bank holiday is going to be a special one; it’s going to be one for us all to let our over-grown hair down and have fun in the sunshine and bask in our freedoms!

more than 19 million visitors each year. Largely famous for its lakes, forests and mountains, it is also well-known for its associations with William Wordsworth and other Lake Poets, as well as Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin.

sailing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. Alternatively, soar through the national park on your mountain bike before refuelling with a slice of the famous Kendal Mint Cake.


All the land in England which is higher The Isles of Scilly are considered by many than 3,000 feet above sea level exclusively to be the most underrated of the British lies within the Lake District National Park, Isles. COVID regulations permitting, a including Scafell Pike visit to this enchanting which is officially the archipelago on your highest mountain in extended weekend Camp in the right England. The deepest would be perfect for all spots, and treat it (Wastwater) and largest the family or even just like an adventure, (Windermere) natural as a couple, for there is lakes in England are plenty to enjoy. and you’ve got here too. With hotels, yourself a truly camping sites, and The Isles of Scilly lie just wonderful time various exhibitions to off the coast of Cornwall, offer, it will be a winner but are a world apart for any family. in every way. They are a natural wonder, like a cluster of precious The Lake District is also a fantastic ocean jewels, where nature thrives and camping spot. Camping is essentially the soul is inspired. huddling up together under tents outside, but this can be so much more COVID-restrictions permitting, it may be than that. Camp in the right spots, and possible to travel abroad on the cusp of treat it like an adventure, and you’ve got this summer. So, for a two or three night yourself a truly wonderful adventure. For stay, we recommend places like Paris, those feeling active, spend an afternoon Brussels, Amsterdam or Copenhagen, in Ullswater, which is England’s second or indeed many other oversea locations largest lake and offers a magnitude nearby, for many of these destinations can of watersport opportunities including be reached in less than an hour by plane.




BEACH BREAKS THIS SUMMER As we move towards Summer, heads will inevitably turn to getting away on a much deserved break

A UK beach getaway might be the safest, and most popular way forward




owever, with question marks remaining over whether overseas holidays will be possible this year, a UK beach getaway might be the safest, and most popular way forward. So, whether you love fun in the sand, or walks along coastlines, we’ve put together a list of the best seaside areas in the country to visit.


Situated on Cornwall’s rugged North Coast, this town is perfect for anyone who wants to combine having fun with scenic views. The beach itself stretches for over three miles, and is manned by the RNLI, making it a safe, and clean place to spend your time. This place is about more than just its sandy beach though. Towards the town end of the beach, there are rock pools and caves to explore. But if you’d prefer to truly relax on your getaway, then why not pay a visit to ‘The Watering Hole’ - an all-year-round pub, situated right on the beach, and providing live music performances on its outdoor stage. And only a stone’s throw away, the small high street offers a variety of shops and cafes, meaning that one never has to travel too far in order to find something to do in Perranporth.


The sun-drenched town of Bournemouth enjoys seven miles of sandy beach, and is the ultimate destination for families. As well as the array of water sport activities on offer, it’s only a short walk to the famous Bournemouth Pier. Complete with an arcade and a variety theatre, Bournemouth, amongst many other seaside towns, does not lack in family entertainment. And that’s not to mention the PierZip at RockReef - the world’s first pier-to-shore zip wire. The 250m long wire is also dual-wired, so it’s possible to race others, whilst making the most of the view. And if you’re looking to unwind, then take a stroll towards BH2 Leisure. This modern complex houses a cinema, as well as a selection of restaurants. If you needed any confirmation of how attractive a proposition Bournemouth is, its beach has been named as TripAdvisor’s 20th best beach in the world in 2021.


To completely contrast with the buzz of Bournemouth, The serene Seven Sisters stand between Seaford and Eastbourne on the south coast of England, and is the perfect destination if you want to be at one with nature. It boasts a stretch of white chalk cliffs, and the area takes its name from the seven peaks of these cliffs. This dramatic landscape provides the perfect opportunity for a country walk, and will test even a seasoned hiker’s stamina. The Seven Sisters country park is also a popular area for activities such as bird-watching, canoeing, and wild swimming. So if you’re of this persuasion, this could be the perfect getaway for you.


Moving into Wales, the town of Broad Haven also falls into the category of ‘having something for everyone’. The water is suitable for swimming, and there are numerous rock pools, so this beach is a hit for children. If staying on the beach isn’t for you, then you’ll be thankful that you’re right in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, offering several exceptional nature walks to choose from. And what’s more, the town of Broad Haven became the object of numerous UFO sightings in the 1970s, and has since been humorously nicknamed the ‘Broad Haven Triangle’. So, if you’re a budding believer of extraterrestrial life, a trip to this town could give you more than you bargained for.


And finally, for those wanting to venture into Scotland, Stonehaven could just be the place for you. The beach itself is very popular among water sports enthusiasts. So if you’re a keen surfer, diver, or sailor, then why not take on the brisk waves of the North Sea? Aside from the beach, the town of Stonehaven boasts a heated outdoor swimming pool, so that the whole family can keep warm during the Scottish summer. And if you’re looking for something more cultural, Stonehaven is steeped in history. Take a trip to the beautiful Dunnottar Castle which sits atop tall cliffs. Although this castle fell into ruins nearly three hundred years ago, it has lost none of its charm, and is well worth a visit to learn about Scottish history.




Now’s the time to think about your home’s decor


hey say a change is as good as a rest. And although there will be no respite when it comes to actually getting down to do it, there can be no doubt that, once finished, a home makeover is good for the soul.

Less is more seems to be the key phrase when it comes to furniture, particularly if you are after a vintage look

The dilemma is whether to follow the herd and opt for the latest fashion, knowing next year you’ll be out of date and will need to do it again. Or opt for comfort and personality, with the emphasis on longevity. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise to learn there are wildly differing schools of thought when it comes to this year’s summer trends. The first is all about comfort and nostalgia, and has been dubbed Cottagecore, because we can’t live without labels. This is a romantic interpretation of simplistic rural life



with splashes of glamour – granny chic meets rustic vogue, according to the influencers – with muted, pastel tones offset by statement gold accessories and vintage-style wallpaper. As for furnishings, it’s traditional-shaped sofas with the accent on curves, rather than angular edges, and deep cushions, large footstools and statement lighting. Plus full-length curtains on wooden poles, something of a throwback to the Eighties. In the opposite corner is Japandi, a blending of the modern, pared back and functional Japanese and Scandinavian styles with simple shapes, rattan and natural wood dominant. Stoneware and ceramics are particularly important with bold, abstract prints on plain grey or white walls adding splashes of colour. Boucle – a tactile fabric popular in the Fifties and now fashionable again -

adds texture and softness to upholstery while, instead of flowers in vases, replace blooms with elegant grasses. Similarly, tall vivid green houseplants, such as palms, weeping figs or yuccas are also suitably eye-catching.

Less is more seems to be the key phrase when it comes to furniture, particularly if you are after a vintage look. Antique, repurposed or salvaged pieces all have their place, but the key is to provide plenty of contrast and that can only come gradually. Interior designers say it’s a look which needs layering so a few rich fabrics and statement lighting will help retain a modern note until the look is complete.

As for paint, Dulux’s colour of the year is Brave Ground, a warm natural tone which is the perfect backdrop for sage green - which is Boucle – a tactile expected to be particularly popular Some pieces, such as fabric popular in the in kitchens – as well bookcases or cabinets, Fifties and now as pale pinks. Earth are useful for displaying fashionable again colours are said to ornaments and - adds texture and give us courage to sentimental objects, softness to upholstery embrace change, so if but are not as effective you’re having a radical as floating shelves, rethink, at least it will particularly if they are give you confidence tiered. Being at home to carry on! more over the last year has made us look at what we have, and treasure them Industry-standard Pantone, on the other accordingly, while there is something hand, went for two shades: Illuminating therapeutic about choosing favourite – a bright yellow – and The Ultimate Grey items, moving them around into – a soft neutral – which, when combined, different patterns and orders. present a warming and optimistic colour scheme certain to lift spirits, Plus, they will look good as a backdrop and both are equally appealing when to your next Zoom call from the homeused on feature walls or in alcoves. Last working space you have managed to year’s colour, Classic Blue, still remains create behind that little bit of wall that relevant, however, and along with burnt juts out in your not-so-regularly shaped orange, provides a welcoming feel to living room, which you’ve never worked sitting rooms and snugs alike. out what to do with. You can zone the different areas with rugs, artwork lighting Alternatively, muted colours with folksy or plants and even paint the wall a slightly and characterful prints creates a modern darker shade to the rest of the room just vibe to brighten a window wall. to give it the feel of a separate area.




May is a wonderful month for your garden, and with our handy guide we have laid it all out for you


pring is fully underway. There should be no more frosts and the temperature is steadily getting warmer, which is bliss for your garden. With more sunshine, your plants should get stronger and healthier and the colours should start to look really vibrant. However, if you have a new space or a blank space, we are on hand to guide you through the best flowers and plants for your outdoor space.


The vibrant and bright colour of flowers is what makes a garden. And now is the time to sow seeds directly outdoors.


Looking to create a wild field look in your garden, then you can’t go wrong with cornflowers. These bright blue annual flowers can grow up to a metre high and give a vibrant wild meadow look to your beds. May is the final month to sow them, to get them to bloom this year.



Towering sunflowers are exciting annuals to grow in your garden. Children love them and they are really easy to plant and look after. Also, with so many varieties available with different colours, shapes and sizes, they create a simply gorgeous summery border in your space.


If you love butterflies fluttering around your garden, then these gorgeous scabious flowers, which come in shades of purple, pink and blue, Homegrown veg simply are perfect. Some tastes better than shopvarieties are hardy perennials, which bought veg. It’s a fact and means they’ll come if you don’t believe us, back year-after-year cucumber is the perfect while some tender veg to test the fact species are annuals.

Dill is an airy annual that not only looks great but is also used in cooking. If you are looking to attract wildlife, this is a great little plant that hover-flies are particularly attracted to. You can sow it directly into your beds, ready for summer blooms.




Keeping with the wild meadows theme, the bishop’s flower is a very pretty annual plant that grows to roughly 1m in height. Sow these flowers en masse and when they come into bloom, you will have graceful white cloud formations on top. Grown amongst cornflowers, the contrast in colours looks simply stunning.


Similar to flowers, with the frosts having passed, many veggie seeds can now be sown directly outdoors.


Beetroot is a purple root vegetable that is packed with essential nutrients. Even better, they are really easy to grow in your garden. The seeds don’t need much encouragement to germinate, and they require little maintenance once established.


Perfect for the BBQ, sweetcorn is another great plant that needs to be planted this month at the latest. Containing lots of fibre, sweetcorn is extremely healthy too. Simply sow the seeds in small pots or modules before planting them into rich, moist soil in a sunny spot.


Homegrown veg simply tastes better than shop-bought veg. It’s a fact and if you don’t believe us, cucumber is the perfect veg to test the fact. Sow cucumber seeds in peat-free compost and keep them in a warm spot. Once the seedlings have developed their first ‘true’ leaves, plant them outside with a bamboo stick for support.


Extremely robust, sprouting broccoli produces nutrient-packed succulent spears, which are perfect for steaming, boiling and grilling. Simply sow the seeds into small pots. Once the seedlings are coming through, prick them out and put them into larger pots. Then once they are between 7-9cm tall, plant them in rows in your garden.

With more sunshine, your plants should get stronger and healthier


A true garden and cooking staple, the honest carrot is an exceptionally easyto-grow vegetable, which is perfect for a whole host of dishes. Simply sow carrot seeds sparingly in drills in prepared soil before covering with a thin layer of soil and water sparingly. Seeds should germinate in a few weeks.





Making the most of Screen Free Week

od knows we’ve all been indulging in a massive amount of screen time over the last year, including our televisions, computers and phones. What a perfect time, then, to celebrate Screen-Free Week! In 1994, the week was first championed by TV-Free America, which then became the centre for SCREEN-TIME Awareness. Since 2010, the name has officially been Screen Free Week. It is an annual event which campaigns to have screens turned off and life turned on. Reading, daydreaming, exploring, enjoying nature, and spending time with family and friends are all activities encouraged. This year, Screen Free Week runs from the 3rd May until 9th May. The objective of the week is to create as much opportunity as possible to reflect on our relationships with our electronic devices, put them down, and enjoy all things natural and social.

The objective of the week is to create as much opportunity as possible to reflect on our relationships with our electronic devices, put them down, and enjoy all things natural and social



• Write a letter to an elderly family member.

• Go on a picnic, and make all the food yourself from scratch.

• Lay a blanket out in your backyard and stargaze.

• Call a friend who’s going through hard times to let them

• Read aloud to your kids, even if they think they’re

know that you’re thinking of them.

too old for it.

• Go find a local body of water. A river, pond or ocean will

• Recreate your favourite restaurant meal at home.

restore your spirits.

• Make your own postcards and mail them to far

• Write a short story from start to finish.

flung friends.

• Challenge your kids to create their own board games, and

• Make a flower bouquet from your own garden, even if

then be willing to play the games.

it’s mostly greenery.

• Take a nature walk in your own neighbourhood and take

• Go for a long hike.

close up photos of the plants and flowers.


WE’RE BUZZING ABOUT WORLD BEE DAY World Bee Day is on the 20th May 2021


s it does every year, World Bee Day will take place on May 20th, to coincide with the birthday of Anton Janša, who pioneered modern beekeeping techniques in the 18th Century. And with the pandemic having negatively impacted the beekeeping industry, it is more vital than ever to raise the awareness of the importance of bees.


Pollinators are animals that transfer pollen between plants, and they play a huge role in allowing food crops to reproduce. There are different pollinator species in the world, but some of the most common are butterflies, bats, hummingbirds, and of course, bees.


The most popular pollinators in the world are bees. In fact, pollinators, like bees, impact 35% of the world’s agricultural land, meaning that over a third of food has been at least partly pollinated by animals. And it’s more than just food that pollinators are useful for. Pollination also contributes to the creation of medicines, biofuels, fibres such as cotton and linen, and construction materials.

But the 25,000 to 30,000 species of bee are under threat. Due to human impacts, current extinction rates are 100 to 1000 times higher than normal. If this trend were to continue, many crops such as fruit and nuts would become less readily available, meaning imbalances to the human diet, and a lack of biodiversity.


Protecting bees can start at home, and it’s really easy to get involved! Planting bee-friendly plants like daisies and heather can help to attract them to your garden, and once they’re present, do your bit by helping them to flourish. You can achieve this by leaving a dish filled with water and pebbles, in case they get thirsty. Furthermore, by leaving a section of your garden to grow wild, this will provide the bees with much-needed shade when the weather heats up. It’s also critical to not use pesticides, fungicides or herbicides anywhere in your garden, as these can prove extremely harmful to bees. And, if you know one, choose to buy your honey from a beekeeper, and help local businesses! If you want to go even further, you can visit ‘worldbeeday.org’, and take part in one of their annual meetings, which will be held virtually this year.




COUNTDOWN It’s showdown time for football’s major prizes


n what seems a faster time than it takes VAR to sort out an offside decision, the football season heads into its ‘business end’ with trophies and relegation issues on the line. The compressed season has had more than its share of twists and turns, although there is an air of inevitability about where the honours are heading. Take the major domestic knockout trophies, the Emirates FA Cup and the Carabao Cup, for example. Neither has been won by a side outside the Premier League’s Big Six since 2013, when Wigan Athletic and Swansea City respectively had the audacity to buck the trend that suggested football was becoming a playground for the rich and mega-rich. Normal service has, sadly, been resumed, to the extent that since Wigan’s intervention, the FA Cup has become the property of just four clubs – Arsenal, who have won it four times, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City. And it will take a brave man to bet against that stranglehold being broken at Wembley on May 15th. (To further deflate the romantic notions of anyone hoping for an upset, since Wimbledon’s mind-boggling triumph in 1988, only three other teams – Everton in 1995, Portsmouth in 2008 and Wigan – have prevented the Cup from falling into the clutches of a Big Six which also embraces Liverpool and Tottenham).



The Carabao Cup is, of course, an even cosier clique: Since Swansea, it has been won by either City or a side managed by Jose Mourinho. Such is the Premier League’s clout and perceived strength, it is tempting to think that dominance has spread across the English Channel into the European competitions. Indeed, the same names keep occurring… only they are Spanish. In the last 10 years, there have been just two English winners of the Champions League, Europe’s premier club competition - Liverpool in 2019 and Chelsea in 2012 – although Tottenham, in the all-Premier League final two years ago, Manchester United and Liverpool have reached the ultimate showdown. In that time, Real Madrid have won it four times, with Barcelona and Bayern Munich scoring two triumphs apiece, although this year’s final on May 29th is at the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, a venue etched deep into the Merseysiders’ folklore. It was there, in 2005, that the Reds overturned a 3-0 deficit to beat AC Milan on penalties to complete one of the great sporting comebacks. Of all the competitions, the marathon slog that is the Europa League could be the one to be wearing seldom-applied colours after the final in Poland’s stunning Gdansk Stadium on May 26th. Sevilla (four-time champions) and Atletico Madrid (twice) were notable absentees from the latter rounds, leaving the stage clear for unheralded champions.

BUZZINGLY GOOD FOOD Celebrate World Bee day with these wonderfully sticky honey recipes

1kg carrots 25g butter 2 tbsp clear honey 5 lemon thyme sprigs, leaves picked, plus extra to serve (use ordinary thyme if you can’t find lemon)

3 thyme sprigs , leaves roughly chopped 2-3 rosemary sprigs, leaves roughly chopped 2 fat garlic cloves , lightly bashed ½ tsp black peppercorns 4 duck leg (about 800g) 750g duck fat 2 bay leaves sunflower oil., for covering the duck, if needed 4 tbsp clear honey

HONEY & THYME CARROTS Keep this succulent recipe for when your homegrown carrots have started to produce. Tip the carrots into a wide shallow pan so they are no more than a double layer. Add the butter, honey and about 500ml or 2cm of water, the leaves from the thyme and a pinch of salt. Partly cover with a lid, turn the heat up high and boil everything down until the carrots are tender, cooked through and sticky with honey. If they aren’t tender enough by the time the water has evaporated, add a splash more. Once glazed, turn them over in the sticky juices and serve, with extra thyme on top.

HONEY-ROAST CONFIT OF DUCK Serve your carrots with this wonderful French classic with meltingly tender meat with crispy skin. Mix together the thyme, rosemary, garlic and peppercorns with 2 tbsp flaky sea salt. Tip half into a large baking dish, top with the duck legs, then sprinkle over the remaining salt and massage well into the duck. Cover with cling film and chill for 24 hrs. Heat oven to 140C/120C fan/gas 1. Take the duck legs out of the dish, wipe off the salt mixture with kitchen paper, then set aside. Melt the duck fat in a flameproof casserole dish until just bubbling. Add the bay leaves and duck legs, and bring to a gentle simmer. The legs should be completely covered, so top up with olive oil if needed. Transfer the dish to the oven and cook for 2 hrs 30 mins. To check whether the duck is cooked, insert a skewer into the thickest part of a leg – it should go in easily. Leave the duck to cool in the fat. Can now be chilled for up to 2 weeks. While the duck cools, make the Puy lentils & pancetta (see Goes well with, right). Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Lift the duck legs from the dish, scrape off the fat and place, skin-side up, in a shallow roasting tin.

All recipes from the BBC Goodfood website Images for illustrative purposes only

Spoon 1 tbsp honey over each duck leg and roast for 25-30 mins until the skin is browned and sticky. Serve with the Puy lentils & pancetta.



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Auction Guide £230,000


Friars Road, City Centre

This property is for sale by the Modern Method of Auction which is not to be confused with Traditional auction. The Modern Method of Auction is a flexible buyer friendly method of purchase. We do not require the purchaser to exchange contracts immediately, but grant 28 days to achieve exchange of contracts from the date the buyer’s solicitor is in receipt of the draft contracts and a further 28 days thereafter to complete. Allowing the additional time to exchange on the property means interested parties can proceed with traditional residential finance.

what you’re looking for | payne-cov.com

City Centre 024 7622 2022 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 BRONZE LET ONLY






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to suit you

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nt Right to Rent checks

up tenancy agreement

Payne Associates offer tory and statement of condition landlords a choice of ct deposit and first month’s rent 4 different levels of service. ng of the tenancy agreementyou and issuing all The option choose will memts as per the Prescribed Requirements and) Regulations 2015 on how hands-on depend Council Tax, electricity, move in you wantgas toand be,water theof level ter depositof with TDS you are prepared to risk accept, the time and collection and paymentand to landlord energy you have available hly itemised statement to landlord to manage your property e any arrears investment and tenancy.


Perfect for landlords who want to manage the tenancy themselves but want to ensure all the paperwork (tenancy agreement, inventory and statement of condition) is completed professionally.



GOLD (FULLY MANAGED LETTING SERVICE) Perfect for landlords who have limited time, or are travelling/living overseas, and want to outsource the entire day to day tenancy management and upkeep of their property investment to a professional property management agent.

uct regular property inspections

ge routine servicing and maintenance


ge emergency repairs

SILVER (LETTING & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE) Perfect for landlords who will manage the upkeep of the property themselves but don’t want to take on the hassle of rent collection.

esident landlord tax certificate

e on any repairs required


PLATINUM (FULLY MANAGED LETTING SERVICE WITH RENT PROTECTION) This service will provide all of the above and will also include Rent and Legal Protection to give you additional peace of mind.

ge mandatory safety checks

with tenant issues and queries

with tenancy renewals and rent reviews

with serving and receiving notices

rketing at end of tenancy

ee tenant check-out

Additional services can be tailor-made to suit your needs; simply contact us to discuss your requirements

Council Tax, electricity, gas and water of move out

ge deposit return

al Gas Safety Check Included


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Property appraisal and rental valuation Marketing and advertising Source suitable tenants Accompanied viewings and feedback Take up references and credit checks Tenant Right to Rent checks Draw up tenancy agreement Inventory and statement of condition Collect deposit and first month’s rent Signing of the tenancy agreement and issuing all documemts as per the Prescribed Requirements (England) Regulations 2015 Notify Council Tax, electricity, gas and water of move in Register deposit with TDS Rent collection and payment to landlord Monthly itemised statement to landlord Chase any arrears Non-resident landlord tax certificate Conduct regular property inspections Arrange routine servicing and maintenance Advise on any repairs required Arrange emergency repairs Arrange mandatory safety checks Deal with tenant issues and queries Deal with tenancy renewals and rent reviews Deal with serving and receiving notices Remarketing at end of tenancy Oversee tenant check-out Notify Council Tax, electricity, gas and water of move out Arrange deposit return Annual Gas Safety Check Included End of year tax statement Rent and Legal protection Priority Monthly Payment * Where a service is not included in a package this may be available at an additional cost. Please contact one of the Lettings Team

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Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Poitiers Road, Cheylesmore

7622 2022 £219,950

An immaculate terrace property with two storey rear extension. The accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, through lounge/dining room, extended and refitted kitchen breakfast kitchen, landing, three bedrooms and extended family bathroom with bath and separate shower cubicle. To the outside there is a small front garden and an enclosed private lawn rear garden with patio and rear vehicular access leading to a double concrete sectional garage. The property benefits from gas central heating and double glazing.

Michaelmas Road, Styvechale


An extremely attractive, recently extended and fully refurbished detached house close to the City Centre. The property benefits from uPVC double glazing and gas central heating and briefly comprises porch entrance, reception hall, cloakroom, living room, family room/study, superb living/dining/kitchen room and a separate utility room. Four good sized bedrooms, en-suite shower room and a luxury family bathroom. There is a block paved front drive, south-facing lawn rear garden and substantial detached rear garage.


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Woodside Avenue North, Green Lane

Offers over £400,000

A most attractive traditional semi-detached in this delightful setting fronting conservation woodland. The double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, cloakroom, lounge, sitting room, open-plan kitchen/breakfast room, three bedrooms, modern family bathroom with mixer shower and a useful loft/attic room. To the outside there is a patio garden with direct vehicular access to off-road parking and a double brick garage.

Quinton Road, Cheylesmore


A most attractive traditional double bayed semi-detached property. The property offers uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation which comprises reception hall, attractive lounge and superb refitted dining/kitchen with utility and ground-floor cloakroom leading off. There are three first floor bedrooms and a modern refurbished bathroom with shower whilst outside the property is well screened to the front with side driveway providing parking and access through to an enclosed garden with paved patio and lawn.

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Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Seneschal Road, Cheylesmore

7622 2022 £229,950

A deceptively spacious mid-terrace property benefiting from uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation which comprises entrance lobby, ground-floor cloakroom, inner hallway, modern refitted kitchen, full width rear lounge/ dining room, uPVC double glazed conservatory, landing, three good bedrooms and a modern refurbished fully tiled shower room. A front driveway provides off-road parking and leads to a part integral garage whilst to the rear there is a low maintenance paved rear garden with rear pedestrian access.

Knoll Drive, Styvechale

Offers over £450,000

A handsome semi-detached family home on a prominent corner plot and built to an individual design and layout. With immediate vacant possession, no further chain and uPVC double glazing and gas central heating. Comprising reception hall, spacious sitting room, dining room with conservatory/sun lounge off, breakfast kitchen with utility and cloakroom off. Four good bedrooms, modern refurbished shower room, separate WC, gardens to three sides and a rear driveway with parking and brick-built garage.


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The Park Paling, Cheylesmore


An attractive and spacious modern detached family home with views over Whitley Common Recreation. The accommodation benefits from uPVC double glazing and gas central heating and briefly comprises reception hall, lounge/dining room, fitted breakfast kitchen, separate playroom/bedroom 5, utility room and cloakroom. Four first floor double bedrooms and modern family bathroom with shower. A front driveway for 3/4 vehicles and a good sized rear garden with large patio and lawn. No further chain involved.

Woodside Avenue South, Green Lane


A substantial three storey semi-detached family home. The double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation comprises side reception hall, spacious open-plan living room, sitting room, extended kitchen/breakfast room, three good first floor bedrooms, modern refurbished bathroom, second floor fourth double bedroom with en-suite shower room and outside there is a driveway providing parking, side car-port and rear brick garage with utility and outside WC. The private rear garden comprises decked patio and lawn.

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Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Eastleigh Avenue, Earlsdon

7622 2022 £665,000

An outstanding, extensively refurbished FIVE bedroom executive detached residence situated within one of Coventry’s most appealing and sought after locations, close to Kenilworth Road and within walking distance of the War Memorial Park. The property offers stylish luxury over three floors and every detail has been considered. In brief the property comprises; on the ground floor; entrance hall, elegant front lounge with log burner, rear sitting room with doors leading to enclosed garden, open plan designer kitchen/dining/family room with Corian work surfaces, high end integrated appliances with views over the rear garden, play room with ground floor WC.

Brunswick Road, Earlsdon


***NO CHAIN***An opportunity to acquire a two bedroom apartment occupying a popular and very convenient, location within easy walking distance of Coventry City Centre, Coventry University and main line train station. The double glazed accommodation briefly comprises; spacious lounge, fitted kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and well kept communal grounds. Benefitting from long lease of 136 years and share of the Freehold included.


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Montes Court, Earlsdon


Built by McCarthy & Stone to an exacting standard, a tastefully presented one bedroom second floor apartment situated in this exclusive modern development specifically designed for the over 60 age group. Within walking distance of Earlsdon High Street, the well designed apartment briefly comprises; spacious entrance hall with useful airing/store cupboard, excellent lounge with Juliette balcony to the front, useful store room, quality fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, double bedroom with fitted wardrobe and separate modern shower room. The development benefits from excellent communal facilities including a laundry room, guest suite, communal lounge and kitchen, 24 hour emergency call-line and a lift to all floors. Externally there are well tended communal gardens and allocated parking available at an additional cost. No upward chain. Viewing recommended.

Broadwater, Earlsdon


Situated in this highly sought after and peaceful backwater location, adjacent to Kenilworth Road and within walking distance of the War Memorial Park, Coventry Railway Station and King Henry VIII School, an individual detached dwelling offering a rare and unique opportunity for a discerning buyer looking to implement their own style and design in this prime residential location. Occupying a prominent plot of approx 1/3 acre with the distinct advantage of a beautiful landscaped rear garden backing on to its own private spinney, the property briefly comprises; enclosed porch, entrance hall, spacious lounge, re-fitted ground floor W.C, family dining room, open plan kitchen/ diner flowing through to sun room/ snug, utility room, first floor landing, four generous bedrooms (main bedroom with en-suite shower room) and family bathroom.

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Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Myrtle Grove, Earlsdon

7622 2022 £280,000

deally located a short walk from the vibrant Earlsdon High Street, a charming and deceptively spacious three bedroom property offering excellent potential to personalise a spacious family home. Benefitting from gas central heating and double glazing, the property briefly comprises; entrance hallway with original Minton tiled flooring, front lounge, rear dining room with feature fireplace and fitted kitchen. To the first floor are three good sized bedroom and family bathroom. Externally there is a paved foregarden together with a low maintenance paved rear garden with brick built store.

Broomfield Road, Earlsdon


**Converted ground floor Wet Room and Bedroom** A charming and deceptively spacious turn of the century four bedroom mid terraced home, well maintained throughout with many character features. Ideally located close to Earlsdon High Street and Hearsall Common, the well proportioned accommodation has the benefit of gas central heating, uPVC double glazing and briefly comprises; dining room, spacious lounge, well fitted kitchen, with the additional benefit of an extended ground floor W.C, wet room, and outstanding ground floor bedroom/ office. To the first floor are three generous bedrooms and an additional WC. Outside there is a paved foregarden and a neatly laid out rear garden with borders. Internal inspection strongly recommended.


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Shaftesbury Road, Earlsdon

Offers over £525,000

A classic Victorian semi-detached family residence enjoying an unrivalled position within this hugely popular side road, and within easy walking distance of the centre of Earlsdon. Built in 1890, this very desirable home has been extended, improved and well presented throughout yet still retains a lot of the original charm and character, including features such as sash windows, tiled flooring, original internal doors and delightful period fireplaces. The property, which offers gas heating, consists of a entrance hall leading through to a long through reception hallway, front lounge, rear sitting room and separate family room, ground floor shower room and spacious 21’5” breakfast kitchen.

Huntingdon Road, Earlsdon


Full of character and charm a stylish, turn of the century classic double bayed mid terraced family home, situated in this very popular and convenient side road location, just off Belvedere Road. With the distinct advantage of three double bedrooms and a first floor bathroom, the beautifully presented and deceptively spacious accommodation briefly comprises, entrance hall, elegant front lounge, separate rear sitting room, extended and comprehensively fitted kitchen/breakfast room, three double bedrooms and a superb fitted family bathroom.

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Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 City Centre 024

Elizabeth Way, Walsgrave On Sowe

7622 2022 £299,950

A stunning, three storey, modern semi-detached residence in a peaceful cul-de-sac, perfect for a young family, with parkland just at the end of the road. Deserving a full inspection, this very stylish home is presented in first class order throughout, has been extended to feature an outstanding and spacious kitchen/diner enjoying double opening doors to the landscaped rear garden perfect for socialising. With some beautiful Karndean flooring, gas heating and double glazing the property consists of an Entrance Hall, family room being open plan to the Kitchen/diner, utility room and cloaks, FIRST FLOOR LOUNGE, four bedrooms on two floors, one en-suite and a family bathroom.

Larkin Grove, Walsgrave On Sowe


A modern detached family home situated in this pleasant, tucked away, cul-de-sac location on the eastern edge of the City being well screened from the Ansty Road. Recently improved and tastefully redecorated the property has both gas heating and double glazing, is ready to move in to and enjoys delightful first floor front views towards St. Mary’s Church. Consisting of an entrance hall with guest cloakroom, well proportioned lounge with double doors to the kitchen/diner, FOUR BEDROOMS, en-suite shower room and a family bathroom. There are easy to maintain gardens, the rear being well fenced with a paved seating/entertaining area.


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Brookshaw Way, Walsgrave


A well presented modern family sized detached property lying within this peaceful and much sought after cul-de-sac on the far eastern outskirts of the City. The property which certainly deserves an internal inspection boasts a large Creteprint cobbled effect front driveway providing off road parking for several vehicles leading to the substantial 18ft garage. The rear garden features a broad paved seating/entertaining area, has well kept lawn, surrounding flower beds and well fenced boundaries. Briefly the property which has been competitively priced for an early sale includes an enclosed porch, entrance hall, lounge, kitchen/diner, three decent sized bedrooms (two with built in wardrobes) and a well equipped shower room.

Dorchester Way, Walsgrave


A newly renovated, extended semi-detached family home, presented in excellent order with fresh decoration and new flooring. Featuring a wonderful woodland outlook to the front, the property is well served with local schools, countryside and shops, road and bus links for the City all nearby. With both double glazing and gas central heating the design comprises of entrance hall, spacious lounge/diner, extended 20ft breakfast kitchen, versatile sitting room/ play room, cloakroom, three generous bedrooms and a modern bathroom. A block paved driveway provides excellent parking areas leading to the large garage. The rear garden is fully enclosed.

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Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 City Centre 024

Oxendon Way, Ernsford Grange

7622 2022 £199,950

A conveniently located semi-detached family home offering great potential for anyone looking to personalise a well-proportioned home with the benefit of both gas heating and double glazing. In general the accommodation includes: an enclosed side porch leading to the reception hall, excellent sized front lounge and rear dining room being open plan to the kitchen. There are three good sized bedrooms, one with a shower cubicle and a bathroom.

Parrotts Grove, Hawkesbury

Offers over £370,000

An outstanding fully refurbished detached dorma bungalow which benefits from quality double glazing, gas heating, an intruder alarm together with a fully integrated cleaning system. The accommodation comprises: a generous reception hall, guests cloakroom, front lounge, playroom/home office, breakfast kitchen with integrated appliance being open plan to the family room, utility room. The first floor boasts four well proportioned bedrooms, an ensuite shower room and family bathroom. There are front and rear gardens with off road parking.


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St Austell Road, Wyken


A semi-detached property presented in excellent order with a modern finish. The property briefly comprises of entrance hallway, lounge, open plan dining kitchen, side passageway serving a walk-in store room, further store cupboard and ground floor WC. To the first floor there are three generous bedrooms and a family bathroom. Outside there there are gardens to the front and rear, the long rear garden with terrace, decking patio and lawned area.

Waterside, St Nicholas Street


A very stylish modern first floor canal side apartment in this relatively central location. With a secure intercom entrance the property offers a hallway, wonderful open plan living/kitchen with stunning views, two bedrooms and a well fitted bathroom. The apartment has an allocated secure gated parking space to the rear.

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