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Winter Warmer Soups Warm up this winter with some fresh and hearty homemade soups

Preparing for Christmas Rekindling the atmosphere of those quaint mid-20th century yuletides


Unique advent calendars A variety of advent calendars to suit all the family


Treating your tree How to make everybody envious of your tree this year

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The return of The Crown The multi-award-winning drama is back on our screens on the 15th of November Black Friday fever Top tech tips for Black Friday bargains



Snooker UK Championship One of snooker’s most prestigious Triple Crown events starts this month



he property market is still thriving, and with the Stamp Duty Holiday ending in March, and the average house sale taking longer than usual, there is no time like the present to finally move and take advantage. The clocks have changed and the nights are drawing in, which can only mean we’re on the countdown to Christmas! Inside, with the uncertainty over what Christmas will be like this year, we have an article about how to make it extra special this year alongside our guide to the best advent calendars available for all the family. However, it’s not all about Christmas, we have an informative



article about how best to extend your home as well as our top tech tips for Black Friday! Looking for cosy nights in? Check out pages 8 and 9 for our winter warmer soup recipes which you can relax with in front of The Crown when it returns check out our preview on page 12. And finally, we have a sports preview of the UK Snooker Championships on page 13. In these strange times, stay safe, enjoy your time with your family and look after yourselves. Jonathan Wheatley Editor

The country may still be in the grip of a pandemic, but there’s no reason we can’t avoid a bleak midwinter


ost people are thinking Christmas is likely to be a bit of a non-event this year. The continual struggle to combat the Covid-19 pandemic means an everchanging landscape of guidelines and restrictions, although the “rule of six” could be with us for some time. So, where does that leave the season of goodwill to all men in a facemask, the non-stop round of departmental parties which go on well past office hours, and those big family gatherings? Well, if you’re working from home the office party will be you, the cat, a mug of tea and slippers on before The One Show has started; the family get-together will be via Zoom; and social bubbles will be something more important than having the girls round for Prosecco. While Millennials may be tempted to shut up shop, do their best Scrooge impression and pretend Christmas has been cancelled, Baby Boomers and Generation X will be: “Hold our mince pies, we’ve got this”.

WILL WE KNOW IT’S CHRISTMAS? Because back in the Dark Ages - before the internet or even Channel 4 Christmases were localised, family-centric and far less commercialised with the countdown starting this month rather than early September when the tubs of biscuits and chocolates start appearing on supermarket shelves. So, how do you rekindle the atmosphere of those quaint mid-20th Century Yuletides? For a start, make your own Christmas cake instead of buying one. Set aside a Sunday afternoon and get baking, as early in November as possible because every consumer knows a good cake needs feeding regularly – as in a liberal dousing of brandy every week – before it is iced. And while you’re at it, get to work on your own Christmas pud (once again, nice and early to let it mature, more brandy etc) or a gingerbread house. The aroma alone will get you longing for Christmas Day. As for the not insignificant issue of decorating the house, leave it as late as

possible, do it together and make it an occasion not a chore with a “yeh, that’ll do” end product. Make it better by designing your own decorations… and cards. Set aside a good few hours, devise a festive playlist, and finish the day with hot chocolate or mulled wine. Or, as we are likely to be advised to spend more time at home, wind down with a night of Christmas films … and no, Die Hard doesn’t count. It’s not a proper Christmas film is it? As for the day itself, you can still FaceTime the relatives before settling in for games and quality time after lunch; admittedly, Exploding Kittens will never replace Kerplunk and Find Out Who is no Charades, but they’re still a lot of fun and will get you in the mood for a Morecambe and Wise Special on UK Gold. And if you still feel it’s the season for giving, donate to charity. After all, you could have saved a small fortune by not buying enough food and drink to feed a small army for a week.

How do you rekindle the atmosphere of those quaint mid-20th Century Yuletides?




FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY THIS CHRISTMAS Believe it or not, Christmas is coming, and it’s perhaps come around quicker than most Christmases before it… So it’s time to start thinking about advent calendars!


t’s true that we usually prefer to be eating chocolate each morning of December on the lead up to good ol’ Christmas, for it’s a time to indulge in the naughty stuff, indeed one of the few times of the year when it’s deemed completely socially acceptable. But if we’re purely talking about generating excitement and intrigue throughout the festive month, then there are some fantastic alternatives to advent calendars, ones without edible treats.


FOR KIDS IN GENERAL This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This advent calendar is one of the most thematic, solid celebrations of the film on the market. £12.99, with chocolates. https://tinyurl.com/y4r8r4x2 This calendar would prove perfect for any Despicable Me fan out there. It contains buildable Minion characters with interchangeable parts including goggles, arms, feet and holiday outfits. £36.15 https://tinyurl.com/y65abpxf



In 2013, Frozen graced the silver screen and captured the hearts of little girls everywhere, especially those with sisters. This epic Disney Frozen advent calendar contains 24 surprises with an abundance of jewellery, 22 charms and accessories. £16.98. https://tinyurl.com/y48yht76 Another great advent calendar for girls is the L.O.L. Surprise! advent calendar, which contains 24 Surprises with a bracelet, a necklace and 22 LOL charms and accessories including a Queen Bee and Unicorn. £16.98 https://tinyurl.com/y6e7lv4l

FOR BOYS This advent calendar features PlayMobil top agents who are working on various gadgets and weapons, and includes a powerful LED super weapon and two PlayMobil figures and accessories. Any boy who’s a fan would be head over heels for this at Christmas. £15.71

https://tinyurl.com/y5tlcek3 Your son can accelerate to Christmas day in style with the SINCO Hot Wheels advent calendar, perfect for any roadster. Boys love their toys, right? This calendar offers 24 surprise gifts with mini cars, bikes, toys and stickers. £14.69 https://tinyurl.com/y5syzvlx

FOR MUM AND DAD The Glittering Galaxy of Makeup Magic beauty advent calendar from Charlotte Tilbury contains 12 full size and travel size makeup and skincare icons, with two dazzling looks built into one show-stopping treasure trove of beauty marvels. £150 https://tinyurl.com/y585qcxg This other festive beauty from Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte’s Bejewelled Chest of Beauty Treasures, contains full size and travel size magic makeup and supercharged skincare secrets. £150 https://tinyurl.com/y2t4h9bx

Meanwhile, Fortnum and Mason offer some incredible advent calendars, and not all of them are of a naughty price tag! Some of them are of a sweet fee, and absolute bargains if you ask us! Fortnum’s Truffle Selection Advent Calendar. £35 https://tinyurl.com/y3ruhr4s Fortnum’s Bawden Stag & Santa Advent Calendar. £99 https://tinyurl.com/yxsq33sg Fortnum’s Filled Wooden House Advent Calendar. £135 https://tinyurl.com/yxrpnl53 And for the ultimate, decadent advent calendar for any adult this Christmas… Fortnum’s Feasting Advent Calendar. £200 https://www.fortnumandmason.com/fortnumsfeasting-advent-calendar




THIS CHRISTMAS Your Christmas tree is the centrepoint of your decorations so here is our guide to getting it right this year


s the winter season approaches, attention will soon turn to adorning the house during the busy Christmas period. And there is no bigger opportunity to nail decoration than ensuring that the Christmas tree radiates splendour throughout the home. So here are some tips on how to make everybody envious of your tree, this year.


Every year, the question of a real or fake Christmas tree raises much debate through households. There are, indeed, pros and cons for both, making that key decision all the more difficult. Real trees provide an unmistakable, authentic Christmas feeling through their smell, as well as their individual shape and size. However, they do require extensive maintenance throughout the festive season, as well as the hassle of getting rid of them after it’s all over.

On the other hand, an artificial tree requires no regular maintenance, the proportions are all symmetrical, and they can be used for many years. Although, a study has shown that as a result of the carbon footprint caused from making artificial trees, a single tree would need to be used for ten Christmasses to keep the environmental impact lower than that of a real tree. But whatever your decision, it’s the decoration which is the most important thing.

Red goes well with gold and green and is a classic Christmas combination with warm white lights.




If you fancy changing up your tree theme this year, then here are a couple of ideas to brighten up your home. 1. Keep it Traditional If you’re someone who usually prefers to go bold with colour schemes, why not go back to the traditional colours of Christmas. A traditional Christmas tree makes a home feel extra festive and homely with a splash of red, so why not warm up the room this winter?

Red goes well with gold and green and is a classic Christmas combination with warm white lights. 2. Bring the Snow inside Even if the weather flatters to deceive, give the inside of your home the full winter experience and pick a white colour scheme to go with your tree. This stark colour compliments the lush green of the tree and also pairs perfectly with the blue or white of an artificial tree.

A traditional Christmas tree makes a home feel extra festive and homely

Snow spray is a great way to turn a boring tree into something more special. 3. Add Some Luxury If your home boasts darker tones to the walls and furniture continue in this vein with your tree and choose rich gold and black decorations. These colours work well with the dark green of a tree and really add a sense of class to proceedings.

Wooden tree decorations complete the scene with some natural material added to the luxury.


Making Your Own Baubles If you can’t find the perfect coloured decorations for your chosen colour scheme then have a go at designing them yourself. This can be easily done by buying transparent baubles and then filling with whatever you like! You can combine glitters, confetti and stars, and after giving it a shake, you’ll have your very own custom bauble to complement the colours of your tree. Mason Jar Display Perhaps not one for the tree itself, but when decorating, if there are baubles or other trinkets left over, place them in mason jars and arrange on the mantelpiece in a pyramid shape, resembling a Christmas tree. This is a great way of adding vibrancy to every area of your home, whilst also ensuring that every ornament is on display. How to Complete your tree? We’ve already mentioned the importance of picking a colour

scheme and fully utilising all of your ornaments, but what else can be done to really make your tree the talk of the town? Less is More There’s nothing worse than a Christmas tree that looks disorganised. So ensure that the lights are evenly layered around the tree so that every branch is given a warm glow. Likewise, with other ornaments. It’s great to see an array of baubles and other trinkets adorning a tree, but don’t forget that the tree itself is a sight to behold, so don’t let your decoration become too busy. Add Different Textures Baubles are a staple of any Christmas tree, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be more going on. If you’re looking for other items to spruce up your tree with, ribbons and bows can provide a neat and tidy alternative and if your tree is looking especially sparse, then dress your tree in tinsel, which can take it to a different dimension altogether, in terms of its boldness.



HOMEMADE WINTER WARMER SOUPS W ith the grey and dreary weather outside, now’s the time to warm up with some fresh and hearty homemade soups made from simple ingredients that are sure to heat your insides on a cold day.

2 tbsp olive oil 2 onions 2 garlic cloves ¼ tsp hot chilli powder 1 tbsp ras el hanout 1 butternut squash 100g red lentils 1l hot vegetable stock 1 small bunch of coriander Natural yoghurt, to serve

30g butter 2 onions 3 garlic cloves 100ml scrumpy cider 1 small potato 2 thyme sprigs 450ml chicken stock 50ml double cream ½ Granny Smith apple 2 slices of baguette 20g grated mature cheddar 10g dried apple 1 spring onion

SPICED LENTIL AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP This healthy and low-fat vegetarian soup is perfect for freezing to keep for a speedy supper another day. Heat the oil in a casserole dish or saucepan over a medium heat. Fry the onions with a pinch of salt. Add the garlic, chilli and ras el hanout and cook for a further minute. Stir in the squash and lentils. Pour over the stock and season to taste. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to simmer and cook, covered, for 25 minutes until the squash is soft. Blitz the soup with a hand blender until smooth and then season to taste. Serve with a dollop of natural yoghurt and coriander leaves.

CIDER & ONION SOUP WITH CHEESE & APPLE TOASTS Try this slightly different version of classic French onion soup to give your household a warming glow this winter. Heat the butter in a saucepan until foaming, then add the onions and cook for 10 mins until soft and golden. Add the garlic and cook for a further minute. Pour over the cider, then add the potato and thyme and simmer for another 2 mins. Stir in the stock cream, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins or until the potato is soft. Remove the thyme sprigs. Transfer the soup to a blender and blitz until smooth. Heat the grill high and toast the baguette on both sides. Mix the cheese, dried apple and spring onion together. Put the mixture, thickly, onto the toast and grill until melted and golden. Once ready, serve the soup and toasts together.

90g butter 2 medium onions 1 garlic clove 500g mushrooms, finely chopped 2 tbsp plain flour 1l hot chicken stock 1 bay leaf 4 tbsp single cream A small handful of flat-leaf parsley

MUSHROOM SOUP Try this comforting mushroom soup as a starter or on its own with crusty bread for a perfect winter’s evening. Heat the butter in a large saucepan and cook the onions and garlic until soft but not browned. Add the mushrooms and cook over a high heat for another 3 mins until soft. Sprinkle over the flour and stir to combine. Pour in the chicken stock, bring the mixture to the boil, then add the bay leaf and simmer for a further 10 mins. Remove and discard the bay leaf, then remove the mushroom mixture from the heat and blitz with a hand blender until smooth. (Now is the time to freeze the soup if you want to save any) When ready to serve, gently reheat and stir through the cream before pouring into bowls and scattering parsley over the tops.



Tantalise your tastebuds with these full-of-flavour winter warmer soup recipes as the weather gets colder

All recipes are from www.bbcgoodfood.com Images for illustrative purposes only




EXTENSIONS FOR YOUR HOME Moving home isn’t always the solution to finding more space.Here’s our guide to the best, most beneficial extensions to consider for your home


xtending your home can be one of the greatest things you can do as an owner of your home, potentially adding value to your property whilst also generating precious space, which is especially important if you’re a growing family. You may settle upon a two bedroom semi, for example, situated within a cul-de-sac position. It may not have the three bedrooms you required but given its location, you

The ground floor offers more options than upper floors, and if you require extra living space, an additional reception room, perhaps with an open plan layout to your kitchen



can’t resist snapping it up. The third bedroom extension gets sorted, and you now have your dream home. The flexibility of creative freedom extensions can offer new buyers and current owners should never be underestimated. Here is our guide to the most popular extension ideas.


Although many properties already have conservatories attached, thus being inherited by the buyer, there

are some shrewd advantages to having a conservatory extension yourself. Having one installed yourselves affords you creative freedom over the style of it, the size of it, and the height, as well as its internal decoration and layout. Indeed, a buyer inheriting a conservatory might not like what’s already there, and it’s much more expensive, of course, to have a conservatory knocked down and a new one built, as opposed to just the latter.


If you find you only have enough room within your plot for one extra reception room, you may decide to opt against a conservatory and go for a separate dining room, a playroom for the children, perhaps a large office space, or a games room accommodating enough space for a pool table. The ground floor offers more options than upper floors, and if you require extra living space, an additional reception room, perhaps with an open plan layout to your kitchen, can add flow and precious space for entertaining, dining or anything else. If you wanted to consider having patio or French doors installed to open out to the gardens, this will obviously also need to be accounted for financially. This prospective reception room might also offer versatility in the nature of a potential annex, with an en suite and/or dressing room complementing the self-contained accommodation.


Many families decide to move homes entirely as the children get older, and/or if another child is in the making. But a simple extension can be enough to create that extra dwelling space, and is usually the most cost-effective solution too since it will also add value to your home. You could extend into your rear garden, reducing the amount of garden space but gaining that extra bedroom you need.


Kitchens can be the absolute hub of your home, or it can be the place you escape into to exercise your gastronomical creative juices. Either way, having a big enough kitchen for your needs is pretty much essential. It may be you simply need a new cooker, and you’ve decided to change your induction hob cooker to a range style cooker, which would mean shifting the base unit cupboards over to create enough space for the larger appliance, thus extending the kitchen as a whole would really help with this process. Or perhaps you want the kitchen to incorporate an open plan family living area, with French doors opening out to the gardens. The potential available to a kitchen, in terms of creating extra space, is almost infinite, and can add some serious value to your home by doing so.


Parking is not an insignificant factor for any driver when looking for their new home, and perhaps the addition of a garage can not only provide much needed extra parking, but versatility too, having it be an occasional gym, storage area or workshop, especially if the vehicle in question is a motorcycle rather than a car. Having the garage attached means you’d be able to access the garage from inside, which would, again, increase the level of flow throughout the ground floor.

Extending your home can be one of the greatest things you can do as an owner of your home



This period will also cover the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, with Emma Corrin playing the People’s Princess


The return of TV royalty this November


ith the number of scheduled TV shows that have been forced to be put on hold this year, it’s a good job that Netflix’s The Crown film their show in two seasons chunks, so that Series 4 of the hit show has been ready to go since the early part of this year. And it isn’t long until the multi-award-winning drama is back on our screens with the show returning on the 15th of November.


As fans of the show will know, The Crown explores all of the major historical events which the Royal family and the corresponding governments have had to face since Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne. The end of the third series concluded with the Queen celebrating her Silver Jubilee in 1977, so assuming that the fourth series picks up around this time, one can assume that Gillian Anderson (The X-Files, Sex Education), will be at the centre of the action, in her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. This period will also cover the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, with Emma Corrin playing the People’s Princess. Otherwise, the core cast from the third series will return for the latest instalment including Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth, Tobias Menzies as Prince Phillip, and Helena Bonham-Carter, who will, once again, play Princess Margaret.



WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE FOURTH SERIES? The fourth instalment will mainly cover the 1980s, which could mean that the series may kick off with Margaret Thatcher’s rise to Prime Minister in 1979. One of the other major storylines will be the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as the birth of their sons, William and Harry.

Netflix has also hinted that an infamous incident, which took place in 1982, in which a man was able to break into Queen Elizabeth’s room will also be included. The Falklands War is also expected to play a key part of the latest series, as well as key events which took place towards the end of the decade, such as the Queen’s 1989 flight on Concorde. The series will be released on November 15th, and if previous series are anything to go by, all ten episodes will be released together, allowing viewers to binge to their heart’s content.


CHAMPIONSHIP KICKS OFF THIS MONTH One of snooker’s most prestigious Triple Crown events, the UK Championship, starts at the end of November. It is the second-biggest ranking tournament after the World Championship. First held in 1977 in Blackpool, this year’s competition will take place at two venues to comply with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines. The qualifiers and first round will be staged at the Marshall Arena in Milton keynes before reverting back to its usual home at the York Barbican. The first round will begin on the 23rd-26th November, while the second round starts on the 28th November till the 6th December.

The UK Snooker Championship will see big-hitters Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Selby battling it out to take Ding Junhui’s crown

Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the record for the most wins in the tournament with seven titles, closely followed by Steve

Davis with six and Stephen Hendry – who has just announced his return to the sport – with five. Last year saw Ding Junhui beat Stephen Maguire in the final, 10-6. It was Ding Junhui’s third UK Championship title, and despite Covid-19 restrictions, he should be in York to defend his title. He is currently ranked 10th in the world, with Judd Trump number one. Famous names such as O’Sullivan, Selby, Allen, Higgins and Murphy complete the top 10 and should be in this year’s tournament.

This year’s tournament is sponsored by Betway and offers total prize money of £1,009,000 with £200,000 for the winner.


23rd - 26th November – Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes


28th November - 6th December – York Barbican




FEELING It was once the term used to describe the day when American workers would call in sick so they could extend Thanksgiving into a long weekend, but it is now more associated with a global shopping phenomenon.


Bargain hunters will be out in force towards the end of the month as Black Friday fever sweeps the retail market. But what’s it all about?

pandemic may see a drastic reduction in footfall, so expect the phrase ‘slow-moving traffic’ to relate to your broadband rather than the roads as bargain hunters let their fingers do the walking on the web to secure the best deals.

Black Friday, America’s high-octane version of our Boxing Day sales, will again explode on to the UK’s hardpressed retail sector on November 27, although in reality the first shots in the discount price war may be fired somewhat earlier and continue well past Cyber Monday, reputedly the busiest online shopping day of the year.

This year analysts are expecting bigger reductions than normal as retailers try to make the best of what has been a pretty dismal year; certainly the notion that Black Friday was coined to describe the day shopkeepers tried to get back “into the black” will certainly have a harsh element of truth to it.

However, restrictions imposed following the second wave of the Covid-19

Traditionally, tech, electricals and gadgets are the big winners over the


period – certainly online giants Amazon and high-profile retailers such as Currys PC World and Argos shifted huge numbers last year – although all-rounders such as John Lewis and Very have flexed their muscles and brought clothing, furniture and other lines into the picture – the latter reporting more than 92.5million online visits in 2019. Last year, toys and games consoles, particularly the Nintendo Switch, proved popular and this year is not likely to deviate from that trend as the PS5 and Xbox Series X come on to the market, with their predecessors expected to come almost gift-wrapped in bargain bundles.

Big-ticket items such as 4K TVs with HDR support could see some promising discounts as 8K sets have started to work their way on to the shelves. As an indicator, one of the big sellers last year was a Philips Ambilight 75inch 4K Smart TV which had its price slashed by almost £600. And it’s no surprise that the likes of Apple launch new mobile phones in early autumn to offer a slight discount for Black Friday, although the iPhone 12 delay may just cloud the issue this year and could affect iPhone 11 deals. Ah well, there always good deals on fans’ favourites like AirPods. In short, if a new product has been launched, you’re likely to find older models carrying hefty discounts. And if the main online retailers are offering good deals, you can expect the shops to wade in with a competitive alternative. Elsewhere beauty products and non-electricals may continue to increase in popularity as more brands look to take advantage of passing interest from savvy shoppers who have

one eye on Christmas. But it would be a brave man who bets against technology-based items being the hot sellers.

be and can recognise if it’s a bargain. And that is also where you need to keep your options open. It’s best to keep in mind the features you want, rather than a specific model number which may not be discounted while an almost identical set with the spec you want, probably will be. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that something which looks like a five-star set-up is the same but cheaper – certain elements, often screen quality or image processing, might be inferior.

So, how do you get the best deals on Black Friday? Simple. Do your homework… and be flexible. Industry insiders say some retailers gradually increase prices from August through to October, so they can offer ‘amazing’ discounts towards the end of November, something which is particularly prevalent in expensive consumer electronics such as TVs or laptops. If you’ve been tracking a particular item, you’ll know what the maker’s recommended retail price will

As for snapping up a Black Friday bargain, your consumer rights should be the same as when shopping at any other time of the year, although it may pay to be aware of return policies and warranty periods. And also only shop with retailers you trust. If a deal seems too good to be true, you might just be on the wrong website.



Warbleton Road, Chineham


LODDON PROPERTIES is delighted to offer for sale this executive, four bedroom, detached home. The impressive entrance hall gives access to all of the downstairs accommodation comprising, cloakroom, study, a 24’ dual aspect living room with feature fireplace, a separate dining area. A high specification kitchen/breakfast room with integrated appliances and access to a separate utility room completes the ground floor accommodation. Upstairs is a choice of three double bedrooms, en suite master, a single fourth bedroom and family bathroom. Outside benefits from a double width garage with a side door accessed from the garden, along with generous driveway parking.

St. Catherine Road £425,000

LODDON PROPERTIES is delighted to offer for sale this spacious four bedroom detached family home. The property is in show home condition. On the ground floor you will find a dual aspect living room. The kitchen dining room is a great size, having a dedicated dining area appointed, with a luxury integrated kitchen and separate utility room. Additionally, there is a cloakroom on the ground floor. The first floor has four good sized bedrooms and a family bathroom and en-suite. To the outside, at the back, there is direct access into the garage from the garden and a gate leads you to the driveway. To the front, there is an entrance gate with a garden, this family home enjoys far reaching, beautiful views. The front the property is accessed via a private driveway that offers parking for multiple cars. This property enjoys one of the largest plots on the development with an excellently sized rear garden.


01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Wickham Way, Basingstoke


LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to market this five bedroom, super sized, executive family home, situated in the award winning Sherfield Park development. The property comprises of living room with feature fireplace and French doors leading into the garden. There is a very impressive, modern kitchen/dining area, double doors leading to the beautiful dining room and access to the utility room which follows through to the double garage and access to the back garden. The first floor boasts an exceptional master bedroom with en-suite and built in wardrobes. In addition, there are a further four double bedrooms, one with additional en-suite and built in wardrobes and a large modern family bathroom. The property boasts a very private, generously sized, landscaped garden to the rear.

Cavalier Road, Old Basing

Offers over ÂŁ350,000

NO CHAIN!! LODDON PROPERTIES is delighted to offer for sale this two bedroom, detached bungalow, set in a peaceful crescent in Old Basing village. The property is predominately situated with other bungalows which, provides a private and tranquil setting. Comprising a large living room with sliding doors out to the garden, kitchen/diner leading into a conservatory which overlooks the immaculate, generously sized rear garden. Inside, there are two double bedrooms and bathroom. Outside, there is a detached garage with driveway at the bottom of the back garden, along with a wooden shed. The front of the property benefits from a large, enclosed garden, with, pathway, lawned area, mature trees, all enclosed by mature hedging. Overall, an ideal surrounding for nature lovers, with a mass of wildlife and general countryside to enjoy.


Tudor Close, Bramley

Offers over £400,000

NO ONWARD CHAIN! LODDON PROPERTIES is delighted to bring to the market this beautifully presented, four bedroom family home in one of the most exclusive and quiet, cul de sac’s in the village of Bramley. Offering porch area, cloakroom, spacious, modern living room. A newly fitted kitchen/diner with French doors leading to the garden, fully fitted with integrated appliances, On the first floor, you will find a newly fitted, extended bathroom and two double bedrooms. On the top floor you will find two additional bedrooms and a cloakroom. To the rear of the property is the private enclosed garden with is a large cabin which could be used as work from home office, games room or home gym. There is also side access that leads to the row of garages in the courtyard, the garage is of good size with an up and over door with parking and two parking spaces directly to the front of the property.

Rockbourne Road, Sherfield Park


LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to market this Regency style five/six bedroom, executive family home, situated in the award winning Sherfield Park development. The property comprises of living room with feature fireplace and French doors leading into the garden. There is a very impressive, modern kitchen/dining area, entrance hall which hosts downstairs cloakroom. The first floor boasts a large dual aspect master bedroom with en-suite double shower room, and built in wardrobes. In addition, there are two generous double bedrooms/study. The top floor has a further three double bedrooms, one having en-suite and built in wardrobes. There is also a modern family bathroom. Outside is a landscaped garden to the rear that wraps around the property with multiple decking and patio areas, lawn and pretty pergola. The double garage sits at the rear of the property with space for two cars in front. The studio over the garage is an exceptional feature and is currently in use as a sewing room.


01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Francis Road, Basingstoke




Set on a fully walled plot, boasting all the bells and whistles, with no expense spared on the finishes! Flexible accommodation, currently set up as 4 beds, 3 baths (1 x en-suite) Large open plan living room with combined dining & spacious kitchen, with centre island. Bi-folding doors open to the patio/entertainment area and fully enclosed manicured garden. On approach, this property offers driveway parking for multiple cars plus the benefit of a garage. The entrance hall to this split level beauty is complimented by, an extra large work from home office and master bedroom with French doors to the Juliette balcony, there is a walk-through bathroom and a separate his & her’s dressing room. Upstairs consists of 2 large double bedrooms, one with en-suite and walk-in dressing area, a single bedroom and large modern family bathroom.

Torque Close, Rooksdown




£1,450 PCM

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer this NEW BUILD, four bedroom house to the rental market. On the ground floor there is a good sized living room, generous cloakroom, beautifully fitted modern kitchen/ diner and separate utility room. The kitchen offers all integrated appliances. Double French Doors open out to the rear of the property to an immaculately presented private enclosed garden. Upstairs comprises of three double bedrooms, a single bedroom and modern family bathroom with shower over bath. The master bedroom boasts a generous en-suite shower room. Adjacent to this new build family home there is drive way parking for multiple cars plus a garage. Further to this, is side access to both the utility room from the drive way plus side access to the garden.


Catkin Close, Chineham £260,000

Inkpen Gardens, Lychpit Offers over £400,000

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to bring to the market this beautiful, two bedroom home situated in a quiet cul-de-sac within Chineham. This well presented home offers entrance hall, a good sized lounge/diner, rear aspect kitchen complete with built in oven, hob and cookerhood. A rear door opens out to the generous, well kept garden and hosts a patio, lawn area and a rear access gate. Upstairs there is a large double bedroom, a single bedroom, and a modern family bathroom. To the front of the property there is driveway parking.

LODDON PROPERTIES is delighted to offer to the market this immaculately presented extended three bedroom link detached house, with a stunning refitted kitchen/ dining room, living room, conservatory, downstairs WC. With three bedrooms, en suite and a modern family bathroom. Outside the garden is perfectly landscaped and there is a double integrated garage, with driveway parking for 2 cars.

Juniper Close, Chineham £440,000

Paterson Close, Kempshott Rise £279,000

NO CHAIN!! LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to market this immaculate, show home condition, four bedroom house. This beautiful home is situated in a popular culde-sac. The ground floor offers a cloakroom, two reception rooms, one with a feature fireplace, leading to a beautifully designed, open plan country effect kitchen/diner that looks out to a private landscaped garden. It also benefits from internal access to the garage via the utility room/pantry. Upstairs offers 4 large double bedrooms and a newly re-fitted bathroom and en-suite to master.

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to present to the market this rarely available, well presented two bedroom semi-detached property. Situated on a corner plot this home offers well balanced accommodation comprising; Entrance hall, generous Living/dining room, with doors to garden and fitted kitchen. Upstairs, there are two double bedrooms and a family bathroom with power shower. The property also benefits from having an attached garage with driveway parking and a large, secluded rear garden, with a summer house/home office/gym.


01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Poppy Field, Lychpit £1,000 PCM

Churchill Place, Town Centre £1,150 PCM

LODDON PROPERTIES offer to market this freshly decorated 2 bedroom property in a quiet cul-de-sac environment. Entrance hall with door through to lounge, leading into a kitchen with white goods included. Upstairs you will find two double bedrooms and a family bathroom with shower over bath. This home is offered on an unfurnished basis. The property also comes with a garage to the rear of the garden.

LODDON PROPERTIES are proud to present this fantastic two double bedroom apartment to the rental market. This Penthouse Collection apartment is located on the 12th floor and boasts panoramic views. Comprising of a bright and airy lounge/ diner, open plan kitchen fully equipped with integrated appliances, two double bedrooms with fitted sliding wardrobes to master and family bathroom with shower over bath. This property benefits from allocated parking and is offered on a furnished basis.

Churchill Place, Town Centre £850 PCM

Catkin Close, Chineham Offers over £330,000

LODDON PROPERTIES present to the rental market this one bedroom furnished property on the ninth floor. This apartment comprises of a bright living area, open plan kitchen with integrated appliances, one double bedroom with in built sliding wardrobe and family bathroom with shower over bath. This apartment further benefits from secure allocated parking.

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to bring to the market a rarely available, two bedroom, detached bungalow situated in a tucked away and quiet cul-de-sac in Chineham. Offering entrance hall, a generous lounge/ diner, a bright, fitted kitchen with built in oven and hob. Two good sized bedrooms and family bathroom and a rear patio door which opens out to the generously sized garden, and out to the driveway and attached garage. The property is in need of some modernisation.


Elderberry Bank, Lychpit £325,000

Binfields Close, Lychpit £315,000

NO CHAIN! LODDON PROPERTIES is delighted to offer this spacious and well presented two bedroom bungalow, situated in a cul-de-sac location in the popular area of Lychpit. This property comprises an entrance hall leading to a good-sized living room with feature electric fire, fully fitted kitchen/diner, two double bedrooms each coming complete with built in wardrobes and an exceptionally large, walk-in shower room. Other benefits include a beautifully landscaped enclosed rear garden with gated access and allocated parking.

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to bring to the market this semi detached, three bedroom property. The property comprises of a large living room, fully fitted kitchen, a good sized conservatory/dining room which opens out into a beautifully presented, enclosed, low maintenance garden. The garden hosts a large, fully insulated office/gym/games room, which has French doors to the garden and two Pivot windows. Upstairs you will find a good sized master bedroom with built in wardrobes, there are two additional bedrooms and a fully fitted family bathroom with shower over.

Churchill Place, Town Centre £795 PCM

Binfields Close, Lychpit £725 PCM

LODDON PROPERTIES present to the rental market this studio apartment in the popular apartment building Churchill Place. Offering beautiful views from the 7th floor, west facing. Comprising of open plan living/bedroom area, kitchenette with integrated fridge/freezer, washer/dryer, oven/grill and hob. Modern bathroom with a shower over the bath and vanity unit. Allocated underground secure parking with a 24 Hour concierge.

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer to the rental market this good condition one bedroom ground floor maisonette, situated in a quiet cul-de-sac location. The accommodation comprises a lounge/ diner, kitchen, double bedroom and a bathroom. Further benefits include a small corner plot garden and allocated parking.


01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ






Merryfield, Chineham £1,250 PCM

Messner Street, Everest Park £1,250 PCM

LODDON PROPERTIES are proud to present this 3 bedroom link-detached house to the rental market. On approach there is private driveway parking for two cars and a garage. The ground floor comprises of an entrance porch with downstairs cloakroom, fully fitted kitchen with white goods included, large light lounge leading to a separate dining area with door to patio and private enclosed rear garden. Upstairs there are 3 good size bedrooms and family bathroom with shower over bath. This home has been fully redecorated with new karndean flooring downstairs.

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer this stunning 3 bedroom semi-detached house located in Everest Park. On the ground floor this property benefits from downstairs cloakroom, Kitchen with all appliances including dishwasher and a large spacious lounge/diner with patio doors leading to a larger than average private enclosed rear garden with artificial lawn. Upstairs offers 2 double bedrooms and one single/study and a modern family bathroom with shower over bath. The master suite offers fitted wardrobes plus an ensuite shower room.

Great Oaks Chase, Chineham £775 PCM

Aghemund Close, Chineham £875 PCM

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer this one double bedroom house to the rental market. This home is offered on an unfurnished basis with white goods included. The front door leads to entrance hall into a large light and airy lounge/ diner with bay window and a fully fitted kitchen including white goods. Upstairs offers a large double bedroom with inbuilt wardrobes and a modern/fresh bathroom with shower over bath. On approach this property offers 2 allocated parking spaces and a beautiful frontage.

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to present this modern two bedroom house located in a quiet part of Chineham. The property has recently been refurbished comprising open plan living room, newly fitted kitchen leading to private enclosed rear garden. Upstairs there is a family bathroom with shower over bath and two freshly decorated bedrooms. to the rear of the property there is a private enclosed rear garden with side access. This home further benefits from allocated parking and easy access to local community for schools and shopping, and close to M3/M4 commuter routes.


Meet Our Team Dawn Company Owner Dawn founded Loddon Properties and her primary focus is always on the customer, ensuring they receive the optimum care from her and her multi-lingual team. Dawn’s drive and commitment is responsible for developing Loddon Properties into the number one ranked independent estate agency in the area. Outside of work, Dawn is the chairman of the Wellington Boot Club, enjoys cultural travel and has a thing for shoes. She also enjoys good food, her family and her wonderful dog Rolo.

Lyle Lettings Director Lyle is Director of Lettings. Utilising his BA hons in Business Studies, he has expanded the lettings portfolio tremendously, so that Loddon is now the leading lettings agency in the area. He is highly adept at maximising rental income for landlords, works with property investors on acquisitions and is a highly-respected advisor on rental information and property investment. Lyle is now getting used to sleeping a lot less than he used to, as he has recently become a proud father.

Carla Director of Property Management Carla, our Director of Property Management, is a perfectionist and will always strive to deliver the highest level of professional customer service, for both our landlords and tenants. Having worked within customer services for over 20 years and a further 5 years specifically in Property Management, she enjoys working closely with landlords and tenants and as Lettings team leader, thrives in making sure a high level of customer service is delivered, by working hard and being efficient even in difficult situations. As well as her family and dogs, Carla’s main passion is ballroom dancing, though she has yet to receive the call to go on Strictly!


Neil Property Management Manager As Property Maintenance Manager, with 8 years of experience from all aspects of the Lettings industry Neil brings his vast skills to Loddon, ensuring a smooth transition for both Landlords and Tenants through from inception to finalisation. Neil thrives on providing an excellent, personal service and his attention to detail, with both landlords and tenants alike. Ensuring that, should there be any problems during the tenancy, that they are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. Neil boasts that working at Loddon is a very enjoyable part of his life. He feels it is not just the work, but the people he works with that make his working day so much fun. In his free time, of which there’s not much, Neil likes to run, hike and wherever possible sunbathe!

Julie Inventories and Inspection Manager Julie has been in the Property Industry since 1997 having started in New Home Sales and progressed to Lettings in 2008 whereby she became an Inventory Consultant/ Property Inspector. Julie’s happy-go-lucky, helpful, positive personality, coupled with her professionalism, allows her to get along with both Landlords and tenants from all walks of life. This comes in useful when she helps deal with any queries resulting from the property inspections, should they arise. Julie’s Role at Loddon is to make and provide Inventories, carry out tenant check-ins & check-outs, along with regular property inspections. She works closely with Carla and Neil and the rest of their teams to ensure the seamless running of the Property Management side of the Company. Julie’s passion for her dogs and love for life uses up most of her spare time!

Marion Head of Sales Progression Marion has been in Estate Agency for over 20 years and during that time has gone from secretary to office manager. With her excellent secretarial and organised administration background, Marion is now Head of our Sales Progression department. She puts her skills to good use. Pulling out all of the stops, making sure all parties are kept updated, ensuring that your journey from sale to completion is as straight forward as possible and most importantly, making sure your moving process is a happy and positive one. Marion is always busy but spends her free time with her family and their animals and taking well-earned holidays in sunnier and hotter climates.


Dont just take our word for it ..... We had seen a lot of property “for sale” and the “sold” signs around Chineham, so naturally decided to look at Loddon when we were looking at selling. The way that Loddon marketed our property; all the photos were really good, they looked good on site and professional. If we were ever to sell our house again, we would use Loddon.

Lorraine Allcock / Seller

Loddon Properties are a friendly family organisation and we quite enjoyed their company and their approach to the whole thing. They have a great team of people and we felt many of the individuals in there, right from Lyle and Dawn, through to the sales team including Pedro and the lettings team with Carla, everybody seemed to be able to answer questions I have.

Annie Elvin / Seller


Loddon are really approachable and, if there’s any problem with property, they come to the landlord first to see how you want to progress with it. Unlike a lot of other estate agents, they don’t get work done without you qualifying what you want to be done.

Paul Kennett / Landlord

Excellent service and communication from start to finish I can summarise my buying and selling with Loddon Properties as excellent- from start to finish.

Mr David and Mrs Sylvia Atkinson / Sellers

Loddon have got their finger on the pulse. Understand the market and have been very good at advising me at every level of the transactions.

Mr Herbert Goodenough / Landlord


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