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Grow your own Time to dig up the lawn and grow your own vegetables



Improve your home’s interior Add new life to your home by adding style and colour


Moving for a new job? Top tips when moving for a job

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Spring is in the air Featuring a luscious lamb dish for the family to enjoy




Bond is back! Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as 007 arrives in April Be fashion ready Don’t be caught out and about without your fashion essentials!



Time to spa There’s nothing like a day of pampering to put you in the right frame of mind to face the world. But where to go?



The US Masters A preview of the 84th US Masters which tees off this April



he days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter; a good sign that we are moving towards thoughts of warmer weather and longer, balmy nights. OK, we may be getting a little carried away but the warmer weather will be very much welcomed by all. When it comes to property, years ago it was highly unusual for homeowners not to have a vegetable patch. Post-war austerity and a limited amount of produce in the shops meant it was the only way to get fresh veg and vitamins into the daily diet. The arrival of the supermarket changed that but now the wheel



has turned full circle and ‘homegrown’ is fast becoming the norm again. But how do you grow your own? Find out inside. But if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life or just want to treat someone special, then take a peek at our spa feature. The health benefits of visiting a spa cannot be overstated, particularly for mental well-being, so we look at what you can expect on a spa visit. As ever, there is plenty of support and advice on property inside this issue which is sure to keep you reading. So, enjoy and we’ll see you next time. Linda McKeown Editor

The words DIY – or doing it yourself – can often instill fear into any homeowner, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A lick of paint and new finishing touches can make a property go from oh to wow.

EMPHASISE THE FOCAL POINT IN THE ROOM Find the room’s focal point and look to emphasise this feature. This could be a fireplace, feature wall or a bay window. Don’t have a feature? Then create one! Doing this is much easier than you may think; paint a wall a different colour and accessorise with artwork or shelving.


Perhaps the easiest – and most affordable – way to bring a room to life is to add a coat of paint. However, don’t rush it! Focus instead on working on small and manageable sections to avoid the feeling of biting off more than you can chew. It’s important to feel that you are making progress, rather than being left with the feeling that your decorating is never ending. To kick-start the painting in any room, remember to focus on all edges first, including windows, door frames, light switches and other nooks and crannies, before applying the main section of paint. Also, don’t forget to put down old sheets or blankets to help protect surfaces from paint splashes; it’ll save you time and potential heartache as you won’t have to spend time cleaning the carpet if you have any mishaps.

Before you start any work, it’s vital that you set a budget and prepare a list of things you need to complete the job


Update your interior by adding style and colour; it’s one of the easiest ways to freshen up the look and feel of your home

ensure that you measure all the spaces you have, so that you can be confident that there won’t be any sizing issues once you get your new goods through the door!


Whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of a professional depends on several different factors; your budget, experience and available time!

Top tip: Buy testers in the paint that you like and paint small samples on the walls to see which fits best with the plans that you have for the room

HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS Using the best – and the right – tools, such as brushes, paint and rollers are key to getting the finish just right. Now that doesn’t mean expensive is always best; we recommend for going midrange – so not the cheapest and not the most expensive.

THE FINISHING TOUCHES Once you have finished all your painting and decorating of walls, ceiling and woodwork, then it’s time to focus on the final touches. Adding vases, scatter cushions and throws to a living room will encourage more warmth. However, remember not to go the other way and add so much that the area looks cluttered. Keep your eyes peeled for inspiration from things you see day to day – whether that be in magazines, on TV or in homes you’ve been viewing online!

Perhaps the easiest – and most affordable – way to bring a room to life is to add a coat of paint


Before you start any work, it’s vital that you set a budget and prepare a list of things you need to complete the job. It’s easy to become over excited and spend money on things that you don’t need. Shop around for the best deals and

The positive factors of hiring a professional interior designer and/or decorator is that it can save you time (and stress), as they will be qualified in knowing the latest trends and what designs will work well for certain spaces. Search for decorators in your area and keep an eye out for those with positive reviews; word of mouth can be a godsend so ask for recommendations via your social media channels.

Even changing simple things like door handles on your interior doors can really change the feel of a property. It can be quite pricey to refurnish a home, so to help keep costs down look to update any of your old furniture with a re-varnish or a coat of paint too.





With plant-based diets on the increase, now might be the time to dig up the lawn and grow your own vegetables


ears ago, it was highly unusual for homeowners not to have a vegetable patch. Whether it was just a strip running alongside the lawn or turning the whole garden into a backyard allotment, post-war austerity and a limited amount of produce in the shops meant it was the only way to get fresh veg and vitamins into the daily diet. However, the arrival of the supermarket changed that, and now we can buy what was once termed ‘seasonal’ produce year-round, thanks to advanced farming methods, high-speed global transportation and rapid refrigeration. But now the wheel has turned full circle and ‘home-grown’ is fast becoming the norm again, either out of necessity or because, in this health-conscious world, there is a hunger to know the food on our plates is free from any artificial interference.


Well, if you’re staring at a blank canvas, congratulations, you’ve avoided the back-straining bit. If, however, you want to convert part, or all, of your garden then the best time to start the groundwork is autumn, allowing nature to take its course over the colder months. But if you want to start off with light produce, spring is as good a time as any to start. And start small. Don’t dig it all up and discover you’ve taken on more than you can chew. If you are lifting lawn, cut it into squares, stack it and it will decompose, producing loamy soil and this can be added to the top. Alternatively, you can bury the turf a spade’s depth down and it will feed the soil.

If you are looking to plant in a vacant patch of ground, consider covering the area with a black weed-suppressing membrane and, even after weeds have died, do not turn the soil over for at least a couple of weeks and then let the winter weather break down the clods. By spring, the soil will hopefully be fine and powdery – unless it is clay-based, meaning it will be colder and wetter. Therefore, planting needs greater patience although, on the flip side, clay soil can hold on to nutrients better.

Lighting is crucial. Don’t plant in full shade – some veg can cope with dappled shade, but most like the sun. Also pick a spot sheltered from the wind if you can.


The key to vegetable growing is timing. Wait for spring, making sure the grass is growing and birds are nesting before you start to get busy. It may be best to start with plants that go in and out of the ground within weeks – carrots or salads are best. Many experts feel it’s best to start with potatoes, which condition the soil as they break it down. And the early months of the new year are the best time to buy the first and second early varieties so they can be placed somewhere cool and light to ‘chit’ (produce small shoots). Then they can be planted mid-April for lifting before potato blight becomes an issue in late July and August. A good variety to start with is Foremost, an old favourite introduced more than 50 years ago. The round, white-fleshed tubers are firm and waxy when young and retain their fine taste. Carrots can also be sown in April, and if you put the seeds in four-inch drills, this will negate the need to thin the seedlings. Amsterdam Forcing are recommended as they are smooth, colourful and bulk up early.

START PLANNING Converting an area populated with mature shrubs is best done over late summer to let the soil start the recovery process in the autumn, and its round about October that weeds should be tackled – but not with quick-fix weed killer!

Home-grown is fast becoming the norm again

It’s best to divide your vegetable patch into areas, reason being they become easier to manage and you won’t trample through the patch when you harvest. Raised beds are popular – particularly with chalk or heavy clay soils – but try to keep the sides low so you don’t put off any slug-munching beetles and amphibians. Building raised beds also preserves soil structure and, if you have room for more than one bed, it will make crop rotation easier and deter diseases and soil-borne pests.

Start small. Don’t dig it all up and discover you’ve taken on more than you can chew


You’ll only get out what you put in. So, give your veg the best start by making sure the soil is right. A pH test kit will help you get the right balance – neutral soil is best so add lime to acid soil or sulphur to alkaline.







Whether it be a career change or a promotion, one day you may be required to up-sticks and leave your comfortable surroundings…


ith high-speed internet the world has gotten smaller; however, it may still lead to big changes when it comes to your career. One of these may be a move to a new city or town. This could mean uprooting your family or, if you are single, making new friends. It will also mean you need to find somewhere permanent to call home, with little knowledge of the local area. This is what makes high street estate agents such as us so great compared to online only agents. You can speak to real people, with real knowledge of the local area, including the best schools, shops and transport links. With this in mind, here are some tips when moving for a job…


Who knows the local area better than the people who already live there? Why not check out social media for any groups to make friends with like-minded people, or sports clubs etc, for the children. These can always be great ways to get to know more information about the local area as well as making some new friends.


After you have spent some time in the local area and you know it is a good match, then it’s time to get out looking at properties. Hopefully, loaded with useful information from your local estate agent and your new friends, you will have an idea of If you are moving to whereabouts you our area and would want to buy! like any advice or just

a friendly chat, please simply ask one of our helpful and friendly sales team

Once you have found the perfect property in your new city or town, you will need to decide when to move. There may be a few factors involved in your decision such as start date for your new job, the commute from where you currently live, and the time it takes for the sale/purchase to go through.

BELONGINGS You will need to decide what to do with your belongings. Will you bring a full house load with you straight away, or will you put them into storage? You will also need to check the costs involved in a hire van compared to the costs of putting belongings into storage. Would it be more effective to sell your furniture and start afresh in your new home?


Before looking for the perfect property, spend some time getting to know the local area


Before looking for the perfect property, spend some time getting to know the local area. Find the best routes to work and schools by using Google Maps or tapping into the local knowledge of your new colleagues. The last thing you need is to move somewhere where the commute doesn’t end up being much shorter than if you hadn’t moved – which is more than possible in some big cities.


Remember prices fluctuate massively throughout the UK, so before getting your heart set on a property, it will be worthwhile investigating the market to see what you can afford in your new area. You can find sold house prices easily enough on Rightmove and this will give you a good idea of what you can afford.

ENJOY THE PROCESS It will always be daunting moving to a new town or city. However, if you are organised and know what you are looking for, there are ways to make it relatively stress-free. Getting to know your surroundings is only the first step; finding a new local pub full of likeminded people or a favourite restaurant early in the process will give you a nice base to move forward.

If you are moving to our area and would like any advice or just a friendly chat, please simply ask one of our helpful and friendly sales team who are more than happy to help.



NO TIME TO DIE: DANIEL CRAIG’S FINAL MISSION AS 007 Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as 007 arrives in April, fourteen years after rebooting the series In 2006 there was outrage when a blonde-haired, blueeyed Daniel Craig stepped onto our screens as the iconic 00 agent James Bond. With No Time to Die confirmed as his fifth and final film, it’s time to look back at the best – and worse bits – of Craig’s time as 007.

BEST: CASINO ROYALE With his debut, Casino Royale, Craig made the role his own expelling the memory of the cheese-laden disaster, Die Another Day, starring Pierce Brosnan. A grittier, darker version of Bond with a stellar supporting cast including Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green and Judi Dench, Casino Royale was everything a new audience was hoping for and left us wanting more.

WORST: QUANTUM OF SOLACE What could have been a fantastic sequel to Casino Royale fell flat with a forgettable villain, (no, really, try and remember the villain without having to Google it) and a generally uninspiring storyline. Luckily Craig made Bond his own, because other than that, this movie with the confusing title fell flat.

BEST: SKYFALL Luckily Quantum of Solace proved to be a one-off with Bond back to his best in 2012’s



Skyfall. Sam Mendes took over directing duties and an all-star supporting cast including Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney backed up the wonderful chemistry between Craig’s Bond and Dench’s M. Audiences loved it and it was the first Bond film to hit $1 billion dollars worldwide.

WORST BOND GIRLS If anyone thought it couldn’t get much worse than Denise Richards as the ridiculously named Dr. Christmas Jones in Brosnan’s final Bond film, then they were wrong. It wasn’t that Olga Kurylenko wasn’t pretty in Quantum of Solace, it was that – much like the villain – she was utterly forgettable, and Lea Seydoux in Spectre has so little personality and chemistry with Craig, that she simple looks bored on screen.

BEST VILLAINS Mads Mikkelsen, Javier Bardem and Christopher Waltz; three A-list actors with some serious bad guy chops. Mikkelsen was terrifying as Hannibal Lecter on the small screen, Bardem was scary in No Country for Old Men and Waltz’s horrid Colonel Landa in Inglourious Basterds is one of the greatest bad guys ever put onto the silver screen. They were perfect villains for the more grown up Bond movies.

WHO WILL BE THE NEW BOND? Craig’s Bond may have had his ups and downs, but generally he should be pleased with how he has helped to reboot an ailing franchise. Now with a new reboot looming, let’s check out the favourites to take his place… • • • • •

Michael Fassbender Richard Madden Tom Hardy Idris Elba Tom Hiddleston

No Time to Die is released on 3rd April 2020.

DID YOU KNOW? American popstar Billie Eilish has recorded the title song for No Time To Die – making her, at just 18 years old, the youngest artist in history to write and record a Bond theme!


If time is in short supply, make the most of seasonal lamb with this ever-so-easy, lazy roast

GREEK ROAST LAMB Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour 45 minutes Serves: 8 Nutrition: 685kcal per serving

INGREDIENTS 1 large leg of lamb, 3kg/6lb 8oz 6 garlic cloves 1 bunch oregano zest and juice 1 lemon 6 tbsp olive oil 1½ kg new potatoes 400g can chopped tomato large handful pitted baby kalamata olives

METHOD 1. Heat your oven to 240C/fan 220C/gas 9. Pound the garlic, half the oregano, lemon zest and a pinch of salt in a pestle and mortar, then add the lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil. Stab the lamb all over with a sharp knife, then push as much of the herb paste as you can into the holes. 2. Tip the potatoes into a large roasting tin, then toss in the remaining olive oil and any remaining herb paste. Nestle the lamb amongst the potatoes, roast for 20 mins, then reduce the temperature to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Roast for 1 hr 15 mins for medium-rare, adding another 15 mins if you prefer your lamb medium. Ensure to baste the lamb once or twice with the juices during cooking and toss the potatoes. 3. When the lamb is cooked to your liking, remove from the tin and leave to rest. Throw the rest of the oregano in with the potatoes, scoop from the tin and keep warm. 4. Place the roasting tin over a medium flame, add the canned tomatoes and olives to the pan juices, then simmer for a few mins. Serve the lamb with the potatoes and sauce plus a simple salad.

This recipe, and more, can be found at Image for illustrative purposes only



Don’t be caught out and about without your fashion essentials!





Made from 100% recycled PET fabric, this large-check patterned umbrella features a bright yellow interior which gives the classic umbrella a modern touch. It’s pricier than others but with combined maple wood shaft and handle, we think it’s worth it. £75 t

BE FASHION READY COLOUR CHANGING UMBRELLA Make walking in the rain fun with this colourchanging umbrella. Features an automatic push button; perfect for little hands! £12

Love all things bee with this zipped wallet made from pale green bees matt oilcloth. Featuring a zipped coin section, it’s both waterproof and wipe clean. £25 t

BATMAN EMBOSSED MEN’S WALLET Perfect for any Batman or Marvel fan, this officially licensed bi-fold wallet features a comic strip on its lining and is finished with a decorative metal logo for added authenticity. £18 t



The simple design of the Totes Supermini means that you can pop it in your bag with ease, so that you’re armed and ready to shield yourself against the rain, wherever you go. £10

The velvet and glitter combo of this purse is sure to make your little one feel all grown up – and the addition of their initial will make it even more personal. £12







Kit out the man in your life with this smart and stylish flapover bag from Next. 100% Polyurethane. £28



This bright, cross-body bag is the ideal size to stash the essentials in! Added pizazz comes in the form of faux leather stripes in vibrant colours – and with a touch of glitter! £12


Editor note: you can enjoy 10% off your first purchase when you join their mailing list


This stylish classic wallet from Kate Spade has plenty of pockets and compartments to hold your cards and cash. £59

WATERMELON MULTICOLOURED BOX CLUTCH HANDBAG Add a splash of colour and fun to your day with this cute novelty watermelon clutch. In a bright red and green finish, it features a detachable gold chain strap, magnetic fastening as well as being fully lined. £19.99 t





BY SPA Luxury or a modern-day necessity? Spa breaks are becoming the norm to treat mind, body… and your mum!


f your vision of a spa session acceptable – and we can carry that involves a face pack and a slice of feeling of being taken cared for with cucumber over each eye, then we’re us for a period of time. And very often raising a carefully-trimmed eyebrow that can help us cope better in despair. with stress.” Similarly, if it involves waddling Obviously, breaks can No 1 on most spa around in a fluffy come with a bit of a price visitor’s wish-list is a white towelling tag when set against day massage and most robe clutching a sessions, but they are experts agree glass of prosecco, totally different beasts. massages reduce then you’ve been A one-day experience will stress and alleviates watching too normally offer only a muscle tension many reality single treatment whereas docu-soaps on TV. breaks provide the chance to step off life’s Although these are the images that treadmill with a number of carefullyhelp scientists pour scorn on exoticselected elements, giving breathing sounding treatments they offer, there space to totally unwind, relieve aches is one inescapable fact: there’s and pain, improve general physical nothing like a day of pampering to condition through diet and exercise… put you in the right frame of mind to and probably help you get a decent face the world. night’s sleep. The health benefits of visiting a spa cannot be overstated, particularly for mental well-being. Shackled by responsibilities and day-to-day pressures, the first thing that’s sacrificed is ‘me time’, partly because you think it’s self-indulgent but largely because of the cost. But is good physical and mental health really a luxury? Can you put a price on feeling good? As Virginia Sadock, a professor of psychiatry at New York University says: “Going to a spa is a way of being taken care of that is psychologically and culturally



BEDFORD LODGE HOTEL & SPA, NEWMARKET Bedford Lodge offers a Mum & Me Spa Day as well as a Mum & Me weekend break where you can let your cares wash away in the sumptuous hydrotherapy facilities with five different water experiences. Includes manicure or pedicure and afternoon tea. uk/special-offers

The health benefits of visiting a spa cannot be overstated, particularly for mental well-being

All of this means that No 1 on most spa visitor’s wish-list is a massage and most experts agree massages reduce stress and alleviates muscle tension, and the benefits are more than skin deep. As Prof Sadock says: “Physical contact is necessary to our well-being, and even if the touching is from a professional there to pamper you, that touch will have a beneficial effect.” Although it is widely believed sitting in a sauna is a great way to cleanse the impurities in the body, what actually pours from the pores is just sweat, not toxins such as alcohol or mercury which are filtered by your liver and kidneys. But they are good for you, increasing circulation as a result of the elevated heart rate and widened blood vessels

that accompany exposure to intense heat. Which brings us to the other staple of the health spa: the face mask. Many charge a premium to slather exotic ingredients on your face. However, dermatologists say the most important thing to remember about a mask is that as long as it actually contains ingredients that would nourish the skin if they were in a moisturiser or balm, they’ll probably have some benefit. So if all that gives you an idea how to treat mum and ensure the person who has given you a lifetime of TLC is pampered herself – or if you feel the need for two or three days of R and R – here are a few suggestions.

BLUE HARBOUR HEALTH CLUB AND SPA, LONDON Their special Ladies’ Day package includes a choice of one 30 minute treatment from a full range of massages or a facial, a Travel Through Time afternoon tea, and full use of the spa facilities.

RINGWOOD HALL HOTEL & SPA, CHESTERFIELD Soothe body and mind at The Garden Secret Spa, Derbyshire’s first 5 bubble rated spa. Set in a former 19th Century manor house, you’ll have full access of the facilities in packages ranging from the Vintage Hideway to the Ultimate Odyssey.

THE GAINSBOROUGH BATH SPA, BATH One of the most popular spas in the country and the only UK hotel with access to naturally heated thermal waters. Just yards from the worldfamous Roman baths, the Gainsborough has a range of spa days with 20 per cent discount for online bookings uk/pages/spa-day





The 84th US Masters tees off this April with golf superstar Tiger Woods aiming for a record-equalling sixth win


he US Masters is the first of the four major golf tournaments in pro-golf. First played 86 years ago in 1934, unlike other tournaments The Masters is always played at Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia. The tournament is by invitation only and the winner is automatically invited to the other three majors.

Traditions unique to the US masters include the opening tee shot and the Champions Dinner

The Augusta Golf Course was previously a plant nursery and each hole is named after a certain tree or shrub including Tea Olive, Pink Dogwood, Yellow Jasmine, Redbud, Azalea and Chinese Fir amongst others. The idea for the course came from Bobby Jones, a well-known amateur golfer, and was originally designed by Alister Mackenzie, who designed over 50 courses across four continents.

GOLF LINGO Albatross: A score of three less than par Birdie: A score of one less than par Eagle: A score of two under par Bogey: A score of one over par



Jack Nicklaus has the most Masters’ wins with six, followed by Tiger Woods with five and Arnold Palmer with four. The estimated prize fund is $11.5 million with nearly $2 million going to the winner, as well as the distinctive and iconic Green Jacket – which by tradition is presented to the current winner by the previous winner. The Masters consists of four rounds of 18 holes each, with the competitors playing in groups of three for the first two rounds. After 36 holes of play, a cut-off score is calculated to reduce the size of the field. To ‘make the cut’, a player must be in either the top 50 places or within 10 strokes of the leader’s score. Over the final two days, a further 36 holes are played; and should there be no winner after the fourth round, all tied players enter a sudden-death playoff beginning on the 18th hole, followed by the 10th and repeating until one player remains. The most recent sudden-death playoff was in 2017 between Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia.

Traditions unique to the US masters include the opening tee shot and the Champions Dinner. A custom since 1963, the tournament is officially started when one or more legendary players tees off from the first hole, and the Champions Dinner is held each year before the tournament starts. The dinner is hosted by the current champion who picks his own menu for the company only of previous champions. Three players are joint favourites moving towards the start of the tournament; World No. 1 Rory Mcllroy, World No. 2 Brooks Koepka and the back-in-form Tiger Woods. If Woods wins, he will match Jack Nicklaus’s record of six US Masters.


AS A LANDLORD If you’re looking at letting out a property, it’s important to understand just what your tenant expects from you as its landlord


The gas, electricity and water companies should be advised whenever the property is empty so that meters can be read and accounts prepared. During ‘void’ periods, the utility services must be transferred back into your name, by you. Of course, the tenant is responsible for the gas, electricity and water/sewerage bills generated by their usage during the tenancy, and for changing the gas and electric accounts into their name when they move in. They’re also responsible for the standing charges. However, their liabilities in this respect clearly finish on the date they vacate the property.

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all electrics and electrical appliances supplied in the property are safe for use


Generally speaking, telephone companies will only deal with the account holder named on the account. You must tell the telephone company that you are leaving the property and advise them what you want to do with your existing number. The tenants are then responsible for arranging any line reconnections and meeting any costs associated with this. When it comes to council tax, this is not your responsibility while the entire property is let. However, if you still reside at the property while acting as a landlord, then you will remain responsible for the Council Tax charge.


As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all electrics and electrical appliances supplied in the property are safe for use. If any portable appliances are going to be left in the property, a portable appliance test should be carried out by a qualified electrician on an annual basis.


It’s your duty as landlord to ensure that all gas supplied appliances are maintained in a safe condition and are inspected at least every 12 months by a GAS SAFE engineer. A Gas Safety certificate should only be issued by a GAS SAFE engineer.


The law requires landlords to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties. This includes smoke alarms being fitted in all hallway, stairway, and circulation areas that form escape routes from the property. They should be located every 7.5 metres of hallway, and within at least three metres of all bedroom doors. Properties where HMO licenses apply, a higher specification of smoke alarm installation may be required which is generally mains powered. Landlords are directly responsible for determining whether their properties are eligible for HMO status, and failure to adhere to the regulations may result in a civil penalty and render your insurance invalid.



Siege Cottage, Old Basing


LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to bring this delightful Grade II listed cottage. Comprising of 2 bedrooms and bathroom with refitted, large walk-in shower. Sitting room with original fireplace, housing a large log burner, separate dining/sitting room, large re-fitted kitchen and cloakroom. Private enclosed rear garden and a large enclosed driveway for 4 cars to the front. Original period features, including ceiling and wall beams, original solid wood oak floors characterful feature fireplace. The ground floor comprises an entrance hall, with cloakroom and large store cupboard, charming sitting room with large log burner fitted in the fireplace, wooden flooring, leading to the dining/sitting room. The re-fitted kitchen, cottage style kitchen, with a large range style cooker has access out to the adjacent utility/boot room and the enclosed rear garden. The rear garden is enclosed and mainly laid to lawn and numerous shrubs and flowering plants.





Linden Avenue, Old Basing ÂŁ595,000

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer this beautifully presented 3 bedroom home to the rental market. Situated in a cul-de-sac, this three bedroom house is in show home condition. Accommodation includes; lounge, separate dining room leading into a conservatory, a modern fitted kitchen with all appliances and a downstairs cloakroom. Upstairs this home offers a newly fitted family bathroom and 3 bedrooms. To the rear there is a private, enclosed, low maintenance garden with access into garage. Off street parking and garage included. This family home sits on the north east of Basingstoke in the highly sought after area of Chineham. Well served by comprehensive local amenities and a shopping centre in South Chineham, Four Lanes primary school, nurseries, doctors and dentists.

01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Minden Close, Chineham

OIEO ÂŁ410,000

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to bring to market this charming, beautifully presented, 4 bedroom detached family home. Downstairs comprises, large dual aspect lounge/diner, double glazed doors to rear leading out to garden, double glazed bay window to front, feature fireplace. A refitted kitchen/breakfast room and cloakroom. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms, a family bathroom and an en-suite. There is a garage and driveway parking and a large patio leading to an enclosed terraced garden to the back of the property. The property sits on the north east of Basingstoke with the A33 giving access to Reading, the M4, via the ring road to the M3 and Basingstoke town centre, where you will find an abundance of retail facilities within Festival Place along with many other amenities including, restaurants, cinemas, leisure and sports centre. The mainline train station in the town centre serves the west country and London Waterloo (fast trains approx. 45 mins).

Stockbridge Close




LODDON PROPERTIES is very pleased to market this beautiful 3 bedroom detached home. Entrance hall, with door leading to a modern kitchen on one side and living room ahead, which leads through to tastefully extended dining room/family room, with French doors leading to the garden. Additionally, there is a cloakroom and patio doors leading to outside from the living room. Upstairs, you will find 3 bedrooms, family bathroom and beautifully fitted en-suite. To the front of the property you will find a brick paved driveway, leading to a garage. The property itself provides a sizeable, very well equipped family home. Whilst the floor plan shows the depth and size of the property, it is only when you view internally that the impact of just how much is offered is apparent. At the rear of the property is a paved patio leading to a lawned garden, various shrubs and bushes, the whole of which is effectively screened by fencing. This one off home is well proportioned and tastefully presented.

Belvedere Gardens, Chineham






LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to market this beautiful 4 bedroom detached home with integral double garage, situated off one of the most sought after roads in Chineham. The grand entrance hall, has doors leading to an impressively sized, front to back aspect lounge with sliding doors to the garden. The separate dining room can be accessed by both the lounge and the entrance hall and is situated next to the fitted kitchen/breakfast room. A pair of French doors lead to the garden from the kitchen and a utility room off the kitchen allows access to the integral double garage. Upstairs, you will find 4 bedrooms, fitted en-suite and family bathroom Three of the bedrooms include built in wardrobes. Outside, to the front of the property you will find a double space driveway, leading to the garage. At the rear of the property is a paved patio leading to a lawned garden, various shrubs and bushes, the whole of which is effectively screened by fencing.

Warnford Grove, Sherfield


LODDON PROPERTIES are delighted to bring to market this immaculately presented 3 bedroom family townhouse, located in the award winning Sherfield Park development. It benefits from hallway, cloakroom, a light, modern, sleek kitchen/dining room with integrated appliances and door out to the garden. The first floor comprises a spacious L shaped living room with Juliette balcony and views over the green, hallway, double bedroom with built in wardrobes, and modern, fitted, family bathroom. On the second floor are two further double bedrooms both with built in wardrobes and modern en-suite shower rooms. Outside, to the front, the property is approached by an attractive pathway and the practical, low maintenance rear garden comprises a large paved patio for entertaining with the remaining laid to shingle and paved areas with a path to a side access door into the garage and gate leading to the garage with parking in front. Sherfield Park is located to the North of Basingstoke. This property is highly recommended, and viewing is a must to appreciate this versatile and flexible family home.

01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Queen Mary Avenue, Basingstoke


This 4 bedroom family home is located within easy reach of Basingstoke Town Centre and train station. The accommodation comprises an entrance that leads to a utility area through to an open plan lounge/diner with French doors to the courtyard. Also leading from the entrance, is a large bedroom, with an array of Sharps fitted wardrobes and cupboards, with its own en-suite. There is a large living room, leading to a heated conservatory. Upstairs, there are 3 further bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and a family bathroom with shower over bath. Externally, the rear garden is enclosed and laid to patio, with a double door shed and to the front of the property is a paved and lawned area. To the side of the property is a large driveway. Queen Mary Avenue is located just North of Basingstoke Town Centre. Conveniently located and offering easy access to the shopping and recreational facilities of Festival Place including bars, restaurants, cinema, theatre, sports centres etc.

Avington Way, Sherfield



ÂŁ1,250 pcm

LODDON PROPERTIES are delighted to offer for let this extremely well presented 3 bedroom, semi detached house in the sought after Sherfield Park development. The ground floor accommodation comprises of a well lit and spacious lounge with double doors leading to the kitchen/diner, which in turn has French doors leading to the rear garden, and a ground floor WC. On the first floor, there is the master bedroom with en-suite shower room, a family bathroom and two further bedrooms. The property benefits from a garage and driveway parking, accessed via the enclosed rear garden. This property has modern interiors throughout. Sherfield Park is located to the North of Basingstoke. There are good local amenities with doctors, dentists, Chineham Shopping Centre and exceptional local schools all within easy reach and excellent transport links with the A33 which provides access to Basingstoke (M3 motorway) and Reading (M4 motorway).




Skippetts Gardens, Basingstoke £210,000

LODDON PROPERTIES - are delighted to bring to the market this immaculately presented two bedroom mid terrace house in an enviable position, within the Sherfield Park development. The property offers a good sized bright living room, modern kitchen/diner with access to the rear garden, downstairs cloakroom, two double bedrooms one with a fitted wardrobe, one with an en-suite shower room and a family bathroom with contemporary ‘P’ shaped bath. Outside there is a fully enclosed, landscaped and low maintenance, sunny rear garden. With attractive paving area and panel fencing. This contemporary home is close to lovely countryside walks.

LODDON PROPERTIES - Are pleased to bring to the market this slice of modern living with an immaculately presented, two bedroom, ground floor apartment. Comprising spacious entrance hall with storage cupboard, leading to a generous, dual aspect, open plan living space incorporating a lounge/dining area and modern kitchen with built in appliances. Two double bedrooms and family bathroom with electric shower over the bath. AN IDEAL FIRST TIME BUYER OR INVESTOR OPPORTUNITY.




Avington Way, Sherfield £280,000

Binfields Close, Lychpit £115,000

Oakfields, Chineham £115,000

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer this end terrace, one bedroom, ground floor retirement property within a beautiful development, walking distance of the shops at Chineham shopping centre with bus service into Basingstoke. Well presented with front & rear aspect, the apartment is very airy throughout, boasting a kitchen, lounge/ dining room, double bedroom and modern bathroom. The front of the property has lawn and a patio area and a large storage cupboard. This property is leasehold but also comes with the added bonus of its own garage and the complex has a warden on site through the week. Please call for more details and to book your viewing appointment.

LODDON PROPERTIES are delighted to bring this warden controlled, one bedroom first floor, retirement property to the market. The apartment is in very good decorative order and comprises of hall with extra large storage cupboard, double bedroom, lounge/ diner and modern fitted kitchen, with a full wet room. The property is warden controlled and has a communal lounge where coffee mornings are held on a daily basis, laundry facilities on site and a lift with a lovely garden with garden furniture for the use of the residents.

01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Wooland Court, Church Crookham


Longstock Close, Chineham £825 pcm

LODDON PROPERTIES offers this well presented two bedroom, first floor maisonette situated in a courtyard setting with allocated parking to the front of the property. The property comprises of two double bedrooms, both with fitted wardrobes, a good sized living area with large bay window creating a light, open and airy space leading into the kitchen with newly fitted kitchen cupboards. The bathroom has the benefit of a full sized bath and stand alone shower.

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to offer this well presented one bedroom house located in the sought after Cufaude Village area of Chineham. It includes UPVC double glazed windows and front door, new boiler with gas central heating to radiators, recently redecorated throughout. This property also benefits from a generous corner garden and two allocated parking bays. This home has a newly fitted modern bathroom and newly fitted kitchen. Available middle to end of February!

Burgate Crescent, Sherfield Park

Wella Road, Basingstoke £725 pcm

£995 pcm LODDON PROPERTIES present to the market this deceptively spacious two bedroom Coach House located on the ever popular Sherfield Park development. The accommodation comprises; ground floor utility room and garage. On the first floor you will find a generous living room/diner/kitchen with fitted appliances, two double bedrooms and family bathroom. Outside there is allocated parking for two vehicles. Offered on a fully furnished basis and available Early of March. *PETS MAY BE CONSIDERED ON APPLICATION*

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to offer this modern one bedroom apartment to the rental market. Ideally situated in the middle of Basingstoke and just minutes from the town centre and local amenities. This apartment comprises of a modern kitchen area and lounge along with a separate toilet and shower room with heated towel rail. It is very secure with an access control system and offers modern day open plan, bright and light living space for the professional. Allocated parking.




Stukeley Road, Basingstoke £1250 pcm

LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased top bring to market this one bedroom ground floor apartment in a very desirable area with very good access to all of the Town Centres amenities, which include the mainline station serving London Waterloo and the acclaimed Festival Place shopping centre. This property offers an open plan living room with double doors to the rear of the property, an opening to the fitted kitchen, along with a large double bedroom with fitted wardrobes and a modern fitted bathroom. The property also boats plenty of storage, and an allocated parking space.

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to bring to market this spacious 4 bedroom, end of terrace house. The house has a conservatory/ sun room with a private garden to rear. It also offers an open plan kitchen/diner which is newly fitted with an expansive living room. Upstairs offers 4 extremely large double bedrooms and a newly fitted modern family bathroom with shower over batH. Properties of this size and style are rarely available in such good condition and location.




Spring House, Basingstoke £800 pcm

Wights Walk, Hatch Warren £259,500 LODDON PROPERTIES is pleased to bring this deceptively spacious 2 bedroom property to the rental market. Entrance hall, with modern fitted kitchen & very large lounge/dining area, with sliding doors to patio and grassed garden. Upstairs you will find 2 double bedrooms and family bathroom, with shower over bath.

Poppyfield, Lychpit £595 pcm LODDON PROPERTIES is very pleased to offer this studio situated in a cul-de-sac in Lychpit. This one bedroomed studio apartment comprises of sitting room/bedroom, open plan kitchen and bathroom with shower over bath, there is allocated parking and it’s ideally situated, being close to A33, providing excellent commuter routes to both M3 & M4. A superb location for local amenities and transport links.

01256 808454 Chineham Shopping Centre, Reading Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8BQ


Barrington Drive, Marnel Park £850 pcm

Sorrells Close, Chineham £223,500

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to bring to the market this modern ground floor apartment, located in the sought after area of Marnel Park. The property benefits from secure entrance hall with storage cupboards, large open plan fitted kitchen/lounge/diner, two double bedrooms and family bathroom with shower over the bath. This home also provides an allocated parking bay, is close to local amenities and has excellent transport links. THIS PROPERTY IS AVAILABLE EARLY MARCH.

LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to offer this delightful two bedroom home. Front door to a separate porch with downstairs WC. A spacious lounge/diner with open staircase to the first floor. The lounge/diner leads through to the kitchen. On the first floor is a good size double bedroom with a front aspect. Bedroom 2 is also situated at the front of the property with built in storage. The bathroom consists of a bath with shower over, WC and pedestal wash hand basin.

Compton Walk, Sherfield Park £156,000 LODDON PROPERTIES are delighted to offer a modern, ground floor, one bedroom apartment, situated in the award winning, sought after Sherfield Park development. This property boasts a spacious entrance hall, dual aspect gorgeous open plan living area comprising living/dining room and a modern fitted kitchen with built in oven and hob, double bedroom and modern bathroom. The property also benefits from one allocated parking space.

Mulberry Way, Chineham £225,000 LODDON PROPERTIES are pleased to bring to the market this well presented, 2 bed end of terrace house, situated in a sought after cul de sac location. The property offers well planned accommodation comprising of; entrance hall, kitchen, large lounge diner with access out to the private enclosed garden. On the first floor there are two good sized double bedrooms and a family bathroom, with shower over. Further benefits include double glazing, gas central heating, enclosed rear garden with rear access and garaging with off street parking.

Meet Our Team Dawn Company Owner Dawn founded Loddon Properties and her primary focus is always on the customer, ensuring they receive the optimum care from her and her multi-lingual team. Dawn’s drive and commitment is responsible for developing Loddon Properties into the number one ranked independent estate agency in the area. Outside of work, Dawn is the chairman of the Wellington Boot Club, enjoys cultural travel and has a thing for shoes. She also enjoys good food, her family and her wonderful dog Rolo.

Lyle Lettings Director Lyle is Director of Lettings. Utilising his BA hons in Business Studies, he has expanded the lettings portfolio tremendously, so that Loddon is now the leading lettings agency in the area. He is highly adept at maximising rental income for landlords, works with property investors on acquisitions and is a highly-respected advisor on rental information and property investment. Lyle is now getting used to sleeping a lot less than he used to, as he has recently become a proud father.

Carla Director of Property Management Carla, our Director of Property Management, is a perfectionist and will always strive to deliver the highest level of professional customer service, for both our landlords and tenants. Having worked within customer services for over 20 years and a further 5 years specifically in Property Management, she enjoys working closely with landlords and tenants and as Lettings team leader, thrives in making sure a high level of customer service is delivered, by working hard and being efficient even in difficult situations. As well as her family and dogs, Carla’s main passion is ballroom dancing, though she has yet to receive the call to go on Strictly!

Neil Property Management Manager As Property Maintenance Manager, with 8 years of experience from all aspects of the Lettings industry Neil brings his vast skills to Loddon, ensuring a smooth transition for both Landlords and Tenants through from inception to finalisation. Neil thrives on providing an excellent, personal service and his attention to detail, with both landlords and tenants alike. Ensuring that, should there be any problems during the tenancy, that they are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. Neil boasts that working at Loddon is a very enjoyable part of his life. He feels it is not just the work, but the people he works with that make his working day so much fun. In his free time, of which there’s not much, Neil likes to run, hike and wherever possible sunbathe!

Julie Inventories and Inspection Manager Julie has been in the Property Industry since 1997 having started in New Home Sales and progressed to Lettings in 2008 whereby she became an Inventory Consultant/ Property Inspector. Julie’s happy-go-lucky, helpful, positive personality, coupled with her professionalism, allows her to get along with both Landlords and tenants from all walks of life. This comes in useful when she helps deal with any queries resulting from the property inspections, should they arise. Julie’s Role at Loddon is to make and provide Inventories, carry out tenant check-ins & check-outs, along with regular property inspections. She works closely with Carla and Neil and the rest of their teams to ensure the seamless running of the Property Management side of the Company. Julie’s passion for her dogs and love for life uses up most of her spare time!

Marion Head of Sales Progression Marion has been in Estate Agency for over 20 years and during that time has gone from secretary to office manager. With her excellent secretarial and organised administration background, Marion is now Head of our Sales Progression department. She puts her skills to good use. Pulling out all of the stops, making sure all parties are kept updated, ensuring that your journey from sale to completion is as straight forward as possible and most importantly, making sure your moving process is a happy and positive one. Marion is always busy but spends her free time with her family and their animals and taking well-earned holidays in sunnier and hotter climates.

Dont just take our word for it ..... We had seen a lot of property “for sale” and the “sold” signs around Chineham, so naturally decided to look at Loddon when we were looking at selling. The way that Loddon marketed our property; all the photos were really good, they looked good on site and professional. If we were ever to sell our house again, we would use Loddon.

Lorraine Allcock / Seller

Loddon Properties are a friendly family organisation and we quite enjoyed their company and their approach to the whole thing. They have a great team of people and we felt many of the individuals in there, right from Lyle and Dawn, through to the sales team including Pedro and the lettings team with Carla, everybody seemed to be able to answer questions I have.

Annie Elvin / Seller

Loddon are really approachable and, if there’s any problem with property, they come to the landlord first to see how you want to progress with it. Unlike a lot of other estate agents, they don’t get work done without you qualifying what you want to be done.

Paul Kennett / Landlord

Excellent service and communication from start to finish I can summarise my buying and selling with Loddon Properties as excellent- from start to finish.

Mr David and Mrs Sylvia Atkinson / Sellers

Loddon have got their finger on the pulse. Understand the market and have been very good at advising me at every level of the transactions.

Mr Herbert Goodenough / Landlord


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