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November 2019

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The Davis Cup: The World Cup of Tennis



Bring the outside, in

It’s a trend that is growing in popularity. More of us are embracing the great outdoors and bringing it inside the home. Create your own nature-inspired interior with our top tips

Floral and botanical patterns

Editor’s letter Welcome to the November issue! The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, which can only mean one thing: Christmas is well and truly on its way! No matter where you look, Christmas is everywhere – on the highstreet, online and no doubt, on your mind! But fear not, inside we give you a sneak preview on how to make the most of the festive season. Whether it be booking a visit to a Christmas market, searching for the best advent calendar to countdown ‘til Santa arrives, or baking up a treat with our Editor’s feature recipe: a traditional Christmas cake. Christmas aside, this issue also features lots of great tips and advice; from creating a woodland retreat in your home (which is so on trend right now) to seeing how smart your smart meter really is! Over 14 million smart meters have been installed in the UK so far, so what’s available and how can they be of benefit? Read on to find out more. Enjoy reading and we’ll see you next time.

Linda McKeown Editor


Inject a woodland feel into your home by adding floral or botanical patterns. Whether that is with a bold wallpaper, patterned throw cushions or with a leafy rug. Adding even the smallest of touches can give your indoor space an outdoorsy feel. When choosing which patterns to incorporate into your design, it’s a good idea to decide on what colour scheme, or feel, you want from the space before deciding on a print. There are many great ideas online or on the high street, such as this woodland themed wallpaper we found online at John Lewis:

Go green One of the easiest ways to add a touch of nature to your home, is to add greenery. If you are unable to keep a house plant alive for any longer than a month, then either buy a cactus, or fake it! Adding faux plants can be the perfect alternative for those lacking in the green fingered department. When adding plants, real of faux, consider the space you have. If you have a small room, then consider hanging plants. However, if you have a larger space and can accommodate a larger plant, only include one; but if you prefer more variety and want to use smaller potted plants, bunch them together to create a more stylish look. You can buy faux plants practically everywhere now. Blooming Artificial, however, offer a host of plants, trees and flowers so take a look and find the perfect fake plant for you:

Quick tip Carefully placed vases of fresh flowers can also add to the feel of the outdoors. Try to get those which are in season.

Our top buys

Add artwork Art prints are a cheap way to inject colour and texture into any space. Adding frames with leaf prints or a floral scenery are a brilliant way to add a pop of greenery into your home. You could easily make them yourself by collecting items when out and about either in the woods or on the beach. It’s a great way to get inspiration and enjoy a family day out. Bear in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create the look you want; have a look in your local charity shops for vintage frames or why not have your own shots printed out and framed?

Beach Themed Air Plant Hanging Terrarium

£17.50 Quick tip If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning stove, you’ll need somewhere to store your firewood. Putting them on display is a great way to add a natural feel to your home

Midas Tree Framed Canvas Print Use natural materials

Incorporating natural materials such as wood, rattan and wicker is a perfect way to create a natural décor

Incorporating natural materials such as wood, rattan and wicker is a perfect way to create a natural décor. Where you can, use reclaimed, recycled or upcycled furniture, which will create an organic theme and won’t break the bank. There are many items that you can find outdoors which can be used to create unique pieces of art and accessories; such as stones, pebbles or even pinecones. Driftwood for example, can be used in many interesting ways, such as displayed on a mantelpiece or as storage shelving. So, when you’re out and about and you stumble across something that you love that’s free, take it home and incorporate it into your interior!


Wicker Armchair


Novelty Tropical Pattern Pillowcases

Create a splash of colour There are many other ways you can create an outdoorsy feel. Use a splash of colour to do so. Adding natural tones to a room can create the same feeling as a bold print wallpaper and can easily brighten up a room. The use of a feature wall will, given the right colour, offer the same effect you could enjoy from a plant. You can also mirror the colour in throws, cushions or accessories to create a sophisticated scheme.


Inject a woodland feel into your home by adding floral or botanical patterns


How smart is your smart meter?

Over 14 million smart meters have been installed in the UK so far, but there are still tens of millions to do before the full rollout has been completed Back in 2009, the British government announced a plan to update Britain's energy metering system and install smart meters throughout the UK by 2020. This has now been extended to 2024 due to issues with installed smart meters; however, there are plans in place to complete the rollout on schedule.

The benefits of smart readers


Smart readers are the simplest way to keep track of your gas and electricity usage. They show you how much energy you are using in real-time, how much energy hourly, weekly and monthly you're using and whether your electric use is high, medium or low.

Smart meters and the installation process are free, as is the in-home display if you request one

With a smart meter in your home, there will be no more estimated bills. Your smart meter sends your usage directly to your supplier so you will only ever pay for the energy you've used. There will be no more uploading figures from a confusing readout from a dark cupboard! Smart meters are free from your supplier; however, you will need to check if they are currently being rolled out in your area. You can wait your turn, which could be months or years. Alternatively, you can contact your supplier to try and jump the queue.

Over 14 million smart meters have been installed in the UK so far

What smart meters are available? All smart meters are the same version of the machine but in different guises, depending on your supplier. They have the catchy name SMETS 1 which stands for Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications. These SMETS 1 communicate with your supplier over the 3G network, so there is no need to hook them up to your broadband. If, however, you change suppliers your smart meter may go ‘dumb,’ which means that it won’t send readings to your new supplier automatically and you will need one to start taking manual readings again. An estimated one million households already have a ‘dumb’ smart meter. With people being encouraged to change suppliers, often this has turned into a major issue and may make it more worthwhile to wait and check availability for the SMETS 2 meter which can communicate between different suppliers. The Data Communications Company (DCC) is the organisation in charge with establishing a futureproof network for smart meters and are looking into upgrading the original SMETS 1 meters as opposed to replacing the 11 million already installed.

Do you have to have a smart meter? More than 60% of people who have had a smart meter installed say they did not receive a clear explanation of the benefits of a smart meter and 30% felt they had been pressured to accept one by their supplier.

There is no law saying that if you get offered a smart meter you must accept it; however, your supplier will offer you one because they are required to by law before 2024. As suppliers have targets set from the government in regards to the rollout, there are some great incentivised deals available on your energy that require having a smart meter fitted at your property; just remember to check if it is a SMETS 2 meter should you wish to switch in the future.

What data will my smart meter collect and is it secure? Your smart meter will not store personal details such as your name, address or financial details and once the SMETS 2 are rolled out they will only use a closed communications system called the DCC that has been custom-built for this purpose. You will also have the final say on how much data your supplier collects from you and when, including whether they share your usage details with other organisations and whether they can use it for sales and marketing purposes. As your smart meter data isn't stored or sent through the internet, any information is extremely secure and the threat from hackers to individual households is considered low and, with cybersecurity at the forefront of the government's minds, it will stay that way with the new meters in the future.

How much will a smart meter cost?

I have bad 3G and mobile signal at home, can I still get a smart meter? Over 99% of households will be able to have smart meters and as such a range of different technologies will be used, not just mobile signals for your smart meter.

Commonly Asked Smart Meter Questions

Smart meters and the installation process are free, as is the in-home display if you request one. The cost for the meter and its maintenance is included in your energy bills.


Kit out your

kitchen With the kitchen one of the hubs of the home, it’s key to ensure that you have the right tools to make it fully functional. Having these to hand will ensure you cook up a storm in no time! Here’s what you should have – and why

Be cutting edge A good knife set is the bible for any budding chef, and there are three knives that you should have to hand: a chef’s knife, paring knife and a serrated knife. If possible, test out the knives before you buy (no, we don’t mean getting them out in the shop and chopping an onion). Any knife should feel comfortable in your grip – especially if you’re dedicated vegetable prepper this Christmas! Shop around and remember that price also plays a big factor in your choice. Opt for a mid to high-range set as they tend to last longer than cheaper sets.

Try: 6 Piece Designpro Knife Set with Bristle Block £49

Measure it right Mucking up on adding the right amount of ingredients for a recipe spells disaster. Avoid cooking and baking fails by investing in a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons. No need to go for a boring set either; liven up your kitchen drawer with bright and beautiful designs that will keep you wanting to cook and bake!

Try: Set of 4 Agnes Measuring Spoons £18


Like any good workspace, your kitchen needs the right tools

Chop to it No kitchen would be complete without a few chopping boards! We are all familiar with the advice that different boards should be used for chopping different food groups. You should have a dedicated board for cutting raw meats, one for vegetable and fruit prep and another at least for preparing raw fish. Having separate boards for different types of prep helps to avoid cross contamination of food groups; which means less chance of catching any nasty bugs. Our top tip is to look for chopping boards that are dishwasher safe and easy to store.

Try: Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set £70

Worktop savers These might not quite do what they say on the tin and save space, but they are a god-send for any kitchen. Pop these on your kitchen worktops to help protect surfaces when placing down hot pots and pans. There are plenty of funky designs available and they are great for adding a touch of uniqueness to any kitchen work surface.

Try: Joseph Joseph Glass Chopping Board - Record Player £13.99

Slowly does it On the go? Find it hard to fit in cooking hearty meals every day? Then a slow cooker may just be the solution for you. With people leading busier lives, slow cookers have experienced a resurgence in demand and there are plenty of different sizes and brands available. A lot of recipes can easily be thrown together in just minutes before you head to work. Pop it on and you’ll have a delicious tea ready for you when you get back home. Plus, there is no shortage of recipe books which are full of inspirational ideas that will help ensure meal times aren’t boring – or laborious to prepare either!

Try: Lakeland Digital Slow Cooker 6.5L £59.99

It's all about the storage Tupperware may have had a bad press in years gone by, but the fact remains: they are an essential component for any functional kitchen! They are perfect – not just for storing left over food – but also to store unused ingredients; and batch cooking for those who are short on time in cooking meals every day. Opt for storage that’s easy and quick to use, such as those with clip and lock designs.

Try: Sainsbury's Home Klip Lock Storage Set 8pc £14

Having separate boards for different types of prep helps to avoid cross contamination of food groups


The Institute: Book review Having recently celebrated his 72nd birthday, King released his 61st novel last month. Along with ten short story collections and five non-fiction books, he has written more books than years he’s been on this world Stephen King is the living author with the most film adaptations to his name. You may know the obvious ones such as the recent horror blockbusters, IT, (chapters one and two) The Shining and Carrie, but did you know he wrote the Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and Secret Window starring Johnny Depp? His most recent book, The Institute, which has ties with The Shining, Firestarter and Dr Sleep, features a boy as the main character. He has telekinetic and telepathic (TK and TP in the book) powers, similar to those of Danny from the Shining. Stephen King is known for his horror and ability to shock, but over the years his ability to write about children makes him stand out. He created the ‘Losers Club' in IT, and in this novel, he has created a group of children just as believable and as likeable. They have been taken from their families and are kept in a secret facility by a sinister organisation. The place is called the Institute. While there they are studied and tested. Luke Ellis is our hero, taken from his home and loaded into a black SUV. He is a genius and after the murder of his parents, he won't go down without a fight. King paints a vivid picture of what life is like in the Institute with a Nurse Ratched-style woman in charge, who is terrified herself by her superiors and is joined by a bunch of sadistic Drs and Nurses who take too much pleasure from their work.

Stephen King is known for his horror and ability to shock


Besides the TK and TP, there are no monsters, except for the monstrosities that humans do to each other. Putting up walls to keep special people away from the world is synonymous with Stephen King's wider political views, especially his negative attitude to Donald Trump. In some parts, the whole story stands for the small-town vs corporations and the government. The Institute itself is a perfect substitution for a government that does dark, secret things to keep the balance of power forever in their hands. As with a lot of Stephen King books, the dialogue is snappy and, while the action doesn’t come fast and furious, when it does it isn’t for show – it adds to the story.

If you haven’t read any of King’s most recent work, the Institute sees him getting back to solid storytelling, leaving behind his foray into crime and thrillers and moving back towards more classic King, where the story is key. If you are a fan of Stranger Things, IT and contemporary horror, the Institute is a success and is Stephen King back to his very best. The Institute is available as a hardback from most stores and as an eBook online.

A Christmas cake delight! Baking your own Christmas cake is a must-do to help you get in the festive spirit. Involve the kids to make it a family affair! Our editor shares her family recipe so you can create your own special, family, memories

Ingredients • • • • • • • • • •

350g plain flour 1 tsp mixed spice 100g ground almonds 1 eating apple, peeled 4 medium eggs 150ml milk 225g butter 225g dark soft brown sugar 335g sultanas 335g raisins

Top Tip It’s never too early to make your Christmas cake. Once cooked and cooled down, wrap securely in foil and store away in a cool, dry place. Stored correctly, it will last for approx. 6 months

Method 1.

Pre heat oven to 150°C and grease and double-line a 23cm round or 20.5cm square tin

2. Sieve flour, spice and ground almonds together. Then beat the eggs with the milk 3. Cream butter and sugar together. Then stir in the flour mixture and egg mixture, alternately, a little at a time 4. Once mixture is all combined, add all the fruit and grate apple. Mix thoroughly and let the kids get involved by taking turns to stir the mixture while making a Christmas wish! 5. Place the mixture into your prepared tin 6. To protect your cake while cooking, fasten a band of doubled brown paper around the tin and stand it on a newspaper in the oven 7. Bake for approx. 3.5-4 hours. However, check your cake after 3 hours and then every half an hour until cooked

Top Tip If you want to add extra pizazz to your Christmas cake, cover with royal icing and Christmas cake decorations

9 Image used for illustration purposes

Let the

countdown begin

Count down the days to Christmas in style. Here we feature our top picks for kids and adults alike (plus something for the pooch too!)

Paperchase 2019 Stationery Advent Calendar

Tea Advent Calendar

This limited time only, online exclusive, contains £50 worth of products to please any stationery enthusiast. You can expect to find notebooks, pens & pencils, a Paperchase voucher plus much more. £35

Perfect for any gamer with a love of Fortnite (you can thank us later!) Featuring some of the greatest skins in the Fortnite game, each calendar comes complete with 24 Fortnite Pint Size Heroes figures. £44.99

A beautiful advent calendar of fine teas and fruit infusions from Darvilles of Windsor, holders of the Royal Warrant for tea. Includes a single serving of 24 teas to enjoy every day throughout the countdown to the festive season.

Funko Pop Pocket Fortnite Advent Calendar


ONE FOR GAMELOVERS With this Playmobil Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar you can discover new pieces of the set every day that will help you create your own mini Santa’s Workshop, with classic Christmas characters and festive details!. £16.99


Playmobil Advent Calendar Santa’s Workshop

Charlotte Tilbury Glittering Galaxy of Makeup Magic Beauty Advent Calendar


Buy a gift that will keep on giving after the main event. This special advent calendar includes a themed box with numbered trays with each revealing a bright and colourful enamel pin, that can be worn over and over again! £34

Meri Meri Enamel Pin Advent Calendar

Have your pick of the most-loved Tilbury goodies with the Glittering Galaxy of Makeup Magic set. Featuring an incredible array of Ms. Tilbury’s make up must-haves, including full sizes of Eyes To Mesmerise, Superstar Lips, Matte Revolution lipstick and Colour Chameleon eyeshadow. voucher plus much more. £150

Personalised Bone Advent Calendar

No need to let the dog feel left out! This bone-shaped advent calendar contains tasty biscuits your dog is sure to love! The baked biscuits have ONE natural ingredients and are FOR THE the closest thing to a dog-safe chocolate biscuit! DOG! £19.99

If gin is your tipple of choice, then this is for you. The free-standing wooden display is available with a selection of gin or flavoured gin. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can fill the tree yourself with your favourite spirit miniatures!

Make & Create Wooden Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

£139.99 (or £24.99 without alcohol)

Tiny Tipsy Tree Alcohol Advent Calendar


If you’re a dab hand at all things creative, then this is perfect for you. You can make, create and decorate this wooden tree to show off your festive creativity. It’s sure to be a hit with adults and children alike. £20


The capital of the Czech Republic slips into overdrive for Christmas with markets on all the major squares running up to and beyond the big day

‘tis the season for Christmas markets and here’s a selection from home and abroad ‘yule’ go wild for! It may be hard to accept that the most magical time of year is just around the corner; but it is, and

if you need a helping hand to start embracing the Yuletide spirit – or kickstart your gift-buying – book yourself a long weekend from work and head to a traditional Christmas market. Get stress-free in Strasbourg, go crackers for Krakow, and savour the sweet smells of Cologne. It’s Christmas (nearly), you’re allowed…

Strasbourg According to the history books, Strasbourg is where the tradition of Christmas decorations started, so it’s to be expected their Christmas market is one of the oldest in Europe. It is also one of the best. Located in the Grande Ile, a UNESCO world heritage site, the


city’s historic centre is dressed in lights and shrouded by tempting aromas from around 300 traders housed in wooden chalets.

Cologne Many travellers rate Cologne’s market higher than Dresden’s, and with the magnificent cathedral as a backdrop, Weihnachtsmarkt Am Kölner Dom stars the largest Christmas tree in the Rhine, is big on wood carvings, tree decorations and soaps. However, the big draw here is the regional organic food. Try the slow-grilled salmon at the Harbour Market, south Tyrolian ham, potato pancakes or freshly baked Flammkuchen (a flambéed tart). It runs from November 25 to December 23 but if you can’t get to Germany, try the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham from November 7 to December 23.

Krakow Recognised as one of the best Christmas markets in Europe and one which takes this atmospheric Polish city to another level. Located on the main Market Square and spilling into the centre of the Old Town, the market traditionally starts in the last week of November and can last until January 6. Foodie treats include the soft and aromatic piernik gingerbread – a combination of honey, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and cloves – and beer. Lots of beer.

Prague The capital of the Czech Republic slips into overdrive for Christmas with markets on all the major squares running up to and beyond the big day. Stand by for your senses to be bombarded by the tastes, sights

Closer to home…


and sounds of Christmas the Eastern European way. Peace Square sets the ball rolling on November 20, followed by Prague Castle (Nov 23), Republic Square (Nov 25), Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square (both Nov 30).

Vienna Winter in Vienna is special anyway but the build-up to the festive season attracts visitors from all over the world to the many markets. Starting from November 9 to December 23, the Old City and streets are decked with lights and the tall candlelit arched gateway to City Hall Square welcomes visitors to Christmas World on Rathausplatz. Expect stollen, steaming mugs of glühwein and lots of dainty, spicy biscuits. Ah, Vienna …

Helsinki Grab some hot glögi – that’s mulled wine and a splash of vodka – and let

the Finnish city that is most likely to be draped in snow warm your soul. The period of pikkujoulu (Little Christmas) in early December is when it all starts and there are several markets. The main one is in the Senate Square (December 6 to 22) where the cluster of food courts will bring a premature end to any diet and the surrounding gift alleys could seriously damage your bank balance.

New York As soon as the Thanksgiving Day parade is parked up, thoughts turn to Christmas and it’s full-on from December 4 when the lights on the Rockefeller Center tree are lit. In terms of markets, The Big Apple stages its first two-day Vegan Christmas Market on November 30, but for atmosphere try the Columbus Circle Holiday Market on the fringes of Central Park (from December 4) or the Grand Central Holiday Fair in the iconic Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station (starts November 18).

Nothing says festive fun quite like Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park’s own Christmas cracker. From November 21 to January 5, the royal park hosts London’s biggest Christmas market and assorted festive treats. This year expect Paddington on Ice, ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Magical Ice Kingdom, the UK’s largest open-air ice rink, the traditional funfair and gastronomic treats to set your taste buds tingling.

Bath Imagine West Country artisans selling their wares and showcasing their talents from around 150 twinkling chalets lining Georgian streets with the scent of mulled wine lingering in the frosty air. Opens November 22 to December 9.

Lincoln If you’re looking for atmosphere as well as gifts, Lincoln could be for you. With the Gothic splendour of the cathedral as a backdrop, around 250 Victorian-themed traders will be out to tempt and delight you. Opens December 5 to December 8.


The World Cup of Tennis

The Davis Cup


Tennis’ Davis Cup is the ultimate team tennis event. Run by the ITF, it is the World Cup of Tennis As of this years’ tournament, the format has changed, so it is now an 18-team event at the end of the season taking place in Madrid over one week. They divide the 18 teams into six groups of three teams with the winners and the two best second-placed teams qualifying for the quarter-finals. Once in the quarter-finals, the series will feature two singles matches and one doubles match. Of the 18 teams in the finals, let’s take a closer look at the favourites, the wildcards and the outsiders.

Great Britain has won the World Cup ten times and is the third most successful team in the tournament

Favourites Spain

Spain has won the Davis Cup five times, with the most recent win being back in 2011. Ranked 7th in the ITF rankings they are captained by Sergi Bruguera, one of only two players with a winning record against both Federer and Sampras. They were knocked out in the semi-finals last year by France, but they have a strong team including former World No. 1 Rafael Nadal.


France won the Davis Cup as recently as 2017. They are currently captained by Sebastien Rene Grosjean, a former world No. 4 who retired in 2010. They have a talented team including Pierre-Hugues Herbert who alongside Davis Cup teammate Nicolas Mahut, have claimed six Masters 1000 titles and completed the Career Grand Slam. They also have Benoit Paire who was voted Comeback Player of the Years in 2015.

Wildcards Great Britain

Great Britain has won the World Cup ten times and is the third most successful team in the tournament. They are captained by Leon Smith who has led them to the title in 2015 and the semi-finals in 2016. In Jamie Murray, brother of the former World No. 1 Andy Murray, they have a seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner and Davis Cup champion. They also have Cameron Norrie who last year beat World No. 23 on his debut.


Argentina is currently ranked No. 3 in the ITF rankings. They have reached the final five times, most recently in 2016 when they beat Croatia to win the Davis Cup for the first time. Their highest-ranked player is Diego Sebastian Schwartzman who has won three ATP singles titled and was ranked world No. 11 in June last year. Their other shining light is Guido Pella who won his first ATP tournament in March at the Brazil Open.

Outsider Belgium

Belgium has never won the Davis Cup, despite featuring in the first-ever tournament in 1904. They have reached the final twice in the past five years, losing to Great Britain in 2015 and to France in 2017. David Goffin is their top player who is the highest-ranked Belgium and the first to reach the ATP top 10. He has won four ATP titles. Steve Darcis is the most senior member of the team and has beaten both Rafael Nadal and Tomáš Berdych on grass.

The Davis Cup kicks off in Madrid on the 18th November and runs through to the 24th November

Renting with pets isn’t as daunting as it used to be, or as expensive, thanks to the new landlord deposit cap With just under half the population owning a family pet, and the increase in the number of people renting, it is no surprise to see that more and more landlords will now take families with pets into account when letting their property. However, before you run out and get a new furry friend, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Pet-friendly rentals

Some properties will simply not accept pets. It may have something to do with the freehold or leasehold of the property, your landlord's insurance or simply their preference. Luckily, these properties make it clear on property portals and estate agent’s websites. If you are unsure, please ask a member of our team.

Do not enter a tenancy agreement if you are planning on sneaking your pet in; it will breach your tenancy agreement and they will expect you to leave. If there is a property you like, and the landlord is unsure about pets, they may be more open to the idea if you're willing to include certain pet clauses into your tenancy agreement. A security deposit is capped at five weeks of the annual rent, so if you have already reached this cap, there will be no further deposit required for keeping a pet. However, if you haven't reached the cap, your landlord may wish to include an extra deposit for the keeping of a pet.

When you are in your property, keep on top of all cleaning and check for flea infestations; catch these quickly to avoid a full-blown infestation. This will usually be part of the pet clause in your tenancy agreement and if you leave the property with an infestation, the costs will normally be deducted from your deposit. Your landlord wants you to enjoy your property with your family and your pets, so follow the rules in your tenancy agreement and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to rent with a pet!

A ‘pet clause’ will cover you and the landlord and could include clauses such as: • Tenants are required to provide a reference for their pets from their former landlord if they have previously rented with their pets • Tenants must not leave their pets alone in the property when they are away, unless clear arrangements have been made for their care • All pets kept at the property must be vaccinated and regularly treated for fleas and worms (if appropriate)

Some top tips when renting with pets: • 6-month tenancy agreements are a great way to see how you get on • Do a thorough property inventory when you move in, including all floors and carpets • Be open to ‘pet clauses’ in your tenancy agreement • Offer to introduce your pet to the landlord For more information for renting with a pet, and to see our pet-friendly properties, please talk to one of our team today.


Hampstead Garden Suburb 020 8458 5000

Gurney Drive Walk, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London N2


800 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 7TJ

£1,650,000* A handsome and homely semidetached house placed in this extremely popular road off Brim Hill, a short walk from the underground at East Finchley. The house is offered in excellent internal condition and features a gorgeous vaulted principal bedroom and a delightful extended kitchen/breakfast room. A stunning landscaped rear garden compliments this stylish property. Viewing is strongly advised. EPC-D

Meet the team Devon Rise, Hampstead Garden Suburbs, N2



Richard Barnett Managing Director

Charles Bobroff Director

A bright and airy four bedroom family home with off-street parking. This wonderful home features a generous entrance hall, separate sitting and dining rooms, a study with superbly crafted bespoke oak joinery, a luxury kitchen, guest cloakroom, and a landscaped rear garden. The accommodation further comprises a master bedroom with en suite shower and bespoke fitted wardrobes, three further double bedrooms (one with own terrace overlooking the garden) and an over-sized luxury family bathroom.

Addison Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11

SOLD Gideon Mark Associate Director (Lettings)

Barry Kyte MRICS Surveyor/ Professional Services

Karolina Kosowska Property Management

Kendal Hayes Sales and Lettings Support

£1,275,000* A charming, character and spacious semi-detached house which has been extended to provide a lovely morning/ sitting room directly onto the rear garden featuring a double height vaulted ceiling. The property is in very good internal decorative condition and benefits from a sunny south facing rear garden backing onto Little Wood. This superb home has the added and unusual benefit of a larger than average detached garage and off street parking for 2/3 cars. Early viewing is a must. EPC-E

Milton Close, Hampstead Garden Suburb, N2




Litchfields provide an excellent level of service. Clive Lewinsohn LANDLORD

A charming, character semi-detached house in need of total modernisation set in this quiet, well situated and sought after cul-de-sac just off Holne Chase. It has four good size bedrooms, a delightful mature south-west facing rear garden, spacious reception rooms, an integral garage and off-street parking. There is excellent scope to convert the loft, and convert the garage subject to all the necessary Planning Permissions, and offers enormous potential to create a superb family home. It is being sold chain free.

* Denotes asking price


Reynolds Close, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 £2,199,999 First time on the market in over 52 years. A delightful Grade II Listed double fronted semi-detached house built in 1914 designed by renowned architects Parker & Unwin placed at the top end of this quiet cul de sac opposite the Heath Extension, and a short walk to Golders Green Tube. For 52 years the house has been lovingly cared for by its present owner and is now ready to be updated to make this charming character home ready for today’s living. The property benefits from an extremely rare double width garage and parking. Early viewing is strongly recommended.

Hampstead Garden Suburb 020 8458 5000


800 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb London NW11 7TJ

Grey Close, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11 ÂŁ800 per week A spacious recently refurbished four bedroom semidetached family home located on the south side of Hampstead Garden Suburb in a quiet cul-de-sac. The property benefits from an extremely large rear garden and a driveway for 3 cars. Comprising entrance hall, lounge, dining room, large kitchen/breakfast room, guest cloakroom. 1st floor comprises master bedroom with en-suite shower room, 2 further double bedrooms, family bathroom, single bedroom. The Heath Extension is a close walk away as are the extensive shopping amenities of both Temple Fortune & Golders Green. Early viewing is highly recommended! EPC - E. **please note that some curtains and chandeliers you see in the pictures and the fridge/freezer in the kitchen will not be the same for the tenancy as they are the current tenants


Litchfield Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11 ÂŁ1,600 per week A luxury 6 Bedroom Detached House located in this prime South Side road close to the Market Place shops, restaurants and excellent schools. This fine family home has undergone a full redecoration internally ready for immediate occupation, comprising a recently fitted Kitchen with marble effect flooring, Parquet Wood Floors to the hallway and reception rooms, varnished for the new tenancy and brand new carpets throughout the upper floors. Guest Cloakroom, separate utility room housing laundry machines. Recently fitted family bathroom to 1st floor, Master Bedroom with fitted Wardrobes and recently fitted luxury en-suite bathroom and 3 further bedrooms. Top floor comprises 2 further Bedrooms and separate recently fitted bathroom. Landscaped rear garden with Palm Trees and driveway to front with large integral garage. Unfurnished. EPC - E.

Havanna Drive, Temple Fortune, NW11


£500-£3,000 per week First time on the market for 50 years, a very pretty and unusual Grade II Listed detached house built in 1920, close to Hampstead Heath Extension and Golders Green Underground. The accommodation is arranged over two levels comprising a lounge, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, large boot room and wc on the ground floor. There are four bedrooms, a small fifth bedroom/study, a family bathroom and an en suite bathroom upstairs. The property is in need of updating, retaining many of the original features and benefits from a garage, off street parking and gardens to three sides.


Hampstead Reach, Golders Green, NW11 £700-£850 per week First time on the market for 50 years, a very pretty and unusual Grade II Listed detached house built in 1920, close to Hampstead Heath Extension and Golders Green Underground. The accommodation is arranged over two levels comprising a lounge, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, large boot room and wc on the ground floor. There are four bedrooms, a small fifth bedroom/study, a family bathroom and an en suite bathroom upstairs. The property is in need of updating, retaining many of the original features and benefits from a garage, off street parking and gardens to three sides.

Highgate Village FOR SALE

020 8348 8000

Bickerton Road, Archway, N19 £1,500,000 A handsome, 6-bedroom semi-detached Victorian family home arranged over three main levels with off-street parking and private garden. The ground floor provides an elegant front reception room, a rear reception room, a kitchen/dining room/family space, a separate utility room and downstairs cloakroom. The first floor offers two double bedrooms, a single bedroom and family bathroom. On the top floor there are two more double bedrooms, a large single bedroom and a shower room. The rear double bedroom has a fixed staircase up to a loft den. EPC – D

44 Highgate High Street, Highgate Village London N6 5HX

Meet the team Cholmeley Lodge, Highgate Village, N6


£575 per week

Giselle Harrison Director

John Robinson

Litchfields are pleased to offer for rent a 3rd floor (with lift) 2 double bedroom apartment. The reception room has access to a wrap around balcony. There is a fully integrated kitchen, contemporary bathroom with underfloor heating and 2 double bedrooms. Further benefits include a communal roof terrace with stunning views, lift, secure off-street parking and live-in building manager. FURNISHED AND AVAILABLE FROM 31st OCTOBER, 2019 FOR A 6 MONTH RENTAL PERIOD ONLY


Hornsey Lane Gardens, Highgate, N6 £1,550,000

Ann Marie Bolger Property Management

We are pleased to offer this super 5 bedroom 1920s terraced family home. The ground floor features a spacious entrance hallway, through reception and a dining area with direct access via French windows to the mature rear garden. The kitchen, which is open plan to the dining area, leads on to a utility room. The first floor provides the master bedroom, two further double bedrooms, one with en-suite bathroom, and a separate family bathroom. The top floor has two further double bedrooms a separate bathroom and ample storage into the eaves. EPC – E

Sally George Sales Support


My experiences with Litchfields are ‘top-notch’ and my feedback from others that have used Litchfields is similar. Bob Bratland SELLER, PURCHASER & TENANT

Denewood Road, Highgate, Kenwood, N6 £2,500,000 This super detached family home retains many period features and has ample scope for re-modelling and extending (subject to planning). The ground floor provides a reception/dining space, separate kitchen, study, guest cloakroom and garage. The upper floor currently has four double bedrooms, including a master bedroom suite with dressing room and en-suite bathroom, a separate family bathroom and a utility room. There is a very private rear patio and garden and off street parking for several cars. Offered for sale Chain Free. EPC -D



Bishops Road, Highgate, N6 ÂŁ2,550,000 Litchfields are pleased to offer this immaculately presented 4 double bedroom semidetached late Victorian family home on a sought after residential road in Highgate Village. The current owners have refurbished the house throughout to exacting standards and added some very stylish refinements to blend the old and new. The ground floor offers ample living and entertaining space by virtue of a large through reception and stunning rear extension (completed in 2017) which provides a beautiful open-plan living, dining and kitchen area with under floor heating and full height glass doors on to a lovely landscaped west facing garden. The stylish Bulthaup designer kitchen has integrated Miele and Gaggenau appliances, an integrated coffee machine, wine cooler, double oven and steam oven. This level also has a guest cloakroom and access to a very useful storage cellar. There is a Sonos home sound system installed throughout the house. The upper floors have 4 ample double bedrooms, one en-suite, a separate family bathroom with under floor heating, separate guest w.c. and a storage loft. Bishops Road is within 500 yards of Highgate tube, Woods and a short walk to the amenities of historic Highgate Village with the delights of Kenwood and the Heath just to the West. EPC-D.


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Greenhill Place


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Why did you buy the house? The location near school How long have you lived there? 5 years

It’s having a great agent. And when it comes to property, we have all the right ingredients you need to help get you moving.

What is the best feature? The open plan living space A deceptively spacious and extended detached house located in the corner of this popular cul-de-sac enjoying a large corner plot garden with lovely far reaching views to the rear. The property further benefits from double glazing, a single garage and off road parking together with electric heating

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