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Boss the BBQ! Charcoal or gas? Read our BBQ guide to find the best grill for you this summer.





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Garden tips during a dry spell How to make sure your garden isn’t dealt a knockout blow in this summer About us Get to know our team a little better and see why we are your agent of choice Our latest instructions Take a look at a selection of our latest properties on the market



Tempting summer cocktails Bring your holiday to your garden this summer with our great cocktail recipes

BBQ rubs and marinades Simple rubs and marinades to bring your BBQ food to life

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Smart garden equipment Smart accessories and devices to get the most from your garden this year. Top TV of 2020 so far A look back at some of the greatest shows of 2020 so far Quiz time If you think of yourself as the general knowledge master, try our tricky quiz for size Spotting collectables online How to spot a valuable to make a tidy profit…



Heading for the coast? A selection of some of the UK’s best beaches that are well worth a visit



ith the summer having officially arrived, this month, on pages 4&5 we have a guide to help find you the ideal BBQ to give your garden an upgrade. We also have fantastic BBQ rubs and marinades which are sure to impress your friends and families.


lifted, we have put together a list of the best beaches to visit in the UK. At the end of the day, when you’ve had enough sunshine, you can relax with our guide to the best TV of 2020 so far and a quiz to test your general knowledge.

It’s looking like a hot one this year, so we have all the information you need to protect your garden and keep it healthy in the hot weather, and after all that work, why not check out one of our mouthwatering summer cocktails on pages 6&7?

Inside, you will also find some of the fantastic properties that have come to the market recently as well as an opportunity to meet our wonderful team…

Are you looking to take advantage of the lockdown restrictions being

Jonathan Wheatley Editor


So, sit back with a summer cocktail and enjoy this month’s magazine.

Spacing plants more widely apart allows each plant a greater area of soil to compete for moisture

It’s not only humans that suffer as the temperatures start to rise – gardens also feel the heat and get stressed, particularly if there is a long dry spell. Lack of rainfall can drastically reduce crop yield for vegetable and soft fruit growers. And while it may be simplistic to think that a watering can and a hosepipe will cure everything, that’s just a fraction of the solution. In fact, the first line of defence against any summer drought should be drawn at the ground preparation stage, where digging in two bucketfulls of well-rotted manure per square metre will add to the water-retaining capacity of the soil. That could add as much as two weeks’ moisture, as well as vital nutrients. Sowing early, preferably before May, will also allow crops to take root in moist soil and be prepared for when more severe conditions arrive generally in late June – and drought stress becomes a real issue. This is applicable to vegetables such as carrots, those that stay in the ground until ready to use. But it is less useful for the likes of spinach and salads where a continuity of supply is needed and later sowings, typically after May, might have to be made in dry soil. Here it is better to water into your drill before sowing to ensure good germination. Spacing plants more widely, usually by more than 50per cent of the recommended distance, allows each plant a greater area of soil to compete for moisture. Although this reduces the yield, it does mean they become drought resistant. Fertilisers are again very helpful to make plants stronger and better equipped to make the most of available water, but excessive quantities can do more harm than good.

DROUGHT FOR THE COUNT But the key is water retention because, in times of drought, a hosepipe ban is never more than a turn of the tap away. And, as water makes up a large percentage of the tissue in most fruit and vegetables, it doesn’t make much sense to let them go thirsty. The key to keeping moisture in the ground and around the roots is a good quality mulch.

How to make sure your garden isn’t dealt a knockout blow in the summer

When to water, though, is a bone of contention. Many gardeners argue it is best to go out in the evening when the heat of the day is gone so most of the moisture gets down to the shallow roots of salad plants and isn’t lost to evaporation. Others will say do it early in the morning because it helps prevent heat scald and other fungal diseases.

may be struggling to establish themselves. Also bear in mind a heatwave is hardest on transplants, those starter plants who have started life in pots

Raked leaves, compost, composted manure, dried grass trimmings, even bark chippings, can all be used to protect young trees and berry plants from summer stress and will create cooler micro-environments at the base of plants. However, anything that has not been aged will temporarily deplete the soil of nitrogen and hamper growth. It is also important to know your soil type. A sandy or chalk mix needs soaking at least every other day but clay may only need watering once a week or the roots may rot. If you have young fruit trees, try taking a leaf out of the 19th Century farmer’s handbook and circle them with large stones or pebbles for moisture conservation. Because, even then, they realised sunshine wasn’t the only thing to dry out surface soil; a warm summer breeze would be just as damaging. And, with that in mind, don’t be afraid to erect some kind of shelter to give your plants some shade in the afternoon. Beans and most green, leafy vegetables appreciate some respite from the sun.

The key to keeping moisture in the ground and around the roots is a good quality mulch

However, experts agree over methods of watering. For the likes of lettuce, radishes, and individual plants it is best to use a watering can so you can target and deliver the right amount. Anything where a mulch is concerned, use a hosepipe to get under the covering to give a good drenching, particularly for young fruit trees who

before moving out to the garden. Their root systems are shallow and therefore more susceptible to drying conditions in the top few inches of the soil. Obviously you could wait before moving them out, but if they have to be moved look for opportunities to put them in the partial shade of more mature plants.






Summer is here, which means more time in the garden, and the great British tradition of barbecuing.

barbecue is a social event. A time to get together with friends and family under the hot sun and enjoy a meal Alfresco. Whether you are a BBQ aficionado or a BBQ newbie, our guide will help you pick the right equipment and provide you with some useful hints and tips.

CHARCOAL OR GAS? One of the biggest questions when it comes to buying a new BBQ, is whether to go with gas or charcoal? If you are looking for the simplest option, then you will want to go with a gas BBQ. Gas grills will get you cooking in under 10 minutes and with them, you can control the temperature ensuring all your food is cooked to perfection. However, as gas burns quicker than charcoal, this restricts the efficiency of the heat and can leave your food without those delightful burntends and smokiness. For traditionalists, a charcoal BBQ is the only way to go. On a summer’s day, the smell of the smoke on the air is what we



all crave, and with charcoal, BBQ smoke is what you will get. Charcoal gives you a more consistent heat, helping you to perfect those perfectly smoked and seared ribs, burgers and sausages. With charcoal, you can also add extra touches such as pieces of hardwood and woodchips.

TYPES OF BBQ Okay, so you’ve decided on gas or charcoal, now you need to decide which type of BBQ you want. There are a huge variety of BBQs on the market, ranging from disposable BBQs available at most shops to large brick-built BBQs and of course standard gas BBQs. Gas BBQs generally come in rectangular or circular options, usually with a lid to help keep heat. The shape and size is dependant on your own personal preferences, although with a rectangular BBQ you can keep certain foods away from each other easier.

BBQs to build into your garden. These come in a range of sizes and shapes, some with domes, some open to the elements. The beauty of a brick-built BBQ is in the aesthetics. Not only will they cook incredible food, but they become a decorative statement. You can even make a DIY BBQ with bricks and cement blocks you already have lying around. All you need is some cement, the grills and some time.


Charcoal BBQs again range in size and shape. Small kettle BBQs are perfect for small gatherings, while larger drumshape BBQs are great for bigger garden parties. Both are fairly easy to transport from different areas of your garden, and The beauty of a brick-built BBQ is in the aesthetics. Not only will they cook incredible food, but they become a decorative statement. with smaller portable grills, you can even take these with you on days out and are a lot less fiddly than the disposable BBQs you buy in shops. If you are looking for more of a showpiece for your garden, you can buy

If you are looking for that true smoky flavour, invest in some hardwood or woodchips. Woods such as Sweet Chestnut, Silver Birch and Applewood are some of the most popular and by adding these to your BBQ, you can create incredible smoky flavours which will go deep into your meat. These can be added directly on the gas or charcoal or by using a smoker box. Alternatively, for different flavour smoke, try adding rosemary, mint or even lavender leaves and stalks directly on to the flame. To get the most out of your BBQ invest in some high-quality utensils, such as metal spatulas, tongs, forks and a cleaning brush and kit. Remember to clean your grill after every time you cook using a metal brush. Invest in a scoop to remove any debris from the charcoal area too. If you take your BBQs really seriously, invest in a meat injector. This is a needle that you use to inject flavours directly into large cuts of meat. Some popular options to inject are simple beef stocks into lumps of beef, and cider and apple vinegar into joints of pork. For more ideas for BBQ marinades and rubs, see page 8 in this month’s magazine.

If you are looking for the simplest option, then you will want to go with a gas BBQ

So, with your BBQ questions answered, now’s the time to make some summer cocktails using our incredible recipes on pages 6 and 7, sit down with our quiz on page 13 and wait for the burgers and bangers to be ready…



SUMMER COCKTAILS Bring your holiday to your garden this summer with our great Summer Cocktail recipes…


here’s nothing better than sitting in the sun, with the smell of a BBQ in the air, the sound of birds all around, and a refreshing cocktail in your hand. Did you know, most of the ingredients for a summer cocktail can be picked from your own garden and be mixed to create drinks that take you to another place.

FROZEN PINEAPPLE DAIQUIRI This cuban based cocktail was created by an American engineer, Jennings Stockton Cox. Born in the iron mines of Daiquiri, where it got its name, the Daiquiri can be made with a multitude of different fruit flavours and can come as either a frozen beverage or a liquid.


Frozen Pineapple chunks Sugar syrup Lime juice Bacardi


Add the frozen pineapple chunks to a blender with the Bacardi, sugar syrup, ice and lime juice and blend until smooth. It’s as simple as that. You can make your own sugar syrup by simply mixing one part of hot water with one part sugar.

Handy Tip: Leave out the ice and use fresh pineapple for a non-frozen version and mix in a cocktail shaker instead.



MOJITO The mojito has Cuban origins, Havana to be precise and has become one of the most popular cocktails around. A favourite of the author Ernest Hemmingway, the mojito has come a long way since, although, the main ingredients stay the same.


Juice of 1 lime 1 tsp of granulated or brown sugar A handful of mint leaves White rum Soda water


Add the sugar, lime juice and mint leaves to a small jug and muddle with a rolling pin or the back of a spoon, ensuring you release all the juice from the lime wedges. Pour into glasses and add crushed ice. Pour over the white rum and top up with soda. It’s as easy as that. You can even add other fruit to the mix when muddling to explore different flavours. Strawberries work especially well.

Handy Tip: Use lemon mint leaves from your garden for an extra special taste.



Once the drink of choice served in every restaurant and bar in Spain, Sangria has made its way to these shores and become a popular summertime drink. The drink itself dates back a thousand years using grapevines planted by the Phoenicians. It all but disappeared though until the 1500s. Meaning ‘blood’ in Spanish, today, under European law, all Sangria must be made in Spain or Portugal.

Take it easy with this famous cocktail. One origin story about this liquor-loaded cocktail is from the 1920s. During the prohibition era, Old Man Bishop, a native of Long Island created this super potent, yet tasty cocktail disguised as a simple Iced tea. However, after a couple of these, you won’t be able to remember the story anyway!


½ Orange ½ Apple ½ Lemon ½ Lime ¾ cup Orange juice 4 tbsp Brown or Cane sugar 1/3 cup Brandy or rum 1 750ml bottle of bold, fruity Spanish red wine (Tempranillo or Rioja)


Add all the chopped fruit and the sugar to a large pitcher and muddle with a wooden spoon. Then add the orange juice and the brandy or rum and muddle for 30 seconds. Finally, add the whole bottle of red wine. Taste and adjust the flavours as necessary and when happy, add ice.

Handy Tip: Once made, the Sangria will last for 48 hours if you cover it and keep it in your fridge. In fact, by making it early and leaving it in your fridge the flavours will come together better.


50ml vanilla vodka 50ml dry gin 50ml tequila 50ml white rum 50ml triple sec (Cointreau) 50-100ml fresh lime juice Ice 500ml Cola 2 limes


Pour the spirits together into a large jug and add the lime juice. Half fill the jug with ice and stir. Once cold, add the cola and drop in the lime wedges. Serve straight away with lime wedges on the side.

Handy Tip: Due to the alcohol content, reduce the measures needed. It’s never a good idea to combine so many spirits at one time. Enjoy these cocktails responsibly, while you enjoy the warm summer evenings with friends and family.





AND MARINADES To create the perfect BBQ, it takes more than fire and coal‌ Looking to create some tasty, inspired dishes on your BBQ this summer, then look no further than these simple recipes that will bring your food to life!

JUICY AND SWEET MEDITERRANEAN BBQ MOP This super simple, ready-in-minutes BBQ mop, perfect for basting your meat or veg while cooking, will bring chicken, pork chops, vegetables and kebabs to life with an explosion of Mediterranean taste.

INGREDIENTS Balsamic Vinegar Lemon Juice Olive Oil Salt Pepper Maple Syrup

METHOD Combine 2 tbsp of Balsamic, Olive Oil and Maple syrup with 1 tbsp of Lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. Stir and using a basting brush, mop the meat or vegetables often while they are on the grill. Once cooked thoroughly, mop one more time before serving.




This dry, smoky rub will add a lovely sweet and spicy flavour to your burgers, ribs and chicken drumsticks. Easy to make and perfect for cooking on a charcoal BBQ with the added smokiness of Hickory Hardwood.

INGREDIENTS Smoked Paprika Onion Granules Garlic Granules Brown Sugar Chilli Flakes Salt Pepper

METHOD Combine 1tbsp of the onion and garlic granules, the chilli flakes and the brown sugar with 2tbsp of smoked paprika. Season with salt and pepper to taste. In a freezer bag add the meat and fully coat in the seasoning. Leave to marinate for 1-2 hours before cooking on the grill. Cook on high heat to sear the meat and the flavour in, before moving onto a cooler heat to fully cook through.

HONEY-GINGER STICKY BBQ SAUCE This wonderfully sticky sauce will bring your food to life with a zing! A sweet and tangy sauce with an Asian influence, perfect for grilled meats, seafood and veggies.

INGREDIENTS Apple Cider Vinegar Mild Honey Ketchup Tabasco Sauce Garlic Cloves Minced Ginger Salt Pepper Olive Oil

METHOD Fry 4 large garlic cloves and 2 tbsp of minced ginger in the olive oil. Add 350ml of apple cider vinegar, 120ml of both ketchup and mild honey and 1.5 tbsp of Tabasco sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Simmer until thickened, stirring occasionally. Marinade the meat in the sauce for as long as possible before frying on a hot BBQ grill. When the food is cooked through, add one final topping of the sticky sauce. Remember, when cooking any meat or vegetables on the BBQ to turn frequently to stop the food from sticking to the grill, check the juices run clear, and for added taste use woodchips, fresh herbs or hardwood directly on the coals‌



The digital age in which we live demands convenience and immediacy, and since so many of us are stuck in our homes right now, with reduced opportunity to mingle in public places, smart accessories and devices for your garden will make life so much nicer.



An audio system planted in your outdoor space can bring your garden to life. Working away to music or radio makes labour so much easier, and why wouldn’t you want to be singing along to your favourite song whilst you weed!?

Keeping track, being up-to-date and knowing all the details about how the weather is behaving is important in planning your moves as a gardener. Because every garden is dependent on the weather’s dynamic changes throughout the year, a weather station is a fabulous contraption for any gardener to own.


This is the best-selling outdoors speaker available with the highest customer ratings on Amazon. It’s a wireless, mobile speaker, Which also offers the ability to pair it with a second speaker. tinyurl.com/y8u45lo4

This is one of the most popular smart weather stations on Amazon. It allows your station to wirelessly transmit data to the world’s largest personal weather station network, ‘Weather Underground’.



Watering your lawn, bushes, plants and flowers can prove to be less efficient than using irrigation systems, due to unintentionally over-watering certain areas compared to others by hand. An automatic system will always be programmed to get every single strand of the beautiful life in your garden. This is one of the most popular smart irrigation systems on Amazon, incorporating a rain skip feature which saves you water by automatically skipping watering cycles before or after it rains. tinyurl.com/yda5z6ue



You’re not a respectable gardener unless you have that all-essential lawnmower to hand. But multitasking is a massively useful commodity for any horticulturalists, which is why trimming your bushes whilst the lawn’s getting cut will save bags of precious time.

After a hard day of gardening, you will have earned a nice warm soak at the end of the day. With hot tubs, there are some amazing ones out there, and some pretty average ones too. You should be careful when looking for a ‘smart’ hot tub because you don’t want to just be paying for the smart feature, whereby the quality of the hot tub ends up being mediocre.

This is the best-selling smart lawnmower with the highest customer ratings on Amazon. This particular one comes in four different sizes with two different models and boasts an automatic charging system too. tinyurl.com/yatzvqdy

This particular hot tub, from ‘Hot Tub Master,’ is of good quality, and includes built-in luxury Bluetooth speakers. tinyurl.com/yc6q3hr5





hat blast of warm spring weather which coaxed us outside to bring welcome relief during the dark days of the COVID-19 lockdown merely whetted the appetite for the real thing – long sunny days, even longer beach

walks with a cooling breeze just taking the edge off the simmering heat.

and some of the highest-rated beaches in Europe are almost on your doorstep.

Although your favourite hotspot on the continent may currently be out of bounds, don’t forget we are an island

So, with the softening of the Government’s health warnings, now’s the time to start planning where to feel




You will find this sheltered and peaceful crescent of fine shingle three miles southwest of Dartmouth backed by wooded hills. It can be popular with families, but it is a great spot for swimming because the turquoise waters are so clean and usually calm. You can also hire kayaks and paddle boards.

Never disappoints, whatever the weather. Voted Wales’ best beach, this spot on the south-west tip of the Gower Peninsula bears the brunt of some Atlantic swells so it is perfect for surfers and paragliders. But although access is tricky, there are more than three miles of golden sands at the end of it.

The crowds are more likely to go to its more famous neighbour Whitby, but you don’t have to follow the herd. Sandsend is set against a backdrop of grassy hills and is much quieter – and prettier – than Whitby. It’s also a great place for fossil hunting at low tide when the children tire of playing in the little becks that flow across the sand.



the sand between your toes, relish the breeze soothing sunburnt skin and, with luck, you won’t have to put up with that unique tang of sea air and fish ‘n’ chips. In no particular order, then …

FORMBY, LANCASHIRE Formby’s sand dunes are the stuff of legend and are even classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. From their peaks you can see the Cumbrian Mountains and, on a really clear day, Blackpool Tower. Again, you get to the beach through a pine wood where there is a reserve for red squirrels, but once you get to the beach, you won’t have to walk far to to get to wide, open, flat sands.


As the pandemic restrictions start to ease, now’s the time to hit The Great Outdoors to shake off that lockdown lethargy.





Big skies, even bigger beach and you’re unlikely to have any issues with social distancing. Holkham’s shore is fringed by pine forest but, once through that, it’s just you, the North Sea, and a vast expanse of golden sand. Holkham is also where the Household Cavalry come for summer camp in July, to give the horses respite from ceremonial duties and to let them have a good blow-out cantering through the surfline. And it’s a handy spot to explore neighbouring Wells-next-the-Sea (first-class crabbing over the sea wall), spotting grey seals and birdlife at Blakeney, or hitting familyfriendly Hunstanton, the only east coast resort to face west.

If the sun is beating down and you squint, maybe, just maybe, you can kid yourself you are in one of those picturesque coves beloved by designers of Greek holiday brochures. However, this is, in its own way, the most beautiful bay in the region: a funnel of fine, white sand sitting between granite cliffs. Easily accessible, it is popular with families and the beach really opens up when the tide is going out. Then you can walk to other sandy spots in the area and sit on sandbars beneath the ancient cliff fort of Treryn Dinas.

Yes, Bournemouth, voted Britain’s best beach two years on the trot in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards. However, there are 11 miles of golden, pristine sand stretching from Hengistbury Head to Sandbanks so you should be able to avoid crowds. And even if the weather turns there is plenty to do including the secluded Fisherman’s Walk and the Oceanarium – providing all the pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

The road to this Sussex beach isn’t the best – and it does get busy - but the journey is worthwhile: at the end you are greeted with a fine, open stretch of sand which is clean and leaves lots of lovely little pools when the tide goes out. It overlooks the Solent and Chichester harbour, but for peace and quiet head to the western end where you can walk a narrow ridge to East Head which is a remote, sand spit at the mouth of a harbour.




GANGS OF LONDON Gangs of London looks like a Hollywood movie set in London. With a cast including well-known British TV faces from the past few decades, it is the epic story of loss, power and greed. Directed by Gareth Evans, best known for his blistering martial arts movies, The Raid and The Raid 2, Gangs of London has some hard-to-watch, brutal fight scenes and runs at a blistering pace with twists and turn at every corner.

Dixon and Amanda Holden as the judges once again, BGT never fails to bring a smile to the faces of the nation.

British Thespian legend, Sir Patrick Stewart returns as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard in this expansion of the Star Trek franchise. It follows the retired Picard 20-years after his last appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis and shows him deeply affected by the destruction of the planet Romulus. It is a story of redemption within the stunningly recreated Star Trek universe.


BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT The live auditions were filmed before lockdown, so we have been lucky enough to have the episodes available weekly of this blockbuster Saturday entertainment show. Presented by Ant & Dec and with Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha



Gangs of London has some hard-to-watch, brutal fight scenes and runs at a blistering pace


BGT live auditions were filmed before lockdown, so we have been lucky enough to have the episodes available weekly

Ricky Gervais returns with the second season of the surprisingly uplifting tale of a local newspaper editor dealing with the death of his wife. With Gervais’s unique brand of humour, the first season achieved cult status. And with an incredible British cast, Gervais has created something both shocking in its humour and sweet in the way it honestly deals with grief.

Lot of us have been watching more TV over the past few months. We thought we’d look back at some of the greatest shows of 2020 so far…

THE OUTSIDER TIGER KING Love it or hate it, with its unique range of real-life characters, Tiger King has become a cult show on Netflix. Following Joe Exotic, a collector of exotic animals in America, the show follows his escalating row with Carole Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue. With threatening videos, legal allegations, protests, targeted harassment and allegations of murder, it is the must-watch Netflix show of the year.

This American horrorcrime mini-series based on a Stephen King novel stars the wonderful Ben Mendelsohn as a favourite recurring character from King’s multiverse, Det. Ralph Anderson. The story follows the investigation into the murder of a young boy which takes a turn when it is found the man they arrested was in two places at once. With some excellent performances and a twisted story by the horror master, this is one of the best shows of 2020.


Let’s face it, over the past few months we have all probably been involved in a virtual quiz at some point. If you now think of yourself as the general knowledge master, try our tricky quiz for size…


Name the longest river in the UK. How many hearts does an octopus have? In which year did Twitter launch? True or false, The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands? Which fish is the most widely-eaten by humans?

ROUND TWO: MOVIES AND TV 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Dr Sleep is the follow up to which Stanley Kubrick movie? The TV show Stranger Things is set in which fictional town? Who played Indian Jones’s father in The Last Crusade? Who played Fox Mulder in the X-Files? In what yeard did Channel 5 launch in the UK?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What’s the maximum score you can achieve in 10-pin bowling? Which horse won the Virtual Grand National 2020? Name the only football team to sack Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager? Who scored the first-ever Premier League goal? How many points is the green ball worth in snooker?

ROUND FOUR – MUSIC 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What is Elton John’s real name? What year did the Spice Girls release ‘Wannabe’? How many number one singles did Oasis have? What year did Robbie Williams leave Take That? Which city were the bands Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and The Human League formed in?


Have you even done a virtual quiz during lockdown?

6-10 correct

Just making up the numbers and having a social chat!

11-15 correct

You take quizzing seriously, but there’s still a little way to go.

16 – 20 correct


You are the quiz master. Everyone wants to be on your team.



1. River Severn 2. Three 3. 2006 4. True 5. Herring

1. 300 2. Potters Corner 3. St. Mirren 4. Brian Deane 5. Three



1. The Shining 2. Hawkins, Indiana 3. Sean Connery 4. David Duchovny 5. 1997

1. Reginald Kenneth Dwight 2. 1996 3. Eight 4. 1995 5. Sheffield




BY SPOTTING COLLECTABLES With many businesses temporarily closed due to the pandemic’s lockdown, many people are starting their own new online businesses, and spotting collectables online is a great place to start


hether running a new business temporarily until the primary company they run or work for gets back up and running, or on a more permanent basis, many are getting creative during these extraordinary times and taking entrepreneurship into their own hands. Wheelers and dealers everywhere are spotting bargains and collectables to purchase online. Online shopping is very much all the rage at the moment especially valuable collector’s items which are worth surprisingly vast amounts of money.

GREAT PLACES TO SPOT THE MOST VALUABLE OF VALUABLES. Having already experienced an easing of lockdown measures in certain areas, car boot sales are back in business. Not quite in the same capacity as before COVID-19, but still. And there are an astonishing amount of hidden gems to be found at car boot sales – things the owners consider junk but are, in fact, considered rather prized in the antique dealership world.

Facebook Marketplace is another example of one of the more common outlets for people looking to offload their clobber online, as well as, of course, Amazon, eBay and Gumtree. The more popular the outlet, the more items there will be to peruse. Etsy, and Not on the Highstreet (NOTHS) are also up there in the top five most common online marketplaces in the UK. Particularly valuable items to keep an eye out for.

Video games and consoles are popular at the moment, due to people being stuck inside their homes, and they have only gotten better with age



ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Old computers are highly sought-after pieces of vintage-ware, dating back to the mid-seventies, and if they’re still in working order their value could well be doubled, at least! Video games and consoles are popular at the moment, due to people being stuck inside their homes, and they have only gotten better with age, like a fine wine, with their ability to subdue you into a land of joy and youthful delirium. First being introduced to the public in the early seventies. Vintage toasters and vacuum cleaners, some of which

date back as early as the late nineteenth century, are also sometimes unsuspecting valuables.

BOOKS AND DOCUMENTS Only if you’ve gone through all of your grandparents’ old books, can you consider yourself a well-read antique-hunter. Check out what books your grandparents or greatgrandparents may have had, and you may come across some first editions, which are considered esteemed indeed. First edition books from the thirties, forties and fifties especially can be worth tens of thousands of pounds potentially. AbeBooks can be a great place to get an idea of the value of a book. Similarly, autographed books, signed yearbooks, land deeds, signed papers and postcards are all potentially of significant value.

If you’re lucky, you might find a pen which was used by a world leader

ART AND MUSIC Paintings are an item easily appraised if you’re not sure how much they’re worth, and you just never know if your painting was created by a prominent artist or not. Someone like William Blake, for instance, wasn’t a painter primarily, but a poet, and wasn’t very popular in his day either. Only many years after his death had he become, an icon from the romanticism period, in literature and art, and so some of Blake’s artworks can be worth a lot of money indeed these days, likewise with other artists of similar background. Same goes for musical instruments, flutes being the first ever created by man, and some of which date back tens of thousands of years.

ACCESSORIES, FURNITURE AND ORNAMENTS Old pens are one of those items which are more of a collectable item than many other things. If you’re lucky, you might find a pen which was used by a world leader to sign proclamations or laws. Due to their commonality, though, it can be challenging to find a particularly valuable pen, so patience is a virtue, as some great writer once said… Chippendale furniture, lamp bases, Christmas ornaments, ceramics, silver flatware, Louis Vuitton trunks and jewellery are also all fantastic items of sometimes surprisingly high value.


Customer ratings are intrinsic to a seller’s credibility, so developing a great reputation as a seller, and retaining a positive delivery service to your customers, is a must for any online seller.

Customer service is second to none because the customer is always right. Make sure you keep your customers coming back and wanting to continue buying from you.

Keep optimising your online shopping experience, by increasing your site’s load speed, refining your site’s navigation system, focussing on informative and visual content, and removing checkout obstacles to simplify the buying process.



Present your house for sale by de-cluttering... Maximise your home’s potential and create spacious rooms enticing potential buyers – simply by de-cluttering!

De-cluttering allows you to… maximise your space, emotionally prepare you to move, and will allow you to focus your buyers on what is important


f you are looking to sell your house, or have had your home on the market for a while now, then you probably want to get the maximum sale price in the quickest time. There are a few things you can’t control – but the one thing that is in your control, is the look and feel of the interior and exterior. While it’s worth spending time fixing and cleaning your house before potential buyers come and view, it’s also important to de-clutter. This creates spacious rooms and also allows you to decrease and organise your personal items before you move yourself. Of course it’s understandable that you don’t to want spend money, time and energy on a home you are about to leave, however, a lot of people are looking for a house in which they can move straight into. Maintaining your

property might even save you thousands of pounds; it could even reduce added expenses of living in your home whilst waiting for a sale. And it might even help avoid possible reductions in the asking price. The main reason in which people move house tends to be because they lack space in their current home. They want a home that is spacious and in which they can grow into. If a potential viewer comes to your home and sees that there is lack of space, then this will turn them away. De-cluttering allows you to remove any unnecessary items in an untidy or overcrowded place. It will help maximise your space, emotionally prepare you to move, and will allow you to focus your buyers on what is important.

So where should you start? You need to create a great first impression and focus on the rooms themselves. You will notice that the first things you see in each room are personal items. Where possible you want to create the look of a

them into things you want to keep and things you want to get rid of. You may even find that you have collected a cupboard full of paper work. Get yourself organised! Don’t just throw it all away, but file it and go through it thoroughly. This will also make it easier when you move.

De-personalising can also be a great way to declutter. Too many personal effects can be distracting to buyers. They want to see a house in which they can make their own memories rather than seeing yours. Again, personal items can be stored away. Remember

Where possible you want to create the look of a lifestyle that the potential buyers want lifestyle that the potential buyer want. This usually has a ‘show home’ feel, rather than a ‘lived in’ feel. Minimising your things is the quickest way to do this: you want to ensure that potential buyers can do simple things, like, open any doors easily, ensuring that there are no obstacles. So, what do we mean by clutter? There are two types: genuine clutter, and items that you want to keep but don’t work for the sale of your property. Genuine Clutter: You need to go through the space and sort out each item, categorising

You also want to focus on little things like DVDs, books and trinkets. These items may have some small value so sell them or donate them to charity. Get rid of any old shoes and coats that are lying about in your porch or hallway. You might want to hide away the coats and shoes you do currently wear. Store them in your wardrobe, while you have viewings. Items that you want to keep but don’t work for the sale of your property: You may want to consider putting some items in storage while you sell your home. Sometimes items are too large or even too small for some spaces and can make the room look odd. If you want to keep these particular items, then store them until you move into your new home.

that this is only a temporary way of living and hopefully it won’t be for long! If you find you are keeping more things than you are throwing out, then think about whether or not it’s in the right room or do you even need it now? As previously mentioned, you can attempt to sell some of the things you have acquired over the years. Use sites like eBay, Gumtree and social networking sites to try and sell items. You may want to even hold a house sale for the remaining items that you can’t sell. Failing that, why not donate to charity. The end goal is still the same and it’s important to help potential buyers envision your house as theirs. So remember, decluttering will make your home more spacious and entice potential buyers!

Top Tips! If you are throwing away paperwork, shred anything that is confidential

De-clutter before agents come and take photos of your property. This will help attract more potential viewers online and get that first good impression

Don’t spend too long on certain items and don’t get distracted. Keep yourself motivated and race against the clock!

Make it fun! Play some music or watch TV while you de-clutter

Your step-by-step guide to the conveyancing process


nce a sale has been agreed and is in the hands of your solicitor, it will go through the following stages. Sometimes additional work will be needed – for example, if the property is leasehold or is yet to be registered with the Land Registry. It is also important for buyers to discuss the availability of their deposit with their solicitor early in the transaction, and we strongly recommend that you contact your solicitor regularly so that they can keep you fully up-to-date with the progress and the latest timescales.

Seller’s solicitor’s steps • Obtain a copy of the Title Deeds (or office copies if the title is registered) • Obtain a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (if applicable) • The seller(s) will return a completed Property Information Form and a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form to the solicitors • Copies of the above documents, plus a draft contract – this is known as an ‘Information Pack’ – will be sent to the buyer’s solicitor • Answer the buyer’s solicitor’s additional enquiries (for example, specific questions about fixtures and fittings) and obtain copies of any planning consent documents • Agree the contract and arrange for the sellers to sign it in readiness of the exchange (below) • All parties agree completion dates and the contracts are exchanged

Between exchange and completion • Obtain redemption figures from the mortgage lender and reply to requisitions on title • Approve the transfer and arrange for the seller(s) and buyer(s) to sign • Receive the agent’s fee account and seek the seller’s consent to settle this out of completion funds

Completion date This is the date the ownership of the property passes from the seller to the buyer, and it follows the successful transfer of funds. It’s the date that the whole process works towards.

Upon completion • Receive completion funds and (only when this has been completed) instruct Lisa Costa to release the keys to buyers. Redeem mortgage and forward the financial statement. Forward any surplus funds (unless these are being used to fund an onward purchase). Ensure all outstanding bills are paid • Forward transfer documents and deeds to the buyer’s solicitors • Forward evidence of ‘discharge of mortgage’ to the buyer’s solicitors

Buyer’s solicitor’s steps • Obtain the Information Pack, including a copy of the EPC (if applicable) from the sellers’ solicitor and raise any additional queries • Initiate any specialist searches (for example: a coal search). Submit local, environmental and water searches and a chancel check. This takes about 10 working days in total, and enquiries are then usually raised from the results • Approve the contract when all enquiries are satisfactory and complete. (At this stage, a mortgage transfer deed will need to be signed and witnessed) • Receive a mortgage offer and instructions from the lender and deal with any conditions set out by them. Make sure that life cover and buildings insurance is being arranged • Request the deposit, report back to the buyer, and arrange for the contract to be signed. Place buildings insurance and life cover in force • All parties agree completion dates and the contracts are exchanged

Between exchange and completion • Raise ‘requisitions on title’ and prepare the draft transfer deed • Report on title to mortgage lender and obtain funds for completion, including Stamp Duty (if appropriate) • Prepare accounts, obtain signature to mortgage deed and undertake final Land Registry and Land Charges searches

Completion date This is the date the ownership of the property passes from the seller to the buyer, and it follows the successful transfer of funds. It’s the date that the whole process works towards.

Upon Completion • Forward to the seller’s solicitors the balance of funds − it is only then that they can authorise the release of the keys. Receive from the seller’s solicitors, the transfer document deeds • Stamp the Transfer Deed, register the buyer’s ownership with the Land Registry and forward the deeds to the lender or client (where appropriate)

Contract - The agreement that sets out the main terms that have been agreed − for example: price, address, names, etc. Two copies are drawn up, and each party signs one in readiness for the exchange of contracts. Deposit - The part of the purchase price (usually 10%) which the buyer pays on exchange of contracts. Exchange of contracts - The swapping of signed contracts by the solicitors (together with the buyer’s deposit). After this, the contract is binding. Energy Performance Certificate - This contains information on energy use, energy performance, carbon dioxide emissions, and fuel bills. Land Registry - The Government department that records who owns what land, and under what conditions. Local Authority Search - A list of questions that are specific to the property and intended, for example, to discover if there have been any planning applications on the property, if the road to the house is maintained by the council, etc. Mortgage Redemption Figure - The amount required to repay the outstanding capital/ interest of a mortgage. Property information form/fixtures, fittings and contents form - Standard forms about the property that the seller answers for their solicitor (for example: what will be left behind, details of guarantees, etc.) Title Deeds - Legal documents that prove ownership of land/ buildings, and the terms on which they are owned. Transfer of Title - The document that passes the ownership from the seller to the buyer. Stamp Duty for buy to let investors and second home owners - An additional tax, paid by the buyer purchasing an additional property that is not their main residence. It includes buy to let landlords and those buying second homes and holiday homes. The higher rates will be 3 percentage points above the current rates of duty shown below. Requisition on title - An enquiry relating to the completion arrangements. Seller’s Pack - This comprises a Property Information Form, a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form, a copy of the title deeds and the draft contract. Stamp Duty - A tax paid by the buyer purchasing their main residence. It is calculated on the percentage rate applicable to each portion of the sale price. • 0% Up to £125,000 • 0% Up to £300,000 if purchased by a First Time Buyer* • 2% On the share from £125,001 up to £250,000 • 5% On the share from £250,001 up to £925,000 • 10% On the share from £925,001 up to £1,500,000 • 12% On the share £1,500,001 and over NB The new 3% rate does not apply to any transactions below £40,000

Moving house? From meter readings to removal companies, there’s so much to remember when moving house. Here’s our checklist of what to do and when


irst of all, congratulations on your new home! The excitement has probably now kicked in but moving home can also be one of the most stressful and emotionally draining things you can do. However, careful organisation and planning can help decrease the stress and anxiety of moving. This comprehensive and essential checklist will help you do just that.

Eight weeks – Research Ideally, you want to start packing away any non-essential items as early as possible. This includes any items stored away in the loft, garage and shed. If you are not using it, pack it. Looking into your new area is also important, try to do this around eight weeks before you move. You might need to think about transferring your children to different schools and ordering new uniforms too. At this point, ensure you are also documenting all your important information away: that includes contact details, dates, contracts and information regarding your solicitor.

Six weeks – Removal companies or do it yourself? Now would be the perfect time to decide on a local removal company. Or if you don’t have too much to move, you may want to do it yourself. You could even look into different van hire companies. At this point you’ve probably started packing away some bits, but if there is anything you decide not to take, then look into selling these items or donating them to charity. This will also give you an idea on the volume of items you have to move.

Four weeks – Notify utility companies This would be a good time for you to notify utility companies and inform them about your move to switch over. This includes gas and electricity, council tax, internet, phone rental and TV. You should also consider changing any car insurance, tax, memberships, phone contracts and inform your bank about the move. Now’s the time to also arrange a date to have your new house cleaned before you move

The buyers of our homes receive their very own property website to share via

Checklist Eight weeks Pack non-essential items Research your new area (transfer schools and order new uniform) Keep all important documents

Six weeks Decide on a local removal company Clear out any unwanted items Keep packing

Four weeks

It will be worth packing a night bag each to help everyone settle in, which means you won’t have to rummage through everything to find your toothbrush! in, and start ordering any new furnishings for your new property. Start packing away more items, that being, out of season clothes, books, dvd’s and even bulky items, like TV’s that aren’t used often.

Two weeks – Confirm all details Confirm your move with your removal company or van hire, estate agents and schools. If possible, try to organise someone to look after your pets and children for the day of your move, as this can also be a stressful time for them too. If your removal company doesn’t disassemble any furniture or sort out the un-plumbing for the washing machine, then now would be the ideal time to organise these. Remember to also cancel any local services you receive: this could be window cleaners, gardeners and newspaper deliveries. You should now also think about re-registering to vote and getting your post re-directed after your moving date. Continue packing away more furnishings, kitchen appliances and crockery that you won’t be using for the next couple of weeks.

24 hours – Final check and walk round You now have only 24 hours before you move, so double check that everything is packed away and ready for transit. It will be worth packing a night bag each to help everyone settle in, which means you won’t have to rummage through everything to find your toothbrush! You may want to create an inventory of your boxes and

furniture to help you keep track of what you have and to help you ensure it doesn’t go missing.

Moving day Today is the day! You need to be ready for when your removal company comes. Ensure that you let them know if there are any fragile boxes that need extra care when handling. If you’re moving yourself, then pack up your car or van and work out how many trips it may take. Before you leave, also take note of your final meter readings and send these off to your provider. Don’t forget to leave your keys for the new owners!

You have arrived at your new home! Give your removal company instructions of which boxes go in which rooms and make sure you are happy with everything that has arrived. Ensure you check for any damage before the movers leave. Read your new utility meters and send your readings of to your supplier. Taking photos of them will also ensure you have the correct reading if you need them again in the future. Unpack your essentials such as bed linen and clean towels. Don’t worry about the rest, it isn’t going anywhere! Order a takeaway, have a cup of tea and enjoy your first night with your family. Right, so now you’re all moved in, it’s time to settle down, unpack and enjoy your new place. Remember, planning is essential to ensure your move runs stress free.

social media with its address and personal message!

Notify utility companies Start preparation for your new house Keep packing

Two weeks Finalise all details Organise pet and child care Cancel local services Keep packing

24 hours Check every room and ensure everything is packed Pack a night bag so everything is to hand Collect your new keys Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can get in touch with the estate agents or removal company

Moving in Prepare for the arrival of the removal company and give them directions/ your contact details Ensure everything is ready to move Record meter readings

On arrival Give removal company instructions of what goes where Check for any damage before they leave Read your new utility meters and send them off to your supplier Check if the previous owners have left anything behind Unpack essentials Order a takeaway and sit back and relax!

Our Lettings Team Lisa Costa is one of Thornbury’s most well known and respected local agents. Our property team has valuable experience in all sectors of the residential property market, and we pride ourselves on knowing the area and its people like no other agent. We offer tailor-made solutions to make letting and management of residential property as easy as possible. Our experienced team specialises in providing a professional and personal service, offering information, help and advice to meet the needs of all landlords. Our aim is simple: to provide the best possible service, assist you from start to finish and communicate regularly throughout the whole process – whatever your property matter.

Conscientious, loyal + stubborn How long have you lived in the area? 17 years What do you love most about your job? Helping people find their first home Tell us something unique about you. I taught myself how to play the guitar What makes you happy? Food, food and food What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Treat others how you want to be treated

RE £ CE 75 N 0 TL pc Y m LE T

RE £ CE 99 N 5 TL pc Y m LE T

Come visit our offices and have a chat with Sophie and Jemma to see how we can tailor our services to suit your needs.


JEMMA MORTIMER Strong willed, loyal + hardworking

How long have you lived in the area? All my life What do you love most about your job? That no day is the same! Tell us something unique about you. I used to swim competitively What makes you happy? My family, food and the sunshine What’s the best advice you have been given? My dad always told me ‘do as I say not as I do!


Charges and Fees Fully Managed 12% + VAT of the monthly rental Setup fee of £300 incl VAT

Rent Collection 8% + VAT of the monthly rental Setup fee of £300 incl VAT

Tenant Find Only 70% of the monthly rent incl VAT Subject to min fee £420 incl VAT

Rental Appraisal




Marketing property & viewings




Full tenant referencing




Preoparation of the tenancy agreement




Collection of the first month’s rent and deposit and transfer into your account after any deductions




Monthly transfer of rental to nominated acount




Liaising with tenants if there are any late rental payments



Quarterly property visits


Point of contact for tenants regarding maintenance issues


Dealing with maintenance issues


Carrying out a termination check and providing a full report

£80 incl VAT

Arranging & preparing a memorandum for increae rent

£50 incl VAT

Negotiating extensions of tenancy agreement

£65 incl VAT

Arranging & preparing a memorandum for adding/deducting tenants

£50 incl VAT

Prearation & serving a section 21 notice

£60 incl VAT

£60 incl VAT

Preparation and serving a Section 8 notice

£60 incl VAT

£60 incl VAT

Inventory preparation

To be quoted

To be quoted

To be quoted

Energy Performance Certificate

£90 incl VAT

£90 incl VAT

£90 incl VAT

Propection of the deposit with the DPS

£25 incl VAT

£25 incl VAT

£25 incl VAT

Gas Certificate

£78 incl VAT

£78 incl VAT

£78 incl VAT


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This stylish home is ready to move into and enjoy from day one, decorated and upgraded throughout and just a leisurely stroll from Thornbury High Street will make this property worth putting on the top of your viewing list. On the ground floor entrance is into the hallway, immediately you know you are in for a treat.




When it come to location Hazel Gardens ticks all the boxes, the previous owner enjoyed this fantastic family home for decades. Set in a quiet mature cul de sac which backs onto a bridle path and is known for its friendly community spirit - it is in my humble opinion one of Alvestons superior positions. A double storey extention has given this property that something extra.




This delightful property offers very flexible accommodation over two floors and really must be viewed to appreciate exactly how versatile it is and how it could work for you. The property has been extended to create a well presented home, suitable for any generation and has obviously been cherished and enjoyed.



This well thought through property has been extended to create a good size family home which is just a short stroll from Thornbury High Street. Entrance is into a smart porch and into the hall which benefits from a downstairs cloakroom - very useful for visitors. The lounge and dining room are link by oak glazed doors and a focal fireplace with wood burner creates a cosy place to relax.


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WOW... A fantastic opportunity to acquire a beautifully presented ground floor apartment, a stones throw from local shops and amenities and all Thornbury has to offer. The property has been lovingly kept by the present owners and offers spacious accommodation over one floor.



Tilston comes to the market for the first time and really must be top of your viewing list. The current owners have not only built the property but have also worked hard to keep it updated over the years. It is now ready for any discerning buyer who is looking for a substantial individual family home situated in the heart of this superb village.




This ground floor unfurnished property is situated within a short stroll from the High Street in Thornbury and other local amenities. Accessed by a communal entrance hall with a security door phone entrance system, upon entering the property you are immediately met with a bright entrance, a walk in cloak/storage cupboard, spacious lounge with a pleasant view through the full length double glazed window onto the communal garden.



Old Down

This deceptively spacious property offers more than meets they eye! The ground floor has a contemporary feel with open plan kitchen/ dining room, with patio doors from the dining room leading out to the garden and a modern fresh kitchen with ample storage. There is a separate reception room with a wood burner when you are seeking out those cosier evenings.


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Lavender Close

Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac location close to local shops and amenities and offered with NO ONWARD CHAIN, we welcome to the market this super terraced home. Having been lovingly updated recently by the present owners including new carpets, this is a perfect opportunity for first time buyers, investors and anyone looking to downsize.

Woodleigh, Thornbury


Always popular in this location, this chain free home is eagerly awaiting its new owners. With a single storey extention to the rear, the house on the ground floor now offers entrace, lounge/dining room and a garden room overlooking the garden. A neat kitchen with the added benefit of a rear lobby giving access to the downstairs cloakroom/wc. On the first floor there are three bedrooms with built in wardrobes in the master bedroom and a family bathroom.




By Richard Prior

20TH - 23RD of February 2019 Armstrong Hall, Thornbury

“Our club is currently thriving and that is due to Lisa Costa’s support” JAKE, OLVESTON FOOTBALL CLUB

Book�online�at�www.tmtg.org.uk Shows at 7:30pm daily. Matinee at 2:30pm on Fri & Sat Armstrong Hall, Chapel St, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 2BJ Box Office: Lisa Costa Residential Sales & Lettings 53 High St, Thornbury. Phone 07516 270140 Box office opens on 14th of January Thornbury Musical Theatre Group Ltd. is a registered charity (1124233)

“What I love about Lisa Costa as a business is that it’s very family orientated” SARAH, CASTLE & MARLWOOD SCHOOL

OFFICIAL SUPPORTERS OF: Thornbury Carnival | Friends of Thornbury Carnival | Thornbury Town Football Club | Thornbury Arts Festival | Olveston & District Bowling Club | The Parish Players Theatre Group | Thornbury Musical Theatre Group | Olveston United Football Club | Thornbury Rugby Football Club | Castle School & Marlwood School (PREMIUM PARTNERSHIP) | Tytherington Rocks Football Club | Thornbury In Bloom

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Pilning Street


Home Farm sits comfortably in 0.97 of an acre of mature green gardens, set back from the road and approached by a sweeping driveway that leads to an abundance of parking in front of the double garage. This character period home has been carefully renovated by the current owners, starting life as a pair of humble semi detached cottages, now combined to create a sizable property that would suit any growing family.

Knapp Road


This brand new home is one of a pair of executive style homes which have recently been completed by a local builder. Knapp Road is favoured for its close proximity to popular schools and is a leisurely stroll to the High Street, there are also bus routes nearby if needed.


Knapp Road


These great family homes on Knapp Road are always popular, they are only a leisurely stroll away from Thornbury High Street. With the added advantage of a large conservatory across the back of this property which provides further living space, it will make this semi detached house a popular choice-Put it at the top of your viewing list!



Extended and complimented with a contemporary twist, this four bedroom home with attract the attention of any discerning buyer. The extention has created a good size family sized property starting with a generous size entrance hall. There is a downstairs cloakroom now - a must for any growing family.


01454 279734

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Pastoral Road


This super home is ready to move into and start enjoying from day one. Originally built by Barrett Homes and with eight years still remaining on the warranty it will make it a popular choice for any discerning buyer. Arranged over two floors with entrance hall allowing access to the downstairs cloak room - great for guests.




This super home is ready to move into and has been decorated throughout and has been well maintained and cared for. There is an entrance which allows ample room for coats and leads into the lounge. From the lounge there is a great view across the garden though the patio doors.


Albert Road


Located on a quiet road in Severn Beach and offering spacious living accommodation over one floor, is this super semi detached bungalow. The property briefly comprises entrance porch leading through into the hallway, open-plan style kitchen/diner & lounge, two bedrooms, family bathroom and a utility room. Furthermore, the bungalow boasts a great size rear garden with wooden out buildings, large garage and ample off street parking at the front for a number of vehicles.



Woodlands, Tytherington

If you are seeking something a little different, yet still offering good sized accommodation look no further. This handsome red brick property, in a popular village is sure to grab your attention. With a raised courtyard garden overlooking the communal common, somewhere that would be a pleasure to relax and enjoy a BBQ at the end of the day with family and friends. A further courtyard to the rear of the property gives a practical area storage.



Giving you peace of mind every time Our innovative approach to marketing, together with our unrivalled customer care, makes us the right choice to market your property and guide you through your move

Whether you’re looking to sell or put your property up for rental, when you choose to market your property with Lisa Costa, you can be confident that we’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Selling your property A leading independent agent covering all of Thornbury, the name Lisa Costa is synonymous with trust, excellence and integrity. With decades of experience, specialising in all aspects of residential property, our friendly, enthusiastic and professional service ensures that our clients continually return to sell and buy through us. We also recognise the importance of marketing, so your property will be advertised on the major online property portals, our website and social media sites, as well as traditional placement in our window display. Exclusively to us in our area, your property will receive its very own FREE microsite showcasing a property video, OFSTED reports, and a property brochure. Sharing

your personalised website across the social networks widens the audience for your property, to find the right buyer and increasing the chances of a quicker sale. Our qualified database of home buyers will be notified of your property coming to market on their dedicated search websites where they can book viewings and offer feedback. Quite simply we endeavour to sell your home for the best price, in the shortest possible time, providing you an outstanding service, with a personal and friendly approach.

Letting your property When it comes to letting, as Lisa Costa are members of certified accreditations, you can have peace of mind that your property is in safe hands as we ensure you are fully compliant with your landlord duties. We offer a comprehensive range of services for you to choose from including areas such as Tenant Introduction, Rent Collection, Gas Safety Checks, in-depth Inventory reports, Deposit registration, insurance-based Rent Guarantee and Legal cover policies. As with selling, when you choose to let through us, your property will be advertised


on the major online property portals, our website and social media sites, as well as traditional placement in our prominent window display.

The power of social media Your property will also receive its very own FREE property website showcasing a property video, OFSTED reports, and property brochures; something that we are proud to say is exclusive to Lisa Costa in our area. In addition, our qualified database of tenants and buyers will also be notified of your property coming to market on their dedicated search websites where they can book viewings and offer feedback. We will make sure the the highest of standards are met to find the right tenant and buyer for you. By sharing your personalised websites with family and friends across the social networks you will be widening the audience to find the right buyer or tenant for your property, increasing the chances of a quicker sale or rental.

When you choose to market your property with Lisa Costa, you can be confident that we’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly

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Meet the Team

Lisa Costa Residential Sales & Lettings is a friendly and independently run family business with over 20 years’ experience in the property market covering Thornbury, the villages of South Gloucestershire, Clifton in Bristol and Portishead. We are proud to offer a fresh, energetic and passionate approach to selling property. Here’s your chance to learn more about the team!


Tall, tenacious + creative How long have you lived in the area? 17 years What do you love most about your job? Working with people I love Tell us something unique about you. I was a croupier in a previous life What makes you happy? My woodburner, garden and my dogs What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Honesty is the best policy


Sassy, smiley + exuberant How long have you lived in the area? 17 years What do you love most about your job? It’s something different every day Tell us something unique about you. I can touch my nose with my tongue What makes you happy? Wine, Harry Potter + burgers What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Never leave the house without your make-up on


Conscientious, loyal + stubborn


How long have you lived in the area? 17 years What do you love most about your job? Helping people find their first home Tell us something unique about you. I taught myself how to play the guitar What makes you happy? Food, food and food What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Treat others how you want to be treated

Daydreamer, funny + positive

How long have you lived in the area? All my life What do you love most about your job? Meeting new people every day Tell us something unique about you? I have an Everton FC season ticket What makes you happy? My husband, my family and prosecco What’s the best advice you have been given? Everything happens for a reason


CAROLYNE KNIBBS Positive, determined + nurturing

How long have you lived in the area? Last 30 years. What do you love most about your job? Every day is different and I work with a great, supportive team. Tell us something unique about you? I trained as a classical ballet dancer. What makes you happy? Family and friends, prosecco and dancing. What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Look after number 1 – everything else falls into place when you’re happy.


Positive, smiley + motivated How long have you lived in the area? All my life What do you love most about your job? I love the excitement of helping people purchase their first home Tell us something unique about you. I danced on stage at the hippodrome What makes you happy? My children, food and prosecco What’s the best advice you’ve been given? A negative mind will never give you a positive life!

EMMA THORNELL Loyal, Laid-back + competitive

How long have you lived in the area? All my life What do you love most about your job? No 2 days are ever the same Tell us something unique about you. I’m a keen athletic fan and competed for my school in the sprinting events. What makes you happy? My 3 boys, Clothes, New York What’s the best advice you have been given? Live each day as if it’s your last!

JEMMA MORTIMER Strong willed, loyal + hardworking

How long have you lived in the area? All my life What do you love most about your job? That no day is the same! Tell us something unique about you. I used to swim competitively What makes you happy? My family, food and the sunshine What’s the best advice you have been given? My dad always told me ‘do as I say not as I do!

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“There’s only one person we would go to and that’s Lisa Costa.”

MIKE, seller

I think the level of service we received from Lisa Costa was second to none! We were very impressed with the level of expertise. She was always there on the end of the phone or if you went into the office, she always available to answer any queries as were her girls. She knows the area, she knows the properties and she does tend to price the properties realistically. Not like some of the agencies that go way over the top and then hang around for months and months. Lisa prices to sell! There’s only one person we would go to and that’s Lisa Costa.


“personal service” They give you the personal service, the personal touch which gives you the confidence to go through with the buying and selling process.

SUE, buyer


“very knowledgeable”

We believe Lisa Costa differs from other estate agents and lettings agents particularly in their approach to things. They are confident, they are friendly and they are extremely helpful. We found the whole team at Lisa Costa very knowledgeable and very cooperative. It felt absolutely natural for us to go straight back to Lisa Costa and ask them to manage the second property for us and to date that has been very, very sucessful. We wanted simplicity and no other problems and our experience as such has been first class.


GRAHAM, landlord

JILL, seller/landlady

We liked Lisa’s - not only her positive approach - but her engagement with the whole process. My husband and I would be very happy to recommend Lisa Costa agency to anybody we knew that was trying to sell their property. We’d tell them about the extra side of the service as many agents can give a good basic service but to feel really supported through the whole process, it’s a very good idea to come to Lisa Costa.

“Lisa Costa differs from other estate agents and lettings agents particularly in their approach to things”


When we came to sell our property, we were so sure Lisa was the right person to do this. We felt she was very realistic and very helpful.

GOLD SERVICE AS STANDARD... ...thanks to our innovative marketing approach

SYLVIE, seller


“second to none” lisacosta.co.uk | lisacosta.tv



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Lisa Costa - July 2020  

Lisa Costa - July 2020