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elcome to the April issue. Spring is here and what better way to mark the season, than with a spring clean! Inside this issue, we share our tips on giving your garage a makeover, so you actually have room to park your car! And if you’re looking to spruce up inside your home too, we show how you can decorate on a budget – and stay safe while doing your DIY! With the advent of spring, also comes the obligatory April showers! But fear not, we’ve given you some great family ideas to make the most of the wetter weather. Expect den building and game challenges galore! This April, the biggest ensemble superhero film ever made, Avengers: Endgame, will bring to a close a story eleven years in the making, and is set to reveal the fates of the much-loved superheroes. Read our review to catch a glimpse of what you can expect from this latest instalment. As ever, there is plenty to keep you reading. Until next time. Linda McKeown Editor


Improve your home on a budget Making improvements to your home doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune. With a touch of imagination and a little hard work, there are many ways you can re-style your home on a budget

UpcyclE your existing furniture

A lick of paint goes a long way

Before you ditch your dated furniture and replace it with new, there are many ways you can breathe new life into old furniture simply by using a little imagination, creativity and a pot of paint!

An easy way of revitalising a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Although this may not seem like it would make a huge difference, the results might just surprise you. A professional painter and decorator could cost a considerable amount for the same job you can do. So, if done yourself, a lick of paint could be a cost effective way to brighten up any room.

However, it’s worth noting that most furniture will need to be lightly sanded before painting. This, although tedious, is easily done and will make a huge difference to the overall finish. If you’re worried about ruining your furniture, take a trip to your local charity shop and pick up a piece of furniture to experiment on first. If completely changing the look of your furniture is a little daunting, why not make a small but effective change by replacing old handles with new ones? These can be purchased at most DIY shops and will cost very little to do.

Little changes make a big difference There are several other cheap and cheerful changes you can make, which although seem not to make a big difference, can have a huge impact to the way your home looks and feels. If your sofa is looking a bit tired and there is no prospect of a DFS sale for months, why not invest in a couple of colourful throws and matching cushions? The effect is simple but can help brighten the room. Another way of enhancing the look of any living space is by choosing a rug which complements the other items within the room; not only will this add a focal point but will also help add warmth. The tiles in kitchens and bathrooms can, after a time, start to look tired and may be a little grubby. But instead of re-tiling, a simpler and more cost-effective alternative would be to re-grout the tiles, this can be a bit time-consuming as the old grouting would need to be removed first but the finished effect could be stunning. Should you wish to go that bit further and change the look without replacing the tiles, it is possible to buy special tile paint or transfers which can be placed directly onto your existing tiles. This means you don’t need to be a DIY expert to create a whole new look – and it’ll be at a fraction of the cost of totally re-tiling!

Before you ditch your dated furniture and replace it with new, there are many ways you can breathe new life into old furniture.

Another way to add a new dimension to any room is to add a feature wall. Whether that be with a block colour or a printed wallpaper. You don’t, however, need to redecorate to create a feature wall! By simply adding different types and size photos frames to one wall you can give your room the real wow factor with very little effort. These also don’t need to be bought new, most charity shops will have plenty of old frames you can sand down and re-paint to suit your style and colour scheme.

De-cluter and organise A good way to overhaul your home and not spend a single penny is to de-clutter! Get rid of all unnecessary items by throwing, selling or giving them away. Be ruthless with your de-cluttering and only tackle one room at a time so the task at hand is a little less daunting! There are many ways to store those items that you can’t part with, including storage solutions you can create yourself for low cost, such as using vintage ladders to display jewellery and items you wear every day. These can be picked up at auctions or online selling and buying sites, for very little.

Updating your tired kitchen You might think that updating your kitchen will cost a small fortune, however, by replacing or painting your existing cupboard doors, you can drastically reduce your expenditure whilst still sprucing up one of the most important rooms in the house. Most DIY stores will offer a replacement service and will have a large selection of doors to choose from. They will also offer a measuring and fitting service or can give advice on how to do this yourself. Other ways of changing the look of your kitchen without removing doors or units is to change the lighting – add under counter lights, or a new main light to the ceiling, to help transform the look.



Springtime tends to see an increase in hospital visits after a rise in DIY related accidents With the longer days and dryer weather, it’s the perfect time to get started on those DIY jobs. When done safely and with the right equipment, DIY, or ‘do it yourself’, is a great option for small jobs around your home. It’s a fantastic way to add value to your property and save money at the same time. But, before you head to your local hardware store, did you know over 200,000 people are admitted to A&E with DIY injuries every year? These accidents can have serious consequences including; time off work, permanent injury and the costs involved in fixing jobs gone wrong. With YouTube and Google, there are thousands of ‘how to’ videos available for every job. Following these videos is a great idea in principle, but how do you know the person who made the video is an expert? Is it worth putting the safety of yourself and your family in the hands of a total stranger? The number of people who follow health and safety guidelines when doing jobs at home is small. When was the last time you tested your extension leads or changed the blade of your hacksaw? Do you know how to? The older generation was raised to fix things themselves, so it may be a good idea to ask parents or grandparents for advice before tackling any job. You can stay safe by following these simple tips.

power tools.

Ladders. 48,000 people, half the capacity of Wembley Stadium, are admitted to hospital following a fall from a ladder every year. Here are some handy tips to help you stay safe: • • •


Always follow the four-to-one ladder rule; whenever you have four feet to climb, move the base one-foot away from the wall When using a ladder always place it on a level, stable surface and never set a ladder on another object Wear sturdy shoes with a good grip, especially if you are cleaning windows

5% of all accidents are caused by power-tools, these include; amputations, lacerations and puncture wounds. • • •

Always take the time to read the instructions Never use a power-tool under the influence of alcohol, save the wine for celebrating a job well done and not before! Wear proper safety gloves to protect your hands If there is a safety guard, do not remove or adjust it as it is there for your own protection

When done safely and with the right equipment, DIY, or ‘do it yourself’, is a great option for small jobs around your home

Eye injuries. Over 20,000 people, just under the entire population of Gibraltar, are admitted to A&E with eye injuries every year in the UK. •

Shavings of wood or metal entering the eye not only cause irritation but, can cause permanent damage. Wear protective eyewear, not sunglasses, at all times If using chemicals, make sure you wash your hands straight after you have finished the job and avoid touching your face or eyes

Call in the professionals. With any job that you are thinking of doing, remember that the professionals have had health and safety training and must adhere to strict guidelines. Some jobs are simply too big to do yourself and for these it will always be better, and safer, to call in the professionals. If you are drilling through a wall and are unsure if there are any electric cables behind it, always call an expert. If you drill through a mains power cable, you risk electrocution and thousands of pounds worth of damage to your home. Planning on knocking through a wall? Get a professional in to double check you won’t be doing any structural damage to your property. Damaging the structure of your property could invalidate your insurance or cause problems when the time comes to sell. Year on year the escape of water is the largest insurance claim made, so if you are planning any plumbing projects, big or small, it may be a good idea to get the professionals in first. DIY is fun, but accidents can be costly, not just to your body, but to your bank account. So, be safe and if a job is too big, call an expert!

HAND TOOLS. 10% of all accidents are cuts from hand tools such as knives, chisels and screwdrivers. To cut down the risk follow these simple tips:

• •

When using a hand tool, such as a knife or screwdriver, make sure you are using the right tool for the job; do not use a chisel as a screwdriver! If your tool has a wooden or plastic handle, check it before each use and replace it if it’s split or loose, otherwise it may fly off and injure you or someone nearby Keep blades sharp; with dull blades, you will have to use more pressure, which can lead to more slips and accidents

Here are some recent accident statistics: •

70 people die each year from DIY related accidents

Between April and September, the number of accidents rises by 58%

The group most at risk are 30-39-year-olds

90% of all accidents involve men

Wallpapering injures 1500 people a year


How to deep clean your garage and keep it organised for good With spring well and truly here, why not give your life a spring clean too? One area of a tidy and organised home that often gets overlooked is the garage. Here are some tips on how to not only spring clean your garage but to help keep it organised throughout the rest of the year Mainly used as a dumping ground for items which don’t seem to have a place in the home, cleaning the garage is usually deep down at the bottom of most people’s priority list. However, a tidy and well organised garage can increase efficiency and make your life a lot easier and safer. The size of the job will vary depending on the size of the garage and how much clutter is in there to begin with. Cleaning out a garage could take between half a day and a full weekend; however, the time spent will be worth it in the long run.

Create a checklist With any de-cluttering task, it’s important to have a plan in your head of what you want to achieve and how you are going to tackle it. Cleaning and de-cluttering a large space unsystematically can result in more mess than you started with – and more hard work. Laying down some ground work and a plan not only makes it easier for you, but it is also easier to spot progress as you go down your list ticking things off.

Clear everything out Usually the garage floor is cluttered making it impossible to walk around or park your car. Pick a section and pull everything out onto the driveway so you can not only see what you have to clear but also what space you have to play with. When clearing each section, it is best to sort into piles of the items you wish to keep, donate, sell or throw away. Local charities would happily take away your unused items, however ring up to double check they accept the goods you may have collected. Clearing out the garage could potentially earn you a little bit of extra cash if you have goods which are in a good condition to sell. There is a wide variety of second hand websites and apps, as well as the Facebook marketplace.


Top Tip: Start closest to the door and work your way back. This should help to keep things organised and prevent any hazardous trips or falls.

Any garage clutter which can’t be sold or donated, chuck it away! Depending on the size of the mission, you may be able to fit everything into your car and take it to the tip. However, if you’re getting rid of loads of big items such as garden furniture, then it may be best to rent a skip for a weekend.

Deep Clean Now that you have emptied the garage, it’s a great idea to give the open space a deep clean. Start by dusting down the tops of shelves, cabinets, fridges and freezers as well as scrubbing any muck and cobwebs off the walls with a warm, damp cloth and disinfectant. Once you have finished, sweep the floor to clear away the loose muck, then mop and hose the floor. Allow the floor to completely dry before putting things back.

Organise Everything into Groups Once you have decided what you are going to keep, it’s a great idea to sort them into groups such as gardening items, car tools, DIY tools and camping equipment. Grouping items together will help keep you organised and avoid having to search through a mountain of clutter to find your toolkit!

Install Storage – Shelving/Units/Benches Now that you’ve emptied your garage, thoroughly cleaned it, decided what you’re going to keep and grouped it all together, it’s nearly time to start putting everything back! Installing shelving throughout the garage is a quick and effective way to help organise your items.

They are also useful for keeping sharp objects and chemicals away from children. Use shelving organised into sections, such as cube shelves, as it’s a great way to keep everything separated. If you found any boxes when cleaning out the garage, clean these down and use them for storage. Having everything grouped into boxes and placed on the floor or on lower down shelves is great for those tools you need to use regularly. Unused cabinets and desks are all also great for storage; if you have recently replaced, or are planning to replace your kitchen, keep some of the units behind to use in the garage. Not only can these be used for storage, but you will also have worktop space. To keep your tools well organised, place a peg board on the wall which you can hang these from. These are great for helping you find your tools quickly and it’ll be easy and quick for you to put them back after using them.

Take Your Time The most important thing to remember when cleaning out your garage is that patience is key. This doesn’t need to be an overwhelming job as long as you make your plan and stick to it. If you tackle these steps one at a time, then you will soon reclaim your parking space in one single weekend.

Once you have decided what you are going to keep, it’s a great idea to sort them into groups such as gardening items, car tools, DIY tools and camping equipment


Avengers Endgame: Who will survive?

This April, the biggest ensemble superhero film ever made, Avengers: Endgame, will bring to a close a story eleven years in the making, and is set to reveal the fates of the much-loved superheroes The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has ruled the box office every year since its first film in 2008. It features 20 films and has grossed over $15 billion dollars worldwide, making it the most successful movie franchise ever! Along the way they have introduced heroes such as Black Panther, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy, alongside regulars such as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and the Hulk. Avengers: Endgame is the second part of the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ storyline, taken from the comics, and will bring phase three to a close. Here is a recap of the events from Avengers Infinity War: part one.


Floating through space, after escaping the destruction of Asgard, Thor, Loki and The Hulk are attacked by Thanos, the last Titan. He is looking to complete ‘The Infinity

Gauntlet’, the most powerful weapon in the universe. He needs six Infinity Stones that give the gauntlet its power, which have been lost for thousands of years. Loki is killed, The Hulk is transported to Earth and Thor escapes with his life. Thor gets rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy and goes on a mission to create his own weapon. Meanwhile, Iron Man and SpiderMan try to rescue Doctor Strange, who is the protector of one of the Infinity Stones. And, on Earth, Captain America prepares for war in Wakanda with Black Panther. The Guardians of the Galaxy, SpiderMan, Strange and Iron Man set a trap for Thanos on his homeworld, Titan. They nearly succeed, only for Thanos to transport himself to Earth, where he gets the final stone and completes the gauntlet. And, with a snap of his fingers, he wipes out half the universe. Avengers Endgame will pick up the story in the aftermath of ‘the snap’. A long list of superheroes were turned to dust including Black Panther, Spider-Man, Groot, StarLord and Doctor Strange. The remaining Avengers are in mourning and look to undo ‘the snap’. So, what

do we know about Endgame so far? Doctor Strange may be dust but he had seen the future; he saved Iron Man in trade for the final Infinity Stone. But, why was it more important to save Iron Man than half of the universe? Time travel is expected to play a big part, as is the Quantum realm first seen in Ant-Man. The battle of New York from the first Avengers film is expected to be revisited by our time travelling heroes. One key Avenger is expected to die. And, what part will Captain Marvel play? With sequels for Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Black Panther already announced, all we know for certain is that if you’re an Avenger, there is life after death. Avengers Endgame will be released on 26th April this year.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has ruled the box office every year since its first film in 2008. It features 20 films and has grossed over $15 billion dollars worldwide, making it the most successful movie franchise ever!


London Marathon


On Sunday 28th April, hundreds of thousands of runners, from professional athletes to amateurs, will take part in this year’s London Marathon Beginning at Blackheath in East London, the 26.2-mile race passes through the heart of the capital before ending at the finish line opposite Buckingham Palace. Thousands upon thousands of spectators are set to be cheering on runners as they pass through the city

This year’s marathon, once again sponsored by Virgin Money, will be a celebration of fundraising from the London Marathon crossing the 1 billion pound mark this year. The event has set a world record for fundraising for an annual one day event every year since 2007, and 2019’s 39th London Marathon will break the £1billion mark! The Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 will celebrate its ‘Thanks a Billion’ campaign with elite athletes taking part in its races. In the men’s race, British legend and four-time winner Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah will line up against world record holder Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya. David Weir CBE, the most successful athlete in the history of the London Marathon, will return for his 20th successive year. The sixtime Paralympic champion has won the race eight times since he first completed the course in 2000 at the age of 19. Kenyan Vivian Cheruiyot will be fighting to defend her London Marathon titles as she heads a starstudded line-up, which includes

winners of the last four majors. Cheruiyot will be joined by fellow Kenyans Gladys Cherono, Brigid Kosgei and Mary Keitany, who top the Abbott World Marathon Majors series XII rankings with 25 points apiece from their wins in Berlin, Chicago and New York. For spectators, there are various places which are best for watching the action and looking out for friends or family taking part. Areas along the route such as Greenwich and Tower Bridge will likely be the most popular destinations for spectators, so arrive early if you want to grab a good space. Once again, the day will be well covered by the BBC and broadcast live on BBC1 and BBC2, their website and via their red button. So, if you are attending the race as a runner or a spectator, you can watch the coverage afterwards to see if you can spot yourself amongst the crowds! The Elite Wheelchair Races start at 8.55am, and the Elite Women’s Race at

9.15am. The Elite Men’s Race, British Athletics & England Athletics Marathon Championships and Mass Race begin at 10am.

The event has set a world record for fundraising for an annual one day event every year since 2007, and 2019’s 39th London Marathon will break the £1billion mark


Wet weekend? No problem!

One of the best things about spring and summer is that it can be easy to entertain kids as there are a range of outdoor activities you can do in the glorious sunshine. However, wet-free weekends are not always guaranteed. Here are some ideas on how to keep your little ones entertained when the weather is just too horrible to go outside

Make An Indoor Den

Everyone has made an indoor den at some point in their lives while growing up and this is a great activity for all ages. Make a den with some bed sheets and your imagination! Encourage your children to use their creativity on how to decorate the den and enjoy the afternoon inside the den with a book, watching a film on a tablet or hosting a tea party with their favourite teddies.


When you’re stuck indoors for the day, ask your children to bring down a pile of all their favourite books and enjoy an afternoon of reading. You could set up your own little library with small chairs, biscuits and a glass of squash. After you’ve finished reading, you can encourage them to discuss the book they’ve just read.

Inside Attractions

Just because it is raining outside, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend the day at home. You can still enjoy a day or an afternoon out in one of the UK’s many indoor attractions. Museums and aquariums are great places to take kids on a wet day as they’re mostly inside, as well as being educational and good fun. Or why not take them to your local library or indoor swimming pool? Most kids enjoy swimming and it’s also great exercise too.


Making your own musical instruments such as pasta shakers is also great fun and can keep kids entertained for hours

Get In The Kitchen

Everybody loves cakes and cookies, nobody more so than kids. There are loads of kid-friendly baking recipes such as Rice-Krispie cakes and chocolate brownies. Gingerbread men and cupcakes are also easy to make, and your children will enjoy decorating them; just make sure you have enough decorations in the cupboard! Homemade pizzas are also great fun and kids will enjoy choosing their favourite toppings. Frozen fruit pops are easy and fun to make too, plus they’re healthy. You can fill them with whatever fruit you fancy; and you’ll have a refreshing, ice cold, snack for when the weather heats up. Just remember that kids in kitchens may end up in a lot of mess!

Craft Making Arts and crafts can be enjoyed by children of all ages, and also help parents to interact with their children. Whatever is your or your child’s skill level, there are a range of crafts you can make. Painting is an easy, simple and cheap way to entertain the kids. Pebbles and plant pots can be painted in whatever painting your kids choose and they can be used to decorate the garden. Making your own musical instruments such as pasta shakers is also great fun and can keep kids entertained for hours. Or why not make your own family scrapbook; this is a great way to look back on your favourite memories as a family!

Play Games Board games can be so much fun and can bring the family together for some quality time. When the weather is wet, this is a perfect opportunity to dig out the board games. Make the game exciting by offering prizes for the winners! As well as playing board games, why not have a games day playing a range of games and crowning the champion of the day? Organise a game of hide and seek around the house, play I-spy, musical statues and drawing games. Let your’s and your children’s imagination run wild and see what games you can come up with!

Put On Your Coat And Wellies! “A little rain never hurt nobody!” Even in wet weather, you can still enjoy the great UK outdoors, just make sure you wrap up warm! A bike ride or a long walk jumping in muddy puddles are just some of the best ways to make the most of the rainy weather.

Clean The House

Children wouldn’t be jumping for joy at the thought of this, but a whole day indoors is a great opportunity for everybody to chip in and tidy the house. Try and make it fun for younger children and reward them with a treat for helping to clean. You could maybe promise the kids a fun day out when the weather warms up if they get all their chores done.

Clear Out Clutter

The chances are, your children have a lot of toys, books and clothes which they no longer use or play with. This could be a great opportunity to free up some space in the house at the same time as helping people in need. Maybe as an incentive for younger children, reward them with a treat for how much they donate. This will also teach kids the importance of helping others.


The day we caught the train... Now that the days are becoming warmer and longer, you might be planning a day trip out. You don’t, however, need to travel via car to get there. There are many interesting places to visit up and down the UK that you can travel to, simply by hopping on a train!

2-for-1 entry


In an attempt to encourage families to take days out by train, National Rail have organised a scheme with 2-for-1 entry to several attractions nationwide if you choose to travel by train and pre-book your tickets. These include Bletchley Park, The Edinburgh Dungeon, Manchester United Museum and Tour Centre and The Royal Pavilion in Brighton. For more information about these and other offers, plus any terms and conditions, visit

Situated in the north of the country but just two hours from London by train, is the historic city of York. The attractions in this city would take much more than a day to explore; with museums, ghost walks, boat trips, leisurely strolls around the city walls and the cathedral there really is something for all ages. A great family visit would be to the National Railway Museum which is just a short walk from the main railway station. It traces the development of train travel and the impact this has had around the world. It is also home to many iconic locomotives, including The Flying Scotsman, The Mallard, Bullet Train and a number of carriages which throughout the last hundred years, have been used to transport members of the royal family.

Cadbury World For the chocolate lovers amongst us, a trip to Cadbury World situated in Bournville near Birmingham, is a must. Once you arrive at New Street Station there are regular train services to Bournville and Cadbury World is only a 15 minute walk from the station. There are fingerposts and wall signs to help you reach your chocolatey destination. An added bonus with using the train is that you will receive 30% off your entry fee! You’ll need to provide your train tickets at the point of entry and download a voucher from Once there, you are in for a fascinating day out with a self-guided tour on which you will learn how your favourite chocolate treats are made, play in virtual chocolate rain, take a trip on the Cadabra ride and meet the drumming gorilla (Phil Collins eat your heart out!). Younger members of the family will enjoy the 4D chocolate adventure cinema experience. Guided by Freddo Frog and other Cadbury characters, you will dive into a bowl of liquid chocolate, ride the Crunchie rollercoaster and fly the Cadbury Crème Egg Airship with the Caramel Bunny at the helm. There is much more to do while visiting this attraction and it is very popular, so it is advisable to pre-book your tickets.


Reviews for this attraction are excellent with average times spent there being around three hours. Entry is free, but donations are encouraged to enable the museum to continue its valuable work restoring historic trains and carriages. Another must while in York is the Jorvik Viking Centre where as part of the visit you will be transported back to experience life in 10th Century York. Here you will travel around the Viking city in a time capsule so be prepared for the sights and smells of the time. As can be imagined, this is a very popular attraction so pre-booking is advisable.

An adult-only day out If you’re planning an adult-only trip out, then has ideas for a number of days out centred around train travel. Including luxury days trips with lunch and afternoon tea aboard fully restored trains from the 1920’s and 30’s, to murder mystery adventures and the ultimate day out for the train fanatic – the ability to put on your drivers jacket and learn how to drive a steam train or diesel locomotive!

National Rail have organised a scheme with 2-for-1 entry to several attractions nationwide if you choose to travel by train and pre-book your tickets


Lamb chops with chicory and purple broccoli served with wild garlic pesto and a creamy mustard sauce Featuring lamb chops, chicory, purple sprouting broccoli and garlic pesto, this recipe makes the most of the great range of food that’s in season Serves 2 15 MINS PREP & COOK Six small or four large lamb chops 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp thyme 1 tsp rosemary 2 chicories 300g purple sprouting broccoli or tender stem broccoli

To make the pesto, put the garlic into a pestle and mortar, along with the pine nuts, basil and some olive oil, and crush and grind until a paste forms.

until a lovely dark colour forms – but be careful not to burn your lamb. Turn the heat off and remove the lamb, letting them rest.

Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil and add the purple sprouting broccoli. Blanch for approximately 5 mins. About half way through, add the chicories so they gently sit atop the broccoli (so that they steam rather than boil). When finished, strain all ingredients in a colander.

In the same pan, with all the lamb juices still sitting in it, add the cream and mustard, and bring the sauce together on the warm heat.

Rub the three lots of herbs into the four lamb chops, along with some salt and pepper and a little olive oil. Bring a frying pan to a very hot temperature, and then place the chops into the pan. Sear the herbs on both sides of the lamb


5 cloves of garlic 100g pine nuts 3 tbsp of chopped basil (either fresh or dried) Few tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp single cream 1 tbsp of mustard

*image for illlustrative purposes only

Halve the chicories length ways, and serve, along with the lamb, broccoli, and pesto in a ramekin. Serve each meal with drizzles of the mustard sauce.

Childproof your rental home: protect your children and your deposit at the same time

Kids will be kids and deposits are expensive. Here are simple tips to help protect both so you can enjoy making memories in your wonderful and safe family home Congratulations, you have a new addition to your family! That cooing bundle of joy will be crawling before you know it. The super clean home you have always been so proud of will be full of toys, nappies and a constant pile of washing! Children make a house a home, but with over one million children taken to hospital each year after accidents at home, you will want to childproof your house. If you are one of the five million families renting in the UK, you will also need to consider the deposit you have paid – and want to get back one day. So, here are some handy tips for keeping your children safe as well as your deposit.


Remember that beautiful new carpet in the living room that your landlord was super proud of? Well, that carpet won’t love baby food, milk and juice being splashed all over it. Besides cling-filming the whole carpet, the simplest fix could be a big rug you won’t mind getting stained. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but when the times comes to get your deposit back, you will be thankful! For little muddy feet, as well as a front doormat you could also have a carpet runner leading through. We all know children don’t take their shoes off without being asked at least five times and muddy stains stain!

Children make a house a home, but with over one million children taken to hospital each year after accidents at home, you will want to childproof your house

Stair gates There are thousands of stair gates on the market today. The standard stair gate is held in place with four adjustable pressure pads, two on each side. You will want these as tight as possible against the walls. What no one tells you though is that, as sure as your little one will wake in the night, these will leave marks on your walls. As a tenant, it is unlikely your landlord will allow you to drill into your walls and insert a screw-fit stair gate. So the simplest fix is to buy wall guards for the pressure gates. These clever pads disperse the pressure to a larger area and the rubber grips keep the gate from sliding or scratching the paint.

Cupboard locks

Children love to explore, especially places they shouldn’t; such as the cleaning cupboard under the sink. Child safety locks are fantastic to keep little fingers away from dangerous items. Similar to stair gates though, adhesive strap child locks can leave behind a sticky residue and stain your cupboard doors. However, new quick fit magnetic child locks can be installed inside the cupboards, so they are completely invisible from the outside and any pesky stains won’t be noticeable. Just don’t lose the key to the sweetie cupboard!




A beautifully appointed ground floor maisonette well-placed for access to Llanishen Village. Luxury living accommodation includes two bedrooms, luxury en-suite shower room and bathroom and an open plan kitchen/dining/living room. Benefits include gas central heating, double glazing, a high specification kitchen and beautiful decor. EPC B

Pantbach Avenue, Birchgrove


This beautifully presented and fully renovated bay fronted family home is located on a sought-after road within Birchgrove. Offering well-appointed accommodation briefly comprising of hallway, living room and dining room with feature fireplaces, modern high gloss fitted kitchen. Upstairs has two double bedrooms both with fitted storage plus a generous third bedroom and modern white three-piece bathroom. Externally the property benefits from off road parking to the front and an enclosed rear garden with decking and artificial lawn. EPC D

Clos Yr Alarch, Thornhill


A modern end of link house on a corner plot with loft conversion, large conservatory and garage. Entered via an expansive paved driveway and covered storm porch, this modern property accommodates a useful ground floor cloakroom, living room, kitchen/diner, substantial conservatory, three first floor bedrooms, bathroom and loft conversion. EPC D

The Rise Cottage, Lisvane


A beautifully appointed period detached residence placed within a stone’s throw of Llanishen village and on the cusp of Lisvane. Placed on a generous plot this elegant home boasts beautiful gardens and has excellent scope for extending (subject to planning). Offered to the market with no onward chain. EPC E

Heath - 029 2062 0202

Llandaff - 029 2055 5198 Pontcanna - 029 2022 8135 Whitchurch - 029 2062 3115

Lettings - 029 2078 0230

Clos Rhiannon, Thornhill


An extended, detached family home well located in the sought-after North Cardiff suburb of Thornhill. Family sized living accommodation includes a living room and dining room separated by double doors, a kitchen/diner, utility and cloakroom to the ground floor. The first floor accommodates the master bedroom and en-suite, a further four bedrooms, one with en-suite shower room, and the family bathroom. EPC D

Lon – Y – Dail, Rhiwbina


A detached family home situated in the heart of Rhiwbina village. Set on a spacious and attractive plot in this highly sought-after suburb overlooking Rhiwbina Tennis Club. The property Internally the well-presented and appointed ground floor comprises a sitting room with through lounge, generous front dining room, kitchen and cloakroom. To the first floor are three double bedrooms, a further office/study plus generous modern family bathroom. EPC D

Cheriton Drive, Thornhill


An imposing and beautifully presented six bedroom detached modern family home, that benefits from being greatly extended and improved by the current owners. Well-placed on a generous plot in a sought after and desirable area of Thornhill situated in a quiet cul-de-sac. This property offers good access to the local amenities and transport links to A470 and M4. EPC D

Dillons, Lisvane


As substantial property of circa 4929 sq ft ideally situated for Lisvane Village shops. Originally built around 1978 to a unique architect design, the house now requires upgrading. This is a property with huge potential and represents a superb opportunity to make this unusual house a stunning bespoke home. EPC E



A beautifully presented two bedroom terrace home in the sought after suburb of Canton, located very close to Cardiff City Centre. The property is also located close to popular Chapter Arts and Thompson’s Park. The accommodation comprises an entrance hallway opening to a generous dining area, a lounge, kitchen, utility room and downstairs cloakroom. To the first floor there are two double bedrooms and a generous bathroom. Externally there is an enclosed a private garden. EPC E

Northumberland Street, Canton


An exceptional brand new home for sale in Canton, boasting a superb quality and benefits such as a 10 year NHBC warranty, composite sash windows, a fully fitted kitchen with integral appliances, two bathrooms and a downstairs W/C. In brief the accommodation comprises an entrance hallway, living room, a kitchen/breakfast room, utility/WC, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Externally there is a forecourt and enclosed garden with lane access. EPC C

Fairleigh Mews, Pontcanna


Offering a share of freehold - A rarely available and beautifully presented ground floor flat located in this cul-de-sac, parkside development at the edge of Llandaff Fields, boasting exceptional views towards Llandaff Cathedral. EPC C

Radnor Road, Canton


An attractive three storey mid terrace home located in an exceptionally desirable street just a short walk from Chapter Arts and Thompsons Park. The home has three double bedroom, plus a generous converted loft room, an open plan living/dining room, modern fitted kitchen and a modern bathroom suite. Externally there is a forecourt to the front and an enclosed garden at the rear. No Chain. EPC E

Pontcanna - 029 2022 8135

Llandaff - 029 2055 5198 Heath - 029 2062 0202 Whitchurch - 029 2062 3115

Lettings - 029 2078 0230

Leckwith Mews, Canton


A fully renovated town house boasting five double bedrooms, a modern fitted kitchen, a ‘combi’ boiler and accommodation over three storeys. The property is located in a cul-de-sac of similar properties on the edge of Canton. Further benefits include an enclosed garden, a garage and parking. EPC C

Pontypridd Road, Barry


A largely extended detached dormer bungalow offering four double bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen/living/dining room and utility room. The living area has been extended to offer a generous open plan family room with patio doors to the garden, skylights, underfloor heating and ample space for lounge and dining furniture. Furthermore there is a modern fitted kitchen and a utility room. The first floor offers two double bedrooms and a Jack and Jill en-suite. EPC C

Bartley Wilson Way, Canton


A well presented semi-detached home located in this gated development, comprising of mainly detached and semi-detached homes, located conveniently for the M4 Motorway and Ninian Park train station, which provides effortless city centre access within 15 minutes. The property comprises an entrance hall, a living room, an open plan kitchen/dining room and a W/C. To the first floor there are three bedrooms, a family bathroom and an en-suite. Externally there is an enclosed garden and two allocated parking spaces. EPC C

Romilly Road, Canton


A large, imposing Victorian home, built circa 1903 occupying a substantial corner plot opposite Thompsons Park. Littered with original features, the home has been restored tastefully by the current owners, preserving the Victorian characteristics, such as coving, ceiling roses, Victorian tiling, balustrades to the staircase and original storage facilities. EPC E

A place we own

PLUS lunch taken care of

Welcome to Retirement Living PLUS at Llys Isan

Exclusively for the over 70s, Retirement Living PLUS from McCarthy & Stone is designed to give you more -

Enjoy all of these great facilities and services at Llys Isan

more support, more convenience and more peace of mind.

Staff on-site 24 hours per day

Retirement Living PLUS means that you’ll have access to

Domestic assistance included

on-site facilities such as a Bistro, which serves hot and cold meals

A delicious lunch served daily^

for those who don’t want to cook. There’s also a homeowners lounge and a wellbeing suite for you to relax with friends. We are excited to announce that we are now taking

Lifts for easy access to all floors Guest suite on-site^

reservations off-plan.

Beautifully maintained gardens

Book your appointment today to find out more.

Wellbeing Suite

Llys Isan, Ilex Close, Llanishen, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, CF14 5DZ Marketing Suite Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10:30am - 5pm One & two bedroom retirement apartments available from £199,950

To find out more, call now on 0800 153 3328 or visit At an extra charge. #Subject to availability.


Llys Isan Hern & Crabtree A4 (1.3).indd 1


01/03/2019 15:03


Save up to £10,000

on selected properties at River Walk, St. Edeyrn’s Village

a charming selection of 4 and 5 bed executive homes River Walk is our new collection of impressive four and five bedroom homes at St. Edeyrn’s Village in Old St Mellons. Located on the outskirts of Cardiff, it’s ideally placed to enjoy the city as well as nearby bustling towns and beautiful surrounding countryside. • • • • •

Choice of spacious 4 and 5 bedroom homes Sought-after semi-rural location Convenient leisure facilities and shopping close by Excellent transport links via the M4 and A48 Brand new primary school within the village

River Walk offers a range of spacious family homes, so whether you’re looking to take your next step up the ladder, or need more space for a growing family, this development is bound to have what you’re after.

Reserve before 24th March 2019 with this advert and get free flooring.*

River Walk

St. Edeyrn’s Village, Old St Mellons Cardiff, CF3 6YA Call our on-site sales executive on: 02920 104 015 Showhome open Thursday to Monday 11am-6pm


*Schemes and offers mentioned are available on selected plots, subject to status, specific terms and conditions will apply. Please see or contact the development for more information. A professional legal adviser is required to carry out the legal formalities of buying the home and to represent your interests. Charles Church can provide you with a list of recommended solicitors and/or financial advisers as necessary. Charles Church cannot advise you on a mortgage. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE, YOUR EQUITY LOAN OR OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT. Imagery is for illustration purposes only. External elevations including treatments, materials, window positions and sizes are subject to change at any time. Details correct at time of going to press.



Celtic Road, Whitchurch

Guide Price £325,000

Built in 1889, this is a superb, traditional and spacious family home situated on the Common in Whitchurch village. This extensive property offers generous accommodation on a good size plot and is perfect for those hoping to find a family home in a very convenient position. The property retains plenty of character with original features throughout and yet has been well looked after and upgraded to incorporate all the modern conveniences needed. EPC D

This lovely, spacious home offers a good size corner plot with detached garage and ample off road parking. Boasting field views, versatile accommodation with an open plan kitchen/dining/family room and a convenient location. We highly recommend viewings to fully appreciate! EPC E


Pendine House, Whitchurch Guide Price £195,000

This bay fronted detached Bungalow has one of the largest plots, with a corner position, large Garden and good size accommodation which must be viewed to be appreciated. The property has lovely traditional features and yet it has been modernised to include an open plan kitchen/dining/living space, spacious bathroom and three good size bedrooms. Very convenient for access to Whitchurch village! EPC E

This ground floor maisonette is one of the most sought after properties in the area. In particular, the position of this property is one of the best with a Garage and driveway immediately outside the property. It is spacious, bright and has three double bedrooms. Offered for sale with no onward chain and easy walking distance to all amenities. EPC D

Heol Iestyn, Whitcurch

Whitchurch - 029 2062 3115

Pontcanna - 029 2022 8135 Llandaff - 029 2055 5198 Heath - 029 2062 0202

Lettings - 029 2078 0230

Llancaiach Road, Whitchurch


A beautifully presented bay fronted family home located in a very desirable road in Whitchurch village. Offering easy access to all village amenities and very popular primary and secondary schools, this is a particularly convenient spot. The property is both bright and spacious and offers an open plan kitchen/diner, extended Lounge with wood burner and a good size family room. Upstairs are three lovely Bedrooms and a modern Bathroom. EPC D

Golwyg Y Faenor, Caerwent


A luxurious, executive style detached family home close to Wentwood Forest! Carefully designed and planned, this superb property offers space and versatility with well proportioned rooms, a generous plot and flexible style accommodation. There are some truly stunning features to enjoy within this home, for example full height windows in the principle rooms allow the resident to take in the wonderful scenic views of countryside. Driveway and double Garage allowing for plenty of parking to suit all families. EPC B

Court Close, Whitchurch


A fully modernised, extended semi detached home situated in a ‘tucked away’ position in this quiet cul de sac in Whitchurch village. Due to the position of this lovely home, it boasts of a superb, private Garden with double driveway parking and Garage. The property is beautifully presented throughout and has been considerably upgraded by the current vendors. The Kitchen and Dining Room have been knocked through to create a stylish and light kitchen/dining/living space. EPC E

College Road, Whitchurch


Extended Three Bedroom traditional bay fronted semi detached with bags of potential to improve. Property offers spacious accommodation over two floors with the scope of putting a fourth Bedroom in Loft ( subject to planning ).The property benefits from double glazing, gas central heating a good size rear garden, conservatory, and off road parking for approx three cars, and is well placed for both Whitchurch and Llandaff North Village, local transport is also close at hand EPC D



An impressive detached residence placed towards the end of this select location in the historic village of St. Fagans, set within approximately 1/4 acre of grounds. This home has been presented to a high standard and is approached via a gated entrance with ample off street parking. An imposing hall, a contemporary kitchen, impressive lounge with wood stove and two further reception rooms downstairs, utility room and large games room, four double bedrooms, modern en suite shower and family bathroom. the gardens have been meticulously landscaped. EPC=E

Tregarth Close, Creigiau


Set on a generous corner plot is this detached house located in a quiet cul de sac in Creigiau. Tastefully modernised by the current owners, the property briefly comprises: Entrance Hall, lounge/diner, sitting room, cloakroom, kitchen and utility room to the ground floor, four bedrooms with an en-suite to the master and a contemporary bathroom, generous gardens to the front, side and rear, off street parking for multiple vehicles and detached garage. EPC=D

Thistle Way, Llandaff


A semi detached house, which offers a modern kitchen with scope to extend across the rear creating a kitchen/dining room. With a large rear garden this home should appeal to families Further comprising: entrance hall, lounge open to dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and family bathroom, the property offers further scope for a loft conversion creating more space for those wanting it, garage and off street parking, The property is in the catchment for Llandaff City Church of Wales Primary School. EPC=E

Coed Y Llyn, Radyr


At the top of the cul de sac you’ll find this deceptively spacious detached bungalow presented to a high standard. The open plan kitchen / dining room provides ample amount of room for entertaining and families. generous living room. the family bathroom has been transformed with a stylish walk in shower and bath, beautiful rear gardens with a large patio ideal for the summer. Further benefiting from gas central heating, double glazing and has been re-decorated by the current owners. EPC=C

Llandaff - 029 2055 5198

Whitchurch - 029 2062 3115 Pontcanna - 029 2022 8135 Heath - 029 2062 0202

Lettings - 029 2078 0230

Greenacres, Creigiau


No onward Chain. A detached residence boasting a large entrance hall, three reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room and cloakroom, five bedrooms, en suite, jack and jill bathroom and a family bathroom, flexible and versatile property has potential to form an annex with bedroom two and reception room three along with a Jack & Jill bathroom thanks to the separate stairs linking the study and bedroom, wrap around gardens to enjoy, a double integral garage and driveway. EPC=D

Heol Isaf, Radyr


An impressive detached residence with a stylish yet charming open plan living extension that takes centre stage. Presented to a high standard this wonderful family provides excellent potential to form a large 5th bedroom and en suite in the loft with planning granted in 2010 for a dormer conversion, briefly comprises: entrance hall, lounge, dining room, utility room & cloakroom and an open plan kitchen/ breakfast/family room. four bedrooms, en suite and family bathroom, front and rear gardens with driveway and garage. EPC=D

Penmaen Walk, Culverhouse Cross


Hern & Crabtree are delighted to bring to the market this tastefully presented three bedroom plus a loft room, semi detached house in Culverhouse Cross. Much improved by the current owners, the accommodation briefly comprises: Entrance Hall, Cloakroom, Open Plan Lounge/Diner and a Fitted Kitchen to the ground floor. To the first floor are Three Bedrooms, a Four Piece Bathroom Suite and access to a good size Loft Room via the Second Bedroom.

St Fagans Drive, St Fagans


A detached residence set on a beautifully landscaped generous plot in this historic village which is set back offering private and sizeable accommodation in a superb semi-rural location. Briefly comprising: entrance hall, cloakroom, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, lounge, sitting room and dining room, six bedrooms, en suite and family bathroom and a ‘Jack and Jill’ En Suite serving two further bedrooms. an integral double garage with electric doors and a large gated driveway, tastefully landscaped gardens to be enjoyed year round. EPC=C

Lettings - 029 2078 0230 Llandaff - 029 2055 5198 Whitchurch - 029 2062 3115 Pontcanna - 029 2022 8135 Heath - 029 2062 0202 St Catherines Mews, Pontcanna


**REFURBISHED GROUND FLOOR TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT** Hern & Crabtree present this two double bedroom ground floor apartment that has been refurbished throughout. This property comes unfurnished and comprises open plan lounge and kitchen, two double bedrooms, shower room and seperate WC. Externally there is an allocated parking space, and close proximity the local amenities of Pontcanna. Available at £895pcm* (admin fees apply). Strictly Professional Couple or Single Only. No Pets. EPC Rating D.

Fairwater Road West, Llandaff


** THREE BEDROOM TERRACED HOUSE** Hern & Crabtree are delighted to present this lovely unfurnished three bedroom house located in a popular residential area. Presented to a high standard and comprises large kitchen complete with integrated white goods and dining area, utility room and a good size reception. Upstairs are two double bedrooms and one single room, plus a modern family bathroom. Externally there is a lawned garden to the rear complete with garden shed, off road parking to the front and close proximity to local amenities and transport links. Available for occupation from the 8th April at £995pcm* (admin fees apply). Strictly professionals only. No pets. EPC rating D.

Canada Road, Heath


**THREE/FOUR BEDROOM TERRACED HOME** Hern & Crabtree are pleased to present this mid terrace house located in the heart of Heath. The property comes unfurnished and comprises two reception rooms (one could be used as bedroom 4), large kitchen (with white goods included) to the ground floor. Upstairs are three bedrooms and a shower room, while externally there is a rear courtyard garden and on street parking to the front. Available from the 7th March 2019 at £1075pcm* (admin fees apply). Strictly Professionals Only. No Pets. EPC Rating E.

Caswell House, Llandaff


**FURNISHED APARTMENT** Hern & Crabtree present this lovely two bedroom top floor apartment is located in The Crescent, Llandaff. The property comes furnished and comprises of a hallway, modern kitchen, spacious living room with a conservatory, modern bathroom and two bedrooms. The property further benefits from lift access and an allocated parking space. Available at £750pcm* (admin fees apply) from the 28th March 2019. Strictly Professionals Only. No Pets or children. EPC C.

E S T. 1849


Welcome to the 3rd phase of this award winning development...

Hern & Crabtree are please to offer a range of two to four bedroom Eco homes in the 3rd phase of this award winning development. If you would like to find out more or have any questions about this exciting new development please contact us today: Llandaff Office

02920 555198

Pontcanna Office

02920 228135

E S T. 1849 Nigel John | Managing Director, MARLA & NAEA Nigel took ownership of Hern & Crabtree many years ago from Ann Dawe. Nigel re-branded and revitalised this historic estate agency helping it become one of the most recognised and established agents in Cardiff.

Rhodri Humphreys | Area Manager Rhodri is a knowledgeable and hardworking estate agent who oversees the Hern & Crabtree network. Rhodri has worked in the Cardiff and Vale area for his entire career and also specialises in land and new homes.

Michael Baillie | Director & Branch Manager Mike is an enthusiastic, positive and experienced Estate Agent that has a real passion for property. Mike’s close focus on customer service has been a key to his and his team’s success over the years.

Denise Dobson | Administrator and Sales Negotiator Denise is upbeat, and cheery with a wealth of experience behind her, highly organised and keeps her cool even at the busiest of times. Denise is mainly office based and is often the voice at the end of the phone, so much that one of our clients is convinced she never leaves!

Jan Street | Sales Progression Manager Jan has a sparkling personality, is extremely caring and hardworking. Jan looks after our clients postsale, her wealth of experience combined with her superb communication between all parties ensures a smooth transaction. Jan’s efforts don’t go unnoticed and receives glowing reviews.

Lance Robertson | Lettings Manager Lance is exceptionally knowledgeable in his field with over 10 years of experience in lettings. He’s friendly, approachable, a pleasure for landlords and tenants alike should they need any help. Whether it be professional advice on letting your property, or legal compliance, Lance is on hand to give clear and concise guidance.

Heath - 029 2062 0202 Llandaff - 029 2055 5198 Pontcanna - 029 2022 8135 Whitchurch - 029 2062 3115

Owen Llewellyn | Senior Sales Negotiator Owen is an exuberant and attentive estate agent who is a big character at Hern & Crabtree. Owen is an accomplished and highly talented negotiator and valuer with 7 years agency experience.

Jo Shears | Senior Sales Negotiator Jo is a passionate and caring estate agent and can light up any room with her warmth, humour and positivity. Jo is another big character in the company and a firm favourite with our clients.

Ben Shorrocks | Branch Manager Ben is a very honest and trustworthy Estate Agent who takes pride in delivering a high quality service to be proud of. Ben is highly experienced, knowledgeable and reliable and works hard to ensure that he will be your estate agent for life.

Harry Watson-James | Sales Negotiator Harry is the life and soul of the office in Pontcanna, forever with a grin on his face, you can’t help but be happy when in his company. He’s a motivated and very determined individual who relishes helping others search for their next home.

Anna O’Mahoney | Branch Manager Anna is a talented and caring Estate Agent who was born to sell property. Anna started her career in estate agency in 2001 as a Saturday worker whilst still in college and has vast experience. She is patient, dedicated and very hard working.

Molly Fletcher | Lettings Negotiator Molly relocated from West Wales to join Hern & Crabtree as a Lettings Negotiator. Molly carries out all the lettings viewings and provides regular feedback to all Landlords regarding the progress of letting their property through Hern & Crabtree.

E S T. 1849

Anthony Poole | Branch Manager Anthony is a passionate and dedicated Estate Agent who doesn’t know when to go home! He works long hours and his hard work and dedication to his clients is matched with a skill set and approach that gives customers the peace of mind that they are in caring and trusted hands.

Annamarie Winks | Negotiator Annamarie has over 27 years experience and recently joined the Whitchurch branch. Having worked all over Cardiff, Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan, she is a familiar face and an expert in property. Annamarie brings passion and dedication and is very kind and hard-working with stacks of humour.

Thomas Lloyd | Senior Negotiator* Thomas is an incredibly likeable, professional negotiator who is always in high spirits and eager to help. Thomas’ first language is Welsh and is able to provide a Welsh Language Service to our customers. This has proved to be so popular that we are now trialling a Welsh Language Service that is available to our vendors, subject to availability. Thomas is a real asset to Hern & Crabtree and we are very excited to grow our Language Service around him.


*If you are a seller that would prefer to speak in the Welsh language, please request this when booking your free market appraisal.

Annie Munro | Senior Negotiator Annie is a genuine and caring estate agents and a favourite with her clients who come back to her time after time. Annie has been an estate agent for over 19 years and is always smiling.

Amy McDonough | Sales Negotiator Amy has been an Estate Agent for over 17 years and brings a wealth of experience in all property matters. Her enthusiasm and passion for the industry is second to none and she is very popular with both clients and staff alike.

Marc Rees | Senior Property Coordinator For our tenants in our Managed properties, Marc is the face of Hern & Crabtree. Handling all the maintenance enquiries, Marc is an exceptionally hard working member of the team, who you can trust will get things done for you.

Contact us today for your FREE market appraisal

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Hern & Crabtree - April 2019  

Hern & Crabtree - April 2019