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Welcome to the September issue of Property News! So, you’ve survived the summer holidays and the kids have everything they need for a great term at school. But what to do now? Well, if you’ve got the summer time blues and are already looking to book your next break away, make sure you read our essential travel article on why getting your travel insurance sorted now is vital. However, if (like me) all you need is a good night’s sleep after such a busy summer, then our advice on creating the best sleeping environment is a mustread too. From lighting to temperature, there is lots you can do to ensure you get a great night’s sleep. Also inside are some unique solutions to accessorising your home in style; from funky door stops to cosy rugs, we’ve got it covered. Plus, with the demand of social media continuing to grow, inside we give top tips on how to stay safe while online. As ever, there is plenty more inside this issue to keep you reading. So, why not pop the kettle on, sit back, relax with a cuppa and have a good read! Until next time. Linda McKeown Editor

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Moving house with

made easy children

Moving to a new house can be a huge upheaval for the whole family, especially when there are children involved. The big move can, however, be made simpler by following our few handy tips

Get the children involved Children can either love or hate the idea of moving to a new house. To minimise any disruption and upset, it’s a good idea to show them their new home and its surroundings before the big day. Try to spend some time there and show them the local parks and places they will be able to visit once they make the move. Allow them to see their new rooms and to plan out where all their things will go. Get them involved in the process of packing up their old rooms as much as possible. Personalising any boxes they have packed, with colouring pencils and stickers, is another helpful tool.

Pack up the kids toys’ last Whether you are using a removal company or hiring your own van, pack up your children’s toy box last. This will mean that on arrival they will be the first things taken off the van and can be a good distraction, allowing them to unpack their own things, in their own rooms which may

allow you a few minutes to unload and organise where the other boxes are going! It might also be a good idea to keep them in one room whilst larger furniture is being moved in, as this will prevent removal men or yourselves from stepping on toys scattered on the floor.

Make up a survival kit Making up survival kits for the move is a useful idea when moving with children. You should include such essentials as nappies, snacks, a change of clothes and their favourite toys or books, this will hopefully keep them distracted while the bulk of the moving is done. It might also be a good idea to make your own survival kit, with bottles of water, a check list and energy boosting snacks.

During the move Let’s be honest, leaving the kids with a relative or a friend would reduce the stress levels, allowing you to

Making up survival kits for the move is a useful idea when moving with children

organise the bulk of the work without the added pressure of entertaining bored children. However, this is not always possible, so if you must look after them on moving day, explain what is going to be happening on the day and, if necessary, promise to reward them for helping. Give them roles and specific jobs to do; such as being the toy monitor. This will put them in charge of making sure all toys and cuddly bears are packed away and nothing is left behind.

away, it might be a good idea before the move to create a memory scrapbook. This can be done as a family, including pictures of the old house and garden, memories had there and pictures or even messages from family and friends. The scrapbook could be personalised by your children and can be given to them to keep safe. This will create lasting memories they can take with them to the new house.

Make the first night special

Organising a small leaving party is also a good way to create positivity surrounding the move and is a great way to say goodbye to everyone. Take lots of pictures and ask everyone to write messages in your scrapbook.

Make the first night in your new home special. Instead of unpacking all the boxes as soon as you move in, order a pizza and put on their favourite film. Spending time as a family and making memories in your new home will help settle them for their first night. You could always have a camp-out in the living room, with a pillow fort and lots of snacks!

Moving long distances

If you are moving a long distance

Settling in to your new home

It might be a good idea to unpack and sort out your children’s rooms first, or as soon as possible. This will mean they have familiar things

around them and will help them to settle into their new rooms better. Unpacking their toys, teddies and books will also keep them distracted whilst the rest of the boxes are unpacked. In the days that follow the move, explore the new area by visiting the nearest parks and local shops. Getting to know your new surroundings will help to normalise the area. You might even find local baby or toddler groups, a great way to meet new friends for both you and your children and it’s also the perfect way to find out everything there is to know about the area. Finally, children will notice if you are negative or stressed about the move and will often mirror these feelings. Moving to a new house can be a fun and exiting time, so make sure you inject that into the process of moving.

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It’s the little things You only need to make little changes to make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Add quirky items and mementos to create something unique – without costing the earth

Dog Tail Coat Hooks If your pooch is your best friend then pay homage with these cute cast iron and slate dog tails storage hooks. Perfect in helping to prevent coats, bags and dog leads going walkies!


Apex Wood Grain Wallpaper A contemporary wallpaper design featuring an all over geometric pattern, with wood grain effect detailing. Shown here in the oak colourway. Other colourways are available.


Prosecco Doorstop This home runs on Love, Laughter and Prosecco!

Asiatic Harlequin Spacedust Rug Don’t forget your floor space! Instantly add a splash of colour by introducing a rug featuring innovative designs and colour tones. This Spacedust handtufted rug has a thick dense pile that is hard-wearing and non-shedding. Available in a variety of sizes and can also be made to order in any size.

Starting from £99

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Cinema Ticket Door Mat

Create a talking point as soon as your visitors step into your home. This cinema ticket door mat is unique and useful.


What better way to pay tribute to the rise in popularity of Prosecco than with your very own Prosecco bottle shaped, weighted doorstop. Approx. 32cm high.


Wilko Chunky Knit Throw Pom Pom - Mustard

It doesn’t need to cost the earth to make an impact. This Chunky Knit Throw in on-trend mustard colourway and featuring fun pom poms, is great value. Drape it over your sofa or chair to add an instant splash of colour.

Make little changes to make a big difference to the look and feel of your home


Metal Industrial Mirror

The perfect way to create the illusion of more space? Hang up a mirror! Not only that, adding a feature mirror to a room will create a lighter, brighter and more authentic feel. The black paint and aged finish gives it an on-trend upcycled look. Dimensions: H72 x W106 x D3cm.


Bronx Ladder Shelf

Available in rustic oak and light oak effect, this quirky storage shelf is ideal as a central feature and gives any room the wow factor. H180 x W53 x D38cm.Self-assembly required.


Antique Stag’s Head Statue

If you’re looking to make a change to the look of a room without splashing the cash, then this antique design stag’s head is just the thing to create a comfortable living atmosphere and sense of well-being. Dimensions: H85 x W61 x D34cm.

£54.99 Half Price!

* All prices correct at time of publishing

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Sleep soundly

all night,

every night We all need a good night’s sleep. In fact, according to the Sleep Council, an 18 to 65-year-old needs between seven and nine hours of sleep per night in order to properly recharge for the day ahead. So how do you get that good night’s sleep that you need?

Environment Creating the perfect sleeping environment will not only ensure that you get those seven to nine hours, but it’ll also ensure it’s the best quality you can get! There is nothing worse than struggling to sleep due to discomfort, waking up every hour because you are too hot, or you have left your TV on and a loud bang on a late-night film has startled you awake. And if you’re always waking up feeling tired the next morning, adding the necessary factors to give you a great sleep is something that your mind and body will thank you for.

Aromatherapy Using aromatherapy is believed to work, allowing you to get a great night’s sleep. Some studies have in fact shown that putting the scent of jasmine into your bedroom can lead to a more restful night’s sleep, as well as reducing anxiety and increasing mood. Put a fresh jasmine plant on a shelf or windowsill in your bedroom. Vanilla, lavender and fresh aloe vera plants are also said to be just as effective.

Avoid distractions Scrolling through phones, laptops and watching the TV in bed before sleeping also hinders our chances of a good quality night’s sleep. These types of technology contain ‘blue light’ which tricks our brain into not being ready for sleep. This is because this type of light also travels through the atmosphere from the sun, which means our brain believes the sun is up which can cause sleep issues. So, turn your TV or laptop off 30 to 60 minutes before sleep and stop checking your phone at least 30 minutes before bed. This will allow your brain to adjust to the night time and start winding down ready for sleep. Top tip: Try reading a book instead to keep your mind occupied. Following on from this, keeping your bedroom as dark as possible also allows for a great sleeping environment. You can achieve this by using black out curtains or blinds. Ensure both your inside and outside lights are switched off, or keep the bedroom door closed, if you need to keep a stair light on. That small standby light on the TV can also affect your sleep, so switch it off at the plug or even better don’t have a TV in your bedroom.

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Comfort is key In order to sleep well you need to ensure comfort. This ultimately comes down to your mattress, pillows and having your bedroom at the right temperature. You shouldn’t be waking up feeling tired so, if this is the case most mornings, then you need to replace your mattress and possibly your pillows too. If you get eight hours, then that is a third of your 24-hour day you spend asleep. So, however expensive a mattress might seem to you, it’s worth spending. If your head doesn’t feel in a comfortable position, it’s too flat or the pillow seems too hard, it’s time to change those too. Again, it’s worth spending money on them for the amount of time you will spend using them!

Adding the necessary factors to give you a great sleep is something that your mind and body will thank you for

Colour Colour can also impact your sleeping environment. According to hotel group, Travelodge, blue is the best colour to paint your bedroom, as it creates a feeling of calmness. Those sleeping in a blue bedroom are said to get approximately seven hours and 52 minutes sleep. The study also revealed that blue helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate for good quality sleep. Other colours that were proven to also help with a better sleep environment were certain shades of yellow, green, silver and orange. However, the worst colour schemes for bedrooms were revealed as purple, brown and grey.

Keep your room cool Your bedroom needs to be cool at night so that you can maintain the comfort in the surroundings of your bed. Wear loose fitting clothing at night to help your body breathe, stay cool and avoid sweating. Other ways to keep the room cool are to leave windows open so there is always fresh air coming in, particularly in any hot weather. If you can, turn all lights in your house off and leave your bedroom door open, so the air can flow through the house. However, if you live on a noisy road or don’t like having your windows open, then you can opt for a fan instead. The constant whirring of a fan can also have a soothing affect which will help you fall asleep faster. Sleep is a necessity, so creating an environment that is the best it can be is something that should be on your to-do list.

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Great North Run

BE YOUR GREATEST The SimpLyhealth Great North Run The Simplyhealth Great North Run takes place annually in North East England each September, and with 57,000 runners taking part, it is the largest half marathon in the world Starting in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, the 13.1 mile route takes runners through the city centre towards the River Tyne where thousands of people will cross over the iconic Tyne Bridge and may catch a glimpse of the Red Arrows passing overhead. From there the runners will travel through Gateshead, South Shields and reach the top of Prince Edward Road where there is a welcoming view of the sea. From that point there is just over a mile to go and the loud crowds cheer the runners down the final straight to the finish line. From the very beginning, this event has been a celebration of what makes the North East great; thousands of supporters lining the course and hundreds of volunteers helping the local heroes from around the UK who embody dedication and determination to run the 13.1 mile journey.

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The first ever Great North Run between Newcastle and South Shields took place 37 years ago on June 28, 1981, with 12,000 people taking part. Tyneside’s very own half-marathon was devised by former schoolteacher and Olympic 10,000 bronze medallist, Brendan Foster. Hebburn-born Foster was inspired to put together the Great North Run after competing in the Round the Bays Race in New Zealand in 1979. Back in 1981 the first event was advertised as a local fun run and 12,000 runners took part. Today, it is one of the biggest running events in the world, with millions raised for charities by competitors, and with countless famous names taking part. The Great North Run 1981 saw Kevin Keegan turning out in a half Newcastle United and Sunderland shirt, becoming one of the first sportsmen to take part in the world-famous half marathon. Since then, many retired sporting icons have participated over the 37-year history of the event. Former Commonwealth Games Gold medal-winning gymnast, Craig Heap, is set to race in this year’s event, alongside silver medal-winning rower Jessica Eddie, former international badminton

star Gail Emms as well as further celebrities such as singer Olly Murs, chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Geordie comedian, Ross Noble. The Great North Run 2018 will take place on Sunday 9th September and will see runners of all abilities take part. Once again, the whole day will be broadcast live on BBC, meaning that runners and crowd members may find themselves on live TV! For more information on The Great North Run 2018, and other events organised by Great Run up and down the country, visit:

“It is one of the biggest running events in the world, with millions raised for charities by competitors”

Simple, yet speedy!


Using ready-rolled puff pastry, this dish is perfect at mealtimes for when time is limited

Butternut ricotta tart with fiery rocket salad SERVES 4 | 45 MINS - 50 MINS

1 butternut squash (about 600g), peeled and cut into 2cm cubes 2 tbsp olive oil 320g sheet ready-rolled puff pastry 250g tub ricotta a few sage leaves, finely chopped good grating of nutmeg zest and juice ½ lemon 70g bag of rocket 1 red chilli, (deseeded and finely chopped) 25g pine nuts Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/ gas 7. Put the squash on a baking tray. Toss in half the oil, season and spread out into a single layer (you may need two baking trays). Roast for 30-35 minutes or until tender. Meanwhile, place a large rectangle of baking parchment on a baking tray. Unroll the pastry and lay it on top. Score a 1cm border with the tip of a knife and prick the inside part all over with a fork. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Mix the ricotta, sage, nutmeg, lemon zest and plenty of seasoning in a bowl. Once the pastry and squash are cooked, remove from the oven. Gently press the centre of the pastry case down with the back of a spoon. Spread the ricotta mix into the centre. Lay on the squash. Bake for another 10-15 minutes until the pastry is golden and crisp. Mix the lemon juice, rocket, chilli, pine nuts and 1 tbsp oil. Scatter half over the tart and serve the rest on the side. Per serving : 577 kcal 36g fat

Recipes can be found at: Find this recipe and more at

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Staying safe on social media Follow our tips on how you can protect yours and your family’s personal data on social networking sites

Social networking has become a 21st century phenomenon with billions of people around the world using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to share their life with friends and peers. However, in this current digital age, it is easy to get complacent about what information you share online and how it may impact you. Recent stories in the news have left many social media users concerned of their privacy online. Sharing too much information could leave you at risk of identify theft, or even a home burglary. Despite the dangers, social media brings entertainment to billions worldwide, and with these simple tips you can continue to share your life experiences with your friends in a safe environment. One of the first things you can do is to create secure passwords. Passwords should include capital letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure you have a different password for each account – if somebody were to find out your password then they could have access to all of your online accounts. Ensure a secure password is set up on your devices which you have social media on. After the shocking revelations of Facebook’s involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal which saw 87 million user’s personal data breached and stolen, Facebook referred its users to their privacy settings. Anybody with a social media account should familiarise themselves with the privacy policies and amend their settings accordingly.

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On Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, you can change your privacy settings to control who can see your news feed and your photos. Twitter allows users to choose whether to keep their Tweets public or private. For parents, it is important to ensure their children’s privacy settings are set to secure. Sites such as Snapchat and Facebook can share a user’s location; however, changing the privacy settings can prevent your child’s location being unwillingly shared to strangers.

Know about something called Facebook Depression Researchers say looking at Instagram or Facebook posts of happy events in other people’s lives can lower poor self-esteem. Explain to your child that what they see on social media is not always a reflection of what a person’s everyday real life is really like. People are unlikely to post about failures or mistakes or times when they are not feeling good about themselves. Images of shiny, happy people might only tell half a story.

Here are some tips for keeping your children safe online: Think of the Internet as a big, open space You wouldn’t drop your child off at a big public place and expect everyone they meet to treat them with kindness and protect their best interests, would you? That is a good analogy for what happens when a child goes online unsupervised. Be sure to keep a close eye on exactly who your child is talking to and when.

Be aware of the potential for bullying While it’s probably the case that many children online will have pleasant interactions with friends and peers, when you have more opportunity for social interaction, you have more opportunity for rejection or bullying by peers. Keep an eye out for signs that your child may be a victim of bullying and educate yourself about bullying in school.

Education about online profiles Everybody with a social media account leaves themselves with an online profile which anybody can view. If you were to apply for a job, a potential employer could search your name and create a first impression of you before ever speaking to you – potentially harming your chances of getting a job. Remind your children to avoid bad language or any controversial/ offensive content on their profile. It’s always a good idea to have a regular clean up of your social media by deleting images or statuses which may affect your reputation.

What else can I do to stay safe? When people first sign up to social media, their first mission is to get as many likes and followers as possible. However, over time you find that you’re sharing information on social media with up to hundreds of people who you don’t know. When you are sharing private information you only want your close friends to see, consider those people you added ten years ago who you knew from a friend of a friend. If you feel harmed by somebody on social media, you can report and block them to stop any further danger. The dangers of social media can also transpire outside of social networking sites. What seems like a safe link on your news feed could be there to trick you into clicking links and infecting your computer or stealing sensitive information. Always be aware of suspicious looking links and ‘fake news’ by questioning the authenticity of the website. If you see a news story from an unknown news website, search the story online first to see if any major news outlets have also reported it.

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Holiday insurance

why it matters and why you should book it early Just back from your summer holidays and already planning the next escape? Then make sure you organise your holiday insurance now – don’t wait!

Page 12

Money Saving Expert has recently spoken out about holiday insurance and why it’s imperative that you don’t wait until just before you travel to take out your insurance. If anything happens before the time of your holiday, whereby you need to cancel your holiday for whatever reason, you won’t be entitled to get your money back unless you have holiday insurance. Holidays can be one of the most expensive things in life, so making sure you prioritize the insurance side of it should be a given for anyone wanting to take care of their finances sensibly. However, did you know that you don’t have to take out your holiday insurance with the company you are booking with? If you explore price comparison sites, there could be much better deals available elsewhere. But don’t let your price comparison tasks become too timeconsuming – the important thing to remember is to get the insurance booked as soon as possible. And here are the key reasons why this is so important.

Start time of the insurance


Sometimes poor health can come out of nowhere, and when you least expect it. It’s one of the most frequently used reasons for drawing on a travel insurance policy, and one of the most common reasons for having a claim turned down. Your health certainly plays a very significant role in holiday insurance, and with this significance comes some legal complexity.

It may seem like a foolish mistake to make, but many people take out insurance to begin on the first day of their holiday, rather than from the day they booked. This could become a problem if the policyholder must cancel the holiday in advance. In this case, since the policy itself hasn’t started yet, the insurer may refuse to pay any cancellation costs, so be very careful about when exactly you start You must make sure everything your policy. relevant regarding your health is initially disclosed to the insurer, If the insurer is only happy starting the policy from the start date because if it’s not, and a claim is of the holiday itself, they are required by law to make this clear to rejected due to a pre-existing medical the customer. So, if your claim is turned down due to it being out condition which was not previously of the time frame allowance, it’s now your job to prove that the disclosed, you’ll lose out. It’s important insurer hadn’t made you aware of the fact. Typically, the phone to also note that a pre-existing conversation you had with the insurer when booking the insurance condition is not necessarily limited to should have been recorded, and the insurer should supply you with medical conditions that have already this recording if required. been diagnosed. It may also include symptoms for which the customer has seen a doctor before buying the Alcohol has become the insurance, but where the cause of the subject of some debate problem has not yet been diagnosed. regarding whether it should be included and Furthermore, if the person who is covered within policies – Lost or stolen passports ill is not the actual policyholder, but and is a common reason Arrests and detentions merely someone travelling and going for disputes over claims. on holiday with the policyholder, Hospitalisations There is recognised rejections for claims made regarding Lost luggage disparity between different pre-existing medical conditions may be Flight delays insurers’ attitudes, but more onerous. Many people don’t have there are some policies full details of other people’s medical which will cover excessive history. alcohol consumption. The Financial Ombudsman Graeme Trudgill, a director at the Service (FSO) says it British Insurance Brokers’ Association, has recently seen several says: “If you have a relative or close inquiries about travel business colleague whose state of policies that seem to health could lead to a decision by you exclude any drinking of to cancel or curtail your policy, you alcohol while on holiday. need to tell your insurer. If you do not “Needless to say, while it’s disclose a serious condition you know reasonable to be aware about, and subsequently cancel your of the repercussions of claim, it is unlikely to be paid – even if drinking heavily, we’d take they are not travelling with you.” Check you will have enough time a dim view of insurers left on your passport to travel (in penalising consumers for some cases you need to have at having some drinks (and least six months remaining) You don’t have to take out enjoying themselves) holiday insurance with the your Get your E11 card to take abroad while away,” says an FSO with you to cover you in case of company you are booking with spokesperson. illness while away

Other reasons why holiday insurance matters include:


Additional tips:

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We promise to be on hand every step of your property journey – wherever it may take you

Can you really find your perfect home? Whether you’re on the look-out for a one-bedroom flat, fantasise about a four-bedroom bungalow or are eager for an eight-bedroom mansion, anything is possible if you have the vision and impetus to find your perfect property – and we’re here to help you make your dream a reality Our professional and experienced staff are always on hand to answer any queries that you may have about making the move. So – whatever your query may be – just ask and we will be happy to help. We will be on hand to help you find your perfect property – and you can count on us to ensure your existing property is marketed to its full potential too, ensuring it doesn’t stay on the market for longer than it needs to be.

The valuation

We understand that when you choose to sell your home, you want to know that it will stand out from the crowd. And we’ll make sure that happens. When putting your property on the

market, we’ll visit you to value the property and promise to not keep you waiting to learn just what your property is worth.

Putting your property up on the market Once we have valued your property, we’ll get it on the market as soon as possible. To ensure it gets the attention it deserves, we’ll take professional photographs, prepare a floor-plan, and organise an EPC. We also recognise the importance of marketing, so your property will be advertised on the major online property portals, our website and social media sites, as well as traditional placement in our window display.

A personalised property website for you! Exclusively to us in our area, your property will receive its very own FREE microsite showcasing a property video, OFSTED reports, and a property brochure. Sharing your personalised website with family and friends across the social networks widens the audience for your property, to find the right buyer and increasing the chances of a quicker sale.

Making an offer

Our qualified database of home buyers will be notified of your property coming to market on their dedicated search websites where they can book viewings and offer feedback.

Quite simply we endeavour to sell your home for the best price, in the shortest possible time, providing you an outstanding service, with a personal and friendly approach.

Crossing the ‘ts’ and dotting the ‘is’

With decades of experience, specialising in all aspects of residential property, our friendly, enthusiastic and professional service ensures that our clients continually return to use our services. Your solicitor will ask you to fill in legal forms regarding your property. Once all parties are ready, you will exchange contracts and set a date for moving! At this point we’d recommend booking your removal company and get organised when it comes to changing your telephone lines and utilities.

The future

Having used our innovative marketing techniques to shout about your property, alongside using our experience and local knowledge to find your dream property to move into, we promise to be on hand every step of your property journey – wherever it may take you, both now and in the future.

Top tips to finding your dream home

Page 14

Be realistic – there’s no point in searching for a castle if your finances dictate you can only afford a cottage.

Be patient – it’s not often that you find your dream home on your first property viewing, so factor in time to arrange viewings

Do your research Be practical – is parking available? Does the property have the access you need? Is it in a location to suit your day-to-day needs? Consider all the facts

But most of all, be open to our expert advice; we promise to do our best to find your dream home while marketing your current property

Make your rental property feel like home Ensure the difference between a rental property and a beautiful home is only you and your creativity! Rentals are fast becoming much more than a mere stop gap for most, which has meant that landlords now realise that there’s a new attitude with renting, with tenants wanting to take pride and joy in the accommodation they rent. Many landlords recognise that lifting limitations on what can and can’t be done within the property when it comes to updating décor, allows for a more satisfied, settled and happier tenant, ensuring a longer tenancy within the property. However, if you’re considering making major changes to your rental property, such as having bathroom fixtures replaced, new appliances fitted into the kitchen, or new wallpaper, written permission from the landlord would always be advised to ensure ideas aren’t miscommunicated. Vinyl wall stickers may be a fantastic alternative to wallpaper, as they don’t tend to damage the paint work and can easily enhance the personal feel of your home, with little effort (or cost). Painting natural wood, however, is usually a no-go, considering crown mouldings and baseboards normally require a glossy finish, and repainting them back to white – or worse, to wood – would be no easy feat.

Additions such as new lighting, curtains and rugs can really enhance the feel of your home with colour and vibrancy to fit your tastes. Plants and flowers also have the ability to take the ambience of your home even further, marking that difference between ‘nice’ and ‘homely.’ Looking at your furniture, try introducing free-standing bookcases, tall shelving units and storage cubes; all of these can all take your rental home to the next level of creativity and personal taste. And, since you own them, they offer the potential for personalised paintwork! Additionally, a framed collection of bold artwork on the walls could, again, mean the difference between a mere rental property, and your own personal, bright, trendy, modern, luxurious and beloved home.

Expressing your personality and allowing your inner sparkle to shine through and amongst your rental home’s décor is something perfectly achievable

Expressing your personality and allowing your inner sparkle to shine through and amongst your rental home’s décor is something perfectly achievable, however – with or without your landlord’s consent –there are many ways you can update its décor without making any permanent changes to it.

Page 15

Randolph Close, Bexleyheath


Inglewood Road, Bexleyheath


Located close to Barnehurst Train Station and situated in a charming cul de sac is this five bedroom detached house. The ground floor offers a spacious lounge, a kitchen breakfast room and wc. On the first floor are the five bedrooms all of which are of a fair size with built in storage. The master bedroom benefits from an en suite shower room and there is a family bathroom too. The garden is mainly laid to lawn with a patio area and there is off street parking and an integral garage to the side.

Rarely available to the market is this one bedroom ground floor flat. The property is situated over one floor with a large lounge with a spacious dining area to the rear and French doors leading onto a garden. There is a fitted kitchen off the dining area. The bedroom is at the front of the flat and is a good size with ample space for a double bed and wardrobes. There is a garden with rear access and off street parking.

Barnehurst 01322 557457

Barnehurst 01322 557457


Manor Road, Crayford






Lyndhurst Road, Bexleyheath

Situated in one of Barnehurst’s most sought after roads is this three bedroom ‘Wedlock’ family home. The property offers huge scope for extending STPP. On the ground floor, are two separate reception rooms with the dining room leading into a lean to/conservatory style area with views over the garden and a kitchen which is still in the original style. On the first floor, there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom. The garden is a good size too.

This five bedroom semi-detached property has a spacious lounge with a brick fireplace plus another reception room, kitchen, a utility room and a ground floor wc. On the first floor are five large bedrooms, a bathroom and shower room and on the second floor a large double bedroom in the loft, perfect for guests and a large amount of storage space within the eaves. The garden is of a good size with a large patio area and lawn.

Barnehurst 01322 557457

Barnehurst 01322 557457

Portman Close, Bexley

£700,000 - £725,000

Tucked away in a cul-de-sac, this detached family home occupies a peaceful setting with its western facing rear garden backing onto woodland. Internally, there is a large reception overlooking the garden, another reception room, a kitchen/diner/sitting room, and a ground floor WC. Upstairs includes four double bedrooms, an en-suite and a bathroom. The driveway provides off road parking for two cars, and there is a large garage. Looking for a large home? Call us today and book your viewing!

Parkhurst Gardens, Bexley Village

This two bedroom detached bungalow is situated in a highly desirable area, overlooking Parkhurst Gardens, perfectly located for amenities and within half a mile of Bexley Train Station. The property requires some updating but with a clever hand at DIY this could be your dream home! The property comprises an entrance hall, kitchen/breakfast room, lounge, dining room, two double bedrooms, and a family bathroom. Externally, there is a beautiful front garden, a low-maintenance rear garden, off road parking and a garage.

Bexley 01322 479933

£525,000 - £540,000

Bexley 01322 479933

£700,000 - £725,000


Firside Grove, Sidcup

A fantastic large family home with excellent amenities nearby including primary and grammar schools, colleges, Sidcup Train Station and High Street, parkland and much more! Offered chain free, the property comprises a ground floor WC, two reception rooms, a family kitchen breakfast room with centre island, a utility room and a conservatory. Upstairs includes four bedrooms, a Victorian style bathroom, and an en-suite. The second floor boasts the master with an en-suite. Outside features a large driveway and a southern facing rear garden.

Blendon Road, Bexley

Offers over £550,000





Squires Way, Joydens Wood £475,000-500,000

Bexley 01322 479933

Family home located in a family orientated area with an abundance of parkland, shops and schools, bus links etc. Offered chain free, immaculately presented throughout and boasting generous living space, good size bedrooms, and a large southern-facing rear garden. Comprising a lounge, kitchen/diner, utility room, a WC, three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a rear garden with picturesque treesurround views, a garage and off road parking. An all round fantastic family home in Joydens Wood.

A four/five bedroom mock-Tudor style home with a wellplanned internal layout for a spacious home with natural light. Located with Albany Park train station a mile away, and close to schools, shops, parkland and the A2/M25. Comprising two receptions, ground floor WC, kitchen/diner three double bedrooms, a large single bedroom, a family bathroom and en-suite shower room. Outside boasts a secluded courtyard garden, a front garden and gated off road parking. A must view to appreciate everything this home offers!

Bexley 01322 479933

Bexley 01322 479933

£625,000 - £650,000

Baldwyns Park, Bexley

Large family looking for space? Then this is for you! This extended dormer-bungalow has all the foundations a family home needs with generous living space across 3 receptions, a large kitchen, a family bathroom, an en-suite shower room, and 5 bedrooms (4 doubles). Externally there is a driveway to the front providing off road parking for 3 cars, an external storage room to the side, and a fantastic, large western-facing rear garden. The property is located ideally for easy access to schools (including grammar schools) and shops, bus routes to Bexley Train Station, parkland and much more. This home comes highly recommended!

Bexley 01322 479933


Hockenden Lane, Swanley Offers over £875,000

A detached house on a corner plot with generous room sizes, and planning permission for a side extension. Comprising four bedrooms, a through lounge, dining room, kitchen/diner, two bathrooms, an integral garage, front and rear gardens. This home has been modernised throughout to give a high-end finish. The location is ideal for Bexley village and its train station, schools, and further amenities! Planning documents can be found on the Bexley Planning portal searching reference 16/01898/FUL.

This property is located within a short drive down a country road, and boasts beautiful field-views to all sides. There are electric gates to a driveway with parking for over six cars. The accommodation comprises two large reception rooms, a kitchen/diner, conservatory, study/bedroom four, downstairs shower room, upstairs bathroom and three double bedrooms. Drawings have been made to further extend this home. Outside includes an office behind the garage, two gardens, gated hard standing area, plus over four acres of agricultural land.

Bexley 01322 479933

Bexley 01322 479933





Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley



Montrose Avenue, Welling

Situated in a popular residential road within access to Welling Train Station, local shops, schools and Oxleas Wood is this modernised ground floor extended three bedroom end of terrace home. This property has an extended, well-equipped kitchen with appliances. There is a modern bathroom downstairs and three bedrooms to the first floor. There is a low maintenance tapered rear garden, off street parking and a garage.

Bexleyheath 0208 303 3338

Church Road, Welling


Situated in a cul-de-sac within access to local shops, schools and Welling Train Station is this two bedroom Victorian terrace home. There is a welcoming entrance porch, a lounge measuring 17ft and a kitchen area that leads to a rear lobby and ground floor bathroom. On the first floor are two double bedrooms and a 40ft rear. This home has an attractive price tag so make that call now or risk losing out!

Bexleyheath 0208 303 3338

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Palmeira Road, Bexleyheath

If you are looking for a home in a good location, then look no further. Situated in a quiet road close to popular schools, shops, Bexleyheath Train Station and Danson Park is this three bedroom semi-detached home. There is a welcoming entrance hall, a 17ft lounge and a fully equipped kitchen. There are three well decorated bedrooms and a modern bathroom. Externally, there is a well-maintained rear garden and off street parking to the front.

Bexleyheath 0208 303 3338

Hartley Road, Welling






Situated in the Welling/Bexleyheath borders and within easy walking distance to Bostall Heath Woods, local shops and popular schools is this well-maintained, three bedroom semi-detached residence. There is a well-tended 80ft rear garden and off-street parking for two vehicles and storage to the side.

Bexleyheath 0208 303 3338

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Abbotts Walk, Bexleyheath

Situated within access to local shops and transport links, is this 1930’s, two bedroom extended semi-detached bungalow. There is a 15ft lounge area along with the master bedroom which has a walk-in wardrobe. The main selling point of this property is the extended open plan kitchen. There is a well-tended 50ft rear garden, off street parking for three vehicles and a garage.

Bexleyheath 0208 303 3338

Lessness Avenue, Bexleyheath






This extended 1930s three bedroom semi-detached home is situated in a sought after road with access to local shops, well regarded schools and the impending Crossrail at Abbey Wood which is approximately one mile away. There is a mature 140ft rear garden with workshop, off street parking and a garage. There is still potential with this home as there is some moderate decorating to be done and room to extend to the side subject to planning permission.

Bexleyheath 0208 303 3338


Strawberry Wood, Dean Lane, Meopham


Occupying a rural setting, only a few miles from Meopham Train Station, is this detached property with approximately eight acres of land. Set in an elevated position in an area of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’. There is planning permission to extend and in years past there was full planning permission for the erection of a 3000 sq ft grand designs style home. Includes a lounge, two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and study area leading to a garden room.


Style: Detached Bedrooms: 3 Receptions: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Floor Area: 1,337 sq ft EPC: E

Swanscombe 01322 473355

Elmstead Avenue, Chislehurst

Reigate Road, Bromley




This lovely three-bedroom, semi-detached house is situated in a quiet cul de sac in Chislehurst, that is a commuter’s dream, being 0.6 of a mile to Elsmtead Woods train station with its fast and frequent service into London. With excellent schools, including Babington House, within easy reach, this lovely home is also perfect for a family. The house is set back from the road with off street parking and gated access to a good size rear garden with garage and further outbuilding. Internally there are two receptions rooms, conservatory, modern fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, family bathroom and separate WC.

Located in a residential area of Bromley, Reigate Road is a peaceful street to live on. Moments away is Grove Park National Rail Station which offers fast services into London Bridge and Charing Cross stations. The A20/M25 motorway network is also a short drive. Once inside you cannot fail to be impressed with the modern design, there is a dining room to the front and a lounge to the rear which leads onto a conservatory extension, there is also a modern fitted kitchen. The first floor offers three separate bedrooms and modern family bathroom.

Chislehurst 0203 954 2828

Chislehurst 0203 954 2828

Edlingham House, Waratah Drive


Belvoir Close, SE9

£275,000 - £300,000

A spacious and well-presented two bedroom ground floor apartment in a modern purpose-built block, just a short walk away from Chislehurst High Street close to amenities. Features include generous and bright accommodation throughout, including an open plan lounge/diner with wellequipped and modern kitchen area, two large bedrooms and a stylishly tiled bathroom. The property benefits from ample storage throughout. The property also enjoys allocated parking and visitor’s parking, security entry phone system and bicycle storage.

This beautifully presented three bedroom split-level maisonette is arranged over the ground and first floors. The property comprises of an entrance hall, large fitted kitchen and spacious reception room opening onto the garden which is mainly laid to lawn. Upstairs, you will find three bedrooms all a fantastic size, and the smart family bathroom and separate toilet. Further benefits include gas central heating and double glazing, as well as parking readily available close by. Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac, this property is within close proximity of a number of shops and general amenities.

Chislehurst 0203 954 2828

Chislehurst 0203 954 2828

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Brome Road, Progress Estate, Eltham

Guide Price £400,000 - £425,000

A beautifully presented two bedroom semi-detached Victorian house boasting a large secluded rear garden along with an attached garage and a paved driveway. The ground floor benefits from having a lounge/dining room and a contemporary fitted kitchen/breakfast room. Upstairs includes two double bedrooms and a stylish modern bathroom. This property is located in the popular conservation area of The Progress Estate and near to Eltham High Street and Train Station along with sought after primary and secondary schools.

William Barefoot Drive, Cold Harbour Estate, New Eltham

Eltham 0203 911 1110

Guide Price £265,000 - £375,000

Boasting no forward chain and a long remaining lease is this large 1950’s ground floor maisonette. The property includes a sizeable lounge/dining room, two double bedrooms, shower room and a kitchen with access to the well maintained rear garden with side access. Situated near to New Eltham High Street and Train Station along with sought after primary schools. Ideally situated near to the A20 allowing easy access to the M25, The South Circular and the Blackwall Tunnel.

Eltham 0203 911 1110

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Rainham Close, New Eltham

For sale a 1950’s three bedroom semi-detached home. Positioned at the end of a quiet cul de sac with side and rear gardens with scope to extend and potential for off street parking. Offered with no forward chain and benefitting from two large reception rooms followed by a sizeable kitchen/breakfast room along with a WC. Upstairs are the bedrooms and bathroom. Close to New Eltham High Street and Train Station plus Falconwood Train Station, Avery Hill Park, and several schools.

Middle Park Avenue, Eltham

Eltham 0203 911 1110

Guide Price £200,000 - £220,000

One bedroom third floor apartment close to Mottingham Train Station, Eltham High Street and Eltham Train Station, and offering access to major roads. Presented in a beautiful condition with a contemporary bathroom and kitchen as well as a lounge/dining room and a sizeable bedroom. All of which are off an L-shaped hallway and boasts no forward chain. The lease has in excess of 120 years remaining and the ground rent only being £10 per year, with the service charge and buildings insurance at £441 per annum.

Eltham 0203 911 1110

Homesdale Road, Bromley £325,000 - £350,000

Downs View Close, Pratts Bottom

Located in a central position and perfect for commuters is this 2 bedroom ground floor converted apartment. The property is located within easy reach of Bickley Rail Station and the M25 motorway network is a short drive. Once inside you cannot fail to be impressed with the presentation of the property, there is an open plan Lounge / Dining / Kitchen to the front, main bedroom, second generous bedroom and bathroom. There is access to the private rear garden from both the hallway and second bedroom.

Situated in an elevated position and benefiting from far reaching countryside views is this 4 bedroom detached Home. Located perfectly for the modern day family as commuters can access the M25 motorway network within minutes and Knockholt Rail Station is a short walk. There are also an abundance of well performing primary and secondary schools within the catchment. The home itself has been modernised and updated throughout and is presented in immaculate condition.

Locksbottom 01689 850111

Locksbottom 01689 850111

Luxted Road, Downe

Guide £850,000

Helegan Close, Orpington


Guide £375,000

A deceptively spacious detached 1950’s family home set in superb grounds approximately half a mile from Downe Village. The accommodation with gas central heating briefly comprises: Entrance hallway, approx. 50’ entertaining area comprising of a well-proportioned sitting room with a linked sitting area and generous dining room with access to the rear garden. Additionally there is a kitchen, shower room and two double bedrooms. The first floor offers a further two bedrooms and family bathroom.The property is offered with NO ONWARD CHAIN.

This attractively presented and well maintained two double bedroom terraced house is located on the soughtafter Maples development on the favoured south side of Orpington. It is within just a short walk of the “outstanding” Warren Road Primary School, as well as close by to Holy Innocents, and St Olave’s, and Newstead Wood Grammar schools - all of which are equally as popular. The property is convenient for local shops at the crescent, in addition to the high street and the mainline station.

Locksbottom 01689 850111

Locksbottom 01689 850111

Lightermans Way, Greenhithe


Maritime Close, Greenhithe


Set in the Ingress Park Development. The property includes four double bedrooms on the upper two floors. The kitchen has built in appliances while the family/lounge/dining room has patio doors to the rear garden, which is secluded and low maintenance. Upstairs offers two double bedrooms and an en-suite to the master with built-in wardrobes. Bedroom two is currently being used as a second reception room. The second floor has two further bedrooms and the bathroom.

In the heart of Greenhithe Village is this beautiful modern semi-detached family home. Positioned in a cul de sac and benefiting externally from having a secluded south facing garden. The property has a fully fitted modern kitchen with space for appliances, along with a sizeable lounge/dining room. On the first floor, there are two spacious bedrooms and a contemporary bathroom. There is also a large garage and driveway to the side, offering ample parking.

Swanscombe 01322 473355

Swanscombe 01322 473355

Valley View, Greenhithe £300,000 - £325,000

Forrest Shaw, Ebbsfleet

Boasting panoramic views overlooking Bluewater Shopping Centre is this charming 1960s terrace house. The ground floor has a large through lounge and a sizable kitchen. Upstairs includes three bedrooms and bathroom, with a separate w/c. Externally there is a secluded and well maintained rear garden and to the front is the terrace overlooking the children’s playground. Parking is either in your garage en-bloc or on the road which has plenty of parking spaces due to being in a tranquil cul-de-sac

This beautifully presented three bedroom detached house, is set within a landscaped picturesque setting. The home offers lots of room with a modern kitchen, a spacious lounge/dining room with patio doors which open out into the fantastic south-facing rear garden and a cloakroom. The first floor offers three sizeable bedrooms and a contemporary family bathroom. Externally the home offers a car port and driveway in front for two/three cars. This home is in the Dulwich style from Charles Church and is currently under the NHBC Certificate.

Swanscombe 01322 473355

Swanscombe 01322 473355


Hawley Garden Centre & Nursery Hawley Road, Dartford Kent, DA2 7RB T. 01322 224108 E.

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Anthony Martin, Director

From strength to strength.. Things are going from strength to strength at Anthony Martin Estate Agents with the ever evident negative market place being challenged by Anthony Martin who have opened yet another office.

Anthony Martin are one. They operate as one and network as one over the 9 offices which reach as far as Meopham in Kent all the way to Locksbottom near Orpington. The systems used are universal across every office so unlike many franchises nearby, they are transparent in their dealings and what one office does, the whole company does.

With the high street seeing closures of many different business types, Anthony Martin Estate Agents have just opened their 9th office in 6 years, just weeks after their 8th!

“We find that operating the same and using the same systems is key. Many customers come to us due to a breakdown in communication with other estate agents, which is something we base our business model on. Honesty, with clear cut communication where no one gets lost in the system”

It’s an incredible result and Kevin Murray says “the market displays its usual challenges and obstacles, but we are doing very well as a company on both the sales and lettings side. Our 9th office in Dartford demonstrates we are serious about expansion when other agencies may consider closure. We have an incredible team of sales and lettings advisors, all with vast experience and we offer our own individuality to sellers and landlords which is unique. We have a heart and understand money is tight for some families, so we are negotiable to help others in tough times. This is in addition to the many charities we work with which include BATS, Evergreen, Ellenor and St Christopher’s Hospice”

Anthony Martin director says: “By doing this, we have reached the finalists stage in the Best Estate Agency Guide Award which analyses every estate agency over the UK using data from Rightmove, the country’s biggest property website. To say I’m proud is an understatement. We have trained our staff to showcase all the great things we can offer at Anthony Martin and this is the result. An amazing achievement. This is what we have been steadily creating over the last 6 years”.

Our aim is to build the biggest, most recognisable brand in Kent and to reach in excess of 30 offices. Possibly more. Watch this space.

And, Anthony Martin Estate Agents are not stopping here. We have plans to keep expanding. Our aim is to build the biggest, most recognisable brand in Kent and to reach in excess of 30 offices. Possibly more. Watch this space” If you require a free sales or lettings valuation please get in contact with one of the offices. Or check out our website to receive a speedy, on-line valuation in less than 60 seconds. However, for both sales and lettings, a more accurate face to face valuation is recommended by one of their property experts.

Please contact Kevin Murray on 01322 557457 or email who will be able to help with your property requirements.

We have reached the finalists stage in the Best Estate Agency Guide Award which analyses every estate agency over the UK using data from Rightmove.

TOP TIPS FOR ACCIDENTAL LANDLORDS With the ever-growing number of laws governing the private rented sector, becoming a landlord for the first time can be somewhat daunting. Here are a few top tips to make sure you understand your legal obligations so you can be sure that you don’t fall foul of landlord legislation.

Landlord License First and foremost, you need to check if you need a landlord license from your local council before your property can legally be rented out. This legislation was introduced in 2006 with the main purpose of ensuring landlords maintain their rental properties to a good standard.

Written tenancy agreement A tenancy agreement is a document between the tenant and landlord that sets out the terms of the tenancy. Although written agreements aren’t a legal requirement, it’s best practice so that both the tenant and landlord are clear on what their rights and responsibilities are.

Tenant Referencing As a landlord, you will need to rigorously reference new tenants to check they are reliable and will be able to meet rent payments each month. These include credit eligibility, employer checks and previous landlord references. Most importantly, landlords must check that their tenants have the right to lawfully live in the UK. Failure to undertake a Right to Rent under the Immigration Act 2014 can result in a fine or even a jail term, so it’s important they are conducted thoroughly.

Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) If you take a deposit from your tenants you must protect it in one of the Government-authorised Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes. There are three available – Deposit Protection Service (DPS), MyDeposits or the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). You will need to protect the deposit within 30 days of receiving it and provide the tenant with both the Deposit Protection certificate and completed Prescribed Information. Failure to do so could result in you not being able to evict your tenant plus the full return of the deposit and a fine of up to three times the value of the deposit.

Safety checks As a landlord, you are responsible for ensuring the property is safe for your tenants, and as a part of this, you are legally required to get all gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year. You must then provide tenants with a Gas Safety Certificate within 28 days of the annual check taking place. In addition to this, fire alarms should be fitted on every storey of the property from the start of the agreement, and carbon monoxide detectors must be in any room where solid fuel is used – both alarms have to be tested on the first day of the tenancy.

Landlord insurance If you do not inform your buildings insurer that you’re renting your property out, you risk invalidating your policy. Most standard buildings insurers don’t provide the protection you require as a landlord, so it’s worth taking out specialist landlord insurance. A good policy will cover a loss of rent, damage, legal expense and liabilities.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) You must serve your tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate. As of the 1st April this year, your property must be at least EPC band E before letting it out. If you’re caught arranging a new let without ensuring your property is up to these standards, you could be fined. In addition, since the 6 April 2018, you could be banned from managing your property for breaching a number of laws about how you manage your rental property. This means your local authority would take control of your property, and collect the rent. But you would still be liable for the mortgage and any costs such as repairs.

You should also think about the type of tenants you want; if you’re hoping a family will move in for a few years, they may have their own furniture already and therefore won’t want your stuff. However, if you’re renting to university students, it’s highly unlikely they’ll have accumulated enough belongings to furnish a house. Regardless of who your tenants are, before anyone comes to view your property, make sure it is clean, tidy and you have completed any modernisation or DIY projects.

Regular inspections It’s important to undertake regular inspections of the property, although remember that you cannot enter the property without the tenant’s permission as this is classed as trespassing and is illegal. It’s best practice to grant them 24 or 48 hours’ written notice, and this should be stipulated in your tenancy agreement.

Should you wish to discuss your property requirements with us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01322 875900

Get the property rental ready If you are offering your property as a furnished home, think carefully about what you can provide. Remove anything valuable or sentimental – aside from the fact they’re at risk of damage, it can be off-putting for tenants to rent a property that is filled with someone else’s belongings.

This article was taken from the Property Mark website

“Landlords are governed by more than 145 pieces of legislation. And whether you’re an accidental landlord or a professional one, the same rules apply, so it’s important you’re up to speed before marketing your property. If you haven’t complied with all these important steps at the start of the tenancy, you may find yourself in a vulnerable position should anything go wrong. For example, you won’t be able to evict your tenants in the unlikely event that you need to; it takes 43 weeks on average to regain possession of a property from the Court and can be a very complicated process.”

We pride ourselves on our high service levels and see many sellers return, either for themselves or by referring someone to us.

Kevin Murray the Area Manager says.. A question I am often asked when I am out and about is… “How is the market at the moment?” And my answer is simple … “It’s positive, but with the usual obstacles”. The reality is, if a property is priced correctly, it will sell. It is as simple as that. There is no rocket science involved. However, what you do need is a strategy and plan to sell a property. The majority of sellers have three things in common: 1. They want to sell as quickly as possible 2. They want the best marketing to get their home noticed 3. They want the best price for their home At Anthony Martin Estate Agents, we always deliver on all three of the key points listed above. The process begins with extensive market research. We don’t just pluck a figure out of thin air. We research the local market place and use solid comparable evidence. When we arrive at a price, we agree a pricing strategy, depending on the market place at the time. At present we hear

nothing but, “Brexit is going to kill the market. However, I totally disagree with this statement. Yes, there may be an element of uncertainty, but people will always need to move for different reasons for example, new jobs, families expanding, downsizing etc. I believe, we really stand out from the crown when a property is launched to the market. It’s proven by Rightmove that in many of our offices, we attract a wider audience to our housing stock than our nearest competitors. What’s even better is that by doing so, we sell homes quicker than the average estate agents and in most of the cases, we have achieved 97% of asking prices and above, meaning we price our properties to sell. Leaving those sellers extremely happy with our service who then spread the word amongst their friends and family. Sellers may be tempted to pay a lower fee with an on-line estate agent, because it’s no secret that high street agents like us, do charge more. However, as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.” So, unless we sell your property, you don’t part with a single penny until you exchange contracts.

I do understand the attraction for an on-line estate agent, but before you do so, give it some serious thought as to who you want to represent yourself with arguably the biggest asset you are ever likely to own. So, do you choose a tried and tested high street agent with a proven track record, with the local lion share of the market? Or, a cheaper alternative, who feel that by advertising your home on the internet, erecting a for sale board and hope that someone will notice your home with photos taken by a non-professional photographer, your home will sell? Where is the incentive for someone to carry out a remarkable job when you have pre-paid them? And, you may have to do so again if your property fails to sell within in a certain time frame. We know the market place but most importantly, we know our buyers and what they want to buy!

If you would like to find out how much your property is worth, you may use our on-line valuation tool which enables you to receive a valuation of your home in less than 60 seconds. Should you wish to take it further, you can do by contacting me or one of the team on 01322 557457.

It’s proven by Rightmove that in many of our offices, we attract a wider audience to our housing stock than our nearest competitors.

A life-changing challenge that will change the lives of others

For more event information, please visit amsterdam or contact the Fundraising Team on 020 8768 4575 or email them at fundraising@

St Christopher’s is a registered charity (210667) ¡ Registered with the Fundraising Regulator

Ride from 26 to 30 June 2019

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Anthony Martin - September Property News  
Anthony Martin - September Property News