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Jonathan Wheatley Editor

It’s a new year and time to try something new. But just how daring will you be?


ucket lists have an air of morbid finality, a list of ‘must-do’ ambitions before that date with destiny. However, a schedule of mind-expanding, physically demanding experiences might be the ideal psychological boost required as we try to shake off the lethargy and restrictions of a pretty miserable 2020. Rock climbing? Go for it. Run a marathon? Why not? Bungee jumping… well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Although you know what they say, to dare is to do. You can ease your way into 2021 by learning chess. The success of the compulsive TV mini-series The Queen’s Gambit has made this most unremarkable and nerdy game of strategy suddenly sexy, and there has been a surge in sales of boards and pieces as fans of the Netflix drama get to grips with the intricacies of the board game. It could be one of the most mentallychallenging things you will do this year – aside from trying to assemble flat-pack furniture or fill in a tax return – and is oddly addictive.


DO SOMETHING! Television is a rich source of ideas for broadening your horizons – the rise in home bakers since the Great British Bake Off launched is testament to that – and another small-screen favourite, Strictly Come Dancing, has long been responsible for injecting a little Latin into new year resolutions, particularly regarding the salsa which is both super sporty and

Many leisure centres have their own customised indoor rock walls for anyone wanting to learn the ropes

extremely social. Classes and schools have been springing up everywhere from village halls to leisure centres and should be popular for those looking to keep fit, break into a bit of a sweat or shrug off the monotony of lockdown by mixing with real, not virtual, people. And there are videos on YouTube just to let you know what you can expect. If you fancy the idea of taking more faster steps, then see how you go with the Couch to 5k programme, an NHS-backed scheme described as a running plan for absolute beginners. Obviously, the intention is to get to 5k but once the running bug bites why not aim a little bit higher and book yourself in for a 10k, half or even a full marathon in 2022.

Much has been made of open-water swimming in recent years, probably sparked by the sight of highly-tuned athletes taking the plunge into a lake at the start of a triathlon. And there really is nothing better than being at one with nature at venues such as the Highgate and Kenwood Ponds in north London, which are open year-round while elsewhere in the capital the likes of the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, Hampstead Pond, and Parliament Hill fields are only open during the summer. Admittedly, it hasn’t got the appeal of a dip in a cenote in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula but, in these travel restricted times, it’s better than nothing.

indoor climbs, you can take the plunge with snorkelling or diving sessions, indoor skydiving or take the zip wire and high ropes challenge. Individually, there are other indoor skydiving centres in Manchester, Milton Keynes, Basingstoke, Bristol and Bedford – will it inspire you to do the real thing? – while there are several zip wire parks dotted throughout the country, although if you want a one-off mega-thrill, try Zip World’s Velocity 2 at Bethesda in North Wales, reputedly the fastest in the world (100mph-plus) and the longest in Europe (1,555 metres).

Similarly, rock climbing has a touch of the exotic about it but you don’t have to travel to distant lands to learn or expand your skills-base. Many leisure centres have their own customised indoor rock walls for anyone wanting to learn the ropes while Fairlop Country Park in Barkingside has a boulder park where nine individual concrete constructions have been created to test climbers of all standards and abilities. Of course, if you fancy an adrenalinfuelled experience but want to sample a range of activities, get your name down for the Big Five experience at the Bear Grylls Adventure park in Marston Green, Birmingham. As well as some tricky

Alternatively, if there’s nothing there to get your heart pumping, surf the internet. Surf. Surfing. Now there’s a thought …




THE BELOVED ANNUAL TRADITION January doesn’t stop there. Burns Night, as you perhaps already know, is celebrated in the name of the great poet, Robert Burns, every January.

Robert Burns is a national icon and beloved Scottish hero, but do you know why?

But who is this Robert Burns, and why is he celebrated more prominently over other influential poets? What are the traditions, you might also ask, of Burns Night? Prepare to be enlightened with words of wisdom and wonder, to show you just why Robert Burns is hailed every year as one of the greatest, most important poets ever to have graced Scotland. What is Burns Night and how is it celebrated?

Burns is perhaps best known for his poem come song ‘Auld Lang Syne’



Poetry is far from dead, and so is Scottish tradition, especially when it comes to this poet who forever changed nations’, ways of thinking. Once the magical Christmas dust has settled, and the New Year’s celebratory confetti has finally fallen to rest,

Burns Night – or more specifically a Burns Supper – is celebrated every year on the birth date of the great Scottish poet, 25th January. Occasionally also called Robert Burns Day, Burns Night can sometimes occur on any other night of the year, but typically the celebrations are held

on or around the 25th January. The strict traditions of Burns Night consist of toasts, recitals of a Burn’s poem, ‘Address To A Haggis’, followed by someone cutting into and serving a haggis with turnips and potatoes, and everyone washing it down with some warming Scotch whiskey. But who exactly was Robert Burns and why is he celebrated? Robert Burns (or better known as Rabbie Burns to the Scots) was a Scottish poet and lyricist and is generally regarded as the national poet of Scotland. He famously wrote much of his work in the Scottish language, although his work in modern times has been translated into English for the purpose of accessibility by a wider, more mainstream audience. Burns is especially admired for his particularly blunt political and civil commentary, and became, after his death, a great source of inspiration to the founders of both liberalism and socialism. But he is also widely

recognized as a pioneer of the Romantic Movement in poetry, writing in the same era as other founding Romantic poets. In fact, Burns influenced the likes of William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Percy Bysshe Shelley greatly. In the early twentieth century, Burns had a particularly strong influence on writer Hugh MacDiarmid. Burns was born on 25th January 1759, near Ayr, in Alloway, and was the eldest of seven children. His father, a farmer, had built the house Robert was born in, and this house is now officially the Burns Cottage Museum. The Burns’ lived here until Easter 1766 when a seven-year-old Robert Burns moved with his family to a 70-acre farm, Mount Oliphant. He began writing in approximately 1784 when he was around 25 years old. He was only an occasional poet at this early stage, more often turning his hand to verse in which he would express his emotions of love and friendship, but also amusement and his ironic

contemplation of the social scene. He started gaining recognition as a poet, however, approximately a couple of years later, and his life thus soon became rich with wine, women and song, gaining wider fame all over Scotland. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the celebration of his work became almost a national charismatic cult and has since held prominent influence over his fellow Scots and Scottish literature itself. In 2009 in a TV vote on who is the greatest ever Scot, the public voted for Robert Burns. Burns is perhaps best known for his poem come song ‘Auld Lang Syne’, which is often sung at Hogmanay (the last day of the year). Other poems and songs of Burns that remain well known across the world today include ‘A Red, Red Rose’, ‘A Man’s a Man for A’ That’, ‘To a Louse’, ‘To a Mouse’, ‘The Battle of Sherramuir’, ‘Tam-o’-shanter’, and ‘Ae Fond Kiss.’





TO LOOK OUT FOR THIS YEAR! 2021 promises to be a literary gold mine. Here we take a look at the books have got us excited this year


020 brought us some fantastic books. Whether it was a non-fiction autobiography such as Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, or the prequel to the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or something more political such as A Promised Land, the memoirs of Barack Obama, we were never short of great reads throughout. And this year promises even more.

THE CHARMED WIFE BY OLGA GRUSHIN Here is a wildly inventive and thoroughly modern retelling of Cinderella, and what happens after she marries Prince Charming. Spoiler, he’s not so charming after all! This book, Grushin’s fourth novel, promises to be a genre-bending and darkly comic affair. Release date: January 12th

A BRIGHT RAY OF DARKNESS BY ETHAN HAWKE Ethan Hawke isn’t just an Oscar-nominated actor and screenwriter. This is his fifth book in which a 32-yearold thespian’s private life is not so private when he is besieged by journalists at every turn. It is about his possible path to personal and professional redemption and portrays the perils and pratfalls of celebrity perfectly. Release date: February 2nd



APATHY BY JONATHAN WHEATLEY Up and coming, British horror writer, Jonathan Wheatley, returns to finish off his Westford Chronicles trilogy. The first two books, The Priory and Vermin were both in the Top 5 British Horror books on Amazon during the summer and the epic conclusion to the gothic, time-travel, creature-feature trilogy promises to be bigger and better.

Release date: April 27th

YOU LOVE ME BY CAROLINE KEPNESY Your favourite murderer, Joe from the ‘You’ Netflix series, isn’t quite finished with his story. In this third book the TV series is based on, Joe ditches city life for a simple existence in the Pacific Northwest. There, of course, he gets a job at a library and meets a woman. You know the rest by now. Release date: April 2021


COVID-permitting, 2021 should be an outstanding year of sport

fter the famine, comes the feast. The COVID-19 pandemic shredded the global sporting calendar in 2020 with major events simply binned or shunted back to this year which would normally have been fallow, a breathing space between the big competitions.

And if you can’t get enough of track and field heroics, the Paralympians will take centre stage from August 24th to September 5th – also in Japan – while the postponed Invictus Games will be held in the Netherlands from May 29th to June 5th.

So, although fingers still remain firmly crossed, 2021 should be something of a sporting bonanza.

The other major casualty from last year was football’s European Championship, for the first time spread across 12 countries instead of one host nation. It is scheduled to start on June 11th with the Group A pipe-opener Italy v Turkey in Rome and finish with the final at Wembley on July 11th.

The cherry on an adrenalin-charged cake remains the summer Olympic Games, slated to run from July 23rd to August 8th in Tokyo. It is quite simply the greatest show on Earth, a glittering showpiece commanding eye-watering figures for advertising and commercial rights, played out before a worldwide television audience of billions. This year there will be no Usain Bolt, the charismatic Jamaican sprinter whose name became synonymous with world records and gold medals. He retired in 2017 leaving the Olympic throne vacant for a suitable successor … and that could be Team GB’s swimming superstar Adam Peaty.

Wales and Switzerland complete that group – they play on June 12th in Baku – while England’s Group D campaign starts on June 13th at Wembley against Croatia, who beat them in extra time in the World Cup semi-final in 2018.

So, although fingers still remain firmly crossed, 2021 should be something of a sporting bonanza.

Much is expected of the 26 year-old 50 and 100metre breaststroke ace, who is the Olympic champion at the latter – the first Briton to strike gold in the pool for 24 years. He is also an eight-time world champion, a 12-time European champion and has broken world records 13 times, and was the first man to swim under 26sec for the 50m breaststroke and both 58 and 57sec for the longer distance. Put simply, he is the one to beat and if he is not a household name now, he will be by the middle of August.

It doesn’t get any easier for Gary Southgate’s team. Scotland await on June 18th - a Friday night appetiser for a long weekend in London for the Tartan Army - before they finish against the Czech Republic four days later.

Golf’s Ryder Cup was also COVID-affected and had to be rescheduled (it’s now at the wonderfully-named Whistling Straits in Wisconsin in late September) while elsewhere other events, hopefully, return to their normal slots: Rugby’s 6Nations running from February 6th to March 20th; the Cheltenham Festival (March 16th-19th), World Snooker Championship (April 17th-May 3rd) and Wimbledon (June 28th-July 11th). In fact, the only event which is not in its normal place is the Boat Race. Oxford and Cambridge Universities will now lock oars on the Great Ouse at Ely in April instead of the Thames because of structural problems at Hammersmith Bridge.






It’s the New Year, which means new beginnings. Now is the perfect time for a change of scenery within your own four walls. So if you fancy giving your bedroom a makeover, but are stuck on ideas, here are a few ways to transform your own personal space.


An idea that’s rather simple, but makes a statement, is ensuring that your bedroom has a specific tone throughout. You can do this by making your colours marry. For example, if your bedsheets, or headboard are a certain colour, then choose to pair your walls accordingly through wallpaper or paint. And go a step further, and pick suitable bedroom furniture, like a bedside table, or a lamp. If you go for a brighter tone, then this keeps the space bright, whilst maintaining a sense of sophistication. If you’d prefer to select darker tones, then you can really add a feeling of warmth to your room. And this doesn’t mean making every colour exactly the same. By avoiding selecting the same colour for every aspect of your bedroom, this can help you to avoid feeling boxed in.


If you fancy a real change from the norm, then make your bedroom a statement space. One way to accomplish this is to go minimalist. Paint all your walls and doors white, and then contrast this with warm colours for the bedding. Also consider your lighting. Design-forward lighting can really help to add some class to proceedings, whilst keeping a homely atmosphere. And



with regards to furniture, why not go slightly quirky? Treat yourself to a frameless mirror or a metallic coffee table to really drive home the contemporary motif.


As we enter the coldest months of the year, perhaps it’s best to customise your living spaces accordingly. For starters, think about textures. If you want to add actual warmth to your room, add some cozy throws and fluffy blankets to your bed and really embrace the added layers. And don’t stop there. Complete your winter retreat and add an area rug. By having access to soft materials both in and out of bed, this creates a practical warmth, whilst also adding to the visible textures of the room. If you’ve already opted for these snug additions to your bedroom, perhaps think of the curtains. If you’re considering getting some new ones, then linen curtains add a sense of relaxation, whilst velvet ones really emphasises the luxuriousness of a space. And as for the length, why not splash out on long hanging curtains and allow them to puddle on the floor. This really creates a feeling of privacy to your bedroom in these cold months.


If you’re on a tighter budget after Christmas then there is no reason why you still can’t give your room as effective a shake-up. Sometimes, all that’s needed to decorate a bedroom is to re-arrange furniture. For example, items like dining room or kitchen chairs can also function as a bedside table or as a useful seat beside the bed. So don’t be afraid to move it into your bedroom, re-paint it to match the colour scheme, and allow the room to look completely different. Or if your bedroom is seeming cluttered, then utilise cheap storage options. Your bedroom should feel relaxed and spacious, so opt for fabric storage bins and nesting baskets to keep everything tidy, whilst simultaneously adding some modernity to your space.


It may sound almost too simple to mention, but rearranging your bedroom, and even other rooms in your home, can go a long way to transforming them. For instance, if the dimensions of the room permit, re-positioning your bed can make all the difference to adding a feeling of newness to your room. If you can manage to move your bed away from the walls, then you can use that new-found space to create a cosy reading area. If you have paintings, or other pieces of artwork scattered around your home, then why not move them into the bedroom? This can add a sense of flair to a wall without

having to get involved with paint or wallpaper. And finally, if you’re in the mood to brighten your room up, why not add some plants? Without impacting a budget too heavily, bringing some flora into your living space can add some much-needed colour, as well as substantial aromas.

Is your bedroom due an upgrade? Check out the hot, new trends for 2021




YOUR There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread, and it’s not as tricky as you think either…

SOFT OR CRUSTY ROLLS Ingredients 500g strong white flour 20g caster sugar 10g salt 1 x 7g sachet fast-action yeast 330g milk at room temperature Method In a large bowl, or electric mixer, weight the flour and caster sugar together. Then rub the salt into one side of the bowl and the dried yeast into the other. Don’t let the salt and yeast touch as it can stop the dough from rising. Add the milk to the dry ingredients and mix together until it forms a dough. Cover your bowl with a damp towel and rest in a warm place. If your house is cold, stick it in the oven at 25C with a bowl of boiling water underneath. Once noticeable increased in size, around 45 minutes, kneed the dough. You can do this on a floured surface or by folding the dough in the bowl for five minutes. Cover again and rest in a warm place for another hour or until doubled in size.




aking your own bread is not only healthier for you, but it is a hobby you can really get stuck into. There is nothing better than seeing your dough rise and then finally breaking through the crispy crust to get at the soft, warm bread inside. Here are some simple recipes for you to try at home…

Once risen, scrape the dough onto a floured surface and roll into a sausage shape. Cut the dough into 8 equal pieces and then shape the dough into balls. The trick to a nice round ball is to put flour in one hand and put the dough on a surface without flour. Then cup your hand like your carrying water, turn it upside down over the dough and make big circular movements with the dough. Once you have 8 balls, rest for a final hour somewhere warm until they have doubled in size and are nearly touching. 30 minutes before you’re going to bake, preheat your oven to 210C for fan-assisted ovens or 230C for non-fan ovens for soft rolls, or 180C fan-assisted oven, 200C for crusty rolls. Bake for 10-15 minutes for soft rolls. Don’t worry if they look brown or feel crisp when they come out, they’ll soften up. And for crusty rolls, slash the top of the roll with a serrated knife before baking for 20-25 minutes.

Baker’s Tip: Add toppings like Sesame seeds or poppy seeds, or even rice flour and sesame oil to create Tiger Bread.

BAGUETTES Ingredients

For the poolish: 500g strong white flour 20g caster sugar 10g salt 1 x 7g sachet fast-action yeast 330g milk at room temperature For the dough 300g plain white flour 200g strong white flour 12g salt 200g white sourdough starter (a bubbling mix of strong white flour and water. To make simply add 50g flour with 50ml of water every day for five days in a jar – warning it gets messy and bubbly) All the poolish 250ml tepid water

Method The day before you make your dough, combine the poolish ingredients in a bowl and cover loosely with cling film. The next day rub together both flours, yeast and salt, keeping the yeast and salt separate. Add the sourdough starter, poolish and tepid water and combine into a wet dough. Turn the dough out on to a work surface and knead for 10-15 minutes. Shape the dough into a ball, trying to use as little flour as possible, and return to the bowl. Let the dough rest overnight in the fridge. Once rested, it’s shaping time. Turn the dough out on to a lightly floured surface and cut into 4 equal pieces. Roll the baguettes out into sausage shapes. Don’t worry if they look thin, they will rise again. Transfer each baguette to a well-floured baking tray and rest again for 1-1 ½ hour at room temperature. Preheat your over to 220C fan oven, 240C non-fan. Once rested, score your bread with a serrated knife. You want to make thin slices across the top like you’re peeling a potato. If your serrated knife doesn’t work, try a Stanley blade. Turn the temperature in the oven down to 190C fan or 210C non-fan and bake for 30-40 minutes.

Baker’s Tip: Cook your baguettes for ¼ of the time to par-bake. You will then be able to freeze the baguettes for up to 11 weeks. When you want to use them again, just pop them back in your oven for the remaining time.

Images for illustrative purposes only




RELEASES T he pandemic prevented the usual array of blockbuster movies f rom being released in 2020. But as the world of cinema resumes, in this new year, here are a few films you should get excited about.


Fans of the Kingsman series will be keen to catch its third instalment, which is a prequel, centering around the formation of the Kingsman spy agency. However, as this movie is set in the early 20th century, we can expect a completely different cast from the one which excited fans during the first two chapters. The cast is set be starstudded, starring Ralph Feinnes (Schindler’s List), and will also include household names such as Gemma Arteton (St. Trinians), and Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill). Once more, the film was meant to be released in the autumn of 2020, but is now expected to be in cinemas in February.


One for the musical fans to go wild for is this feel-good musical drama, based on the stage musical of the same name. The film stars Max Harwood as the inspirational lead character, who overcomes bullies and prejudice, to step into the spotlight, and express himself. The movie was originally scheduled to be released in October 2020, but is now due to be released in February.




It promises to be a bumper year of cinema this year


Twenty-five years after the original family favourite, there is going to be a new Space Jam. Like the first one, the live-action will star a basketball legend, this time LeBron James. And for the first time since 2003, the Looney Tunes characters will appear on the big screen, joining James in an attempt to rescue his son. After the 1996 original became a cult classic, this is certainly not one you want to miss.


This tense horror, which is a sequel to the hugely-successful A Quiet Place, will be released in the early part of this year. With the plot following on from the end of the first movie, we again arrive in a world where silence is the only way to survive. Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins Returns) will star, and will be joined by Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders). John Krasinski, who starred alongside Blunt, and directed the first instalment, will be directing this one too.



he decorations are down, the tree has gone leaving only a trail of pine needles as a reminder of what was there before. But while you’re on your hands and knees trying to extricate the fiddly remnants embedded in the carpet, have a quick look at the skirting boards: were they really that dusty when you put the tree up?

And where did that cobweb come from? Obviously decking the hall and garlanding the fireplace have prevented you from doing the housework for a while, so as the house is looking a bit bare, with some items of furniture out of position, now could be a good time to have an early spring clean and freshen up, making your home clean, comfortable and clutter-free as you prepare to face the new year. So, if you’re feeling brave there’s no better place to start than clearing out the loft because, after all, you’re already there putting the decorations away.

how on Earth you are going to get your new cardi in there? Be ruthless: yes, we’re all guilty of hoarding but if you don’t wear that top you bought five years ago, let it go to the charity shop. It’s not going to come back into fashion, regardless of what you think. If there’s a bright day, make it brighter by cleaning the windows. Not just the glass, but the sills and, in particular, the frames, checking for mould around seals which could ultimately hamper the effectiveness of double glazing. And don’t forget the blinds. Or the radiators,

where dust can congregate on the pipework and all those hard to reach places. And so to the kitchen, to clean shelves, rid the cupboards of all those tins and packets that are past their ‘use by’ dates … and to tackle the oven, which has probably seen a lot of action in the last month and could use a deep clean and refresh. Outside, there is not much that can be done. Continually check gutters for blockages caused by trapped leaves – any build-up of water in a freezing spell could prove costly – and make sure paths are kept clean and moss-free: they can become extra slippery with a frost on them.

But, if you can’t face that just yet, start at ground level wiping down the skirting boards and laying masking tape to clean the edges of the carpet that are starting to look a little bit grimy. And as you’ve got the vacuum out, get under the sofa and chairs as well as all those neglected areas such as underneath the bed and the mattresses. While in the bedroom, dare to open the wardrobe and consider



NEW SOCIAL MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY TRENDS TO ANTICIPATE IN 2021 Last year we saw the rise of Zoom and the importance of Facetime to families and friends, but what should we expect this year in tech?


hether it’s much-needed socialising time with one’s family and friends or simply playing video games, the nation has been spending an unprecedented amount of time online recently. Social media has experienced another massive boom this year, as have Facetime and Zoom video chats. 3.6 billion people in the world are now connected to social media in some way. That’s just shy of half of the entire world’s population. So social media has never been

so important. It’s a valuable tool businesses all around the world will be using more to promote themselves and engage with their customers, not to mention firms which will be looking to resurrect, or start-up from scratch entirely. Therefore it’s vitally important one understands how things will likely be changing on social media in the New Year – whether it’s different marketing techniques or new and innovative ways of reaching out to audiences across the globe, the climate is definitely changing.


3.6 billion people in the world are now connected to social media




The rise of video on social media. Previously social media was great for pictures and words, however, now, as expected, video is taking a stronger position in the market, especially with YouTube and for estate agents, virtual video tours and valuations.


SEO-driven organic Instagram visibility. Instagrammers are here to stay, and in November it was announced that Insta would be more search-friendly for its millions of users. This will make hashtags even more important for your marketing as well as keywords in your posts.


Reels on Instagram. In 2016 when Stories on Insta were first released there was a massive drop-off in feed engagement and similarly, when Reels were first introduced, the engagement with Stories dropped off. Now is the time to embrace short-form video going into 2021.


Humanize brands. Smart businesses will understand the importance of being transparent and authentic moving forward. People connect with people, so expect more faces to personify brands as opposed to just a logo without a human face to accompany it.


Similar to the point above, on YouTube expect personality over content. For those of us who watch YouTube videos, having a trustworthy face as the front of your brand will reap the benefits this year.

ZOOM Amongst all the great technology we've been able to rely on throughout the past year, Zoom is by far the one that has had the most positive effect. With working from home becoming compulsory for many nations around the world, the globe zoomed in on one particular video communications software, which has proven to be a fundamental aid to our lives. April saw Zoom peak at over 300 million daily meeting participants, which was a staggering increase from the ten million in December 2019. Its "annualised meeting minutes" jumped 20-fold, from 100 billion at the end of January to over two trillion in April. For the quarter ending 30th April 2020, Zoom reported total revenue of $328.2 million, a 169 per cent increase from the same period last year. More and more companies are reportedly going to make working from home a more normal concept, with Zoom expected to play an intrinsic part in many of our working lives going forward. Whether you are quizzing with family and

friends or working from home, Zoom will surely be the first name on everyone's lips again this year‌

THE ONLINE PROPERTY WORLD This year, the property market has experienced record-breaking months and a considerable boom. Estate agents have taken advantage of social media with the most successful agents utilising Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for not just marketing properties, but for being a hub of local support for the community. With technology such as 3D virtual video tours, Zoom and smartphones, agents have been able to conduct virtual valuations and viewings which have led to more sales.

Zoom is by far the one that has had the most positive effect. With working from home becoming compulsory for many nations around the world,

Expect virtual video tours, valuations and even viewings to be at the forefront again in 2021, as with people busier than ever, it is a great way to showcase the properties on offer and build a relationship with the local community.



Rural Detached Family Home on a Generous Plot Measuring Approx. 600ft in Depth with Farmland Views £895,000

Woodview is a delightful four bedroom detached family home in rural Sandon, set well back from the road and sitting on a generous plot measuring circa 600ft in depth, with open views over farmland to rear. Woodhill Road is perfectly positioned for those looking to be “out of town”, however the A12 and indeed Sandon’s Park and Ride are just a few moments away, both providing fantastic access links in to the City Centre and further. In our opinion the property provides well balanced accommodation to include a good size reception hall, three further reception areas and a farmhouse style kitchen with separate utility.


Sales: 01245 265 303 Lettings: 01245 265 621 CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION VALUATION

This individually designed two bedroom detached modern home is situated within just yards of Central Park and therefore provides exceptionally convenient access into the Station and Chelmsford City Centre and all it has to offer. The unusual design allows for very contemporary and versatile accommodation by way of a good size reception hall, a lovely staggered kitchen/sitting room, the latter providing immediate access to the property’s own rear garden and patio, providing a great space to entertain. Also to the ground floor is a good size bedroom and a full size three piece modern bathroom, whilst to the first floor is the main bedroom alongside further three piece shower room. The property further benefits from its own block paved driveway providing parking for approximately two vehicles.


Individually Designed Modern Two Bedroom Modern Home Conveniently Situated within the City Centre ÂŁ420,000

Two Bedroom Maisonette Located Within the Popular Springfield Development with the Added Benefit of a Garage ÂŁ205,000

Situated within the Springfield area close to local shops and schools is this two bedroom first floor maisonette. Offered for sale with NO ONWARD CHAIN and the added benefit of a GARAGE in nearby block, family bathroom, double glazed windows and outdoor space.


Sales: 01245 265 303 Lettings: 01245 265 621 CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION VALUATION

An EXTENDED 2 bedroom semi detached bungalow offered for sale with no onward chain. It is located on the Northern fringe of the City in an area of mainly other similar bungalows being convenient for bus services and with local shopping parade close by. It is in need of general updating and redecoration and has the potential for off road parking and has an Easterly facing rear garden about 40’ in depth. It comprises an entrance hall, lounge, 2 bedrooms, extended kitchen and a bathroom. Bungalows are rarely available in Chelmsford and hence an early viewing is recommended!


Rarely Available, Extended Two Bedroom Semi Detached Bungalow with Easterly Facing Rear Garden Measuring Approximately 40ft in Depth ÂŁ315,000

Truly Superb Five Bedroom Detached Home within Easy Reach of City Centre £950,000

A truly superb four year old detached family house offering considerable five bedroom accommodation spread over 3 floors, and having approx 2200 sq ft of accommodation. It is most conveniently situated on the favoured West side of the City centre within easy reach of the station, hence could well suit a commuting buyer and also has good links out of Chelmsford for access to the M11. It has an excellent specification with underfloor heating to the ground floor, lots of off road parking to the front and the unusual benefit of a large rear garden being Easterly facing and measuring over 100’ in depth! An internal viewing is essential to appreciate all that this property has to offer!

Stunning Refurbished One Bedroom First Floor Apartment £190,000

Stunning one bedroom first floor apartment which has been meticulously and thoughtfully refurbished by its current owner. Throughout, the apartment affords a very modern and contemporary feel, with in our opinion, a lovely living area with sliding doors to a juliet balcony. Surrounded by well maintained communal grounds and allocated parking for residents and visitors, the development is situated within close proximity of local amenities and just a short distance into the City centre.


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Three Bedroom Family Home Within the Popular Moulsham Lodge £310,000

This 3 bedroom house is situated on the Moulsham Lodge development on the South side of Chelmsford and benefits from being within walking distance to the local shopping parade as well as bus services and is within easy reach of Chelmsford City centre and station. The property benefits from off road parking to the front and has a Westerly facing rear garden about 35’ in depth. The accommodation comprises an entrance hall, lounge with bay window to the front, rear kitchen / dining room, 3 bedrooms and bathroom with fitted shower. Well worth an internal viewing!

Considerably improved, enlarged and extended four bedroom semi detached

£500,000 - £525,000

A considerably improved, enlarged and extended four bedroom semi detached house which needs to be internally viewed to be fully appreciated. The property now benefits from a refitted cloakroom, most pleasant lounge at the front and a superb refitted kitchen/ dining/family room with bi-folding doors at the rear. It has a loft conversion to provide a main bedroom and en-suite shower room, there are three further bedrooms and refitted family bathroom. There is an enclosed rear garden, a brick built outbuilding with potential to work from home, and there is off road parking at the front. Really must be viewed highly recommended!


Well Presented Two Bedroom Ground Floor Maisonette and off Road Parking ÂŁ245,000

A good size well presented two bedroom GROUND FLOOR MAISONETTE with the benefits of OFF ROAD PARKING and a DELIGHTFUL REAR GARDEN just under 50ft in depth. Conveniently situated on the borders of Westlands and Beechenlea with local shopping parade and schools close by, and bus services literally on the doorstep. Really needs to be internally viewed to be fully appreciated!

Impressive and Vastly Improved Four Bedroom Detached Family Home ÂŁ1,250,000

An impressive truly SUPERB VASTLY IMPROVED 4 bedroom detached family house with an EXCELLENT INTERNAL SPECIFICATION, adaptable accommodation and located on one of the larger plots on this prestigious development of other large properties. Situated on a prominent elevated plot of approx 0.35 of an acre, subject to land survey, the property offers excellent accommodation for entertaining having a vast kitchen / dining / family room at the rear as well as an 11 SEATER CINEMA, a GYM and within the rear garden there is an outbuilding having a number of uses. Chalklands is within easy driving distance of Chelmsford City centre with its main line station. An internal viewing is essential to appreciate all that this property has to offer!


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Extended Three Bedroom End of Terrace Home ÂŁ340,000

OFFERED WITH VACANT POSSESSION an extended and double glazed THREE bedroom end terrace property with first floor bathroom and ground floor shower room, garage to the rear and drop kerb to facilitate off street parking to the front. The location gives easy access to Chelmsford City Centre either walking or local bus routes, the property is close to local shops and being to the East side of Chelmsford, gives good access to the A12.

Well Presented Two Bedroom Staggered Mid Terrace House ÂŁ295,000

Offered for sale with NO ONWARD CHAIN is this neat, well presented, two bedroom staggered mid terrace house with the benefit of off road parking to the front and a rear garden measuring approximately 45ft in depth. It is located on the fringe of the Newlands Spring development being convenient for bus services and local Morrison store and is within easy access of Chelmsford City centre.


Individually Designed Four Bedroom Home ÂŁ595,000

An individually designed four bedroom detached family home located on the favoured west side of Chelmsford in a sought after road within walking distance of the City centre and mainline train station. The property enjoys a good size plot with generous frontage, an un-overlooked rear garden measuring approximately 60ft in length, three receptions to the ground floor and four good sized bedrooms and bathroom to the first floor. The property, in our opinion and subject to the usual planning permissions, offers scope for extension and further parking to the front.

Three Bedroom Detached Home on a Corner Plot ÂŁ370,000

A three bedroom detached property with a good size garden and the benefit of a corner plot providing ample parking and the additional space to the side for possible extension. Large timber building measuring 26’ in length utilised as a workshop. The property benefits from open plan lounge/dining room, the addition of a conservatory to the rear, utility space/ground floor cloakroom with three bedrooms and bathroom to the first floor, good sized low maintenance rear garden with further sheds and storage.


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Stunning Penthouse within the City Centre with Bi-Folding Doors ÂŁ325,000

CITY CENTRE LOCATION STUNNING PENTHOUSE in an attractive recently converted building with bi-fold doors from the living space opening on to a balcony nearly 24ft in length. The apartment benefits from luxury bathroom, two bedrooms complimented by large kitchen/living space, is approached by an external landing and has allocated secure parking.

Modern Four Bedroom Home Ideal for Local Country Walks ÂŁ465,000

A modern four bedroom home on the Saxon Gate development constructed approximately 2 and a half years ago by Persimmon Homes to the Henson Design, enjoying a really pleasant position on the development with a greensward to the front and forming part of an attractive street scene. To the rear there is parking and a double length garage, low maintenance garden, and the four bedrooms are arranged over three stories with the master suite on the second floor served by full en-suite facilities. The location is ideal for country walks and yet provides convenient access to a local shopping parade on Broomfield Road and access to the City centre with mainline station and multiple shopping and restaurant facilities.


Spacious Five Bedroom Detached Home in a Private Cul-De-Sac Location Offers in Excess of ÂŁ900,000

Character Three Bedroom Semi Detached Property in a Private Road ÂŁ445,000


A spacious five bedroom detached family home in a private cul-de-sac just off the exclusive Writtle Village Green, in need of modernisation and re-modelling and offered with no related NO ONWARD CHAIN. The property benefits from a generous and secluded rear garden and ample space to the front to create further parking. There is already a double garage and parking for three cars. This stunning location is rarely available, within walking distance of local shops and public house and yet provides access to Chelmsford City Centre by convenient bus routes and Writtle is a short drive to the A12 feeding other major routes.

Character three bedroom semi detached property in a private road, recently decorated and with potential to extend to the rear and side assisted by a previous agreed planning application. There is no onward chain, ample parking and garage, ground floor cloakroom and a generous through lounge/diner. The first floor enjoys three good size bedrooms with high ceilings and a modern bathroom, and the property also benefits from a good size mostly laid to lawn rear garden. The location, a private road just off of Beehive Lane, no through traffic, walking distance of local shop and easy access to the City centre and A12.


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An imposing character property which has been extended to the ground floor, a two bedroom semi detached home with a large rear garden. The property is smartly presented with open plan lounge and dining area, good size kitchen with separate utility served by two double bedrooms and a modern bathroom to the first floor. The location gives very easy access to the A12 and is within walking distance of the Park and Ride to Chelmsford and also being convenient for the local Vineyards shopping parade. NO ONWARD CHAIN!


Imposing Two Bedroom Character Home with Large Rear Garden Convenient for the A12 and Within Walking Distance of the Chelmsford Park & Ride ÂŁ365,000

We’re 50!

Adrians celebrates milestone but the core principles remain the same

A vision to revolutionise and revitalise estate agency in the early 1970s snowballed into a thriving company with its eyes on innovation and its roots firmly entrenched in old-style professional customer service. That meeting, between two young men coincidentally named Adrian, took place in 1971 and gave this company its name. And, this year, it’s our 50th birthday!


Adrians quickly established a reputation for providing excellent service and, although the personnel may have changed, it remains the core objective. As the company grew, Chris Holmes and Bill Lee took over to guide Adrians through the next phase of its development until 2013, when they retired and current directors Nigel Jessup and Ray Cline took over to write the next chapter.

Nigel, who has lived and worked in Chelmsford for 20 years, says: “Adrians have a reputation built on trust and recommendation, and my goal is to continue the traditional core values of good honest estate agency, coupled with new technology and a modern approach.”


highly-experienced sales team – winners of a national award for excellent reputation – we move confidently into the future. It’s a future where digital platforms are vitally important, and a dedicated marketing company now handles social media output.

The Adrians history and reputation is something we are proud of and will continue to protect and develop

Ray says: “I am really passionate about the industry and truly believe that giving people the right advice and support will get the best results.” He says: “Choosing the right agent is an important decision as you will be working with that agent for at least a couple of months. So, you need to be sure it is an agent that will conduct the day-to-day business in a trustworthy, professional manner. It’s so important to do the job the right way and to a high standard of service, with feedback and communication imperative.

However, we have not forgotten there is no substitute for good old-fashioned client contact, whether it is face-to-face at our refurbished Duke Street office or on the phone. So… it’s happy birthday to us!

“The Adrians history and reputation is something we are proud of and will continue to protect and develop.” Under-pinning that bedrock philosophy is long-standing branch manager Gary Ketley, who has been with the company for more than 35 years and is the perfect example of an agent people can trust – indeed, he has helped some returning customers two or three times over – and his extensive experience puts him in the perfect position to provide accurate, in-depth advice to both sellers and buyers. Meanwhile, Adrians Lettings, born around the time Nigel and Ray took charge, continues to flourish under the stewardship of Tonya Barnard, and, with the enthusiastic and

Contact us today for your FREE valuation Sales: 01245 265 303 Lettings: 01245 265 621


Nigel Jessup M.N.A.E.A | DIRECTOR Nigel started his agency career in 1986 working for a corporate company in Billericay and after some years’ experience joined a large independent agent in 1993 as a senior negotiator. He was soon promoted to Branch Manager successfully running a large office in Chelmsford until 2013. In 2013, having previously worked together in the same office, he teamed up with his now co director Ray Cline and acquired Adrians from the retiring partners.

“Adrians have a reputation built on trust and recommendation and my goal is to continue the traditional core values of good honest estate agency coupled with new technology and a modern approach.”

Ray Cline M.N.A.E.A | DIRECTOR Ray has been in estate agency for over 30 years, starting his career with a large corporate estate agent. 2013 presented the opportunity to apply all his experience to running his own agency when the previous owners of Adrians retired.

“I have for over 10 years been on the Essex Branch Committee for the National Association of Estate Agents which is our governing body. Choosing the right agent is an important decision; you need to be sure it’s an agent that will conduct their day to day business in a trustworthy, professional manner. The Adrians history and reputation is something we are proud of and will continue to protect and develop.”

Gary Ketley | BRANCH MANAGER Gary has been at Adrians in Chelmsford for 35 years and has had the pleasure of helping people with their move two or three times over, as they have moved home to suit their different needs. This lengthy time working and living locally provides an exceptional knowledge of the area which qualifies Gary to give accurate and in depth advice to sellers and potential buyers. “I am a calm and friendly person driven by my attention to detail in both the contact with my clients and the presentation of our property details - good photography is essential both for the brochure and internet portals. I treat people the way I would like to be treated myself and I am proud of Adrians’ reputation.”

Daniel Speak | SENIOR SALES CONSULTANT Daniel’s agency career started back in 1996, initially with a local corporate agent. However, he chose to move swiftly into independent agency where he rose through the ranks to management, and finally associate Director level. Now with over 20 years in the industry, Daniel not only has great knowledge of the local areas but also the experience needed to help guide clients with their move.

“I am just as excited about the industry now, as I was when I first started back in the mid 90’s. The need for an educated and approachable estate agent that can guide buyers and sellers through the process is more evident now than ever, and I feel that at Adrians, we are perfectly placed to do so.”

Jodie Truong | BRANCH ADMINISTRATOR Jodie has worked within the estate agency industry for 5 years working as a regional administrator alongside large corporate companies. However, she is not only admin based and will often be found on the phone to tenants and buyers helping them find their new home. Her aim is to always provide the highest levels of customer service and to exceed clients expectations.


Sales: 01245 265 303 Lettings: 01245 265 621 CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION VALUATION

Katherine Gardner | SALES CONSULTANT Katherine has over 10 years’ experience within customer service. A very self-motivated and independent performer, able to serve as a communication liaison between different parties of professionals, so the flow of information and stages occur in a timely matter on behalf of the customer.

Toby Austin | TRAINEE NEGOTIATOR Toby has recently joined the team having spent a short time in the Lettings sector. He has recently enrolled on a Level 3 Property Management Course to extend his knowledge in the industry and pursue his career further. Adrian’s has a strong reputation for being customer focussed and providing excellent service to the community. “I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the job particularly building positive customer relations and sharing in their experience”

Tonya Barnard | LETTINGS MANAGER Tonya has over 10 years experience in all areas of lettings and property management. Tonya is ARLA qualified holding an NFOPP Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management and is an associate member of ARLA. Running her own successful property management company for the past 6 years Tonya has now joined the Adrians Teams to run our in-house lettings department. “I believe in traditional property management and creating long lasting relationships of trust with our clients, myself and my team look after every property as if it were our own”

Ailish Tucker | LETTINGS CONSULTANT Ailish left the media industry in 2015 and since then has been working in property, mainly within lettings and property management. Prior to joining Adrians, she was with a large corporate group where she was responsible for the management of a variety of properties across Essex dealing with all aspects of the tenancies; from the pre-tenancy work through to the deposit negotiations and release. She has always worked in customer focused environments and strongly believes in ensuring an exceptional level of customer service at all times.


new home NEW YEAR

Baby, it’s cold outside, but we’re still helping people move. Let us take the strain so you can concentrate on enjoying those special moments.

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