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September 2019

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Editor’s Letter Welcome to the September issue!

Decorating your home on a budget

If you’re like us, you may be wondering just where the summer has gone! The kids are back at school, the nights are already drawing in, and we’re already well on our way towards the backend of 2019. But fear not! There’s plenty inside this issue to help take your mind off the pending arrival of autumn; from decorating your home on a budget (so you can save those pennies for, dare we say, Christmas), to creating the perfect home office, and top tips on keeping the kids safe on social media. Inside we also give inspiration on lighting up your home – whether it be with quirky lampshades or practical lights. But if you’re not quite ready to resign yourself to the fact that summer is all but a distant memory, then grab yourself a last-minute getaway! We give a run-down of the best places to visit. As ever, we hope you enjoy reading and we look forward to sharing more articles with you next time. Linda McKeown Editor


Freecycle sites If you really feel that upcycling is not for you, but want to keep your budget to a minimum, scour online sites which offer a range of items, such as storage, tables and chairs, for free! Sites such as are great and work on the premise that having taken advantage of your freebie, that you do the same for something that you no longer require. Membership is free, and everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages. The Freecycle Network® is made up of 5,000+ groups with over 9 million members across the globe. It’s a nonprofit movement of people who give – and get – items for free in their own towns, which helps keep good stuff out of landfills. And if you do have a creative streak, freecycle sites are ideal if you’re on the hunt for something to transform and give a new lease of life to!

Upcycle If you’re on a budget or just can’t quite get rid of furniture, simply because you want to create a new look – upcycling could be the answer. You can find so much inspiration on the likes of Pinterest, which show how easy it can be to change a tired and dated piece of furniture into something new. For example, sanding down a pine chest of drawers and then painting it to your new colour scheme is relatively easy and cheap to do. Add some new handles, and they will be transformed. There is so much information out there on the internet to guide you through, step by step. So, get searching and release your creativity!

Freecycle sites are ideal if you’re on the hunt for something to transform and give a new lease of life to

Do it yourself Commonly known as DIY! If you want to help keep costs down further and you’re handy with a hammer, then carrying out home improvements yourself could be the answer.

Charity shop Second hand doesn’t have to mean settling for second best. Sometimes the best finds can be discovered in a charity shop! Hunt out where to find charity shops in your area that have household items on offer, such as British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research. Not only could you find the perfect item for your home, you’ll be supporting a great cause along the way!

Remember though: always consult the professionals when it comes to knocking down walls, installing plumbing or new electrics. Statistics compiled by NHS Digital show that during 12 months from March 2017, 4,831 admissions to NHS hospitals in England were made as a result of injuries from drills and other power tools, while from the same period, 6,489 admissions were made from falls from a ladder!

Auctions Always consult the professionals when it comes to knocking down walls, installing plumbing or new electrics

Online auctions, like eBay, have become increasingly popular for grabbing a bargain. Search for items available in your area to avoid large postage charges for heavier items. Alternatively, why not attend a locally held auction to help give you inspiration? Be aware of any commission that you may need to pay to the auction house on any winning bids. Some great bargains are to be had if you’re willing to look and wait for the right pieces to come along – and at the right price!


With growing numbers of people regularly working from home, it’s important to get the environment just right for doing so

Choose the right space With 40% of Brits now working from home each week, it’s clear to see why: with the benefits from doing so ranging from saving money on the commute, to being in for deliveries and the school run.

perfect environment so that your productivity isn’t impacted. An uncomfortable and incorrectly positioned chair can lead to repeated shuffling to get comfortable, leading to distraction and a lack of desire to lock yourself away in your office and get the job done!

But what should you consider when converting a room into a home office? Choosing the right space is the first important decision to make. It’s not just about fitting into any space; you will, after all be spending most of your working day in there!

The same ethos applies to your desk. Work out how much space you need. Is it just a laptop you need the space for, or will you be using it to organise paperwork? Whatever your needs, ensure you have a desk that is up for the job.

If you’re able, choose a room that has some natural light coming in and that will be big enough to accommodate a desk, chair and storage – depending on your needs, of course.

Kit it out

Create the perfect environment As you will be spending a good deal of time working in your chosen room, it’s vital that you create the

OK, so you know what you need: now time to kit out your office. With the boom of internet shopping, you no longer need to rely on a trip to Ikea to get the office furniture you need. It’s always a good starting point but why not try the likes of, or to name but a few.

Again, work out what you need before you buy so you don’t end up buying more than needed (or you can actually fit in the room!).

Get connected If your broadband speed isn’t up to scratch it can be frustrating. Employers are likely to call you back into the office if your speed can’t handle the work you need to do. Alternatively, if you use Skype for business, a poor broadband speed could seriously hinder any meetings you have planned, with your call falling out and poor quality pictures for meetings. Slow broadband speed is a big turn off. Luckily rural countryside areas are finally catching up with inner-city speeds. Comparison websites such as Uswitch and Compare the Market will show you the best deals and estimated speeds in your area in minutes.

40% of Brits now work from home each week with the benefits from doing so ranging from saving money on the commute, to being in for deliveries and the school run”

It’s vital that you create the perfect environment so that your productivity isn’t impacted

Not only do you need a fast broadband speed, but you also want one that is consistently good from morning to evening.

Storage delights Keep it tidy and keep it simple! There are plenty of storage solutions out there for your home office space. And if floor space is limited, utilise wall space instead with bookcases or wall storage.


top picks! Rutland Wooden Large Wall Mounted Shelving Unit In White Ideal for any home office – and available in oak too. £69.95 // Arran Fabric Swivel Chair - Grey A modern take on the classic tub chair combining both style and versatility £133.20 // Corona Grey 5 Tier Narrow Shelving Unit Offering a combination of quality and style for your home office. Approx. Dimensions Barker Desk (mm) H 1670 W 470 A quirky desk D 350 with inbuilt £119.99 // storage cubes! £166.99 // www.wayfair. 5

Keep your kids

Our children are growing up with technology as the norm and not just a treat, but how can you keep them safe online? 6


With Smartphones being as powerful as some laptops, everything you can do on a tablet is now accessible on a smartphone

If your child has a smartphone, set up parental controls so they cannot order any apps you don’t want them to have

In this technological age, where kids are surrounded by tablets, smartphones and YouTube, it is hard to know what is safe and what isn’t for your children. Most children already have a favourite YouTuber, play Fortnite or ROBLOX online with their friends and can surf through the web faster than most of their parents.


Here are some top tips for staying savvy and keeping your kids’ safe online.

If your child has a smartphone, set up parental controls so they cannot order any apps you don’t want them to have, and to stop them accidentally ordering from any in-game pop-ups.

Social media and YouTube

Social media is full of scare stories such as MOMO, (which turned out to be an elaborate hoax) which spread like wildfire through school playgrounds. This doesn’t make it any less scary for your children as their wild imaginations push things to the limit. The problem with social media is that fake news stories, like MOMO, get shared and go viral. Even if your child isn’t on social media, they will then find out about something viral through YouTubers and YouTube. There is a YouTube kids app with parental controls which can help limit what your child is watching. However, if you let your child watch YouTube, you can turn off the search settings, so they only watch videos pre-approved by you. Alternatively, remove YouTube altogether and set up a child’s profile for Netflix.

Computer consoles

With the release of Fortnite, the gaming world changed overnight. Suddenly, regardless of what console your child has, they can play online against their friends and strangers in a huge openworld environment. This brings up its own problems; strangers talking to your kids during the game, excessive time spent playing games etc. However, with Nintendo Switch’s capability to set parental controls and the ability to set play time limits, this is no longer a problem. Both the Xbox One and PS4 also have child safety settings. These range from content settings for YouTube and other apps, to a password to power-up the console. The beauty of this is that your child can’t get up in the middle of the night and turn on their console without a password.

The age you give your child a smartphone is up to you as the parent. Some parents give them out at an early age because their child gets the bus to school, others because they’re tired of getting theirs taken off them every evening! With Smartphones being as powerful as some laptops, everything you can do on a tablet is now accessible on a smartphone.

With technology constantly changing, it is time to accept that not giving your children technology could hold them back in their school, and later in their careers. However, as with everything, there are some simple fixes to help keep your child safe while online.

Strangers online

As children, and long before technology, we were warned about the dangers of talking to strangers when we were out playing. The same applies to your children online now. As parents it’s good to talk to your child at an early age about what to do if a stranger tries to talk to them online. You want your child to have the confidence to come to you if someone does try talking to them: • Tell your child not to respond: If your child responds to the stranger then that person has the chance to manipulate or talk to your child and convince them not to tell you about them. • Explain that they haven’t done anything wrong: If your child is worried about getting disciplined, they are more likely NOT to tell you if a stranger does try to talk to them; so, make sure they know that you won’t be angry. • Try to get a username: If your child understands the reasons for your concern, they may be able to get the username of the stranger. Using this username, you can then report the stranger to authorities. • Remove the specific game or app: Unfortunately, some games and apps are more accessible for people trying to contact your child. Simply remove these games and apps from your child’s console, tablet or smartphone. And tell your child the truth: don’t make up a story that the app or game no longer works as this will more than likely make them want to play it without your knowledge.



In the modern age of technology, caring for your child’s eyesight has never been so pertinent With kids and teens age 8 to 18 spending an average of more than seven hours a day looking at screens, it’s recommended that parents should limit screen time for kids to a maximum of just two hours per day. For younger children, age 3 and 4, the World Health Organization says that this should fall to just one hour a day. In fact, a 2010 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 8 to 18-year-old children devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes to entertainment media – every day. That equates to more than 53 hours per week! With children constantly growing, their eyes are prone to long-term damage, which is why it’s key that their eyesight is taken care of from an early age.

School time

Children can have an eyesight test at any age. However, most will have their eyes examined when they first start school. The great thing is, that they don’t need to be able to read. There are many ways in which your child’s eyes can be tested when they can’t yet read or understand letters of the alphabet – mainly by using images. If your child's vision is not checked at school, simply take them to your local opticians for an eye examination – it’s free!

Screen time

A potentially harmful light source for children is BlueViolet light, which comes from a plethora of sources such as sunlight, fluorescent and LED lights and screens, flat screen TVS, computers and smartphones. And just why isn’t it good for our eyes? Quite simply, our eyes are not equipped to filter out this light – and a child’s eyes are even more vulnerable. Too much screen time can result in eyestrain – symptoms can include burning, itchy, or tired eyes, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision.

Children may not always realise they have a problem with their vision, so it’s important that they have regular checks

Spotting a problem

Children may not always realise they have a problem with their vision, so it’s important that they have regular checks so that any potential issues can be flagged up and treated accordingly. Signs to look out for include: • eyes not pointing in the same direction • complaining of headaches or eye strain • problems reading i.e. holding books close to their face to read • problems with hand-eye co-ordination • being unusually clumsy • regularly rubbing their eyes • sitting too close to the TV If you have any concerns about your child's vision, visit your GP or go to an optician.

Did you know? Free NHS sight tests are available for children under 16 and for young people under 19 in full-time education. Just pop to your local optician to make an appointment.

Ready, steady, cook! e k a b l i t n e l & e n i Layered auberg ries, bu ing for low calo ok lo re u’ yo if t dish is perfec t required too! This vegetarian e’s minimal effor er th d an – e st full on ta


ie out this low-calor Puy lentils bulk lla re za with moz vegetarian bake d d basil sauce an an o at cheese, tom es. roasted aubergin

getarians Suitable for Ve g Kcals per servin 359

Serves 4




t into ½ cm slice

2 aubergines, cu

lengthways •

3 tbsp olive oil

140g Puy lentils

2 onions, finely ch

• • •


ely chopped 3 garlic cloves, fin tternut squash 300g cooked bu d tomatoes 400g can choppe sil leaves

½ small pack ba

125g ball of moz

zarella, torn

s 7. Brush both 0C/200C fan/ga 22 to en ov at 1. He 2 tbsp of the oil, rgine slices with sides of the aube bake for 15-20 eets, season and lay on baking sh ok the lentils Co turning once. , er nd te til un s min structions. following pack in p ge frying pan. Ti aining oil in a lar ir St ft. so til 2. Heat the rem un rlic and cook ga d an ns n io ca on ½ e in th oes, plus sh and the tomat s ha e uc sa e though the squa til th for 10-15 mins un g. in on as of water. Simmer se d an the lentils, basil thickened. Stir in sh. a small baking di er of lentils into lay a g n in oo ish Sp fin 3. peat, ine slices and re rella za oz m Top with auberg ith w bergine. Scatter is se ee ch with a layer of au e th til un rther 15 mins fu a r fo ke ba d an ling. golden and bubb 4. Enjoy!

This recipe, and more, can be found at


Light up

YOUR HOME Whether you’re after a modern, cosy or quirky feel to a room, choosing the right light source is vital for achieving the desired look you want

Monkey Table Lamp This quirky table lamp base features a monkey holding a light bulb. Ideal for adding a retro style to any room in your home. £57.99

Pluto Floor Lamp The Pluto floor lamp by Swoon has a minimalistic yet mesmerising design that brings a hint of geometric charm to your room. £129

Lucide Oris 4 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant We think that this hanging light would be ideal for any dining room. Robust and sturdy, it’s also adjustable in height, so you can choose at what height it hangs below the ceiling. £205.99


Next Isla Ombre Easy Fit Pendant 100% glass, this smoke-plated crackle-effect pendant is ideal for those wanting to make a quick replacement of an existing pendant light. £25

Chicago Floor Lamp Bring vintage Hollywood to your home with this studio set inspired floor lamp. The diffuser reflects the light back into the shade, creating a warm, illuminating effect. Perfect!

Mini Gaston in Brass Meet the pint-sized version of Loaf’s everpopular Gaston lamp. With a vintage brass finish and pewter details, we think this ‘mini’ light might be one of our favourites!



Mirrored Glass Pentagon Ceiling Light Made from mirrored glass, light shines through the distressed accents in the glass to create a warm, glowing effect when switched on, while it appears as a multi-faceted mirror when switched off. £195

Elements Harley Ochre Table Lamp This Elements table lamp is presented with a stylish tripod base and completed with an Ochre interlocking shade design – perfect for adding a focal point to any room. £32

Antique Silver Palm Leaf Table Lamp Simply stunning! Made from iron with an antiqued silver leaf finish, this fabulous Palm Leaf Table Lamp is very on trend and casts amazing shadows when lit! £195


Catch some sun

this winter! With the summer holidays already a distant memory, it’s time to get excited about some winter sun. We look at the best places to go

Fly a little further to get the sunshine you crave in the winter months, and you won’t be disappointed. There are some great destinations to pick from – whether you are looking for a classic beach-style holiday or something a bit more luxurious; there is something to suit all budgets.

The Canary Islands The number one winter sun destination! This group of seven islands has something for everyone, and with temperatures around 20c throughout the winter months and a flight time of under five hours, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. The most well-known islands are Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife. If you want a large resort with masses to keep the family busy, then look no further than Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria. It is a resort which has something for everyone, whether you are looking for lavish meals out, family fun at a theme park, buggy racing on the dunes, a day at the beach or dolphin and whale spotting on the sea, plus much more. The beach stretches for miles and there is a wide range of accommodation on offer from simple self-catering apartments through to an allinclusive 5* boutique hotel. Try the Papas Arrugadas, the local dish of wrinkly salted potatoes with Mojo sauce.


Check before you travel Some of our suggested destinations are further afield than you may usually travel during the summer holidays. Always check if a VISA is required. You can check on the website for all travel requirements for certain countries. It will also include up-to-date information regarding weather warnings and extra travel advice.




Madeira is an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean to the southwest of Portugal. 400 miles north of the Canary Islands, this stunning island is where the Portuguese global football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was born.

A longer flight than the Canary Islands or Madeira, but well worth it. At around 12 hours flight time, Mexico is a great choice for couples and families with older children. It is well known and loved for its hospitable people, love of spicy foods and its cultural history.

No winter sunshine holiday list would be complete without the US state of Florida. Famous for its amusement parks including the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, the state of Florida is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world! With so much to see and do, you will need longer than a week here. The Walt Disney World Resort alone has four theme parks, two water parks, four golf courses and thirty-six hotels to choose from!

The capital, Funchal, is located on the south coast of the island and is a haven for culture seekers. With an average high temperature of 21c in December, this beautiful island is a great place to soak up some sunshine and culture over the winter. Madeira is a mountainous island with stunning flora and fauna with high volcanic peaks, making it perfect for hiking and walking. On the northern slopes of Madeira Island, the valleys contain native forests which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fancy something relaxing after exploring? Why not sunbathe on one of the stunning beaches and take in the culture and local food in the evening. Explore the North of the island with its natural parks, waterfalls and wild horses.

Whether you are looking to go on an adventure in the southern jungles or want to explore the snow-capped volcanoes in its northern deserts, Mexico won’t leave you disappointed. With its long coastline and crystalclear sea, take some time out soaking up the rays on one of Mexico’s many beaches. Explore some of its history and culture with a visit to Chichen Itza, the famous Mayan site that is now one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The capital, Mexico City, is known for its ancient canals, art and culture as much as for the sumptuous smells and tastes of its street food. Avoid travelling in September as this is Mexico’s hurricane season.

Florida is also home to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center where the Apollo flights were launched. The Florida Reef is also the only living coral barrier reef in the United States and has a plethora of stunning marine life which you can visit at one of the National Parks. For sport, Florida offers a great chance to see one of the USA’s main sports firsthand: Florida has three NFL teams, two NBA teams and two MLB teams. Pre-book your tickets online to avoid queues during the busy season.


Champions Preview League 2019/20

The usual heavyweights from across the continent such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and PSG will hope to stop the resurgence of English teams this year

Can Europe’s heavyweight’s stop the dominance of English teams in the Champions League? Last season, English teams ruled with the first all-English final for over a decade ending with Liverpool winning their sixth Champions League title. Let's have a look at five clubs we believe could go the whole way this year:

Manchester City


Quite possibly one of the greatest teams ever created, Pep Guardiola’s Citizens will hope to claim the elusive trophy they crave so much. The addition of Rodri from Atletico Madrid and an upgrade in full back in Cancelo could be the final pieces of the puzzle. A settled team full of world-class talent, with a substitutes bench that would make the first-eleven at most other clubs, will this be the year Guardiola gets his tactics right in Europe?

The Bianconeri haven't lifted the Champions League since the 1995/96 season, when a trio of Gianluca Vialli, Del Piero and Fabrizio Ravanelli shot them to glory. With Ronaldo defying his years and an influx of genuinely world-class players in Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot and Matthijs de Ligt arriving this summer, will Maurizio Sarri be able to rebuild his reputation after his troubled time at Stamford Bridge last season?

Paris Saint-Germain

Atletico Madrid

Atletico may have lost three of their most well-loved players in Griezmann, Rodri and Godin, however, they have spent the money wisely; securing the talent of Joao Felix, in attack, from Benfica for £113,000,000 and Kieran Trippier, in defence, for £20,000,000 plus five other players who will join the likes of Saul, Morata, Diego Costa and last year's big signing, Thomas Lemar, in Madrid. With Barcelona and Real Madrid rebuilding their squads, this could be the year Diego Simeone's men take advantage in Europe and at home.


Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund may have only won the Champions League once in their history, however, last year they were only two points from winning the Bundesliga and have spent more wisely over the summer than their biggest rivals, Bayern Munich. Snapping up two of the hottest players in Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt, securing the services of their old captain, Hummels, and keeping hold of Jadon Sancho, shows a manager with a plan. With perfectionist Lucien Favre at the helm, this could be the year they add a second Champions League title to their shelf.

After a quiet summer compared to their usual spending sprees, is PSG turning into a settled team? Arguably one of the most talented teams in Europe on paper, Thomas Tuchel has struggled to get the consistency required to turn PSG into genuine Champions League contenders. With Neymar angling for a move back to Spain, it falls on the young shoulders of Kylian Mbappe and the ageing Edinson Cavani to lead them to glory. Backed up by an old-school, no-nonsense, central midfielder in Ander Herrera, this could be their year

B e n e f i t s of using a letting agent to look after your rental property

If you have a buy-to-let property or are looking to invest in one, you will want a letting agent to do all the hard work for you when it comes to letting it! A buy-to-let property is a great way to invest your hard-earned money. Property investment has never been more popular and with a rise in people renting and the actual cost of renting going up, creating a property portfolio is a great stream of passive income. But, once you have exchanged and completed on the property and invested money and time in the standard of the accommodation, where and how do you find a suitable tenant who will look after your property?

A buy-to-let property is a great way to invest your hard-earned money

Looking after your property throughout a tenancy. Once a tenant is in the property, do you want them calling you for any maintenance issues? Throughout the tenancy, we can be the port-of-call for any maintenance problems that may arise and we will take care of property inspections and report back with our findings. We can also take care of the end-oftenancy inspection and report back the condition of the property. We will always make sure that you, as the landlord, and the tenant receive the highest possible service. There can be a murky area in private renting without a letting agent, however, if you use a reputable letting agent such as us, we aim to make the process clear and simple – creating a win-win for you and the tenant, just the way it should be! Owning a buy-to-let property and managing it yourself can be time-consuming, however with an established and trusted letting agent, like us, on your side we can do all the hard work (for a small fee) while you simply collect on your investment.

We will find you the right tenant for your property. Some tenants feel uneasy about renting with no estate agent involved: an estate agent gives the tenant that extra security they feel they need when renting a property, especially if they have a family and children in the property. A reliable and professional letting agent, like us, can take a lot of the hassle out of finding suitable tenants and marketing your property. We will offer you professional photos, marketing on property portals and a ready-made database of prospective tenants for your property. As an established letting agent, we will take care of everything for you from the EPC, through to viewings, gathering feedback and taking care of the referencing process. We will also make sure you are keeping within the law, especially after recent changes. Our lettings team will also ensure that the deposit is securely and legally kept in an official government-backed tenancy deposit scheme and that all the paperwork is safe and secure covering both you as the landlord and the tenant.

For more information about buying a rental property, through to managing it and everything in-between, please talk to one of our friendly team in the office today


The Terraces, Dartford



Commonwealth Way, Abbey Wood £220,000

Southmere Drive, Abbey Wood £220,000

SPACIOUS, CHAIN FREE 2 bed GROUND FLOOR apartment with accommodation comprising LOUNGE with BALCONY ACCESS, KITCHEN/BREAKFAST ROOM, 2 WELL SIZED DOUBLE BEDROOMS & FAMILY BATHROOM. Positioned in a fantastic location just a short walk from Bostall Woods, Abbey Wood Station (BR, Thameslink, pending Crossrail Link) as well as Shops & Schools. Benefiting from NO CHAIN, DOUBLE GLAZING, GAS CENTRAL HEATING (untested), PRIVATE BALCONY & PHONE SECURITY ENTRANCE SYSTEM.

Very well-presented modern purpose built 4th floor apartment situated just a short walk to Abbey Wood Train Station which is soon to benefit from Crossrail, along with many future regeneration projects. Shops, parkland and gym facilities are all within easy reach. The spacious accommodation comprises ENTRANCE HALL (with storage cupboard), MODERN BATHROOM SUITE, LARGE BEDROOM, BRIGHT LOUNGE/DINER and FULLY FITTED KITCHEN. Boasting DOUBLE GLAZING, GAS CENTRAL HEATING (untested) FITTED CARPETS, SECURITY ENTRY SYSTEM plus ALLOCATED PARKING & LIFT.

South East London : 020 8306 2020 North Kent : 01322 400222 Lettings Management : 01322 405050

Felixstowe Road, Abbey Wood £250,000

Gatling Road, Abbey Wood £260,000

Able Estates are delighted to bring this CHAIN FREE 2 BED GROUND FLOOR APARTMENT to market. Ideally located WITHIN THE IMMEDIATE VICINITY of Abbey Wood Station (BR, Thameslink, pending Crossrail Link) as well as SHOPS & SCHOOLS. Boasting 2 BEDROOMS, FAMILY BATHROOM and SPACIOUS OPEN PLAN LIVING. Benefiting from NO CHAIN, DOUBLE GLAZING, ENTRANCE PHONE SECURITY SYSTEM & AMPLE STORAGE.

CHAIN FREE ground floor PERIOD CONVERSION APARTMENT with welcoming accommodation comprising LOUNGE with bay window, 2 BEDROOMS, MODERN KITCHEN & FAMILY BATHROOM. Benefiting from a well sized PRIVATE GARDEN to rear, DOUBLE GLAZING & GAS CENTRAL HEATING (untested). Located within easy reach of EXCELLENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT LINKS to the surrounding areas, shops, schools & woodland. Abbey Wood (BR, Thameslink, Crossrail pending) & Woolwich Arsenal (BR, DLR, Crossrail pending) Stations are both easily accessible.

Revell Rise, Plumstead £275,000

Viola Avenue, Abbey Wood £228,000

WELL PRESENTED 3 BED 2nd floor apartment. The SPACIOUS & MOVE-IN READY accommodation consists of LOUNGE with access to private BALCONY, well sized KITCHEN/BREAKFAST ROOM, 3 BEDROOMS & MODERN SHOWER ROOM with separate WC. Benefiting from DG, GCH (untested), SECLUDED BALCONY & AMPLE STORAGE. Located within a short walk of PLUMSTEAD COMMON for SHOPS, PUBLIC TRANSPORT, SCHOOLS, PARKS & AN ABUNDANCE OF OUTSIDE SPACE. PLUMSTEAD & WOOLWICH ARSENAL (BR, DLR, pending Crossrail link) STATIONS are also both easily accessible.

Located within walking distance of Local Shops, Schools, Park & Public Transport which also includes Abbey wood train station is this good size 2 Bedroom Split level maisonette. Once inside you will find accommodation comprising of Entrance Hall, Kitchen, a Lounge/Diner which in turn opens on to the rear Garden. Upstairs you will find 2 Double Bedrooms and Bathroom. Benefits PART DOUBLE GLAZING, GAS CENTRAL HEATING, 25FT GARDEN, CLOSE TO AMENITIES & NO CHAIN. This property would make an ideal FIRST TIME BUY OR PROPERTY INVESTMENT.

Vernham Road, Plumstead £575,000 - £600,000

St Martins Close, Erith £330,000

LARGE & VERSATILE 3 DOUBLE BEDROOM VICTORIAN HOME with PERIOD FEATURES in a sought-after location. Accommodation comprises SPACIOUS DOUBLE BEDROOMS, DRESSING ROOM for MASTER BEDROOM, 3 RECEPTION ROOMS, MODERN KITCHEN, UTILITY ROOM, FAMILY BATHROOM, DOWNSTAIRS SHOWER ROOM & CONSERVATORY. There is also an OUTBUILDING with electricity at the rear of the property, making an ideal gym, office or playroom. Located on the sought after Plumstead Common area with SCHOOLS, SHOPS, PARKLAND AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT ALL NEARBY.

Looking for a property with POTENTIAL? Able Estates are delighted to bring this VERSATILE & SPACIOUS 4 BED TERRACED TOWN HOUSE with GARAGE & OFF STREET PARKING to market. The accommodation comprises 4 Bedrooms, spacious Lounge, Kitchen/Diner, Sun Room, Cloakroom & Family Bathroom set over 3 floors. Whilst in need of some modernisation, this property offers any buyer great potential. Benefiting from partial DOUBLE GLAZING, GAS CENTRAL HEATING (untested), GARAGE, OFF STREET PARKING & TIDY GARDEN TO REAR

Fendyke Road, Belvedere

£1,300 pcm

Lovely 3 bedroom Terraced Property located within walking distance of Abbey Wood Village and Train Station. The property is offered unfurnished and available from 4th September. Benefitting from GCH and Double Glazing. Step inside to find Hallway, Lovely Bright Open Plan Lounge / Diner and Contemporary Kitchen leading onto the Garden. Moving upstairs are Two Double Bedrooms and a Single Bedroom and a Family Bathroom. The property also benefits from Off Street Parking for One Car to the Front.

South East London : 020 8306 2020 North Kent : 01322 400222 Lettings Management : 01322 405050

Shieldhall Street, Abbey Wood £1200 pcm

Shortlands Close, Belvedere £850 pcm

Lovely TWO BEDROOM MID TERRACE VICTORIAN HOUSE overlooking Greening Street open space. With THROUGH LOUNGE, FITTED KITCHEN and REAR GARDEN. Close to Abbey Wood Station, local bus routes and shops. Available 31st October 2019

Newly Refurbished 1 Bedroom Flat located in a popular residential location. Offered part furnished with oven and hob. Located within walking distance of Belvedere train station and amenities - Available Now.

Greenhaven Drive, Thamesmead £1,000 pcm

Monks Close, Abbey Wood £1,100 pcm

Stunning two double bedroom ground floor apartment situated on a popular riverside development. The property is being offered unfurnished. This lovely apartment benefits from a fantastic riverside location within walking distance to town centre and Abbey Wood Station with the forthcoming Crossrail Link. Double glazing and gas central heating, residents parking. Close to local bus routes, schools and shopping centre. Available Now.

Able Estates are pleased to offer for rent this well presented 2 Bedroom terrace house in popular location, close to park land & approx 5 minutes walk from Abbey Wood train station. The property benefits from DG, fitted kitchen, shower room, rear garden and garage En Bloc. Offered part furnished with white goods. Available Now.

Burgate Close, Crayford £129,995

Frobisher Road, Erith £164,995

Able Estates are pleased to offer this First Floor Studio Flat that has Double Glazing, Econ 7 Heating, Residents Parking & a long lease of around 960 years.

Able Estates are pleased to offer this Immaculate Chain Free 1 Bed Ground Floor Flat. The property is within walking distance of Erith Town Centre Shops & Train station (zone 6) which is on the same line & two stops from Abbey wood Station which will have Crossrail running from it in the future.

This property would make an Ideal 1st Time Buy or Buy to Let property where you would expect to achieve a monthly rent of £700 / 750 Per calendar month.

Maximfeldt Road, Erith


Chandlers Drive, Erith £194,950

Chain Free 1 Bedroom 1st Floor conversion flat that is within walking distance of Bus Routes, Local Shops & Erith Train Station ( zone 6 ) which can get you in to the London Stations in approximately 40 minutes & on same line / 2 stops from Abbey Wood & Crossrail in the not to distant future.

Chain Free two Bed Ground Floor Flat that is located on the popular Chandlers Drive Development. The property is offered CHAIN FREE and would make an excellent 1st time purchase or Buy to let Investment opportunity with the current market rent for this type of property being £950 per calendar month.

North Kent : 01322 400222 South East London : 020 8306 2020 Lettings Management : 01322 405050

Heathdene Drive, Upper Belvedere

Guild Road, Erith £234,995

Guide Price of £220 - £230,000. Able Estates are pleased to offer this two bed 2nd floor purpose built flat located on the ever popular Heathdene Drive in Upper Belvedere. The property has a very long lease of approximately 152 years & is close Nuxley Village and Belvedere Train Station - Zone 5.

Well-presented 1 Bedroom Freehold House that is located in a quiet cul-de-sac yet close to local amenities including Morrisons Supermarket, The Riverside Shopping Centre and Erith Train Station (zone 6) which will get you into the London Stations in approximately 45 minutes. ** CALL TO VIEW **

Newbery Road, Slade Green £295,995

Thwaite Close, Erith £264,995

Really Good Sized, 3 Bedroom 1st Floor Maisonette that is offered CHAIN FREE. Although the property is in need of a little updating it has a Large modern fitted Kitchen, New Bathroom (wet room), Gas Central Heating with a New Boiler, Double Glazing and a Generous Garden Plot. ** CALL TO VIEW **

Offered with the benefit of NO CHAIN & a very long lease in the region of 939 years is Newly decorated 2 Bed Ground Floor Maisonette that has direct access to its own Garden. The property is in a quiet Cul de sac & within walking distance of Public Transport & Northumberland Heath Shops.


Oak Road, Slade Green £310 - £320,000

Drummond Close, Erith £259,995

Guide Price of £310 - £320,000 for this Lovely 3 Bed End Terrace Family house that was built Circa 1900’s.The property benefits from Double Glazing, Gas Central Heating, 45 foot Garden with side access & the property is also within walking distance of Schools, Bus Stops & Slade Train Station( zone 6 ).

4 Bed Family house that enjoys a Cul De Sac location and is still within walking distance of all amenities including Local shops, Schools and Public Transport. The property benefits from Double Glazing, Gas Central Heating, Allocated Parking and a wraparound rear and side Garden. MUST VIEW PROPERTY

Park Crescent, Erith £369,995

Woolwich Road, Upper Belvedere

CHAIN FREE 3 Bed DETACHED Property circa 1920 Located Within the Lesney Park Conservation Area. The Property Is Conveniently Located for Schools Shops and Amenities and is a 5-minute walk to Erith Train Station which can get you into the London Stations in approx. 45 minutes – Zone 6.

CHAIN FREE Newly Decorated & Carpeted 3 Bed Detached House that is conveniently located for all local amenities including, Nuxley Village Shops, Schools & Public Transport. The property offers good size living accommodation & a large triangular shaped garden with Vehicle Access.

£440 - £450,000

North Kent : 01322 400222 South East London : 020 8306 2020 Lettings Management : 01322 405050

Stonecroft Road, North Heath £925 pcm

Wessex Drive, Erith £925pcm

Spacious 2 Bedroom First Floor Maisonette with Garden, Located in a Quiet Residential Cul de Sac in the Heart of Northumberland Heath with Its Shops, Schools and Amenities. The property is offered part furnished with White Goods and is available now.

Newly Refurbished Two Bedroom Ground Floor Flat Offered Part Furnished with Built In Oven and Hob, Electric Heating and Double Glazing. The property also benefits from Parking and Communal Gardens Available Now.

Doyle Close, Erith £1,000pcm

Poplar Mount, Belvedere £1,200pcm

This property is only available for a 6-month Term. Well-presented 2 Bedroom house that is located in a cul de sac on the popular Drummond Park development.

Well Presented 2 Double Bedroom Terraced Property Located in a Popular Residential Area, within walking distance of Local Shops, Schools, Bus Routes, Belvedere Train Station (Zone 5) and Local Parkland. The Property is offered Unfurnished and will be available from Early September.

The property is also within walking distance of all local amenities including Shops, Schools, Buses & Slade Green Train Station Zone 6.

Louise Hillier MARLA – Director of Property Management Lettings & Property Management came into my life by chance when I was 23. What started as a training course of 3 months, with a well-known corporate into a full-time job that was a huge learning curve. For many years I dealt with Lettings and after about 10 years was asked to transfer into Property Management. It’s unlike any job I have ever known, its challenging. no two days are ever the same, there are always new situations to overcome and the legislation is ever changing. I have been in the industry for 22 years and will have been with Able Estates Ltd for 10 years in September 2019. I am a member of ARLA Propertymark with a Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management.

Pauline Barham – Property Management Administrator

I have been working in a sales and lettings environment for 24 years and currently work in the Property Management department of Able Estates in an administration role. I am responsible for generating any new tenancy agreements, ensuring all the relevant legal requirements have been met when making a tenancy live, negotiating renewals and rent increases, renewing the insurance policies for the Landlords, renewal of Gas Safety Certificates, EPC’s and electrical tests. It’s an incredibly busy roll that I continue to enjoy.

Charinna Batchelor – Maintenance Department I am pleased to be your first point of contact in connection with periodic visits, maintenance issues and check outs and since joining Able Estates I am now experienced in assisting Landlords with their selective licence queries following the change of legislation. It’s always interesting seeing the properties once the Tenant has moved in and to build relationships with the tenants which can help steer difficult situations to all party’s satisfaction. The Property Management office is very busy and team work is required in order to keep the wheels turning.

Meet our team Ruth Wonnacott – Sales & Lettings Manager I have been with Able Estates for six years and in that time, have covered a multitude of roles from Secretary, Senior Sales Consultant, Sales Progressor and Senior Lettings Consultant, so have an all-round understanding of the estate agency world. I have a can-do attitude and enjoy the range of jobs that I undertake in any one day. Being able to help someone move into their dream house (sales or lettings) gives me job satisfaction and we work hard to provide an outstanding service and bring years of local knowledge to the market.

Peter Jones – Director Being an owner of an estate agency certainly throws at you its fair share of daily Challenges, though I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the property game and get a kick out of exceeding the client’s expectations. It’s also a genuine thrill to hand over the keys to the new home of a buyer or tenant and be part of an exciting new adventure in their life’s. Outside of the property market I’m married to my beautiful wife Mandy, we have grown up twins who still keep us busy. I enjoy a golf, sailing and snowboarding plus have quite an eclectic taste in music.

Sue Emmott – Branch Secretary I have been working at Able Estates in the Abbey Wood Branch for almost 15 years now in the capacity of Branch Secretary. As well as my administration role, I also offer support to our Sales & Lettings Team where my duties are varied to say the least! My working life commenced with the Inland Revenue and has predominantly been in an administrative capacity ever since. I enjoy the variety that my job brings and challenges that I sometimes face and especially enjoy the rapport I have with my colleagues.

Edward Sharp – Property Consultant After committing to staying in England full time following an enjoyable and successful career in the travel industry my attention turned to what to do next. For some reason I decided a career in property would be a good choice – probably due to too much daytime TV! Luckily, I was able to find an agent in my hometown that shared my belief of doing business in the right way and two years down the road it feels like I’ve been doing it my whole working life. Although if I’m honest, I did think I’d have my own show by now!

Maria Porter – Sales & Lettings Administrator I joined the company in August last year. I have 17 years’ Estate Agency experience where I have covered a variety of roles from administration, sales & lettings to sales progression. My main role here at Able Estates is sales progressor where I ensure the smooth transition of a sale once it has been agreed.

Paul Servis – Director At the tender age of 21 and really not knowing what to do in terms of a career and Life I guess I basically fell into Estate Agency by chance. As I absolutely love the property industry, in February 1997 after nine very successful working for a corporate, I opened the doors of Able Estates alongside my sister and best friend Peter Jones - the rest as they say is history. There have been many changes both with legislation and thanks to the internet, how properties are marketed. However, one thing remains the same, Ables’ ethos – treat everybody how you would expect to be treated.

Sarah Hamilton – Property Consultant Hi I’m Sarah and I’ve lived and worked in and around Greenwich and Bexley for most of my life. I was educated in Greenwich and have worked most of my estate agency career all over Southeast London and North Kent. I’ve worked both on the sales side and the lettings side and consider myself well versed to advise on all property matters. When not working my passions are Ska and reggae music and I follow many well known bands on the circuit. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else as I not only feel a valued team member, but also know the value I offer to my team and my clients.

Kevin Mitchell – Property Consultant

With over 35 years of sale experience I have been part of the Able Estates Team for over 4 years now. I pride myself on being a ‘people person’ providing our clients with an exceptional level of customer service. I am able to offer advice to help our customers realise the potential in property whether it be on purchase or rental. With great communication skills I build relationships with both Vendors and Landlords and try to negotiate the best deal for all parties involved in the transaction.

Testimonials The level of service I received from Able Estates was unique and efficient.

Able Estates to me, differ, having spoken to other estate agents. I find them more family-orientated and friendly. I know that the house is in safe hands with Able Estates and they will do the very best that they can for myself and my family.

Able Estates have delivered impeccable service and that is of paramount importance to me. They make the effort all the time; they keep me informed of what’s going on. If something needs to be asked, they’re on the phone and it’s dealt with straight away. The photos looked absolutely great and the floor plans were perfect; I couldn’t fault them. There was somebody to contact the whole time, and that is what you want went letting a property. I would certainly recommend Able Estates to family and friends I have always been recommending AE to family and friends; and I will continue recommending them.

Moving with


Market your property with us and we will give you the right tools to keep you moving forward and maximise your property exposure; including a FREE personal property website to share with friends and family. North Kent T. 01322 400222 E.

South East London T. 020 8306 2020 E.

Lettings Management T. 01322 405050 E.

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Able Estates - September 2019  

Able Estates - September 2019