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Cook up romance


They say that the best way to someone’s heart is via their stomach and what better recipe to cook up than these Love Dumplings from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver!

Difficulty Not too tricky Cooking time 35 minutes

s g n i l p m u D Love

Serves 2

Preparation time 10 minutes

Meotohkinogdtime 1.

illi, then combine

Finely chop the ch C e dipping sauce. d8 Start by making th s gar, fish sauce an ute in m 2 tablespoons), su ut 5 bo 2 (a ce 0 jui e 2 with the lim

ter tablespoons of wa your 2 the rest to dress vesa litt Selfrint dunking, and save r fo wl bo le o 2. Pour ha noodle salad rb lettuce, he and em. en finely chop th e of your knife, th sid e th th wi ns aw ely 3. Smash the pr , then trim and fin shallot and garlic e th op ch ely fin rate). Pick Peel and very d green parts sepa an ite wh e th p ee ions (k slice the spring on s e coriander leave and finely chop th ring e whites of the sp , coriander and th rlic ga , ot all sh , ns d a pinch of 4. Pop the praw th black pepper an wi on as se ly us ro gene onions in a bowl, it a good mix sea salt, and give e middle on of filling into th d spoon a teaspo an rs pe ap wr ur ld it in half, then 5. Lay out yo per with water, fo ap wr e on of s ge e ed of each. Brush th at with the others er to secure. Repe th ge to s ge ed e pleat and pinch th until then fry the base ngs for 5 minutes, pli m du e th am in Japan. Place 6. You can ste I’ve seen it done w ho is e us I d etho crispy. But the m s and a splash of m fro , add the dumpling , at ns he aw pr ium ed ed m el a ter • 200g raw pe an oiled pan over s, then once the wa s for 2 to 3 minute am ste ’ll ey Th sustainable source r. ve water, and co further 2 minutes e lid and fry for a th off t ke lo ta , al ed sh at e • 1 larg has evapor ions. Toast the e packet instruct th to ing rd c co rli ac ga les • 2 cloves of 7. Cook the nood ush frying pan, then cr dr peanuts in a y • 4 spring onions the glass noodles d herb leaves with an ce tu let er e th nd e rang fresh coria top 8. Pick off and ar r the peanuts on • 1/2 a bunch of sauce and scatte e th th wi s es dr on two plates, pling wrappers rt of the spring • 16 round dum e sliced green pa th th wi d kle rin mplings sp on the side odles 9. Serve the du e and chilli sauce • 100g glass no uc sa g pin dip of s onions, with bowl salted peanuts at


• 1 tablespoon un • 1 soft lettuce

fresh basil • a few sprigs of fresh mint • a few sprigs of sauce • Lingham’s chilli

Dipping sauce • 1 fresh red chilli • 1 lime

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caster sugar • 4 tablespoons fish sauce • 4 tablespoons

ipe You can find this rec umplings/ e-d ov s/l ipe rec deafoo https://www.jamieo

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