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Happy Valentine’s Day WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN? By Deb Crossen

I was speaking to a few friends, asking for their advice on content for our Valentine’s Day page here in The Kawartha Promoter. They asked me why I was asking them ... two single women... and both laughed. Then one friend reiterated the story about one Valentine’s Day when she walked by a home in town ... where a woman was shovelling the driveway while a man watched. Isn’t love wonderful? According to, here are some fun statistics: • In 2016 in the U.S., Valentine’s Day sales reached an all-time high of $19.7 billion. • $1.7 billion will be spent on chocolate and candy • 19 percent of survey respondents give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets, spending a total of $681 million in 2016

• Fifty percent of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day • In 2016, American consumers spent $4.5 billion on jewelry for Valentine’s Day. • 34 percent of consumers plan to eat out on February 14, making Valentine’s Day the second busiest day of the year for restaurants.


Match the artist and their famous love song. Celine Dion The Righteous Brothers Paul McCarney Stevie Wonder Tina Turner Elvis Presley

What’s Love Got To Do With It I Just Called To Say I Love You Can’t Help Falling in Love Silly Love Songs The Power of Love Unchained Melody

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February 8, 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter


The Kawartha Promoter - February 8, 2018.  

The Kawartha Promoter - February 8, 2018.

The Kawartha Promoter - February 8, 2018.  

The Kawartha Promoter - February 8, 2018.