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It’s Easy Being Green Big Green Goodbye

By Julia Taylor Have you ever heard the expression

“You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with?” Well, I have been at home for over five years, spending 90 percent of my time with my two kids under five. Because of this, I’m starting to get a little tantrum-ee, and sometimes I feel like throwing my food. Needless to say, I’m ready to get out of the house and get back to work. I’m ready to put my energy and passion into a career and in order to do so; sadly I must give up some of my volunteer obligations -- one being this column. I have enjoyed being an advocate for our precious natural environment in Kawartha Lakes and beyond through this column. Thank you for your ear, your complimentary letters, and every person who has approached me to tell me that they started to ... (insert small eco-friendly action that has big impact on our environment). I’ve even enjoyed peoples’ comments that I had “made their lives harder because their partner now makes them do ‘xyz’ because that’s ‘what Julia said.’” It has made it worth every last letter typed for this column. I will most definitely still be working on initiatives for our environment in our community

and I hope you will join me. Have no doubt that every decision you make in favour of the earth has a big impact and a ripple effect, and I appreciate every green action you take! Thank you so much for reading for the last couple of years, and thanks to The Kawartha Promoter for printing my articles! Best, and green regards to The Kawartha Promoter and our community!


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The Kawartha Promoter - November 17, 2017  

The Kawartha Promoter - November 17, 2017

The Kawartha Promoter - November 17, 2017  

The Kawartha Promoter - November 17, 2017