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Man How one man’s invention provided knowledge for all

The mystery of the woman behind the Mona Lisa


The war that started it all‌ Just ten years ago in 1453 Constantinople fell to the Ottoman’s. Constantinople and the Ottomans had been at war for two months battling for control before the Ottomans finally won. After the Ottomans won the war and took over trade started to decrease due to higher taxes put on the goods because of this and other reasons the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade started. The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade is a slave trade between the new and old worlds. These slaves are needed because the slave population from Hungary has been depleted, but more slaves are still needed in the fields. One of the main reasons the slaves are needed is because there is more of a demand for sugar.

Like any other new painting or invention the Mona Lisa already has rumors spreading. The painting is said to be of one of da Vinci’s neighbors, but sources aren't so sure. With the Mona Lisa having almost the same facial structure as da Vinci people say its actually a portrait of himself. The rumor is da Vinci painted a portrait of himself as a woman which is why the painting took almost four years to complete because he had to actually think about how he would look as a woman.

Dear Editor, I have read several of your magazines and I have to say I am appalled. In not one of them have you included anything about the one of the biggest sources of entertainment. Theater is one of the most popular things around. Theater is even distracting men from their jobs because it is such a big deal and you do not even include the slightest detail about it in your magazine. I would like to ask your reasoning for this. Do you not like the theater? Or do you just not think it is important enough to include in you magazine? On a brighter note I would like to compliment the format and detail put into your magazine. With all the color and decoration put into each page I can honestly say it’s the most aesthetic pleasing magazine I have ever read. Apart from the aesthetics and topics you have chosen your magazine is also the most detailed and informational magazine I have ever read. I would like to ask that you please take my suggestion on writing about the theater into consideration. If you could please answer my questions so I know why the topic was not written about as apposed to having to assume why the theater was not written about. The last thing I would like to say is keep up the good work. ~Your average renaissance woman

Michel de Nostredame This able man of Provence, France is nothing less than a miracle to society. He began researching herbal remedies in 1521 and entered the University of Montpellier eight years later to study medicine. Unfortunate to his university, he was expelled. He spent this newly acquired time using his medical knowledge to heal the people suffering the plague with incredible effectiveness. His famous “rose pill� is said to ward off the plague. To this day, he is still considered the best plague doctor around. After his battle with the Black Death, he decided to settle down, get married, and have children.

During this time, he began writing his almanacs. Nobility were so impressed with his work that they began asking for horoscopes from him. Queen Catherine soon took notice and asked him for a prophecy. He must have said something very appealing because he was soon counselor to the young King Charles, and he continues to this day.



Creating Content With The Printing Press How do you think you got ahold of this magazine right now? Wouldn’t you normally have to pay hefty amounts of your hard earned money and wait months and months before finally receiving something interesting to read? That would normally be your situation. However, the recently developed printing press might just change that for everybody!

he printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg, an incredibly clever man at the old age of 40. He came from the town of Mainz, Germany working as a goldsmith and businessman. He got the idea for a quick way to print text from the woodblock printing method in China. With his superior intellect, Gutenberg bested the woodblock printing method by developing his own press, made with metal types and an altered olive press.

The potential results of this invention are already seeming revolutionary. Already, more and more people are learning how to read in order to gain this newly accessible knowledge. A new market is emerging and with that, much more jobs for people who wish to write.

The English Voice Tom and his choir This week’s topic is the renowned composer that everybody should know, if they don’t already. The man of question is none other than the Englishman, Thomas Tallis.

Thomas has withheld his boyhood days from us, for one reason or another, but his musical career can hardly be kept from anybody. His working career began in 1532, when he became the organist of Benedictine Priory in Dover. “ It was a very busy job,” the composer explains. “ The Benedictines prayed so often, and I had to play each time they did. I hardly had a minute to myself!” He was an organist at St. Mary-le-Hill in 1537, and then in Waltham Abbey in London in 1540. “Those years were difficult ones,” Tallis explains. “Not only did we change kings, but we were also forced to change our national religion. I had to readapt my entire play style just to keep my job.” Such adaptation is shown several other times in his career, when England changed rulers and religions again, and is one of Tallis’s most admirable perks.

Thomas is currently serving as a choir singer and organist in the King’s service in the Chapel Royal. He has taken in a pupil, William Byrd, to teach him just as he learned. “ He never really was too tough on me,” Byrd explains about Tallis. “His teaching techniques are fairly passive. He keeps telling me to watch the world around me and play how God describes it to me.” If you wish to attend one of Thomas Tallis’s performances, then he currently performs in the Chapel Royal. His most popular work is currently the highly vocal Spem in alium.

Are you scared yet?

Come see Shakespeare's new play Titus Andronicus today! Titus Andronicus is a horrifying play that includes over 13 killings. The killing methods range from rape to a live burial.

Buy your tickets today for just 12 shillings. We are not responsible for any panic attacks nor hard attacks that happen during the play. We are also not responsible for any blood spatter that may happen to fly onto the crowd.

Your average renaissance woman who loves to give advice! Question: I really want to go to the three day festival, but its filled with food and drinking. Last year I couldn’t even fit in my stomacher afterward. What should I do? -Anonymous Answer: You have to go! If your worried about now fitting into your stomacher just give up half your food for lent. Lent is for forty days following the festival, so you will fit in your stomacher in no time!

Question: I just invented this new invention called the printing press. I though this invention would be popular since it could print whole books, but not many people want to buy it. Should I give up and work on another invention? -Johannes Gutenberg

Answer: You should never give up. Although your invention isn’t selling so well now I have a feeling it will be very popular in the future. Congratulations on your achievement!

Question: I just finished a painting I call La Giaconda or the Mona Lisa. I think the name fits the painting very well. What your opinion? -Leonardo Da Vinci

Answer: I think Mona Lisa is a perfect name for your beautiful painting. With the beauty of the painting and a name like Mona Lisa this painting will be famous!

Across: 2.What is the printing press mainly used to print. 3.Slipper like shoes that are very wide and square-toed. 4.The _____ won the war and took over Constantinople. 6.Who painted the Mona Lisa? 7.Decorative covering for the front of the bodice. 9.More slaves are needed in fields because there is a high demand for ________. 10.Where was the printing press invented? 11.Who invented the printing press? Down: 1. The writer of Titus Andronicus. 5.This comes before the forty days of lent and involves a lot of eating and drinking. 8.Whats a popular types of music that begins with an S.



Assistent Baker Wanted

Printing Press Available

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Servant Wanted Must be willing to care for a home and to follow order exactly as said. Must know how to preform basic household tasks. Rosso Residents

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