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January 2014

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Letter From the Chamber President Greetings to Our Chamber Members and Friends, Our new Chamber year has started with a lot of exciting plans for community outreach and support for our Judy Tyree member businesses. We are expecting a very productive year, in which the Chamber continues its active participation in both community and regional events. We also desire to increase the benefits we offer our members and to continue to grow our membership. We will strive to build our presence in the community by being a meaningful contributor and supporter of all our business and civic organizations It can and will be a successful year for our Chamber when we all work together in service to others. There are many opportunities for you to be involved in our Chamber. We welcome and desire your involvement in our activities, our planning; and we are always open to your ideas for where we can be helpful to your business and our community. I would like to say thank you to many of you who have already volunteered so generously to help with our programs, serve on committees, and share your time, talent, and resources with our group. Please take time to review our newsletters and our newly updated website at If you are not on our email list, please contact the chamber office to make sure you are included. We want you to be aware of the opportunities available to you to benefit from the activities of our Chamber members and businesses, and to also allow you the opportunity to share your talents with us. It is an honor for me to serve as your President. I thank you for the opportunity you have given me and look forward to sharing our continued success. Please contact me or the Chamber office at any time that we can be helpful to you or if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. Together, with the enthusiasm and energy we possess, we can continue to be a relevant force for good in our community. Sincerely, Judy Tyree President M2

5 Tips to Help You Adjust Back to Life and Work This past week weekly - on Mondays they schedule a proj- refreshing. when clients have ect that takes most of the day – this allows My hope is this – the information I have come in for their apthem to focus, knock out some needed shared gets you thinking and taking care of pointments the most work, and not focus on what they are miss- yourself. Remember I am available to chat common question ing since the holidays have ended. and provide insight. is “how was your 3.Have things to look forward to: Plan- Take care. holiday?â€? or “how is ning and scheduling your weeks and the new year going/â€? months means you can incorporate Pamela A. Waitkus, Ed.S., Pamela Waitkus and clients share that activities you look forward too. So make a Waitkus Counseling Group the holidays were enjoyable, relaxing or plan of other things to look forward too – Offices in Colonial Heights and Richmond not depending upon a number of factors. upcoming birthdays, doing things around Phone 804-526-9885 Many are reporting that getting back to the house, getting away for the night or work, getting the kids out the door for weekend, doing an activity with the family. school, and/or adjusting to not having as Make your everyday life something to talk many people around this week has been about. a struggle. This is normal and natural for 4. Make a tribute to your holiThe Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce most of us to feel the post holiday blues. day: Whether it’s a photo book or photo Newsletter was created by the staff of I always think it is helpful to admit how board, playlist or travel diary, creating a The Progress-Index newspaper in partnership you are feeling to yourself – you do not visual or written tribute to your holiday with the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce. have to fake it or put on a happy face just will not only enable you to relive it but This publication may because everyone else around you seems provide you with a concrete reminder of not be reproduced in full or part without the “happy.â€? the wonderful time you had. express written consent of Times-Shamrock ComLeading up to the holidays, we work 5. Get outside: You’ve probably been munications and The Progress-Index. extra hard to prepare for time off, while getting lots of fresh air so make sure you at the same time cooking, shopping, and continue to step outside and inhale! Yes it Phone: (804) 732-3456 • Fax: (804) 861-9452 planning parties. Often afterwards, some has been chilly in the area – I find it to be people are just down. This is an important time to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, getting rest. This is a good time Wreath Auction to reach out and touch base with some friends who can probably relate to how DATE: February 22, 2014 7:00PM to 10:00PM you are feeling. On the flip side, going back to everyday HOSTED BY: life after the holidays sometimes seems American Legion Auxiliary Unit 284 bland and depressing.      

   Many people like 505 Springdale Ave., Colonial Heights and enjoy the holidays     which is great, but DONATION: $20.00 I have to ask â€?What are     you going to do in Includes: Wine Tastings, Cheeses, Hors d’oeuvres January? And February?’â€? Meaning take     

   and Glass of Wine some time to plan things to look forward Live Auction of Seasonal Wreaths • Door Prizes • Music • 50/50 Raffle to during the colder months. We like to For TICKETS Call: 337-0905 feel connected to people and this is a two CASH or CHECK ONLY - ATM ON SITE Beer and Wine Available for Purchase way street – you can pick up the phone for a quick chat or to make a plan to call- the phone works both ways Read on where I share 5 tips to help you         adjust back to life and work: 1. Look after yourself: Get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. Taking a short      walk can change our mood when we feel stuck or a bit post-holiday blue. This is a 

   ! "  # 

fun idea – I had someone share this just 

    $ last night – since it has been so cold outside they took a “walk� around [inside} the house to explore and burn off some energy.   2. Avoid the rut: Take charge of your 

life to avoid falling back into the workaday   rut. I had a client share something they do





Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce


Five Reasons to Refinance

1. Lower your interest rate. Compare mortgage rates and see how yours compares to rates being offered today. Even a slightly lower interest rate could save you money on interest Rita C. Feasenmyer payments in the long term and may be just enough lower that you could afford to make the switch to a shorter loan term. 2. Shorten your loan term. If you’ve been paying down your principal for several years and perhaps have even made some extra payments to reduce the balance faster, check out what your loan payments would be if you refinance into a 15- or 10-year loan. Depending on the balance of your loan and the interest rate, your payments could be the same as what you’re paying now or just a little higher. By shortening your loan term, however, you can potentially save thousands in interest payments as well as become mortgage-free faster. 3. Combine your current mortgage loans. If your home-equity loan or line of credit has a higher interest rate than your current first mortgage, look into the possibility of refinanc-

ing both loans to see if this can reduce your monthly payments overall. In addition, some home-equity lines of credit have a reset date when you stop paying interest only and must begin to repay the principal. You may want to refinance before your minimum payments jump. 4. Take cash out. If you’ve got other highinterest debt such as credit-card debt and your home has increased in value, this may be the time to consider refinancing to pay off your credit cards. Be careful that you have the discipline to avoid going deeper into credit-card debt and that you can comfortably afford your new mortgage payment. 5. Reduce your loan balance. You may want to do a “cash-in” refinance and pay down your mortgage balance to eliminate private mortgage insurance payments or to qualify for a lower mortgage rate. Some borrowers use the combination of a refinance and prepaying their loan to become debt-free faster. For additional information or a free analysis and pre-qualification, Rita C. Feasenmyer Sr. Loan Officer EVB Mortgage Direct 804-504-7971 Cell 804-337-0905

Resources can make a difference in the life of a caregiver Every day 65 million Americans serve as caregivers for loved ones suffering from Chronic Illness. Bill Humphreys has been the caregiver for his wife for over 10 years. Bill and his wife Melanie have together shared Bill Humphreys many special experiences and have learned countless life lessons; the most important is that as a caregiver YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Bill is the past chairman of the Crater Caregiver Coalition, and currently serves on the Central Virginia Multiple SclerosisProgram Board. He is a founder of Partners in Healthcare, works daily as the Physician and Community Liaison for Crater Community Hospice; and is the Chairman of the Colonial Heights Food Pantry. Bill has developed a strong passion for educating the community and the challenges caregivers and their families face every day with obtaining services, programs, and resources that are helpful. Bill enjoys giving back to the community as a speaker to faith groups, civic organizations, and employees of local businesses about providing essential advice and support

about the burden of caregiving. Bill discusses 10 tips for Family Caregivers 1. Caregiving is a job and respite is your earned right. Reward yourself with respite breaks often. 2. Watch out for signs of depression, and do not delay in getting professional help when you need it. 3. When people offer to help, accept the offer, and suggest specific things they can do 4. Educate yourself about your loved ones condition and how to communicate effectively with doctors. 5. There is a difference between caring and doing. Be open to technologies and ideas that promote your loved ones independence. 6. Trust your instincts. Most of the time they will lead you in the right direction. 7. Caregivers often do a lot of lifting, pushing, and pulling .Be good to your back. 8. Grieve your losses, and then allow yourself to dream new dreams. 9. Seek support from other caregivers .There is great strength knowing you are not alone. 10. Stand up for your rights as a caregiver and a citizen. To learn more about scheduling Bill to speak to your group or organization call 804-712-8309

COLONIAL PLUMBING & HEATING CO. Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co. is a customer focused plumbing, heating and airconditioning company that was originally started in 1982. Located in Colonial Heights, VA, we employ highly trained people whose goal is to make our company the best service company in Central Virginia. From the professionalism of our sales consultants, to the dedication of our field personnel, we are dedicated to delivering you the best. We take our responsibility very seriously when you place your trust in us. We pledge to always tell you up front what your cost will be to complete your job correctly.




The Best Service We can Bring On. Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co. • (804) 526-2929 only one coupon per service call expires 7/31/2013

114 Charlotte Ave,Colonial Heights, VA

(804) 526-2929 Service That’s Revolutionary!

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce M3 Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce Businesses of the Month



The Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce will sponsor its

14th annual Reverse Raffle on Thursday, May 29, 2014. Following are the details of the Mechanics of the raffle:

TICKET SALES: A maximum of 350 tickets will be sold at $100 per ticket. Several individuals may combine their resources and purchase a ticket together. TICKET HOLDERS: Ticket holders and a guest are invited to attend the drawing and party beginning at 6:30 p.m. THE DRAWING: The drawing will commence at 7:30 p.m.

EVERY 20TH NUMBER DRAWN WINS $100 THIRD PRIZE - $500 SECOND PRIZE - $1,000 LAST NUMBER DRAWN $10,000 (or half of net ticket sales)


Call the Chamber Office (526-5872) or any of the Chamber’s Officers or Directors for additional information or to purchase your ticket(s).

January 2014

Lundie Financial and Insurance Services

February 2014

Richard Roadcap Family Dentistry M4

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce

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1/22/14 3:25 PM

YouTube and Small Business Marketing By: Kiffy Werkheiser, Director of Donor Relations at The James House Trying to cut through the noise of multi-channel marketing can be tough. This is especially true for small businesses. We have limited marketing knowledge and limited funds to hire marketing professionals. Plus, the world of internet Kiffy Werkheiser marketing keeps evolving, and it’s confusing. What’s vine? Is Twitter worth the time? What’s the next big social media platform? Once you decide on the platform (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc), you then choose the types of content you want to share. Are you the expert sharing insider knowledge with your customers? Are you an advocacy group spreading online petitions? Are beautiful photos the best way to showcase your product? The answer is probably yes to all of these and more. Videos empower you to share all of these types of content, and they can be shared on a wide array of platforms. Business professionals know that genuine, personal connection is hard to replace. Videos cut through all the marketing noise by building personal connections with your current and potential customers.

YouTube is the easiest and most versatile video platform. It’s free, and now that it’s owned by Google, you have the added value of its powerful search engine. There’s even a program for eligible nonprofits (like The James House) that provides free ads to raise money for charitable causes. Last year, The James House decided to invest in online video marketing for our 25th anniversary in 2014. We needed something big, something visionary that could share stories from our past and reenergize folks for the future. Three videos into the video series, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We created a YouTube channel in December 2013 – – to share our video series called “The 26th Story” in honor of our 25th anniversary. We’re sharing 25 stories plus one to celebrate our 25 years of serving the Tri-Cities area. In just one month we’ve had 1,410 channel views, 30 new Facebook followers (924 total), and our Facebook reach has doubled. Here are a few tips about what we’re doing right with our video marketing. (Talk to me in 2015 as I look back on what we could have done better – because you can always do better.) First, you get what you pay for so we hired a professional. I asked our videographer, Jennifer Ling Brown of Jennifer Ling Photography, for her take on why professionals make a difference. She says, “the advantage to hiring someone who specializes in media production is evident when creating large scale projects. It’s one thing to create a short video; it’s another thing

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

to create a campaign. When you hire a professional, you’re not just paying for them to use their equipment; you’re paying for vision and artistic direction.” Our video campaign is driven by this vision. Yes, the 25th Anniversary Campaign Committee created the basic goals, but without Jennifer’s input, we’d be lost. The behind-the-scenes process goes something like this. We have 26 videos released every other Tuesday on YouTube. (Like I said, we’re on the third story - Bill Lightfoot.) From there, we post video stills on social media platforms. Each month the two videos that were released are included in our e-newsletter. Then there’s a poster for each video to drive folks who aren’t online to YouTube. Not to mention any print advertisements or news coverage. All of this requires a coordinated effort between us and our videographer. Second, keep it short. Do you watch a seven minute video until end? How about a five minute video? Chances are you can get your point across in less than three minutes. Your busy viewers will appreciate this thoughtfulness and brevity. I promise. Third, try to use your existing customers. They will reignite their passion for your business by sharing it with others. For nonprofits like The James House, we have three main customer groups - current and potential clients (people who have been affected by sexual violence, domestic violence, or stalking), current and potential volunteers, and current and potential donors. We’re featuring folks from all three categories in our video series, which certainly keeps things interesting. If the customer is also a business, you’re giving them free advertisement. A great example of this is EVB. EVB commissioned radio advertisements to highlight their small business checking account. We were thrilled when they selected

us. It was the first time we had been on major radio stations, and it didn’t cost us a dime. (Thanks, EVB!) In closing, I’d like to give kudos to a few local businesses that are also using YouTube. Care Advantage has a very active YouTube channel. Care Advantage has used lots of creative ways to showcase their staff, values, services and clients through videos – including a staff remake of the infamous “Harlem shake” video craze. Care Advantage has been on YouTube since 2009, and with 122 videos so far, they have garnered 11,883 channel views. Way to go, Care Advantage! Another local YouTube star is the Progress Index. Of course, they share news and human interest stories which perfectly complement their print and online media. Their most popular video had 6,678 views. It was, not surprisingly, about the filming of Lincoln (2012). The Progress Index has been on YouTube sinc 2011 and already has garnered 41,255 channel views. Incredible. So consider using videos to tell your story. Share why your business is important with the world, and maybe have some fun while you do it. See something about The James House’s 26th Story campaign that you like or don’t like? Please contact me at Celebrating 25 years of exemplary service, The James House provides support, advocacy and education for people affected by sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking, to empower them to become healthy, safe, and self-sufficient. The only nonprofit agency in the Tri-Cities area accredited by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, all James House services are cost-free and confidential. To learn more, call 458-2704, visit; or email

Frank Lundie, Jr. President

BUSINESS • AUTO • HOME • LIFE • HEALTH Call Today for a Quote!

TToll Free: 1.877.358.6343

Ribbon Cutting At New Offices of Chamber Member

DR. BAXTER PERKINSON AND ASSOCIATES. They are located off Puddledock Road just east of Colonial Heights.

1021 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 804.520.4467 Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce M5 Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce

Why Be A Member of the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce?

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” – Jim Rohn Roger Green It seems a fundamental truth that being connected with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, brings success in business and in life. The Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce helps people make those connections. Membership has value because of what the Chamber offers you: The Chamber offers multiple and varied opportunities over the course of the year to meet and network with potential clients or patrons. The Chamber offers multiple and varied opportunities to advertise your business in publications, in eblasts, on our Facebook pages, as a sponsor of our activities, or by sharing your marketing materials at monthly meetings, and other Chamber and partner events. The Chamber offers opportunities to attend business training seminars or to present your skill and expertise to other members. The Chamber offers multiple and varied opportunities for you or your employees to make connections with new business owners, established business leaders, city officials,

school system and community leaders. The Chamber can be a real benefit to you and your employees if you take advantage of all we offer. Membership has value because of what you can offer the Chamber: You and your employees have talents and abilities that the Chamber needs to help us continue to be a relevant and meaningful asset to our membership and our business community. You and your employees have expertise in your business, trade, or in the services you offer,that others in our community need. You and your employees, most likely, have leadership traits, decision making skills, and business acumen that, if shared, can be a real asset to others in our membership. You and your employees can be a real benefit, in service to others, through your participation and involvement. Please contact me at the Chamber office 804 526 5872 or email Roger.Green@ if we can be helpful to you in any way.

Welcome New Members F The Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce Welcomes those recently joining our Chamber. Remember – it is Good Business to Do Business wih Chamber Members! Community Chest

Tidewater Physical Therapy

3301 Boulevard Colonial Heights, VA 23834 804 479 3514

300B Temple Avenue, Suite 1 Colonial Heights, VA 23834 804 524 9036 FAX: 804 524 9039

Sports Clips

Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

1907 Southpark Blvd. Colonial Heights, VA 23834 804 479 3014

3700 Festival Park Plaza Chester, VA 23831 804 425 2600 FAX: 804 425 2601

Best Regards, Chesterfield Office 9011 Arboretum Parkway At Midlothian Tnpk/Powhite

Henrico Office 4551 Cox Road lnnsbrook Centre

Luray Office • 540-743-5161

Colonial Heights Office 456 Charles Dimmock Pkwy Directly Off Temple Ave.

Harrisonburg Office • 540-246-0684

A Full Service Law Firm

Roger Green, Executive Director

Membership Dues The invoices for the 2014 Membership Dues have been mailed. A reminder that our billing is done on an annual basis, and are due and payable the first of the year. Your continued membership is vital to you, our community, and our educational partners. Please remit upon receipt. Thank you. M6

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce

Attorneys Dedicated To Individual Sections In The Firm Family Law Section Divorce Custody/Visitation/Support Separation Agreements Military Law

Personal Injury Section Auto/Trucking Accidents Wrongful Death Nursing Home Neglect Medical Malpractice

Military Law Section Courts Martial Administrative Boards Article 15/NJP Counseling Former JAG Attorneys

Criminal Defense Section All Felonies & Misdemeanors State, Federal, Military Courts

Bankruptcy Section Chapters 7 & 13 Get A Fresh Start

Civil Law Section Civil Litigation Wills, Trusts & Estates

Representing Virginians Since 1987 • “We’ll be Your lawyers for life”

Firm's Bankruptcy Section Is A Debt Relief Agency Helping People File Bankruptcy Relief Under The Bankruptcy Code.


Free Initial Consultation Payment Plans Available • 1-866-554-6953


Fort Clifton Arts, Music, and Crafts Festival

The Colonial Heights Food Pantry and the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce will present Colonial Heights Has Talent on March 8, 2014. The second annual event this year will be hosted by Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. May 10 and May 11, 2014 Colonial Heights Has Talent will fea(Sponsored by the Colonial Heights Recreation and Parks Department) ture local and regional talent of all kinds; including singers, dancers, and other acts The Fort Clifton Festival began in May cal civic groups will be selling hot dogs, of 1976 as part of the Bicentennial celebra- sausage and peppers, hamburgers, funnel designed to thoroughly entertain you. Tickets for tion and has become an annual event, held cakes, pizza, barbecue, french fries, ice Colonial on Mother’s Day weekend. The festival is cream, baked goods, and more. Heights Has family-oriented and educational, portrayDoor prizes and raffles will be held Talent are a ing the historic significance of the fort each day. $10 donation. and its importance in the Civil War to the Admission and parking are free. Free All proceeds Petersburg defense line. shuttle buses are provided from Colonial will be used Heights High School. Arts and crafts persons will be selling to support Fort Clifton is listed on the Virginia a variety of hand made items. Civil War relic exhibits will be on display, along with Landmarks Register and was named to the the Colonial National Register of Historic Places by the Heights Food Pantry. Tickets will be re-enactors and demonstrations. Virginia Research Center for Archaeology available at the Food Pantry, 530 SouthChildren’s rides and concessions will park Boulevard, the Colonial Heights in 1981. be available each day of the festival. LoChamber office, 201 Temple Avenue or on the Chamber of Commerce Website: We are currently securing our final acts for the show, so if you would like to audi-

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce Officers for 2014-2015

At the November Board meeting the nomination committee headed by Rita Feasenmyer presented their report. The nominations committee presented the following New Board Members for 2014 – 2015.

Catherine Oakley – South of the James Publishing Brenda Mithcell – Crater Community Hospice Katrina Mayes – Quintessential Chiropractic Ted Williams – Colonial Heights Soccer Association Pam Comstock – Gilbert C. Martin Company The nominations committee presented the following slate of Officers for 2014 – 2015:

President –Pam Comstock First Vice President – Rita Feasenmyer Second Vice President – Kathi Hall Treasurer – Jennifer Church

tion or be considered for the show, contact Roger Green at the Chamber office 804 526 5872 (Roger.Green@colonialheightschamber. com) or Lori Mollnow at the Colonial Heights Food Pantry, 804 520 7117 ( Potential participants are also encouraged to audition by posting your talent on a YouTube video. After you have posted your audition video on YouTube, contact Roger Green via email at Roger.Green@ and include your video link. The Colonial Heights Food Pantry serves well over 200 families in our local community each week. For more information about the Colonial Heights Food Pantry, the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce, or Colonial Heights Has Talent, call either of the numbers above.

If you’ve been putting off prearranging because of the expense, we have good news... Prearrangement doesn’t have to cost anything. What many people don’t know is that you need not prepay when you prearrange. We’re happy to record your wishes and hold them on file at no charge. Call our funeral home for details.

Mission Statement The mission of the Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce is to unite business and professional individuals to enhance, promote, serve, and strengthen the business and educational environment. The Chamber strives to advance the Colonial Heights region by educating, energizing, and connecting a diverse group of leaders to serve the community.

2033 Boulevard • Colonial Heights I 3935 S. Crater Road • Petersburg

(804) 526-3400

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce M7 Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce

A Retirement Income Planning Primer Prepared by MetLife Delivered courtesy of Michael J. Colb, Senior Financial Services Executive, Gateway Capital Financial When it comes to retirement planning, individuals need both a map and directions, along with someone to help them on their journey. Particularly for those who may have been greatly affected Michael J. Colb by the market swings in the last few years, creating a reliable income stream in retirement may be the furthest thing from one’s mind. However, taking a few small steps now can lead to large rewards in the future. Save, save and save. Start off with the basic principle of money management saving. Whether you’re saving for a car, a new home, college or a vacation, saving for retirement, is no different. Make every effort to save the maximum allowed by your defined contribution plans—that is, i.e. 401(k)s or 403(b)s. And, be sure to at least set aside enough to get the employer matching contribution. If you’re already making the

maximum contribution, consider funding an individual IRA. If you change jobs, don’t forget to take your retirement money. In some cases, as in 401(k)s, you may be allowed to roll the contributions over into your new plan or into a traditional IRA. Taking a lump sum distribution will be a taxable event (based on your ordinary income tax rate), and, you could incur a 10% income tax penalty for taking distributions early, before age 59 1/2. Many younger workers make this mistake. Take steps to create reliable income There is no magic number, but 60 percent of pre-retirement income before tax is a good starting point for income to cover essential expenses in retirement. Social Security and pensions are great sources of dependable income, but most people will need more stable, lifelong income. Start protecting your future income by putting a portion of your savings into an annuity and adding to it over time, or purchase an income annuity when you retire to cover any remaining expense gaps. Through annuitization, these products can provide a guaranteed income stream during retirement that will help supplement Social Security and pensions. Have liquidity AND growth. Having cash on hand for the unexpected is smart. There could be an unexpected expense, such as a health need, a job loss or a change to

your income – perhaps from an earlier-thanplanned retirement date. Keep in mind, too much cash in the bank earning little interest can be detrimental to your retirement savings. There are a number of financial products that can let you access some cash when it’s needed and still keep your money working hard for you. For a list of the options, as well as what makes sense for you, consider speaking with a financial services professional who can suggest products and services to help meet your needs. Know what you want your retirement to look like. Many of us know that we may need to work longer in order to save for retirement. For some, the idea of retirement may be spending time traveling or fulfilling a lifelong urge to go back to school for higher education. For others it may be spending days working part-time or volunteering at a non-profit near to your heart. Figuring out what you may want you retirement to look like, will also help you take the steps necessary to get there. Pursuant to IRS Circular 230, MetLife is providing you with the following notification: The information contained in this document is not intended to (and cannot) be used by anyone to avoid IRS penalties. This document supports the promotion and marketing of insurance products. You should seek advice

based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. MetLife, its agents and representatives may not give legal or tax advice. Any discussion of taxes herein or related to this document is for general information purposes only and does not purport to be complete or cover every situation. Tax law is subject to interpretation and legislative change. Tax results and the appropriateness of any product for any specific taxpayer may vary depending on the facts and circumstances. You should consult with and rely on your own independent legal and tax advisors regarding your particular set of facts and circumstances. For information on MetLife insurance or other financial products and services, please contact [full name], [company approved title] with [MetLife], [office address], at [FINRA registered phone number (required)] or [other number (optional), MetLife e-mail address, MetLife FSR Website]. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC), New York, NY 10166. Securities products offered by MetLife Securities, Inc. (MSI)(member FINRA/SIPC). 1095 Avenue of the America’s, New York, NY 10036. MLIC and MSI are MetLife Companies.


FEBRUARY 18 Colonial Heights Chamber Member-

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location CHHS Technical Center 19 Businessand Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30

MARCH 8 ColonialHeights Has Talent 7:00 19 Businessand Community Seminar

Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30 20 Colonial Heights Chamber Annual Dinner Lee Club, Fort Lee 5:45 p.m.

APRIL 15 Colonial Heights Chamber Member-

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD 16 Businessand Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30


Newsletter Articles Due 25 Arbor Day

MAY 10 and 11 Fort Clifton Festival 20 Colonial Heights Chamber Member-


NO BOARD MEETING IN JULY 16 Newsletter Articles Due Business and Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30

AUGUST 19 Colonial Heights Chamber Member-

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD 21 Business and Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30 29 ColonialHeights Chamber Reverse Raffle 6:30 p.m.

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD 20 Businessand Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30

JUNE 17 Colonial Heights Chamber Member-

SEPTEMBER 16 Colonial Heights Chamber Member-

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD 18 Businessand Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD 17 Businessand Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30

OCTOBER 15 Businessand Community Seminar

Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30 21 Colonial Heights Chamber Membership and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD

NOVEMBER 18 ColonialHeights Chamber Member-

ship and Board Meeting 11:30 a.m. Location TBD 19 Businessand Community Seminar Colonial Heights Public Library 4:00 – 5:30 27 TurkeyTrot – Colonial Heights 3rdAnnual Thanksgiving Day 5K Run/Walk 9:00 a.m.

DECEMBER 18 Colonial Heights Chamber Christmas

Open House – 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

CH Chamber Jan.14  

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce Jan. 2014

CH Chamber Jan.14  

Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce Jan. 2014