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‘NORMAL HEART’ will break yours

The Pines on Fire Island in 1981 was outrageous, wonderful and carefree. It was a playground, mainly for gay men long oppressed and now out with a fabulous vengeance. The opening moments of HBO’s “The Normal Heart,” premiering Sunday, May 25, perfectly capture the unbridled hedonism and expectations of fun. The magnificent film correctly portrays that snapshot, in which the predominant color was white but within a few years would shift to unrelenting funereal black. AIDS. When the film opens, AIDS was unknown. By the end, the final sentence reminds: “Since 1981, more than 36 million worldwide have died. More than 6,000 people every day are infected with the virus.” Mark Ruffalo (left) and Taylor Kitsch In an epidemic, it’s impossible to grasp the situation because the numbers are staggering. But in this beautifully told star in “The Normal story, adapted from Larry Kramer’s play, we get to know people, not numbers. Heart,” premiering Sunday on HBO. Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer star as lovers. “I had to kiss Matt Bomer, who, granted, is a very good looking man,” Ruffalo says. “I had never kissed a man before, and I was a little nervous about it. And I know what is about to happen, and we start. And the thought goes through my mind that it’s not that different from kissing a woman – except for the stubble.” As wonderful as this movie is, it is tough to watch because it shows the hideous ravages of AIDS and the emotional tolls it took as it swept through the gay community. Besides sterling performances – Julia Roberts in a wheelchair, portraying the doctor who was felled by polio as a child but who’s a warrior for her patients; Bomer’s terrifying transformation; and Jim Parsons re-creating his role as a gay health administrator from the Broadway play two seasons ago – the movie resonates because it nails the bewilderment, agony and fury of the time. Taylor Kitsch, Corey Stoll, Joe Mantello and Jonathan Groff also star. Director Ryan Murphy does such a wonderful job, the film should come with a warning: Do not plan to do anything after watching. Viewers will need recovery time. The actors found making it emotionally draining. “There was one day where we shot the marriage scene, and you are always in tear-jerk mode, and you are sort of in the middle of it and just reflecting too much,” Ruffalo says. “I just started sobbing and could not stop for an hour. It was just too much. The whole thing just dropped on my shoulders, the enormity of the suffering, the cruelty, the ugliness between the unnecessary loss of life and unnecessary infection. We were in the hospital where thousands of people had died from AIDS. It was a real hospital, and I could not help but feel the dread and suffering crowding into that little room that day.”

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Select TV, May 25, 2014

052514 petersburg select tva  

Select TV, May 25, 2014