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September 2011

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64th Issue

EERSTE KUNS & KULTUUR VEESVIERINGE IN KURLAND Waka, “gumboot” dansers tot “gospel” sangers. Tumi, organiseerder van die hele aangeleentheid, het ook as seremoniemeester tydens die geleentheid opgetree. Na die toesprake en optredes, is elkeen op ‘n heerlike bord kos getrakteer.Die groepe wat opgetree het, is Above (from left) : Adam Van Rhyner, Deputy Mayor; Memory beskikbaar vir funksies Booysen, Mayor; Elaine Paulse & Annelise Olivier en inligting omtrent hulle kan by die volgende Die afeindiging van die Bitou Arts & persone verkry word: Culture veldtog was tydens ‘n feestelike en opwindende geleentheid op Saterdag Mblentle Gospel Group Est 2009 30 Julie in die Kurland Gemeenskapsaal Contact - Nobuntu Mlhwo – 079 533 1871 gehou. Lede van die Bitou Munisipaliteitsraad het die geleentheid verteenwoordig. Nevelle De Waal, wyksraadslid van Wyk 1 het die opening en verwelkoming van die geleentheid waargeneem, waarna die onderburgemeester, Adam Van Rhyner die burgemeester, Alderman Memory Booysen aan die woord gestel het. Skoliere van Pakamisani en The Crags Primêr het die gehoor met die Nasionale Volkslied begelei. Oud en jonk het verskillende items op die verhoog opgevoer wat gewissel het van Waka

Bo en onder: Verskillende groepe wat op die dag gespeel het

Mzammomhle Gospel Group Est 2007 Asanda – 078 197 7834 Shining Stars Est 2010 Thando – 073 758 9321 2010 Iyaya – dansgroep (7-13 oud) 2011 Eyethy – Gumboot dansgroep (6-15 oud) Ziyanda – 078 242 6450 Majita Stars – dansgroep Est 2011 Glen – 084 265 6837 Kamvalethu Gospel group Est 2005 Sonwabo Nase – 071 037 8859

Inside this issue …  News from Born in Africa — Pg 2

An unforgettable forest experience Spectacular venue to hire for Youth and adult camps or workshops. Various outdoor activities offered. Wooden cabins sleep up to 80. Fully equipped kitchen, & dining area. Contact Debbie Fermor 534 8218 or 083 442 6115.

 Tenikwa rehabilitation centre in action —Pg 3  Clinic news—Breast Cancer— Pg 6  St Michael’s Celebrates Women’s Day—Pg 10  Sports news—Back Page

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BIA Tenikwa Outing

BORN IN AFRICA It is official Bram & Chantal… Born in Africa are your biggest fans! Formosa P r i m a r y where Leigh Dunn of the special needs class and his children were delighted to receive the couple and show them exactly just what they have been up to.

Bram Verweij and Chantal van Summeren along with there families recently paid the BIA organization a visit. The purpose of the visit was to gain a better perspective on all the projects BIA have been working on over the past years, as the couple have been very involved in major fundraising for many of the these projects. Besides being part of the BIA family, they also have close ties to Kurland Village where they worked as volunteers some years ago. Isabelle and her team ensured that two weeks of jam packed activities would keep the visitors busy. They kicked off with a visit to Mr. Louw and his staff at Crags Primary school. There they got to view first hand the two classrooms they assisted in building. Both the Gr R and Gr 1 pupils treated them to songs of praise and they also participated in the certificate ceremony of the BIA Math Challenge pupils. Local crèches were also on their list as they are always looking for more projects where they might be able to lend a hand.

Dollars for Change Solar Water Heaters If you are interested, please contact Katie @ 0825007251 or see article details and sign up at

Kurland Community Hall Crags Times Page 2

Born in Africa also run a hom ework centre at Kranshoek Primary school and no visit is complete without spending sometime in the presence of Magdalena Jacobs or Miss Born as she is fondly known at the school. Tenikwa treated 55 Crags Primary learners who attend the BIA Homework centre and Art & Craft classes regularly to a wonderful outing where environmental awareness is key. Bram & Chantal also got to experience this with the children and encouraged them study hard and make a success of their lives. Another project where they couple pride their involvement in is the BIA / Wittedrift High project. There, they assist in funding the current 18 pupils who attend the school and hostel. Visiting the group they were overwhelmed by the group’s confidence, their personal growth and all round involvement academically as well as socially. This is one of BIA’s successfully programs and currently we are scouting our program for future learners who wish to attend the “small school with the big heart”. No visit is complete without a celebration and this they did by treating the BIA and Crags Primary staff to a luncheon where good memories were shares, stories were swopped and motivation to uplift the youth was the centre of the afternoon. During their visit they also handed out 32 soccer outfits to Crags Primary school, various local Gr R classes received toys and educational goods and their own BIA god children were also treated to a fun time! Wow, you guys do so much for BIA and the community, you are both incredible people. Keep up the good work and you will always have our cooperation and support.

No less than 55 Crags Primary students were treated by Born in Africa and Tenikwa Wildlife Sanctuary to a Puuurrring good outing! The outing to this celebrated sanctuary was to reward the Born in Africa homework centre and Art & Craft kids for their excellent attendance, behavior and progress. Both programs have been running at the school since the beginning of the year and will continue should funding allow it. Speaking of funding, Bram & Chantal van Summeren joined the children while touring the beautiful rehab haven for wildlife. They are currently visiting Born in Africa in aid of their current funding programs as well as to gain awareness for future programs. They are major sponsors of the BIA Crags homework centre amongst others. Without them this successful program would not be able to function so successfully and for that Born in Africa and the entire community are incredibly grateful. The children were deeply touched by what they learned from the informative guides on the conservation of these special creatures. They were allowed to pet some of the cats which brought about major excitement throughout the tour. BIA would like to thank Tenikwa Wildlife Sanctuary for sponsoring this outing and we are very confidant that valuable awareness was created whilst having well deserved fun by all!

Diere Kliniek 7th September 2011 14:30-16:30 Tenikwa en hul veeartse sal op 7th September uitkom na Kurland Village om vir die Village se huisdiere te sorg. Ons sal by Kurland Village Gemeenskapsaal wees vanaf 14h30. Bring asseblief julle katte en honde wat inspuitings nodig het, ontwurm moet word of ondersoek moet word.

NEWS FROM TENIKWA ANIMAL REHABILITATION CENTRE! There is a very excited atmosphere at Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre as people are in a buzz making preparation for the release of Rosie the BushPig and Domino the Striped Pole-cat. Here is some history about these two interesting animals:

Rosie is a young female bushpig who was brought to Tenikwa for rehabilitation by members of the community who found her as a very young piglet and raised her. The problem with Rosie is that she is completely tame with humans, and this means that we are simply unable to release her outside a protected area, because she is unable to register that humans could be dangerous and could kill her. Although she continually brings a smile to our face with her antics, it is quite sad to see that she has lost her freedom and her identity as a bushpig. If she were still in the wild, Rosie would be rooting around with her family, growing up under the guidance of her mother and the protection of her family and the dominant boar.

This baby Polecat was found by Cape Nature in the Witsand area and brought to us. He was hungry but stable. Domino was then moved to a large enclosure which mimics his natural habitat. There he is growing and doing natural activities such as digging for grubs and creating large tunnels which he hides in during the day, being primarily nocturnal in behaviour. It is amazing to see that temporary life in an enclosure has not robbed him of his natural skills and habits. When we put a scorpion, for instance, in his enclosure, he instinctively knows how to approach it, even though he has never seen one before. He first smells at it, carefully avoiding the pinchers, and then starts feeding on the tail upwards. We are very happy to partner up with Garden Route Game Lodge, who kindly accepted the animals and are now their new home. Both Domino and Rosie are in the process of being released in what we call a soft release (a means of gradually accustoming wild animals to a new environment before releasing them) . It is important to bring orphaned animals to a rehabilitation centre as soon as possible so that they get the best chance of release back to where they rightfully belong.

Ingredients: 8 chicken thighs 50ml Robertson's barbeque spice 40ml butter 50ml olive oil 2 garlic gloves finely chopped 1 chilli finely chopped Juice of 1 lemon 4 potatoes quarted and roasted Salad to serve Method: 1. Put the chicken thighs in a roasting pan and sprinkle with the Robertson’s barbeque spice to coat well. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

2. Preheat the oven to 180ºC. 3. Melt the butter and oil in a frying and sauté the garlic and chilli. Gently place the chicken thighs in the oil and seal over. 4.

Put the chicken thighs in a roasting tray and roast in the oven untill the chicken cooked for about an hour. Cover the chicken with foil if it begins to burn.

5. Serve, drizzle together with roast potatoes and salad



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DELICIOUS SPRING RECIPES Spicy Chicken served with roast potatoes and salad


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Denwell Martin Age: 26 years Marital Status: Has a girlfriend and a 3year old daughter. Hobbies: Likes to sing at Church and watch rugby and soccer on television and is a big Blue Bull and Manchester fan. Danwill was born in Knysna and lived for seven years in Cold Stream. He used to work for 7years at Kurlandbrik where he started in the Cutting Department. He left the company after that and after for years came back to work in the Yard Department. He did several training courses while working for Working For Water such as Fire Protection, First Aid and Herbicide. He also has some painting and carpentry skills which he got, while working for Henry De Freitas. He’s a very friendly guy and likes to work at Kurlandbrik.

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FIRE DEPARTMENT FIRE SAFETY TIPS The number one cause of death related to fires is smoke inhalation. An estimated 50%-80% of fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation injuries rather than burns. Smoke inhalation occurs when you breathe in the products of combustion during a fire. Smoke is a mixture of heated particles and gases. It is impossible to predict the exact composition of smoke produced by a fire. The products being burned, the temperature of the fire, and the amount of oxygen available to the fire all make a difference in the type of smoke produced. Smoke Inhalation Causes Smoke inhalation damages the body by simple asphyxiation (lack of oxygen), chemical irritation, chemical asphyxiation, or a combination of these. Simple asphyxiants Combustion can simply use up the oxygen near the fire and lead to death when there is no oxygen for a person to breathe. Irritant compounds Combustion can result in the formation of chemicals that cause direct injury when they contact the skin and mucous membranes. These substances disrupt the normal lining of the respiratory tract. This disruption can potentially cause swelling, airway collapse, and respiratory distress. Chemical asphyxiants A fire can produce compounds that do damage by interfering with the body's oxygen use at a cellular level. Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen sulfide are all examples of chemicals produced in fires that interfere with the use of oxygen by the cell during the production of energy. If either the delivery of oxygen or the use of oxygen is inhibited, cells will die. Carbon monoxide poisoning has been found to be the leading cause of death in smoke inhalation. Smoke Inhalation Symptoms Numerous signs and symptoms of smoke inhalation may develop. Symptoms may include cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness, headache, and acute mental status changes. Signs such as soot in the airway passages or changes in skin color may be useful in determining the degree of injury. Headache In all fires, people are exposed to various quantities of carbon monoxide. The patient may have no respiratory problems, but may still have inhaled carbon monoxide. Headache, nausea, and vomiting are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Changes in mental status Chemical asphyxiants and low levels of oxygen can lead to mental status changes. Confusion, fainting, seizures, and coma are all potential complications following smoke inhalation. When to Seek Medical Care If the smoke inhalation victim has no signs or symptoms, home observation may be appropriate. If in doubt, call the doctor or go to the local emergency department for advice. Seek medical attention if the patient experience the following symptoms with smoke inhalation: Hoarse voice Difficulty breathing Prolonged coughing spells Mental confusion Decide whether to call an ambulance for assistance. Someone with smoke inhalation can get worse quickly. If such a person were transported by private vehicle, significant injury or death could occur on the way that could have been avoided if that person were transported by emergency medical services. Smoke Inhalation Treatment Self-Care at Home Remove the person with smoke inhalation from the scene to a location with clean air. Make sure that you are not putting yourself in danger before you attempt to pull someone from a smoke-filled environment. If you would be taking a serious risk to help the person, wait for trained professionals to arrive at the scene. If necessary, CPR should be initiated by trained bystanders until emergency medical help arrives. Prevention Prevention is key when discussing smoke inhalation. Num erous prevention strategies can be employed to avoid exposure to smoke. Smoke detectors should be placed in every room of occupied buildings. Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed in locations at risk for carbon monoxide exposure (such as from malfunctioning furnaces, gas water heaters, kerosene space heaters, propane heaters and stoves, gasoline or diesel generators, and boats with a gasoline engine). Escape routes and plans for how to escape should be worked out prior to the onset of a fire and reviewed often.

KOM ONS PRAAT SAAM Op die 9de Augustus was dit Vrouedag, so veels geluk aan alle vroue. Hierdie rubriek skryf ek spesifiek gemik op Kurland Village se vroue. Is Crags se vroue so gevestig om broodwinners van die huis te wees en meerderheid van die mans se pligte te doen, dat hulle tyd vir niks anders het nie? Sit ek in die biblioteek is daar meer mans as vrouens, kom ek op ‘n sportsveld meer mans as vrouens, kyk ek Saterdae rugby op kassie meer mans as vrouens, oppad na elkeen se verskillende werke, meer mans as vrouens. Al waar hulle blykbaar meer as mans is, is Saterdae oggende dorp toe in ‘n taxi en nogal Sondae in die kerk en definitief meer as mans Maandae oggende by die kliniek vir die jongste skindernuus. Waar’s al die vrouens gedurende die week of naweek of wat doen die wat nie werk nie? Vir ‘n feit weet ek in S.A. , die wêreld en Crags is daar meer vrouens as mans, dit is al oor en oor. Bewys. Met soveel vrouens en nie eens een netbal of een sokker of een rugby span nie. Dis maar tragies vir Crags vrouens. Kan Crags se vrouens nie eens saamwerk om een goeie span ongeag watter soort sport , op die been te bring nie? Baie van die jonges sit op ‘n Saterdag heeldag in die huis tot dit begin skemer raak om te begin met hul nagtelike aktiwiteite, in plaas van om op ‘n Saterdag aan iets te dink wat positief, opbouend, sportief vir hulself te doen. Hoeveel keer het ons nie al gehoor op ‘n “party”, taxi straat, kerk ens. “Daardie jare toe ons, ek nog netbal, sokker ens. gespeel het”, maar daardie dame sal nie eens dink en bring so ‘n spesifieke span op die been nie. Agge nee dames, Augustus was jul maand maak dit sommer jul jaar. Raak meer aktief op ‘n naweek of moontlike werksdae ook wys meer staal. En dames asseblief hou op om naweke met slaapklere en groen, blou of pienk rollers op en af in die straat te model tot Jaguars begin, soms het ons nogal besoekers in die Crags ook, almal is nie locals nie en dis nogal nie ‘n mooi prentjie nie. Het jy jou gesig vir die oggend gewas? Sal graag van die dames wou keer.

Numbers for the police, fire department, and your local poison control center should be kept in a visible place in the event of an emergency.

Tot volgende keer Yankees

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CLINIC NEWS — FEMALE BREAST CANCER FEMALE BREAST CANCER Breast cancer is a major public health problem, which does not lend itself to primary prevention. Cancer of the breast appears to have overtaken cervical cancer as the most common cancer among women in South Africa. CONTROL OF BREAST CANCER MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES To encourage early detection of breast lumps and prompt referral To reduce the incidence of invasive breast cancer To reduce mortality associated with breast cancer THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO ALL CLIENTS - Decrease calorie intake overweight and obese women Decrease animal fat intake Increase fibre intake Encourage breast-feeding – the first three months seem to be the crucial period Pay attention to early warning signs of cancer Warning sings Breast Change in size and shape Dimpling of the skin (as the tumour gets larger, it pulls the skin inwards to produce a dimple) Lump or thickening Persistent pain or altered sensation Nipple Discharge (rare) or bleeding Inverted nipple (turned in – which is normal in some cases; the tumour can cause the milk ducts to shrink, pulling the nipple inward) Lump or thickening Any suspicious change Rash on the nipple or surrounding area (rare) Arm Swelling on upper arm Swelling in armpit Risk Factors For Breast Cancer There is nothing that can be singled out as a definite cause of breast cancer, only a number of what are called “risk factors”, meaning that if one or more are present in a woman, they appear to increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer. 1. Family History True hereditary breast cancer represents only a small fraction of breast cancer number (5%). It also appears at an earlier age (>55 years). But having a blood relative with breast cancer increases the risk of developing this cancer. 2. Age and Gender Crags Times Page 6

Being a female growing old is a very strong risk factor. Early menarche, (first menstrual period) no children or first child after 35 years of age are suggested risk factors. Hormones have long been suspected of playing a role in the development of breast cancer. 3.Race Breast cancer is less common in rural African females. 4. Dietary fat It is suggested that a high fat diet (specially animal fat) in early life contributes to the risk of breast cancer.

It is important to ensure that these women are supported by community members, partners, health professionals or previous affected women. REMEMBER Breast Self Examination and Clinical Breast Examination are not tools to diagnose cancer. They are tools to detect abnormalities in the breast. BREAST SELF-EXAMINATION (BSE) How to Examine your Breast Stand in front of the mirror, with your arms at your sides.

Early Detection And Prompt Referral 1. Breast Self-Examination (BSE) (Annexure A)

Raise your arms above your head and turn from side to side, looking at your breasts from different angles.

Getting to know the feel and texture of the normal breast is the key to notice any change. If a lump in your breast is found early, it can be removed quickly before the cancer spreads and does real damage. More than 90% of breast lumps are discovered by women themselves. Only one out of ten lumps in the breast is cancerous. Women must be encouraged to look and feel for lumps in their breasts.

Place your hands on your hips and push inwards, thereby tensing the chest muscles.

Target Group All women 20 years and older Once a month ± 10 days after the end of last menstrual period Women in menopause or women not menstruating Any day of each month, but choose a specific day e.g. first day of each month 2. Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) The real value of CBE in isolation is difficult to determine. Clinical Breast Examination performed by a skilled health professional is regarded as a tool in breast cancer screening. Women should not just accept a CBE by chance, but demand it. It is a must

Squeeze your nipple gently between your fingers to see if there is any discharge. Lie down on a bed or floor. Place a small pillow or folded towel under one shoulder. Put the arm back up above and behind your head. This spreads the breast tissue across the chest wall. Starting at the outer edge of the breast tissue. Use your fingers to gently roll the breast against the chest wall as the small circular movements allow the breast tissue to move under the fingertips so that any local hardness or lump will be felt. Repeat these movements on the other breast.

Vir meer inligting, besoek jou naaste kliniek of skakel die kliniek nommer: 044 534 8737

TARGET GROUP ( NOT HIGH RISK) Women 20 – 40years every 3 years Women over 40years every 3 years Women on Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) every year 3. High risk women Women with first degree relative with breast cancer e.g. mother or sister and/or with Previous breast cancer Should have specialist attention every six month to one year (breast clinic, breast surgeon or oncologist) A lot of anxiety and stress can be created if an abnormality, not knowing whether it is benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer), is detected.

Come To Learn Home Base Age: six months to six years Venue: 24 Bloekom street, The Crags Time: 7 am – 17hoo

Contact: Patricia (0732431013)

“HEL VAN VERSLAWING” Dagga (ook bekend as Cannabis, Marijuana) is 'n geharde struikagtige plant wat byna oral kan groei. Dagga is vir dekades gebruik vir vesel, saad, saadolie, rekreasie en ook vir medisinale doeleindes. Straatname * Marijuana * Zol * Skyf * Peperskyf * Joint * Weed * Grass * Shit * Pot * Boom * Ganja * Dope * Hash * Smoke * Hemp * Green Gold * Malawi Gold * Mabange * Majat * Lebake * Durban poison * Poison Dit is in Suid-Afrika die mees algemene dwelm wat gebruik word . Samestelling van dagga Die daggaplant het 61 cannabinols en dit bevat 400 chemikalieë. Dagga bevat ook meer as 7 keer meer teer as sigarette. THC (Tetrahidrocannabinol) is kompleks en word stadig deur die liggaam opgeneem. Dit neem 30 dae vir die liggaam om ontslae te raak van een dagga sigaret. Dit kan selfs tot 6 maande neem vir sekere dele van die liggaam om dit te verwerk. Dagga word wydverspreid en kan lei tot gedragsveranderinge in die brein. Dagga is tans onwettig en die besit daarvan kan lei tot 'n kriminele record.

breinskade op te doen. * Tieners wat dagga gebruik dink 3 keer meer aan selfmoord as ander tieners. * Onvrugbaarheid * Versteuring van die liggaam se immuunstelsel * Afname in die seksdrang * Verlaagde of verhoogde eetlus * Skade aan die ongebore baba indien ’n swanger vrou rook Korttermyn-effeke Probleme word ondervind om tred te hou met tyd; swak korttermyn-geheue; Swak koördinasie; Harttempo versnel; Potensiële hartkwaal-gevare by diegene wat aan hartsiektes ly; Sosiale inhibisies verminder; Paranoia en/of hallusinasies. Langtermyn-effekte: Toenemende risiko van kanker; Afname in testosteroon-vlakke by mans, laer spermtal Toename in testosteroon-vlakke by vroue, s o wel as hoër r i si k o v an onvrugbaarheid; Dagga keer dat boodskappe nie jou brein bereik nie en be¨nvloed onder meer jou sig, gehoor en spraak; Psigologiese afhanklikheid waar dagga al hoe meer benodig word om dieselfde verlangde effek te verkry.

Simptome van oortmatige gebruik Groot hoeveelhede dagga moet oor 'n lang tydperk gebruik word voordat die simptome sal wys soos in die geval met heroine en kokaiene. Hulle trek die rook dieper in die longe in en hou dit daar vir langer. Die uitwerking van die dagga kan dramaties wees vir mense wat ly aan psigiatriese siektes en hulle moet eerder wegbly van dagga. Die simptome van langtermyn gebruik van dagga sluit in:  Glaserige rooi oë * Onaanvaarbare sosiale gedrag soos hard praat en onvanpaste uitbarstings van gelag * Slaperigheid in onvanpaste tye * Gebrek aan belangstelling in dinge wat voorheen belangstelling geprikkel het * Gebrek aan motivering * Verlies of aansit van gewig * Long en respiratoriese probleme met rook inname * Konsentrasie probleme * Geheueverlies * Probleme om nuwe dinge te leer

Wetlike aspekte Jy mag nie dagga verkoop, aankoop, vervoer, verbou, versend, verskaf of dit verskuif nie.

Gevolge van dagga gebruik * Onvermoeë om afstand en tyd te skat * Oormatige aggressie in kombinasie met alkohol * Ernstige skade aan die asemhalingstelsel * Skade aan longe * Longkanker * Keelkanker * Versteuring van die vroulike hormone * 40% Hoër kans by tieners om

Oefen om jou energievlakke te verhoog.

Indien jy met dagga handel dryf, kan die hof jou ’n groot boete of gevangenisstraf vir tot 10 jaar oplê.

WENK VAN DIE MAAND Of jy nou ‘n stresvolle funksie of oefensessie gehad het, daar is tye dat jy uitgeput gaan wees. Kenners reken dat uitputting gewoonlik tot die onvermoë om te beweeg, lei. Drink baie water om jou liggaam te herstel. Die brein kan tekens wat deur dehidrasie veroorsaak word, as moegheid interpreteer.

KNYSNA ALCOHOL & DRUG CENTRE THE PLETT ALCOHOL AND DRUG CENTRE WILL BE HAVING INFORMATION SESSIONS ABOUT SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS. 21st September—Crags Community Hall— 10h00 Kranshoek Community Hall—14h00 Wittedrift Community Hall—18h00 28th September—Masizame Youth Centre New Horizon— 10h00 Kwanokuthula Community Hall—18h00 Everybody of the community is welcome to come and hear what this Epidemic of Drugs is doing to our Youth and Community. It’s time to let us fight this Virus that is destroying our Youth and Community. For any further information, please do contact the following people M z w a n d i l e Office Manager Tel: 044 533 4050 Cell: 083 2396 229

P h i l l i p

Shaun Terblanche Front Office Administrator T e l : 0 4 4 5 3 3 Cell: 078 1935 659

4 0 5 0



Datum: 09 Oktober 2011 Plek : Gemeenskap Saal Tyd : 15h00 Prys : R 15.00 volwassenes R 8.00 kinders Kom en geniet ‘n heerlike middag met vriende in ‘n ontspanne en gesellige atmosfeer!!!! Kaartjies beskikbaar by Masizakhe lede. Kontak Urs vir meer besonderhede 044 534 8285 0f 083 308 4006

Laat ‘n dokt er jou hormoonvlakke ondersoek. As jy ‘n onderliggende hormonale wanbalans het, kan dit tot moegheid lei. Sorg dat jy minstens agt tot tien uur slaap inkry.

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Out and


GELUKKIGE VERJAARSDAE Natasha Williams (links) en Renette Titus (Regs)het op Saterdag 13 Augustus verjaarsdae saam met hul maatjies en familie by hul ouerhuis gevier. Natasha haar 5de en Renette haar 1ste verjaarsdag.

Kira Mabie (regs) het op Maandag 8 Augustus haar tweede verjaarsdag saam met haar trotse familie gevier. Ju-Haille Van Rooyen (regs) het op Sondag 29 Junlie sy 2de verjaarsdag saam met sy familie en vriende by sy ouerhuis gevier. Die kleintjies het baie lekker aan al die heerlike versnaperinge weggelê en hulle behoorlik geniet. Shareen Barnardo het op Saterdag 30 Julie haar 25ste verjaarsdag met ‘n maskerbal in die Kurland Gemeenskapsaal gevier. Die gaste was slegs dames en die “girls” was uitgevat in hul pragtigste aandrokke. DJ Theo-B het gesorg dat die dames heelnag op die dansvloer gebly het en “barman” Poon het die ‘pinacoladas’, ‘dacquiries’ tequila gemeng dat die rook draai. ‘n Fantastiese en onvergeetlike aand was dit vir al die dames en het die partytjie tot die vroeë oggendure aangehou.

Profile : Stephan Solomons, a man who needs no introduction is the son of legendary bodybuilder and local tavern owner, Tok Solomons. Stephan likes to go out and have a good time and if he’s not going out, he likes to smoke oka pipe. This upcoming bodybuilder plays 8th man for Jaguars rugby club and like to give many of his opponents a hard time!



Toerisme studente van South Cape College het op Woensdag 17 Augustus as deel van die Bitou Kuns en Kultuur veldtog, 'n kultuurdag by die College gehou. Die studente het die verskillende culture in Suid-Afrika met kleredrag, kos, dans en ander simbole uitgebeeld. Crags Times Page 8

Wentzel Kam en Henna Losper (bo) is op Saterdag 30 Julie deur Pastoor Levendal in die huwelik bevestig. Die pragtige paartjie het daarna vir ‘n fotosessie by Keurboomsstrand gegaan en daarna ‘n baie gesellige en aangename onthaal in The Crags Primêr Skoolsaal saam met hul familie en vriende gevier.

Ranchell en Richmond Van Rooy (bo) het op Saterdag 13 Augustus iewige trou aan mekaar gesweer. Die jong paartjie is deur Rev. Pam Berning tydens ‘n aandoenlike seremonie in die Anglikaanse Kerk in die huwelik bevestig. Daarna het hulle ‘n gesellige en intieme onthaal tuis saam met familie en vriende gevier.

SOEK EN VIND / CLASSIFIEDS BIRTHDAYS Masizakhe would like to wish Pinell a wonderful and blessed 21st birthday!!! Thank you for all your commitment, support and hard work for the past years. We love you and wish you all the most beautiful blessings for the day. May God bless you and stay as beautiful as you are!!! Masizakhe would also like to wish Pom a wonderful and blessed birthday. You are a star!! Enjoy the day. To Pinell, a sweet sister and friend, may God bless you for the beautiful person you are. Thanks for your support and help and for being part of my life. May all your dreams for the future come true end stay as lovely as you are. We LOVE YOU from Urs and Blommie To Wesey, happy birthday darling. May God God blessings you. Thanks for being in our lives. We love you lots, from your loved ones, Liezel and Auriël. Aan Rénette Titus baie geluk op jou 1ste verjaarsdag die 12 Augustus. Mag die Here jou seen met alles in jou lewe en mag Hy nog vele jare vir jou byvoeg. Liefde van jou mammie, & daddy, ouma, oupa en kinders. Aan Natasha Williams, Baie geluk met jou 5de verjaarsdag die 31ste Julie. Mag Gods rykste seen op jou toerus en mag daar nog vele jare vir jou bygevoeg word. Baie liefde van jou mammie, & daddy, ouma, oupa en kinders.

THANK YOU Aan Theresa May, baie dankie vir my dogter Ashelita se rok wat jy gemaak het, vir die bevestiging wat op 14 Augustus plaasgevind het. Van Nancy Aan Mervin en Deborah, baie dankie vir alles wat julle ingesit het op die 14de Augustus om die middag so suksesvol te maak. Baie dankie van jul suster Nancy. Aan Urs, baie dankie vir die kort kennisgewing en dat jy nie geweier het om te help. Nogmaals dankie van Krigga en Titus Familie

DEEPEST SYMATHY Masizakhe wil graag hul innige meegevoel aan die familie van Godfrey Jephta oordra. Mag God vertroosting bring en die pyn genees.

POETRY CRUEL WORLD I am living in a place With day to day experiences I have to face Spontaneous characters with different ways That is driving each other insane We are so young This means we are up for any challenge That carries a source of fun But to immature grown-ups We are just a bunch of worthless creatures Always ready to suspect Accuse or attack It shows there isn’t any respect They are no different from us As we struggled to be found On their faces You meet unappreciatively Over their human inventions They are so protective But towards us Only aggression. By: Theodore Laksman

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LIEWE AGONY AUNTIE! Dear Agony Aunt, I am very concerned and saddened to about the recent xenophobia attacks in Kurland village. I myself employ Malawians and the reason I do that is because they are incredibly hard working and loyal people. They are mostly happy by nature and not at all threatening, ever. They have never let us down and disappointed us by taking our eggs or vegetables without asking. I feel sorry for these gentle natured victims being bullied and picked on for no fault of their own, after all they are also only trying to get by themselves and have the same hardships and difficulties. Can you please give any advice to the situation? Anonymous Thank you for your honest letter, xenophobia is a huge issue all over SA and a subject that cannot be answered easily. It’s a very complicated and deep rooted issue. The good news however is that it can be resolved, not immediately, it would take a lot of hard work, time and effort but at least the possibility for change is there. Let’s start by looking practically at the facts: What’s happening: Foreigners including Malawians have been attacked and forced out of the local village with the belief that ‘they are taking our jobs’. The attackers involved are fed up with fighting for scarce resources with foreigners. This is an occurrence which has happened all over SA and also in other places across the world. Why is it happening: There are not enough jobs in the area to support the community and this is causing a lot of frustration. This is what it looks like on the outside, however when you look at one dictionary definition of Xenophobia it says ‘an unreasonable fear, distrust, or hatred of strangers, foreigners, or anything perceived as foreign or different’. Now this is a different matter altogether, for as soon as you bring negative emotions such as fear and hatred of others into the picture, we are dealing with much deeper issues than just fighting for jobs. Sadly these emotions can come from a number of causes based on such things like upbringing, social conditioning and a sense of detachment from the self as one believes everything to be ‘someone’s fault’. What can be done: The residents can stand up and not accept this kind of prejudice and violence in their community. Just because someone is seen as ‘different’ it should not cause such fear and violence. It is important to explain that the foreigners can teach them something useful. This is when you ask yourself ‘what have they got that I haveCrags Times Page 10

n’t’’ ‘what can I learn from them’, ‘can they show or teach me something I don’t know’. It can be an experience you learn from and improve yourself in order for you to be the one that gets the job next time. Long term we need to teach children not to be prejudiced against anyone or anything, we all have the same needs, desires and fears. When you understand this and give to others like they are your own family you are rewarded with feelings of happiness and gratitude yourself. Let us avoid the next generation becoming prejudiced, by teaching children the following: · Global cultures and traditions – to have more appreciation and respect for your fellow human being · To be self-sufficient and not to be reliant on others – this will alleviate the issue of looking to others to employ you if there are no jobs around. · Self-love, self-respect and selfconfidence – they will not feel that they are powerless to provide for themselves and therefore wont blame others for any challenging times · How to express their emotions healthily in the moment, let it go and forgive –, this gives them tools to deal with the anger felt in a much more positive way, released healthily rather than expressed with violence · That we are connected to everything and everyone including nature and the environment – when you know this you come to know that when you hurt another you only hurt yourself · Encourage laughter, fun, love and compassion – this brings about an overall sense of positivity · Not to take on passed down anger and hatred from previous generations – forgiving the past and working on a healthy and happy future devoid of previous prejudices, guilt and fear · That everything happens for a reason – to learn to trust that everything that happens in your life has a purpose and meaning gives you an inner peace. If our children learn these things - when they grow up would they feel that ‘a foreigner took their job’ and would they react in the same way? I doubt it, as chances are no one else would be taking ‘their job’ because they would already be selfsufficient, not reliant on others and would have at least the same positive attributes of any foreigners. They would not even see them as ‘foreigners’ as they would just be a fellow human being. For advice from our Agony Auntie please send your letters to: PO Box 281, The Crags, 6602 or give them to: Urs Jacobs 083 308 4006


St Michael's Anglican Church Crags put on a special service to celebrate Women and their courage! Marie Pluim and Daphne Barnardo lit a candle to the Women of South Africa especially the women who suffer abuse, discrimination, violence and oppression. Revd Pam Berning delivered a talk about the courage of women and relating to the history of the courage of women in South Africa. Women who fought for the removal of the Pass Laws and marched to the Union Buildings to deliver their protest, women from all races and colour stood together! We also have women who fought for better education for all children, women who fought against discrimination for equal pay, women who stood up for the right to vote, women who supported those in exile who educated the children and held the fabric of family life together in the most difficult circumstances of the apartheid law. A few recent women who stand out in our history are Helen Suzman, Mama Sisulu and many more. Our thanks go them for their courage to stand with the women of South Africa and make a difference. She also referred to great women in the Bible who made a difference in a difficult Patriarchal Society where women were merely shackles. But the qualities of these women are still the same, they had COURAGE, they were RISK-TAKERS, they took RESPONSIBILITIES, they were WOMEN OF PRAYER, they believed GOD WAS ABLE. Revd Pam encouraged the women of the Crags to stand up against the injustices in our society, for better protection for our women and children against rape, abuse and violence, for better education and for fair wage for all. She thanked the wom en who att ended the service and prayed for them.

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SPORT NUUS / NEWS RUGBY NUUS JAGUARS VERNEDER SEDGEFIELD Op Saterdag 13 Augustus kom Jaguars teen ‘n gedugte Sedgefield span op hul tuisveld in Kurland te staan. Die dag het sommer swak begin omdat Sedgefield net met een span opgedaag het. Die B-span manne van Jaguars was baie ontevrede daaroor, aangesien hulle die laaste paar weke mooi wenrugby gespeel het. Gelukkig het hulle sommer vyf punte op ’n skinkbord gekry. Vir die A -Span was die sommer ‘n lekker dag, want hulle het Sedgefield sommer met 39-7 kafgedraf. In die begin was Jaguars baie vaak, maar hulle het darem daarin geslaag om teen rustyd met 15-7 voor te loop. In die tweede helfte was Jaguars ’n heel ander span en hulle het sommer die drieё begin in ryg. Jaguars kon daarin slaag om 7 drieё agtereenvolgend te druk en met die wen het hulle, hul posisie verstewig op die tweede plek. Jaguars kom te staan teen Harlequins van Oudtshoorn in hulle laaste wedstryd en dan moet hulle wag om te sien of hulle die semi finale gehal het. Jaguars wil net al hulle ondersteunners bedank vir hulle ondersteuning sterkte Jaguars. Tot weersiens


KURLANDTEENSTAANDERS PAK MEKAAR On the 07th of August Young Generations invited King Kurland Stars to play each other to test their strength and fitness. Generations started the first half very slow which gave King Kurland Stars the opportunity to score the first two goals of the match. The first half ended with Generations still on zero. Creative striker and man of the match, Bravin “Bronnie” Kamm said that the first eleven wasn’t their regular starter, so in the 2nd half Generations scored 3 goals and it was a game, set and match for K.K.Stars. It was one game that the “the man of the match” won’t forget because it was one of his best performances by far in the Young Generations outfit. Even though all 3 goals were scored by one player Bradley “Oubaas” Smith, no one could top the excellent performance of Bronnie. He said: “I’d like to be a regular starter in my team therefore I’m practicing very hard”.

MISS TWENTY SOMETHING 2011 WHO’s TURN WILL IT BE TO WALK AWAY WITH THE CROWN THIS YEAR!!! Masizakhe is hosting their second Miss 20 Something and invites all ladies from the age of 20 to take part in this fun and exciting beauty pageant!!!! Entrance fee R10.00 for finalists The event will take place: When: Friday 30 September Where: Community Hall Time: 7pm Admission: R 15.00 adults R 8.00 children

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“HIGH TEA” Datum: 04 September 2011 Plek : Gemeenskap Saal Tyd : 15h00 Prys : R 40.00

Kom en geniet ‘n heerlike middag met vriende in ‘n ontspanne en gesellige atmosfeer!!!! Kaartjies beskikbaar by Masizakhe lede.

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