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Featured Photographer - George Holz

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© George Holz |

© George Holz |

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George Holz George Holz is an American photographer whose work spans 30 years and includes nudes, fashion, and celebrity portraits. He is a native of Oak Ridge Tennessee, and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1980. While at Art Center, Holz assisted for Helmut Newton, who urged him to move to Milan to pursue his vision. In Europe, Holz’s work appeared in Italian Vogue, Lei, Linea Italiana, Madame Figaro and French Elle. After five years in Europe, he returned to New York City in the mid 1980’s and opened a studio in the Village.

In New York, his fashion and beauty editorial work appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Interview Magazine, and the New York Times Magazine. Holz photographed many advertising campaigns for diverse clients including Max Factor, DeBeers Diamonds, and Elizabeth Arden. His “Gold” campaign for the International Gold Corporation won him a Clio Award. In the early 1990’s Holz’s work segued into celebrity portraiture. He began shooting in LA and NY for clients such as Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, and In Style. He photographed major celebrities in music, film, sports and politics including Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Madonna, Michael

Jordan and President Bill Clinton. Holz photographed movie posters including “Face Off” for Paramount Pictures with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Holz won a Grammy award for his photography on Suzanne Vega’s “Days of Open Hand” album cover. George currently divides his time between assignments in NY, LA and Europe. When he’s not photographing, he lives with his wife, son, and animals on their farm in upstate New York.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: The Art of Persuasion: A History of Advertising Photography, International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House, Rochester NY, 1988 (permanent collection) Centro Cultural /Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City 1999 (permanent collection) Photographs by George Holz: Hohschule fur Angewandte Hunst, Vienna, 1990 George Holz: G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles, 1991 Nude in Photography: La Foret Museum, Tokyo, 1993 George Holz Platinum Nudes: The Platinum Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1996 Original Sin: Staley Wise Gallery, New York, Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, Fahey Klein Gallery Los Angeles, A Gallery for Fine Photography, New Orleans, Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, John Cleary Gallery, Houston, 1997-1998 The Portrait/The Nude III: Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, 2001 Three Boys from Pasadena: George Holz, Mark Arbeit, and Just Loomis: A Tribute to Helmut Newton Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin 2009, Acte 2 Galerie, Paris 2010, and Clic Gallery, New York 2010

Views expressed within The Printed Blog do not Necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or The Printed Blog Inc.


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Wikileaks: Power shifts from secrecy to transparency By Jeff Jarvis | 12/4/10 | BuzzMachine

Welt am Sontag in Germany asked me for an op-ed on Wikileaks. Here it is, auf Englisch. Hier, auf Deutsch. Government should be transparent by default, secret by necessity. Of course, it is not. Too much of government is secret. Why? Because those who hold secrets hold power. Now Wikileaks has punctured that power. Whether or not it ever reveals another document— and we can be certain that it will—Wikileaks has made us all aware that no secret is safe. If something is known by one person, it can be known by the world. But that has always been the case. The internet did not kill secrecy. It only makes copying and spreading information easier and faster. It weakens secrecy. Or as a friend of mine says, the internet democratizes leaking. It used to be, only the powerful could hold and uncover knowledge. Now many can. Of course, we need secrets in society. In issues of security and criminal investigation as well as the privacy of citizens and some matters of operating the state—such as diplomacy—sunlight can damage. If government limited secrecy to that standard—necessity—there would be nothing for Wikileaks to leak. But as we can see from what has been leaked, there is much we should know—actions taken in our name—that government holds from us. We also know that the revelation of these secrets has not been devastating. America’s and Germany’s relationship has not collapsed because one undiplomatic diplomat called Angela Merkel uncreative. Wikileaks head Julian Assange told the Guardian that in four years, “there has been no credible allegation, even by organizations like the Pentagon, that even a single person has come to harm as a result of our activities.” So perhaps the lesson of Wikileaks should be that the open air is less fearsome than we’d thought. That should lead to less secrecy. After all, the only sure defense against leaks is transparency. But that is not what’s happening. In the U.S., the White House announced a new security initiative to clamp down on information. The White House even warned government workers not to look at Wikileaks documents online because they were still officially secret, which betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the definition of secret as something people do not know. I fear that one legacy of Wikileaks’ work will be that officials will communicate less in writing and more by phone, diminishing the written record for journalism and history. I have become an advocate of openness in government, business, and even our personal lives and relationships. The internet has taught me the benefits of sharing and connecting information. This is why I have urged caution in not going overboard with the privacy mania sweeping much of modern society and especially Germany. Beware the precedents we set, defaulting to closed and secret, whether in pixelating public views in Google Street View, or in disabling the advertising targeting that makes online marketing more valuable and will pay for much of the web’s free content. I fear that a pixel fog may overcome us, blurring what should be becoming clearer. I had hoped instead that we would pull back the curtain on society, letting the sunlight in. That is our choice. In researching my book on the benefits of publicnness (to be published as Public Parts in the U.S. and Das Deutsche Paraoxon in Germany), I have found that new technology often leads to fears about exposure of privacy. The invention of the Gutenberg press, the camera, the mass press, the miniature microphone, and now the internet have all sparked such worry. Now, in Wikileaks, we see a new concern: that secrecy dies. It does not; secrecy lives. But it is wounded. And it should be. Let us use this episode to examine as citizens just how secret and how transparent our governments should be. For today, in the internet age, power shifts from those who hold secrets to those to create openness. That is our emerging reality. Business, be warned: You are next.

When karma strikes twice By Dave Knechel | 9/5/10 | Marinade Dave

I live in the Orlando, Florida area. I began writing about the Casey/Caylee Anthony murder case two months after the toddler’s mother was first arrested in July of 2008. I attend almost all of the hearings and because of my coverage, the first judge, Stan Strickland, stepped down after the defense filed a recusal motion because of the friendship the judge and I developed. He called me up to the bench to tell me I was very fair in my reporting, but the defense begged to differ with him. It was, to my knowledge, the first time a blogger impacted a capital murder trial. At 6:13 PM EDT on October 26, 2006, Danny Harold Rolling took his final breath. Florida’s most notorious serial killer since Ted Bundy was executed by lethal injection for raping and carving up five college students in a ghastly spree that horrified and terrorized the University of Florida’s campus in Gainesville back in August of 1990, just as the fall semester got underway. Each one was murdered with a hunting knife. Some were mutilated, sexually molested and put in gruesome poses. One of his victim’s severed head was placed on a shelf, her body posed in a seated position. Just before his execution, he confessed to the November 1989 murders of a 55-year-old man in Shreveport, Louisiana, his 24-year-old daughter and her 8-year-old son. One of his victims at UF was Sonja Larson, a freshman who was killed along with her roommate in the apartment they shared. Her goal was to become a teacher. On that fateful night, she and her roommate, Christina Powell, went to a local Walmart to buy a few things. Danny Rolling was a drifter who just happened to be in the store at the same time. He followed the women back to their apartment and attacked them in their sleep. Her brother, Jim Larson, who lives in Orlando, said, “He confessed to killing five people. He cut their heads off, then played with them. He did the worst things you can possibly do to somebody...’’ During the trial, he was so shocked by the details that at one point, he curled into a ball on the floor and sobbed. He might have never moved from that spot had it not been for his wife, Carla. She cradled him as he cried and sat with him during the remainder of the trial. She convinced him that evil had not infested the entire world, despite it touching so close to home. She was his guide and mentor; his beacon of hope and strength. Fast forward seven years. Carla Larson got up on the morning of June 10, 1997, to go to work as a building engineer for Centex Rooney Construction Company. The project, a resort called Coronado Springs, was on Walt Disney World property. It was an ordinary day until she left for lunch and never came back. She went to a nearby Publix supermarket to buy grapes and strawberries when a small time convict named John Huggins kidnapped her in the parking lot, drove to a remote field, and strangled her, partially burying her in a shallow grave and covering her with leaves. This is only the beginning of the story. Read the rest of this gripping, true life tale at photography


Alison Scarpulla |

Perspectively Speaking By Michael A. Newcomer | 11/30/10 | VEHEMENTLY DENY

Eugen Litwinow |


So you have to go through a scanner at the airport. You can look at this two ways. The first being that your privacy is being invaded and there is no rhyme or reason why a stranger should be given permission to touch you in such a public place. The other is that you can realize that flying is not a right, it’s a privilege. One given to our society by innovation and the desire to bring traveling the world closer to reality. We live in a time of ever-present danger and the willingness of a small group of citizens of our world who want to do harm to an even larger group of people. Flying is stressful enough as it is, we don’t need the added pressure of fear of terroristic acts to accompany us as we spend hard earned dollars to take trips to places that we hope will allow us to escape the doldrums of everyday life. But this “perspective” that is running rampant through political conversations and watercooler moments that the new scanners need to be shut down immediately, is a forced perspective in the wrong direction. I grew up in Germany at a time when airports were being bombed, nightclubs were hit regularly, and terrorism was sweeping ahead in worldwide fears. And yet, I knew every time I went to the airport to travel back to the United States, I was going to be searched, asked questions, checked over to make sure I was who I said I was and I was simply there because I wanted to go home. And even then, in my teenage years, I understood the importance of security, even valued it, as I knew that those laborious steps I had to take to get onto the plane would provide me and my fellow passengers a peace of mind that we could then use to rest our heads back and sleep for the next ten hours. We need to relax. Regain control over our own perspective and not the one of a rogue group of people who will find anything to bitch and complain about. Flying is not a right afforded you by the Constitution. Flying is not a right afforded you by the mere fact you live in the United States. Flying is a privilege and as we all remember, privileges are earned by doing good things. And in this case, there is simply one good thing you have to do, shut up, stand in line and let the security know and your fellow passengers know that you aren’t some rogue terrorist who has alternative plans for your flight. And I have an added bonus if you behave. Once you go through the scanner, and by the by, less than 1% of people who traveled this Thanksgiving weekend had to do such a thing, you will have a wonderful opportunity awaiting you on the other side. Remember riding a roller coaster and when you got finished you would walk by a little hut that had TV screens where you could see how dumb your face looked when you started going straight down hill? And for a mere $20 you could get a nice copy of that picture to display? Well I offer up the same “joyous” occasion when you exit the scanner at the airport. Upon exiting, you will be given the option to purchase an 8x10 copy of your scanned body, genitals and all. And for a mere $50 dollars (we gotta get the deficit down, right?) you could turn a small annoyance into a laugh as you walk the rest of the way to your flight. Perspective. A copy of your scanned body? Fantastically fun. Bitching and moaning about your safety? Fantastically stupid. It’s all about how you look at it. | (312) 305-1000 | | all content used with permission from content owner



Imma Bitch! By Alida Nugent | The Frenemy.

I always thought that “bitch” was reserved for girls in high school who wore North Faces and pleated skirts. Or girls at clubs who sipped their drinks like a bunch of fancy, nasty-ass bitches who got nothing to back it up! Finally, I thought ‘bitch’ was a word overused to describe pretty much anybody I know when I’m lacking the brainpower to say something more creative. Anyway, through a series of small events, it has finally occurred to me that I AM ALSO A BITCH. This isn’t even a terrible thing, it’s just something that I have to acknowledge and accept and own. I used to think that my behavior was ‘sass,’ ‘snark’ or ‘sarcasm.’ Which it might have been at one point. But now, as I get older, I realize that this sass has developed into full blown BITCH. Not fun ice queen bitch. Not snap-your-fingers bitch. Just boring old, sometimes I’m sassy mostly I’m just annoyed bitch. It’ll probably just get worse as I get older! No it won’t! I take all this word’s bad connotations and say IT IS AN AWESOME WORD! Think you might be a bitch, too? Here’s how you can tell: • You stare at yourself in the mirror not like you are looking at yourself, but rather like you are challenging yourself to a chick fight. You know, hands on your hips, eyebrow cocked, bitch come at me face on. • SORE WINNER AT BOARD GAMES. • You actively listen to only the verses of songs that Nicki Minaj guest raps in. You know most of the words, and can do the Caribbean/British fusion accent she rocks okay. • You see girls who dress up like Lady Gaga and say ‘you know, I could probably look more fierce in that.’ Simply put, no bullshit: more fierce. • You don’t roll your eyes. That is so cliche. Instead, you kind of smirk and raise both of your eyebrows with the kind of face that says ‘I am so amused by your idiocy I will just kind of stare at you with the kind of expression that deservedly warrants a punch.’ • When you are right about something, you just smile because of course you are right duhhhhhh! You are usually wrong, so this is okay to act like. • You find babies not cute when they do things that most people think are cute: “You call that ARTWORK? Newsflash: that does NOT look like a house, you fucking tiny idiot human. Good luck managing a chain store one day, Picasso.” You don’t hate them, you just think they need to be treated like adults, or else reality will hit them hard some day. • Phrases you say often “I hate everybody.” “I hate people.” And you don’t, always, but it makes you look and feel like you are always wearing a leather jacket. • You’ve never been in a fight, really, but you certainly insinuate that you COULD be. Especially with the kinds of boots and heels you wear. • Road. Rage. • When you enter a grocery store and you have a cart, everybody better get the FUCK UP out of your way. You want a tomato? Too fucking bad, you wait till I get mine. I am small but my cart be mighty. • You people watch just to get irritated at everybody you see. Your eyes are narrowed, and you are not one to be approached. Teen couples have often inspired you not with the beauty and innocence of young love, but with the power and strength of a swift kick to the chest. • Anywhere is the right place to text! Who cares if you’re at dinner?! I get a message, I will answer my damn message. • You are a bonafide celebrity hater. Sipping on the haterade, nah mean? Every time you get a celebrity magazine or see a clip of some Taylor Swift Disney knockoff all you can say is ‘blah blah her breasts are uneven she looks bad in that dress what a terrible choice of hairstyle!’ You would NEVER say that about people you know, but you WILL say that about people that make millions of dollars more than you do a year. It’s not the same, we say! • Whenever you see another girl at a party near somebody you are attracted to, your horns come out and daggers get shot out of your eyes and you become a mighty beast that eats souls for dinner. You hover near her, staring her down. Who is this thing? How can I destroy her? This girl could be a waitress at your table, or even a THIRD cousin. Don’t matter. She’s gonna get EYED. When she is nice, you feel guilty about this behavior, but you still suspect she hates puppies. • The pieces of advice you hear most often from friends are “suck it up” and “calm down.” • You have this laugh… it’s just one ‘hah’ but it sounds more like ‘hummm’ and you use it when somebody says they like Garden State or Miley Cyrus. It is a judgmental fucking laugh and even though you say it’s not, everybody knows it. • When you have a problem or an accomplishment, you must immediately text or Gchat or FB chat everyone you know a ‘what’s up’ that is immediately followed by your news. Now, you are totally okay with listening to all of your friends problems all the time, but when it’s your turn, it’s your effing turn. • “Yeah I HATE Twilight, but I’ve seen it.” “Sure, American Apparel is lame and expensive but EVERYBODY has their sweatshirts.’ • You have at least three people on Facebook you stalk a bit just because you are fascinated and disgusted by their life. Usually girls who are townies. • You make fun of people you are attracted to. This is your defense mechanism. • People actually say ‘you’re so much nicer when you’re drunk!’ photography © copyright Olaf Martens courtesy of Gallerie f5,6 (Munich) and Gallery Cokkie Snoei (Rotterdam / Amsterdam)

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The Bullied Girl Grows Up to Write a Blog By Annie Kee | 10/5/10 | [clever title]

Remember that time in your life when you were just figuring out how to, like, be a human in the world? And you were stuck with the same friends you’d had since kindergarten? So they had the freedom and power to treat you like shit? And you didn’t know enough about how to make other friends, so you just didn’t? I remember the girls I was friends with in elementary school were merciless to me. (And I’m sure all of you are reading this and saying, oh my god, same exact thing happened to me!) I would go to school one day and feel bolstered by their loyalty. We had a strong pact, made stronger by sleepovers where we’d choreograph dances to “Like a Prayer,” and make cheese eggs in the mornings. (Except, I didn’t like the cheese eggs, so I’d make them make me regular eggs.) The next day, it’d be like everyone had discussed my status before I’d gotten to school and decided that I wasn’t in the group anymore. I distinctly remember showing up on a school day and sitting down at a cafeteria table where my friends were already sitting. I said something I’m sure I thought was cheeky and cute and laughed at myself a little bit. Silence. Cold, staring, haunting silence. My face dropped. What had I done? Why the sudden shut out? That silence still haunts me. It’s amazing how these little moments in our childhoods can brand us for life. And how often we remember them. Take this interaction, this first indication that the people around me just weren’t as smart as I was. My erstwhile “best friend” and I are waiting in a line before we’re let back into the school after recess, and my long hair is blowing in the breeze. She snaps at me, “Get your hair out of my face!” And I reply back, “It’s just blowing in the breeze!” She didn’t believe me. Really? You think my hair is magically standing on end and whipping into your face, unprompted? Idiot. Needless to say, our friendship didn’t last past the 5th grade. And yet, I think about that moment, like, once a month. The four of us in the group would make little charts that we’d pass around our table in class. The chart was for rating how much we liked the other members in the group. “How much do you like me? From 1-10.” Often, we’d mark 1,000,000 or -1,000,000 just to be clever, squishing the zeroes into the tiny boxes on the note to make our point clear. My existence on this planet seemed to rely on these rankings: who would mark me high today? Who was going to be typical and mark a negative ranking? And which two had paired up for the day, a seemingly indestructible force? I look back on those days, aided by the earned perspective of age and years of therapy, and think, how does any of us survive being a girl? I’ve learned, in contrast, that there’s no gray area with the typical boy: they’re either happy or they’re mad. Either friends or fighting. And if there’s a conflict, there’s no emotional manipulation, no social customs to try to make sense of, no teenage language to interpret. Just a couple shoves or swings, and then they’re done. Now that I’m working with students, I just gravitate to the boys. I’d honestly rather they try to punch me than risk they might rank me negative 1,000,000 on their Facebook page dedicated to my lameness or whatever this generation’s version of a “How much do you like me?” chart might be. **UPDATE: I didn’t write this post in response to the recent teen suicides or even with them in mind, necessarily. Still, having worked with young people for the last few years and having just recently survived student-teaching at a high school (not to mention my own lonely adolescence), I want to assert to you and to anyone you may share my blog with that finding people who really support and nurture EXACTLY who you are isn’t easy but it is worth the work. Luckily, I’ve begun to figure it out… And, if I can, you can.**

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Stephanie Bassos |

Get a ‘Black Swan’ body By Laura Hunter-Thomas | 12/3/10 | Obsessive Coolness

In light of the film Black Swan’s imminent release and critical attention, its cast members have been front-and-center in the media, especially actress Mila Kunis, who plays dancer Lily, Portman’s character Nina’s antagonist and rival. Slight and slim, Kunis engaged in a rigorous diet and exercise prior to shooting the movie, and lost 20 pounds to weigh in at 95 pounds. Kunis openly commented on her weight loss, saying that in real life she looked “disgusting” and friends and family started “panicking”. Co-star Natalie Portman also engaged in an extreme program six months prior to filming, attempting to attain a physique akin to that of a professional dancer. Kunis engaged in cardiovascular training and Pilates while Portman favored hours of ballet, cross training and swimming. It is no secret that professional ballet dancers maintain a below average weight and slender physique, which is considered enviable by many due to the long, lean muscles and corresponding slim, elegant look. Can such a look ever be healthy and attainable for a ‘normal’ person? After some investigation, I discovered a book that would answer this question called ‘Diet for Dancers: A Complete Guide to Nutrition and Weight Control’ by Robin D. Chmelar and Sally S. Fitt. The book details what to eat in order to lose weight and maintain a low but healthy weight ideal for the aesthetic demanded of dancers, and provides nutrition breakdown, sample meal plans, and a suggested exercise regimen. The book is full of scientific research and findings that, although a little dense at times, are mostly approachable and seem entirely sensible and trustworthy. Still, I decided to test the book’s premises to find out whether the methods work for a non-dancer, and produce desirable and healthy results. The book recommends engaging in a combined diet and exercise program including 30 to 60 minutes of low-impact cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week, Pilates three times a week, and a low-fat diet plan that involves 60% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, 20% from protein and 20% from healthy fat, while restricting calories. I opted for a 1,000 calorie diet on weekends and a 1,200 calorie diet on weekdays, purchased an elliptical machine (there’s a great selection here, and added Pilates three times a week. Now, I am a person who found losing weight very difficult in the past, however in the first two weeks I lost 8 pounds, and after only a month I was at my lowest weight ever with a visibly slimmer and more toned physique. I also found the 1,200 calorie diet plan easy to stick to and had increasing levels of energy. Even more satisfying, a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch skinny jeans that I previously had trouble fitting into was comfortable on the thighs and too loose around the waist and hips to wear. The ‘dancer diet’ worked wonders for me, and continues to do so as I work my way towards a physique I never dreamed I could attain. Best of all, I feel healthier than ever before. It is possible to attain a physique worthy of a Black Swan performance while remaining healthy, too. photography

Diana Kunst @ VANDER creative management |

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: WILL LOSING HALF A STONE REALLY MAKE YOU HAPPIER? By Nesha Woolery | 12/3/10 | the button owl. Let’s have a metaphorical hands-up from everyone who’s made a mental note to lose a few pounds once the New Year hangover wears off. It may sound shallow, but that goal is right up there with world peace. Regardless of what size you are, half a stone seems to be the magic wish for everyone. Why half a stone? Because its accomplishable, it’s realistic, it won’t have your friend’s widen their eyes and tell you you’re already thin so you don’t need to lose weight, and it won’t have them laugh and say you need to lose more. A loss of this size is physically noticeable. It will gain us recognition—that’s the real reward. One man said, ‘I don’t understand women’s obsession with losing weight; it makes no difference to men. Unless you got really fat, then I’d have to disown you.’ The mistake men make when pondering over our ‘obsession’ is that we’re doing this for them, when we’re not. Simply put: clothes look better once we’ve lost a bit of excess. Buttons don’t strain, flesh doesn’t overhang. Even when you’re a smaller size, you still have a bit of fat here and there could do with disappearing. If I could push the fat from my tummy up into my teeny tiny fried egg boobs, god knows I would. There’s just one too many flaps of flesh around my waist when I sit down, and my butt feels like the only thing keeping it up is my too-tight knickers. I don’t want to lose much. I know I don’t like big; I just think I could look more proportioned. Professor Sarah Grogan, who interviewed women about the matter, said, ‘Women found it easy to tell us what they disliked about their bodies but much harder to think of what they liked. Most said they would be more confident if they lost weight. None of the women who took part in the interviews said they wanted to gain weight’. So we’re all striving to be, somehow, less of ourselves. But why is less more? It’s as though there being less of us physically makes us more admirable, successful and acceptable, almost like if we can turn ourselves into someone else, we’re more likely to succeed at our former failings. A study by the University of Florida found that women who weighed 25lbs less than the norm earn around £9770 more than the average-weight woman. German research conducted over the past 24 years shows that how much we weigh affects our emotions more than our love lives. So weight, for numerous reasons, dominates our lives. But just because it plays such a huge part in life does not mean we should worry ourselves over it. We shouldn’t let it dominate us. We all know how horribly wrong worrying over your weight can go. There’s a fine line between self-improvement and self-destruction—weight is in a position of power when it comes to our happiness. We just have to be careful when it comes to losing weight. Even when we argue that we’re ‘doing it for ourselves’, the reality is that we’re really doing it for our ego’s. But what’s wrong with that? We all have the right to feel good. A bit of outside application never did any harm, as long as it’s an extra boost to your self esteem, not the basis of it. Right now, for me, losing a little weight feels like a healthy ambition, not a crazy obsession. It’s not the key to my happiness, but I can’t say it won’t help. 2 easy ways to lose weight: Cut down on sugar Your body can’t break down sugar, so it turns into fat. If you’re drinking four cups of tea a day with two sugars each, that’s a lot of fat. Add that to the cake, chocolate and ice cream in your daily diet… well, you get me. Change your coffee A medium sized cappuccino with whole milk contains 153 calories. Just ask for the coffee with skimmed milk; it’ll take it down to 96 calories. photography

Tyler Shields |

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The Printed Blog is pleased to publish the following work from Alessandra Torresani, one of our amazing celebrity contributors. Get to know Alessandra by following her on Twitter at @BambolaBambina and check out her Tumblr blog at Look for more from her in upcoming issues of The Printed Blog. photography

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Alessandra torresani By Alessandra Olivia Torresani | The Bambola Factory

Hello my The Printed Blog readers, my name is Alessandra Torresani. Some of you may already know me as the 1st Cylon from the SyFy series Caprica, and for those of you who do not, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Palo Alto, Ca, aka Stanford University. I moved to LA when I was 8 years old to follow the dream of being a star! I like to tell people that I peaked at the age of 9. Why you ask? I had already accomplished being a National Tap and Jazz Champion, received my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and was an uber math nerd. My parents were both in the technology world, so growing up, my goal was to go to the infamous MIT and become an engineer. I know, so NOT WHAT HAPPENED. I had the chance to be a talk show host of a Kids Club for the WB in San Francisco - I earned that role by beating out 200 kids. Yep, I absolutely used to brag about that as a child. Once I had been bit by the camera bug, I knew there was nothing else in the world I wanted to be a part of. Moving to LA was a huge change in my life. I was lucky enough to land my first roll in the David Spade film Lost and Found. The most incredible part was being told what a certain naughty word was by my mama. I called David Spade a “pussy.” Not a pussy cat, an actual “pussy!” Very awkward for my mother, I assure you. From then on, I appeared in numerous guest spots on TV and rolls in some pretty awesome movies. I had some difficult struggles in my career, as well - I booked eight or so pilots which never got picked up. Eight! Then, I went through a mid-life crisis (at the age of 13). I needed to be NORMAL and go to a proper school, so I enrolled at The Buckley School in Los Angeles. Many celeb kids went there… ooo la la. I kept working... I booked a leading role in a Joel Silver pilot (Veronica Mars, The Matrix, TALES FROM THE CRYPT) which had me move to Australia for a few months. Amazing I know, but here was the kicker... Buckley would not allow me to leave for that long of a time. So, what is a 16 year old to do? Take my proficiency exam, graduate, and move on over to Bondi Beach (suburb of Sydney, Australia)! What a life changing experience it was to work on a show like Newton (this was the Silver pilot). Unfortunately, like most of my pilots, it did not get picked up. That did not stop me one bit. I continued on my journey as being an actress and used dance as my therapy. A few years later, and a few pilots later, I landed a role in the hit pre-quel to BattleStar Gallactica, Caprica. Wow, what a ride that has been! I got to play 5 different characters, work with the most insanely awesome crew and cast, live in Vancouver, and have ERIC STOLTZ as my father! HELLO! As most already know, the show was cancelled just after its short first season. Oh, but let me tell you, was that a great FRAKKIN season. I got very down and depressed after the news because although we all grew as family, suddenly, it was a divorced family! HARSH! One must be strong again and pull through to the next chapter in life. I have to thank Caprica for one important thing: my Lil Cylon fans! And let’s not forget the experience of Comic-Con. Right after the fall of Caprica, I started working on a horror film called Playback. I met some amazing friends and had the pleasure of working in my dad’s home state of Michigan. Blood, wweat, and more blood is what this movie has to offer. Get ready for it to come to a theater near you very soon. In the meantime, I made a few appearences on a show called Attack of the Show on the G4 network. Those crazy kids over there thought it would be a good idea to have me on as a guest host, on multiple occasions! It reminded me of my days as an 8 year old host. Let’s take a moment and remind ourselves of how I was a BIG DEAL back in the day! My new venture is a little project that the genius Michael Eisner has developed. A girl living in Chicago writing for the style section at the Chicago Tribune who gets axed and the only job she can find is being an Obituary writer. Death, style and humor equals a unique, fabulous show! I can’t wait to share that one with the world! As my escape from my craziness, I have started my own blog called The Bambola Factory; in English it means The Doll Factory! Bambola Bambina (baby doll) was my nick name growing up so I only felt it was appropriate to use it in my creative life. I have found technology to be the most amazing resource to connect with my fans. I want them to experience everything I am going through. Maybe, sometimes, I’m a little too comfortable, but shoot, WHY NOT! You only live once - so share the love! I am so honored that The Printed Blog took a liking to my work and wanted me to share my story with their audience. I could go on for days about technology, entertainment and especially LOVE. Something that I am not always good at. I am human after all, or am I still a Cylon?! If I can say one thing that is totally cliche: you should follow your dreams, no matter what anyone tells you. I have been shut down, torn apart and hung upside down (literally and figuratively thanks to Tyler Shields), but I would never change any of my life experiences. I would love to share more with you lovelies, although I believe I shall wait until next time. LOVE AND KISSES – Alessandra Olivia Torresani © copyright Olaf Martens courtesy of Gallerie f5,6 (Munich) and Gallery Cokkie Snoei (Rotterdam / Amsterdam)

Never trust a girl who... By Jessica Druck | 3/24/10 | Hello, my name is Jessica

Guys, never trust a girl who: Has every guy in a bar around her as if she were Jenna Jameson. Trust me, she’s not and whatever they’re talking about isn’t politics. Is still close with her ex or ex’s: they aren’t just friends, they don’t just have dinner and they’re not going to stop “seeing movies” anytime soon. She wants more of him, but she also wants you, so you better be cautious and wear a rubber. You don’t know where he’s been. Only talks about herself; seemingly, humility is not one of her strong points and she’s never heard of the art of conversation. The layer of Aqua Net that’s clouding her vision will soon cloud yours. Is flirting with all of your friends; no she isn’t just being friendly, she is flirting. She is definitely one of those: keep your boyfriend close and his friends closer. You know, in case something goes wrong. Requires you to ask permission when you want to hang out with your friends. No one needs permission to do anything. Hang out with your friends and if there is a problem with the old ball and chain, set your sail, otherwise you may end up a Sid and Nancy story. Won’t kiss you in public; damn it, she should be proud to grope you whenever and wherever, so when she holds out until you’re behind closed doors, she clearly has some issues. Thinks she sounds exactly like Whitney Houston when she is doing karaoke, hence why she has been requesting her every time you guys go out. Put her in her place by pulling a Simon Cowell, then get the check. Has white powder in her nose (I said in, not on). Unless Amy Winehouse is your thing, she will most likely start beating you in the streets around 4:00 a.m. in a pair of ballet flats, all in the name of love of course. Call’s you immediately after the date—the first date, not the sixth—and just wants to talk. She’s got it bad. Sometimes rules can be broken; however, you just answered the phone call to Fatal Attraction 2. I hope you don’t have any rabbits. Says her last boyfriend is serving time in jail. The bottom line is, they aren’t together because he is serving time in jail and most likely doesn’t know about you. I’d hate to be there when he does find out because you can bet your Sean John jeans he’s coming for you. Has nothing nice to say about any of her friends, your friends, strangers or even birds that stare too long. Negativity is out like press on nails. Yes, sometimes things are said about people, but when they are her friends or people she doesn’t even know, it’s not okay: red flag. Upon claiming she is fine, she cries during sex and then continues to sob after you’re done. It’s not you, it’s totally her. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. photography

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Revenge is sweet By Melysa Schmitt | 11/24/10 | Sex, Lies, and Bacon


I’ve never had much luck in love. The bulk of my romances have ended in heartache, deceit, and violent blows to my self esteem. Especially my two most significant: one being the relationship with my son’s father, the other a seven year courtship with my high school sweetheart. Ours was the kind of back and forth romance that most young people have. We broke up dozens of times and then got back together, until we finally came to the point, and the age, where we decided we couldn’t live without one another. Finally after six years of dating, he asked me to marry him and I was ecstatic. The weeks that followed were filled with wedding planning: I got the perfect dress, purchased our rings, arranged for space at a little chapel in Las Vegas, booked a hall for our reception, mailed out the invitations. Friends and family couldn’t wait for me to walk down the aisle, and neither could I. One month before the wedding we went for a joyride, as we normally did. We had a little tradition of driving around upper class neighborhoods and admiring the beautiful mansions, imagining which one we might reside in if we ever had enough money to live out our dreams. There was a specific house I had fallen in love with and on this particular night he decided to take me there. When he pulled the car over on the street in front of it I could tell something wasn’t right. As I looked over at him I saw the panic in his eyes and in an instant a million scenarios ran through my mind as to what could be wrong. None of them prepared me for the following exchange. “I can’t marry you.” Silence. “I’m in love with someone else.” Still silence. “And she might be pregnant.” Screaming. With those words, my heart broke into a million pieces and as I handed him back my engagement ring I swore I’d never love another man again. It took me months to pull myself out of the depression that breakup caused me, not to mention the embarrassment, and during that time I developed a hatred for this man who stole my dream of a happily ever after with his erect penis. Of course in time I got over him and my disappointment, but I never forgot. Five years after that fateful night I came across him on Facebook and discovered he had married the woman he left me for and that they had two children. They looked happy and at the time so was I. I had a son, I was in love, and I had started my own family, so I never gave his profile a second glance. It seemed that everything had happened for a reason. Fast forward to the period right after Aidan’s father left and I was broken, once again a victim of a wandering penis. At this point I couldn’t look at a man without wanting to castrate him. It seemed that the male species was the cause of all my problems, and I decided it was time to give up on love and instead get even, although with who or how I didn’t know. Luckily for me, an opportunity presented itself soon after in the form of an email, from my old high school sweetheart. It seemed he had found out about the demise of my family and wanted to offer me some sort of comfort in my obvious time of need. Ironically he too was going through his own separation and thought that we might be able to commiserate with one another. In his message he incorporated a heartfelt apology for what he had done to me, which also included an excerpt about how he never got over me, deeming me the one that got away. A less jaded woman might have taken this as a sign that after all of these years we were meant to be. Unlucky for him I only saw it as an opportunity for payback; not just for what he had done to me, but for every man that ever hurt me. For several weeks we corresponded through emails and I gained his trust. I seduced him with my words and he fell for every line, being the conceited asshole that he was. Although I explained to him that I was in no condition to have a relationship, I led him to believe I was more than willing to sleep with him. Eventually we arranged to meet at a hotel. While I was nervous about how things would play out, my need for revenge drove me to continue with my plan; once I got there I would strip for him, bind him to a chair in a game of dominatrix, undress him, almost bring him to orgasm with my mouth, and then leave him trapped there with a massive case of blue balls. The afternoon of our meeting I prepared myself for victory. I’d waxed every part of my body and rubbed myself down with my most decadent moisturizer, leaving every inch of my skin soft, smooth, smelling delicious, and begging to be touched. I purchased the sexiest lingerie I could find, complete with crotchless panties, which I adorned with a pair of black thigh highs and my favorite pair of peep toe heels. Over top I wore nothing but a red trench coat. With one look in the mirror all my anxieties washed away. Even I couldn’t resist myself. After a quick masturbation session I grabbed my keys and headed to the hotel, leaving the everyday me behind and morphing into a woman many fantasize about being. When I arrived he was waiting for me in the lobby, looking sexier than I had anticipated. He eyed me up and down and licked his lips. For a moment I almost lost myself in his desire, but then I remembered what I had come for. I wasn’t here to fuck this man; I was here to fuck him over. We entered the room and he buried his face in my neck and tugged at my coat, begging me to get undressed. As he pressed up against me I could tell this was going to be easier than I thought. I could’ve tied him to something, anything, and won then and there, but what fun would that have been? Instead I resisted his advances and continued with my plan. I was going to get everything I wanted out of this seduction, and probably more. I led him to a wooden chair in the corner of the room, sat him down, and hovered over his lap with his legs between mine. “This is my game and if you want me you’ll play by my rules,” I said as I slipped his hand underneath my coat and brushed his fingers across my inner thigh. He shuddered with anticipation and I knew that retribution was already mine. I played to his every weakness for the next thirty minutes until I knew I had him right where I wanted him. I don’t think any man had ever wanted me this badly. Truth be told, at this point I had worked myself up so much I wanted him too, but I had had him years before and knew I’d be better satisfied by my own hand when I finally got home. I let him run his hands on my now naked body, kissed him hard, and then walked over to my purse and took out the pair of silk scarves I had been hiding. While he gave me a funny look I knew he wouldn’t protest to a little kink in our foreplay. After I removed his clothes I sat him back down and gave him a smile. I then used one scarf to blindfold him and the other to tie his hands behind his back and onto the chair he was sitting in. He had no idea what was coming next. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.” As he began to mumble on about his fantasies, I backed away from him, quietly slipped on my shoes and coat, grabbed my things, and left him there. I’m pretty sure he realized what I’d done the moment the door shut behind me, since I could hear him angrily yelling my name as I walked further and further down the hallway. Revenge is sweet. Leaving the man who broke off your engagement, blindfolded and bound to a chair, naked with a raging hard-on, in a seedy hotel room… even sweeter.

Tyler Shields | photography © copyright Olaf Martens courtesy of Gallerie f5,6 (Munich) and Gallery Cokkie Snoei (Rotterdam / Amsterdam) photography

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Derrick Brown Derrick Brown, former paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, gondolier, magician, and fired weatherman, now travels the world and performs his written work. He is the president of write bloody publishing. From Long Beach, CA, he is dedicated to bringing American poetry into rock and roll status. |

derrick brown poetry

STILLNESS By Derrick Brown | The Poetry of Derrick Brown

there are no questions. I do not wish for a tiny microphone on the backside of your red beating sunset. I have plenty of thuds. I do not wonder what lifts the soft hairs on your sleek 4 track neck. I don’t over romanticize the olden days like a boner in a new flannel. I do not wonder where your eyes bonfire when the pounding rises. I’ve sucked on the trees. I do not wonder what knives you have held in your good teeth. I met the thrower. I loved the boss. I do not wonder what mad God made your breasts jubilee worthy. Grand Marshall. I do not wonder Steph. I do not wonder of the perfect plaster your legs were blasted from… I know. I know it every night. Ha cha cha ka chookaroo. Your camera. Horny for sadness. Try to photograph the things between what once was and the other thing. Try to hold still.

Nirav Solanki Photography | photography

I have not ever had you. Not without gloves on. You charged my skin with a horrible weather, a weather that . that. that. I was bulky and tasting. Filled with dinner hammers. You were tender with brulee and voice sweetening into my skull. More is less. The shadow mirrors flesh. I will tear through it in bad dream light. Your impossible hair. My metal filling razor teeth. Your mouth is 1000 poems. I can hear you still. I can hear you more when you are still.

GOODBYE CHARLIE By Derrick Brown | The Poetry of Derrick Brown

Is it silly to weep for a dog that passed away? A friend’s dog. I only walked him once.

Jenny Montgomery |

The news hit me, A lit chimney dropped onto my kneecaps. You can become someone’s friend in an instant if the eyes are right. Charlie and I became friends. He had an eager madness, an ever-ready smile, and a strange fur. Charlie and I would stroll down the weedy sidewalk funk of Austin. Stopping once to shit dead center on the path. I pretended to fumble in my pockets for a doggie bag, cleared my throat, and strolled away. The low skillet of Texas concrete warmed his paws past the scene of a UT students heads expanding and sadly, exploding past the sound of bands discovering dissonance and a fourth chord past the homes of stranded artists and wealthy expressionists. We found a squirrel flirting his tail toward Charlie. Charlie pulled at the leash and I wanted to let him go after it. Some dogs spend their whole life pulling at the leash And never grow tired of imagining it being gone. It seemed as if he’d rather have the squirrel than oxygen, The taunt leash choking him some, eyes wide with instinct.

Jenny Montgomery |

I didn’t let him go. When Jef with one F told me weeks later that Charlie, my friend, was dead, I froze for a bit. Gone already? How can I be paralyzed by the death of one animal when news reports of the human dead and the near dead surround me. The answer was morose. It is hard for me to care for what I have never known. I can’t picture their faces alive I can’t imagine their favorite movie. I can’t imagine their inability to match socks. I hope Jef, you know I am grateful to have known Charlie. I pray that maybe someday you will see his passing as a pure exit, as pure as scissors to a leash.

Marc Da Cunha Lopes |

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We are thrilled to introduce Brandon Mendelson, our newest Guest Humor Editor. Brandon is a world-class humorist and an exceptional writer based out of New York. Become one of the more than 860,000 people who follow Brandon on Twitter, and be sure to visit his blog at www. If you write a humor blog, send it to Brandon for consideration in the next issue at featured humor editor

Brandon mendelson Brandon Mendelson is a humorist and social critic who has contributed to The Huffington Post, The Albany Times Union, CNN, and other national outlets. Also? A lot of places you’ve never heard of. He was also previously a New Media Director for a syndicated ABC television show, and a syndicated college survival columnist with CBS. Brandon has been quoted / featured on, Newsweek, The New York Times, The LA Times, Psychology Today, Smart Money Magazine, and other national and regional media outlets. None of whom will let Brandon write for them. He is currently working on his first book, Social Media Is Bullshit.It’s not actually a comedy book. But don’t worry, the comedy will come when only one copy sells in Guam at a discounted price. That’ll teach Brandon to try new things.

Great Danes! The History Of America’s Greatest College Mascot By Brandon Mendelson | 4/8/10 | Astonishing Tales of Mediokrity

The University at Albany may not have bears roaming the campus like Baylor, but no other college in America has the Great Dane for a mascot. Do you know what a Great Dane is? A lumbering, slobbering, aggressive dog of war that towers over short people. That’s right, I said dog of war. Wake Forest’s Demon Deacon was regarded as the most frightening college mascot because he reminds students of the looming ravages of time; UAlbany can clobber that argument in the face with this: The Great Dane was bred to help Germans, the genocidal people of Europe, kill things! According to UAlbany’s Athletics brochures, the school selected Scooby as the official mascot in 1965. Before ’65, during the manliest era in American history, UAlbany had an equally manly mascot known as Pierre the Pedguin. A Pedguin was an imaginary creature meant to represent UAlbany’s status as a teacher college. Penguin and the word “pedagogy” were merged in an epic fail that gave birth to the Pedguin and the school’s athletic teams, The Pedagogues. It’s nice to think the Pedguin is an extinct, handicapped fourth cousin of the Penguin, vindicating Darwin for totally calling natural selection; but sadly, the Pedguin met a more boring demise. In 1965, according to back issues of the stunningly handsome Albany Student Press, UAlbany changed mascots from Pierre the Pedguin to the nameless Great Dane. In a shocking turn of events, the state of Pennsylvania also named the Great Dane its official state dog that year. Whether or not Pennsylvania was trying to be cool like their German ancestors, whom if you remember bred these dogs for war, we’ll never know. According to, “When the Speaker of the House called for a voice vote to designate the Great Dane, yips, growls and barks assaulted his ears from every part of the chamber! With a rap of his gavel, the Speaker confirmed that the ‘arfs have it’ and the ‘Barking Dog Vote’ entered the annals of legislative history.” Can’t you feel the legislative rush of excitement that must fill the legislative halls of Pennsylvania? Why change from Pedguin and Pedagogues to Great Danes? Like other American colleges at the time, UAlbany’s campus population grew to include more men while the university’s priorities shifted from teaching to research. A contest was held on campus and Kathy Earle won a $25 savings bond for her winning contest entry of the Great Dane. Whether UAlbany shares the Great Danes licensing profits with Mrs. Earle today is unclear, but it’s safe to assume they do … right? Mrs. Earle picked Great Danes because of their, “Size, weight, strength, character, courage, speed, and stamina” according to the sports brochure, but here are some alleged facts from Wikipedia that shaped her entry assuming Mrs. Earle had access to a DeLorean, the Internet, and Doc Brown, if only to say “Great Scott” when appropriate: •When the Great Dane becomes bored, it becomes destructive. •The Great Dane has a complex and mysterious origin much like popular X-Man, Wolverine •The tallest dog ever, a Great Dane, was recorded at 41 inches and weighed 238 pounds. •Great Danes have six different coats, none of which are purple and gold. •Notable Great Danes include: Scooby Doo, Astro, Marmaduke, Fang (from Harry Potter), and Ace the Bat-Hound. Dog of war? Check. Connection to Batman? Confirmed. The only mascot of its kind? That’s more than enough to qualify as America’s greatest college mascot. Until next time, you’ll find me taking a dirt nap in the archives after angry Pedguin-loving alumni incinerate my apartment. Those alumni may be old, but if GWU’s Colonial taught us anything, it’s that old feisty people can mess you up. And with that, Zooillogix wraps up our participation in Zombie Day. Keep the challenges coming, ScienceBlogs! We love it! photography

Eugen Litwinow |


I’m looking for a cat named “Bob Barker”. By Jenny Lawson (the bloggess) | 12/13/10 | The Bloggess

So Hailey wanted a dog for Christmas but we’re not responsible enough for one so instead we started looking at hedgehogs because THEY’RE ADORABLE but I went on twitter and people were like “hedgehogs will eat your eyelids while you sleep and if you squeeze them their intestines will fall out” so instead we decided to get a kitten. So we mapped out the shelters and pet shops and on the way we had this conversation: Victor: We should get a boy cat and name him ‘Bob Barker’. That’s a great cat name. me: Let’s just find a cat already named Bob Barker. And when we go to the pet shops we’ll just be like “Bob Barker? BOB BARKER!” And if Bob Barker doesn’t show up we’ll walk out. Victor: We should do that at the pound. “Excuse me, ma’am. We’re looking for a cat named Bob Barker”. me: And they’ll be like “Oh, you lost your cat named Bob Barker?” and we’ll be all “No. We’re looking to adopt a cat named Bob Barker.” Victor: “Are you kidding me? THIS IS THE NINTH PLACE WE’VE GONE THAT HASN’T HAD ANY CATS NAMED BOB BARKER.” me: ”We’re not picky. It could be a variation of Bob. Bobbie. Robert. Bobben. Even Roberto would be fine. We can teach him English.” Victor: “Exactly. We’re being flexible.” me: “Right? MEET. US. HALFWAY. Except that we’re not actually flexible on the “Barker” part. His last name has to be ‘Barker’. No variations.” Victor: Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker. Then we looked at lots of cats but on each one I was like “Well, he’s no Bob Barker” and finally we got to the last place and when we walked past the glass this kitten jumped out like “OH MY GOD I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU GUYS ALL DAY” and I was all “Bob Barker!” And I was all “THIS IS BOB BARKER” and Victor looked at me grumpily because he really wanted a fancier cat and the clerk was all “He’s the last one left because he’s polydactyl” and I was like “He’s half pterodactyl?” and she explained that polydactyl means that he has a genetic mutation that gave him four extra toes. And Victor was like “You want the mutant cat. Of course you do.” and I was like “This cat has four bonus toes THAT WE DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR. THIS CAT IS PRACTICALLY PAYING US TO TAKE HIM.” And then Victor was like “He has four extra claws. That’s like the worst mutation ever. The only way this cat could be worse is if it had two buttholes” and then I held Bob Barker up I was all “THIS CAT GREW OPPOSABLE THUMBS. HE COULD DRIVE US HOME RIGHT NOW.” And then Victor just sighed and started filling out the adoption paperwork. PS. Bob Barker doesn’t really look like a “Bob Barker” so we’re changing his name. I suggested “Paulie Six-Toes” because I like to imagine our cat could be in the mafia but right now he’s answering to Anderson Cooper, which was just a joke but whenever you say “Anderson Cooper” he runs over like “Jesus, What? Why do you keep calling me?” Or maybe he just wants to watch Anderson Cooper. Hard to tell with cats.

Job Interview Question Responses for Applicants With Crippling Feelings of Inadequacy By Matt D. Wilson | 7/15/10 | Matt D. Wilson’s High-Minded Bullshit Q: Describe your greatest strength? A: Worrying? Is that a strength? — Q: What’s your greatest weakness? A: They seem to work best as a collective. — Q: Where would you like to be in five years? A: Out of the way, if I can be. — Q: If you were an animal, what kind would you be? A: What’s the smallest animal? Plankton? Plankton, I guess. — Q: What’s your ideal work environment? A: That’s a tough one, because I wouldn’t be in it. — Q: What are your long-term career goals? A: My goal is to have some long-term goals someday. — Q: What would your former co-workers likely say about you? A: Who? Q: Your former co-workers. The people you used to work with. A: No, that’s what they’d say. They’d say, “Who?” — Q: Tell me about a time you made a mistake and how you dealt with that mistake. A: I came to this interview, and I gave you this answer. — Q: What would you say has been your biggest challenge, professionally? A: Doing anything professionally. — Q: When would you be available to start? A: The same day I’d be available to leave. photography

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Corey Arnold/ “Kitty and Horse Fisherman” | Corey has a new book shipping in January called Fish-Work: The Bering Sea |

my stupid dog By Stuart Goldman | 09/20/10 | The Man Who Tried To Stop Time

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I once had a dog named Kenny Maytag. He was some kind of a weiner dog I guess. Now I am not a great fan of dogs, but I loved Kenny Maytag dearly. He was a peculiar dog. He seemed to have no purpose in life. In fact, he did nothing. He did not roll over, fetch or play dead. He could not even bark very well. He just sort of yarfed. I always thought it was rather odd that I had a dog that did nothing, but that’s just the way it was, I guess. Actually, one thing I liked about Kenny Maytag was that he would get very embarrassed if you laughed at him. I think he’d been embarrassed since the time my wife Spatula and I gave him that awful name. We rather enjoyed this neurosis of his, however. Therefore we would continually make fun of him, which caused him to get even more embarrassed. When he would get embarrassed he would go around and around in circles and try to bite his own tail. This caused us to laugh gleefully and taunt him. Sometimes he would run around in circles and urinate on himself. This caused us to laugh and taunt him even more. Many people requested information as to why we acted in this fashion to this poor demented beast. Unfortunately, I have no answer to this question. featured photography agency

VANDER creative management VANDER creative management is an international photography agency & production company based in Madrid, Spain with an international portfolio and experience. We represent both up and coming young talents as well as highly experienced and established photographers. We support these and many other talents in the industry in order to offer our clients the most suitable creative talent for the job, together with a professional, creative and affordable service. We want all parties to benefit from the – sometimes difficult – combination of excellent creativity and commercial needs. VANDER was created in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in April 2009 by Jaime van der Goes, who previously worked as account manager, content director and producer in the advertising industry. His mission is no other than representing talent beyond their national borders and produce good photography. The Printed Blog is pleased to include photography from two artists represented by VANDER: Diana Kunst and Martin Stranka. | | Jaime van der Goes Calle General Álvarez del Castro, 28 Bis – 4 Dcha, 28010 Madrid – Spain (+34) 678 – 26 08 96

Top 22 The Printed Blog Badge Vote Getters By Josh Karp | 1/5/11 | The Printed Blog

1) The Frenemy 2) VEHEMENTLY DENY 3) Marinade Dave 4) It’s a Musical Journey 5) THE DISENCHANTMENT OF 6) [clever title] 7) Living With My Parents Is Cool. 8) Mackie Hughes, writing a riddle to life. 9) Ball Multimedia 10) Hello, my name is Jessica 11) How to Get a Job… or a Restraining Order: Stalking your Potential Employer 12) The Next Rounds on Me 13) The Independent Music Scene 14) charlie & marie 15) DVR Assassin: Some asshole talking about TV. 16) Bubble Gum For The Soul: Rock n’ roll, self help, urban myths, and more. 17) Retro: Kimmer 18) cosmodynamics: the way things are, and why that’s cool. 19) naughty modesty 20) ANGIEGOBOOM.COM 21) I Like to Fish 22) blah blah stuff of d’ 13th grandchild


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Mikkey Halsted — The Dark Room [Tracklist + Production Credits] By Andrew Barber | 12/20/10 | Fake Shore Drive

Hey, in case you didn’t hear, Mikkey Halsted’s highly anticipated album, The Dark Room, finally drops tomorrow. It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad the world is finally going to hear the official debut from Mikkey. I first went in to the studio with Mikk about three years ago, when he was loosely working on Chicago: The Photo Album, and since then I’ve heard him create some of the most amazing and intelligent hip-hop music in my 20+ years of being a fan. I was quickly drawn into his powerful and militant lyrics and also his ear for picking dope and unique beats. Over the past few years, the public has heard some excellent music from Mikk, but it’s always just been the tip of the iceberg, as I knew the world hadn’t yet heard his best work—the stuff Mikk was sitting on until the right time. Well, the time is now, and the album is here. The drop date is tomorrow, and I urge not only fans of Chicago hip hop, but hip hop fans in general to spend a few dollars and pick it up. A lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears went into this project, and I know you won’t be disappointed. Below I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite joints (even though I love the entire project), and you can hit the jump for the full tracklist and production credit lineup. Be sure to pick up The Dark Room (executive produced by No I.D.) tonight at Leaders 1354 (he’s hosting an in-store there from 6-8pm) or tomorrow on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Cameras Ready (Prod. by 1120) There’s a chance you heard an early version of “Cameras Ready” a while back, but in my opinion, there’s no better way to kick off an album than this one. Mikk takes you through the entire city of Chicago and gives you a look into what to expect from the album ahead of you. N****z Just Complain (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster) Traxster and Mikkey? Need I say more? I like to think of this as “Liquor Store Pt. 2,” with Mikkey spitting over some classic (and super eerie) Traxster production. You’re really going to love this pairing. Field N**** Blues feat. Freddie Gibbs & B.J. The Chicago Kid (Prod. by No I.D.) You loved Mikkey and Freddie’s first collabo, “On My Own”, right? Well, throw B.J. The Chicago Kid on the hook and have No I.D. lace a laid back, piano-driven beat and you’ve got a problem. Look for the Brandon “N2ition” Riley-directed video to drop soon, and really bring this one to life. Frozen feat. Kamilah Sumner (Prod. by Prolyfic) When I first heard this track, I immediately hit Prolyfic and told him this sounded like a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers version of a hip-hop song. Crazy beat, intriguing story, beautiful singing. A classic tale of a good girl gone bad, who’s now gone forever. Get Money feat. The Cool Kids (Prod. by No I.D.) No I.D., who produced the bulk of this album, really snapped on this one. Think of his best work from Blueprint 3, mix that with a haunting middle eastern sample and some of the hardest drums you’ve ever heard and you’ve got money. This is perhaps my favorite pairing of Mikkey and Dion ever. I’m glad this track was guarded closely and wasn’t scooped up by a major label artist with a million dollar budget. Soul of a Gangsta feat. Count (of L.E.P. Bogus Boys), Sly Polaroid & J. Hollins (Prod. by Emmaculate) Are you kidding me? Three of the hardest spitting emcees to ever rep for the city of Chicago on the same track? If Bump would’ve been out to have appeared on this the world would’ve exploded. 1.) Intro 2.) Cameras Ready (Prod. by 1120) 3.) Interlude 4.) Talk Through Me (Prod. by No I.D.) 5.) N****z Just Complain (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster) 6.) Field N**** Blues feat. Freddie Gibbs & B.J. The Chicago Kid (Prod. by No I.D.) 7.) Talkin’ About Freedom (Performed by Syl Johnson) 8.) Respect Mine (Prod. by No I.D.) 9.) Hustlaz Need Love Too (Prod. by David D.A. Doman) 10.) Awthentik (Performed by Awthentik) 11.) Frozen feat. Kamilah Sumner (Prod. by Prolyfic) 12.) First Class (Prod. by Prolyfic) 13.) Get Money feat. The Cool Kids & Jamal Smallz (Prod. by No I.D.) 14.) Reading of the Scripture (Performed by J. Ivy) 15.) Soul of a Gangsta feat. Count (of L.E.P. Bogus Boys), Sly Polaroid & J. Hollins (Prod. by Emmaculate) 16.) Story Unfold (Prod. by Keyzz) 17.) The Exorcist (Prod. by No I.D.) 18.) Runnin’ My City feat. Bun B, Killer Mike, Crooked I, Chip Tha Ripper, Gillie Da Kid & Mistah Fab (Prod. by SC) 19.) The Dark Room Skit 20.) Keep Rollin feat. Rico (Prod. by Odd Couple) photography

Tyler Shields |

things i’ve analyzed over the weekend By Melissa Nudo | 9/14/10 | THE DISENCHANTMENT OF

1) “MTV” edition Mtv taught me to always put my money on the little talentless white boy with the falsetto that makes liberace roll over in his grave and ass-cream all over his crimson velveteen coffin. and then place the rest of your moneys on the coked-out white girl dressed in raw meat scraps. even if there is no option or category of the sort. you create your own category. and you put your fucking money on it. side note. the word “situation” is dead to me because of MTV and that asshole. anytime anyone says “situation” regardless of context techno beats and strobe lights start blaring in my head. i imagine a little orange man start to fist pump to “beat dat beat”. and i just see that bastard’s ugly face. lifting up his shirt and pointing to his abs. that’s what’s going on my my head in reality i start to flick the light switch on and off while singing “DSH DSH DSH DSH DSH” 2) “nicki minaj’s ass” edition for the record: i have NOTHING negative to say about this woman. i adore nicki minaj and i think she belongs nowhere that isnt my fireplace mantle in an anne of green gables dress and wig because she is absolutely and completely a doll. it is with unanimous envy when i say that her ass deserves an area code of its own. and a strap holster that can be hooked and placed comfortably onto my body. when i’m feeling for some discounted kfc. when i’m pouring 500$ champagne down my ass-crack or when i’m bending over to smack the ground which FYI i’ve been doing a lot lately. (i would also forget to mention that this is one of the strenuous ritual performed in order to satisfy my obsessive compulsive disorder) that and doing “the hustle” when entering a room 3) “my mother killed the only 2 friends i’ve ever had” edition the spiders in my shower. i usually kill spiders because i’m a ruthless cunt. but i had a special attachment to these ones. because they’ve seen me naked (so we can all assume they wanted to die) and they’ve heard me sing the sweet melody of really bad renditions of fiona apple songs (ditto) and most importantly they sold me the best weed i have ever smoked in my life. face numbing. i remember it like it was 10 minutes ago (literally) i look up. no spiders. followed by “YOU KILLED MY FRIENDS!!” to which she responds: “what friends?” (she’s right) RIP jermajesty and prince michael the third. on a lighter note. my birtday is in.... *takes out calendar* exactly fitteen (not a typo) days. “22 anni pirsi” as my grandmother would say which translates to: “we found you in a cardboard box on the service road and nobody in the family likes you” photography

Martin Stranka |


Jenny Montgomery | | (312) 305-1000 | | all content used with permission from content owner

from the publisher

Nearly 100 music bloggers have contacted The Printed Blog and given us permission to publish their work. One of the standouts (and one of our editor’s favorites), is Pretty Much Amazing – Luis Tovar, the blog’s owner and editor, along with his team of reviewers and writers, have their fingers on the pulse of amazing music — from commercial favorites to groups we never heard of. When we started to listen to their picks for the 100 best songs of 2010, we knew we had to share them. Luis graciously gave us permission to publish all 100 on this single page. Album cover art is the property of the respective bands.

PMA’S BEST SONGS OF 2010 By Luis Tovar | 12/30/10 | Pretty Much Amazing

52. Twin Shadow Castles In The Snow Forget

26. Broken Bells Vaporize Broken Bells

51. Das Racist hahahaha jk? Sit Down, Man

25. Spoon Nobody Gets Me But You Transference

100. Washed Out You and I Kia Adult Swim Singles Program

76. The Right Now Nobody Carry Me Home

50. Broken Social Scene World Sick Forgiveness Rock Record

24. Beck / Bat For Lashes Let’s Get Lost Eclipse Soundtrack

99. Usher f/ Nicki Minaj Little Freak Raymond vs Raymond

75. Dent May That Feeling That Feeling 7

49. Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man Sigh No More

23. Nika + Rory I’m Not Going Anywhere

98. Tyler, The Creator/ N.E.R.D Inside of Clouds (Remix) Odd Future

74. Glasser Apply Ring

48. Harlem Someday Soon Hippies

97. The Pass Crosswalk Stereo Colors EP

73. Lykke Li Get Some Wounded Rhymes

47. Delorean Grow Subiza

22. Flying Lotus f/ Thom Yorke Computer Face Pure Being… Cosmogramma 21. Yeasayer O.N.E. Odd Blood

96. Psychobuildings No Man’s Land Portrait 7

72. Quadron Slippin Quadron

46. Dom Living In America Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

20. Rihanna Rude Boy Rated R

95. She & Him Don’t Look Back Volume Two

45. MNDR I Go Away E.P.E.

19. Sleigh Bells Infinity Guitars Treats

94. Lemonade Lifted Pure Sounds EP

71. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Heart In Your Heartbreak Belong 70. Avey Tare Lucky 1 Down There

44. Jonsi Go Do Go

18. The-Dream Yamaha Love King

93. The Soft Pack Answer To Yourself The Soft Pack

69. The Tins The Green Room The Tins EP

43. Alicia Keys Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready) The Element of Freedom

92. Elite Gymnastics Is This On Me? Real Friends EP

68. Oberhofer Away Frm U

42. Taylor Swift Mine Speak Now

17. Erykah Badu Window Seat New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh 16. Beach House Zebra Teen Dream

91. Salem King Night King Night

67. Tanlines O Seizing The Day O Volume On

41. Owen Pallett Lewis Takes Off His Shirt Heartland

15. The National Conversation 16 High Violet

90. M.I.A. XXXO /\/\/\Y/\

66. MGMT Flash Delirium Congratulations


14. Deerhunter Helicopter Halcyon Digest

89. John Legend & The Roots I Can’t Write Left Handed Wake Up! 88. Warpaint Undertow The Fool

65. Nicki Minaj f/ Eminem Roman’s Revenge Pink Friday

39. Sharon Jones Better Things I Learned The Hard Way

13. the morning benders Excuses Big Echo

64. The Radio Dept. Heaven’s On Fire Clinging To A Scheme

38. How To Dress Well Ready For The World Love Remains

12. James Blake I Only Know (What I Know Now) Klavierewerk EP

87. Gold Panda You Lucky Shiner

63. Panda Bear Last Night at the Jetty Last Night at the Jetty 12

37. No Age Fever Dreaming Everything In Between

11. Robyn Cry When You Get Older Body Talk Pt. 1

86. Rox My Baby Left Me My Baby Left Me

62. Tennis Marathon Cape Dory

36. GAYNGS Faded High Relayted

10. Sufjan Stevens All Delighted People All Delighted People EP

85. Diamond Rings Wait and See Wait and See/On Fire 7

61. Japandroids Younger Us Younger Us 7

35. Local Natives Sun Hands Gorilla Manor

09. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Round and Round Before Today

84. Goldfrapp Rocket Head First

60. Dam-Funk f/ MC Eiht Hood Pass Intact Hood Pass Intact 12

34. Girls Carolina Broken Dreams Club EP

08. Cee Lo Green Fuck You The Lady Killer

83. Matt & Kim Cameras Sidewalks

33. Wild Nothing Live In Dreams Gemini EP

82. Ratatat Neckbrace LP4

59. The Roots f/ Joanna Newsom, STS Right On How I Got Over 58. Cut Copy Where I’m Going Zonoscope

32. Vampire Weekend Giving Up The Gun Contra

07. Crystal Castles / Robert Smith Not In Love Not In Love EP 06. Cults Go Outside Cults

81. Zola Jesus Sea Talk Stridulum II

57. Blitzen Trapper Destroyer of the Void Destroyer of the Void

31. Hot Chip I Feel Better One Life Stand

05. Tame Impala Solitude Is Bliss Innerspeaker

80. The Walkmen Angela Surf City Lisbon

56. Ghostface Killah 2getha Baby Apollo Kids

30. Janelle Monae f/ Big Boi Tightrope The ArchAndroid

04. Arcade Fire Sprawl II Mountains Beyond Mountains (The Suburbs)

79. Mark Ronson f/ Q-Tip, MNDR Bang Bang Bang Record Collection 78. The Drums Down by the Water The Drums

55. ceo Come With Me White Magic

29. Gorillaz f/ Gruff Rhys, De La Soul Superfast Jelly fish Plastic Beach

54. Drake f/ Alicia Keys Fireworks Thank Me Later

28. Big Boi f/ George Clinton, Sam Chris & Too $hort Fo Yo Sorrows Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

03. Joanna Newsom Good Intentions Paving Company Have One On Me 02. LCD Soundsystem All I Want This Is Happening

77. Smith Westerns Weekend Dye It Blonde

53. Four Tet Angel Echoes There Is Love In You

27. jj f/ Lil Wayne My Way Let Go

01. Kanye West Runaway My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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500 Photographers

Mike Ruiz |

In Your Face / Extravaganza

Somehow the press found my blog, because within the first four weeks several newspapers worldwide, important weblogs and magazines had reported on my quest of finding those 500 Photographers. Since the beginning this has not stopped. People want interviews for their magazines, ask me for portfolio reviews and even for lectures. People continually ask me two things. The first question is whether I have people working for me and the answer is simple. All the stuff I do, I do alone, not because I am a loner or an anti-social human being, but because I simply cannot hire anyone. The second question is how I make money with the stuff I do. That answer is just as simple, I don’t. However, I’m driven by two things; I love what I do and that makes everyday a pleasure to wake up and I’m learning so much day by day which makes it a good long-term investment. This long-term investment in myself is one of the key elements why I do the things I do. Whether it will pay off someday I do not know, but it would always be a question mark if you sit back and don’t do anything.

After I graduated as a documentary photographer from the School of fine arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I was thrown to the lions. I decided to go on a quest and look at all the amazing photographers out there. I decided to create my own masters studies and in order not to forget their names and images I would put them in a blog. I would put 5 photographers on the website per week for a period of 100 weeks to finally achieve an archive of 500 amazing contemporary photographers that I admire and can learn from. This was of course easier said than done. I only wanted the best and I soon found out that I needed to see hundreds of websites just to find a few that met my requirements.

That’s when, between the hundreds of e-mails of people suggesting someone for the 500 Photographers site, an e-mail comes in from The Printed Blog. They would like me to curate two pages for their magazine. Another example of a learning curve experience. Instantly I agree and start working on the spread. I quickly decide to give myself a theme: In your Face / Extravaganza. Photography is a means of communication. Communication however is only verbal for a small percentage, the rest is non-verbal and is driven by the expressions, the mood, fashion and accessories that tell us something about the other. In photography we erase the verbal part of the communication and rely merely on the

guest photography editor

Pieter Wisse Pieter Wisse, 1980, is a Rotterdam based photographer, gallery and bookstore owner and publisher / editor of Four Eyes Photography Magazine, but he is probably most known as a blogger. His 500 Photographers website has gotten international attention through newspapers, magazines and important weblogs.

14 | (312) 305-1000 | | all content used with permission from content owner

alexandfelix |

Alexey Sorokin |

Per Zennström | ( | (

Marc da Cunha Lopes |

non-verbal part. Next to that, photography is not more than a game of light and a series of choices. One adds some environment or leaves no context at all. The limits to what is possible are endless. I carefully selected six images from six different photographers. They all have their own story and are all made for different reasons, be it personal or driven by hard cash paid by a client. So let’s take a second look at the images, they all look straight towards us, whether we see their eyes or not. They all tell us their story in their extravagant way, dressed the part and full of confidence. Strong women created by photographers from various places on this planet. However, the button might be pressed by the photographer, but you’re looking at it, which makes you the creator. You are the one that starts to associate and your brain tells you something about these women. Whether your perception is the same as the photographer intended remains a question and of non-importance. That is what makes photography something magic, something with no boundaries, something pure. It hits you IN YOUR FACE with all of it’s EXTRAVAGANZA.

Kirsty Mitchell |

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Tyler Shields |

500 Photographers

From left to right Mike ruiz From Brooke to Tyra Banks, J Lo to Jenna Jameson, Dolly to Dita Von Teese—few do cool so hot, even fewer capture the glamorous inner sinner imagination of today’s extravagant enigmas than New York based high-octane celebrity and fashion photographer Mike Ruiz. Alexey Sorokin is a photographer with more than 5 years experience in fashion and advertising photography for brands such as L’Oreal, Toni&Guy, Wella, Rush and many others, and magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, FHM, Snob, Hooligan, Fashion Collection. Alexey graduated from University of the Arts where he studied Fashion Photography. In 2010, he was awarded Best Photographer in Russia. Working between Moscow and London, Alexey is always happy collaborate with creatives all around the world.

Per Zennström is a contemporary photographer, filmmaker, online publisher, creative director, and blogger. He has always been attracted to popular culture, image creation, and the quest for innovation. Pop culture plays an important part in his creative universe. Kirsty Mitchell is a UK-based photographer. Originally trained as a costumier for film and theatre, she went on to spend the next 9 years working as a fashion designer for a global womanswear brand. Now Kirsty creates entire theatrical shoots. All the costumes, props and sets she makes by hand from basic materials. Kirsty is currently working on an 18 month long project called ‘Wonderland’ from which this image was taken.

the printed blog team

marc da cunha lopes was born in 1979 in Paris from Portuguese parents. He lives and works in Paris. He graduated from Gobelins l’école de l’image, and the main focus of his career is advertising and fashion photography for magazines. Marc has a Solo exhibition this coming March 2011 at Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, Paris. Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier were born in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. Alex studied photography at the Art school of Berne; Felix graduated with grapic design from the Art school of Lucerne. Characteristic of their work is the staging process that precedes the actual shooting. Based on divers objects and materials, Alex and Felix craft their own backdrops for their pictures creating imaginative, often somewhat absurd and surreal worlds. It is an intentional decision to build their real settings rather than using computer-generated. This results in vibrant and playful pictures that never give the impression of being artificial. john swift printing company


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joshua Karp is a Chicago-based entrepreneur. Most recently, he founded The Printed Blog, the world’s first print newspaper comprised entirely of blogs and other online content. tyler shields has photographed some of the biggest celebrities in the world, but his work is far from exclusive to the celebrity realm. Getting his start by directing music videos, Tyler then turned his focus to risky and cutting edge photography. Christina Trkalovska brings the newest vision of The Printed Blog to life. She puts together an inspiring magazine seen and loved by thousands of people around the world. stephanie bassos specializes in portraiture, abandonment, and color. In addition to her fine art work, she has photographed bands such as Maps & Atlases, Matthew Santos, and, most recently, the cover for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s new album, Buzzard. Alessandra Torresani’s breakout role in Syfy’s Caprica has made her a legitimate star. Before becoming an actress she studied dancing and singing from the age of two. jenny montgomery is a Chicago-based photographer. She has a strong desire to know, learn and explore things, using her camera as a means to this end. She is currently working on a long term project on the city of Detroit. Megan Baker’s love for photography started around the age of 4, when Megan began documenting the melodramatic lives of her toys. Since then, she won both county and state photography competitions, including ‘Best of the Best’ Illinois State Awards. stephanie lindenmuth Hailing from East Lansing, Michigan, Stephanie is an experienced entrepreneur who has a personal emphasis on sales and marketing. She is structuring distribution relationships for The Printed Blog as well as helping to organize our internal operations. kylie MUGG is a 20 year-old student from Orange County, California. She currently resides in Chicago where she is working to earn her degree in public relations from DePaul University. In addition to her interest in communications, Kylie is also interested in environmental studies. Lauren Davis is a community manager at TPB. She attends DePaul University, and has a strong passion for both the written word and the art of communication. | (312) 305-1000 | | all content used with permission from content owner

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