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Founded in 1974, Primm brings to you the insight gained from thousands of marketing assignments. We’ve done so well for so many for so long because we cover all the bases and we’re flexible; able to turn on a dime to respond to your needs. Experience gives us the vision to see how things will play out. Our programs are designed to be effective from day one, and get better with time; quite often, for a very long time. This isn’t just about us - it’s about you. We want to learn all about you, your market, your competition, your opportunities, and your goals. So we can help you get where you want to go.

A History

of Winning These case histories are selected from a long list of clients Primm has been privileged to represent. We think you’ll find them interesting reading. You can find more detail and samples at

Automotive Marketing

Beach Ford -

A Success Story of Faith in a Challenging Market The year was 1979. Tom Barton, the then-new president of Beach Ford, found himself in the middle of the oil embargo and the worst recession the U.S. auto industry had ever seen.  He cut his ad budget by 80 percent, and asked Primm to design a marketing program that 1) Would work, 2) He could afford, and 3) Was sustainable.

A Different Approach

We knew we couldn’t go head-to-head against bigger dealers’ price advertising.  Beach Ford needed a different media plan and a different creative plan.  Primm developed a creative message with an enduring theme based on trust and American values, and focused on one medium: Television.  Since the message wasn’t sales-event oriented, we could buy at better rates in less crowded times, and the commercials ran, unchanged, for a year and a half. 

The Pay-Off

As business improved, the ad budget got bigger, but the basic philosophy of the campaign never changed. Over time, Beach Ford became the largest-selling single dealership, any make, in Virginia. Because we focused the ad dollars, Beach Ford attained this leadership position while spending a fraction of its direct competitors’ ad budgets. Today, in a very different automotive market, Beach Ford still maintains its dominant position as the leading Ford dealer in Southeast Virginia.  Another generation of Bartons is heading up the dealerships, and The Primm Company is still finding innovative ways to promote the dealerships and their products to a new generation of customers.


Community Service Marketing

Eggleston Services – Straight from the Heart Eggleston Services came to Primm with an interesting set of goals: 1) Promote vehicle donations, and 2) Tell about Eggleston’s many services.

A Big Mission

Eggleston provides work in a number of enterprises including laundry, business fulfillment services, document destruction, embroidery, horticulture, etc., plus job training, housing, recreational facilities, job coaching, placement, ongoing support, and more.

One Story at a Time

The Eggleston story is big and complex. Primm determined it was best to let the people most involved tell it – one person, one story – and allow the public to get the message piece-by-piece, over time.  We interview subjects individually, primarily the persons with disabilities, but also caregivers, relatives, coaches, or business clients, letting each tell their story in their own words, telling how Eggleston’s work has improved their lives or the lives of others, while providing valuable community services.  The series has succeeded in telling the Eggleston story to a wide audience as well as achieving the practical goal of promoting vehicle donations.

New Brand, New Media Primm developed the big “e” brand image and graphic standards that have been successfully applied to all visual media and signage. We also developed the new Eggleston website, covering all aspects of Eggleston’s diverse programs,


Furniture and Consumer Goods Marketing

Shops at Carolina Furniture of Williamsburg – Something for Everyone

As an advertising agency, Primm cut its teeth on retail furniture when it represented the largest furniture retailer in Virginia, Haynes Furniture, for eight years. During much of that time, Haynes realized a ten percent increase in sales, month over month. 

Seven Shops; One Identity

More recently, The Shops at Carolina Furniture presented a very different set of circumstances. It Bask serves a more targeted clientele, and is housed in seven shops on one campus.  Each shop has a different identity, and features specific types of home

In the charm of William sburg. In the heritage of fine craftsmanship. In the selection of custom furniture. In the variety: periods, styles, fabrics, finishes. In the savings - 30% to 60% off every day. In the choices: over 400 manufacturers. In the convenience : In the confidence of a company that’s been fulfilling dreams and keeping promises for three generati ons.

furnishings. Primm’s first task was to create a corporate brand identity incorporating all entities while still presenting the overall name in a cohesive, consistent manner.  With “The Shops at Carolina Furniture of Williamsburg” as the dominant element, we arranged the individual shops’ logos around it to form an all-inclusive design that works as a whole, or can be utilized separately.


ing Furniture Worldw Mon.-Thurs. & Sat. ide Since 1975 9-6pm • Fri. 9-9pm • Sun. 1-6pm • 5425 Richmond Rd. (Rt. 60), Williamsburg, VA 23188 • (757) 565-3000 • (800) 582-8916

Browse 24 hours a day

at www.carolina-furn

Consistent Application

Through a continuing series of print advertisements, TV commercials, direct mail, web banners, signage, and a new website, Primm has created an effective marketing identity and message that promotes the entire Shops’ entity, while still being effective in promoting individual shops, and maintaining the brand image throughout.


Industrial Marketing

Ecolochem – Water Treatment for Industry Ecolochem, Inc. created a mobile water treatment system to provide industry-standard treated water on a temporary, often emergency, basis for large plants and utilities. Because this was, at the time, a new service, the marketing task was twofold: 1) Inform – Get the word out that this service was available, and 2) Market – Promote the name and status of Ecolochem as a qualified, reliable supplier of treated water for industry.

Understanding the Market

Primm understands the engineering mentality. Knowing we were talking to plant managers and engineers, Primm designed a series of graphics, showing the Ecolochem mobile equipment with cutaway views that quickly conveyed their makeup and function.  These illustrations and the accompanying sales themes were incorporated into a series of trade advertisements, trade show displays, product bulletins, and sales presentations that quickly brought Ecolochem to the attention of its potential market, creating new and steadily-increasing business.

International Success

Primm produced translated versions of sales materials as Ecolochem established treatment centers in major European cities. The company grew to the point where it was acquired by General Electric.  Incidentally, GE continues to employ the graphics and sales themes developed by Primm in promoting its Ecolochem water treatment division, world-wide.


Medical Marketing

Sentara – Building “A Healthy Relationship” Primm was engaged by Sentara Health Care to create an awareness and promotional campaign for its Sentara Medical Centers practices. Promoting the practices also meant promoting the physicians associated with each – forty physicians in all. The practices were primarily neighborhood facilities, and direct mail was an obvious choice. We featured the physicians associated with each facility as attractive, friendly professionals.  The copy urged the consumer to “Meet Your Neighbor . . . ,” emphasizing that, although convenient and easily accessible, each center was a first-class Sentara medical resource. This campaign effectively blanketed the three-to-five-mile radius around each medical center. Concurrently, a series of television commercials told about the benefits of the Sentara Medical Centers and visually presented candid working shots of the same physicians, tying in with the direct mail campaign. 

Ambulance Service Branding Primm also promoted the Medical Transport division of Sentara, creating a new brand identity, promotional material, and ambulance design.


Law Firm Marketing

Decker Law -

Tying It All Together Multi-partner law firms present an interesting challenge. On one hand, the firm name needs to be prominent; on the other, the attorneys are individuals with their own clients and areas of practice. Primm takes the position that people do business with people, and the attorneys need to be a big part of our creative approach.

Capitalizing on Reality

The founder of the firm, Peter G. Decker, is well-known, not only as a leading attorney, but also for his active support of community activities and charitable causes. Primm saw in this the opportunity to satisfy many goals, while creating an identifiable and meaningful campaign that would reach home with the broad market.

Individual, Company and Community

The broadcast campaign features each lawyer with a specific message, followed by shorter messages by Pete Decker, promoting various civic causes. A separate public service campaign features Pete Decker with specific messages regarding particular causes. In addition to new case generation, this highlyindividualized campaign continues to foster good will in the community and positive attention for the firm and its individual attorneys.


Elements of Success

From strategy to execution, in all mediums, the Primm team blends the skills, talent, and experience that pay dividends in the real-world marketing arenas.

Branding Capabilities Branding encompasses virtually everything a company does: how it sees itself, what it communicates, and how it is presented to the public. At its best, branding creates a better company by identifying and reflecting the company’s best vision of itself.

Both Sides of the Counter

Primm targets “both sides of the counter,” because branding success requires “buy in” by employees as well as customers. In fact, more often than not, we see results before we run the first ad, because the client’s own people have caught the spirit.

Getting to Know You

Branding comes naturally to Primm. It’s part of everything we do. We get to know you, your company, your market, your corporate “personality,” and consumer benefits before we formulate creative concepts. What we do is a direct reflection of who you are. Your business is unique, and our branding efforts reflect that uniqueness.


Creative Services The Primm creative process grows out of who the client is, what the client wants, who the client’s market is, and what they want. We create a link between the insatiable desires of the market (status, love, pride, confidence, etc.) and the client’s product or service. We get inside the consumer’s mind with our creative strategy.

Focus is the Key

You see a lot of money being spent on advertising that exhibits no definable goal. It’s not enough to remember your ad, they’ve got to remember your name, know who you are, how you benefit them, and what action they should take. Marketing is a step-by-step process, and our creative is designed to bring the viewer in, and lead them to that next step.

What Does it Take?

Yes, we have talented people. We have experience, lots of it. We have ideas aplenty. We have new, innovative ways of looking at things. And we work hard. Excellence never comes easy; at The Primm Company, we just make it look easy.

Broadcast Capabilities Television and radio represent a large portion of the Primm marketing arsenal. We are hands-on; providing concept, writing, talent, direction and editing.  From a client’s point of view, this translates to control – control of the message, the quality, the budget, and the marketing continuity.

Critical Element

Continuity is a critical element of Primm TV and radio campaigns. Our work will often have a shelf life of years, building recognition and effectiveness over time. We’ve actually had commercials last five years.  And we’ve had campaigns that have run, thematically unchanged, for twenty years. 

Enduring Values

We link the client’s brand with enduring values and we continually reinforce it, creating new messages as necessary, but remaining constant to the central theme. We start with the position that the client’s business is interesting and valuable to people. Our mission is to capsule those benefits in a strong statement that is meaningful to the target market and stands out in a crowded marketplace.


Internet Capabilities Websites are often the first direct contact a customer has with a business, so it’s vital the site has the right message, presented the right way. Your web presence can be your best, or worst, employee. We’ll make sure that employee looks outstanding, speaks the language of your customers, and directs them to specific actions.

Web Design and Development

Marketing expertise meets technical know-how as we develop a strategy and online brand for your business. Site development includes designing, writing content, producing web-only videos and programming so that the site delivers exactly what your target audience needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a site is just the beginning. We help our clients grow their online market and improve their search rankings through proactive site management, optimization and marketing. This includes real-time market research, and website analysis to ensure your site is delivering results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A pay per click (PPC) campaign can help you reach potential consumers at the exact moment they’re searching for your product or service. Or, in the case of PPC within social networking, it allows you to reach out to your target market, which may be based on demographics, location, and shared interests. We do the research, write creative ads, develop effective bid and geotargeting strategies, and actively manage campaigns, so you don’t have to get caught up in the details. Regular reports let you know how the campaigns are performing.

Social Strategies

Effective online marketing extends to a myriad of social networks, where we solidify the relationships between your business and the people with whom you want to engage. We’re very selective in utilizing social media options, making sure the choice is right for your culture, your product and service offerings, and your customers. We may develop and write blogs, email blasts, microsites and more. Most importantly, we focus on results. We go where your customers are.


Media Services Research Analysis provides the foundation for reaching and motivating the target audience. Primm offers media research using companies such as Arbitron, Nielsen, Scarborough, Smartplus, and others. Our knowledge-based research system provides our clients a thorough assessment of their competitive environment, target audience, media vehicle options, campaign timing and optimum spending levels.

Negotiation The Primm Company has been negotiating media on behalf of our clients for more that 35 years. In that time, we’ve built relationships that have translated into significant savings that our clients enjoy year after year. Clients have come to expect their media campaigns to not only come in well below the market rate, but also to include a substantial amount of added value or “extras” at no cost.

Placement It’s called a media mix for a reason, and whether it’s newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, web banners, billboards or other media, The Primm Company determines the right mix and placement to reach maximum possible exposure, within budget. Each month we review and verify results to make sure we’re making progress on the client’s goals.

Co-op To get maximum reimbursement, it is essential that the campaign runs in a timely manner and the paperwork is submitted correctly and completely. This can include: script pre-approval, script and invoice notarization and compiling of tearsheets and invoices. We ensure all the proper forms are submitted to the manufacturer by deadline.

Schedule Verification Verification of a media schedule is critical. Traffic errors, incorrect rating estimates, poor spot placement and missed spots can all add up to money lost. We’ve invested in media software to ensure that media schedules run as ordered. In an instance when a makegood spot is necessary, we always look for the opportunity to improve the ad placement.


Public Relations Services Here at The Primm Company, we like to think of public relations as reputation management. In a world of sameness, your customer’s decision to choose you relies heavily on the unique qualities that positively distinguish you from the competition. We specialize in helping you creatively and consistently communicate the distinct value of your services and products to your customer through PR. The Primm Company uses strategic communication planning to effectively reach the right audience with the right message. We don’t rely solely on sending out press releases and letters – we make personal contact – face-to-face whenever possible. Beyond that, we organize press events, meetings, parties, etc. We provide press kits, brochures, photos, videos – whatever gets attention and fosters favorable press attention. Along with all these traditional PR tactics, we also integrate webbased strategies like email distribution, blogging and social media, allowing your reputation to be not only good, but viral-good. We can also use online mediums to track and monitor any mention of your company or brand on news sites, web pages, social networking sites, etc.


The Front Line

Marketing is warfare. These are the troops that establish your position, protect your base, and expand your territory. The high ground is where you want to be, and our mission is to help you get there.

Ron Primm

Chairman of the Board / Senior Creative Director After graduating from Pratt, Ron Primm began his career as a designer in New York City where his accounts included Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and others. Returning to Virginia, he worked for Landmark Communications in the advertising, public relations, and advertising sales promotion before founding The Primm Company in 1974. Ron utilizes his vast experience to serve the client’s longrange, as well as immediate marketing goals. “The Primm crew is a great mix of ages, experience, and talents; fun to be with, and very good at what they do.”

Tiffany Curran

President / Media Director After graduating from Radford, Tiffany began her career as a media rep, then joined Primm as media director in 1990, and was named president in 2007. Under her stewardship, Primm’s clients enjoy effective media strategy, consistent double-digit savings, and added value. She works directly with clients, providing budget options, media planning, reporting, and verification in a comprehensive and clear manner. “Each campaign is methodically researched, planned, negotiated and reworked until nothing is left on the table.”

Tom Noffsinger

Vice-President / Interactive Media Director A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Tom has worked as an award-winning journalist, newspaper editor and freelance writer. He began developing websites in 1993. In 2003 he founded a website development firm, and joined forces with The Primm Company in 2010. As vice president and interactive media director, Tom adds online marketing to the Primm arsenal. “We make sure there is a clear purpose behind every piece of information and image on the site.  Each element must support the overall objective.”


Steve Spencer Art Director

Steve received his BA in Fine Arts from the University of Rochester. He has had his own design studio, and also held positions in graphics and marketing for Coastal Training Technologies in Virginia Beach. He was production manager and graphic artist for Decipher, Inc, and graphic artist for Norfolk Southern Corp. Since 2006, he’s been art director for The Primm Company. Steve combines his artistic background with extensive computer skills for print, broadcast, and Internet applications.

Janelle Person

Search Engine Marketing Manager Janelle graduated with honors from ODU, with a BS in Communication, and minors in English and Psychology. Before joining Primm, she worked for LoSasso Advertising in Chicago, servicing national and international clients. Janelle is experienced in web optimization, web audits, keyword research, Google analytics, and link building campaigns. Janelle focuses on aggressive online marketing strategies for Primm clients through social media, keyword-rich web content and blog postings. “I like helping people achieve the online visibility and attention they deserve.”

Emily Primm

Vice-President / CFO Schooled and trained in New York City, Emily joined The Primm Company in 1974. She is responsible for budgeting, invoicing and payments to media and suppliers. Advertising is a complex field where accurate record keeping is critical. Primm clients are comfortable in the knowledge that financial management of their advertising programs is maintained under strict and conscientious control, with invoices and costs spelled out and verified, and payments to media and vendors made promptly.


Debbie Lawrence Production Manager

Since joining Primm in 2001, Debbie has proven a valuable asset to every department in the agency, as well as to clients. She maintains production schedules; assists the media department in scheduling, placement, verification, and co-op; works with accounting; and she’s the cheery voice clients hear when they call. Clients often comment on her positive attitude and helpfulness.

Lucy Conn

Programmer / Developer Lucy Conn graduated from U. of South Carolina with a BS in Business Finance and MIS. She spent more than 13 years developing software applications in diverse business areas, ranging from accounting to marketing, before starting her own company, specializing in full life cycle development of software applications. She joined The Primm Company in 2010.



of View Successful marketing creates a feeling that your organization is more a person than a corporation. People accept what they’re familiar with. They have an affinity for people, and they relate to personalities. By imbuing your company with a “personality,” Primm encourages positive associations and fosters acceptance. Our mission is to create a brand image that is distinctive, impressive, and has “legs” that allow your message to hit the ground running, and get more effective with time.

A Wealth of Experience ASSOCIATIONS • Allied Florist Assn. of Tidewater • Ghent Business Association • United Fund • Retail Merchants Association • Virginians for Horse Racing • Norfolk Yacht & Country Club • Urban League of Hampton Roads AUTOMOTIVE • American Pride Auto • Appalachian Tire • Beach Ford • Beach Ford Lincoln • Brown Auto Group • Car-Life Transmission Center • Colony Tire • Hampton Rds Volvo Dealers Assn. • Hardee Ford Mercury • Industrial Automation • McDonough Toyota • Perry Buick, Inc. • POMOCO Auto Group • Riddle Acura BUSINESS TO BUSINESS/INDUSTRIAL • Air-A-Plane Corporation • The Branwick Group • Allied Colloids, Inc. • Ecolochem, Inc. • Emergency Air Conditioning Co. • FACE Companies • J. Henry Holland • Moon Engineering Company • Newport News Industrial Corp. • Rodriguez, Ripley, Maddox, Motley • Swisslog Munck • The Atlantic Group COMMUNITY SERVICE • Azalea Festival • Chrysler Museum • Eggleston Services • Elizabeth River Project • Harborfest • Nautical Adventures, Inc. • Norfolk Festivents • The Up Center • Virginia Opera • Virginia Symphony • Volunteer Hampton Roads • YWCA

CONSUMER • Animal Grace • Avon Fashions • Baker’s Jewelry & Gifts • Best Way Rent to Own • Big Y Supermarkets • Canoe Canoe Outfitters • Domes Auto Video Environments • Farm Fresh, Incorporated • Goodman & Sons Jewelers • Greenlawn Memorial Gardens • Haynes Furniture • Inner Space Systems • La Vogue • Leo F John Contractor • Memory Bank Computer Systems • Naivette Shoppe • New York Times Company • Ocean Palms • Progressive Windows • Resource Lighting • Sea Kayak Georgia • Simply Selmas • Stone Liquidators • The Shops at Carolina Furniture of Williamsburg • USA Discounters • Zoots Cleaners EDUCATION • Atlantic Shores • Governors School for the Arts • Kids Town Learning Center • The Williams School • The VA Beach Country Day School • John Casablancas School of Modeling • Norfolk School of Boatbuilding • Old Dominion University • St. Piux X School • Yeshivas Aish Kodesh ENTERTAINMENT • Broad Bay Country Club • Colorado Entertainment Corp. • International Championship Boxing • Mile High Saloon • Peabody’s • Rogues • Sandal Films FINANCIAL • Atlantec Financial Services • Bank of Currituck • Bank of Hampton Roads • Bank of Smithfield • Dominion Bank • Gateway Bank • Home Savings Bank

FOOD •B  aker’s Crust •C  hesbay Brewing Company •C  reative Catering of VA •G  ray Gull Restaurant •H  igh’s Ice Cream • J immy’s Pizza •P  o Folks Restaurants •P  ollard’s Chicken & Catering •T  rafton’s Chocolates HOTEL & CONDOMINIUM •B  arclay Towers Condominium •H  arbourgate Condominium •H  arbour Place Condominium •O  ceans Condominium •C  ape Henry Towers INSURANCE •B  enefit Plans, Inc. •C  .H. Stokes & Associates •P  embroke-Reidman Insurance LEGAL •C  ollier & Collier •D  avis Law Group •P  ete Decker & Associates • F erguson & Rawls •H  uffman & Huffman •K  albaugh, Pfund & Messersmith •M  iller, Walsh & Kutz •M  ontagna, Klein, Camden •R  utter & Montagna •R  utter Mills •S  acks & Sacks •T  homas & Associates MARINE & SHIP •B  ay Harbor Maine •C  ardinal International •D  avis Interiors •M  agann Corporation •M  arine Hydraulics International •N  ewport News Shipbuilding •T  he Hampton Sail Loft •T  idewater Yacht Agency MEDIA •W  USH FM •B  OB FM •C  hesapeake Bay Broadcasting •W  AVY TV •W  NIS FM •W  NOR FM •W  TVZ TV •W  VBT TV MEDICAL •A  lternative Behavioral Services •A  bsolute Integrated Solutions •C  harlton’s Mobility Center

• Chesapeake General Hospital • Hillhaven Corporation • Dr. Christopher Hooper, DDS • Medical Transport • Renaissance Pediatrics • Sentara Health Care Centers • Sentara Occupational Medicine • Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics • Tricare Prime MUNICIPAL • Norfolk Dept Marketing, Information & Research • Downtown Norfolk Association • MacArthur Memorial • Portsmouth Museums • Portsmouth Department of Economic Development • Portsmouth Partnership • Portsmouth Redevelopment & Housing Authority PRODUCT • Colonial Barns • Donvier (Nikkal Industries) • Intersoluble Marketing Ltd. • Movin’ Cool • Rowena’s Jams & Jellies • Treco Products, Inc. REAL ESTATE • Adams, McCabe & Lester • Christopher Companies • Columbus Center Associates • Decker Realty • Divaris Real Estate • FCR Group • Ford’s Colony • Harbor Group International • Hotel & Club Associates • Hudgins Realty • Jerry W. Adams & Company • McCabe & Lester • Mil Creek Landing Association • Outer Banks Ventures, Inc. • Rhodes Realty, Inc. • Whalehead Club SERVICES • Altmeyer Funeral Homes • Airtight Storage • Albano Cleaners • Atlantic Group • Beach Architects • Stokley’s Services • Central Surveillance Security Systems of America • John’s Brothers • Staubach Companies • The Structures Group


Let’s Get Started Now! Answer these questions and we’ll be well on our way toward meeting your advertising and marketing goals.

1. Product Description – What are you selling?

2. Objective – What should the advertising accomplish?

3. Target audience – Who is your customer?

4. Key Customer Benefit – Why should they do what you want?

5. Support – Why should the prospect believe what you say?

6. Competition – Who are they, what are they doing?

7. Tone and Manner – What is your marketing “personality?”

Of course, we’re glad to help, any way we can. We’ve been through the drill many times, and hope you’ll call us for a marketing viewpoint, or thoughts you’d like to bounce around.


All Together Now

Success is born of experience, planning and action. Developing an effective campaign starts with an initial conversation about goals, target audience and desired results.

We’re All Ears

Our next meeting feels like an interview. We’ll ask a lot of questions and walk away with a better understanding of your organization, your desires and your market.

Action Planning

We’ll design an approach, identify marketing channels, recommend an implementation strategy and prepare an estimated budget. Together, we’ll iron out the final details and go to work.

Excellence in Execution

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence, and you shouldn’t either. Your campaign is custom built for your brand and target audience, and we’ll work tirelessly to get results.

Seize the Day – Call 757-623-6234 Now!

The Primm Company Brochure  

A brochure about The Primm Company's marketing, advertising, PR and interactive services and expertise.

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