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Fifth edition | Curaรงao Pride | 2017 Our pride is alive! | Nafl. 10



Friends for life!

Cool Woman.

Marfa Wawoe talks about life, love and family.

Curacao Pride 2017.

5 days filled with events, cocktails, beaches and great people!

Nice Guy.

David Paulus: Where his imagination just takes over.

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Editorial “The Pride Villager is the only gay magazine on the island and tells you all about the gay scene in Curaçao.”

While the great success of the last Curaçao Pride is still fresh in our minds, the new edition of the Curaçao Pride is already on its way! And when we say new Curaçao Pride, we are also talking about a brand-new Pride Villager. The Pride Villager is the only gay magazine on the island and tells you all about the gay scene in Curaçao. We are incredibly proud of the last successful edition of the Curaçao Pride and are looking forward to the next one. We will give you a sneak peak of the upcoming events which will take place from the 27th of September until the 1st of October 2017. This year we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Curaçao Pride. That means we will be celebrating in a huge way! We promise you, this year will be big! We can’t tell you everything about the events yet, but you should definitely check out our website www. curaç for the latest information. In this Pride Villager, you will find some interesting articles about gay life in Curaçao. There are many personal stories in the magazine that are a great read.

In this edition of the Pride Villager you can enjoy multiple Gay Best Friend stories. These stories tell a tale about friendships between straight and gay people from the perspective of the straight person. We asked them questions like: What is the best thing about having a gay best friend, how do you feel about your best friend being gay, how do other people react and many other interesting questions. You will find all the answers in these articles. Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who helped us make another new Pride Villager possible. Without their help we could not have made such a great magazine. We hope you will enjoy reading and we will see you all at the Curaçao Pride 2017! Marlous Molendijk Editor in Chief



Cool Woman Marfa Wawoe: “She wants to grab the world and I have the balls to grab the world, so we dream together.”


Friends for life! “This friendship was absolutely meant to be.”


Curacao Pride 2017 5-days filled with the best Pride events in the Caribbean


Nice guy David Paulus: “I made a shirt and when I was finished, I felt so amazingly happy! That is where my fashion adventure started.”


Helena and Shayna’s dream wedding at Moomba Beach. “The entire day was amazing!”



Gay Facts Last Curaçao Pride was the first time in Curaçao that we walked a real Pride Walk. Editor in chief: Marlous Molendijk Editor: Nephtalie Demei and Jolein Berbers Photography: Marika Ringnalda Production and make up: Bianca Klein Graphic design: 5 Colors Media

Contributed to this edition: Frank Holtslag Jurandy Regina Andre van Heyningen Sebas Kes Frank Hendriks Arianne Logher-Staal Richmar Larmonie Jermine Emilia Domacassee Imara Marchena Linette Mauras Marfa Wawoe David Paulus Shuwendly Casimiri Ruth-Angela Leolina

Publisher: Floris Suite Hotel, Piscaderbay Z/N, Willemstad, Curacao, Tel: +5999 462 6111

Editorial office and advertising:

Copyright the Pride Villager The Pride Villager is a publication of Floris Suite Hotel. No part from this publication may be copied, used and/or made public by printing, photocopy, photo and video or in any other way without prior written permission from the publisher. It’s not allowed to include The Pride Villager in a reading portfolio without prior written permission from the publisher. The Pride Villager is not liable for any inaccuracies in this publication. The Pride Villager is not responsible for actions of third parties, which possibly result from reading this publication. The Pride Villager reserves the right to publish submitted material entirely or partially without giving notice in advance. Correspondence about results of competitions and/or special promotions is not allowed.

The planet Mercury is a symbol used by the transgendered community. Lawmakers in Aruba have voted to grant same sex couples the right to register their unions and receive benefits granted to married people on the Dutch Caribbean Island.

For the first time in the history of Curaçao, there was a film festival organised during the Curacao Pride, that wanted to increase the visibility of queer and LGBT movies. Gay people tend to be left-handed more often than heterosexuals. This year the Curaçao Pride celebrates its 5th anniversary and the organisation has announced that they will celebrate this in a big way!

Curaçao has 17 organizations in the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, possibly the most in the Caribbean. Scientists estimate that approximately 5% of the total human population worldwide has a homosexual orientation Curaçao became the first in the Caribbean to announce that it was embracing the gay and lesbian community!



Cool Woman Marfa Wawoe

Most people in Curacao know who Marfa (49), the energetic owner of Toko Williwood is. She is always in for a chat when you visit the toko for a beer and a snack. Marfa is also the founder of the Williwood project. The project was initiated because the people of the St. Willibrordus neighborhood wanted to showcase what the town has to offer. So, as we mentioned, everyone in Curacao knows Marfa, but who is the real Marfa?

‘’I want to enjoy this life as much as I can and that doesn’t mean money, it means moments. That is something most people don’t realise.’’ ‘’When I was young I was a brilliant student. I went to school but I got married at a pretty young age and got pregnant. From the moment my first child was born, I knew that I would do anything for my children. I have 3 girls and 1 boy aged 33, 31, 29 and 25. When my third girl was born I left my husband because I wasn’t happy and it was not the life I wanted for myself. Even as a little girl I always knew I had feelings for girls instead of boys. But in the 70’s nobody talked about being a lesbian, so I tried to do the ‘normal’ thing. I tried to do the right thing for my kids and found them a father to look after them and together we had a son. But still, it did not fulfil my heart. I decided to leave him and raise my children on my own. We are still very good friends but it just didn’t work for me. As my children grew older I showed them the world. We lived in the Netherlands and Saint Martin.





I finished my studies and made a career. I worked two jobs to take care of my children and raising them was tough, because it was being a mother and father at once. I always wanted to give them a good start in life so they could grow up as confident people who could make their own decisions. There was that moment when I looked at them and realised that I had done it. They had become good human beings and finally I was able to let them go. I knew they would be fine out in the world.

‘’When I am at home, I can be very quiet. All I need is a little house, beautiful nature and some rest.’’ I consider myself a honest person. Everybody knows I say just about everything that’s on my mind, to everyone, no matter who that person is. I am very sociable and busy. I have so many things going on in my mind that there is no room to worry about what other people might think of me. That is why I am always straight to the point. Sometimes I can seem a bit intense, also at work. If someone is being annoying to one of my guests, I will throw them out without apologizing. I treat my guests with respect, but I think the most important thing is to be fair and straightforward. I will never lie. I think the most surprising thing about me, to others, is that I appreciate quietness so much. But if there is one thing I have learned in life it is that I need to create some space and rest for myself and my heart. When I am at home, I am very quiet and calm. That is how I recharge. I did body building for a great part of my life and I would love to start working out again. And as soon as I find the time to combine this with work, I will! A healthy body, is a healthy mind. Dancing

is my greatest pleasure. I can dance to anything, but my favorite music by far is House music. When I was young I was a dancer with several dancing groups. I have always had a natural passion for dance. My mother was a very good dancer. I automatically copied her moves and developed my own. But House music stole my heart, and my moves. I love those beats! Years ago I danced every Thursday to Sunday night. Unfortunately, over the past years I haven’t been dancing that much anymore. Hopefully that will change some time soon.

“She wants to grab the world and I have the balls to grab the world, so we dream together” I have been in a relationship with Laura for eight months now. We live together and I see a bright future with her. I am not the easiest person in a relationship, but she has a very strong personality and stops me when I go too far, and that is something I definitely need. She has the same energetic drive as I and is also straightforward. I like to think that she is my reflection, it really is like looking into a mirror. She wants to grab the world and I have the balls to grab the world, so we dream and feel alive together. The thing I like most about her is that she is so much in touch with the child inside her. She is always honest and carries so much happiness. I am so in love with her! When people talk about coming out of the closet, I ask them what they mean. What closet? I came into this world as myself. I was never in a closet. Why is my sexuality important to others anyway? Why do I need to explain anything to them? This is the life I am living and I am happy. _





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The Curaçao Pride Key Every year the Curaçao Pride Village is opened symbolically with the Curaçao Pride Key. This is the official sign of the start of Curaçao Pride. The gorgeous key with its vivid colors stands for the diversity in humanity which is celebrated during Curaçao Pride. The key has been with us since the start of the Pride 5 years ago and was a gift of artist and designer Ludgene Balentien.






Frankee Online vs. Offline

Frankee (Amsterdam) has never met a cheesecake that he doesn’t like, got a bunch of weird opinions and thinks that Oprah should be his best friend. You can find him on twitter (@FrankEElicious), Instagram (FrankEElicious), Facebook (HisHersOfficial) or at some random coffee shop pretending to write about his non-existing love life but actually watching pictures of cats online. I think 85% of my friends are using or have used the app Tinder. We swipe like possessed hyena’s till we have a match. Every now and then this results in a conversation along with a lot of small talk.

Photo by Willa Navarro

Tinder may be nice and all, but I think the hopeless romantic in all of us would rather meet someone without the help of an app. I

behavior very rude and I deleted his number together with any

had them both last month; a Tinder match and a real life match.

wedding plans that I had with this guy.

At first glance the Tinder match appeared to be a fun,

The real life match occurred on a night out. It’s weird when you

spontaneous guy. I noticed we shared many interests, which led

meet someone without a sepia filter plastered over his face. Also

to an easy flowing chat conversation. We quickly decided to go

when you meet someone for the first time in real-life you cannot

for coffee together.

tell if you have common interests or mutual friends. You really have to work to get to know the person. So after a brief chat, I

On the day of our date I tried to look as good as I did on my Tinder

soon found out that he loves animals just as much as I do. This

profile picture. The photo, where I come across as a well-dressed

was meant to be. He had to be my soul mate.

ideal son-in-law, was made with good lighting and of course a filter. So I really had to look my best in real life.

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The week after he texted me to say that he was at a lunchroom near my house. I decided to join him. At first he seemed like the

When I met my match, I did not even know what to do. What

perfect man. He had a car, owned a house, had a good job and

is the real life equivalent of a swipe to the right? Oh yeah, I

spoke highly of his parents. But then, the longer the conversation

remembered, shake hands, introduce myself and make eye

went on, the more racist jokes I had to listen to. Each nationality

contact. And instead of sending an emoji every 20 seconds, I

was ridiculed and then he began to sing a very racist song to a

now had to work with real facial expressions during our coffee

Moroccan woman. I suddenly had ‘another appointment’ to go

date. I made a joke that followed with a wink. It felt strange and I

to. What a douche.

think he must have thought I was having a seizure. Real life or online dating. It doesn’t matter. Through both I survived the date. We kept in touch and I started planning our

situations I found out that being disappointed in guys can

wedding. But quite soon after, he dissed me. Could it have been

happen anywhere and that dimwits can be found everywhere.

my wink? Was it the fact that I absorbed a cheesecake insanely

Online and Offline.

fast like I hadn’t eaten anything in years? Or was it my overly


excited reaction to a pug that walked by? Anyway, I found his page





Books “I thought you were another person”

A beautiful, raw and compassionate memoir about

Joe, Delia, Rodrigo and Herbert are very close friends in their

identity, love and understanding

mid 30’s. Delia and Rodrigo are married. Joe is Delia’s ex-

Boy Erased, takes us from life as the son of a Baptist

boyfriend but he turned out to be gay. Herbert, who is also

pastor in small-town Arkansas to Conley being outed

gay, is starting a relationship with a much younger guy. In a

to his parents as a 19-year-old college student. After

boozy night, while Rodrigo is out of town, Joe and Delia sleep

attending a church-supported conversion therapy

together and she gets pregnant.

program that promised to cure him of his homosexuality,

People you may know

Conley found the strength to embrace his true self and

Directors: J.C. Falcón (as JC Falcon),

explore the complicated relationships among family, faith,

Stars: Nelly Castillo, Mark Cirillo, Deborah Domínguez

and community. Boy Erased: A Memoir by Garrard Conley

Well-crafted and very affecting

Passion and Regret in Brooklyn

A remote fishing village in Iceland. Teenage boys Thor and

Modern Lovers follows former college bandmates

Christian experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win

Elizabeth, Andrew, and Zoe. In the band’s heyday, Zoe

the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings

was the lesbian all the straight women wanted to sleep

toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh

with, Andrew had unwashed hair past his chin, and

nature of Iceland takes back its rights, it’s time to leave the

Elizabeth was never without a snarl. Now, nearing fifty,

playground and face adulthood.

all three live in gentrified Brooklyn with children reaching


maturity. As their comfortable adult lives begin to unravel,

Director: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson.

secrets come out—including some about the famous

Stars: Baldur Einarsson, Blær Hinriksson, Diljá Valsdóttir

fourth band member who left them behind. Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

The romantic tension between two men when they reunite after 10 years Matias and Jeronimo know each other since childhood. Their friendship takes a new turn during the holiday before starting high school when they both experience their sexual awakening. Matias’s father breaks up their relationship by accepting a job very far away. Family’s contempt against homosexuality brings Matias to deny his friend and himself. More than ten years later, Matias returns to his old town for carnival with his girlfriend. He unexpectedly runs into Jeronimo. Esteros Director: Papu Curotto / Stars: Ignacio Rogers, Esteban Masturini, Joaquín Parada

How do we know who we are? And where do we exist in a world that often wants us dead? These questions are a brushfire burning around the heart of Jia Qing Wilson-Yang’s debut novel Small Beauty. The novel tells the story of Mei, who is coping with her cousin’s death after abandoning her life in the city to live in his empty house in a small town. Isolated from the trans women she left behind, she learns about her aunt’s long term secret relationship, discovers local trans mysteries, and receives advice from departed loved ones.





They share a big part of their lives, create memories together, know each other’s fears and regrets and laugh about things no one else will ever understand. But above all they love each other very much. Four people share their stories of a friendship with a gay best friend, on how this affects the friendship and how do they handle judgements from outsiders. _



Frank & Andre Friends For Life

Seven years ago Frank and Andre met at work in 2009. Andre tells us about their friendship, the life they share together and the always loyal friendship bond between the two of them. The first time I saw Frank I was working at the Plaza Hotel, he came in as the new General Manager in his fancy suit and I was like: ‘Who is this guy from Miami, we don’t need him here!’ Over time we got to know each other better and we started meeting after work for a drink. I am a very ambitious person and I had a lot of ideas about how to create some cool events for the hotel. Frank recognized my potential and gave me the opportunity to develop my ambitions. We did some great events that I’m very proud of, sometimes exceeding 500 guests. Over the years, we became closer and now we even share a house. We have completely different personalities, but the beautiful thing is that we understand each other’s differences and have a very stable mutual respect. We have each other’s back all the time. Come rain or shine. We enjoy spending time together at home where we have a lot of space so we both have our privacy when we need it. But mostly we spend time together playing board games and watching documentaries. Frank loves to cook, which is perfect, because I love to eat.

“One of the perks of having a gay best friend is that we never argue about girls” And when I have a girlfriend, I never have to worry she’ll be pursued by my best friend. Sometimes it is a bit annoying when other people think I am gay because I have a gay best friend. But, believe me, I’m only into ladies! I love the LGBT community and I truly believe that thinking in a small box, keeps you in a small box. Which is very tight and uncomfortable. We are all one in God’s eyes, so who are we to judge. _ page




Richmar & Mientje Friends For Life

We are also both very respectful of others and handle criticism well. I think those things run in the family. We even both like boys ha-ha!

Richmar (26) and Mientje (32) are not only best friends, they are also cousins. Since Mientje moved back from the Netherlands to Curaçao four years ago they became really close. They even moved in together this year. We interviewed Mientje about this very special friendship. It’s a temporary solution. I’m on the lookout for the perfect place and until then I’m staying with Richmar. It was his idea for me to move in and now we are having the best time together! We both have very busy jobs and a an active social life and we see each other only in the evening or in a rush in the morning. But when we arrive earlier from work or have an evening together, we just love to chat, drink wine on the balcony or spend some time in the kitchen together. We are pretty much the same. We both love to help people, we are always there for others. We hardly ever say no and basically, we are always happy!

What I like most about Richmar is that he is super confident. He is who he is and has such a great vibe about him. Being around him always gives me energy. What I appreciate most about our friendship is that we can literally discuss everything. We have each other’s back, give each other advice and sincerely listen to what the other person has to say. When we are together it is just craziness and love. Every day we stop for a moment to appreciate the fact that we have each other and to show our gratefulness by sending a message or finding another way to let the other know. Some people are jealous of our friendship.

This friendship was absolutely meant to be. Some people still have trouble accepting gay people. I think that’s their problem. I surround myself with people I like. We should respect each other the way we are. I am very open minded and I think we are all equal, no matter our sexuality. _





Shuwendley & Angela Friends For Life

Angela (24) studies Human Resource Management at the University of Curaçao and is best friends with Shuwendley (26) who works at Kokomo Beach. She opens up to us about their friendship.

‘I would describe our friendship as very close, protective and open about everything.’

We see each other every weekend at work but also once a week for dinner. The great thing about our friendship is that we are completely honest with each other. We definitely watch out and care for each other. A lot of people think he is my little brother. Most of the time, we hang out at my place and my mum just loves him. He even goes with us on family holidays. We are still divas but we have learned to compromise, because we love each other so much! _

I first met Shuwendley two years ago. We both work at Kokomo Beach and back then he had just moved back from the Netherlands. The funny thing is, in the beginning we didn’t click at all. We are both divas and that’s why it took a little while before we connected. But when we did, we became incredibly close. I have never had any problems with him being gay. I am very open minded and in my opinion most of the time it is more fun hanging out with gay people than with straight people. He tells me everything and sometimes I am shocked by the things he knows about people. Shuwendley knows many people on the island including gays but he mainly hangs out with straight people. The only time he really goes out with his gay friends is during the Curaçao Pride and this year I will definitely come with him!





Linette & Imara Friends For Life

Linette (36) and Imara (37) became friends 13 years

We both love to go out and party all night. We both

ago. Linette: ‘We officially met at work and right

have a young spirit and live our life that way. You

from the beginning we had a special connection.

have to take life seriously, but not too seriously.

We started bonding and soon after we were doing

Now, we have started playing together in a band

everything together. Even when I moved to the

and we’re taking lessons, practising and performing

Netherlands for 11 years, we never drifted apart.’

together! We see each other at least four times a week. When we do, we go out for a drink, go to a party or just hang out at each other’s place. The

‘Our friendship stayed strong even when we were miles apart.’

difference between Imara and I is that I am the more expressive one. I am that crazy person dancing wildly on the dancefloor, while Imara calmly sits at the bar and observes everything. I think in a way we complete each other. We are Yin and Yang. We finish each other’s sentences the whole time, it

When I moved to the Netherlands, Imara and I had only been friends for a year. But even though we hadn’t known each other that long, we were both very eager to stay in touch. We used to talk for

doesn’t even surprise me anymore. I think the most important thing about our friendship is that we trust each other completely. Trust is everything! _

hours on the phone and we visited each other many times. That’s when we realised we could always count on each other, no matter what. We talk about everything and when something is wrong with one of us, the other always notices straight away. I think that’s just another sign of our pure connection. When I feel there is something wrong with Imara I send her a text to check if everything is ok. When I have a problem I know she’s there for me and vice versa. We have never let each other down. I have been back on the island for two years now and absolutely nothing has changed. We are still the best friends in the world. Some people think we are in a relationship. Especially in the beginning people assumed we were dating. Of course, I knew from the start that Imara had feelings for women, but this has never been a problem. I honestly don’t see why it would stop me from being her friend. I don’t mind people thinking we are a couple. We both know we are just best friends and people can think whatever they like. We just laugh at the absurdity of it. page




Curaçao Pride 2016 Pride Walk

Curaçao Pride 2016 Rainbow Lounge Pride Party

During the Curaçao Pride 2016 we made history with the first ever Pride Walk in Curaçao! The attendance was huge and everyone was very enthusiastic. We walked from Punda to Otrobanda across the Queen Emma Bridge which was graced with beautiful rainbow flags. In Otrobanda the Curaçao Pride was officially opened by Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath of the Ministry of Economic Development, who shared a heartwarming personal story. We are so grateful that almost 300 people walked this first Pride Walk and we cannot wait until this year’s Pride Walk! We are sending a clear message about the importance of equal rights for the people in Curaçao. Let’s do this together!

Every 3 months Floris Suite Hotel organizes a Rainbow Lounge, but during the Curaçao Pride the Rainbow Lounge turns into a huge event! This year was also a great success with many beautiful and happy people. We had several performances of Axl and friends and DJ Eli played the best Pride tunes. The drinks were flowing and we saw the craziest dance moves! It’s wonderful to see how all these energetic people make this the best party we could ever wish for! Make sure you don’t miss this year’s famous Rainbow Lounge Pride Party! Join us with all of your friends or come alone and meet new people!





Curaçao Pride 2016

Curaçao Pride 2016

A popular returning event of the Curaçao Pride is the Curaçao Pride Beach Party at Moomba Beach Club, which is organized in association with Boyahkasha. DJ Nicky Dynamite, DJ Zoer Golling from Switzerland and DJ Q from Curaçao played the hottest hits and we had live performances of Sherry Vine, Miss Peppermint, Ebonee Excell and Tiffany Fantasia from New York and Miami. They were amazing and everyone partied like there was no tomorrow. It was a wonderful day on the beach and this year you should definitely make sure you don’t miss it!

The main event of the Curaçao Pride is the Curaçao Pride White Party. The pool of the Floris Suite Hotel gets beautifully decorated in white. All of the guests went out of their way and showcased the most creative outfits. We had great performances of DJ RO1, DJ la Blanche and Dreams that night; the audience went crazy! The White Party is a charity evening and part of the profit is donated to the charity organisation Cura+. This is an organisation that is committed to HIV prevention on the island. Also, we gave away some prizes for the guests who looked stunning in the ‘Best Dress Contest’. The event was a huge success again and our main event kept up it’s fabulous reputation. Missing the best party of the week is not an option this year.

Beach Party

White Party





Celebrate Pride with us!

Last year was the first time I attended the Curacao Pride. The whole week was just an amazing experience! There were so many great people! Since the Pride I am more open about my sexuality and I learned that you have to be who you are. In the beginning only the people who stand close to me knew that I was gay, but now everybody should know. Even when you are not gay, the pride is still so much fun! My favourite parties are the White Party and the Navigaytion Sea Parade. This year I will

The best party of the Curacao Pride was in my opinion the Beach Party! It looked stunning

definitely be there again! – Sontje (23)

and the atmosphere was just amazing! Imagen having a barbeque on the beach and walking into the water with a beer in your hand! Also, the opening party of the Pride, after the Pride Walk was great! My husband and I were so looking forward to the Pride that we danced for hours and hours! The With Party, a week later was a special event for my husband and I. At the Pride two years ago that is where I met my husband and last year we were lucky to celebrate this again! The Pride Walk was definitely a peak of the Pride. It was such a beautiful sight to see everybody walking down the streets together! It was a step forward to One Kingdom One Love! When we walked across the bridge which was totally decorated with rainbow flags, I got goosebumps. Everyone should at least visit the Pride once, you should definitely put it on your bucket list! - Lucien (49)

I am a big fan of the Curacao Pride! Just like the other years, last year was great. I think the best party of the Curacao Pride was the White Party because of the awesome band DREAMS who played there. They are one of the best bands here in Curacao and I was very happy to see that they were coming to the White Party. There were so many people and I had so much fun. Also, the Pride Walk which was new this year, was something I will never forget! The people here in Curacao need to become more open minded about gays and lesbians on the island and this was a great way to show

The funny thing is, the Pride is a massive gathering of so many people which do not know

that we are proud of who we are. I think everyone should at least experience the Pride

each other but at the same time they give you this feeling like you know each other for years!

once because it is such a great experience! – Gino (24)

All of the party’s during the Pride are great but my heart pounds for the Pride Walk! This was such a great event because it was the first time they ever did such thing. We walked as one family to the beautiful decorated bridge! I celebrated the Pride with my life partner. It is a week where we enjoy everything just a little bit more. We dance, we meet new friends and we enjoy each other! I will invite everybody to join the Pride because it is a week full of fun,

I think the Curacao Pride is an amazing event but it is unfortunate that there has to be

meeting new people and discovering. During this week you will maybe discover some sides

something like the Pride to show people that we are proud of our sexuality. Sure, it is a

of yourself you didn’t even know they were there! – Melinda (47)

good thing to make the people on the island aware of homosexuality but in my opinion it should just be a party for young, old, men and women to celebrate the fact of love. The Curacao Pride should only go about love, no matter in what way. The best thing about the Pride is the solidarity of all the people. The moment we walked to the bridge

Last year during the Curacao Pride, I did an internship at Floris Suite Hotel. I got to

during the Pride Walk gave me Goosebumps. It was just such a good energy! Also, it

experience not only the Pride itself but also the preparations and all the hard work which

was a honour to DJ at the Curacao Pride! I think everyone should visit the Pride at least

goes into organising the Pride. It was something I had never seen before. I did not know

once to experience the Caribbean life and parties. It is all about sun, sea, beaches and

what to expect but it was definitely the best but also the busiest week of my internship!

lots of love! – Stephanie (32)

In my opinion, the Rainbow Lounge on Friday and the White party on Saturday where so much fun. There were so many enthusiastic people and everybody was just dancing and laughing! Also, the Pride Walk and the opening party were so special I would say to everyone who never visited the Pride before, you should definitely go! When your open minded like I am, you will have the best time! – Jolein (23)

I think the nicest thing of the Curacao Pride is that there are so many different people with different nationalities. There are people from all over the world and that makes it so interesting! This year I visited the Pride for the first time with my best friend. I think the best party was the White Party because of the amazing location, the great music,

This was my first Curacao Pride and it was awesome! I think the best party of the Curacao

the atmosphere and all the fun people I met! It is great the see that there is such a

Pride was the Rainbow Lounge on Friday. This because it was my first time on stage as a

thing as the Pride on the island. I definitely recommend everyone to visit the Curacao

drag queen. During my performance everybody sang along and that felt so good! I knew I

Pride! There is such a great hospitality and friendliness! Even when there had to be

did a good job and had so much fun with the audience. The thing I will always remember

cancelled a few parties because of the hurricane, the organization came up with a

was walking the Pride Walk. The brass band was great and there were so many people

great alternative for an event. They did such a great job! – Frank (52)

watching, dancing and laughing! Everyone should experience the great atmosphere of the Curacao Pride. - Lydelly (18)





Queer Open Air Film Festival 2017

Picture this: you are in a beautiful tropical garden, night has fallen and a soft evening breeze is blowing through your hair, you and your friends relaxing on deckchairs with drinks and snacks… Can you imagine that? Well, add a large movie screen and several high-quality LGBT films and you’ve got the recipe for the second edition of ‘IQMF Curacao’. IQMF is short for International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, a film fest which focuses on high quality films with a queer- or migrant theme, you should not miss. Films that stand out from mainstream Hollywood productions because they put minorities, like gays and migrants, in the spotlight. And that is probably why the festival is gaining popularity every year and pops up in cities all over the world. In Curacao, this second edition is a pleasant warm-up for the festivities of the Curacao Pride. Some of the films will get you into a festive mood, others will remind you of the reasons why pride events are still so badly needed. Sneak preview The first film to expect at IQMF Curacao 2017 is a beautiful and impressive documentary about Cleopatra Kambugu, 28 year old Ugandan transgender girl. Biologically born male, but against all odds, transitioning into the woman she knows she was born to be. ‘The Pearl of Africa’ captures her intimate struggle for the right to love, in one of the most homophobic and transphobic places on earth. (73 min/English subtitles). The complete program of IQMF Curacao will be announced in the end of August. Check: The film festival will be organized in cooperation with Curacao Pride, FOKO and Floris Suite Hotel.

BE WELCOME! Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th September Location: Pool area of Floris Suite Hotel Time: 8pm - 11.30 PM Entrance is free! The pool bar is open for snacks, drinks and a small after party. Be on time to get the best seats!





Nice Guy David Paulus

David Paulus (30) was born and raised on Curaรงao and is a self-educated fashion designer. From a very young age he knew he wanted to design clothes. It soon became clear that he had a creative mind. In 2003 he moved to the Netherlands and graduated in Fashion & Design Support. After five years of working and creating collections as an independent designer, David finally found his own voice and vision in the fashion industry. He calls his creations Art Couture: each collection is inspired by a certain theme, where his imagination just takes over.



I was born on Curaçao and mainly raised by my grandmother. At some point she realised that in the Netherlands there were much more opportunities for me to grow in the fashion industry so she sent me there. At first I was mad at her, but she chose what was best for me and now I am really grateful for her decision. Once or twice a year I come back to Curaçao to enjoy the amazing life here! The best thing about Curaçao is that everything is so relaxed. We have a beautiful culture that I am really proud of. Childhood Even as a kid I was unaware that I had a fashion designer in me. Much later I remembered how I used to dress my cousins in plastic bags when I was little. I made them wear my grandma’s shoes and we did catwalk shows. I think it was more like playing because at that time I had no idea that one day I would be a fashion designer. As I grew older my interests changed and when I arrived in the Netherlands I didn’t even think of studying fashion. Opportunities After I had been living in the Netherlands for a while, I felt lost and did not know what to do with my life. I was depressed, didn’t go to school and left several studies unfinished. At some point a friend got mad at me because I was wasting my life and he gave me this really old sewing machine. It turned out it was his 80 year old grandmother’s and he wanted me to do something with it! At first I refused to, but my friend kept pushing, so I decided to give it a chance. I made a shirt and when I was finished, I felt so amazingly happy! That is where my fashion adventure started. Career After that, I participated in several fashion shows. I started with the mafb battle, followed by the Amsterdam fashion week, the London fashion week, the Paris fashion week, the Curaçao fashion week, the Aruba Art Fair, the L’Oréal hair show, Fashion Against Aids ánd I did some fashion shows of my own. I don’t think of myself as being successful, because I think that is a very bold statement. I will say that I truly work hard and that things are going well! There isn’t anything that I would label my greatest success, because I think everything has been amazing so I wouldn’t miss this experience for the world and I am learning every single day. There is absolutely nothing I regret. A long term goal is to start a design academy in the Caribbean!. Besides my passion for fashion I love to work out. And in the Netherlands I teach Zumba, 50+, BBB and more in several gyms. Where I will be in five years? I have no idea! I just go with the wind and see what comes my way. My most impressive experience so far was when I got an award from Marvelyne Wiels, the plenipotentiary minister of Curaçao.





Our Curaçao Wedding Helena and Shayna, an American couple, initially met at work and developed a professional working relationship. Over the years they fell in love with each other. They realized that they felt more than a professional connection and last summer they got married at the Moomba Beach Club in Curaçao. It was one of the most magical days ever seen: two ladies who were madly in love with each other. Helena tells their story. ‘Our first kiss came when we went on our first date to a French Bistro in Baltimore and I kissed Shayna on the cheek to thank her for lunch. She was pleasantly surprised and kissed me back! Our relationship developed and a few years later we decided to get married. There was no official proposal but we both knew we felt the same way about each other. We had several conversations about getting married and we discussed why we would be a perfect match for each other. Once Shayna resigned from the company, she bought me a beautiful engagement ring to make it official.’

We are both American but we decided to get married in Curaçao. As it was not legal yet for gay couples to get married here, we officially got married in the States and then had the ceremony here in Curaçao. We wanted to have the ceremony in Curaçao because we spent our first vacation together here and we knew how gay friendly the country is, so we decided that this was the perfect place for us to have our LGBT wedding! I found Floris Suite Hotel and the Moomba Beach Club online and saw that it was a gay friendly hotel. We knew straight away this hotel would be the perfect setting for us. I emailed the hotel and immediately, Marlous, The Hotel Ambassador, emailed me back with the great news that they would plan our wedding! Our wedding was just perfect. There wasn’t one particular moment that was more wonderful than the other, the entire day was amazing! From the beginning to the end, the whole day was perfectly planned. Thanks to Marlous everything went flawless: the beach wedding, the delicious food on the beach, the Champagne toast on the beach, the party and dipping into the pool at midnight with our family and friends. Marlous connected us to a well-known professional photographer, Theo Meijer, who made our day that much more magical with his elegant photography. What I will always remember is the moment I walked down the aisle down the sandy beach I saw my beautiful wife standing under the cabana next to the officiant with the back drop of the beautiful Caribbean blue sea. The island breeze blowing through my hair was breathtaking and the beginning of our magical moment was about to start. We did not write any wedding vows but shared how spiritually connected we are to each other. We promised to remain spiritually connected to God and each other and to love one another until the day we die. The best thing about marrying in Curaçao was being able to share the best day of our lives on the beach by the beautiful blue sea, our feet in white sand with our friends and family. Also, our honeymoon on the island was exceptionally romantic and we got to explore Curaçao together again. We would definitely like to come back to Floris Suite for PRIDE one day!’





Let Love Rule

Hello Darling, So….. you booked your flight and you made it to the Caribbean? But wait, isn’t this region homophobic? Well Sugar, some islands are, some are not. Fortunately, Curacao is one of the most gay-welcoming islands in the region, but that’s why you are here, right? Still, what does this mean for the places you can go to? The island in general is gay-friendly, but PDA might be much for some places. So how will you know which places are and which places are not comfortable with LGBT PDA?

“Alexander says a boy can only marry a girl”, says my 7-year-old son. We are in the car from school on the way home, our daily ride. Looking out of my car window staring at a rainy Curaçao I wonder… If our children are taught that a man-woman relationship is the standard, doesn’t that make all other ‘combinations’ abnormal in the eyes of a child? My sons were both ring bearers at my brother’s wedding last year. It was the first local gay marriage on Bonaire. To them their uncles’ marriage is completely normal. Ever since they were little boys they’ve always known that their uncle is in a relationship with a man. And you know what the funny thing is? They have never asked about it in terms of it being odd or different. My brother and I were both raised quite open minded and have always had a warm and close bond with our parents. Our parents had gay friends who came over to our house with their partners and both my brother and I had gay friends. Despite of this all it was very hard for my brother to accept his sexual preference; mostly within himself. When my oldest son was born on December 18th in 2009, my brother had just turned 27 and none of us were aware of him being gay. I was with my brother changing my son’s diaper and what baby boys often do, my little sunshine started peeing straight up in our face! You may wonder where is this story leading to... Well, my brother and I started laughing and I told him that if Julius ever got married I would share this story at his wedding with his wife or husband. And it was this simple sentence that convinced my brother to ‘come out of the closet’. It happened a few days later, on December the 31st of that same year. It was the simple statement about the openness I had had in accepting my son for who he might become that

How about a website that has a list of companies that are gaywelcoming? Or cute pink stickers prominently displayed around the island by companies that show their support and appreciation for the LGBT community. opened my brother’s eyes to finally accept who he was. He knew that our entirely family would always love and support him, regardless of his sexual preference. I am a proud parent of two boys who are raised with the understanding and acceptance of same sex relationships. They know that love knows no gender boundaries. However, I am even prouder of Julius’ reaction to his friend’s statement: “Anyone can marry anyone, as long as they love each other. But, two boys or two girls cannot make babies together. They can adopt and that’s OK because we all come from our parents’ hearts”. It is my firm hope that we will all be able to listen to our hearts, and that one day in the very near future gay marriage will be accepted worldwide and on our beautiful islands. We need to let Love rule! Arianne Logher-Staal (married to radio DJ Patrick Logher and mother of Julius & Olivier)

Enter, for the past year we have been slowly working towards mapping the island’s gaywelcoming companies and getting them listed online in our Pink Directory. The companies are listed by the type of service provided making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. A short introduction about each company is provided. However, if you want to know more, you can always click on the respective social media icons to learn more about each company. Businesses can get listed in the Pink Directory by filling out the online form and selecting their package.

In a nutshell, we try to bring the travelers in contact with the LGBT welcoming establishments. The LGBT community, now more visible than ever, is always inquiring on places and establishments where they can go and feel safe. As a local one already knows how to get around, however, for a tourist a central location to find what you are looking for has been missing until now.

Kloster Kuche: Most remote OUTpost!

Kenzen: Small member, great massage

Floris Suite Hotel: Heroes of the first hour! consists of a brother and a sister, a gay couple and a drag queen. Yet we are still just three people working with a ton of love to make our traveling LGBT family feel at home on our tiny sunny rock in the pristine blue Caribbean Sea.

Bon bini to Curacao! | +5999 667PINK (7465) – Anouck | +5999 666PINK (7465) – Nico +5999 665PINK (7465) – Jarett





Gay Welcoming Places Moomba Beach

Gay Welcoming Places The Water Club

Life is Dushi at the beach! Moomba Beach Club offers an exclusive destination for sheer relaxation in the tropical sun. At Moomba Beach you’ll find yourself at one of the most astonishing spots of the island. It’s even more special, because it’s one of the first gay friendly beaches in the Caribbean. The tranquil, palm-ringed cove overlooks a white sand beach, a bright blue sea and warm gentle surf. On the beach you’ll find comfortable lounge chairs and large umbrellas for a perfect day of basking, lounging and relaxing. Discover the utterly beautiful underwater world with the snorkels that are available to you. A perfect start of your day: a nourishing breakfast, soft morning sunbeams and your feet in the already warm white sand. In the afternoon Moomba prepares the tastiest lunches with savory flavors. Watch the sunset into the see with a luscious cocktail and cheers to this perfect paradise.

Open daily: 7am - 8pm Address: Piscadera Bay z/n Hilton entrance Tel: +5999 4626111 Facebook: moombabeachcuracao

Enjoy an unrivalled wellbeing and lifestyle experience with a diverse range of massages, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, designed to meet your needs. The Water Club Spa is located at Floris Suite Hotel and is free to use for all hotel guests. The spa is daily open for both men and women between 9am and 6pm. After 6pm the spa is open for men only. The spa also welcomes guest staying at other accommodations and local residents. It is possible to purchase a day pass or a partial day pass and enjoy all the spa facilities. On Sundays the spa is very popular amongst the local crowd and makes it the perfect spot to relax, have a drink at the pool bar and meet new people.

Open daily: 9am - 11pm Men only hours: Daily from 6pm Address: Piscadera Bay z/n, at Floris Suite Hotel Tel: +5999 4626111 Facebook: thewaterclubcuracao





Gay Welcoming Places Koraal tel: +5999 735 2884

Koraal is a rooftop bar, restaurant and swimming pool, located on a stunning location at Coral Estate. During daytime Koraal offers a high end luxury pool experience with quality cocktails, natural fruit drinks and a variety of lunch dishes to share or not to share. We have great lounge corners with sea view all around and a salt water swimming pool with luxury loungers and lots of shade. At night time Koraal transforms into a Fine Dining Specialty restaurant. Chef Tobias and his team will astound you with culinary delights. In the evening you can also join us at the bar area for a cocktail, draft beer or a wine from our wide wine selection.

Gay Welcoming Places Karakter

Looking for shade, palm trees, clear blue water, great food and drinks and a unique relaxing atmosphere? Stop searching! During daytime Karakter offers the perfect beach experience with comfortable lounge chairs, cushions, hammocks a lot of shade and the best service. We call it restaurant service on the beach!! Next to that you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch in our stunning ocean front restaurant. With your feet in the sand or comfortable on our elevated terrace, the choice is all yours. During night time you can enjoy a lovely dinner in our restaurant. We serve a wide selection of quality dishes for the whole family. A limited selection of sea front tables on the beach are available. Reservations are highly recommended for this section. Open daily: 8am - 10pm Address: Coral Estate Tel: +5999 8642233 Facebook: karaktercuracao Instagram: karaktercuracao

We are located right on the roof of Karakter at Coral Estate.

Discover it yourself‌ You’re welcome at Koraal!

Enjoy life, Enjoy Karakter





Gay Welcoming Places Pirate Bay

Gay Welcoming Places Tomatoes

Tomatoes, Pizza at the beach, is the perfect spot to enjoy a laid-back dinner; a unique and charming pizza restaurant with excellent thin crusted and tasty pizzas, 100 % homemade with fresh ingredients. Open daily: 4pm - 10:30 pm Happy Hour: Fri, Sat, Sun 4:00pm Address: Piscadera Bay z/n, next to Pirate Bay Tel: +5999 4610152

At our tropical waterfront bar, the bartender will make you feel right at home. Sipping refreshing cocktails and enjoying the beautiful ocean view is close to island perfection.

Facebook: TomatoesCuracao

Beachclub and restaurant Pirate Bay at Piscadera This little gem is located on the picturesque

Open daily: 8:30am – 11:30pm Daily happy Hour: 5:00 pm Address: Piscadera Bay z/n, next to the Hilton Tel: +5999 4610183 Facebook: piratebay.piscaderabay

natural Bay of Piscadera. Relax on our beach with sandy toes, salty kisses and the most beautiful sunset imaginable. End the day with a romantic candle light dinner under the stars, while enjoying a variety of local and international dishes. Friday’s we start of the Weekend-Fun, swinging with live music during happy hour and on Sunday we jam on the beats of live Reggae. At Pirate Bay, fun and romance go together like sunshine and rainbows.





Gay Welcoming Places Caribbean Sea Sports Curacao

We like to think of ourselves as the Curacao Dive Shop with personality. Once you visit us we will make you feel at home and part of our team from day one! We are proud to say that a large part of our guest base is repeat guests. This is not only because of our fantastic location, top notch boats and equipment, high safety record and professional service – but also we care!

Open daily: 8am – 5:30 pm Address: JFK Boulevard z/n (Hilton Hotel) Tel: +5999 4622620 Facebook: caribbeanseasports

We are here to make your experience with us the enjoyable you’ll ever have.

Particularities: private charters available

Experience our passion!

Gay Welcoming Places Playa Porto Mari

Playa Porto Mari is a secluded natural bay in Williwood

dive to a full course. Tan when you can, do some resort

surrounded by untouched nature. The lovely white sandy

wear shopping at our cute boutique ‘JackieMari’,

bay with calm water is conveniently facilitated with a

have lunch in our restaurant or enjoy our famous pink

lounge chair rental, beach bar, restaurant, restrooms,


parasols, a dive shop, a boutique and you can even book a massage. Showers, changing rooms and lockers are provided; all to make sure you will have no worries at all

Open daily: 9.30 am - 6.30 pm

(at least for a day). Our reef is widely considered as one of

Address: Plantages Portomari, Willibrordus

the best dive sites of Curacao due to our Reef ball project

Tel: +5999 8647558

and our unique double reef. Discover it by following two

snorkel trails that lead swimmers past turtles, octopuses,

Facebook: PortoMariBeach

rays and various tropical fish. Porto Mari Sports rents out

Instagram: PortoMariBeach

all sorts of gear and offers anything from an introduction

Instagram: JackieMari.curacao





Gay Welcoming Places Landhuis Vredenberg

Landhuis Vredenberg Satisfy your taste with a local culinary adventure, and see some authentic local antiques in this exquisitely renovated plantation house. Old glory never looked so contemporary. Book a private room or sit amongst the various types of locals who know where to go to enjoy a

Gay Welcoming Places Saint Tropez

Welcome to Saint Tropez!

tasty meal. Stroll around and have a personal tour by the owners. The architecture of the 1800’s will

Just 5 minutes driving distance from down

make you want spend the whole day under the old mahogany treesFor deliciously fun meals and

town Punda. If you are a big enjoyer of

good times with friends. Come and have a piece of real Curacao hospitality. Opening hours: Monday

relaxing-time, great food and lavish cocktails,

through Saturday 11am to 3pm for lunch

than this is the place you are looking for! With so much diversity in one place, there is always a good reason to pay a new visit at the

Open: Monday through Saturday 11am to 3pm

Ocean Club.

Address: Bramendiweg 200

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or the

Telephone: +5999 4612901 Facebook: Landhuis Vredenberg (Primas) Special Events upon request/reservation

daily happy hour. A few Saint Tropez weekly high lights: Mondays: Sushi & Cocktail Night! Besides our regular menu, we’ll have a Sushi menu and a special on most Cocktails. Wednesdays: All Spare Ribs you can eat for just Ang. 39 per person. Fridays: Lounge Saint Tropez! Celebrate the weekend with 2 happy hours, Hookahs from 8pm, and our DJ’s whom are playing the nicest trendy lounge and Deephouse music from 9pm till 1am. Saint Tropez Ocean Club - Enjoy the quality of life!

Open daily: 8am - 00pm Happy Hour: Fridays 6-7pm & 9-10pm. And daily at pool bar from 5-6pm Address: Pietermaai 152 Tel: +5999 4617727 Website: Facebook: saint.tropez.oceanclub





Gay Welcoming Places Villa L ´Orangerie

Villa L’Orangerie apartments is a beautiful, tropical





spacious apartments overlook a manicured tropical garden that surrounds a big swimming pool. Guests will find tranquility within the beautifully landscaped grounds. Tropical flora and local fauna provide a restful environment to escape the outside world. Villa L’Orangerie apartments is centrally located on the island; 5 mintes by car from Floris Suite Hotel & Spa, the airport and the historical downtown of Willemstad. Nearby you can explore the most popular beaches including: Blue Bay, Kokomo beach, Playa Porto Marie and Moomba Beachclub. Because we wish to offer our guests the

Gay Welcoming Places BijBlauw

BijBlauw is located in the vibrant Pietermaai District. Boutique Hotel BijBlauw BijBlauw is located in the vibrant Pietermaai District. The hotel is situated in two gorgeous early 20th century monumental buildings right next to the Caribbean Sea. During the renovation and restoration of the building, we preserved many of the authentic elements. Each room has its own set up, character and atmosphere. BijBlauw is owned and managed by the Van Dijk family. They will make sure your stay at BijBlauw will be characterized by pure enjoyment and relaxation with a personal touch. Restaurant BijBlauw Restaurant BijBlauw is situated between beautiful historic buildings on the seaside terrace of Hotel BijBlauw. With a combination of international cuisine, local flavors and a touch of home comfort, BijBlauw brings you a unique dining experience. On the shady terrace we serve you a sumptuous breakfast, a delicious lunch or a stunning

dinner, where you can always enjoy a lovely sea breeze. Watching the sunset with a carefully selected wine is a must do…you will be amazed. Concept Store BijBlauw Next to Boutique Hotel BijBlauw you can find a trendy Concept Store with unique home décor pieces and accesoires. Most pieces are imported from Europe and already have a story to tell. Next to that we sell beautifull linen. Want to shop for a new outfit? Girls, our collection is filled with refined brands like 10Days, Penn&Ink & Braez. Also for cool bags, jewelry and shawls you can visit our concept store. Or come and check out the amazing Hamman towels from Hipps or one of a kind bags. Open daily: 7am - 10pm Address: Kaya Wilson Godett 82-84 Tel: +5999 6500550 Facebook: Bijblauw

utmost in luxury and comfort within a tranquil and natural setting, we cannot accept children under the age of 18 years. The property is gay-owned by Sjaak and Marcel and represent Dutch hospitality; coziness, warmth and the finest service during your stay in our apartments. Please contact us on for a special offer (apartment and car) during the Gay pride in september

Address: Rondeweg 15, Julianadorp Tel and whatsapp: +5999 6608454 Facebook: VillaLOrangerie






CONTACT US. Piscadera Bay, Willemstad, Curaรงao +(5999) 462 6111


The Pride Villager 2017  

Curacao's magazine for the LGBT market

The Pride Villager 2017  

Curacao's magazine for the LGBT market