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“The Pride Villager” 1

First Edition

We live and let live!

Curaçao, Spring 2014

South Caribbean

The South Caribbean Pride welcome team is all rested and ready to spoil you!

April 30th - May 4th 2014

Host Hotel: Floris Suite Hotel, Piscadera Bay, Pride Village


Dear Reader,

After having organized last year’s Curaçao Gay Pride, we are super proud that we can announce the first South Caribbean Gay Pride. The Caribbean edition of the pride will be held in Curaçao. This Caribbean Island below the hurricane belt is known for many good things, but is a real standout when we are talking about the gay friendliness. This is the reason why Curaçao is also known as the gay-friendliest island in the Caribbean. This will especially be noticeable in the month May when people from all over the Caribbean and further abroad will come together on the island of Curaçao to celebrate freedom, independency, having lots of fun and meeting new people. Next to all the parties and celebrations, Curaçao is the perfect Caribbean vacation spot! Besides Curaçao being the gay- friendliest island in the Caribbean it is the ultimate tropical vacation destination where everybody can enjoy themselves. Curaçao offers different restaurants with the most diverse culinary delicacies, small idyllic bars, clubs and salsa hot spots where you can dance till deep into the night. From an active vacation with different water sports, golf or beautiful nature walks to the ultra-lazy beach vacation on pearl white sandy beaches, lying under swaying palm trees, Curaçao has it all! FLORIS is the only hotel designed for adults in Curaçao and is internationally well known for its gay-friendliness. Staying at FLORIS means that you will be in the middle of the pride festivities, since the hotel is the Pride venue. Every Friday FLORIS host the Rainbow Lounge Happy Hour where tourists and locals can mix and mingle and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. This is the place on Curaçao where all open minded people are more than welcome. For more information about the hotel, check out the interview with General Manager, Mr. Frank Holtslag. I truly hope you will enjoy this magazine, which is full of fascinating interviews with gay and Curaçao professionals and the program for the different Pride Parties. We will also give you some recommendations for restaurants, shops and sightseeing tours to make your visit to Curaçao memorable! Warm regards,

Marlous Molendijk Curaçao GayPro


Available in Rainbow



Lobster thermidor The lobster we serve in Sjalotte restaurant is from the Avis islands, Venezuela. An area known for fishing and is also for a large part economical dependant on it.

is sous chef in Sjalotte Sçao’steve Restaurant and is Curaown lobster specialist.

Add the lobster meat and stir it then blush it off with a generous serving of white wine. He also tells us full of pas- This is to add the taste of the sion what the best way is to lobster in the sauce. prepare a lobster and how to serve it. Add a little cream and let it cook till you get a syrupy One of Steve’s favorite ways mass, add for the taste a shot to prepare lobster is the of cognac to it. Lobster Thermidor. Lobster To finish the Lobster ThermiThermidor got its name from dor add some Sabayonsauce the eleventh month of the to it. French revolution that falls in Of course we can make this the middle of summer, even Sabayonsauce ourselves with though it also tastes well on one egg yolk, two shots of cooler days. white wine, a little salt and pepper. Whip these ingrediThe first step in preparing ents to a foaming mass in a the lobster is to poach it in a bowl on a fire. court broth. The court broth is made out As soon as the mass foams of a bouquet consisting of pour it over the lobster and carrot, leek and onion. Also put it for about one minute a bouquet garni of laurel, under a grill till the sabayon thyme, rosemary and 15 sauce turns crispy. black peppers The bouquet Lobster Thermidor is one of garni can also be a piece of the five ways we serve lobcotton fabric filled with the ster. spices and tied with e piece Besides the delicious lobster of cooking yarn. we serve several other “fine dining” dishes with a typical After the cooking you cut the Caribbean accent. lobster in half and take out all the meat from the carcass. Restaurant Sjalotte is located in the tropical garden of FloCut an onion and three ris Suite Hotel and is open mushrooms in squares and from Monday till Sunday. suaté these in little bit of butter for about one minute For reservations call +5999in a proper pan. 462-6111


(CurAloe NV) Why establish an aloe-plantation on Curacao?  Curacao’s warm and dry climate provides the perfect habitat for the Aloe Vera, which can be found growing in the wild everywhere on the island. The local population has been familiar with the healing powers of this plant for centuries and they consume the Aloe Vera gel as a nutritional supplement or as a medicine when they are sick. The Aloe Vera is called Sentebibu in Papiamentu, the local language of Curaçao. Sente (cientos) is derived from the Papiamentu word for 100 and Bibu refers to the Papiamentu word for to live and according to Curaçao tradition, you will live to be 100 years old if you eat the Aloe Vera gel every day!   Due to the knowledge of the healing effects of Aloe on the island, the abundant availability of the Aloe Vera plant, the dry and sunny climate and last but not least…the possibility to use cheap, reclaimed water, a group of investors decided to start the plantation. In December of 1999 Curaçao Ecocity Projects N.V. started the Aloe Vera plantation in Curaçao.  Factory and manufacturing.  The next step was finding a way to extract the healing gel from the aloe in a commercial and productive way. After three to five years the aloe is big enough to harvest.  In 2002, a joint venture between Ecocity Projects and the Dutch pharmaceutical company BioClin was established under the name of CurAloe N.V. The objective of this merger was to build a production plant for the processing of Aloe Vera. The Company received financial support for the construction of the production plant from Senter, a Dutch governmental institution that subsidizes development projects that involve Dutch companies. Both companies developed a completely new innovative system for extracting the Aloe-gel and a conservation pro-

Curacao Ecocity Projects N.V. cess to preserve as much polysaccharides and complete strains of polysaccharides as possible.  Also a new concentration process was installed; the aloe juice can be concentrated up to 10 times its volume, without losing hardly any of its healing power, the so-called polysaccharides. Due to the high concentration shipping cost were kept low.   In 2003, the Factory was completed and the machinery installed and we ran our first trial production.   Curaçao Ecocity Projects N.V. operates the very successful Aloe Vera plantation in Curaçao, where we currently cultivate over 100,000 specimens of this magnificent Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller). As the name implies, the plantation concentrates on producing in the most ecological way possible and does not use any chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizer. Plant remnants left over after production or plantation maintenance are turned into compost and reused. The well over 100.000 litre of water used for irrigation is recycled (grey) water reclaimed locally on the island.    We plant, cultivate and harvest the Aloe Vera with the greatest possible care and in an environmentally friendly manner.   We use specially designed and patented machines which have been developed by us and do not damage the active substances in the Aloe Vera gel. We can therefore guarantee a constant and excellent quality for every batch we produce. The Aloe Vera gel is extracted from the leaves, filtered, stabilized and processed to concentrate in our production plant at the plantation.  Since 2004 we have been producing commercially and our annual production level has increased steadily every year up to a current production lever of over 100.000 litre of Aloe Vera juice per year. The bulk of this concentrate is exported, mainly to The Netherlands.  

The CurAloe Product line In 2006 we started developing and producing our own products under the name of CurAloe. Our main objective is to offer high-quality products which contain a high concentration of Aloe Vera and other biologically active and natural ingredients. Our current line of products consists of around 20 different products varying from various skin care, hair care and natural health products. We sell these at our plantation shop that is also a main activity on the island, at our other CurAloe shops spread over the island, drugstores, supermarkets and internationally in markets like Holland, St. Maarten and Bonaire.  CurAloe is currently focusing more enhancing their export and is making the necessary label improvements in order to do so more actively.  Through our website we send our products to over 16 countries and we have a repeat order rate of 40% ONLINE. 


A special interview with a

A talkative creative with his heart in the With the first Gay Pride in Cura- then it is Dudley” cao last September 2013 one of Dudley Ferdinandus is the brain, his dreams was realized. the creator and the soul behind La Balize Art Foundation. Dudley Ferdinandus Dudley makes all sorts of jewelBorn: March 15th in Curacao ry that are each unique, of each Status: Single there is only one. Occupation: Artist and host of Mass production is not his, “if the taboo breaking sex oriented you have a piece of jewelry deprogram G-Spot signed by me I’ll assure you that there won’t be a second one “I feel it in my mind, then it made, each piece is a unique goes to my heart and from my piece that actually fits you. heart it goes to my fingers and Somebody else cannot wear a

piece that was designed especially for you, it does not fit!” Making jewelry is really a form of art for you, what makes your pieces so unique? “I walk a lot through nature and everything I see and can use for my jewelry I take, like coral and coral stone, shells and wood. If a see a piece of a tree I’ll take it.” “I work with lots of different wood, like mahogany. I like to work with natural materials, I’ll form them on my grinder till they have the form that I have in my mind. And I only create when I have an inspiration, I don’t work under stress, if I don’t have an inspiration I don’t do anything for a while, I’ll go painting for a while as alternative.” “With me it works like this, I feel it in my spirit, then it goes to my heart, then to my fingers and then, it’s Dudley!” How long have you been making jewelry? “I have been doing this for the past seventeen years, it’s really a nice story on its own. Through a chatbox I got to know a lover. We liked each other and started a relationship. He was the son of government employee of the British Islands and also lived there. At that time I used to work at the Avila Beach Hotel in Curacao, but actually preferred to work with my hands and was busy painting and making jewelry but did not have enough time or money to fully involve myself in that.” “When I came back from visiting my friend he gave me an envelope that I was only to open

once I was in Curacao. Normally I would never do that, because you never know what’s in it, but I trusted him. The envelope was burning in my hands all the way back and once I was home I opened it and there was $ 20.000 in it. For me, to realize my dream!” “The relationship is over in the meantime but we’re still good friends, he still is an enormous support for me and I still have very good contact with his mother. I am grateful for the chance he gave me, I wanted to pay him back but he refused.” Did you ever take a course in art? “No, not really. When I was 18 and finished high school, I went to Trinidad to study theology. There I went into a men’s convent and lived celibate for 9 years. I was studying to become a priest and wanted to devote myself completely to God” How was it to live there as a homosexual and did the people know it? “Oh yes, my fellow students and the bishops all knew I was homosexual. The bishop told me, do what your heart tells you. The rest accepted it. I’m not going to hide who I am. My fellow students also said, it’s your relationship with God, nobody can come between that” How did you experience your time there in that convent? “It was one of the most educational times in my life. My father died when I was still very young and had to be very strong to take care of the others. I learned during that time to be


special man.

person right spot. honest with myself, I am who I am. I was also very depressed there for a while, so much that I was standing on a ledge on the second floor ready to jump out of a window. Life had no meaning for me anymore. When I was standing there the chain my mother gave me that I had around my neck broke, and at that moment I realized that my mother did not deserve that. That there were people in my life that needed me and that these were also the people I wanted to live for.” Why were you depressed, wasn’t it the nicest time of your life? “As a young student you’re a sexual prey for the older students and teachers. Those are often not at all the holiest people. If you keep the shutters of your bedroom open they stand there peeping while you’re changing your clothes. You’re fresh meat and are intimidated. You have to be pretty strong to say no. I was depressed because all my expectations caved in. I never expected what was happening there behind the scenes! A couple of years later I quit my studies, I could not cope with the people leading a double life. I did not want to belong to that! I had one more year to go and I would have been a priest.” Didn’t you regret not continuing for another year? No I’m glad for the life lessons I learned there, I really learned how to say yes and no. I’m glad I never became a victim of intimidations and that I could stand up to it. Now I can do the work I always wanted to do as a

priest in my normal life, namely helping people. That is also what I do part time, keep me busy with Pinkhouse, the first Open & Out Multipurpose Center for LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex ) and PLWHA (People Living With HIV and Aids), Emancipation, Information, Education, Counseling and Support in the Caribbean” How and who do you help at Pinkhouse? “Actually everybody that needs help. At the moment I do 4 hours a week counseling the youth and HIV patients. In the future we will be helping kids that have been sexually abused. This is also a large group under the homosexual kids that have experienced this in their families. Think about lesbian girls that have an uncle that will show them what it feels like to have sex with a man. We also bring food to kids that have been kicked out of their homes because of their homosexuality. Usually these kids end up in street prostitution because they see that as the only way to make some money. Unfortunately there are pimps that make these kids addicts and these are often 16, 17, 18 year old kids. Pinkhouse supplies food and condoms but we have to make sure the pimps don’t see us because they’ll take it away just to keep them depending on them.” How do you finance these projects? I can imagine that this cost a lot. “Unfortunately we do not get subsidy from the government, although we need this desper-

ately we still have to do it ourselves with the help of sponsors. We hope that we can qualify for a subsidy even if it’s a little bit. Every year we hand in our request and hope for the best.” What is your future vision of the Pinkhouse, what do you want to accomplish? “Our next project is to help transgender kids to continue to study, often it’s not the co students that are the problem that they don’t get ahead in school, but the teacher. He discriminates the kid or makes funny remarks, whereby the kid does not feel safe anymore in school

and quits. Transgender kids do not have it easy in Curacao. We hope to help them.” Finally, how homo-emancipated is Curacao compared to the other Caribbean islands? “It makes it easier that we are part of Holland, we have a good example of how it can and has to be done. For that matter we are ahead compared to most Caribbean islands but we still need to have our own identity and have to find a way to deal with it, also politically. This negativity we have to ignore and continue doing what we are doing. It’s the best remedy and I’m sure we will make it.”


Last September, Floris Suite Hotel won the prestigious World Travel Award for being Curacao’s leading hotel. An award to be proud of, because it is seen as the “Oscar” of the travel industry. With the arrival of Frank Holtslag two years ago there were a lot of changes in the hotel. What is the secret of this General Manager? An interview with an inspiring and progressive person.

rank welcome, first of all conFTravel gratulations with your World Award, how does it feel to win this award? It is fantastic and came quite surprisingly. Very nice to receive this recognition and a feather on the cap of the whole team.

What exactly was changed in the past two years in Floris Suite Hotel? Well we changed from a traditional hotel to a new formula. Since last year December we are a hotel “Designed for adults”, that means that in principle you have to be 18 years or older to stay with us. 2013 was a transitional year with some exceptions here and there. But since December the 20th this year we have a 100% 18+ arrangement. We did this to be unique compared to the rest of the hotels on the island. This way the hotel is ideally suitable for business people, romantic couples singles etc. What was the reason that Floris Suite Hotel won the World Travel Award? The previous years it was often the Marriott Beach Resort or the Curacao Hilton. What the award already says, Leading Hotel. That means one finds that Floris Suite Hotel takes the lead to revamp the hotel industry. We are a real “Boutique” hotel with lots of personal attention for our guests. We are busy with our guests in a different way than other hotels maybe doing. We have a “spoil l me” plan whereby we give away certain things with every booking. Like free WIFI, beach, drinks at Happy Hour, massage etc. And also hospitality with a smile, a cheerful team. During the year we also create special events. I think that all these contributed to us winning this award. You have been on the island for two years already and before that you have lived quite some time in Miami, what attracts you to Curacao? I have always considered Curacao a fantastic island. Years ago in my

twenties already I used to come to Curacao, staying at the old Piscadera Bay Hotel. Real nice that after 15 years in the States I’m back at Piscadera Bay working in the leading hotel in Curacao. I have run and opened several Boutique Hotels in Miami’s South Beach and took some of that atmosphere with me to the Floris Suite Hotel and it is tangible I think. If you look back on the past years that you’re running a hotel, what was your major success? Wow, that’s a good question. In Holland I build up my first hotel from scratch, which was nice and exciting to do, in Miami there was a nice hotel that was not doing well in the beginning. I was assigned and three years later due to its huge success was sold with a huge profit by the owner. And now of course Floris Suite Hotel, super to do it. I always considered it a fantastic hotel and we are going to give it, together with our team, a new swing to it. What are your ambitions for Floris Suite Hotel? Where do you want to be, let’s say in about two years, with this hotel? We’re going to continue with our “Adult Only” concept and besides that we are renovating our rooms completely. All the old goes out the window and everything new comes in, from bathrooms to the ceiling, all new! What has been, till now, your nicest experience in Floris Suite Hotel? There have been, in the past two years, several nice experiences. The nicest being that the guests come over and tell you that they had a wonderful time, that’s what we’re doing it for. Besides that we have a very nice Happy Hour every Friday starting at 6 pm and the atmosphere is always super. And then we have also our special events with as highlight I think “The White Affair” end of September in our courtyard around the pool. 300 guests were dressed in white and enjoyed a beautiful concert, nice hors d’ouvres and drinks from the best restaurants on the island. It was fantastic!

Frank Holtslag


Enjoy the real Blue Curacao at Landhuis Chobolobo



lue Curacao is definitely one of the most famous liqueurs in the world. But did you know that we produce this liqueur, in the traditional way, here on the island at Landhuis Chobolobo? A visit to the factory of The Genuine Curacao Liqueur is a journey through local history. Where you can experience the production process of the Genuine Curacao Liqueur and enjoy the taste such as it has been produced since 1896. The history of the Genuine Curacao Liqueur Shortly after the discovery of the island in 1499 the Spaniards planned for, amongst others, the agricultural development of Curacao. One of the plants they carried with care on their long sea voyages from Spain was the so-called “Valencia” orange. But the sizzling sun and arid climate were too much for the colorful sweet oranges, and the trees were left to whither in the wild as their fruit evolved into a bitter reflection of its former glory. And it was not till decades later that someone discovered that the peels of this

orange, thoroughly dried by the sun, contained etheric oils with an extraordinary pleasing fragrance. By this time, the stepchild of the Valencia orange had received its own botanical name: “Citrus Aurantium Currassuviensis”, meaning “Golden Orange of Curacao”. In the local tongue simply named “Laraha”.

Landhuis Chobolobo

The family Senior & Co. produces its ancient old liqueur in the famous Landhuis Chobolobo. Landhuis Chobolobo was built in the early 1800’s. It is located in the center of a piece of land which has an area of 10,500 m². (2 ½ acres). The property’s history is rather sketchy, but we do know that in the early 1900’s it belonged to the Family Jesurun. In 1947 the property was purchased by N.V. Senior & Co. and since then Landhuis Chobolobo is the home of the Genuine Curacao Liqueur. The Genuine Curacao Liqueur Until today the Genuine Curacao Liqueur is the only liqueur that is made of the peels of the

“Laraha”. It’s produced in 5 different colors; the original clear liqueur, the famous Blue and Green, Red and Orange as well. And there are also the special tastes; Coffee, Chocolate and Rum Raisin. All with a special detail because the Genuine Curacao Liqueur is Kosher certified. Free entree at Landhuis Chobolobo Landhuis Chobolobo is located centrally in Salina and it is one of the few free accessible country houses. Join the self-explanatory tour through our Visitor Center that includes a free tasting of one of our fine liqueurs. Hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. We are also open on holidays and weekends when there is a Cruise / tourist ship in our harbor.


Marfa Wawoe

the force behind Williwood


ow did Williwood get started? Williwood started approximately 5 years ago, after the passing of Adriaan Hollander, the youngest son of Harold and Enith Hollander, owners of the plantation house. An ex teacher on the island, also the owners of Jojoli. Those people guided a lot of neighborhood kids, including myself, their son was a teacher that worked with problem kids and was somebody with a heart of gold that later dedicated his time to the neighborhood children. He was just married, had a baby and was murdered in Colombia.

Williwood” because we have so many artist here like Boy Castablanca for example and can create anything. A year and a half later I was here again and contacted all the businesses and said that we could use that, it’s a hype, it’s funny and cute and we can use it to put Willibrodus on the map we have the support of all the artists to accomplish it. I mailed them all in Holland because they all went to study in Holland, including my son, and I told him that I was going to do it, I’m not rich but little by little we can do it. I thought we need to start this on a commercial level and did that and The neighborhood kids were very now the sky is the limit. touched by this and came upon I bought this little grocery store in the idea, after he was buried here, 2008 and kept working next to that, one evening to paint two plywood I’m still in a foundation that every sheets and make a portrait of him year gives bicycles to poor kids at with spray paint right in the middle Christmas time, last year we gave 50 bikes this year we are giving away 80 of the street. bikes. It was the first time that Myhailo Eikenaar made a portrait with spray You’re here in an outside district and paint, he is finishing his studies in the people here are very religious, Holland in art history now, and was mostly catholics (twice a year) and the one that started this project do not have many modern views, how do they deal with you, do they with me. This year we did not have a chance reject you as a lesbian or have they to continue the project but I still accepted you? have the two sheets that need to be No I never had any problems, I think varnished so we can hang them out- it’s how you approach them. I think that the dislike of the community toside. It was a way of honoring the man of wards the homos mostly is created the whole village and I still get emo- by the homos themselves because of their ignorance, not in the sense tional about it thinking about it. My son and their friends started to that they challenge the people, but shout “We are Williwood, we are that they are afraid to be rejected

and set themselves up defensively in advance. When I speak with somebody, I speak as the person that I am, we all grew up with decency, norms and values, your sexual choice does not change your norms and values, for example we are not small children , I cannot have a relationship with a friend, nieces stay nieces, sisters stay sisters, everything stays normal, if you like somebody and that person likes you you continue with them. The church and the government have nothing to do in my bedroom, the food I serve you does not fill you with homosexuality , neither do the drinks I serve, that perception all comes from ignorance. You really have a lot of fun with these people, they are people with taste and humor and are usually two income partners that have money to spend. They are always well off. If you don’t want to be stuck in a little square why do you put yourself in that square? We participate in Carnival, Seú (harvest fest) we participate in everything, why do we have to have a separate Gay Pride Parade, look at Holland, it’s a great success and for the Dutch economy it’s a great success and I love to go there every year, I’m crazy about it but here? Don’t push it. I think, let it grow just as it’s going now, let it take its course and respect the fact that a lot of people are catholic, I’m not catholic and do

not believe in the catholic church but I do respect them. I am fighting very hard to get some money to fix up the village church on the inside so we can open it up so that the tourist can go inside because I think it’s important. The atmosphere here on Sundays is fun healthy and relaxed, nobody bothers the gays, everybody treat each other with respect, on the contrary 7 months ago I had a gay working for me and every morning the men came asking for their coffee and he spoiled them all then he went working somewhere else and everybody is still asking for him. If I say that there is one person here that is anti gay I’m lying. Pedophilia was common in the old days in the second districts, what can you tell us about that? I come out of a family of 12 girls and grew up in this village where there was nothing, no tv, no public transportation, nothing, also pedophiles, so my father was strict, was overprotective, we couldn’t do anything, he protected us, was way ahead of his time, please understand me I cannot accept it but you can’t change it anymore, it happened but you can change where we want to go. A lot of people know that and abuse it, those are the ones we have to get! The time of ignorance is over, nowadays all you have to do is press a button to find out everything and those that are not aware of this we will bring up to date very fast!


Tap MGaar in

Sta Rosaweg 6 Tel: 5999-7365244 Loundge Karaoke Tuesday-Friday-Saturday

th 35Anniversay

Tempo Doloe

For reservations: Tel: 5999-4612881 follow us on Facebook



Gallery Like Us


Located in Renaissance, Riffort, Otrobanda, Curaรงao Phone: +5999 462 29 77

Proud sponsor of the South Caribbean Pride

ary art & Fine art, contempadore souvenirs local handm



If we’re talking about a gay professional, John John is an icon on Curacao.


ight from the start they were open about their homosexuality and never encountered problems about it. “ People do not interfere that much with you here ” Why did you come to Curacao then? We were really tired of Holland. The new currency, the Euro, was going to be introduced, the European Union would be more powerful than ever and we both did not like it that much. Curacao was an easy choice for us it, felt right! In Holland I also had a hairdressing salon and when we came here I started a shop in Saliña for European hair “John John Europe Beauty Center” Shortly afterwards I was asked to be one of the two hosts of a TV program called “Food & Company”. The other host was a Curaçaoan lady. She presented the show in Papiamento and I did it in Dutch. I did this for about two years and it was a huge learning curve for me, like a speed course in the Curacao culture. And yet, I know you from when you were enormously well known for these fantastic extravagant shows you organized till recently. Correct, I did that for about 8 years and it was fantastic to do, We really did some wonderful shows together with different showbiz and musical stars from The Netherlands, but preferably local talent, because Curaçao has a lot of that. Wonderful dance shows, fire eaters, fashion shows, belly dancers, lingerie shows, dinner shows, you name it we probably did it. We even made it snow in Curacao. Everybody declared me for being crazy but with the right composition of dry ice we did it! Yes the shows were quite unique on the island! Why did you stop with it? You were doing well right? After 8 years the pressure is gone, it becomes a repetition and it takes 8 to 9 months of preparation. Right now I’m busy with other fun things! I participate in the carnival group Royalty where I keep myself busy with creating the costumes, the trying out of the different fabrics, putting on the finishing touches and details. It’s great and fun to do! Three versions are made, the sexy version, the deluxe version and the V.I.P version. Carnival in Curaçao is in terms design of the costumes so fantastic and different from the other countries in the Caribbean area, the color combinations, no restraint, a lot of guts and extravagance! Besides that I’m pretty busy with the salon, just the 160 brides that come from Holland to get married here, come to me to have their hair done! I enjoy myself and as long as I feel every minute as being on vacation I’m not going anywhwere!

18 years ago John John came with his partner from The Netherlands to live on Curacao.

Tel: 5999-4615100





Gay friendly restaur Delicious seafood in a cozy

environment,where culinary connoisseurs can find a new home. We serve a wide variety of excellent seafood. Our culinary team considers quality as one of the key ingredients. Therefore we are only working with the freshest and finest products. Fish is delivered daily from local fishermen and flew in from Europe. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday fresh lobster and oysters. For more information, see our website

Saint Tropez Ocean Club & Suites is a luxury Ocean Club and Sea View hotel. Our aim is to deliver to our guests a sense of timeless elegance in a modern package. The sun, sea, pool and central downtown location make Saint Tropez Ocean Club and Suites a popular hangout for trendy and outgoing people. We use our hospitality to ensure that Saint Tropez Ocean Club and Suites is not only a location but also a hip and trendy destination. Saint Tropez Ocean Club is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Opening hours are from 08.00 till 00.00 during the week and on Friday and Saturday from 08.00 till 01.00 AM.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Karakter‌

During daytime Karakter offers an unique beach experience with comfortable lounge chairs, cushions, a lot of shade and the best service. During nighttime Karakter transforms in a cosy fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy culinary delights while enjoying magnificent sunsets and seaviews. Enjoy Life, Enjoy Karakter‌


rants and hotspots Located in the historical district of Pietermaai, Kome features a chef driven menu where worldly cooking techniques lay the foundation for the creative freedom. The chefs cook things that make them happy, like homemade sausage, tasty sandwiches, curry’s or stews; fried chicken, fresh bread, pie or something altogether surprising and new.

Restaurant No.5 Bram Hoogeveen

Restaurant No.5 has a cozy feel and is located in the middle of the historic neighborhood Pietermaai. The kitchen is a mixture of trendy foods, centered on creating pure tastes. No.5 is open for lunch as well as dinner and guarantees you a pleasant dining experience with a delicious selection of wines. Find culinary enchantment within every dining opportunity at the Floris Suite Hotel in Curacao. We invite you to experience exquisite cuisine and exceptional service at Sjalotte, our signature restaurant. Using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, our world-class chefs create savory cuisine subtly infused with Caribbean flair and European creativity. Tucked into the Floris Suite Hotel’s lush garden


SOUTH CARIBBEAN PRIDE April 30 – May 4th 2014 Official Host Hotel: Floris Suite Hotel.

Official Host Hotel: Floris Suite Hotel, Curaçao. Wednesday 30 12.00 18.00 – 24.00

• Handing over of the Rainbow Key to Curacao Gay Pro by authorities. • Great Pride Opening Event at Pride Village. With Gino Coelho, piano Roylan Cadogan, Voice and DJ Eli. No cover.• (Floris Suite Hotel, Rainbow lounge)

1.00 till done

• After Party at G-Lounge/ small cover charge

Thursday 01 08.00- 12.00 10.00 – 17.00 18.00-22.00

• Caribbean Gay Rights Conference and Tribunal. • Day Time at the Beach The Birdcage, Cabaret Dinner evening with Tiffany Taylor Fantasia, Christine Sparks, Ebonee excell, Vinna Rouge, Pepper Kantana and others. $49 • Glowing in the Night After Party at G-Lounge/ small cover charge

1.00 till done Friday 02 08.00- 12.00 10.00 – 17.00 22.00 – 02.00 (Main event)

• Caribbean Gay Rights Conference and Tribunal. • Day Time on the Beach • Main Event: The Birdcage Caribbean themed Party at Pride Village. With DJ Eli • (Floris Suite Hotel, Rainbow Lounge and Restaurant Sjalotte)/ $35

1.00 till done

• Angry Birds After Party at G-Lounge/ small cover charge

Saturday 03 11am -3pm

• South Caribbean Sea Pride Parade • from Spanish Water along the coast downtown Willemstad/ $55 • Street Parade from Punda to Riffort Otrabanda

(Main event)

3pm -4pm 4pm-8pm

• Pride party at Riffort with world famous performing artist and band: Ephrem J. no cover. • After Party at G-Lounge/ small cover charge

(Main event)

1.00 till done

Sunday 04 12.00 – 24.00 1.00 till done


• Muscle Pool Party and Go-Go boys Competition at Pride Village pool area (Floris Suite Hotel) / nocover • Boxer & Lingerie After Party at G-Lounge/ small cover charge All Pass – $100

Piscadera Bay | Curaçao | Dutch Caribbean | USA: +1 800 411 0170 | +5999 4626111 | Last year’s White Affair Party

 19               Healthy and delicious food, friendly staff,    serving the best Mojitos of Curacao,   shady beach, fresh fruit smoothies, home   made apple pie, excellent wines, modern  & trendy and yet down to earth and best  of all fine dining, while enjoying a mag

 sea view. 

nificent Jus relax we’ll take care of the rest.

     

Capturing natural Caribbean charm and delivering international elegance with sophistication. Whether you are seeking an intimate getaway or a fun filled vacation, Santa Barbara Beach Resort in Curaçao creates a truly magnificent opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.

Save 35% on All Inclusive Packages Starting at $233 per person per night. Book by July 31! Some restrictions may apply. Resort fee and service charges not included. Based on availability. | +599.9.840.1234 | Santa Barbara Plantation, Porta Blancu, Nieuwpoort, Curaçao



G-Lounge, have some real fun without no one

judging you Gallery Lounge, the one and only gay club in Curacao is named, but everybody knows the club as G-LOUNGE. The owners Benjamin Stefania and Willington Grajales started the club in the year 2010. The name chosen for the venue had to do with the fact that the owner was selling art pieces and wanted to combine a place of art with a nice lounge area where you could enjoy music and cocktails. But as the owners being gay and having a lot of gay friends made that a lot of gay people were attracted to the venue and instead of lounging they wanted to have more fun. Therefor the place was transformed into a night club. Next to the gay scene, also other people found their way to G-LOUNGE. Now a day the club is more an alternative lifestyle club. G-Lounge is the only place on Curacao where the music is playing till the morning light and where everyone is free to be or not to be. “What happens in G-Lounge Stays in GLounge� Everybody goes wild at G-Lounge and every now and then there are local strippers, drag queens and once a year there is a rock festival that occurs mostly in January. During day time, you can enjoy a massage at G-Lounge. Wandering around Punda and need to relax? You can just walk in and get a drink at the bar and sign in for a massage. The Gallery Lounge is open from Thursday to Sunday starting from 11 o clock. Free entrance on Thursday and Sunday Cover charge on Friday and Saturday which will include a free drink. Facebook: The Gallery Lounge Phone: +5999 6836346

Benjamin and Willington owners



Darlings & Dushies! W

elcome to sunny and happy Curaçao! Home of PartyPepper, the monthly straightfriendly party hosted every second Saturday by yours truly! oh my I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself. Darlings & Dushies, I am Pepper Katana, Happy go Lucky Drag Queen with a megawatt smile and the ability to rock any outfit I throw at myself! Yes Sweety, Im still looking for a sugar daddy!  Every month I rock a new look much like the godmother of reinvention Cher/Madonna/Lady Gaga (feel free to strike out whichever does not apply) to greet some of the best party people and most adoring fans any queen could have, true to the core PartyPeppers, the Pepperettes!!

 PartyPepper parties started in February 2013 after the Madame Jeanette parties were discontinued. Having been the hostess for those parties as well, a lot of people kept asking me every time when the next party would be. So after a reboot and forming a new team we became and we are bringing fun parties with great themes to the nightlife of Curaçao. Check the party pics out at or follow me on  Enjoy the Southern Caribbean Pride and don’t forget your sunscreen. The last thing you want is a burned tush!   Much love, XOXO Pepper Katana


This magazine was put together with the colaboration of the following people: Frank Holtslag, Bea Moedt, Marlous Molendijk, Jarret Sprock, Jurandy Regina, Arthur Donker and others.

Curacao Pride Villager