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January 2014

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A Word from Our Mayor Continued Growth, Prosperity for Montgomery in 2014

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange

Many of us use the month of January to review the previous year and anticipate the 12 months ahead. Both exercises reveal good news for Montgomery, the Capital of Dreams, and perhaps a challenge or two.



of Montgomery


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We can be proud of the stabilization of the City’s finances accomplished in 2013. The retirement plan for City employees was revised to ensure new employees will have a fund that is solvent without burdening taxpayers or taking resources from other City needs.

Front Cover PhotograpHY Nick Drollette Photography

The City’s reserves, which were depleted during the Great Recession, are now up to $15 million. Rating agencies view healthy reserves as an indicator of sound management. Standard and Poor’s awarded Montgomery with an “AA” rating.

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Montgomerians can also take pride in the many key projects that took place in 2013. The Wright Flyer replica and park salute our notable history in civilian aviation. Maxwell Boulevard has been upgraded and is primed for further development. The demolition of the State House Inn will lead to an improved Madison Avenue corridor. Genetta Park in West Montgomery is protecting our watershed and will soon be a spot for recreation and education. The former Steve and Barry’s store at the Montgomery Mall has been converted to a Public Safety center for Police and Fire & Rescue services.

Contributing Writers Dr. Wendy R. Coleman Geri Cronier Rebekah Edwards Corey & Donna Ellis Henry Hernandez Kasey Hope Dr. Phil Mitchell, DVM Dr. Kalai Mugilan Dr. Frank K. Rho JT & Leanne Dr. Hunter Sadler Ryan Sellers Geoff Stough Matthew Ward

We will devote attention in 2014 to exploring other occupants at the former mall, encouraging the Board of Education as it reviews plans for the LAMP and MTEC programs, as well as Central Office consolidation. Special attention will also focus on avoiding the inordinate increase in homicides we sustained in 2013. 2014 will be marked with continued progress. The improvement to the Dexter Avenue streetscape is already underway. To meet the demand for living spaces in downtown, developers have plans to build apartments on Maxwell Boulevard East and the Frank Leu site at Bibb and Commerce. Questplex, the home for the Children’s Museum of Alabama and the Library of the 21st century will revitalize Court Square. Like many agencies, the City will find ways to stabilize increasing health care costs. It’s the right thing to do for the health of our employees and as custodians of taxpayer dollars. Indeed in 2014, we will continue to pursue our vision of “sustaining a safe, vibrant and growing Montgomery in its entirety, that we are all proud to call home.” 4

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Couple of the Year

Julian & Leslie McPhillips Julian McPhillips strives to make Montgomery a better place in his work as “the People’s lawyer.” His firm, McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP, consists of 7 lawyers and 15 employees. “Often when incidents occur between citizens and the police force, many are unaware of protections they have under the United States Constitution. They do not think their voice will be heard,” says Julian, a civil rights attorney, who has successfully represented citizens brutalized by excessive force. On the other hand, Julian has also worked tirelessly to support local law enforcement, and has represented several policemen. Julian’s ground-breaking race discrimination class action opened up state government for minorities, and he got a federal court to strike down vagrancy laws that harassed poor people. Julian is also a trial lawyer, and advises individuals at critical moments in life. With a high rate of success and help from his firm, Julian has represented employees who have wrongfully lost their jobs, suffered personal injuries, been unjustly charged with crimes, or had their civil rights violated.

The Pride of Montgomery Magazine is proud to announce Julian and Leslie McPhillips as Montgomery’s 2013 Couple of the Year. Julian and Leslie McPhillips have served the Montgomery area for 39 years. Julian is more than just a lawyer and this article is a small sampling of things he and his wife, Leslie, have done for the local area, since coming to Montgomery in 1975. Their contributions to Montgomery vary from historical preservations, to creating and supporting programs at schools, to creating scholarships, to starting a new church, to legally representing underdogs.

The majority of Julian’s professional life is documented in his biography, The People’s Lawyer: The Colorful Life and Times of Julian L. McPhillips, Jr. The biography was written by Carroll Dale Short and first published by New South Books in 2000. A second addition came out in 2005 that includes an update written by Julian himself about the years between 2000 and 2005. A third update beckons in 2015. Stories ranging from successfully challenging Alabama governors and attorney generals to avoiding near death experiences in underground garages make for interesting reading. Over the course of their time in Montgomery, Julian and Leslie have helped preserve several historic sites in the area. In December 1986, the dynamic duo purchased a home in Old Cloverdale where F. Scott Fitzgerald and his

of Julian’s parents), the Montgomery Christian School (Leslie’s special project), and LAMP in honor of Julian’s deceased brother, David Dixon McPhillips.

Top Row, l-r: Corbett & Grace (McPhillips) Lunsford, David McPhillips, Rachel (McPhillips) & Jay Plucker Bottom row, l-r: Jude Plucker, Leslie McPhillips, Laurel Plucker and Julian McPhillips

Montgomery-born-and-raised wife Zelda once lived. Between 1931 and 1932, Fitzgerald worked there on his novel, Tender is the Night, while Zelda wrote her novel, Save Me the Waltz. This house is the only one in Montgomery where the Fitzgeralds ever lived as a married couple, and remains standing today, two doors down from where the McPhillips live. By 1989, Julian and Leslie gathered enough artifacts to turn the house into the only museum in the world honoring Scott or Zelda Fitzgerald. A non-profit corporation was quickly established with a diverse board of directors to keep ideas fresh for the museum. The Museum’s Visitor Book reflects the names of people from all over the world who have visited. Most importantly, the museum has stimulated literary revival in the Montgomery area, and has hosted a literary contest at both high school and college levels for over 20 years. Julian and Leslie have also preserved their own 105-year-old home, purchased in 1981, that was visited from 1923-1960 by world-renowned Helen Keller. A historic marker in the front yard honors her visits to her sister. Upstairs in the home, Julian and Leslie conserved two early 1800’s chiffoniers from Helen’s childhood home in Tuscumbia. Other places the McPhillipses have preserved include the Clifford & Virginia Durr Home on Felder Avenue and Court Street and the 1870’s restored building of McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP. The McPhillipses believe high school wrestling inspires good character in young men who participate in it. Accordingly Julian extended his college passion at Princeton by creating wrestling programs at both St. James School and Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School. Julian helped coach high school teams at Sidney Lanier, Robert E. Lee, Jeff Davis, and Carver high schools over the years, helping the teams financially as well. Julian also served as a chief recruiter for Princeton University in Central Alabama for almost 40 years. Julian and Leslie have awarded scholarships to students at Alabama State University (in honor

Julian and Leslie are both very active in their local church and donate frequently to local, national, and international charities. The McPhillipses co-founded Christ the Redeemer Episcopal Church in 1980. Reflecting national challenges, an Alabama Episcopal Bishop in 2007 declared the church dormant. Julian and Leslie’s persistence led to the church being reopened on April 28, 2013, with lively praise and worship music. The McPhillipses have also been responsible for bringing four healing conferences to Montgomery, headlined by Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda of All-Nations Church, in 1994, 1996, 1999, and 2003. Julian is an ordained and licensed pastor by the Global Evangelical Christian College and Seminary Association, but serves as a lay minister/ administrator at the newly-resurrected Christ the Redeemer Episcopal Church. He preaches every third Sunday (in rotation with an Episcopal priest from Kenya and a retired Methodist minister). Julian and Leslie greatly enjoy the pastoral outreach and healing ministry, saying we all should be lay pastors, one to another.

Julian and Leslie have been married for 40 years. Julian, 67, praises Leslie, 65, for being the secret of his success, “the apple of his eye,” and the glue of the family. He has even nicknamed Leslie “The Angel of Mercy,” laughingly adding that he needs a lot of mercy. The couple has no plans to retire any time soon… “We’re having too much fun! Thanks be to God,” says Julian. Julian and Leslie are proud parents to three beautiful children, Rachel, 36, Grace, 32, and David, 23, and two grandchildren, Laurel, 5, and Jude, 2.

Sights To See



Dale’s Penthouse was a posh restaurant located on top of the Walter Bragg Apartments, now called Capital Towers. The restaurant was known for its elaborate décor as well as for having a menu that appealed to any palate. It was frequented by politicians, businessmen, and many of the social elite. From high atop the 11th floor, the restaurant held spectacular views of the growing city of Montgomery. The restaurant featured a terrace with outdoor tables, which added to one’s dining experience. A trip to Dale’s for a party or night out was a truly unique experience.

what began as a small fire in the cloak room soon turned the restaurant into an inferno. The official story claims the fire began with a smoldering pipe a patron left in his coat when it was checked at the cloak room. The nonexistence at that time of the many fire regulations we have today led the fire to spread and trap many of the patrons. The fire exit was located near the cloak room and once the fire began to spread, the stairway was blocked. Patrons began to break the large windows to escape; however, the rush of air caused the fire to spread faster.

The Walter Bragg Apartment building, by itself, was an architectural marvel for its time. The building was completed in 1954 and won a prestigious architectural award for the design. Having a restaurant such as Dale’s Penthouse only added to the splendor of the building.

Jesse Williams, head chef of the restaurant, became a local hero as he led several groups from the restaurant in the elevator. He was going back up for another group when the elevator stopped, trapping him inside. Williams escaped the elevator by getting out and sliding down the elevator cable to safety. Other patrons unable to leave the restaurant by elevator or stairway found themselves on the balcony, trying to crawl to safety. Some climbed down to

However, the majesty of the restaurant was reduced to cinders on the night of February 7, 1967. Around 9:30 that evening, 10

b y G e o f f S to u g h

The Pride of Montgomery

the 10th floor, while some fell to the street below. Firefighters were not prepared for a fire of this scale. Montgomery did not have a fire truck with a ladder to reach the 11th floor. Also, the temperature that evening was in the upper 20s, which caused a problem as the water was sprayed and immediately turned to ice. Initial reports from some of the first firefighters to reach the restaurant were either few to no injuries or fatalities. As the night progressed, firefighters began to discover those patrons who could not escape, raising the total number dead to 26. The number included a local politician, the hostess for the restaurant, as well as the chief lobbyist for the National Teamsters Union. The fire at Dale’s Penthouse left a deep scar on the face of Montgomery. In the aftermath of the fire, stricter national fire laws were passed, including having fire escapes adequately marked. The laws that arose from great tragedy have since saved countless lives.

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Health & Fitness

T O O T H PA S T E 1 0 1 b y D r. Fra n k R h o

Dr. Frank K. Rho received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University in 1997. He has worked with numerous dentists and specialists and has lectured in communities on the subject of dental care throughout the United States. He is an active member of a number of organizations composed of dentists who keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques in dentistry. Dr. Rho practices general dentistry in Prattville, Alabama.


Walk down the toothpaste aisle of your local store and it’s like going down Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas. Piles of different toothpastes are stacked from floor to ceiling in a dizzying array of colorful boxes. All of them adorned with graphics of glittering teeth and effervescent pictures and fresh swooshes and all of them beckon for your dollars. All of them claim white, perfect, cavity-free teeth. It's a multibillion dollar industry. So let's wade past all the marketing flash and break it down to basics. All toothpastes, in general, will usually contain six basic ingredients. 1) A gentle abrasive to help scrub away debris and plaque without harming the enamel of your teeth. 2) A "Humectant" such as glycerol or sorbitol that keeps the toothpaste from drying out 3) Thickeners like seaweed or cellulose that gives the toothpaste its texture. 4) Flavoring agents which make it taste sweet, fruity or minty. 5) Detergents to make the toothpaste foamy. 6) Fluoride to make your enamel harder and resistant to decay.

After this, some add additional ingredients to address particular needs and wants. Children's toothpaste contains about half as much fluoride as adult toothpaste. Whitening toothpastes contain more aggressive abrasives to remove stains, and sensitive toothpastes contain potassium nitrate which can help to reduce sensitivity. Herbal toothpaste has become more popular for those who prefer a toothpaste with only natural ingredients. Some contain flouride and some don't. Almost everything after this is usually marketing craziness. So just choose the box you think is prettiest. Obviously, we want to make sure the toothpaste is safe. The American Dental Association conducts a voluntary testing program to gauge a product's effectiveness and safety. Make sure that the toothpaste you select has the ADA seal of approval. The toothpastes with the little ADA seal of approval symbol on them have been tested and approved. It can be very confusing with all of the different toothpastes that are out on the shelves today. Your dentist will most likely recommend a toothpaste containing fluoride with the ADA seal of approval. Ask your dentist the best toothpaste for you to use. He or she will know your mouth and be able to tell you which kind of toothpaste would be best for your particular needs. 12

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For over thirty years, DeRamus Hearing Centers has been helping Alabama hear better. Whether you are a grandparent, struggling to hear your grandchildrens’ precious voices; a music lover whose hearing loss has stolen the melody of your most beloved songs; or a sports fan, straining to decipher the fast-paced commentary on your favorite sports program, DeRamus has been working diligently to help you hear.

DeRamus Hearing Centers is all about giving back to the local community. Easter Seals of Alabama recently announced DeRamus Hearing Centers as Employer of the Year for everything they do locally. They buy local, advertise local, bank local, and hire local. Not only does DeRamus Hearing Centers keep their business local, they also make many efforts

to give back to the community in other ways. Last year, DeRamus Hearing Centers gave away free hearing aids to twenty plus seniors who could not afford them. These hearing aids were not given to people at events; they were given simply because DeRamus Hearing understood the frustrations these people were going through not being able to hear their loved ones.

At DeRamus, current and retired civil servants with federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield can qualify for hearing aids with no out of pocket expense. As Ms. DeRamus put it, “We just want you to hear again!” Whether through their support of organizations like Kiwanis, Lions Club, MADD, Alabama Sheriffs’ Association, and local food distribution programs, or through their own

community-minded initiatives like their recent Veterans Day Giveaway Event, DeRamus Hearing Centers is committed to fostering communication and giving back to the people of Alabama. DeRamus invites you to get back into the conversation, starting with a free hearing screening and private consultation at one of their offices. For more information, call 334-262-7553, go to website:, or come by DeRamus Hearing Centers, 2809 Chestnut St., Montgomery.

Health & Fitness

Top 10 Myths About Chiropractic by Dr. Hunter Sadler







Chiropractors Are Not Real Doctors. Chiropractors are indeed real doctors licensed by the state in which they practice, and actually have more classroom hours than Medical Doctors. D.C. stands for Doctor of Chiropractic.

It Only Helps Adults, Not Children. Quite the opposite, in fact, chiropractic results are achieved much quicker on children than adults. It is similar to the quick results that occur when children wear dental braces as opposed to adults. Chiropractors Treat Back Pain Only. Some doctors do, but that is like changing your motor oil only when your engine is smoking. The best Doctor of Chiropractic addresses the misaligned vertebrae to improve the function of the nervous system.

Too Expensive. Medical treatment is usually 50-70x more expensive than chiropractic treatment and over 80% of the cost is for diagnosis. Chiropractic has been proven through research to be 3 times more cost effective.

Spinal Adjustments Hurt. The spinal adjustment itself does not hurt, however you may be sore after the first adjustment, similar to starting an exercise program. An Adjustment Will Cause A Stroke. The chance of having a stroke from a chiropractic adjustment is about 1 in 6,000,000. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning.


It Is Harmful And Dangerous. It has been established by the U.S. Government that chiropractic is the SAFEST and most effective treatment for back pain. Medical malpractice results in more than 180,000 deaths each year.


Chiropractic Is Just A Health Trend. If chiropractic is a health trend, it is the country’s longest trend since it has been around since 1895.


No Scientific Proof That It Works. In the last 10 years, there have been hundreds of studies proving its validity in the health care arena.


They Say It Heals Everything. Since the body is a self-healing organism, it is the body not the doctor that does the healing. However, the chiropractor is the only professional trained in detecting and removing the subluxation [misalignment] interference from the nervous system.

Dr. Hunter Sadler 4142A Carmichael Road * Montgomery 36106 334-819-7222 * Dr. Hunter Sadler received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Parker College of Chiropractic in 2006. Dr. Sadler is licensed by the Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiner Parts I – IV and Physiotherapy. He also is a member of the Alabama State Chiropractic Association and the Parker College of Chiropractic Alumni Association. 14

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Re-Ignite Your Rezolution

by Corey & Donna Ellis

Another year has begun and of course, year after year, we make our New Year's Resolutions. How many of us make a resolution about getting healthier, losing weight, toning up, etc? Making the resolution is the easy part! Finishing it, on the other hand, is not . . . After the holiday hustle and bustle are over, join us at RezFIT for our First Annual Re-Ignite Your Rezolution Workout Marathon on February 8 at 9am. We will be showcasing four of our most popular classes in 30 minute increments: boxing, extreme abs, total gym, and Boot Camp. This is a free event for the community! You can stay the entire 2 hours or drop in and out, checking out the different classes. Participants that withstand the entire 2 hours will get a t-shirt. This is a perfect time to see what we have to offer you at RezFIT and how we can help you attain your goals and make a healthy lifestyle change. The year 2013 has been an amazing year for us. We have been able to expand our services and help even more people attain their goals and change their lifestyles. Let us help you reach your goals in 2014 and let's GET HEALTHY and GET FIT!


The Pride of Montgomery

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McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP Th e P e o p l e’s L aw Fi r m

McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP has built its reputation on being “The People’s Law Firm.” Senior partner Julian McPhillips founded this firm in 1978 to provide the people of Alabama with top-quality legal services at an affordable cost. Our firm represents clients throughout Alabama in cases involving: personal injury, auto accidents, wrongful death, workers' compensation, employment law, social security law, criminal law & general civil litigation.

When You Need a Lifeline

516 South Perry Street Montgomery, AL 36101


Montgomery, Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys Protecting the people of Alabama for 35 years

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. The Pride of Montgomery


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Life Lessons

HOPE BELIEVES Hope Believes All Things. Hope is an attitude and a state of mind. The eternal optimist always chooses hope. Hope can occasionally be crazy if it is devoid of reality. But is it better to be a crazy dreamer or a sane person who has given up? One could argue that hope should come with a warning sign. Hope can lead to death. After all, many died trying to fly. But, oh how amazing it feels when we become airborne. Yes, hope is an attitude and a state of mind. It is an attitude to declare that all events are meant to be and somehow, some good will come out of it. It is true; hope is audacious. So, with the New Year upon us, now is the time for hope. No matter how many times we have tried and failed, no matter how many times our children refuse to listen to us and repeat the mistakes, no matter how bleak our politics seem, no matter how many bad relationships we have had, no matter how many heartbreaks we have experienced, no matter how bad our past has been, no matter how many doors we have knocked on for a job, no matter how many times we have cried in despair, no matter how sick we or our loved ones have been, no matter how many times we have felt hopeless, here is a reminder: let us hope anyways and not let the soul give up! Let us hope anyways and feel the New Year in a renewed fresh breath, keeping our hearts pegged on hope! Dr. Kalai Mugilan received his Doctorate of Health Promotion/Medical Sociology. He is an Assistant Professor at South University and the co-founder of Varietas LLC Diversity Training, Certification, Staff Augmentation, which is located in Montgomery. He had workshops in New Orleans after Katrina and currently works with local veterans. To contact him, please call 205-243-7747.


The Pride of Montgomery

no limits. W E E K DAYS AT 3 P M O N


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Life Lessons JT & Leanne: Married with Microphones! Stop the Sadness! Live Healthier in 2014! It was recently brought to our attention while filming a segment for our television show that Alabama is one of the most medicated states in the country (#4 out of 50, according to a recent article in when it comes to prescription painkillers. In addition, Montgomery was ranked a few years ago as one of the saddest places to live in the U.S. However, a more recent survey released this year did not include our city - perhaps a sign that we're headed in the right direction? We absolutely love the town we live in and were very fortunate to have met Drs. Tom and Yolanda Zink when we moved to Montgomery. They are a husband/wife team who work together just like we do and have made it their personal goal in 2014 to make the River Region a healthier place to live and raise a family!


The Pride of Montgomery

Combined with a healthy diet and light to moderate exercise, Chiropractic Care can ease pain issues that many live with every day. Some people opt for very expensive and invasive surgeries before giving Chiropractic Care a shot at solving the problem. Leanne had chronic back pain until she started Chiropractic Care. We've also met many people in the area who were facing surgery or a lifetime of being medicated until they came to Zink Chiropractic and found out the root cause of their issues. Celebrities like Emmitt Smith, Tiger Woods, the US Olympic Water Polo Team, even Kim Kardashian and others - all attest that this approach to wellness has eliminated back pain, chronic headaches, injury related issues and more! No surgery or drugs are involved. But the benefit of Chiropractic Care is improved functions, flexibility and health, which leads to prevention of other issues. Just treating the "symptoms� is never an option.

So as we kick off a new year, we are really going to concentrate on getting in the gym and "scheduling" the time to exercise - just like we "schedule" our appearances, interviews, time with our teenage daughters and more! Realize that we live in a great city and take a moment to enjoy the area we call home. And applaud people like Drs. Tom and Yolanda Zink - who are working hard to make our residents healthier the natural way and see to it that Alabama doesn't remain on the "Most Medicated States in the U.S." list forever! Contact JT & Leanne Mix 103 Radio Personalities River Region TV Show (CW & WSFA12) Direct Cell: (334) 380-1950 Email: Websites: and www.RiverRegion.TV

Voted Best in Montgomery by Reader’s Choice Award!

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Satsuki 6534 Atlanta Hwy 334-239-7450

Top China 9160 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-1668

India Palace 3007H McGehee Rd 334-281-1200 Kabuki Steakhouse 7834 Vaughn Rd 334-273-8885 King Buffet 2727 Bell Rd 334-273-8883 Korean Garden 2891 Vaughn Plaza Rd 334-277-5685 Lek’s Railroad Thai at Union Station 300 Water St 334-269-0708

Shilla 3526 Eastdale Cir 334-354-3026 Shogun Japanese 5215 Carmichael Rd 334-271-6999

Bakery Cupcakes by Tish 1940 Mulberry St. 334-625-0999

Louisa's Bakery 1039 Woodley Road 334-356-1212 Barbeque Country’s Barbecue 2610 Zelda Rd 334-262-6211 5761 Atlanta Hwy 334-270-0126 Dreamland BBQ 101 Tallapoosa St 334-273-7427 Jim ’N Nicks Bar-B-Q 6415 Atlanta Hwy 334-213-0046 K&J Rib Shack 4255 S Court St 334-356-1368 Sam’s Bar-B-Que 3510 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-0008

Chris’ Hot Dogs are known for some of the best hot dogs in town! Chris Katechis, the original owner of Chris’ Hot Dogs, came to America from Greece.

Chris Katechis

The family-owned business opened May 1, 1917 and did not have doors until the 30’s or 40’s. Until the 50’s, Chris’ Hot Dogs was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and was only closed on Christmas and Easter. The restaurant offered curb service until the 60’s. Chris’ son and grandson, Theo and Gus Katechis, currently own the restaurant.

People come to Chris’ Hot Dogs from all over the world. Many famous people have enjoyed their experience at Chris’ Hot Dogs. Franklin Roosevelt went to Chris’ in 1932. Harry Truman was given two free boxes of hotdogs when he came into Montgomery on a train. Both George Bushes have been served Chris’ Hot Dogs at the Ray Scott Fishing House. There are many stories of “Big Jim” Folsom enjoying meals at Chris’ wearing only overalls, and no shirt or shoes. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. were both regular customers just like “Big Jim.” George Wallace was a good friend of Chris and went to Chris’ Hot Dogs several times a week. One of Chris’ Hot Dog’s largest orders was actually for George Wallace’s campaign. They provided over 3,000 hot dogs! Pretty much every Alabama Governor has been to Chris’ Hot Dogs. Governor Robert Bentley ate at Chris’ Hot Dogs his second day of office. Since Hank Williams grew up in Montgomery, Chris’ Hot Dogs became his hangout place. When he was just twelve years old, more people were inside Chris’ Hot Dogs watching him on top of the Juke Box than watching the parade going on outside. His tradition was to buy a hotdog and a beer and sit down with a napkin to write songs. After his performances, Hank Williams loved to go back to Chris’ with all of his friends. He often would get kicked out of Chris’ for drinking too much and would get banned for six weeks at a time. In World War II, Chris’ Hot Dogs collected metal for the government. Chris Katechis always wanted to do anything he could do to be a good American. Chris’ Hot Dogs is honored to be a part of this city’s rich history and is looking forward to the Mayor’s plans for the future of Montgomery, as Chris’ is sure to be part of it! Sophia’s BBQ 1055 Adams Ave 334-269-1177 Varsity BBQ 5471 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-5444

Café Café Louisa 1034 E Fairview Ave 334-264-4241 Café M One Museum Dr 334-240-4333 Cool Beans at Café d'Art 115 Montgomery St 334-269-3302 Shashy’s Fine Foods 1700 Mulberry St 334-263-7341

Casual Dining All City Coney Island 701 Madison Ave 334-819-4100 Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar 3001 Carter Hill Rd 334-264-9064 3195 Taylor Rd 334-274-0009 6601 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-1902 California Yogurt Kraze 3010 Zelda Rd 334-356-3716 7730 Vaughn Rd 334-215-9135 Chili’s 7355 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-1973

City Limits Bar & Grill 3585 McGehee Rd 334-239-9130

Nancy’s Italian Ice 7976 Vaughn Rd 334-356-1403

Sommer’s Grill 9188 EastChase Pkwy 334-274-0275

Dreamz 511 E Edgemont Ave 334-239-7303

True 503 Cloverdale Rd 334-356-3814

Sommer’s Place 7972 Vaughn Rd 334-279-5401

Ruby Tuesday 1310 Eastern Blvd 334-396-0224 6970 EastChase Loop 334-215-2285

32 Degrees Yogurt Bar 7030 EastChase Pkwy 334-272-4773

Eastside Grille 6667 Atlanta Hwy 334-274-1200 The Exchange at Renaissance Hotel 201 Tallapoosa St 334-481-5165

Filet & Vine 431 Cloverdale Rd 334-262-8463 Island Delights 323 Air Base Blvd 334-264-0041

Sinclair’s 1051 E Fairview Ave 334-834-7462 7847 Vaughn Rd 334-271-7654 Smoothie King 7026 EastChase Pkwy 334-356-5621 Smoothies & Things 109 S Court St 334-241-0770

The Tipping Point 5015 Hampstead High 334-260-9110

Fine Dining Central Restaurant 129 Coosa St 334-517-1155 Chophouse Vintage Year 405 Cloverdale Rd 334-264-8463

The Pride of Montgomery


Good Taste City Grill & Next Door 8147 Vaughn Rd 334-244-0960 Garrett’s 7780 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-9950 Ham & High 5251 Hampstead High 334-239-9982 The House Restaurant at Renaissance Montgomery Hotel 201 Tallapoosa St 334-481-5166 La Jolla Restaurant & Bar 6854 EastChase Pkwy 334-356-2600 Michael’s Table 2960 Zelda Rd 334-272-2500


Zoe’s Kitchen 2960C Zelda Rd 334-395-4698

Italian Carrabba’s Italian 1510 Eastern Blvd 334-271-7500 Cheezie’s Pizza 8125K Decker Ln 334-244-9496 2762 Bell Rd Bldg B 334-365-5423 1113H Perry Hill Rd 334-239-9263 CiCi’s Pizza 981 Ann St 334-386-3086 Corsino’s Italian 911 S Court St 334-263-9752

Mr. G’s 6268 Atlanta Hwy 334-356-4662

Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs 1712 Carter Hill Rd 334-262-8988

Zoe’s Kitchen 7218 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-9115

Marco’s Pizza 3171 Taylor Rd 334-356-6000


The Pride of Montgomery

Mellow Mushroom 7915 Vaughn Rd 334-213-6443

Cuco’s Express 31 S Court St 334-832-0081

Los Ranchos 127 Eastern Blvd 334-270-1509

Midtown Pizza Kitchen 2940 Zelda Rd 334-399-0080

El Rey Burrito Lounge 1031 E Fairview Ave 334-832-9688

Los Vaqueros 2195 Eastern Blvd 334-277-8339

Olive Garden 2700 Eastern Blvd 334-260-9220

Ixtapa Bar & Grill 7157 EastChase Pkwy 334-277-7600

Pizza Perfect 428 Coliseum Blvd 334-244-7721

Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant 6132 Atlanta Hwy 334-272-5232

Moe’s Southwest Grill 2900 Zelda Rd 334-273-9198 7028 EastChase Pkwy 334-356-3333

Sa Za’s Serious Italian 130 Commerce St 334-495-7292

Jalepenos Restaurant 8157 Vaughn Rd 334-277-2840

No Way Jose 5338 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-2222 8844 Minnie Brown Rd 334-819-7363

Stevi B’s Pizza 5411 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-3112

La Zona Rosa 2838 Zelda Rd 334-274-1153

Salsaritas 8015 Vaughn Rd 334-356-5430

Las Salsas Mexican 7921 Vaughn Rd 334-260-9096

San Marcos Mexican 61 N Burbank Dr 334-279-6680

Los Cabos Cantina 1801 Eastern Blvd 334-277-7571

Santa Fe Express 15 Commerce St 334-262-7676

Tomatinos 1036 E Fairview Ave 334-264-4241 Mexican Cuco’s 11123 Chantilly Pkwy Suite A 334-271-3528

Taqueria El Cantaro 1130 Ann St 334-356-7361 Tipico De Mexico 3441 Malcolm Dr 334-356-0459

Seafood Bonefish Grill 7020 EastChase Pkwy 334-396-1770 Capitol Oyster Bar at The Marina 617 Shady St 334-288-4217 Jubilee Seafood 1057 Woodley Rd 334-262-6224 Red Lobster 300 Eastdale Cir 334-277-0780 Ric & Mos 3150 Watchman Dr 334-517-1140 Wintzell’s Oyster House 105 Commerce St 334-262-4257

Young Barn Pub 5331 Young Barn Rd 334-819-7423

Southern Style A Social Event/Bandanas 301 Jefferson St 334-265-911 Blue Moon Café 7725 Averritt Dr 334-356-0543 Cornerstone 5336 Atlanta Hwy 334-386-0449 Cracker Barrel 9191 Boyd Cooper Pkwy 334-244-1085 Davis Café 518 N Decatur St 334-264-6015 Eastbrook Café 520 Coliseum Blvd 334-272-2438

Farmers Market Café 315 N McDonough St 334-262-1970

Peyton’s Place 5344 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-3630

Rock Bottom American Pub 2430 Eastern Blvd 334-239-7625

Farmhouse Kitchen 5251 Hampstead High St 334-284-8989

Piccadilly Cafeteria 2610 Eastern Blvd 334-271-6189

Wingers Sports Grill 2773 Bell Rd 334-277-3379

Fried Tomato Buffet 6050 Atlanta Hwy 334-244-6162

Red’s Little School House 20 Gardner Rd 334-584-7955

Gail’s Down the St. Café 2739 Zelda Rd 334-279-1009

Wagon Wheel Café 1961 Maxwell Blvd 334-265-9979

Golden Corral 1480 Eastern Blvd 334-532-0020 Isaiah’s Restaurant 135 Mildred St 334-265-9000 Martin’s Restaurant 1796 Carter Hill Rd 334-265-1767 Odessa’s Blessings 726 Forest Ave 334-265-7726

Pub & Restaurant

Steakhouse Charles Anthony’s Restaurant at the Pub 10044 Chantilly Pkwy 334-281-3911 Longhorn Steakhouse 4095 Eastern Blvd 334-613-7555

Baumhower’s Restaurant 2465 Eastern Blvd 334-271-1831

Outback Steakhouse 1040 Eastern Blvd 334-270-9495

Irish Bred Pub & Restaurant 78 Dexter Ave. 334-834-7559

Texas Roadhouse 7525 EastChase Pkwy 334-396-7774

Key Largo Bar & Grill 1343 Dalraida Rd 334-272-1402

The Pride of Montgomery





by Rev. Dr. Wendy R. Coleman

ell me the truth: is it a new year already? Does the calendar really say 2014? I mean, doesn’t it seem like we just wished each other Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy 4th of July, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas 2013? Regardless of how many questions I ask, and how much my mind wrestles with the reality of it, time passes more swiftly than we can comprehend. Our children grow up and are off to college before we can forget the nights of getting up to change their diapers. We look in the mirror, see those strange looking strands of gray, and wonder how they got there. Time, my friends, forges ahead without our permission and despite our protests. That’s why I want to encourage you to make every moment count this year. Don’t make any resolution to use your time wisely. Instead, make these habits a part of your everyday reality.

1 2 3 4

When you are working, make the best effort you can to do the job well. Try not to spend so much mental, emotional, and spiritual energy trying to figure out how to do it in the shortest time, with the least amount of effort, at the smallest cost. Sometimes the most satisfaction comes with taking your time to do the job right the first time even if it takes a bit more time. When you are resting, don’t worry about keeping the covers neat on the bed or the pillows neatly stacked on the couch: throw them on the floor and get your rest on! Our bodies are so fearfully and wonderfully made that when it’s time for rest, this instrument gives us clear signs. Don’t ignore what your vessel is telling you. While work and productivity are absolutely worth spending time on, the same is true for well-deserved rest. When you spend time with family and friends, give them your undivided attention. Don’t try to figure out where that nickel is that will balance the bank account. Leave the insurmountable problem at work . . . at work. You can figure out later when the tires need to be rotated, if there’s enough detergent to finish the laundry, or who’s going to win the Super Bowl. Give those closest to you the best of you. When you know it’s time to begin (or end) a chapter in your life, find the courage to do it. The most costly thing in the world is regret. Regret for the time you spent doing a thing too long or staying in a place too long. Regret for the time you wasted being angry at someone for too long when you can’t even remember why you’re mad anymore. Regret for the opportunity you didn’t take because you were simply scared or doubtful or lazy or insecure. If you sense in your spirit that this is your time, go for it! Pray for strength, clarity, direction, and discernment – and just do it.

Time, dear readers, is simply our most precious commodity. When it’s gone, we can’t get it back. So as we enter into a new year with our heads swimming at how fast it arrived, let’s pull ourselves together and be grateful that we have some more . . . time.


The Pride of Montgomery

Rev. Dr. Wendy R. Coleman serves as Pastor of First Congregational Christian Church, UCC, and as Chair for the Department of Theatre Arts at Alabama State University.

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813 Highland Avenue SELMA, AL 36701 1100 Lay Dam Road CLANTON, AL 35045 2809 Chestnut Street MONTGOMERY, AL 36107 2218 Executive Drive OPELIKA, AL 36801

Glenda DeRamus, NBC-HIS

In-House Financing Payments as low as $32/month

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when you come in for a FREE clean and check of your current hearing aids! Expires in 30 days!

Education Station Public Schools Montgomery Public Schools 334-223-6700 Private Schools Alabama Christian Academy 334-277-1985 Calvary Christian 334-281-9633 Churchill Academy 334-270-4225 Eastwood Christian School 334-273-1164 Evangel Christian Academy 334-272-3882 Frazer Memorial 334-279-0271 Green Gate 334-281-3300 Holy Cross Episcopal School 334-395-8222


The Pride of Montgomery

Lighthouse Christian Academy 334-271-4200 Macon-East Academy 334-277-6566

Seventh Day Adventist 334-272-6437

Fortis College 334-272-3857

Success Unlimited Academy 334-819-8005

Huntingdon College 334-833-4497

Montessori Academy 334-262-8685

Trinity Presbyterian School 334-213-2100

The Montgomery Academy 334-272-8210

Special Needs Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind 334-262-0824

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School 334-272-7220 SafetyNet Academy 334-277-1334 Saint James School 334-277-8033 St. Bede 334-277-8551 St. Jude Educational Institute 334-264-5376

Sylvan Learning Center 334-262-0043 Universities Alabama State University 334-229-4100 Amridge University 334-387-3878 Auburn Montgomery 334-244-3000 Faulkner University 334-272-5820

Jones School of Law 334-386-7495 Prince Institute of Professional Studies 334-271-1670 South University 334-395-8800 Trenholm State Technical College 334-420-4200 Troy University 334-241-9537 Virginia College 334-277-3390

The Pride of Montgomery


GREEN GATE We Are Much More

CALL 281-3300 TO


Than A School


Kid's Corner

Books That Inspire Art! by Kasey Hope

Children's books are filled with awesome art! Here is a fun project inspired by Eric Carle's "Mister Seahorse." 1. Draw the seahorse with a pencil. (Moms can do this for the little ones.) Then trace with a Sharpie. 2. Use the wet-on-wet technique to fill the seahorse with color. For this technique ,you simply wet the whole seahorse with plain water and then drop on the watercolor paint and watch it explode. 3. Then have fun splattering the background with the watercolor! ENJOY!!

Kasey Hope is an Auburn University graduate and the owner of P'zazz Art Studio in Prattville, where she has been teaching art lessons to adults and children for 5 years. 40

The Pride of Montgomery

You Supply the People . . . WE Supply the FUN! Host your next party at The Space Walker! They now offer two private party room choices in addition to the inflatable rentals! The two new private party rooms are very fun, yet very different. The Gaming Cage and Inflatazone provide fun for all ages! The Gaming Cage is the best place for video game lovers with five gaming screens, Wii console, X-Box Kinect, Wii U console, X-Box 360, Air Hockey table, a private party room and more! The Inflatazone holds two inflatables, 20 ft. Climbing Wall, Interactive Games, a private party room and more! Prices start at as little as $200. The facility also offers Weekly Open Play for Mom’s Day Out and Home School Programs, Weekly Zumba Classes, Team Building, Conference Room and Play Dates.

The Bowen Family

The Space Walker provides rentals for birthday parties, school festivals, church carnivals, block parties and family reunions. They also offer inflatables, water slides, inflatable tents, characters, clowns, concessions and fund-raising opportunities. The Space Walker is located at 1514 West Street. Please visit the website at or call 546-8116 for pricing.

The Pride of Montgomery


Meow, Woof & Chirp

UNLEASHING Holiday Cheer…. A New Pet Survival Guide by Dr. Phil Mitchell, DVM


hen you bring a companion pet into your home, you also welcome that furry friend into your heart. Undeniably, pets bring happiness into our lives, but they come with responsibility.



aising a puppy is a lot like raising a child. Owners should love and nurture them, feed and groom them, and give them everything they need to get off to a great start. The way an owner cares for the new pet will determine if he/she will grow up strong, healthy and happy.


ost puppies are full of energy, meaning they need plenty of exercise and attention. A great way to provide this is to let your puppy play! Staying active encourages proper mental and physical development, is a positive use for all that puppy energy, and keeps your puppy happy. (It's also a great way for you to bond with your new friend).


rovide your new companion with lots of puppy-safe toys during playtime and make sure they always have something to keep them occupied. When puppies don't have healthy outlets for activity, their playful and inquisitive nature may lead them into destructive

or dangerous situations. Consider enrolling them into a reputable “doggie day care” program when you are at work. This keeps them on a good schedule and also aids with house training.


s puppies grow, they will need good routine veterinary care. Providing the right vaccines on time is important for their delicate


onsider choosing one room where your new kitten can be kept for the first two weeks. This gives your kitten an opportunity to adjust gradually to his new environment and also helps with house training. Try to avoid a room with full-length curtains, breakable items, and dangerous plants or toxic household cleaning items.


immune system. Regular checkups with your vet will help monitor your puppy's growth and health. Another component of a puppy’s healthy growth is the provision of quality nutrition. The market is flooded with quality food options, so discussing your puppy’s nutritional needs with your veterinarian is key to getting your puppy off to a great start.



ike puppies, kittens also need exercise, attention, regular veterinarian visits, and good nutrition. One oversight many kitten owners fail to understand is the daunting and overwhelming experience a new environment is for a kitten. With this in mind, apply these tips to ensure a stress free transition.

he first twenty-four hours for your new friend should be a calm period of adjustment. Small children or other pets should NOT visit during this time. If you want to appeal to your kitten, spend time on the floor and allow him/her to approach you.


s with any new pet, it is critical from DAY ONE to set the routines you intend to keep in the future. Remember, cats come into this world as nocturnal animals. Allowing them to sleep with you those first few weeks can set an undesirable precedent for nighttime play and activity. A kitty kennel with a cozy bed, sets the tone that it's time to sleep, not play.


here’s nothing like bringing a new puppy and kitten home for the first time. Properly preparing for their arrival sets the balance for a successful and meaningful relationship.

Dr. Philip Mitchell has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 20 years at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital. 42

The Pride of Montgomery

The Pride of Montgomery


Meow, Woof & Chirp •



The Pride of Montgomery

Believe It or Not, Ripley... You're Still Up for Adoption! Hi! My name is Ripley and I am available for adoption through the Macon county shelter. I am roughly 2 years old and I currently live with my foster mom, Amy. And I have been here for quite some time now! Mom has not given up hope that the right person will come along though. Although I am a foster, mom has fallen in love with me. Come on people, do you see this face? I am a handsome devil if I do say so myself. I am house and crate trained and don't get in too much trouble. Mom says the only reason I have not gotten a home is because of my over excitement about life and my need to hug everyone I meet. Personal space? Sure I will invade your personal space and give you all my love in the process! I’d like to sit in your lap and snuggle. Snuggling is my favorite thing to do! I have had more than one foster mom but never really belonged anywhere. I have been with this mom for about 8 months. She has worked with me and loved on me and taken me to the park. She also lets me play with small humans and they are even better than the regular size ones!

What I really want this new year is to have my very own home and a person to call my own because I have so much love to give. Do you think maybe you could find room in your heart to love a man like me? I promise to love you with all that I am and give you all that I have forever! To find out more about me, or to meet me, give mom a call at 334-303-1506. I will be waiting on your call. All you have to do is give me a chance?

Prissy Paws by Amy Ray 2331 Eastern Blvd. Montgomery, AL 36117 334-303-1506 • 334-356-1655

Prissy Paws Open Tuesday-Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Insurance 101

Seasonal Light Solutions To Help You Through the Winter by Henry Hernandez, State Farm™ Insurance Agent

Some of us in northern climes approach winter with a growing sense of dread — the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and sooner or later many of us succumb to the "winter blues." Severe and chronic seasonal depression is a serious issue and should be treated by a medical professional. However, for many of us, winter tends to bring on lesser problems along the line of "cabin fever" or "the blahs." There are, however, ways to weather winter, including seasonal light solutions and other positive habits that help fend off stress and sadness. The winter blues aren't just a folksy saying — there are physiological (and psychological) reactions to how much sunlight we soak up on a daily basis. In the northern hemisphere, the tilt of the Earth means we get fewer winter daylight hours (and less direct sunlight) the further north we live. For example, around the Winter Solstice, Anchorage, Alaska, gets less than five hours of daylight, the northernmost part of Minnesota gets eight, while Miami, Florida, gets more than ten hours of sunshine each day. Shorter days mean less sunlight, which can mess with our biological clocks and circadian rhythms and bring about changes in our bodies' sleep schedules, our eating habits, and our moods. That's why some people notice that during winter months they might sleep more, have less energy and interest in their usual activities, feel more irritable or moody, and may even want to eat more (especially foods heavy in carbohydrates). There are doctorprescribed light therapies that include bright light boxes or dawn simulators, but if your symptoms are not that severe, there are other things you can do on a daily basis to fight off the blues or blahs


The Pride of Montgomery

Let the Light In • Throw open the shutters. Seasonal light solutions can be as simple as opening up the blinds and curtains and removing things (like tree branches) that block sun-facing windows. • Sit in the sunlight. Move your desk or kitchen table into an area that's getting more sunshine. Take some time during the day to sit near a bright window and read or work. Mornings are a good time to grab some extra sunlight exposure, as it can both help keep your biological clock set right and raise your spirits for the rest of the day.

Get Up and Get Out • Go outside. Sure, it might be colder out, but bundle up and try to get out more during the daylight hours. Make a daily walk part of your winter routine — even on a cloudy day, your body is still soaking up sunshine. When an unseasonably warm winter day comes along, consider eating lunch outdoors. • But also take time to relax. Don't push yourself too hard — take a little time each winter day to chill out, so to speak. • Be social. When you're feeling blue or cranky, sometimes the last thing you want is to be around other people, but sometimes that's also exactly what you need.

Take Care of Your Mind and Body • Get enough sleep. While sleeping all day or finding it increasingly hard to get out of bed can be a sign of more severe depression, make sure you're getting a normal and healthy amount of rest each night. Lack of sleep can raise stress levels. • Eat right. Follow healthy eating tips; and no matter how much your winter body might crave them, try to cut down on foods heavy in fats, sugars, and carbs. Instead try to eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins, including fish, nuts, and vegetables high in Omega-3 fatty acids. • Exercise regularly. Not just because you want to get a head start on your summer beach body, but because it helps reduce stress and anxiety and strengthens your body's physical and mental system. If your winter blues get worse and you feel you might be experiencing continuing depression, seek help from a medical professional. If, however, you feel like your mood and attitude just need a little boost during the cold, dark winter months, follow these tips to fight off the blahs and get as much happiness and fun out of winter as you do the other, warmer seasons.

• Head for the sun. If you're planning a winter vacation, consider going somewhere warm and sunny to give yourself a brief mid-winter recharge.

Henry Hernandez State Farm Agency Find us on Facebook and let us know what other topics Henry can help you with!

Insuring your liferesolutions helps To protect that last . their .. future. Agent Name, State Farm Agent Henry Hernandez StateAddress Farm Agent Street City, State, Zip Phone 3574 Quad Parkway Montgomery, E-mail AL 36116 Office: (334) 271-6000 Fax: (334) 271-6202

It can also provide for today.

Happy New Year! Whether got one, or 99, I’ll showyou've you how a life we wish you the drivewith and living resolve insurance policy to get to a better state™. benefits can help your family Like a good neighbor, with both State Farm long-term is there.® and short-term needs. CALL ME TODAY.


State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) Bloomington, IL

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY andof Montgomery WI) The Pride Bloomington, IL


Shopping Spree

The Classic Beauty of Pearls by Geri Cronier Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Designer, and VP Croniers Fine Jewelry

Pearls carry a feeling of classic beauty, the same

Pearls are easily re-strung on silk cord.

way an image of Audrey Hepburn did in the

According to industry authorities, when worn

movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

daily your pearls should be restrung yearly. Knowing this about restringing, if you are going to change the length you may also add some black pearls, black diamond beads, colored stones in faceted bead form like sapphire or amethyst, or diamond encrusted stations. I have also taken short strands of pearls and spaced the pearls along diamond and chain necklaces.

Paramount Pictures / Getty Images file

People come to me all the time with their pearls an say, "I know these are fine quality pearls, but I find myself not wearing them." My first answer is always think of pearl length like


hemlines: they change with current fashions

When the jewelry becomes not useful in its

and your own wardrobe and style of dressing.

current form, remember you can always recover

So the length of strands can easily be changed

your old sofa so you can certainly restyle your

(cost is somewhere from $40 to $200) to restring

old gemstones. They are far more valuable both

depending on length.

in money and close to your heart!

The Pride of Montgomery



The Big Sale...40% OFF Only at Cronier's Fine Jewelry! This is our way of saying "Thank You" for over 30 years of Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more! Some pieces have been reduced more than 40%. Many styles and pieces on sale. . . platinum, handmade one-of-a-kind, white gold, yellow gold! Come in while supplies last!

Stunning 40% OFF

Our Handmade Custom Designs


I Want 1 or 2... or 3...

40% OFF Hidalgo



2307 Eastern Blvd., Montgomery, Alabama 36117 • 334-272-4995 Open Tuesday- Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Find us on Facebook: Cronier’s Fine Jewelry •

We provide our clients with the highest level of customer service in the industry and we are committed to always having a team of passionate and knowledgeable representatives. This sale is possibly one of our largest Reduced Sales we've ever had. Come in and get what you've always wanted. Thank you for your business. Jerry Cronier, Owner Cronier's Fine Jewelry The Pride of Montgomery


A Unique Shopping Experience Offering Gifts for Home, Holidays, Weddings or any Occasion

Find Us On Facebook! Monday: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am-5pm 50

The Pride of Montgomery

Peppertree Shopping Center 8127 Vaughn Road (334) 647-1745

The Pride of Montgomery


Shopping Spree


We l c o m e to Th e S h o p p e s o f M y K i d s At t i c

osting two consignment sales a year led Lynda Jackson-Taylor, the owner of The Shoppes of My Kids Attic, to start her business in the spring of 2004. On August 1, 2006, she opened the current location of The Shoppes of My Kids Attic. With her father’s encouragement, she was able to achieve her goal of hosting the annual consignment sales, as well as following her dream of owning a boutique. The Shoppes of My Kids Attic is no ordinary boutique. It is a variety of individual shops whose products are sold through Lynda’s store catering to newborns all the way up to those young at heart. It gives these individuals an outlet without total full time commitment. Over the six years The Shoppes of My Kids Attic has been in their cur-


The Pride of Montgomery

rent location, the store has increased from twentyseven individual shops to about fifty-five shops. Lynda loves her shop, says it is a dream, and is thankful for all of the relationships it has built. The Shoppes of My Kids Attic currently hosts three consignment sales a year. The annual consignment sale in February has a variety of children’s spring and summer clothes. The sale in September contains a variety of fall and winter clothes for children. This year, the store will host the 3rd annual women’s and home decor consign-

ment sale in March. Check for more information on the consignment sales in our upcoming issues! Call The Shoppes of My Kids Attic today at 334270-1456 or better yet stop by at their store located at 401 Coliseum Boulevard.

Andy Taylor & Lynda Jackson-Taylor, owner of The Shoppes of My Kids Attic

The Pride of Montgomery


The 12th International F. S c o t t F i t z g e r a l d S o c i e t y Co n f e re n c e


The 12th International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference was held on November 6, 2013, through November 10, 2013, in Montgomery, the birthplace of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. This is the first time Montgomery has been so honored to have the Fitzgerald International Conference since it was begun about 1990. The venue shifts every other year from one side of the Atlantic to the other, with conferences having previously taken place in London, Paris, Lyon, Nice and Veve, Switzerland, as well as in New York, Princeton, Long Island, St. Paul and Baltimore. Over 185 people attended the conference. Some traveled from as far away as Africa, China and Japan!

The 12th International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference was kicked off with a special opening night reception hosted by Society members Julian and Leslie McPhillips under a big white tent in front of the Fitzgerald Museum. Presentations of academic papers 54

The Pride of Montgomery

were held at Troy University of Montgomery during the day, interspersed by tours of historic sites, and finishing with a Saturday night cruise on the Harriott II.

Julian & Leslie McPhillips

How did Montgomery score such a prestigious event? Well, Montgomery is home to the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum at 919 Felder Avenue, which is the only Fitzgerald Museum anywhere in the world! The house museum is where Scott and Zelda lived in 1931-32 after returning from Europe following Zelda’s discharge from a mental health hospital in Switzerland. Portions of both Tender Is the Night, written by Scott, and Save Me the Waltz, written by Zelda, were created in the house. Troy University professor Dr. Kirk Curnutt, who is vice-president of both the Fitzgerald International Conference and the Muse-

um, said the four day event was enormously successful, more than he had earlier imagined. Conference participants from all over the world left Montgomery with a very positive impression of our city. “The Society would like to thank Troy University and the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, which were co-sponsors of the event,” added Dr. Curnett. Interested in Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald? Visit the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum that is here in Montgomery today! Executive director Willie Thompson is a captivating guide, as are his assistants. The museum’s hours are Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. To schedule a tour off hours, give them a call at 334-262-4222.

Julian McPhillips and Mayor Todd Strange

The Pride of Montgomery


Worth A Look

New Year, New Tips For


It’s a brand new year and that means festive activities are in full swing! Looking for some great glamour tips for before and after your holiday parties? Don’t forget those lashes! False eyelashes add flare to every outfit. It’s a great way to glam up even the simplest look. Give a darker shadow and lighter lip a try! You will be surprised by how well you can pull it off. Need a pick-me-up from having too much fun the night before? Take your eye cream and put it in the fridge overnight and apply to tired eyes in the morning. It will be a little cold at first, so rub the cream around with a cotton swab to warm it up. It will be absolutely refreshing on tired eyes. Drink plenty of water! It not only hydrates your body, but your skin as well. Vitamin C supplements are great during the holidays to keep your skin healthy and can help eliminate blemishes that may pop up! And make sure your skin is moisturized! In cooler weather, your skin dries out so much quicker. Follow these tips for a rosy life and complexion in 2014. Happy New Year!!!

by Rebekah Edwards LUSH Makeup Art 56

The Pride of Montgomery

The Pride of Montgomery



Thursday Runs January 2; 6 p.m. Chipotle 2560 Berryhill Road; 334-356-7271 Montgomery MultiSport’s Thursday runs are changing! The first Thursday of every month we are starting to spice it up and will meet at Chipotle! Join us at 6 p.m. for 2, 3, or 5-mile options and BOGO entrees afterwards! Wine Tastings at Filet & Vine January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Filet & Vine 431 Cloverdale Road; 334-262-8463 Join us every Thursday for wine tastings at Filet & Vine! The wine tasting ranges from $5 to $10 depending on the wines being poured.

Filet & Vine


The Pride of Montgomery

Fine Line Engravers & Gifts Annual Clearance Sale January 6-31 Fine Line Engravers & Gifts 2972 Carter Hill Rd; 334-281-7577 Out with the OLD and in with the NEW. Stop by Fine Line Engravers to see all the treasures in store on clearance! Mellow Mondays January 6, 13, 20, 27; 6:00 p.m. Mellow Mushroom 7915 Vaughn Road; 334-356-7271 Montgomery MultiSport and Mellow Mushroom will host a running group every Monday. Join us at Mellow Mushroom at 6 p.m. for a group run followed by dinner specials, raffles and fellowship! 2, 3, and 5-mile options available, runners will begin at Mellow and follow courses marked throughout Halcyon subdivision. Everyone meets back for pizza, beer, and giveaways!

Black Jacket Symphony presents “Led Zeppelin- Houses of the Holy” January 10; 8:00 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre 201 Tallapoosa St; 334-481-5100 Black Jacket Symphony returns to Montgomery on Friday, January 10th, performing Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin. The Black Jacket Symphony has performed for sold out audiences throughout the Southeast and is excited to bring their incredible music, light and video experience back to Montgomery. Goodnight Moon January 11-Feburary 1 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 1 Festival Drive; 334-271-5353 You’ve read the story to your children a thousand times. Now this classic bedtime tale comes to the stage with the sweet sounds of music! (cont. on page 60)

The Pride of Montgomery


Datebook (Goodnight Moon - cont. from page 58) Bunny’s room magically comes to life as he sings and dances through nursery rhyme scenes of dancing bears, the Cat and the Fiddle, the Cow Jumping over the Moon and a stellar voyage through the constellations. Goodnight Moon will keep all kids 3 and up engaged and amazed. This play is adapted from the book by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd.

Blue/Gray Charity Deer Hunt 2014 January 16, 17, 18 1501-A Dozier Road; 334-356-1180 Come join hunters from all over the United States and Canada, and hunt thousands of areas of private land during the Rut in the Black Belt of Alabama, home to the South's finest trophy whitetail deer hunting. The 11th Annual Montgomery Lion's Club Charity Deer Hunt will be held January 16th, 17th and 18th, 2014. We will begin check-in on Thursday, prior to noon, then hunt Thursday afternoon the 16th through Saturday morning the 18th. Proceeds from the hunt are utilized to support the Lion's Club's ongoing mission to preserve sight and engage youth in our community in educational, leadership and character-building programs. This hunt is known for its professionalism and is conducted by experienced Lions who have made the Blue Gray All-Star Football Classic a successful and quality entertainment venue. "Save Me the Waltz" by Zelda Fitzgerald reading performed by Miss Alabama January 18; 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum 919 Felder Avenue; 334-264-4222 Miss Alabama, Chandler Champion, will be reading from Zelda's novel Save Me the Waltz. The reading will be held January 18th from 1-2 at the Fitzgerald Museum. There will be light refreshments provided. Miss Champion, a native of Leeds, Alabama, is a junior at the University of Alabama. Her platform for the 2013 pageant was "Reading is Believing: Don't Stop Believing."


The Pride of Montgomery

Rick Springfield January 18; 8:00 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre 201 Tallapoosa St; 334-481-5100 Rick Springfield has been writing and performing music for more than four decades. An accomplished actor, he has performed on Broadway, headlined in Las Vegas, and starred in numerous movies and television series; most recently, he played a twisted version of “himself” in Showtime’s hit Californication. My Kids Attic Spring and Summer Children’s Consignment Sale Receiving Dates: January 25-26, January 30- February 1 The Shoppes of My Kids Attic 401 Coliseum Blvd; 334-270-1456 The receiving dates for the February 8-15th My Kids Attic Spring and Summer Children’s Consignment sale are January 25-26 and January 30- February 1. Blue Man Group January 27, 28; 8:00 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre 201 Tallapoosa St; 334-481-5100 Experience the Phenomenon. Blue Man group is best known for their wildly popular theatrical shows and concerts, which combine comedy, music, and technology to produce a totally unique form of entertainment. With no spoken language, Blue Man Group is perfect for people of all ages, languages and cultures. This unique experience is a form of entertainment like nothing else; guaranteed to be an outing you will never forget. Volunteer Docent Banquet Janaury 28; 6:00 p.m. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Museum 2301 Coliseum Pkwy; 334-240-4900 There will be a dinner and banquet celebrating and awarding Zoo Education Department volunteers. All Montgomery Zoo docents and zooteens are welcome to join in this event allowing the Zoo staff and boards members the opportunity to say thank you for all their hard work during the year.

The Great Gatsby January 31-February 16 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 1 Festival Drive; 334-271-5353 Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, passionately pursues the elusive Daisy Buchanan. Nick Carraway, a young newcomer to Long Island, is drawn into their world of obsession, greed and danger. The breathtaking glamour and decadent excess of the Jazz Age from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel come to the stage in Simon Levy's adaptation, approved by the Fitzgerald Estate. This play is adapted by Simon Levy and bases on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Blow-dry, Styling & Shopping Event February 6; 6:30 p.m. Phoenix Salon & Spa 6311 Atlanta Highway 334-272-4247 Join the fun for a styling session! Do not forget to bring your own hairdryer. All retail products will be $10 and under! Appetizers will also be available. 1st Annual Re-Ignite Your Rezolution Workout Marathon February 8; 9:00 a.m. RezFIT 219 Madison Avenue 504-915-7879 After the holiday hustle and bustle are over, we are having our 1st Annual ReIgnite Your Rezolution Workout Marathon February 8 at 9:00 a.m. Showcasing 4 of our most popular classes in 30 min increments: boxing, extreme abs, total gym, and Boot Camp. This is a free event to the community. You can stay the entire 2 hours or drop in and out checking out the different classes. Participants that withstand the entire 2 hours will get a t-shirt. See p16 for details! My Kids Attic Spring and Summer Children’s Consignment Sale February 8-15 The Shoppes of My Kids Attic 401 Coliseum Blvd; 334-270-1456 Come out for My Kids Attic Spring and Summer Children’s Consignment Sale.

The Pride of Montgomery


Map It Out 3



29 3



32 17



27 50 46


53 51 52


35 10

18 34 43


6 52 12 24


31 49




28 50

13 19


38 7

AAA Auto Rental 1 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 16 Alabama State University Theater 18 American Forest Management 2 Artistic Expressions 3 Auburn University Montgomery 36 Biscuits Baseball 4 Cafe Louisa 35 Carrabba's Italian Grill 38 Chris' Hot Dogs 51 Churchill Academy 47 Cronier’s Fine Jewelry 7 Deramus Hearing 52 DoubleTree Hotel 55 Dougs 2 Salon 8 Eastside Grille 9 Filet & Vine 10

56 40


9 30

Fine Line Engravers & Gifts 11 Fitzgerald Museum 12 Green Gate School 13 Holy Cross Episcopal School 14 Hue Studio 43 Lee & Lan Florist 17 Looney’s SuperSkate 19 Louisa’s Bakery 35 Lush Makeup Art 8 Macon East Academy 6



McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP 20 Mela’s Boutique 24 Montgomery Antique Gallery 28 Montgomery Humane Society 21 Montgomery Medical Supply 37 Moses & Moses CPA 49 Old Alabama Town 46 Pediatrics at Twilight 5

39 5

41 26 16


8 22


Phoenix Salon & Spa 56 Primary EyeCare 45 Prissy Paws 50 Resolution Camps 26 Riverfront Facilities 27 Sadler Chiropractic 31


45 47 14



of Montgomery

State Farm - Henry Hernandez 41 Steak ’n Shake 29 Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital 30 The Shoppes of My Kids Attic 32 The Space Walker 34 Tomatino's Pizza and Bake Shop 35 Tonya Speed’s Dance 33 Troy University Montgomery 53 Two Blessings Gift Boutique 39 Walker 360 44 Wilson Shaw IT 54

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