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Leading Friends & Ruling Enemies How to Manage a College Newsroom

Š 2011 Isa Ghani –


Daily Publication (4 days a week)


Readership of 18,000 a week


100,000 hits per month online


Newsroom of 30


Reporting staff of 200+


Third Best Daily in Nation (Apple Awards NYC 2011)


Isa Ghani

Golden Rules of being an Editor   Communication is key – R.E.S.P.E.C.T   Why so serious? Smile.   Be Professional, and always fair   Never Lie – assume everyone will know   Remember your first responsibility: your newspaper.

Advertising vs. Editorial !   Advertising sells space in the paper (product) to make

as much money as possible !   Editorial makes the best product possible, using the

money made to get better and better !   Symbiotic not Parasitic relationship

Advertising vs. Editorial !   R.E.S.P.E.C.T your advertising staff – they pay your

salaries !   But a newspapers does NOT function solely to sell

advertising – remember your readers !   Help advertising, and they in turn will help you !   Scratch their backs, and they’ll scratch yours

Leading Friends !   Getting Along:   R.E.S.P.E.C.T. It’s a people person job – get used to it, and EARN the respect !   Understand different personalities, and know how to use

them – well.

!   Maintain Respect – know when to walk, when to lose, when

to apologize, when to be wrong, when to compliment or criticize

!   It’s okay to be wrong, but NOT okay to be bad

*Tip - Do some grunt work

Leading Friends !   Dipping your pen in the company ink. !   Don’t do it?

!   Relationships AMONG staff members !   Address it early – be open but fair

!   EICs - Relationships WITH staff members !   Keep work and play separate   Never Lie

Ruling Enemies   Communication is key   Be Professional   Never Lie

!   Keep your enemies close !   Be honest and direct, not passive aggressive !   Back to the paper trail !   Keep everything on record !   Patience !   Keep your cool and don’t blow your lid

Newsroom Management 101 (Internal) !   #1. Difficult Personalities – deal with it early. !   Private vs Public !   Be the boss !   Be Patient !   #2. Being THE Editor !   Earning Loyalty – have their backs !   #3. Being a Team !   Noone is irreplaceable, but everyone is essential !   Time off vs. Replacements

Newsroom Management 101 (External) !   #4. Expanding your Newsroom !   Assistants = assets !   #5. Putting your name/paper out there !   Don’t be losers and stay in the basement/kitchen/back yard – people WANT to work for you !   #6. Expanding resources !   Offer pay, course credit, internships, experience, clips, resume builders, free drinks, food, anything! !   #7. Cutting Deals - recruitment !   Professors – class participation/credit = win, win !   Editors – goals = rewards !   Writers – challenges = prizes


Leading Friends and Ruling Enemies: Running a Student Newspaper  

Being a student editor isn't easy. Add on the fact that your coworkers are friends, peers and sometimes significant others - a newsroom can...

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