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VICKI SCHMITZ, Art Teacher/Department Chair, and SARAH TITUS, Upper School Social Studies Teacher,

each joined a 15-member cohort at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a week-long AP Summer Institute, a combination of seminar sessions and hands-on collaborative studio activities focused on the importance of art history and contemporary art practice in the high school classroom. These two educators are planning to pool their gains to create the curriculum for an art history/making class, which this fall for Prairie juniors and seniors. [B]

JEAN WEAVER, Upper School Science Teacher, attended the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at the University of Notre Dame in July. Along with 1700 chemistry educators from various levels throughout the U.S. and abroad, Jean gained new ideas for labs, activities, and teaching strategies. She also shared two well-received presentations on labs she has created for Prairie’s Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry classes.


Five Straight Years of 100% —

When Dr. Coffman arrived at TPS prior to the 2014-15 school year, it quickly became apparent to him what makes Prairie so special – the people. In particular, a faculty that is relentless in its efforts to go above and beyond for students and families, doing whatever is necessary to ensure every student is known, valued, supported, and challenged. This fall, for the fifth consecutive year, 100% of Prairie’s fulltime faculty made a gift to the Prairie Fund, a fund that helps Prairie balance the budget while offsetting everything from classroom supplies to professional development. The show of support directly speaks to the faculty’s shared belief in the school’s mission.

“It’s a pleasure being part of the Prairie School community,” says Margaret McDonough, Co-Director of College Counseling. “It’s a pleasure and privilege to work with colleagues, students, and parents who believe in the value of education, especially the education of the whole child; people who are thoughtful and purposeful in pursuit; seek the growth and well-being of all students; and share of fundamental ethic of civility, trust, and respect.”

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Prairie | Volume 4 - Issue 2  

Prairie | Volume 4 - Issue 2