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The Prairie View April 2008 Embrace, in love

Lift Up, in Christ

Reach Out, with compassion

God Bless you David On behalf of the entire church I want to thank Rev. Taylor for his all too short ministry at Oswego Prairie Church. In his own way and mature style, David has led our youth ministry, preached some great messages, led us in worship, invited special speakers, performed in our Praise and Youth Bands, contributed needed leadership to our Church Council and evangelism team, printed up promotional shirts and evangelized his neighborhood for Oswego Prairie Church. This is no where near a complete list, but I hope it conveys the idea and truth that we are much appreciative of his work and how much he will be missed. Dave has agreed to continue a conversation with me about Prairie and share his thoughts and advice concerning our ministry. I will hold him to this promise, because he has proven to be a valued church leader. He now turns his attention to ministry in the state of Texas. There are already some discussions starting there, and we wish him, his family and the church in Texas our best. David, we will continue to hold you in our prayers, thank God for your time with us and miss you terribly. Yours in Christ, Pastor Keck

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