The Fintech Power 50 "Ones to Watch"

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WHO WE ARE KYC Portal (KYCP) is a product that is changing the dynamics of how KYC and due diligence is conducted. A product that allows a company to merge all the various steps throughout the entire lifetime of due diligence into one common platform. KYCP allows for the automation of back-office processes. What is currently done by teams of humans, such as collecting documents, assessing risk, checking client responses, checking for PEPs and sanctions, communicating with clients and the entire process all throughout reviews, is all streamlined through KYCP, allowing for increased efficiencies (both in processes and cost) while reducing the overall risk exposure of the company. KYCP has one of the most unique features on the market, whereby it is all running on a

dynamic configuration engine which allows the compliance team to be able to define and tweak the entire regulatory process at any point in time – not only at company level but at product or service level. This is a key feature, considering that the regulatory process in which due diligence happens is so volatile – be it due to different jurisdictions, perception of risk, different products / services being offered but mostly the constantly evolving regulatory requirements.


WHO WE ARE NEO is a FX risk management solution 100 per cent designed for corporate treasurers. From high growth startups to multinationals, we advise clients in reducing transaction costs and boosting efficiency. With NEO any corporate can easily define a FX management policy, access ultra-competitive FX rates, hedge FX risk more than 90 currencies and automate both execution and reporting. NEO offers a complete FX market access: spot, forwards, swaps and options. All in a single platform: multi-currency wallets, FX alerts, transparent pricing, market rates in real time, no limit in transaction history, complete documentation centre. Enjoy total flexibility and completeness of information from anywhere. Inside the box you constantly get the coolest features your bank will never offer. Our feature list keeps growing every month so you are always up to date. 20 | WWW.THEPOWER50.COM

NEO is 100 per cent plug and play. This means being live in 24 hours, nothing to install, no IT involvement – the finance department takes control back. And, just because disruption cannot come at the cost of safety, NEO is fully regulated for hedging activities under MIFID2 and we apply the highest standards in IT security. NEO was founded in 2017, we are 100 per cent independent from banks. We operate from Barcelona, London, Paris and Warsaw.