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The Post Oak School

“I listened,”

said Post Oak alumnus Ben Jawdat. “I think everyone has an inner voice that tells them what they really want to do, and I think the vast majority of people ignore it every day. Basically, people don’t feel they can do what they want to do, or that it’s not realistic, or particularly meaningful, or that it won’t impress their colleagues. But it always seems like the most successful people are the ones who actually do what they’re interested in regardless what others think.”


After three years of planning, the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) approved the proposal to establish the Houston Montessori Institute (HMI), a teacher training center to be housed at Post Oak. The first class begins training in June .


The Post Oak High School opened in August . Last year we purchased land in the Museum District, gutted and renovated the building at  Autrey, hired faculty, recruited a freshman class, wrote curriculum, and initiated accreditation by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

As a senior at Emory University three years ago, Ben was applying to medical school. Perhaps it was the act of writing his personal statement for the MCAT ’s, and reflecting upon why he wanted to be a doctor, but at that moment Ben real ized that he really wanted to continue studying physics. Now he’s two years into the Ph.D. program at the University of Houston, and interested in the next phase of space exploration. “It’s inevitable that we’re going to explore the rest of the solar system; it’s just human curiosity, if not economic incentives.”

This story reminds me of a comment from Lauren Fondren, who graduated from Post Oak a year before Ben. “Post Oak helped me find my inner voice,” she said. Lest I think that would have happened anywhere, Lauren continued, “My high school quashed it.” As an undergraduate at Middlebury College, Lauren learned Arabic and spent a year abroad studying in Egypt. (To do so, she petitioned her college to extend the “Semester Abroad” to a full year —very Montessori!) She is now serving as a foreign service officer in the U.S. Department of State.


Jackson and Ryan Architects, working with the building committee of the board, is developing final plans to renovate the Bissonnet campus.


Kim Sterling and Associates is guiding the board’s development committee and campaign leadership on the initial phases of BigWORK, the effort to raise capital for both the Bissonnet expansion and the High School start-up costs.

What is the purpose of education? These days, parents and students are likely to answer, “Preparation for a job, an occupation, a career or a vocation.” Vocation conveys another meaning, “which is rooted in the Latin for ‘voice.’ Vocation does not mean a goal that I pursue. It means a calling that I hear…. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that from our first days in school, we are taught to listen to everything and everyone but ourselves, to take all our clues about living from the people and powers around us (Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak).”

What Ben and Lauren reveal, is that a Post Oak education helps students learn to listen to their own inner voice. Yes, this will lead to a career. More sig nif icantly, it leads to a vocation—work that aligns with the most deeply held interests and values of the individual and provides more than a living wage— the deep satisfaction of expressing meaning in one’s life. What better prepa ration for life could there be? Last year was one of major landmarks as we prepare for the future of Post Oak. You will have many opportunities to join in and to support the life of the school in the coming year. Thank you for all that you did in 2011–2012 , the year commemorated in this report. —John Long, Head of School


Admissions saw dramatic growth with a  percent increase over last year in the total number of inquiries, full enrollment from Infant Community through Lower Elementary, a record number of Middle School students, and the High School opening with  students.

Post Oak’s th anniversary kicks off in January . Faculty, staff and parents have been at work for two years now, planning a series of celebratory events.

Our Giving Community

Post Oak parents are generous in spirit and time as they volunteered countless hours and energy this year to present several all-school events. Our annual Welcome Dinner, Field Day, Book Fair, and Grandparents’ Days were fun for our families and very well attended. Each event was tailored to the culture and cre ativ ity of this community. Thanks to all of our hard-working event chairs. (Please read the list in the back of the report for their names.) The fall season was filled with the sweet singing voices of Elementary students in preparation for the full children’s opera, Moon Maiden. This massive undertaking was carefully orchestrated by co-chairs Tanya Gee and Jane Greenberg. From the initial rehearsals all the way to the stage production in February, they managed every detail and creatively responded to all challenges — and there were many. Coordinating over 150 Elementary students in an operatic production is no small feat. Heartfelt thanks to our chairs and all the volunteers who brought together such an extraordinary production to help our students have a beautiful and memorable life experience. The Post Oak community is also generous in its support for this school. Our annual fund brought in over $ 260,000 and had 98 percent parent participation. Thanks to our Post Oak Fund chairs Kim and Michael Callahan. In addition, we began the early stages of our Big WORK Capital Campaign to support start-up expenses of the High School and major renovations on the Bissonnet campus. We offer thanks to each and every contributor. Their gifts are a nod of support for the work accomplished each day at Post Oak.

Generous Support

The 2012 Post Oak Fund

Cari and Tyler Gill Raka and Jay Gohel

Donors who generously contributed gifts of  and above to The Post Oak Fund are members of The Post Oak Fund Leadership Circle.

Robert Pascoe

Deepa Poduval and Rajesh Chelapurath

Janice and Barrett Green

Stephanie and Bill Perkins

Laura and Martin Citardi

Jessica and Vean Gregg

Anh Nguyen and Victor Phan

Melissa and Felix Cordero

Windi and David Grimes

Kristen and David Ridgway

Rebecca Cornwell

Rennae and Joseph Henry

Manju and Manish Rungta

Vareen and Dave Cunningham

Kelly and Blake Hill

Alicia Kowalchuk and

Maday and Jay Dargan

Jeanne-Mey Sun and

Leadership Circle

Melissa Coleman and

Tom Janssens

Benjamin Saldaña

Kelly and Garth Davis

Daniela and Manolo Sanchez

Jeffrey Davis

Shonali and Rakesh Agrawal

Jane Greenberg and

Farrell and Stuart Saunders

Robyn Davis

Cynthia and Bucky Allshouse

Gregory Kaplan

Sherri and Charles Schugart

Lissa Debes

Janet and Mario Kapusta

Jenee and Nick Stefanakis

Robert Debes

Hallie and Eugene Kim

Patricia and Edward Wade

Maneesha and Manoj


Amy and Lloyd Kirchner

Whitney and Marc Walsh


Frank Apollo

Vivian and Kenneth Lee

Gerry and Lou Waters

Sangeeta Cheema and

Kimberly and Michael Callahan

Renée and Michael Locklar

Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro

Jodie and Laith Daik

Kathy and John Long

Vallette and Russell Windham

Zarafsheen and Imran Dossani

Kelly and James Davis

Lucinda and Javier Loya

Connie and Jeff Woodman

Lauren and David Dressler

Anne Singleton and

Nandita Gupta and Vikas Mittal

Kim and Chuck Yates

Monica and Derek Dunaway

Tara and Alex Neblett

Anita and Alan Ying

Lisa and W. Christian Eddleman

Laurie and Leland Fondren

Katie and Bob Orr

Rocio Diaz and Francisco

Monica and Charles Eskridge

Abbe and Adam Forman

Angel and Patrick Pan

D. Kent & Linda C. Anderson Foundation

Jack Douglas

Tanya and Jerry Gee

Zorrilla Jennifer and Fernando Zumbado

Karam Dhillon

Analitza and Justin Factor Gina and Charles Fertitta Lori Ann and Michael Foertsch

Individual Contributors

Rachel and Wayne Franklin

Nancy and John Almon

Christa Filak and Martin Fraske

Beth Apollo

Amy and Blair Garrou

Stephanie and Phil Arnett

Eva and Enrique Gasca

Elenir and Rony Avritscher

Dan Gilbane

Teri and Thomas Bair

Cathy and Tim Goff

Jeannine and David Bergt

Hannah and Leonard Golub

Sara and Brian Binau

Cynthia and Ashok Gowda

Beverly Bontrager

Annette and Roger Gregory

Sipra and Scott Boyd

Michele and Richard Griffiths

Jessica and Ben Braun

Sowmini and Ravi Gudimetla

Jennifer and Christian

Leashanne and James Guo

Brenckmann Jamie and James Broach

Sophia Banu and Muzammil Hanif

Courtney and Bill Bucy

Sanjiv and Sandhya Harpavat

Erin and Brett Busby

Vicki and Robert Harvey

Carla Campbell

Kristin and Joey Hayles

Bernadette Verzosa and

Stephanie and Ben Hertzog

Len Cannon Mintz Elizabeth and Walter Cassidy Sara and Juan Pablo Catá Jennifer and Clifton Chavis

Claudia and David Hertzog Rochelle Tafolla and Richard Hess Anh and Doanh Hoang

Bianca and Greg Holland

Kavitha and Sattva Neelapu

Carol and John Howenstine

Raina and Jonathan Newsome

Catherine and Andrew Kaldis

Phuong and Sun Nguyen

Cynthia DeLaney and

Susan Hardwick-Smith and

Stephan Kinsella

Kevin O’Gorman

Alyson and Andrew Koval

Wendy and Meir O’Hanna

Vasanthi and Ramanan

Kelley and Brent Oncale


Heather and Brenden O’Neill

Dinh Lam

Teresa Onofre

Beth and Matt Lavine

Tahia and Shoyab Panchbhaya

Andrea Lazar

Sharon Engelstein and

Ashley and Robert Leder

Aaron Parazette

Jamie and Andrew Lee

Pragnya and Kaushik Parekh

Ann and Kelvin Lee

Meredith and Mark Parenti

Katarzyna Leon-Lubowicz and

Jenny Mohr and

Alfonso Leon

Matthew Parker

Yan and Haiyang Li

Renee Parker

Amy and Alan Lindsey

Jaana Porra and Michael Parks

Mary and Christopher

Stelli and Todd Parsapour


Nadia and Nader Parviz

Dawn and Peter Lorenz

Mayuri and Dharmesh Patel

Michelle and Thomas Lu

Lisa and Patrick Phelps

Sheung Wong and Gary Luk

Tammira and Nicolas Philippe

D'arcy and Robert Madden

Jacqueline and Robert

Jenny and André Marshall

Your contributions support The Post Oak School through capital improvements to our facility, technology enhancements, faculty training and development, student financial assistance and growing the endowment.


Irina and Jan Schmedes

Aimee and Greg Taylor

Veronica and Riccardo Scionti

Nikayla and Aaron Thomas

Stacey and Mark Martin

Kelly and Anthony Policastro

Jacqualin and Jeff Seely

Jennifer and Sam Touchet

John and Lori Martinez

Jennifer Pon

Zeenath and Arjun Selvakumar

Natalia and Angel Urreta

Victoria Matthews

Hillery Hugg and Gregory Press

Jian and Mike Short

Mary Vaeza-Lopez and

Elise McClain

Kimberly and Cristopher Proler

Jennifer and Robert Shults

Tanya Bennett and

Jocelyn and Paul Pua

John and Tina Sims

Karen and Raul Valdez

Elizabeth and Adam Pulaski

Nina and Stephen Skinner

Gena and Michael Vaughn

Joyce and Danny Rafati

Ariana and Raymond Smetana

Aparajitha and Amit Verma

Partow and Farhad Ravandi

Carmen Garcia-Smith and

Claudia and Alex Villegas

David McConkey Sarah Ellenzweig and Scott McGill

Todd Smith

Jesse Lopez

Julia and Terry Vine

Sara Jurney and Todd Mensing

Amber and Terry Ray

Paula and Mark Mey

Karen and Ken Redding

Valerie and Michael Sonsino

Khanhuyen and Huy Vinh

Jessica and Philipp Meyer

Lisa and John Reed

Asha and Gaurav Sood

Molly and Coert Voorhees

Pat and Bill Mitchell

Sabrina Reynolds

Simran and Manish Sood

Catherine Than and

Sonia Einstein and Ofer Molad

Shelly and Bill Richter

Anne and Alan Speed

Shanell and Walker Moody

Heidi and Bryan Rosenstrauch

Evy Pappas and

Dana and Russell Morris

Jennifer Norten and

Cinda and Brian Moye

Mark Routbort

Nickolas Spiliotis

Hoang Quan Vu Jennifer Wheler Susan and Michael Wong

Inna and Dmitriy Starikov

Michelle and Kenneth Zagorski

Michelle and Michael Munn

Andrea and Anthony Russo

Mary and Garland Stephens

Daniela Weil and Erik Zanker

Jenny and Edwin Murphy

Suzan and Jeremy Samuels

Jennifer Stern

Allison and Gustavo Zapata

Kate and Lance Murphy

Kara and Dax Sanders

Kevin Stevens

Yingli and Hui Zhang

Alana Kennedy-Nasser and

Mona and Sanjeev Sawhney

Erin and Thomas Stus

Kate and Greg Scheinman

Julie and Jason Styles

Dean Nasser

Grandparents William Bucy David Dressler Judy and Harry Ellenzweig Leah and Harry Engelstein Don Forman and Paula Forman Cheryl and Stephen Golub Mary Ann and Victor Guerrero Claire Langston Carmen and Pedro Macias Karen and Jim McConkey Muriel and Marcel Meicler Sharon and George Moudry Joy Pulaski Mark Weinstein and Ellen Weinstein

Employees Ashley Addison Daniel Anastacio Nazario Anastacio Mirna Andrade-Salgado and LIno Salgado Alma Armendariz Diana Ayala Tamara and William Basham Vivian Blum Yolanda Bucio Ruth Cañas Millie Chavez Dinah Chetrit Sandra DeLeon Elizabeth DiCesare Andrea Dilger Asenet Garcia Lilia Garza Shekkola Gray Christine Green Barbara Hacker Debbie and Todd Henderson Orly and Yoel Kluk Christina Kopanidis-Cantu and Jorge Cantu Deidre Lodrig Lupe Lopez

Robin and Jeff Lunsford

Rochlis Family Foundation

POPA Dinner Underwriting

Kimberly Magill

The Samuels Family Foundation

Shonali and Rakesh Agrawal

Kelly McNamara

Jeannine and David Bergt

Manuel Mejia


Marvin Mejia


Marcela Menjivar

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Jamie and James Broach

Sarah and James Moudry

Kinder Morgan

Carla Campbell

Diana Muñiz

KL Modern Spine

Christina Kopanidis-Cantu and

Kathryn Murphy

Lands’ End

Debbie Nickerson

Rice Tutors

Deepa and Rajesh Chelapurath

Emily Hansen and

Safeway Inc.

Laura and Martin Citardi

School House Partners

Melissa and Felix Cordero

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Jodie and Laith Daik

Patrick O’Heron Diana and Albert Onofre Patricia Onofre Julie Parraguirre

Matching Gifts Target

Norma Paulin

Jennifer and Christian Brenckmann

Jorge Cantu

Robyn Davis Lauren and David Dressler Lisa and W. Christian Eddleman

Jenna Pel

BigWORK Capital Campaign

Christine Peterson

Shonali and Rakesh Agrawal

Maya and Errol Pinto

Beverly Bontrager

Gina and Charles Fertitta

Laura Roark

Melissa Coleman and

Abbe and Adam Forman

Celia Rodriguez

Robert Pascoe

Kathleen Padden and Richard Evans

Amy and Blair Garrou

Jessica Samano

The Ray C. Fish Foundation

Tanya and Jerry Gee

Shonali Jacob and

Abbe and Adam Forman

Rochelle Tafolla and

Jeff Schneider

Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro

Richard Hess

Meara Schwartz

Janice and Barrett Green

Kelly and Blake Hill

Elaine Schweizer

Catherine and Andrew Kaldis

Anh Doan and Doanh Hoang

B.R. Simon

Janet and Mario Kapusta

Carol and John Howenstine

Beth Smith

Amy and Lloyd Kirchner

Jeanne-Mey Sun and

Erin Smith

Christina Kopanidis-Cantu and

Mirani Smith

Jorge Cantu

Tom Janssens Jane Greenberg and

Hifa Sobhani

Renée and Michael Locklar

Nina Strane

Kathy and John Long

Janet and Mario Kapusta

Jeni and Matt Thompson

Pat and Bill Mitchell

Amy and Lloyd Kirchner

Phylis Tomlinson

Nandita Gupta and Vikas Mittal

Dinh Lam

Mark Tucker

Catherine and Robert Orr

Ann and Kelvin Lee

Ryan Tucker

The Rochlis Family Foundation

Jamie and Andrew Lee

Jamie Ward

Daniela and Manolo Sanchez

Vivian and Kenneth Lee

James Winslow

Vallette and Russell Windham

Katarzyna Leon-Lubowicz and

Miriam Winton

Anita and Alan Ying

Phoebe Yeager

Jennifer and Fernando Zumbado

Foundations D. Kent & Linda C. Anderson Foundation Houston Endowment

Gregory Kaplan

Alfonso Leon Renée and Michael Locklar Kathy and John Long Dawn and Peter Lorenz

Gifts to the Endowment

Stacey and Mark Martin

Pat and Bill Mitchell

Elise McClain

The Fondren Foundation

Paula and Mark Mey

Debbie Nickerson

Janet and Mario Kapusta

Paula and Mark Mey

Gifts in Kind

Wendy and Meir O’Hanna

Jamie and Andrew Lee

Jessica and Philipp Meyer

Asset Management Advisors

Shanell and Walker Moody

David Frischkorn

Heather and Brenden O’Neill Catherine and Robert Orr

Book Fair Contributors

Sarah and James Moudry

Kathy and John Long

Meredith and Mark Parenti

Charlotte and Carlos Aguilar

Tara and Alex Neblett

Jenny and André Marshall

Pragnya Patel and

Nancy and John Almon

Kavitha and Sattva Neelapu

Lynn Mathre

Jeannine and David Bergt

Susan Hardwick-Smith and


Kaushik Parekh Jenny Mohr and Matthew Parker The Parviz Family

Jessica and Ben Braun Jennifer and Christian Brenckmann

Kevin O’Gorman Emily Hansen and

Karen and Ken Redding Kim and Chuck Yates

Patrick O’Heron

Stephanie and Bill Perkins

Jamie and James Broach

Tahia and Shoyab Panchbhaya

Additional Thanks

Tammira and Nicolas Philippe

Erin and Brett Busby

Sharon Engelstein and

The Rochlis Family Foundation

Partow and Farhad Ravandi

Elizabeth and Walter Cassidy

Amber Luong and Terry Ray

Audra French and

Karen and Ken Redding

Arnold Colunga

Aaron Parazette Meredith and Mark Parenti

for a grant to replace all the picnic tables on the playground.

Jaana Porra and Michael Parks

Lisa and John Reed

Lisa and W. Christian Eddleman

Nadia and Nader Parviz

The Post Oak Dads’ Club for

Kristen and David Ridgway

Kathleen Padden and

Melissa Coleman and

purchasing the new scoreboard

Alicia Kowalchuk and

Richard Evans

Robert Pascoe

in the gym.

Abbe and Adam Forman

Christine Peterson

Special recognition goes to

Daniela and Manolo Sanchez

Amy and Blair Garrou

Tammira and Nicolas Philippe

The Fondren Foundation for

Farrell and Stuart Saunders

Tanya and Jerry Gee

Hillery Hugg and

their generous endowment

Jennifer and Robert Shults

Hannah and Leonard Golub

Mirani Smith

Windi and David Grimes

Kimberly and Cristopher Proler

Evy Pappas and

Kristin and Joey Hayles

Joyce and Danny Rafati

Anh and Doanh Hoang

Shelly and Bill Richter

Bianca and Greg Holland

Kristen and David Ridgway

Benjamin Saldaña

Nickolas Spiliotis Mary and Garland Stephens

Heidi and Bryan Rosenstrauch

Jennifer Stern Erin and Thomas Stus Julie and Jason Styles

Jeanne-Mey Sun and Tom Janssens

Nikayla and Aaron Thomas

Jane Greenberg and

Molly and Coert Voorhees

Gregory Kaplan

Whitney and Marc Walsh Jennifer Wheler

Gregory Press

Cynthia DeLaney and Stephan Kinsella

Suzan and Jeremy Samuels Daniela and Manolo Sanchez Kara and Dax Sanders B.R. Simon Carmen Garcia-Smith and Todd Smith

Vallette and Russell Windham

Alyson and Andrew Koval

Valerie and Michael Sonsino

Susan Shi and Michael Wong

Amy and Alan Lindsey

Mary and Garland Stephens

Michelle and Kenneth Zagorski

Renée and Michael Locklar

Erin and Thomas Stus

Daniela Weil and Erik Zanker

Kathy and John Long

Nikayla and Aaron Thomas

Rocio Diaz and

Carmen and Pedro Macias

Jeni and Matt Thompson

Jenny and André Marshall

Natalia and Angel Urreta

Stacey and Mark Martin

Aparajitha and Amit Verma

John and Lori Martinez

Molly and Coert Voorhees

Victoria Matthews

Gerry and Lou Waters

Sarah Ellenzweig and

Daniela Weil and Erik Zanker

Francisco Zorrilla Jennifer and Fernando Zumbado

Friends of the Library Barnes & Noble Melanie Harrell Amelia Ng and Tam Ho

Scott McGill Christianne Melanson and Durwin Sharp

Miriam Winton Connie and Jeff Woodman Kim and Chuck Yates

grant to help secure the future of Post Oak.

Recognizing our donors is a high priority for The Post Oak School. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our honor rolls, but it is possible for errors to occur. If you wish to report an error or omission, please contact Christina Kopanidis-Cantu at -- or by email at christinacantu @ postoak Thank you.

2011–2012 Financial Report

The financial stability of The Post Oak School continued during the 2011–2012 school year as we faced the financial needs of establishing the Post Oak High School. Our audited financial statements for the 2010–2011 school year resulted in an increase in net assets of $ 578,195 . The unaudited results for the 2011–2012 school year show an increase in net assets for all funds of $ 776,579 . The School experienced a slight increase in enrollment moving from an ending enrollment of 397 in 2010–2011 to 401 in 2011–2012 . Careful stewardship of the School’s assets allowed us to use our cash reserve of $ 1,163,667 toward the High School startup costs. This reserve will be replenished with a capital campaign directed toward both the establishment of the High School as well as the renovation of the campus at 4600 Bissonnet. The School was able to purchase three properties in the Museum District of Houston to create the High School campus and in doing so took out mortgages on the three properties as well as a construction loan for the refurbishment of the building at 1102 Autrey St. The debt service on these loans will be serviced by the operating budget of the High School. The School finished the year with $ 29,367 in our cash reserve fund and was able to transfer $ 5,000 to our Endowment Fund. The investment policy of The Post Oak School Endowment directs a long-term investment approach. The current asset allocation target is 20 percent cash and fixed income, and 80 percent equities to maximize long-term returns. More than 80 percent of the portfolio is invested in low cost institutional asset class mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors. During the year ended June 30, 2012 , the Endowment attained its initial target of $1 million and the School was able to take a $ 40,000 draw to support teacher sponsorships for the 2011–2012 school year. This benchmark has also resulted in the creation of a separate Board Endow ment Committee to oversee all aspects of the management of the School’s endowment. The combined portfolio experienced a modest 4 percent investment loss of $ (43,983) for the one year ended June 30, 2012 . The School’s continued fiscal discipline as well as the generosity of all of our donors has allowed us to expand our world-renowned Montessori program to support students from birth through the completion of High School.

Income Statement

Operating Fund

Temporary Restricted


‒  Total

Revenue Tuition Based Revenues


Other Tuition and Fees Other Income (Loss) Annual Giving









456,480 (9,417)



Endowment Distribution



All Other Giving (Net)








Total Revenue Net Assets Released from Restriction Total Revenue

















Expenses Salaries and Benefits Financial Aid



Other Program Expenses



Plant Expenses



General Administration




Total Expenses






Temporary Restricted


‒  Total

Transfers In/Out

Consolidated Balance Sheet

General Fund

Assets Total Cash and Investments








Net Student Receivables



Other Pledges and Receivables Net





Prepaid Expenses and Other Deposits






Total Current Assets








Land – High School



Property, Plant and Equipment



Construction in Progress



Total Fixed Assets



Interfund Receivables

Total Assets













Liabilities Accounts Payable


Accrued Salaries and Benefits


1,910,331 38,985

Accrued Interest Payable Other Accrued Expenses

Deferred Income Interfund Payables

Notes Payable

Total Liabilities

























Fund Balance Net Assets Unrestricted Net Assets – Cash Reserve Board Restricted Net Assets – Temp Restricted Net Assets – Endowment

Total Liabilities and Fund Balance





— $


— $


1,266,239 $


1,266,239 $


Alumni Update

Class of 1981

Class of 2001

Stephen Marchione

Abbie Kamin

Stephen earned his BA in

Abbie worked for the Demo-

music from Naropa University

cratic National Committee in

in Boulder, Colorado. He

Washington D.C . in the summer

began his career as a luthier in

of 2012 . She is in her second

1990 . View his work online at

year of law school at American


Class of 1999

Class of 2002

Justin Boyar

Sam Geer

I graduated from Thunderbird

Things are going good here!

School of Global Management

I’m still working at Apple to

with a Masters in global man-

pay the bills, but I’ve finished

agement in April 2012 . I was

the feature film screenplay I

hired by Jones Lang LaSalle

was working on with fellow

(NYSE: JLL) to work as a con-

alum William Wawro. Another

sultant in Panama City, Panama.

POS alum, Jonathan Ward, is

In this role, I took over tem-

producing the film (which I will

porarily for the VP of JLL Vice

direct). We’re going to be

in Panama to manage all of

shooting in Georgia, and at the

JLL’s service lines and the

beginning of May we went out

needs of our clients in

there to scout for locations. It


was a great trip and we found

In addition, I pursue busi-

many a beautiful place to film.

ness development opportunities

We’re now in the process of

for JLL in Latin America. This

raising the money to finance it,

promises to be an extraordinarily

and we’re planning on shooting

exciting, challenging, and ad-

in the next spring. So, all in all,

venturous opportunity. I could

pretty exciting stuff!

not be more thrilled with the direction my life is taking, and

Please give my regards to the rest of the Post Oak family.

for the opportunity to work for such a great company. As always, I am grateful to

Nick Hetherington I am a Content Associate at

Post Oak for helping me build

ESPN where I have the awe-

a creative foundation, and for

some job of cutting highlights

encouraging me to push the

for SportsCenter and am cur-

boundaries of life, growing into

rently a staff member on the

the person I truly want to be-

show College Gameday


Ben Jawdat II’m in the third year of my physics PhD program, working as a research assistant and also taking classes in the physics department. During summer 2012 I worked at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at U of H ( T c SUH ) as a research assistant.

Class of 2003

Sam Boyar I work for a small, independent oil and gas company based in Austin called Border to Border Exploration. I am a wellsite geologist and work half of the time on our rigs in East Texas and half the time doing developmental and exploration geology

work in our Austin office. Due to the current high price of oil, we are very active and are drill ing a lot more than in previous years. It is a very exciting time to be in oil and gas, so I am really enjoying my career path.

Brittany Fondren I graduated in May 2011 with honors from Southwestern University with a major in religion and a minor in English. I live in Houston and worked at Texas Inter-Faith for eight months before starting a new job at Cornerstone Recovery, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps teens and their families recover from drug and alcohol addiction. In August 2012 I spent a week in Japan visiting my sister, Catherine.

Our graduates remain part of the Post Oak community. Their interests and accomplishments are impressive and diverse: pure and applied science; visual and performing art; business and non-profit enterprise; government and social service; medicine, law and finance.

Nick Wallace I spent the spring of 2012 in Panama where I was taking business classes at the Florida State University campus in Panama City, getting credit towards my BBA in MIS (Management Information Systems). After completing the semester I backpacked from Panama City up to Mexico. I had an internship at Marathon Oil during the summer of 2012 . I’m currently continuing my BBA at the University of Houston, and I hope to graduate in the fall of 2013 .

Class of 2004

Jennie Kamin I graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University in May 2012 with a degree in political science and a focus in American policy and practice. During my spring semester, I worked part-time as an assignment desk editor for New Orleans’ local NBC affiliate station. Right at the beginning of my college career, Louisiana created tax incentives for filming and the state has since surpassed Los Angeles in terms of production popularity.

William Wawro After graduating from Syracuse University in 2011 I moved out to Los Angeles without an apartment or job. While crashing on a friend’s couch, I went to as many job interviews as possible. I was fortunate enough to get a job as an assistant editor at City Room Creative, a post production company that makes movie trailers. It’s been a perfect fit. I’ve moved into a proper apartment (no more couch surfing) and worked with fellow Post Oak alumni, Sam Geer and Jona Ward, on a feature script. I am becoming more and more acclimated with Los Angeles, but I still miss Houston, and I look forward when I get to come home for a weekend or two to see family and friends and the familiar humidity.

As my academic background also includes theater and communications, I have been fortunate enough to work on a number of film, news, and television projects in the city both on and behind the camera. As for recent projects, I wrapped on a film in April 2012 for the SyFy network set to air on Halloween and I worked on an independent film in New Orleans at the end of June.

Samantha Lubel Samantha graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University in May 2012 . She majored in child and family studies and minored in psychology and gerontology. She

Matthew McDonald Starting around middle school and possibly even earlier I started getting in to music, specifically playing drums. When I started at Episcopal High School, I joined band and my musical activities blossomed from there. After graduating EHS , I chose to attend Boston

University as a percussion performance major and graduated in May 2012 . I currently attend the New England Conservatory for my masters in music and hope that the two-year program will provide me ample opportunity to audition and scope out the job field (because my undergrad did not). I have worked with Generations Theatre Company (a Houston-based theater group headed by the Episcopal theater director, George Brock), playing every musical they have put on since their inception in 2008 . Another Post Oak graduate, Stephanie Styles, has also worked with them every summer and continues to do so. During summer 2011 we performed the U.S. regional premier of the Tony

Award winning Spring Awakening. During summer 2012 we performed Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, a rock musical highlighting the life of former president Andrew Jackson.

is working for a law firm while she studies for the LSAT and applies to law school.

Christina Moser I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BFA in design in May 2012 . I created

a personal website to showcase my work: In May 2012 I finished up my internship with The Butler Bros. The Butler Bros are an idea production company, located on the east side of Austin. A graphic design studio started by Adam and Marty Butler, the company’s core focus is promoting products, people, and ideas that are worth sharing. Some of their clients include Livestrong, The Legacy Foundation, Sweet Leaf Tea, and more.

Class of 2005

Catherine Fondren After working in Dr. Malcolm Brenner and Dr. Cliona Rooney’s Cell and Gene Therapy Lab at Texas Children’s Hospital, Catherine studied in Japan for a four month semester at J. F. Oberlin University. She is in her senior year at the University of Texas in the Plan II program and was recently invited to join Phi Beta Kappa.

Class of 2006

Stephanie Styles I am a junior at the University of Michigan where I am getting a BFA in musical theatre. I room with another Post Oak alum, Becky Bereswill. I performed in Houston during the summer of 2012 with Generations Theatre Company in Our Town as Emily Webb and Bloody

Bloody Andrew Jackson as Rachel Jackson.

Class of 2007

Gray (Graeme) Crawford Gray worked for a law firm during the summer of 2012 after completing a very successful freshman year at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is in his sophomore year at St. John’s.

Neva Gohel Neva is a sophomore at Colorado College. She studied in Paris during summer 2012 and also took an art class through Parsons School of Design.

Class of 2008

Alexi Beavers Alexi attends Southern Methodist University. She received a Hilltop Scholarship and a Provost Scholarship.

Kyle Burke Kyle graduated from St. Thomas High School in May 2012. He attends Austin Community College and will transfer to the University of Texas in January 2013 .

Jeffrey Davis Jeffrey graduated from Episcopal High School. He is a freshman in the honors program

Hannah Fred Hannah graduated from Kinkaid and is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin.

Tom Harvey Tom graduated from St. John’s School in May 2012 . He received the Department Chair award in humanities and history, the top award in that department across all upper school classes. He also received the Headmaster’s Award, recognizing service to the St. John’s community. Tom enjoyed a trip to Europe with friends during the summer of 2012 and is a fresh man at Notre Dame, where his

brother and fellow Post Oak alum, Michael, is a junior.

Christian Martinez

Class of 2009

attended the National Student Leadership Conference, a two-

Christian graduated from School of the Woods and is a

Josh Brenner

week program during summer

freshman at the University of

Josh interned during the sum-

2012 in Washington, DC and

New Orleans.

mer of 2012 in a lab at MD

New York where she partici-

Anderson studying various

pated in programs on interna-

Luciano Posada

pulmonary functions. He also

tional diplomacy.

Lou graduated from Kinkaid and

spent time in London visiting

is a freshman at the University

family. Josh is a senior at

of Houston, where he studies

St. John’s School.

Class of 2011

Benjamin Brenner

biomedical engineering.

Class of 2010

Nikhil Schneider

Benjamin is a sophomore at Carnegie Vanguard High School. He spent two weeks in Greece

Nikhil is a freshman studying

Amelia Eskridge

science at The University

Amelia is a junior at the John

over the summer of 2012 with

of Houston Honors College.

Cooper School in The Wood-

his family.

at the University of Texas

lands. She served as co-presi-

Cockrell School of Engineering.

dent of her sophomore class

Christian Gray

Jeffrey also received a merit

and was voted sophomore class

Christian, a sophomore at the

scholarship from the UT School

“outstanding student” by The

High School for the Performing

of Engineering.

Woodlands Rotary Club. She

and Visual Arts, volunteered at

husband at work and was mar-

the food program at His Way

at the TWRC Wildlife Center in

Biomedical Engineering at

Baptist Church during the

the Baby Bird Program over the

Vanderbilt University and re-

ried in October of 2011 . My

summer of 2012 .

summer. They also took a dri-

ceived her Masters in business

parents talk about Post Oak at

ver’s education course and will

from Rice University. Payal’s

least once a month. It was

Rachael Levy

be getting their learner’s permits

son, Dev, is in the Infant

such a blessing to have had

Rachael, a sophomore at

soon so watch out!

Community at Post Oak.

such wonderful teachers and

Class of 2012

Mark Christopher

faculty that were so involved

Kinkaid, won the award for the outstanding student in advanced geometry for both freshman

and so caring.

Mark attended Post Oak

and sophomore classes on

Devin Gohel

through third grade and gradu-

Alexa Lubel

Honors Day in May 2012 .

Devin is a freshman at Episcopal

ated from St. John’s School in

Alexa is a sophomore majoring

High School. He traveled to

1994 . He studied at George-

in journalism at University of

Thomas Rasor

Spain for a week over summer

town University’s School of

Kan sas. She earned a place

In Episcopal High School’s

with his family (including sister

Foreign Service and received

on the Dean’s List her fresh-

Honors Chapel in May 2012 ,

and fellow alum, Neva). He also

his graduate degree from the

man year.

Thomas received an “Out-

participated in a Putney Student

Woodrow Wilson School at

standing Excellence Award”

Travel Program to Costa Rica

Princeton University. Mark

Alison Wong

and, in the JV Athletic Awards

for a month where he learned

is a consultant with The Arkin

Alison attended Post Oak

Presentation, he received a

Spanish and helped build a

Group and lives in Brooklyn,

through the sixth grade and

medal for “Most Improved

school in a small community

New York with his wife.

graduated from St. John’s

Player” from the coaches and

close to Liberia.

Isa Hetherington

Southwestern University where

Isa graduated from Episcopal

she studied psychology and

High School and is a freshman

sociology and received her

at the University of Texas.

Juris Doctor from the University

players on his basketball team. He is in his sophomore year

Other Alumni

and plays volleyball, basketball, and baseball.

Channing Allshouse

School in 1992 . She attended

of Texas Law School. Alison

Currently in her seventh grade

Megan Routbort

year, Channing demonstrated

Tina Hetherington

is a trial consultant and her son,

Megan received the “Outstand -

high academic standards during

Tina graduated from Episcopal

Gray, attends Post Oak in the

ing Freshman in English” award

her first year at Kinkaid School.

High School and is a junior at

Infant Community.

and a bronze level recognition

She was awarded the Leigh

the University of Texas.

for community service ( 50 to

Weld Sixth Grade Award, an

74 hours) in May 2012 at St.

accolade in honor of long time

Joanna Pauli Kluemper

Jessica, a former student and

John’s School. She also won

middle school faculty member

I started at Post Oak when I

teacher at Post Oak, recently

first place in The Boniuk Cen-

Leigh Weld, to the sixth grade

was 18 months old and left after

got married at The Houstonian

ter’s Embracing Tolerance

student who demonstrates

finishing third grade. I loved

and is currently teaching first

Essay Contest (ninth – tenth

outstanding citizenship and

Post Oak, it was like a second

grade at The Fay School.

grade division) with her essay

commitment to making the

home to me! In a nutshell, I

titled “Across the Aisle.” Megan

school’s community a better

graduated from Texas Christian

is a sophomore at St. John’s.

place for all students.

University with an entrepre-

Jahnavi Schneider and Devina Schneider

Payal Chana

and minors in Spanish and

Payal attended Post Oak

health and fitness. I moved to

Jahnavi and Devina are sopho-

through the second grade and

Kansas unexpectedly after

mores at Episcopal High School.

graduated from Bellaire High

graduating and have lived here

Jahnavi and Devina volunteered

School in 1999 . She studied

ever since. I met my wonderful

Jessica Wagner McCauley

neurial management degree

Post Oak School Community

2011–2012 Trustees

2011–2012 Room Parents

Rakesh Agrawal

Tamara Basham

Frank Apollo

Kim Yates

Bev Bontrager Melissa Coleman Leland Fondren – Emeritus

Dinah Chetrit Aimee Taylor

Adam Forman

Barbara Hacker

Melanie Gray– Emeritus

Jamie Broach

Barrett Green Windi Grimes Robert Harvey – Emeritus

Emily Hansen Jamie Lee

John Howenstine

Orly Kluk

Andrew Kaldis

Amy Garrou

Mario Kapusta Lloyd Kirchner

Miriam Winton

Julie Parraguirre

Paula Mey

Daniela Sanchez

Phoebe Yeager

Errol Pinto

Jennifer Shults

Zeenath and Arjun Selvakumar

BigWORK Capital Campaign

Chairs Melanie Gray and Mark Wawro

Honorary Chairs Laurie and Leland Fondren

Family Chairs Anita and Alan Ying

Deidre Lodrig Michelle Zagorski

2011– 2012 Post Oak Fund

John Long

Kathy Long

Post Oak Fund Chairs

Pat Mitchell – Emeritus

Heather O'Neill

Kim and Michael Callahan

Vikas Mittal

Carol Howenstine

Renée Locklar

Jenny Murphy – Emeritus Catherine (Katie) Orr Manolo Sanchez Russell Windham

Middle School Melissa Cordero

Sarah Moudry Nikayla Thomas

Post Oak Parents Association

POPA Chairs Laura Citardi Whitney Walsh

POPA Dinner Chairs Shonali Agrawal Stacey Martin

Field Day Chairs Jamie Lee Vivian Lee

Book Fair Chairs Jennifer Chavis Jessica Gregg

Opera Chairs Tanya Gee Jane Greenberg

Yearbook Chair Erin Stus

Debbie Nickerson Janet Kapusta

Julie Parraguirre

Maya Pinto Gerry and Lou Waters

Laura Roark Andrea Russo

Erin Smith Mary Stephens

Hifa Sobhani Kelly Davis

Miriam Winton Hillery Hugg

Phoebe Yeager Molly and Coert Voorhees

Class Captains

Tamara Basham Beth and Walter Cassidy

Barbara Hacker

Board John Long

Employees Julie Parraguirre

Kelly and Blake Hill

Emily Hansen Amy Lindsey

Jenny Mohr

Orly Kluk

Audra French

Suzan Samuels

Errol Pinto

Deidre Lodrig

Michelle Lu

Cari and Tyler Gill

Maya Pinto

Kathy Long

Karen Redding

Tanya Bennett and David McConkey

Faculty and Staff

Half-Day Infant Community (ages  months –  years) Deidre Lodrig, Lead Teacher Diana Ayala, Classroom Assistant Sarah Moudry, Lead Teacher Marcela Martinez, Classroom Assistant

Liz Pulaski

Middle School

Full-Day Infant Community (ages  months –  years)

Cinda Moye

Asha and Gaurav Sood

Phoebe Yeager, Lead Teacher

Erin Smith

Sarah Moudry

Lisa Eddleman

Kara and Dax Sanders

Hifa Sobhani

Debbie Nickerson

Jessica Gregg

Annie Singleton

Laura Roark

Shonali Agrawal

Elizabeth DiCesare, Classroom Assistant Lilia Garza, Classroom Assistant Diana Onofre, Classroom Assistant

Primary Department (ages  –  years) Tamara Basham, Lead Teacher Celia Rodriguez, Classroom Assistant Barbara Hacker, Lead Teacher Norma Paulin, Classroom Assistant

Lupe Lopez, Classroom Assistant

Upper Elementary (grades – ) Debbie Nickerson, Lead Teacher Sandra De Leon, Classroom Assistant Errol Pinto, Lead Teacher

Ruth Cañas, Classroom

Jessica Samano, Classroom Assistant

Julie Parraguirre, Lead Teacher

Laura Roark, Lead Teacher

Nina Strane, Classroom

Kimberly Magill,

Assistant Erin Smith, Lead Teacher Alma Armendariz, Classroom Assistant

Classroom Assistant

Christine Green, Classroom Assistant

Primary Home Environment Dinah Chetrit, Lead Teacher Yolanda Bucio, Classroom Assistant Millie Chavez, Classroom Assistant Alma Armendariz, Before-School Assistant Norma Paulin,

Shekkola Gray, Middle School Teacher Kelly McNamara, Science Teacher Ryan Tucker, Humanities Teacher

Before- & After-Care Asenet Garcia, Elementary & Middle School After-Care Director Jenna Pel, Elementary & Middle School After-Care Assistant

Before-School Assistant

Lower Elementary (grades  – ) Orly Kluk, Lead Teacher Simran Sood, Assistant/Intern Kathy Long, Lead Teacher Beth Smith, Assistant/Intern

Jamie Ward, Assistant/Intern Hifa Sobhani, Lower Elementary Teacher

Daniel Anastacio, Custodian

Vivian Blum, Admission

Nazario Anastacio, Custodian

Director Shekkola Gray, Middle School Director Manager Christina Kopanidis-Cantu, Development Director Jamie Lee, High School Coordinator John Long, Head of School Finance and Facilities Elizabeth Matthews, Long-term Substitute James Moudry, High School Director Kathryn Murphy, Development Coordinator Christine Peterson, Business Office/ HR Specialist Jeff Schneider, Elementary Director Meara Schwartz, Full-time Substitute Elaine Schweizer, Communications Coordinator Mirani Smith, Early Childhood Director Anita Taj, Intern in Training

Andrea Dilger, Physical Fitness

Matt Thompson, Facilities

Specialist & Bearkats Coach Diana Muñiz, Art Specialist Patricia Onofre, Spanish Specialist B.R. Simon, Librarian

Mark Tucker, Athletics Director & Bearkats Coach James Winslow, Music Specialist


Technology Director


Phylis R. Tomlinson, Counselor Maya Pinto, Lead Teacher

Manuel Mejia, Maintenance

Mirna Andrade-Salgado,

Robin Lunsford, Director of

Middle School (grades – ) Director & Mathematics

Miriam Winton, Lead Teacher

Support staff

Ashley Addison, Receptionist

Debbie Henderson, Office

Emily Hansen, Lead Teacher Assistant


Manager Mark Tucker, After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) Director

Miriam Winton, Summer School Director

Catarino Gonzales, Custodian Alberto Juarez, Custodian Christopher Mejia, Custodian Marvin Mejia, Custodian

Alumni Outcomes

Colorado College

Smith College

University of North Carolina

Colorado School of Mines

Southern Methodist University

University of Notre Dame

Cranbrook Academy of Art

Southwestern University

University of Oklahoma

Denison University

Stanford University

University of the Pacific

Drexel University

St. Edwards University

University of South Carolina

Eckerd College

St. John’s College

University of Southern

Elon University

Syracuse University

Awty International School*

Emerson College

Texas A & M University

Bellaire High School*

Evergreen State College

Texas Christian University

Episcopal High School*

Fashion Institute of Technology

Texas Christian University

The Kinkaid School*

Fordham University

Lamar High School* Post Oak High School*

High School Admissions

During  Post Oak School graduates were admitted to the following college preparatory schools:

California University of Southern California — School of Cinematic Arts


University of Texas — Austin

Georgetown University

The Citadel

University of Texas — Austin,

Georgia Tech

The College of William and Mary

St. Agnes Academy

Gettysburg College

Trinity University

St. John’s School*

Goucher College

Tulane University

St. Thomas High School

Hampshire College

University of Alabama

Ithaca College

University of Arkansas

Kansas University

University of Arizona

University of Texas — Tyler

Lone Star Community College

University of California —

University of Tulsa

* Denotes school attending

College Admissions

Post Oak alumni populate top colleges and universities throughout the state, the nation, and abroad. College acceptances over the past nine years include:

Louisiana State University Loyola Marymount Loyola University, New Orleans Millsaps College New York University Notre Dame University (Honors) Oberlin College

Los Angeles University of California — San Diego University of California — Santa Barbara University of California — Santa Clara University of Colorado —

American University

Oklahoma State University

Art Institute of Boston

Purdue University

University of Georgia

Art Institute of Chicago

Rhodes College

University of Houston

Art Institute of Houston

Rice University

University of Houston,

Auburn University

Rollins College

Austin College

San Diego State University

Baylor University

San Francisco Conservatory

Boston University

of Music


Cullen College of Engineering University of Houston (Honors) University of Indiana

Brooks Institute of Photography

Sarah Lawrence College

University of Kansas

Brown University

Savannah College of Art

University of Massachusetts —

California College of the Arts

and Design


Carnegie Mellon University

Seton Hall University

University of Miami

Chapman University

Sewanee — The University

University of Michigan

Clemson University College of Charleston

of the South Skidmore College

University of Mississippi University of New Orleans

Plan II University of Texas — Business Honors University of Texas — San Antonio

University of Vermont University of Virginia — Richmond U.S. Naval Academy

Vanderbilt University Washington University in St. Louis West Point Wesleyan University

The mission of The Post Oak School, as a school accredited by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), is to provide a superior Montessori environment and dynamic learning experiences which are designed according to the developmental characteristics and needs of children: to guide and nurture each child — intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

The Post Oak School 4600 Bissonnet Bellaire, Texas 77401

2011-12 Post Oak School Annual Report  

A look at 2011-12 Post Oak School highlights. Review donor lists, alumni, and college acceptances.