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DONKEY COFFEE AND ESPRESSO POWER CHAI Donkey Coffee and Espresso is one of the coolest coffee houses in terms of atmosphere. There’s always great music playing, and the inside is complete with couches, comfortable chairs, tables and patio seating. There are so many great aspects about the coffee house, but by far the best drink to try is the Power Chai. It’s a normal chai tea latte, made either spicy or with a vanilla base, mixed with a shot of espresso. It’s a drink that’s delicious, but also a practical drink to give you an extra boost through your busy days. LARGE: $5.05 COURT STREET COFFEE - COURT STREET MOCHA Another popular coffee shop in Athens is Court Street Coffee, which, like Brenen’s, is right in the middle of Uptown and easy to access. Court Street’s signature coffee drink is the Court Street Mocha, and it’s also the best drink to try. Unlike the normal mocha drink with chocolate syrup, steamed milk and espresso, the Court Street Mocha has white chocolate and swirls of caramel to compliment the steamed milk and espresso. It’s a unique twist on a classic drink. MEDIUM: $4.55


CATALYST CAFE - CAFÉ AU LAIT Catalyst Cafe is located on Union Street, and though it’s not one of the most popular coffee shops in Athens, it is one of the most delicious. Catalyst Cafe features fair trade and organic coffees and teas. A lot of its drinks are typical ones you’d find at almost every coffee house, and though café au lait is one of those drinks, Catalyst Cafe’s café au lait is incomparable. The simple drink of coffee with milk is so well made and stands out from everything on the menu. LARGE: $3.95

BRENEN’S COFFEE CAFE - MILKYWAY Brenen’s Coffee Cafe is one of the most popular coffee shops in Athens. While there are normal coffee options, there are also a lot of fun ones like the Nutty Irishman and Peppermint Patty. However, the best flavor to try is the Milkway, modeled after the candy bar. The fresh brewed espresso, rich chocolate, creamy caramel and steamed milk combine to form a delicious drink that will make your taste buds happy. LARGE: $4.90

FLUFF BAKERY - TRAINCATCHER Fluff Bakery, Brunch and Bowls isn’t a typical coffee shop, it’s more of a restaurant and bakery. Though it’s not technically a coffee shop, it still serves some of the most delicious coffee in the area. Its seasonal drinks, are definitely worth trying, but the one drink that is always served is the Traincatcher. The Traincatcher is a combination of Fluff’s mocha, made with espresso, milk and chocolate, and Fluff’s Toddy, a sweet, cold-brewed espresso. The Traincatcher is a delicious combination that is sweet and energizing. LARGE: $5.00 TOWN’S END - WHITE CHOCOLATE THUNDER Town’s End is a relatively newer coffee shop over Stimson Bridge in a historic location that has previously served as Athens County’s first post office. It’s a coffee shop with a unique style without indoor seating, acting as a traditional Italian stand-up bar. The old-fashioned setup provides a classic taste of coffee drinks that wow customers. The best drink to try is the White Chocolate Thunder, made with white chocolate, oat milk and a double shot of the Town’s End award-winning espresso. Though it may be a further walk for some, it’s definitely worth the trip. WITH NORMAL MILK: $5.25 WITH OAT OR SOY MILK: $6.00

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Musicians Open Stage Located: 171/2 W. (uptown) Voted Best Coffee in “3rdWashington Best Coffee Shop in St. America” 17 W. Washington St. Awarded best coffee house Voted Best Coffee in Athens 16 Years Running Athens for 8 years! (Uptown) in Ohio by Ohio Magazine “Best Coffee House In Ohio” - Ohio Magazine

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