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s February flies by in a blur of snow storms, chocolates and Black History, I’d like to take the time to ask you to Robert Dixon Nash show me some and grandson, Dillon love! Sure, we Robert McAuley always hear about St. Valentine’s Day in February, and just try to say the word “February” and not have someone mention Black History to you. But I’m combining the two in a show of love for black culture, black people and black things this month and I’m asking you to join me! As MeShell Ndgeocello once said, “I need some black on black love, Baby!” I’m tired of the media plastering unsavory and unflattering images of my beautiful people on every website and news show and in every newspaper and magazine! Instead of cringing at the latest violence and crime statistics, I want to celebrate Gabe Sonnier, the man who started out as a janitor at a Louisiana elementary school and after going to college and graduate school, is now the principal. Did you hear about California’s Keenia Williams? She is an everyday person just like you and me, except that in October 2011, she witnessed a fiery crash on a highway and stopped, then pulled an unconscious man from the flames, saving his life. As if that wasn’t enough, in January 2014, she witnessed yet another accident on the highway and pulled a woman from an overturned car. Oh, and when interviewed she said, “That’s my God, my Father upstairs — He’s telling me this must be my calling!” God is good! It made me smile to see so many people at the Schomburg on a wintry Friday afternoon, enjoying the “Funky Turns 40” exhibit of 70s African American animation and


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February 2014

“Motown: The Truth is a Hit.” Is there any better way to spend a cold winter day than with the animation of our youth and the soundtrack of black America? Those exhibitions were much more rewarding than a box of chocolates and definitely much kinder to my hips. Love warms our hearts and our souls in the coldest, darkest weather. Here in the NY/NJ area, we’ve been hit hard by storm after storm this winter. It wouldn’t be so bad if the temperatures would rise enough to melt the snow (like they did for the Super Bowl), but we’ve had no such luck with the weather. But love has warmed my heart during these cold days and nights. First, my younger cousin — the last of my generation — and her husband welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby boy! Little Dillon Robert doesn’t just warm my heart, he MELTS it! A perfect, tiny, priceless bundle of hope and promise. And to compound the love and warmth, Dillon Robert is my Uncle Bobby’s namesake and also the first grandchild for him and his wife, Aunt Josie. Less than two weeks after Dillon Robert’s birth, about 30 members of our family braved cold and ice to gather to celebrate Uncle Bobby’s 78th birthday! Family, friends, food and fun were the order of that special Friday night, and we celebrated Black History by hearing my mother tell stories from her brother’s youth. February for me is no longer just about Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. Going forward, we should all recognize and celebrate those who came before us and their myriad accomplishments and sacrifices. However, we should also laud our present and our future. Let’s make February the month where we mark our everyday efforts and triumphs as milestones in our Black History, Black Present and Black Future. Show me the love!

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February 2014  

Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Schomburg Center, Rev. Herbert D. Daughtry, Historic Black NYC Churches, Pioneers in Health, Love at Middle Age, Ten...

February 2014  

Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Schomburg Center, Rev. Herbert D. Daughtry, Historic Black NYC Churches, Pioneers in Health, Love at Middle Age, Ten...