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2 The Political Beat October/November 2010




CEO/EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ron Wallace is an inspiring Editor-In-Chief for The Political Beat A Political Publication published digitally every two months.

R o n Wa l l a c e i s a n i n s p i r i n g E d i t o r- I n - C h i e f f o r T h e P o litical Beat. A Political Pub lication published digitally e v e r y t w o m o n t h s . Wa l l a c e is a detective with the Mobile Police Department, where he is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division. He is a native of Mobile and a graduate of John L e F l o r e H i g h S c h o o l . Wa l lace served on active duty with the U. S. Marine Corps for eight years.

o u t s t a n d i n g w o r k w i t h t h e Wa l l a c e i s t h e s o n o f t h e M o b i l e P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t . l a t e M r. & M r s . P e r r y Wa l H e ’s a c i v i c l e a d e r, m o t i v a - lace Jr. tional speaker and mentor to local youth. Wallace ran for Mobile City Council in 2009 but came in third in his race. After having a touch of the Political arena, Wallace had the idea of starting a Politi -

He has studied at the University of South Alabama and Bishop State University. H e ’s a l s o a c e r t i f i e d c o m puter network engineer, and a graduate of North Island Naval Base with a certificate as a computer systems administrator. I n a d d i t i o n , Wa l l a c e i s a g r a d u a t e o f Av i a t i o n M a i n tenance at Naval Base Meridian, Miss., with a cer tificate in aviation maintenance administration and aeronautical technical publication library management. He’s the previous owner and CEO of Netforce Computers and Allgravy Networks. Wallace has received several awards and citations for his 3 The Political Beat October/November 2010

cal Magazine. That is when the birth of The Political Beat came about. Through h i s m a g a z i n e , Wa l l a c e b e lieves that it will be a publication for getting political news to the people of this country.


Who will be Victorious????




New START Treaty by Political Beat Staff

This Treaty is rooted in a practice that dates back to Ronald Reagan. The idea is simple – as the two nations with over 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons, the United States and Russia have a responsibility to work together to reduce our arsenals. And to ensure that our national security is protected, the United States has an interest in tracking Russia’s nuclear arsenal through a verification effort that puts U.S. inspectors on the ground. As President Reagan said when he signed a nuclear arms treaty with the Soviet Union in 1987, “Trust, but verify.”

New START Treaty That is precisely what the New

reset our relations with Russia, which

no ability to verify Russian nuclear ac-

START Treaty does. After nearly a full led to concrete benefits. For instance,

tivities. So those who would block this

year of negotiations, we completed an

Russia has been indispensable to our

treaty are breaking President Reagan’s

agreement earlier this year that cuts by

efforts to enforce strong sanctions on

rule – they want to trust, but not verify.

a third the number of long-range nu-

Iran, to secure loose nuclear material

Without ratification, we put at risk

clear weapons and delivery vehicles

from terrorists, and to equip our troops

the coalition that we have built to put

that the United States and Russia can

in Afghanistan. All of this will be put

pressure on Iran, and the transit route

deploy, while ensuring that America

to risk if the Senate does not pass the

through Russia that we use to equip

retains a strong nuclear deterrent, and

New START Treaty. Without ratifica-

our troops in Afghanistan. And with-

can put inspectors back on the ground

tion this year, the United States will

out ratification, we risk undoing

in Russia. The Treaty also helped us

have no inspectors on the ground, and

decades of American leadership


The Political Beat Iron Bowl


THE PRESIDENT Lore IpLore Ipsum mod mod



on nuclear security, and decades of bipartisanship on this issue. Our security and our position in the world are at stake. Indeed, since the Reagan years, every President has pursued a negotiated, verified, arms reduction treaty. And every time that these treaties have been reviewed by the Senate, they have passed with over 85 votes. Bipartisan support for New START could not be stronger. It has been endorsed by Republicans from the Reagan Administration and both Bush Administrations – including Colin Powell, George Shultz, Jim Baker, and Henry Kissinger. And it was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a strong bipartisan vote of 14-4. Over the last several months, several questions have been asked about New START, and we have answered every single one. Some have asked whether it will limit our missile defense – it will not. Some, including Senator Jon Kyl, have asked that we modernize our nuclear infrastructure for the 21st century – we are doing so, and plan to invest at least $85 billion in that effort over the next ten years – a significant increase from the Bush Administration. Finally, some make no argument against the Treaty – they just ask for more time. But remember this: it has already been 11 months since we’ve had inspectors in Russia, and every day that goes by without ratification is a day that we lose confidence in our understanding of Russia’s nuclear weapons. If the Senate doesn’t act this year – after six months, 18 hearings, and nearly a thousand questions answered – it would have to start over from scratch in January. The choice is clear: a failure to ratify New START would be a dangerous gamble with America’s national security, setting back our understanding of Russia’s nuclear weapons, as well as our leadership in the world. That is not what the American people sent us to Washington to do. There is enough gridlock, enough bickering. If there is one issue that should unite us – as Republicans and Democrats – it should be our national security. Some things are bigger than politics. As Republican Dick Lugar said the other day, “Every Senator has an obligation in the national security interest to take a stand, to do his or her duty.” Senator Lugar is right. And if the Senate passes this treaty, it will not be an achievement for Democrats or Republicans – it will be a win for America.

The Political Beat Iron Bowl



Feature Story:

AUBURN QB Cam Newton T h e C a m N e w t o n s t o r y, l i k e C a m N e w t o n h i m s e l f , i s i m p o s s i b l e t o b e l i e v e . H e ’s t o o b i g f o r d e f e n d e r s t o s t o p . H e m o v e s t o o f a s t f o r p e o p l e t o t r a c k down and he is on pace to take over this college football season. Cam Newton has rushed for over 2,000 yards passing and over 1,000 rushing yards and a pass rating of 183.6. Although the rumors about Cam Newt o n ’s e l i g i b i l i t y c o n t i n u e t o s w i r l t h e c o n s e n s u s o n l i n e i s t h a t t h e A u b u r n Q B i s s t i l l t h e f r o n t r u n n e r f o r t h e H e i s m a n T r o p h y. T h e r e ’s n o d o u b t h i s o n t h e f i e l d p e r f o r m a n c e h a s t a k e n t h e c o l l e g e f o o t b a l l w o r l d b y s t o r m . F o r n o w t h e E S P N ’s H e i s m a n Wa t c h h a s N e w t o n firmly in front with Boise State QB Kellen Moore in second place and Oregon RB LaMichael James is in third. Cam Newton is an amazing athlete and and he can beat you with his arm or with his feet. Cam Newton is the most complete player in the college football. Cam Newton has faught through adversity and continues to be a stella athlete on and off the field. I b e l i e v e C a m N e w t o n w i l l c o n t i n u e t o w o w t h e F o o t b a l l Wo r l d e v e n a t t h e NFL Level.

Photo Courtesy of Auburn University



Rep. Charles Rangel MY HEARTFELT APOLOGIES by Rep. Charles Rangel

I was gratified when I heard the Ethics Committee’s own counsel agree with me and say he found no evidence of corruption or personal gain in my investigation.

The Rangle Report I stood before the Ethics Committee the House rules. Even the Committee end, I hope that you would judge me on who recommended that I receive cen- concluded: "Although prior Committee my entire record as a soldier and a dedsure for violating the House rules. I precedent for recommendation of cen- icated public servant -- not only by my apologize for the embarrassment I have sure involved many cases of direct fi- mistakes. For fifty years in public servbrought upon you. I truly believe pub- nancial



Committee's ice, I have had the honor to work with

lic officials have a higher responsibil- recommendation for censure is based many of you to defend the disadvanity than most Americans to obey the on the cumulative nature of the viola- taged and the voiceless. My commitrules because we write them. There is tions and not any direct financial per- ment to you, our cause and to our no excuse for my acts of omission. All sonal gain."

However, the final community remains as strong as it ever

of this has been brought upon me as a decision on sanctions for violations of has been. Thank you for your friendresult of my own mistakes. There has the House rules will be made by the full ship and support. Best regards, never been any corruption or personal House of Representatives. This has gain in my actions, as the Committee's been one of the most difficult days of chief counsel noted. Neither has there my life since I was left for dead in been any intent on my part to violate North Korea, sixty years ago. In the 10 T h e P o l i t i c a l B e a t I r o n B o w l




No Evidence of Corruption "I

see no evidence of corruption," said Blake Chisam, the top ethics committee lawyer, about Rangel. Chisam's statement was in response to questioning by Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.). Butterfield is serving on the eight-member panel hearing the Rangel case. "Do I believe that based on the record that Congressman Rangel took steps to benefit himself based on his position in Congress? No. I believe that the congressman, quite frankly, was overzealous in many of the things he did. And sloppy in his personal finances."

The Political Beat Iron Bowl



Feature Story

: Alabama QB Greg McElroy

On the football field, Greg McElroy is known for his leadership, efficiency, , decision-making and winning. Last year, he led Alabama to an undefeated season and a national championship. He led Alabama to 19 victories before he suffered his first loss. His arm is stronger than analyst say. Greg McElroy is on pace to set a school record of throwing for 2,900 yards. He is on pace to the schools touchdown record for passes which is 19. Greg McElroy is also a tough athlete that played with cracked ribs in a 37-21 victory over Texas that gave Alabama the 2009 national championship. McElroy has said that "I deal with competitions on a weekly basis," and "Unfortunately, they're not as grueling as this one may be, from a mental standpoint. "I'm really looking forward to it, though. It's been such a great ride, and Alabama's been such a special place for me, and just being able to represent the school, I think that's probably the best opportunity about it. ... Hopefully I'll be able to go up there and represent us to the best of my ability, and hopefully if we keep our fingers crossed, I'll be able to walk away being able to call myself a Rhodes Scholar." McElroy has earned a degree in 3 years. Regardless of intelligence, that’s a great accomplishment when considering that during the same time he’s playing college football. If that’s not enough Greg plans on attaining his Masters Degree while at Alabama. Greg McElroy has definitely proven that he is an all around athlete on and off the field.

Photo Courtesy of Alabama University



TAX HIKE AND SPENDING by John Boehner Congressman John Boehner released the following column highlighting Republicans new governing agenda, "A Pledge to America," which calls for stopping the looming tax hikes, cutting government spending, and helping end economic uncertainty that is keeping small businesses in America from growing and hiring:

The American People Have Spoken: It’s Time to Stop the Tax Hikes and End the Spending Spree in Washington "As lawmakers return to Washington for a so-called 'lame duck' session before Thanksgiving, they must make an important decision: will they listen to the will of the American people? "A clear message has been sent by the American people. Fed up with all the ‘stimulus’ spending sprees, the takeovers and bailouts of the last 22 months, Americans have repudiated Washington, repudiated big government, and repudiated a tax-and-spend agenda that is killing American jobs. "The new Congress will be sworn into office in January, with a new majority in the House that will focus on a new governing agenda emphasizing job creation and spending cuts. In the meantime, current representatives have an obligation to listen to the American people and work together to help get our economy back on track. "One of the first tests lies in stopping the looming tax hikes that are scheduled to hit every American family and business on January 1, 2011. We can’t balance the budget without cutting spending and achieving real economic growth – and we won’t have real economic growth if we raise taxes on small businesses and families. "Speaker Pelosi and her allies just don’t get it. They are supporting a plan that the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation says will raise taxes on 50 percent of the small business income in America. For many employers across the country, this tax hike would come at the worst possible time. "Recently I received a letter from Jim, a small business operator in Fairfield. 14

The Political Beat Iron Bowl 2010

PB Jim says that unless the looming tax hikes are stopped, he’ll be unable to hire new employees or give raises to those who already work for him. "Unfortunately, Congress’ failure to date to stop these tax hikes from hitting small business owners like Jim – and virtually every family across the country – is just the latest example of Washington doing what’s best for Washington. Soon that will begin to change. "While continuing to fight for the priorities of the American people today, Republicans are preparing for the new Congress where we will move forward with a new agenda that hasn’t been tried before in Washington, by Democrats or Republicans. "This new governing blueprint – our Pledge to America – contains a series of steps that can be taken immediately to boost our economy and return power in Congress to the people. "It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it. We’re ready to cut spending to pre-‘stimulus,’ pre-bailout levels, saving taxpayers $100 billion almost immediately. And we’re ready to put in place strict budget caps that limit spending from here on out. "It continues with reducing the size of government. We have a plan to repeal the president’s job-killing health care law and replace it with common-sense reforms that will lower health care costs instead of killing jobs and driving our country deeper into debt. "And equally important, it makes Congress more open and accountable. We will make it easier to cut spending, require bills to be published publicly for 72 hours before Congress votes, and end the practice of using ‘comprehensive’ bills to lump together issues that have nothing to do with each other. "The American people deserve a Congress that listens and responds to their will. If there is anything to be learned from this month’s elections, it’s that the people want a smaller, more accountable, and less costly government. "Stopping the looming tax hikes, cutting spending and helping end all the economic uncertainty in America that is keeping small businesses from creating new jobs is a great place to start.

The Political Beat Iron Bowl 2010




T i r e d o f T i m e s S q u a r e o n N e w Ye a r ’ s ? M o o n P i e c o u n t d o w n , a c c o m p a n i e d b y a n Try


n e w.



New elaborate




s h o w.

Ye a r ’s E v e p l a n s i n M o b i l e , A l a b a m a j u s t “ D o w n t o w n M o b i l e i s g o i n g t o b e t h e g o t s w e e t e r - t h a n k s t o a m a s s i v e M o o n P i e p l a c e t o b e t h i s N e w Ye a r ’ s E v e , ” s a i d that will fall from the sky at midnight to Mayor



“ We



t h e s o u n d s o f t h e O ’ J a y s . R e v e l e r s c a n p l e a s e d t o h a v e D r. B r o n n e r a n d R e t i r e enjoy a RC Cola or a glass of champagne ment Systems of Alabama (RSA) help with t o r i n g i n t h e N e w Ye a r i n d o w n t o w n M o - t h i s c e l e b r a t i o n . ” F i r s t s t a r t e d i n 2 0 0 8 , bile.

T h i s y e a r ’s f r e e c e l e b r a t i o n w i l l b e M o o n P i e O v e r M o b i l e g i v e s l o c a l s a n d

h e l d i n a n e w l o c a t i o n a n d f e a t u r e l i v e e n - t o u r i s t s a c h a n c e t o e x p e r i e n c e N e w Ye a r ’s t e r t a i n m e n t w i t h a n e l e c t r o n i c d i s p l a y d e - E v e w i t h a b i t o f M a r d i G r a s f l a v o r. buting





“All eyes will be on Mobile this New

M o o n P i e w i l l d e s c e n d f r o m a 3 4 - s t o r y Ye a r ’ s E v e ” s a i d D r . D a v i d G . B r o n n e r , b u i l d i n g a s t h e c i t y w e l c o m e s 2 0 11 a n d t h e C E O o f t h e R e t i r e m e n t S y s t e m s o f A l a beginning of Mardi Gras season. This

bama. “The new laser show on our build-

y e a r ’ s M o o n P i e O v e r M o b i l e c e l e b r a t i o n i n g w i l l b e a r e a l s h o w s t o p p e r. ” will start the afternoon of Dec. 31 with a

M o b i l e i s t h e h o m e o f A m e r i c a ’s f i r s t

Mardi Gras-style parade. Afterwards, a Mardi Gras celebration, and the MoonPie street party featuring two stages of live is the favored “throw” of the hundreds of entertainment will help draw thousands of Mardi Gras maskers riding the floats durpeople







legendary ing the extensive Mardi Gras parade sea-

“Love Train”


the son.

Mobile consumes more than four

sounds of big bands and other musical million


a n n u a l l y,



tastes, downtown Mobile will be one giant adopted the delicious treat as an informal s t r e e t p a r t y. A t m i d n i g h t , a l l e y e s w i l l b e e m b l e m . F o r t h e M o o n P i e O v e r M o b i l e o n t h e R S A B a n k Tr u s t s k y r i s e f o r t h e n e w 18

The Political Beat Iron Bowl


celebration, this southern city has teamed




F r e d R i c h a r d s o n ' s N e w Ye a r ' s Eve MoonPie drop won the city councilman an award for positively affecting downtown Mobile.

The Political Beat Iron Bowl 2010




This Week in Washington By Congressman Jo Bonner

“Change Comes to Congress”; “Overzealous Airport Security Screening Merits Review”; “Thanksgiving Reminds Us of Overcoming Past Hardships”

Our new blueprint for reforming

Change Comes to Congress

grams in their districts – have un-

Scarcely two weeks after Ameri-

fortunately become a symbol of

the House is based upon the prin-

cans gave the ruling party in Con-

Washington waste. Despite the

ciples of the Pledge to America

gress the biggest thrashing in over

fact that earmarks constitute less

which make Congress more ac-

70 years, a new House majority,

than two percent of discretionary

countable and transparent; call for

which hasn’t yet been sworn in, is

spending, they nevertheless repre-

reduced federal spending; and,

already making major changes.

sent a culture of business-as-usual

permanently extend the current

most Americans resent – particu-

2001 and 2003 tax cuts. The in-

Speaker Pelosi may still hold power for another month, but the incoming Republican majority is selecting its leaders and adopting

larly during record budget deficits. coming conservative majority has So, it was not surprising that one also selected John Boehner of of the first votes by the new Re-

Ohio to be our speaker come Janu-

a slate of reforms that were forged publican majority last week was to ary. Just as the Pledge to America with the input of millions of

extend our current earmark ban.

was drafted with the input of mil-

Americans over the last year.

It’s important to note, however,

lions of Americans through the

that the new ban will not apply to

America Speaking Out and You

proved thus far is the agreement

the incoming Democrat Senate

Cut web sites, the governing

by both House and Senate Repub-

majority. Consequently, we have

agenda of the new Congress is

The most significant reform ap-

licans to ban all congressional ear- called on President Obama to permarks during the new Congress.

suade Senate Democrats to follow

Earmarks – funding designated by

our lead in order to restore public

Members of Congress for pro-

trust in our government.


The Political Beat Irown Bowl 2010

being shaped with your ideas.



Overzealous Airport Secu-

sonal privacy. To this end, I

American People notes: “On

rity Screening Merits Review

have cosigned a letter to the

16 December (1620) the

The recent implementation of

chairman and ranking member

Mayflower arrived there (Ply-

dramatically more invasive air-

of the House Homeland Secu-

mouth Harbor) and began land-

port security screening has

rity Committee – which has ju-

ing her passengers. The

raised concerns from many

risdiction over the TSA –

English had no sooner landed

travelers as well as lawmakers.

calling for an investigation into

and built crude shelters than

The Transportation Security

the new screening measures.

the ‘great sickness’ bore in on

Administration (TSA) has re-

There must be an assurance that

them as it had on the English-

portedly given fliers the choice

TSA’s new methods are truly

men at Jamestown; and only 50

of subjecting themselves to

warranted in order to provide

of the 102 immigrants survived.

what has been called a “virtual

the most effective protection

Hope returned with the spring

strip search” or undergo an in-

for airline passenger safety.

when ‘the birds sang in the

vasive pat-down that many

Thanksgiving Reminds Us of

woods most pleasantly’…with

have described as roping.These

Overcoming Past Hardships

the help of a friendly Indian

extreme measures have under-

This week our nation pauses

they were able to plant and cul-

standably alarmed many Ameri-

to celebrate Thanksgiving.

tivate corn…” We all know of

cans who are concerned about

However, for many Americans

the joyful thanksgiving the pil-

violations of their Constitu-

struggling in this weak econ-

grims enjoyed once they re-

tional protections against un-

omy, the effects of the oil spill,

bounded from the ordeal of

reasonable searches. While

or other challenges, this past

settling into a strange and

few would question the need

year has not been an easy one.

sometimes hostile new land.

for airport security screening

I think it’s fitting that we

Their struggles did not end

given the threat posed by ter-

look back to that first Thanks-

there, but their strength of will

rorists who wish to do us harm,

giving for a perspective of the

and unending faith led to the

there must be a reasonable bal-

trials our forebears faced and

establishment of our great na-

ance struck between effective

overcame with courage.

tion. Working together, Ameri-

searches and protection of per-

The Oxford History of the

cans will always prosper.

The Political Beat Iron Bowl 2010



It’s The Constitution, Stupid! By Pete Riehm Mobile Free Press

The 1992 Clinton Campaign motto was “It’s the economy, stupid!” A pointed but effective strategy, it focused everyone on real and perceived economic woes until the electorate was convinced to throw out an otherwise popular president. Again, some pundits over simplify current voter anger as frustration with a bad economy, so otherwise good politicians will unfairly lose their jobs by a vengeful electorate. Others think we are seeing the typical ebb and flow of politics, so when the Democrat tide goes out a Republican flood is inevitable. This is not a Republican wave. Ask establishment Republicans in Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Utah, and other places, where voter outrage has handily ousted big government loving career politicians. Republicans may at least have recognized the popular groundswell, but most do not understand it. Eager to harness this unbridled election enthusiasm, they worry the beast will run away with them. Democrats spent a year denying a popular movement even existed. Whenever they did acknowledge the throngs at the capital gates, they decried it as artificial grassroots, “Astroturf” per Pelosi. Mired in partisan politics, Democrats demonize the Tea Parties has fringe crazies with not so subtle Nazi like comparisons. In a desperate attempt to avoid electoral disaster, they are trying to cast the Republicans as extremists infected by the Tea Party. Once again, the press has failed. There has been little or no coverage of literally thousands of events across the country. They occasionally seek out the single kook in any crowd and then paint the Tea Parties in broad strokes of intolerance, xenophobia, and racism. Since the Tea Parties started, all politicians have been suspicious of the unwashed masses that freely and spontaneously assemble. Quite happy to leave all the accusations and slander unchallenged and the truth undiscovered, the press has no curiosity about the real motivations of angered average Americans. It is not the economy, the war, or the environment. And, it’s certainly not whether Democrats or Republicans win. It’s the Constitution, stupid! 22

The Political Beat Iron Boowl 2010

COMENTARY Millions of Americans are getting our seminal document and READING IT! Obvious to anyone that bothers to read the Constitution, our Congress has grossly exceeded the enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8. Our founders enshrined self-government with local control and a heavily restrained federal government because they knew the oppressive dangers of a strong central regime. Congress passes innumerable laws with ever more creative ways to confiscate the fruits of our labor. They demand our money to ostensibly care for our needs, but like mafia dons they dole it out to favored groups or only after coerced state and local concessions. We no longer work for our interests but are forced to pay tribute to a tyrannical government inimical to American values. Too strong? Congress forces education curriculum contrary to common morals and absent American history. They pile on tax laws to ensure they can find anyone in violation on a whim. And now, they will tell us how and where to purchase health care and then ration it. The administration routinely skirts Constitutional checks and balances by appointing bureaucratic Czars beyond Congressional accountability. The EPA without law tells us our every breath (CO2) is pollution seeking to control every aspect of our lives. The IRS is commanded to scrutinize Veterans organizations seeking to rescind their non-profit status. Is this what the founders intended? Is this what we fought for? More and more Americans are realizing the answer is NO! None of this nonsense is Constitutional. Americans led by the Tea Parties are discovering the erosion of our Constitutional rights is directly proportional to the growth of out of control government by both Democrats and Republicans for the past century. If you are still skeptical, listen to the politicians; they talk about money and programs. The people talk about rights and the Constitution. The electoral wave heading to Washington is both wide and deep, sweeping both parties and seeking to dismantle the federal leviathan threatening our republic.

The Political Beat Iron Bowl 2010


The Political Beat Iron Bowl Issue  

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