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Solar Eclipse

By Johnna Crider

Solar Eclipse Copyright Š 2012 Johnna Crider All Rights Reserved

Solar Eclipse Music Flows freely Like blood rushing Crimson

Nightmares scream from the sidelines Grandmother Spider weaves a web


Of knowledge as she tries to educate

Heart beats

But it's too late


What's done is done

Broken my soul

The fire has taken over

Escapes from

Falling like burning rain

One life into the next

Emotions confused

Running from Azriel

Anger with love

Chasing shadows

Hate with hope

In the middle of a solar eclipse

Jealousy with joy

Run into you

Twisted and confused

Run from you

Uno momento perdido en el tiempo

Author Biography Dame Johnna Crider is a published author and multimedia artist who works with many styles. Her first book of poetry is titled: Release: A Journey Through Emotion and is dedicated to her mother. Though Johnna dabbles in may forms of art, her first love is writing whether poetry or short stories. She is the force behind Art4TheHomeless, a nonprofit organization that unites artists of all mediums to promote homeless awareness in the USA. She is also Knighted in two royal houses with the title of Dame. You can learn more about her by going to

Solar Eclipse  

Poetry by Johnna Crider

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