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By Johnna Crider

Copyright Š 2012 Johnna Crider All Rights Reserved Jokers and Aces

You think you're smoother

The game is on

Than Silk's chocolate soymilk

Time to end this

Easily blending in lies

You heat me up like

With loving words

A supernova

Like an iced caramel machiatto

Carefully played

You give me the rush Like the Stacker pills Before they took out ephedrine You think I'm wrapped around Your little finger desperate For your very breath I need you like I need Carbon monoxide poisoning

Before you incinerate me

You show your hand Stakes are at their highest You lay down your Ace high royal flush With a sickening grin You think you've broken me Like a gunshot wound to the head You don't even see it coming

All I want is love

I cry tears of relief as I lay down my

All you have to offer is

Jokers and Aces


Jokers and Aces  

Poetry by Johnna Crider

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