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Learning that lasts! 02 July, 2013 – Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea – Written by Petra Petersen with Tim Scott ”Now I see how important it is to interact with my learners, to get to know them and to know what motivates them to learn.” – Learning that Lasts participant Learning that LASTS teaches powerful principles for teaching adults based on dialogue education pioneered by Jane Vella. Four teachers came from four continents to work with mostly Papua New Guinean participants in a multicultural learning environment at the Ukarumpa Training Centre. The participants were first taught adult-learning theories, and “learner-centred education” was the central theme. When teaching adults it is important to get to know the learners. This enables connections to be made to their knowledge and interests that facilitate learning. Respect is a big issue. They practised facilitating dialogue with powerful questions, communication skills, observation and giving and receiving feedback. These principles started to come alive after discussions, as they practised teaching self-chosen topics. According to the participant testimonies, the new ideas made a big difference in the way they taught their lessons as well as the way they talked with each other and worked to understand each other’s cultures. People who hadn’t known each other became brothers and sisters by working together in teams and teaching pairs. They were amazed to see how much more can be accomplished with teamwork. At the end of the course there was time to reflect, and several participants shared that this course had really changed them. They were prepared to use these skills, not only in their teaching, but also in their work in church engagement and even in everyday communications. During the daily devotion time, they learned how Jesus used these powerful principles in his teachings. Just as Jesus healed the men who were blind, this course opened up the eyes of the participants. The participants were ready to put into practise what they had learned, which makes their teaching very powerful and will change lives and communities all over the country of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. “I am not only teaching them, but I can also learn a lot from them. That’s a whole other perspective.” – Learning that Lasts participant

For more information on this release, contact ThePNGexperience, PO BOX 413, Ukarumpa, EHP 444, Papua New Guinea Phone: 011 + 675 + 537-3544 ext. 4431 or Email: “Tok Save” is the PNG “Tok Pisin” term for announcement or “For your information”. The English spelling conforms to Commonwealth English spelling.

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Cultural differences impact how adults learn. Read more to see what is going on in PNG.

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