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Second National Tokples Scripture Conference 21 January, 2013 – Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea – Written by Tim Scott “It is bringing the whole body of Christ together, that is the thing that we need to build on… I think it lays a foundation for all of the churches.” – Denny Guka, Chairman of the PNG Council of Churches, Port Moresby Approximately seventy leaders of churches and parachurch organisations met together in Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands Province for four days to discuss the “Tokples” language development and translation effort in Papua New Guinea. The pastors and leaders spoke with passion about the need for mothertongue translation throughout the country, including some of their own communities. It was the first time that some leaders heard how they could get involved in the process of developing their own languages and the enormity of the task in PNG. Nearly 300 language groups are still waiting to have some work done in their language. One aspect of the conference that many commented on was the “unity of the churches and organisations” regarding the need to complete the task. “The word of God is the uniting factor… We are all working together, referring to the word of God as a way of uniting us.” – John Ribat, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby “[Christianity] is an indigenised religion. It is embedded in the lives and the places of the people who are members of this community.” – Paul Minter, Conference Presenter “Many of us have been praying for the transformation of this nation, and the only way this nation can be changed is not through government projects, not through any other initiative but by the Word of God” – Kario Veneo, Chairman, Madang Minister’s Fraternal “The work that we are involved in is very important. It preserves cultures, it preserves the language and it identifies where we belong in our multi-lingual society.” – John Ribat “I am really excited that we can become engaged with these organisations in language development and Bible translations…It is possible that the 829 languages (in PNG) can be translated… And translation will bring about major, both individual and even community changes, and I believe it is the answer to bring changes and transformation to the nation of Papua New Guinea.” – Lenden Butuna, Senior Pastor, Christian Life Centre, Milne Bay

For more information on this release, contact ThePNGexperience, PO BOX 413, Ukarumpa, EHP 444, Papua New Guinea Phone: 011 + 675 + 537-4431 or Email: “Tok Save” is the PNG “Tok Pisin” term for announcement or “For your information”. The English spelling conforms to Commonwealth English spelling.

A Great Success!!  
A Great Success!!  

The 2nd National Tokples Scripture conference was held in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea and focused on the need for Tokples language developmen...