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In honor of our Fourth Annual Playa Times Mini Fun Run on October 21, we get into the spirit with an action-packed edition


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Volunteer for the Health of It Photos: The Playa Times

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In recent years the phrase “sitting is the new smoking” has come up frequently. How to combat the effects of sitting.

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Photo: Cecilia Cahum



An Italian researcher is working with a local sustainable residential community to study spider monkeys of the Riviera Maya.

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2017 Looking for something to do? Check out our What’s On section on page 19 or at www.theplayatimes. com for a list of things to do including live music and dancing, yoga, markets and special events.

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October 4 - 17 2017


Mini Fun Run - October 21

Rebecca Page General Manager & Editor



Ian MacKenzie

t´s that time of year! No, I´m not referring to pumpkin spice lattes. I´m referring to The Playa Times Annual Mini Fun Run! This is the fourth year of our race dedicated to children, and we could not be more excited. The idea behind the Mini Fun Run is to encourage a healthy and fun activity for kids between the ages of three and twelve. The race is held at Mario Villanueva stadium on Avenida 10, and the kids run the entire length of the track. We break it up with obstacles along the way, including bouncy houses, tires, and, my personal favorite, the foam pit! The event is free to everyone, and the first 500 children

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who were registered receive a t-shirt, a race number, and a medal. Each year the event grows in popularity. This year our registration was full within a week and a half! Don´t worry, if you would like your child to participate, you are more than welcome to show up on the day of the event. They won´t receive a medal or a t-shirt but they can still have fun running the course and challenging themselves on the obstacles. This year, to avoid the heat of the morning, we have moved the event to 6:00 p.m. For more information, you can contact us on Facebook/Mini Fun Run 2017 or send us a note at In this edition, we give you grown ups some ideas about getting fit and

staying healthy. Love to mountain bike but don’t see any mountains near by? Don´t worry, Melissa cycles on down to Punta Venado Bike Park just south of Playa del Carmen in her article on page 4. Visiting or living in the Cancun area? Andrés gives you some ideas on ways to stay fit in the city on page 11. In TPT Foodies, Catherine gives you some pointers on how to eat healthy at home, Zulma gives you some suggestions for delicious vegan and vegetarian options in Playa, and don´t miss Lily´s recipe for a delicious and healthy shrimp ceviche. Don´t forget to come by Mario Villanueva stadium on Avenida 10 on Saturday, October 21 at 6 p.m. to cheer on the kids!

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October 4 - 17 2017

Biking in Punta Venado Bike Park Biking is one of the many ways to stay fit in Playa del Carmen whilst enjoying the beautiful sights of the Caribbean at the same time BY MELISSA MÉNDEZ ORANTES

I Photo:

The Difference Between Legal and Physical Delivery BY THOMAS LLOYD, FOUNDER OF TOP MEXICO REAL ESTATE When looking for a property you have two basic choices: buying a re-sale property or a pre-construction project. The difference is that in a re-sale you are purchasing the property from an individual who already owns it, and usually the place is ready to move into. When buying pre-construction, on the other hand, the project is still in process and your new home will be delivered in the near future. It is important to understand these differences, because when purchasing a property you will get the legal delivery and the physical delivery, and the order in which these two happen will depend on the type of property you are buying. The difference between physical and legal delivery is simple: physical delivery basically means getting the keys of the property, so you are able to start using it. On the other hand, the legal delivery comes with signing the Title Deed, which legally makes you the owner of the property. So, when purchasing a re-sale, nobody is going to give you access to their property before the closing. You must go to the notary, sign the Title Deed and then you will receive the keys to your new home. In other words, you must get the legal delivery and then you get the physical delivery of the property. However, in case of pre-sale the legal

It’s really common for pre-construction buyers to start using their properties before having a Title. delivery usually comes after you start using your property. The reason is that, in order to get your Title Deed, the property must have a condominium regimen in place, a process that can take a little longer after the building has been completed. Therefore, it’s really common for pre-construction buyers to start using their properties before having a Title. Although in this case, the developers will also ask you to sign a document stating that you are now responsible for the expenses and the use of the property. If you’d like to know more about the purchasing process, download our free guide about this subject on this link:

f you are already bored of going to the gym or doing the same exercise routines locked in your house, it is time to try something new! How about biking? Without a doubt, cycling and biking are ideal activities to stay in shape, but they are also excellent for discovering new places and meeting new people. I can recommend the perfect place for biking in Playa del Carmen - it’s called Punta Venado Bike Park. I assure you that the bike ride there will impress you because there is nothing better than riding in a park near the beaches of the Caribbean. You will find color-coded routes to facilitate the experience and to avoid getting lost, so pay attention because the green route is for beginners, the blue one is intermediate and the black one is for the experts. In my opinion, the park is enjoyed best on the beginners’ route, since it is the flattest route allowing more speed. In addition to that, the other routes are more strenuous and require the technique, experience and ability to avoid accidents. So if it is your first time in the park, it’s best to take the green route first. If you’ve already ventured to Punta Venado Bike Park, my second recommendation is to visit the website and join the events that are organized there or you can start your own! This website was created by two young men from Cancun who love out-

door sports, so it is great for people who like to practice group activities, make new friends and share stories and tips.

Biking is the ideal activity to stay in shape, but it is also excellent for discovering new places and meeting new people. The next event is scheduled for Saturday, October 21. If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact one of the organizers Iker Quintana at Access to Punta Venado Bike Park costs 130 pesos for people who bring their own mountain bike and helmet, but if you do not have the equipment, you can rent it separately. Enjoy the ride and share your experience!

Join the events organized via / Photo: Iker Quintana



October 4 - 17 2017

GMB Goes Green BY GMB


ast Saturday, August 26, GMB, the leading real estate company in the Riviera Maya, was part of a series of activities promoted by Zofemat to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the beaches in the area. Through the campaign GMB Goes Green, around 88 participants of all ages, among them employees of the company, and their family and friends met early in the morning at Avenue Constituyentes harbor to start the activities of garbage recollection. Accompanied by authorities of the Solidaridad municipality, the energy and emotion between participants was very evident, and after a brief informative talk about the importance of maintaining the beaches and the streets of the city clean, as well as a few words from GMB’s CEO Marc Pujol, the waste collection began. Equipped with garbage bags divided by type of waste and keeping an eye on every detail with a genuine motivation, the groups divided along the length and width of the beach. Little by little the bags started to fill with various wastes and the emotion again became evident; enthusiastic children supported the collection while learning about the importance

Make friends in your local community / Photos: Crystal Mitchell

Getting Involved in Community Activities Community involvement can help us get out of the house, build \hgÛ]^g\^Zg]]hlhf^mabg`_hkhma^kl'PaZmZk^rhnpZbmbg`_hk8 BY CRYSTAL MITCHELL

groups on Facebook or the web to see where meetings or events will be held. You can add n the past few weeks we’ve had more than joy to your life by meeting people with the our fair share of tragedies due to natural same interests. It is amazing the things you can disasters. The one positive in this has been learn from others, as well as teach to others. Becoming part of international groups is a the way that world citizens and communities good idea too. For examhave been coming togethple, check out the Civitan er to help those affected. or Rotary groups in your Helping others makes you Helping others area and go to a meeting feel that you have a purto see what projects they pose and gives a meaning makes you feel that are involved in. It is very to life that cannot be deyou have a purpose easy in these days to put scribed in words. There and gives another yourself out there to help is always a need to help support your community. others, and through commeaning to life that If you are a parent, bringmunity activities you can cannot be described ing your children with accomplish this and many in words. you. This is a great way other goals as well. to teach them to support The point is to get their community and its out there and experience causes. Kids will make lots the benefits of working with your fellow citizens to make your com- of friends and learn to be leaders. If you are shy, it might be a push at first munity even greater. You can check bulletins, newspapers, or social media for community to get out there but after meeting people and activities to join. Think about what makes you enjoying the satisfaction that it brings you, you happy. What do you enjoy doing? Then look up may even become an activist yourself.


GMB volunteers in action / Photo: GMB

of preserving the environment. The activity, which lasted for about two hours, came to an end at the CTM Avenue. The groups gathered at this meeting point, many of whom were surprised at the amount of collected waste. In the middle of the circle of curious collaborators, the final weigh-in took place. Around 33 kilos of recyclable and non-recyclable waste was announced, including 400 grams of cigarette butts that were collected from the beach circuit Constituyentes - CTM. The collection of cigarette butts specifically is a great help in reducing environmental impact, since among the facts mentioned in the pre-activity talk, Zofemat representatives emphasized that a single cigarette butt can pollute up to 50 liters of water. We can prevent this alarming situation by sharing this important information. The initiative of GMB Goes Green made evident how the unity of a community can make a difference, and how important it is to create awareness and educate society, before this problem affects the image of paradise that is Playa del Carmen. As a socially responsible company, GMB is committed to taking action to preserve this important tourist destination through diverse activities planned for the future under its campaign GMB Goes Green.



October 4 - 17 2017

Seven Reasons To Get Artsy BY SARA JONES

Head of Kukulcan sculpted at the base of the castle in Chichen Itza / Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Maya Almighty:

Kukulcan The feathered snake is one the most worshipped images in all Mesoamerica, if not the most, and today you will meet the Maya version BY EDGAR MENA


orship of the feathered snake is present in most of the cultures in Mesoamerica, and it is one of the most important icons in the region. It is unclear why people chose this particular image to worship, although, interestingly enough, it does recall the image of a dragon, especially when you think about the influence of Eastern countries over ancient America.

The yearly event that even today takes place in Chichen Itza announced the arrival of Kukulcan to the Maya In the Maya culture, this description of a snake-like god with beautiful feathers belonged to the god Kukulcan (kukulmé, feathers and kan, snake), who was considered one of the gods responsible for the creation of the world, as well as the god of the wind. He dates back from long before the peninsular Maya people. According to Friar Diego de Landa, one of the main Spanish missionaries responsible for the conversion of the Maya to Christianity in the 16th century, Kukulcan existed as a

Whether or not you are an artist, you have probably come across the multitude of adult coloring books and apps now available. Getting in touch with your creative side can have numerous benefits. Here are few to inspire you to draw, paint, sculpt or color. Reduce stress: Coloring Mandalas or other geometric shapes with concentric circles has been shown to lower overall stress levels and induce a calming effect. It’s also shown to reduce the stress reaction to future stressful situations. It is meditative: You know that state of flow you get into when doing something you love? Creating art can help you relax and clear the mind, taking you into a meditative state and reducing the chatter of a restless mind. Spark creativity: The act of doing something artistic can encourage your mind to become even more creative and spark new innovative ideas or perhaps even solutions to problems you have been mulling over. It is therapeutic: Mandala coloring has actually been prescribed to patients by psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and occupational therapists for centuries. Carl Jung believed that coloring mandalas represented the “inner process by which individuals grow toward fulfilling their potential for wholeness.” Reconnect with your inner child: Break negative thinking patterns and stop being so hard on yourself by doing something

Colorful elephant / Photo: Public domain

that makes you feel young, happy and confident. Getting in touch with our inner child can help us be better adults and nurtures positivity. Mindfulness: Creating art helps us stay present and mindful. Being ‘in the moment’ means we are not anxiously worrying about the future or replaying events from the past that we can’t change. Living in the present and staying focused on a creative activity allows us to feel at peace. Develop fine motor skills and vision: Requiring the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate, drawing and coloring can actually improve logic and creativity and may also prevent dementia in older individuals. Sara Jones Spa, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert, Spa Consultant and Founder of Spa & Wellness Mexico magazine

man who came from the west before the Itzaes arrived from Cozumel and founded Chichen Itza. It is easy to link Kukulcan to Mesoamerica. Besides their resemblance, he has a lot of similarities with the Aztec and Toltec god Quetzalcoatl. So even if you haven’t read anything about these gods before, it is easy to relate them through the name quetzal, which is the name of the currency, as well as the bird, symbol of Guatemala (in Mesoamerica). The Toltec God When the Toltec warriors from Tula arrived in Yucatan, they found a very smart, educated and wise group of people (the Maya), but with little skill for war, so it was really easy for them to occupy the region. Soon enough, their main god, Quetzalcoatl, was being worshiped by the Maya. The Castle The Maya were great astronomers, and they could predict important events. Priests had great power due to their ability to predict the perfect timing for planting crops, rainy seasons and other important moments. To increase their power, they gathered the people in Chichen Itza on the days of the equinox so Kukulcan could speak through them. The now well-known phenomenon that takes place in the pyramid amazed the crowds, as it does even today. Even though Kukulcan isn’t worshipped nowadays, he enjoys international recognition. He is visited by thousands of people every year as he descends from the stairs of the castle twice a day during the equinox.

Turning Hotels and Vacation Rentals into an All-Inclusive Property ASAP Playa was founded in 2014 by a young married couple who met in Jerusalem. Abby and Shay visited the Riviera Maya on their honeymoon and fell in love with Playa. Abby remembers, “We rented an amazing beachfront apartment, and we never wanted to leave. However, there were not any services included, so we had to figure out for ourselves where to eat, where to buy groceries, and which tours to go on.” That is when they came up with the idea for ASAP (All Services At Property). ASAP has become a model in the customer service arena, setting new and higher standards for vacations. They offer an all-inclusive vacation service operating 24/7, providing their guests with a variety of food presented in one unique and colorful menu and accompanied by high-end premium liquors and wine selection. Deliveries are made on demand making wishes come true day or night. ASAP delivers tour and attraction information and tickets by a team of Riviera Maya tour experts. They can also provide relaxing and refueling massages and beauty

treatments by a professional and certified team of masseurs and cosmeticians. Traveling with your family? ASAP also has a team of English-speaking au pairs, babysitters, and other unique services for traveling with a family. They can also offer a full cleaning service package including housekeeping and cooking, house cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning. For those who are traveling with a pet, ASAP offers a pet-friendly service by providing general information about pets in Playa del Carmen, food and accessories delivery, and a veterinary service. ASAP operates an information call center to provide information 24 hours a day for its guests. ASAP Playa offers a high standard premium vacation service for tourists, hotels, and vacation rentals owners. In light of the high demand, ASAP will be opening a branch in Tulum in the near future. For more information about ASAP playa, please visit our Facebook page: Facebook/asaplaya

October 4 - 17 2017



48 Hours in Merida The capital of Yucatan has much to offer any traveler and will no doubt delight the casual tourist with its rich history, culture and art BY GIOVANNA HUERTA


fter two years in Playa, I finally made it to Merida. I had heard great things about this Yucatecan jewel yet I was surprised by what I found. I had imagined lines of colourfully painted houses, people in traditional dress, clean streets and everything within walking distance - but that’s just the historic centre. Merida is in fact a huge city supporting many industries and national and international companies. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced true city life that I was a bit disoriented at first. The historic centre, however, is where one would spend most time as a tourist in the city. It is akin to other colonial-style locations I’ve visited in Mexico, but no less impressive for that. One particularly notable thing was the pride and availability of the locals who took every opportunity to present their city to us, and advise us on where to go. The sense of community and culture was strong and admirable. The main square (zócalo) is well maintained with plenty of seating for people-watchers like me and surrounded by beautiful buildings that transport you back to another era. Take time to explore the Palacio de Gobierno and the stunning murals on display in its majestic halls depicting the Yucatan

Photos: Sergio Huerta

Merida is a wonderful and successful blend of old and new Mexico, rightfully proud residents and an opportunity for education and inspiration. experience. For more free art visit the Museo de la Ciudad and the Museo de Fernando García Ponce-Macay (Muse-



tarting in the air, the fastest animal in the animal kingdom is the Peregrin falcon reaching speeds of 389 km/h (242 mph)! when doing a hunting stop. As a reference, the fastest human recorded reached 45 km/hr (28 mph) running, and a F1 car reaches top speed of 375 km/h (233 mph). Among the top 20 fastest birds, you will find Anna´s hummingbird

which reaches 98 km/h (61 mph) in flight! Another way to measure speed is body lengths per second and this little bird at only about 10 cm (4 in) long can move 276 body lengths per second, which is the highest known length-specific velocity attained by any vertebrate. Then we have the ostrich, which does not fly but can reach peaks of 97 km/h (60 mph) running, making this bird the tallest bird and the fastest animal on two legs.

Cheetahs accelerate very quickly / Photo:

um of Modern Art). You could indeed spend most of your stay in Merida visiting museums, but if you want to get out and about a bit more, then take a long, leisurely stroll up the Paseo de Montejo. The location of the former Yucatecan aristocracy’s mansions, its buildings are now mostly occupied by hotels and financial institutions. The architecture is stunning - a great contrast to the banality of modern design. During weekend evenings the streets surrounding the zócalo are usually closed off to traffic allowing the restaurants to place tables outside for some al fresco nighttime dining and socializing; a great idea. Some of the streets remain closed on Sunday

We have this idea that reptiles are slow but there is a large lizard called the bearded dragon found in Australia, measuring about 60 cm long, that can reach up to 40 km/h (25 mph). The biggest and most hydrodynamic of all turtles, the leatherback, can swim as fast as 35 km/h (22 mph). Among fish, the black marlin seem to be the fastest animal in the ocean reaching speeds of 129 km/h (80 mph), followed by another billfish, the sailfish, which reaches speeds of 109 km/h (68 mph). In third place in the ocean, the Mako shark can reach a burst speed of 74 km/h (46 mph).

mornings giving cyclists the chance to freely and safely ride around - a popular activity for families. Tourists can rent bikes too. Sunday afternoons at the zócalo are a hive of activity with traditional Yucatecan music and dance performances by local groups and international invitees. Arrive early to get a seat. Then enjoy some candy floss, a marquesita or some platanos fritos

The Mexican bat is the fastest mammal reaching

160 km/h (99 mph) in flight.

Onto mammals: the Mexican bat is the fastest mammal reaching 160 km/h (99 mph) in flight. And the very famous cheetah can

from the various street vendors dotted around the square. Two to three days are sufficient to explore the historic centre, and I highly recommend it. Merida is a wonderful and successful blend of old and new Mexico, rightfully proud residents and an opportunity for education and inspiration. Discover it for yourself.

reach up to 121 km/h (75 mph). But the most impressive fact about the cheetah - as there are faster animals - is that it can accelerate from 0 to 97 km/h (60 mph) in three seconds! But hang on there because even if all these speeds are amazing, if we look at body length per second, the fastest organism on Earth (relative to body length) is the South Californian mite with a speed of 322 body lengths per second! Whether in kms or body lengths, what would be interesting to know next, is why do each of these speedy animals need to move so fast?



October 4 - 17 2017

Health and Fitness in Vallarta The Puerta Vallarta area offers a range of activities to help you lead a healthy, active life BY FRANK VAN DER BURGH

Living next to the water means there are many more alternatives for exercise than just the gym.


n an ever-evolving world of fitness where terms like zumba, crossfit, muay Thai, yoga and HIIT are common, one thing is certain: there are many options for exercise. The world of fitness brings a greater awareness about health, along with discovering new places with organic food and drink alternatives. I went to various gyms around the Nuevo Vallarta area and had a look at what classes they are offering and how they are keeping up with various new trends. One place focused on martial arts as a way to become fit. Activities like muay Thai, boxing (not necessarily with someone else) and wrestling combine exercise with fighting skills.

Crossfit is still one of the most popular activities. Classes are offered throughout the area on a daily basis. TRX is still very much up there too . Living next to the water means there are many more alternatives for exercise than just the gym. Both Bucerias and Yelapa have aquatic parks which are surprisingly challenging and fun. In Sayulita, and also in Punta de Mita

Paddle boarders / Photo:

and Nuevo Vallarta, you see a lot of places offering paddle boarding. If you get lucky, you might get to know some surfers that take you to the more hidden beaches where the killer waves are. Food is also a big thing in this area. If you want to be a top restaurant on the various review websites, you had better offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. More specialized places like the recently opened Booster Juice in Paradise Plaza have everything from smoothies to high protein superfood. If you visit any of the big supermarkets you will see that there is usually a space reserved for power food, vegan and organic products. In this area there are many ways to stay fit and healthy from watersports to food. No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be something for you.

Islas Marietas National Park

Caves at Islas Maritas / Photo: Wikipedia Commons/Wiper México

BY FRANK VAN DER BURGH I have been writing about things to do in Puerto Vallarta, but there might be a thing that I have missed. It is, after all, one of Vallarta´s most famous sites. It is one of Mexico´s hidden beaches, on the Islas Marietas. Not often mentioned on tours, the history and future of the islands is surprisingly interesting. Although formed by volcanic activity, the Mexican government did extensive weapon testing there, subjecting the islands to explosions and bombings. Most caves, rock formations and strange geological sights there are not natural. Following international lobbying, the islands were later re-classified as a national park. Before 2012, the islands were actually not that popular to visit, but after that year gained both national and international media exposure. This lead to the decision in 2016 that only 116 people could visit the hidden beach daily, in order to prevent degradation. Visiting without actually entering

the hidden beach is still a very worthwhile experience. The closure led to better exploration and discovery of other small private beaches and more pristine snorkel opportunities. Boats take you around the islands which offer great photo opportunities of the cave formations. The tour ends at another small beach where, unlike other places in the Bay of Banderas, the water is crystal clear. Small boats are good for trips with family and friends, while the larger crafts come with drinks, food and equipment included. Right now there are some conservation actions in place to prevent further damage, such as the replanting of coral. A rumor went around a few years ago that the islands had been sold to a private party. The governor replied to this by saying that the islands are part of national heritage and will remain an icon of Riviera Nayarit forever. That might be a bit optimistic, since 2014 studies predict the islands will be completely eroded in a few thousand years. Let´s hope they can be enjoyed until then.

October 4 - 17 2017



Cancun’s Fifth International Coral Fest BY ANDRÉS MENDOZA DEL VALLE III

Activities in Cancun / Photos: Andrés Mendoza Del Valle III

Cancun Fitness ?^^e[^mm^kZg]ehhd[^mm^k3^qiehk^ma^Ûmg^llhimbhgl<Zg\ng aZlmhh__^k

Last week I came across the Fifth International Coral Fest poster. At first I thought it was a biology event concerning coral reefs so I almost ignored it. It’s not that I don’t care about reefs, it’s just that I’m not an expert. I know about music and that’s what it actually is - a singing festival. I play a couple of instruments, but I have always admired the talent for singing, which is a skill that you can develop. In any case, having the chance to make complex sounds and music without having to use any external object is outstanding. And so was the event! The Coral-Cun International Fest is more than just a music fest. They call it cultural tourism, or more specifically: Coral Tourism. The festival brings together national and international choirs and ensembles. This year saw representatives from Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela and the Philippines. Performers are offered lodging, expeditions to different areas in the peninsula and workshops with important singing teachers and coaches. It all makes sense when you discover the background of the people organizing Coral-Cun: Lupita Rodríguez R. and Edgar G. Salzmann. They started the festival in 2013 and also coordinate the Coral-Cun Choir and other projects. Lupita has a tourism management degree and Edgar is a professional singing teacher. Together they realized that



exico is a country of contrasts; we are simultaneously in the top three for obesity and we have the biggest fitness industry in this continent. The internet is helping to raise awareness about these issues and how to lead a healthier life that includes eating better, sleeping better, and of course, keeping your body in good shape. For me and for many people in Cancun and on the Riviera Maya, working out is not so much about how it makes you look but how it makes you feel. That’s the important part about being fit, it’s a way to connect with your own body and understand it better; it helps to release all the stress and it’s a very therapeutic activity. Cancun offers a wide range of options that go beyond weight lifting, into a more mindful, even more fun experience. Yoga De Todos is an amazing opportunity for new people in town to get in touch with the yoga community of Cancun. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or new to yoga, you will be welcomed. All their sessions are for free and the meeting point is at Malecon Tajamar every Saturday at 6:30 pm. Yoga de Todos is focused on hatha yoga, which targets increased

What are you waiting for? Let’s sweat the stress away!

strength and flexibility. Some of the teachers have their own schools; once you meet them you can learn more or specialize in another discipline. Cuxil Baxal also has a free yoga school among other activities, such as gymnastics, taekwando, volleyball, and even boxing, with a fantastic Cuban teacher. Expo 4fitness Cancun took place with great success on September 23 at the Tec Milenio University. This event brought together the best national stars of something that’s become very popular in recent years: dance and combat fitness. But what is this? A mix of tae bo, aerobics, dancing and tons of fun. If you are not familiar with it, come see them at the sports dome at Las Torres Ave (Cancun’s 510 Area). Mondays at 8:00 pm are introduction nights. What are you waiting for? Let’s sweat the stress away!

Performers at Coral Fest / Photos: Andrés Mendoza Del Valle III

something is missing, not only in Cancun but in Mexico; this is the only event of its kind.

The festival brings together national and international choirs and ensembles (this year from Colombia, Guatemala. Venezuela and the Philippines). All the presentations were fantastic and for free. The only exception was the closing gala at the Cancun Theater that cost 100 pesos.. Out of four nights of great music, in my opinion, the highlight of this year’s edition was the presentation at San José Obrero Church, in Puerto Morelos. It was the perfect scenario to see the Colombian choir in action and an exceptional quartet from Mexico City playing a faith restoring performance. I also recommend the Naui Vocal Ensemble, they are a local talent worth seeing. For more info:Facebook/CoralCun Arte Vocal. 9981239816 /

Sea turtles are peaceful animals / Photos: Xcaret







A monkey in Los Arboles / Photo: Cecilia Cahum

An Italian researcher is working with a local sustainable residential community to study spider monkeys of the Riviera Maya

Monkeying Around Los Arboles An Italian researcher is working with a local sustainable residential community to study spider monkeys of the Riviera Maya BY GIOVANNA HUERTA


n a recent flight to Cancun I become acquainted with Italian biologist and animal behavior researcher, Filippo Aureli. Filippo has been studying spider monkeys in Costa Rica and Mexico since 2000. He moved to Mexico in 2010 with his wife, a fellow academic, to be closer to the subject of their studies and has since been conducting various projects with Universidad Veracruzana. His latest project is based at Los Arboles sustainable residential community near Tulum. Los Arboles is a wonderful project blending conservation of the local jungle with sustainable development. It allows residents to enjoy this natural environment while helping to protect and preserve it by using only 5% of the land that they own. Within this sustainable community, there is another very special community of spider monkeys, and in 2015 Filippo began conducting a census of them. This involved walking through the jungle and actually counting the monkeys. The intrigued residents wanted to learn more and invited Filippo to conduct further research on the monkeys, their individual behaviors and social dynamics. For such research to be successful it is necessary to first habituate the monkeys to the presence of humans, without scaring them or influencing their behavior. The monkeys at Los Arboles already appeared to

be well habituated due to the presence of the residents. Filippo considers the residents to be a key component of the project, as they not only welcome his team, including his local assistant, Cecilia, into the community, but are actively involved in the research by providing important information. They also support a non-profit which helps fund the project - it’s a match made in monkey heaven! Local assistants are “the backbone” of Filippo’s projects as they provide continuity and help to collect demographic, behavioral and genetic data on a daily basis. Although it’s too early to draw conclusions, it seems that the monkeys like to sleep at night close to the residents. This has also been observed in Filippo´s Costa Rica project where monkeys sleep close to the national park headquarters. It may be a strategy to avoid predators. I asked Filippo what he’d like to share with our readers and he told me that spider monkeys are good indicators of healthy forest. Protecting the spider monkeys implies protecting our jungle, which has benefits for everyone and everything, including responsible tourism. He reminds us not to encourage the exploitation of wild animals by keeping them as pets or taking photos with them. Please report any animal abuse to the relevant authorities, such as PROFEPA. You can follow Filippo and his team’s research and environmental education on his NGO Facebook page: Facebook/Conmonomaya

Filippo in the field / Photo: Elvin Murillo

e field / Murillo



October 4 - 17 2017

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Playa :khng]&nih_lhf^h_IeZrZlhimbhgl_hka^Zemarf^Zm& _k^^]bgbg` BY ZULMA G. RODRÍGUEZ E. In Playa del Carmen there are many good quality options for vegan and vegetarians. Here’s a look at a few of them CLOROFILA This restaurant has nursery gardens in Tulum, Q. Roo and in Morelos state. They produce homemade soy sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and fresh homemade bread. They use biodegradable disposable packaging and don’t serve fried food. Their coffee is a blend from Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz. BIO-ORGANICS Here you will find organic superfoods like quinoa, maaca, hemp, and spirulina. They also serve authentic Maya cuisine like their famous tostadas de sikilpak, papadzules and chaya eggs. Customers love their smoothies, green choice bowl, amaranth hot cakes and gluten-free pancakes. For dessert they have vegan brownies, vegan ice cream, and coconut cream with chía. THE PITTED DATE It is famous for the more than 30 exquisite desserts they offer and their fresh almond milk. Enjoy the burritos, omelettes and bomblettes. Breakfasts are served all day. They have attractive options that are

raw/gluten free and enriched with superfoods. MARVIN´S BURGERS The specialty of this restaurant is the vegan hamburger with combinations like fried seitan, jackfruits in BBQ sauce, queseño sauce, quechipo sauce, chorizoya, caramelized hibiscus, spinach, or onions. It is easy to get to this place via Fifth Avenue heading north and crossing the CTM. LA SENDA VEGANA They have a great variety of drinks, smoothies and desserts. You can even buy a whole cake. Delight yourself with their fruit breakfasts until 1 pm, or special breakfasts with crepes, chilaquiles, vegadillas

and muffins. They also have salads, vegetables, hamburgers, tacos, and tortas. Most customers like to order the lentil burgers, the Aztec pudding, the banana muffin and the green juice. COMET 984, 50s diner This is a nicely decorated fast-food vegan restaurant with a great variety of burgers like the famous Comet, all prepared with fresh bread daily. Other options are the cheesy dogs, original hot dogs, corn dogs, nachos with bacon, melted cheddar and onion and the gluten-free-me sandwich. Try the peanut butter milkshake or their delicious ice cream. And you can enjoy the music of the 50s! FRESCO HÁBITO Located on Calle 1 and Constituyentes, with this warm weather in Playa del Carmen customers love their smoothies with milk or coconut water, and fresh juices. Enjoy the great variety of gluten-free toasts with fruit, or with avocado and hemp seeds. It is a meeting point after yoga sessions and the gym.

Vegetarian options in Playa del Carmen / Photo: Zulma G. Rodríguez E.

Corn tortillas average only 70 calories / Photo:

Healthy Home Dining BY CATHERINE PAWELEK Many Mexican dishes are carb-loaded and somewhat greasy, but an easily substituted ingredient here and there will give you wholesome, delicious options. The next time that you are dining in, try replicating some of these well-known restaurant menu items, and do so without feeling guilty. Family recipes often aren’t the same without a pat of butter, lard or pig fat. Or are they? Proportionately they all contain within 10% of a similar calorie count, but it isn’t solely about calories. With olive oil you can count on good-for-you, healthier monounsaturated fats. Make that quesadilla with a combination of shredded mozzarella and queso blanco, still resulting in an ooey-gooey dish. Go heavy on the vegetables. Exchange your cotija cheese for feta on Mexico’s famous

street cart food, elote (corn on the cob) and use a yoghurt, lime, paprika mixture instead of the ubiquitous mayo. No meal is ever complete without tortillas, but did you know that corn tortillas average only 70 calories, while the flour ones are almost double? Want to make guisado de puerco (pork stew) and eat it without all that tasty fat? A tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa adds a depth of flavor. Want a margarita that doesn’t add inches to the waist or a nasty next-day hangover? Replace that sticky, sugary, store-bought sweet/ sour mix with fresh OJ, a touch of agave and lime juice. Arriba! Arriba! That headache is often the result of the high sugar content, and not the tequila. No meal is ever complete without a little sweet. Restaurants often claim that their desserts are healthy, but they use saccharin instead of sugar. It has an after-taste that leaves a lot to be desired. We make our delicious flan with low fat condensed milk and half the sugar; a touch of agave syrup makes the difference. Want to make better churros? The secret is piping them on a cookie sheet (with parchment paper) and baking them instead of frying. Top them with brown sugar, cinnamon or a drizzle of dark chocolate. Yummy. Sometimes you have to balance cost and eating healthier. No need to overdo it and throw out all your pantry and fridge items. Take it one item at a time and you will never miss a thing.

October 4 - 17 2017


Shrimp Ceviche A fresh, healthy Mexican classic to be enjoyed with friends BY LILY ESPINOSA


hen we think of Mexican food, the first things that come to mind are tacos, salsas, fresh dishes and handmade tortillas. Yes, Mexican food’s most important ingredients are corn, chile and beans; these three delicious and super nutritious elements are the fundamental stones of ancient Mexican dishes. But Mexican food is much more than quesadillas. We are a mixture of several cultures, as we can see in the healthy and fresh shrimp ceviche recipe below. Cilantro and spices came from Asia. Garlic, which is originally from Egypt, is now a musthave in any Mexican kitchen. Chile, tomato, and totopos (tortilla chips) are the Mexican contribution to this all-time favorite dish, especially in this tropical weather. It is the perfect lunch! Ingredients ½ kilo shrimps cooked in lime juice Two medium ripe tomatoes ¼ small purple onion Chile serrano Cilantro to taste Olive oil ¼ cup of lime juice Salt and pepper Oregano

Shrimp ceviche / Photo: Lily Espinosa

Finely chop the tomatoes, onion, cilantro and chile serrano. Mix the shrimps and vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add the lime juice and oregano. Wait 15-20 minutes for all the flavors to combine and voilá! Enjoy with chips and friends! If you have any questions about this recipe or another, send me an email to, I will be glad to help you become a great Mexican cook!

Lily Espinosa, Rivera Kitchen Tulum, Mexican Cooking Classes & Culinary experiences




October 4 - 17 2017


?hnk_ng&Ûee^]]Zrl_hkZeema^_ZfberZk^`nZkZgm^^]Zmmablr^ZklI@:^o^gmZmma^Kbob^kZ FZrZlenqnkrFZrZdh[Zk^lhkm BY HÉCTOR JUÁREZ


his year, the OHL Classic at Mayakoba will focus its activities on three key pillars associated with golf for the 11th edition of the PGA TOUR’s official event in Mexico: charity, gourmet and family. The combination of PGA TOUR players and the spirit of Mexico and Mayakoba will be the perfect scenario to showcase to the world that the OHL Classic at Mayakoba is much more than just golf. Join the party at the El Camaleón Golf Club November 9-12! “For us here at Mayakoba, gastronomy, family and charity go handin-hand with golf,” Joe Mazzeo, tournament director said. “Everyone attending will be greeted with a unique experience.” GOLF is Charity The OHL Classic at Mayakoba is one of 50 tournaments that comprise the official 2017-2018 PGA TOUR calendar. Like this prestigious circuit, the pioneering PGA TOUR tournament in Mexico has been committed to supporting local, national and international charities throughout its history. The OHL Classic at Mayakoba has donated more than $2.2 million dollars to a variety of charities and philanthropic causes, positively affecting the communities of Quintana Roo. Through these donations, the tournament established a close relationship with different charities from which 600 volunteers participate in the event to guarantee its success. Golf PARa Todos is still the star project of the OHL Classic at Mayakoba. It strives to create a fun-filled, diverse and educational program that teaches about the game of golf, its ideals and the premier professional golf event in Mexico - the OHL Classic at Mayakoba. The next editions of Golf PARa Todos will be October 8 and November 12. GOLF is Gourmet One of the best experiences when you

visit Mayakoba is the culinary offerings. Each of the Mayakoba hotels: Andaz Mayakoba, Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Fairmont Mayakoba, Rosewood Mayakoba and Koba, at the El Camaleón Golf Club, serve the highest quality food and drinks.

For us here at Mayakoba, gastronomy, family and charity go hand-in-hand with golf. Joe Mazzeo Tournament Director

With incredible culinary experiences shaped by our resident Mayakoba chefs including MasterChef Eva Millán, every attendee will taste the finest Mexico has to offer. Spectators, players, families, special guests, media and everyone who joins us is treated to a variety of special plates, culinary events and festivals (like Food Truck Friday, Craft Beer Festival and Tacos PARa Todos), cooking classes, the finest cocktails prepared by Tequila Patron’s expert mixologists and so much more, proving that GOLF is gourmet! GOLF is Family The last pillar of this year’s OHL Classic at Mayakoba will be to unite families and bring them together through this sport. It is very common to see children walking with their parents along the golf course. This year, the tournament will have special activities for children like a Kid’s Autograph Zone located by the Banorte Fiesta Club and the Putting Green. If you like to play golf, in October, the tournament will host a Parent-Child Golf Outing and the twosome with the best score will have the opportunity to play in the Monday Challenge and will earn courtesy tickets for a VIP area to see the OHL

Photos: OHL Classic at Mayakoba

Classic at Mayakoba November 12. Trick Shot Artist is BACK! Children and their families will have the opportunity to watch how a professional player performs tricks and acrobatics with their golf balls and golf clubs. On your next visit to the OHL Classic at Mayakoba, you will find all of these activities and much more, guaranteeing a fun day! Besides the best golf in the world, you will enjoy the experience of #GOLFisGIVING, #GOLFisGOURMET and #GOLFisFAMILY! Spectators can purchase tickets at OHLCLASSIC.COM or via phone at +52 (984) 206-4652. You can also follow us on social media: Facebook: OHL Classic at Mayakoba / Instagram: OHLCLASSIC / Twitter: @MayakobaGolf

October 4 - 17 2017

WORLD SPACE DAY. Wednesday, October 4 from 3:00p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Planetarium of Playa del Carmen will participate with workshops and films that you can come to enjoy this day. • 3:00 and 5:00 - Space Shuttle Workshop - $ 15 pesos. • 4:00 and 6:00 - Workshop rosetta - $ 25 pesos. 3:00 - Movie WALL-E • 5:00 - INTERESTELAR Movie 7:00 - Movie THE MARTIAN. Movies are free entry. Sayab Planetarium Avenue Paseo Central between Avenue Kanthena and Avenue 125. Facebook/WorldSpaceDay OCTOBER 4 - 17


SPECIAL EVENT FROM WOMEN AND MEN TO CONSCIOUS BEINGS, Saturday, October 14 at 2:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Discover secrets of the “Art of love” working your femininity and masculinity from your “Divine Essence to the outside” to fully live as the Goddess and the God you are. Individual $1200mxn couples $1999mxn. Contact Cynthia Sanchez Sosa at or 984-109-1263 & cell/ What´s app 984-127-6357. Holistic Tour in Santa Fe, Playa del Carmen. Facebook/toConsciousBeings

STAGE GARDEN AT LE LOTUS ROUGE, Saturday, October 14 from 9:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Come and join others for drinks and lite bites for a performance of a fiery set of awesome music and theater. Re-worked Renaissance and folk tunes along with a sneak peek at their new musical (currently in production. LIMITED SEATING so get your tickets soon! Cover $200mxn includes a drink, some lite bites and the show. Le Lotus Rouge Ave 35 with Calle 2 north. Facebook/StageGarden

ROBOTIC COURSE. Wednesday, October 4 from 5:30p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Registration at the box office of the planetarium as of October 3, recommended for over 7 years. Sayab Planetarium Avenue Paseo Central between Avenue Kanthena and Avenue 125. Facebook/RoboticsCourse MISLEADING MARKETING: READING NUTRITIONAL LABELS. Wednesday, October 11 & 12 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. If you would like to learn to go to the supermarket and know what to choose for the well-being of your family and health come to this label reading course this 11 and 12 October at 7 pm, the $200mxn fee includes both sessions. Registration from October 3 at the planetarium box office from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6:40 p.m..Sayab Planetarium Avenue Paseo Central between Avenue Kanthena and Avenue 125. Facebook/ MisleadingMarketing


ASIAN CUISINE WITH CHEF RAFAEL, Wednesday, October 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. $60usd. Federal highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba



CHILES EN NOGADA, Saturday, October 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. $60usd. Federal highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba FARMERS MARKET, Sunday, October 8 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. A wide variety of gourmet products and handcraft from the community plus activities for kids. Free entry to the public. Federal Highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba COCO AND MOLE POBLANO WORKSHOP, Wednesday, October 11 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. $60usd. Federal highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba MIXOLOGY AND YUCATECAN BITES, Thursday, October 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. $60usd. Federal highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba LIVE MUSIC CONCERT, Saturday, October 14 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.Live music concert with a fusion of art and culture. Free entry to the public. Federal Highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba FARMERS MARKET, Sunday, October 15 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. A wide variety of gourmet products and handcraft from the community plus activities for kids. Free entry to the public. Federal Highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez km. 298, 984 873 4900. Facebook/El Pueblito at Mayakoba COCO’S ANIMAL WELFARE ONLINE AUCTION, September 27 - October 8



October 4 - 17 2017

October Overload Autumn is here and with it, a host of events for the LGBT community of Playa BY GINGER M.


Muertos are also coming soon! You can count on a new collaboration of Life is a Beach Productions and Friendly with a ‘Walking Dead’ theme this year. More details will be shared on their respective Facebook Pages for their upand-coming event and also on the well-known What’s On section of The Playa Times. The forthcoming third edition of Queer Film Festival at the Teatro de la Ciudad has very promising films and movies for the week of November 13 to 18. Great news; all the movies will be with English subtitles when in another language and English movies will have Spanish subtitles this year. Please visit their website at queer-film-festival-gay-playa-del-carmen-es for more information and the synopsis of the movies (coming soon in English). I want to take the time to thank my readers and I’m reaching out to you for any project, art, music, event or anything else that you want our diversified community to know about. Contact me directly and let the magic happen!

eptihambre is finally over, so let’s see what Playa del Carmen has on the menu for the next few months on the LGBT scene. As some of you might know, Mimosa Canteen & Bar was a promising gay bar that didn’t succeed and shut its doors while I was traveling to Montreal for Canada Pride. Sad news for our LGBT market as none of the gay bars ever really make it here. On the other hand, we are lucky to have a good variety of events. Pass the word around, I would like every member of the LGBT community to attend at least one of these next soirees. The one and only lesbian event LesMex by Life is a Beach Productions is back after a month off on Saturday, October 7 from 9 pm to 2 am. Ladies, this will be a tribute to our late, great underground clubs in Playa, not to mention clubs like Santanera or Dolores. We will be bringing back great memories and making unforgettable ones at Mexican Caribe Bar (downtown on First Avenue and Calle 26) in a 100% friendly environment. Make sure you get there early to enjoy Karly’s special performance! Talking of friendly environments, Absolute Love by Friendly started Tuesday, September 12 and is held every week at the restaurant La Piola (38th Street & Avenida Andrés Quintana Roo). Their slogan? ‘We Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight.’ Daring! Halloween and Día de Los An upcoming LesMex event / Photo: Ginger M./Life is a Beach Productions

October 4 - 17 2017



DIY Wellness – Is Sitting Bad for You? BY SARA JONES For those of us who sit at a desk for any substantial amount of time, stretching and moving around is a must. In recent years the phrase “sitting is the new smoking” has come up frequently. Is sitting really that bad for you? Well, as with so many things in life, it isn’t if you do it in moderation. The problem arises when people sit for the majority of an eight-hour workday, followed by sitting for a meal and then sitting down for the evening. This very quickly turns into a sedentary lifestyle leading to health complications. • Sitting reduces the amount of calories your body naturally burns if you’re standing or walking for example. • Sitting and sedentary behavior are linked to overweight and obesity. • Sitting and sedentary behavior are linked to various diseases and early death. We all know we should move more! You can counteract the effects of sitting

by moving and stretching: • Stand up often to stretch your legs and walk around. A great way to do this is to always stand or walk whenever you’re on the phone. • Get at least an hour a day of proper exercise. Choose the best type and time of day for you – remember: if you enjoy it, you are more likely to keep it up. • Stretch regularly. Twist your spine, stretch your arms behind your back, stand and touch your toes. • Take walking meetings – when meeting with a client, colleague or friend, why not walk while you talk? • When you are sitting, use your core muscles to hold your posture rather than slouching or resting on the back of the chair. Sara Jones Spa, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert, Spa Consultant and Founder of Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe magazine

The beach is on our doorstep / Photo: The Playa Times A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy / Photo:

Benefits of the Beach In Playa del Carmen we have numerous free wellness options available to us thanks to our proximity to the beach BY SARA JONES


ou may have heard the phrase “The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat, tears or the sea”. Let’s focus on that last point. The beach, after all, is why many of us chose to make Playa del Carmen our home. The benefits of going to the beach are numerous, whether you are spending the day with family or friends or going for a walk alone. The best thing, of course, is that it’s completely free! Feel grounded in nature Grounding is the practice of putting your feet on the earth and connecting with nature. You can do this on grass, in a forest or by a lake of course, but why not use the beach here? Feel the sand between your toes and the water lapping at your feet. There are few better sensations of wellness and connection. Breathe in the salty air We naturally tend to breathe more deeply when at the beach due to the quality of the air. Ocean air is actually charged with negative ions, which enable us to absorb more oxygen. Salt-infused air has been shown to benefit many respiratory ailments and

around the world, salt inhalation chambers are increasing in popularity. Aren’t we lucky that we can enjoy these benefits for free?

“The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat, tears or the sea.” Wellness from the water Thalassotherapy is the practice of using seawater for wellness and health benefits. Seawater is high in an array of minerals and elements such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iodine and sulphates etc., which can be absorbed by the body. Seawater can also provide relief from a number of ailments and also increase wound healing, provided the water is free from bacteria. The best beaches in the area may be a short drive out of town, but well worth it to escape the crowds. Enjoy! Sara Jones Spa, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert, Spa Consultant and Founder of Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe magazine



October 4 - 17 2017

Volunteer For the Health of It BY NASH

Pets encourage exercise / Photo:

13 Reasons Pets Are Good For You Forget about pharmaceuticals - all you need is a pet in your life to improve your health, mind, and wellbeing. Unconditional love is the answer to what ails you. BY NASH


s there a better feeling than walking in the door after a long day, and your dog goes crazy with excitement to see you? Rarely is anyone else so consistently happy to see us. This unconditional love makes us better people, and it also improves our health and wellbeing.




There are many benefits to having pets in our lives. 7. 1.



Pets teach children to be conscientious, empathetic and they help nurture responsibility for others. Pets build confidence in shy children as they read and talk to them. Children who own dogs are more active and motivated to get outside and play.



A dog encourages adults to get outside as well; if you did not have a dog you probably would not be walking around the block at ten at night. Children who grow up with animals in the home have fewer illnesses or allergies and develop a stronger immune system than kids without pets. Playing with your pet increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain; these are the feel-good chemicals that keep us happy. Stroking a pet lowers your blood pressure and brings about a sense of calm. Pets can save your life; dogs and pet rats have been known to detect disease, including cancer, in their owners. They can warn the owner of a seizure or alert their human to low blood sugar. Pets make you socialize; even





Volunteering is beneficial to your health, self-esteem and is an excellent way to meet new like-minded people. There are plenty of dedicated nonprofit organizations in the Playa area and they all need volunteers. This list focuses on the rescues that need human contact for their animals. Slobbery kisses are included with each visit. SOS el Arca - There are over 200 dogs in their care and they need your help. You can take part in the evening walk on Fifth Avenue with adoptable dogs, join them for bath day or walk and play with the dogs at the shelter. Contact them at sosoelarca. org or Facebook/SOS el Arca. Cada Vida Importa (Every Life Matters) - This organization is focused on saving and rehoming dogs from the city pound. They have only 30 days to be adopted before being euthanized. Join them on their visits to the pound to bathe and walk the dogs. Facebook/Save a Death Row Dog Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya or Cada Vida Importa. Coco’s Animal Welfare Learn how to assist with the

animals as they wake from sterilization surgery or make it a family outing and take part in kitten cuddling on Saturdays 12-2 pm. Arrange a visit by emailing or Facebook/Coco’s Animal Welfare Playa del Carmen. Riviera Rescue - Located in Puerto Morelos, check their Facebook page for Volunteer Day. You can help with construction of the kennel, or bathe and socialize with the dogs. Facebook/Riviera Rescue. Playa Animal Rescue - On Saturday mornings come to the shelter to help bathe and walk dogs and provide socialization and training. Facebook/Playa Animal Rescue. Tierra de Animales - Come to Cancun and participate in Sabados de Apoyo (Support Saturday). You can help to wash the dogs and socialize with the hundreds of animals living on this 3.5 hectare sanctuary. Facebook/Tierra de Animales. Animals living in shelters desperately need exercise and human interaction, and they wait so patiently for someone to come and play. Foster homes, food, and monetary donations are always needed and greatly appreciated.

self-conscious people will make conversation with other pet owners or strangers they meet on their walk. Service animals change people’s lives not only by keeping their human safe but also by providing emotional support. Knowing an animal is depending on them, along with the act of caring for a living creature gives people, especially the elderly, depressed or terminally ill, a purpose in life. Having a pet in the home alleviates the feeling of loneliness. The love of a pet helps people recover quicker from heartbreak or rejection.

Volunteer your hugging services / Photo:

Cada vida importa Time is of the essence for this dedicated group of volunteers saving dogs from a 30day death sentence at CEBIAM (the local city pound). The volunteers check in on the dogs weekly, taking photos, and posting to social media in hopes that the dogs will be adopted. They also provide exercise,

attention, and improvements in their lives. Through fundraisers and donations, they can purchase cleaners, dog beds, and food for the dogs. Most importantly, they rescue dogs from the pound placing them in foster homes, adoptive homes or no-kill shelters. Thanks to their efforts they have saved hun-

dreds of dogs´ lives. If you are looking for a new family member, check with them first as these dogs are at high risk. All dogs are sterilized. You can help CADA VIDA IMPORTA save a life by making a donation, adopting or volunteering, find them on Facebook/cadavidaimportarescue.

October 4 - 17 2017






Find these animals of the Mexican Caribbean! COATI CRAB DEER EEL FLAMINGO




DOLLAR Buy 17.70 Sell 18.45

REAL Buy 4.51 Sell 4.64

DOLLAR CANADA Buy 13.23 Sell 13.60


POUND Buy 24.89 Sell 25.59

SWISS FRANC Buy 17.97 Sell 18.48

EURO Buy 19.63 Sell 20.19

RUSSIAN RUBLE Buy 3.04 Sell 3.04

YEN Buy 0.15

Sell 0.16



POLICE 872 0599

HOSPITAL GENERAL 206 1690 / 91 / 92



FIRE DEPARTMENT 879 3669 / 70


CIVIL PROTECTION 877 3053 / 54

TRANSIT 877 3340

RED CROSS 873 1233

SOS MARINA 767 627 462




Barry Seal American Made The latest cinema releases reviewed by Mike Renouf BY MICHAEL RENOUF “Barry Seal American Made” (known as Barry Seal: Solo en America here in Mexico) is the second collaboration between Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman, who previously worked together on Edge of Tomorrow. Cruise is perfectly cast as Barry Seal, Trans World Airlines pilot, family man, bon-vivant, CIA informant and drug runner for the Medellin cartel. It is set in the era of the Carter and Reagan presidencies, and is the true outlandish story of how Seal used his immense flying ability to make money from all comers. Tom lays on the charm and although he does some very bad things, you cannot help but root for him all through the movie. The relatively unknown Sarah Wright puts in a decent turn as Barry’s wife Lucy, but the best support for Cruise comes from Caleb Landry Jones as JB, his wife’s none-too-bright brother. We get to follow Seal’s adventure-laden life in a very light-hearted manner. The film could have been told in a more serious way and would still have been enjoyable, but I can see why the director used this style; it captures the true spirit of the man. Liman keeps the film very well paced and at no point are any of the scenes too long or overindulgent. If you watch the credits, you will notice Cruise has an extra one. He is a qualified pilot in real-life he did many, if not all, of his own stunts in this film. I personally really admire this quality in an actor. This week’s star of the show is a tie between Tom Cruise and the real-life Barry Seal for giving us such an incredible story. A little Spanish would

Michael Renouf reviews / Photo: Michael Renouf

We get to follow Seal’s adventureladen life in a very lighthearted manner. help as some scenes are set in Central and South America, but so long as you know Pablo Escobar is the bad guy you will follow what is going on. In summary, with a runtime just shy of two hours this film flies by and Tom Cruise definitely delivers: 7.5 out of 10.

Edition 118  

The Playa Times is an English language, community newspaper in Playa del Carmen, Mexico aimed at providing useful and interesting informatio...

Edition 118  

The Playa Times is an English language, community newspaper in Playa del Carmen, Mexico aimed at providing useful and interesting informatio...