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Men and women alike… §  Women and men are equally capable leaders (F=6.47, M=6.53 on a 7.0 scale*)

§  I prefer to work for a male boss (F=5.09, M=5.41)

§  I’m positive about the future of PR (F=5.17, M=5.15)

§  I learn more about leadership from role models & mentors than from education or training (F=5.14, M=5.12) *The scale captured the extent to which participants agreed with the statements, where “1” equals “strongly disagree” with, and “7” equals “strongly agree” with.

October 25, 2013

The Plank Center


Global Leadership Study  
Global Leadership Study  

The Global Leadership Study reveals digital, gender, generational and skill shifts. Presented at the PRSA International Conference in Phila...