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You open your trunk and stare wistfully at the outgrown bridle that your favorite pony wore. How many more months will you keep it? Your favorite show coat, the one you wore in the big class… How long has it been in your closet? Your first pair of tall boots, worn only one summer before outgrown. Where will you sell them in order to buy the next pair? The answer to all of your questions is on Grazersapp.com

School. Over their 28 years, they accumulated a plethora of

Grazers connects buyers and sellers of horse related

wanted our horse stuff cleaned out,” they explained. “We

equipment with reliability and ease of use. If you have

thought about having a yard sale or something. But, we had

something to sell, take a picture of it on your phone and list

taken such good care of our stuff, we didn’t want to just

it on the grazersapp.com website. Looking to buy equipment

dump it.”

or attire? Shop grazersapp.com for a variety of reasonably priced items. It is easy, affordable, and navigable.

equipment, all carefully stored in their parents’ basements. “We came home from school one summer, and our parents

From their attachment to well-tended equipment, an idea was born. The duo decided to create a place where horse

The founders of Grazers, Casey Norton and Jennifer Burke,

people can sell to horse people. Grazersapp.com is a peer

grew up riding together and continue to be involved in the

to peer marketplace, horseman to horseman. “We do not

equestrian world. Norton is on an academic path toward

take possession of the items,” states Norton,” the idea is

vet school while Burke is an instructor at the Dana Hall

not to store any more [stuff] in our parents’ basement!”

Profile for The Plaid Horse

The Plaid Horse - July 2017 - The Horse Care Issue  

The Plaid Horse - July 2017 - The Horse Care Issue

The Plaid Horse - July 2017 - The Horse Care Issue  

The Plaid Horse - July 2017 - The Horse Care Issue