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NASPr ...continued from page 6 The previous owner of my Sportpony cannot find the papers she promised to mail – which was half a year ago. Instead of a simple transfer of ownership, the procedure now requires that you submit an affidavit along with the bill of sale by which you assure that a change in the ownership of the Sportpony has actually taken place. I am so proud that my young stallion has been granted a 3-year preliminary breeding license as a result of his inspection. What does this entail? Congratulations on this achievement! Your stallion has obtained full breeding status and his offspring have full registration rights. Before your stallion is awarded his permanent breeding license, he must successfully complete the Performance Test within this three year period and produce at least 10 foals with at least a First Premium score from their own inspections. Alternatively, results from recognized shows may replace the Performance Test requirement. The details are to be found on the Registry’s website and specifically in the NASPR rulebook. These are the obligations for you as the stallion owner: You have to obtain an annual breeding permit for your stallion and submit a breeding report at the end of each breeding season. I want to register my youngster as a NorthAmerican Sportpony. He is out of a Thoroughbred mare by an approved NASPR Sportpony stallion. Can I just get papers or must my youngster also be DNA typed and inspected?

DNA typing and inspection of a Sportpony are integral parts of the overall registration process. It is through DNA typing and inspection that pedigrees can be documented. Consequently, the parentage of every Sportpony must be verified through genetic testing before a registration certificate will be issued. Every stallion and mare shall have DNA testing prior to his or her foal be eligible for registration. I have an NASPR registered filly. However, she is already almost as tall as her mother who is a Jockey Club Thoroughbred mare. What can I do if my filly grows out of pony size? This is pretty easy. Your filly can be transferred to the American Warmblood Registry studbook to become an American Warmblood mare.

Awards and Sponsoring

The NASPR has been playing a vital role in providing incentive programs and sponsored classes to acknowledge the athletic abilities of our NASPR ponies and help them to be seen in the equestrian community. The NASPR provides awards for the USEF Hunter Breeding Show Series and participates in the USDF All-Breeds Awards Program. It also sponsors the National Award Championship Program in Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Driving, and Eventing. Wherever awards and sponsoring of recognized shows on the NorthAmerican continent are requested, the NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry is willing to do whatever it can to support its breeders and competitors in a variety of ways. Last but not least, the Registry created the hugely successful Sportpony StarSearch Challenge Cup at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, with over $ 2,500.00 in prize money. In addition to the many StarSearch qualifiers held in Canada, the number of qualifier shows in the United States is steadily increasing. There is the qualifier at the New York State Fair in Syracuse in August, followed by the NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage at HITS, Saugerties, in September and, of course, Dressage at Devon.

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March/April 2014  
March/April 2014  

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