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The NorthAmerican Sportpony – heard about this ‘breed’? By Verena Kruepe Obviously, it is not actually a pony breed like the commonly known ones, i.e.Welsh, Connemara, etc. A variety of pony breeds and breed crosses (excluding drafts) are found in the NorthAmerican Sportpony Registry (NASPR), the ‘home’ of all the sportponies with a common denominator: athleticism and performance. Through careful selection and inspection, and based on the very best NorthAmerican bloodstock, the NASPR has obtained a strong foundation for the NorthAmerican Sportpony. A NorthAmerican Sportpony looks and moves like a small horse, capable of competing in the Olympic disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing, as well as in the Driving and Hunter shows. It is very athletic and horse-like in appearance and ability. Movement, therefore, is paramount to the quality NorthAmerican Sportponies, and that movement should have great suspension, articulation, impulsion and elasticity. The ‘hunter type’ pony can be considered a NorthAmerican Sportpony, especially the one which excels in jumping and has the desired conformation and ‘look’. All ponies accepted into the Registry must undergo an inspection and be DNA-typed. It is in this way that pedigrees can be documented from this point onward, even with breeding stock that is currently of unknown parentage. Stallions accepted into the NASPR undergo additional performance and progeny requirements. The NASPR brand is a distinct sign of its unique breeding program identifying these NorthAmerican bred sportponies. All forms and instructions can be found on the Registry’s website under ‘Forms & Publications’.

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What must I do to obtain proper papers for my sportpony? Issuance of the Certificate of Registration (i.e. the papers) is the final step of the registration process. To start the process submit membership and sportpony application forms along with supporting documentation as specified. You will then receive a DNA kit (possibly also for dam and/or sire) to complete and send to the Veterinary Genetics Lab. Once the DNA of your Sportpony has been typed and parentage verified, you will be invited to present your sportpony for inspection. Thereupon, and as the final step, the Certificate of Registration will be sent to you. I recently bought a 5-year old mare with NASPR papers and brand and want to have the ownership transferred to me. Along with the Transfer of Ownership form, you should submit the mare’s original Certificate of Registration handed over by her previous owner, and a copy of the Bill of Sale. Hurry up with the transfer of ownership application as the charges increase with the time passed since the sale was made. NASPr ...continued on page 8

March/April 2014  
March/April 2014  

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