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The Paisley Pony

The Heideggers recognized Kate’s ability to take ponies and horses to the next level and jumped in. “They only had two ponies, Hit the Spot and Roxanne, when they moved in with me, and after a couple of months, we went from two to twelve ponies,” Kate recalls. What does she look for in a pony or horse? “A kind eye and a natural willingness,” she says immediately. “I know a lot of people are in love with the breeding and lineage of ponies and horses, but if I can see a kind eye, then I know by nature they want to please. I don’t care if they don’t jump the best, or if they swap leads. If they’re trying, that’s a good starting point for me.” The spirit of Kate’s love for the feisty four-legged caretakers in her barn isn’t without healthy limits, though. “Good ponies get to go to bed early and

Wylie Nelson and Kate with Lakeview Pickpocket

get lots of treats. Bad ponies get to spend more time with me. And they get to decide which pony they want to be,” she laughs. Kate recalls one pony in particular. “Strike a Pose was my first ‘already famous’ pony. Hugely opinionated, huge winnings, and known for being quite cheeky. We took him to the Desert Circuit and he wouldn’t go to the end of the ring. He’d jump the first jump and then just wouldn’t go. I got on him that afternoon and spent the whole time riding him all around the property. Everyone told me what he or she thought I should be doing. And I said, ‘Let’s see what happens tomorrow.’ And the next day he won both classes. We were Horse of the Year with him, and Sophie [Applegate] was WCHR Pony Champion. That was my big break into the world of famous ponies.”

Hannah Goodson-Cutt and Showdown win the blue.

That break into the pony world has led to a long line of winners. Most recently, Lakeview Pickpocket was the 2012 Grand Champion in the Zone 10 Pony Finals and Southwest WCHR Champion with Wylie Nelson. Nelson also showed Rainbow Canyon and Snapshot to a slew of tricolors in the Mediums and Smalls, respectively. Kate recently sold Kodak to Heritage Farm.

March/April 2014  

Paisley Pony Magazine

March/April 2014  

Paisley Pony Magazine