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Continued from page 29 A true Falabella has his ancestral lines on both sides of his pedigree going back to that original herd of tiny horse that Newtall found during the mid 19th century. Over the years, the Falabella family has continued to raise these precious little horses with big hearts on their ranch in Argentina. One of the first Americans to import these robust miniatures horses was the owner of the renowned Regina Winery in California. The winery imported several that they trained to pull their stagecoach to the delight of all who visited the winery. The most famous stallion they acquired was Chianti, who would become the foundation sire of the miniature Appaloosa Horse. With his gorgeous markings, sweet nature and intelligence, this stallion stamped his foals with all the fine qualities the Falabella family worked so hard to produce. Chianti’s bloodlines can be found in many American Miniature horses today, lending his lineage and quality to them. Falabella Horses come in a variety of colors, with Appaloosa markings being much sought after by miniature horse enthusiasts. These colorful tiny horses can do anything big horses can do at shows such as obstacle, in hand, ridden (by small children) and carriage driving. Some are used as therapy horses at therapeutic facilities. Falabellas also have been embraced by the “Baby Boom” generation of equine lovers for the pure joy of being able to work with their beloved equines on a less time consuming, physically demanding level. Adults and children a like, can delight in the friendly little horse who is gentle and affectionate! A Falabella can be triple registered into the Falabella registry, the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry. However, AMHA and AMHR minis cannot be registered as a Falabella, unless they have the pure bloodlines of Falabella horses going back to the original horses in South America. Over the years, the Falabella horse has been regarded as the purest of the miniature horses, and a handful of lucky breeders around the world have had the opportunity to own and raise them as the Falabella family has done for centuries. One such farm, Hickory Springs Falabellas, located in Upstate, New York has developed their breeding program to include the bloodlines of only pure and true Falabellas, including Chianti’s lines, currently owning two grand- daughters of Chianti on their farm.

Hickory Springs is standing at stud several outstanding Falabella stallions for their own breeding program and for select outside mares. Bloodlines come from original and imported Falabellas including notable greats: Chianti, Zumbador, and El Rey. One of their stallions, Ferrari is a stunning Pintaloosa stud who is perfect in every way from the tips of his tiny ears to his gorgeous flowing mane and tail. This boy is a color producer, and a great example of what a Falabella looks like today! Hickory Springs is registered with the Falabella International Preservation Association, an organization that is dedicated to maintaining the pure lines and preserving these fancy and beautiful Falabella horses. Members of FIPA can be found worldwide and logging onto their website, you will find dedicated and educated breeders who are using the purest and best lines of the Falabella horse today in their breeding programs. With the assistance of FIPA, and highly respected Falabella breeders, Diane Wolcott and Dr. Barbara Sreenan, Hickory Springs is fortunate to have their expertise guiding them in their search for the best of the best Falabellas in the country. Many years ago, Angelica Falabella, a direct descendant of the Falabella family, relocated to the United States and brought with her a hand selected herd of Falabella Horses from the original ranch in Argentina. Today, Angelica Falabella is retired from breeding Falabella Horses, but her legacy continues through respected breeding farms of Falabellas in America and Europe. Hickory Springs is a proud owner of several of Angelica Falabella bred horses. With a handful of rare Falabellas arriving this foaling season, Hickory Springs is enthusiastically anticipating a crop of beautiful foals. They state, “The thrill and joy of owning such rare and beautiful tiny horses is truly an honor as there are only a few thousand Falabellas in the world today, and we have some of the best bred Falabellas here on our farm!” Farm: Hickory Springs Falabellas Owners: The Robison Family Location: Lima, New York Website:

March/April 2014  
March/April 2014  

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