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he questions most often asked about Welsh have to do with the four Sections and what they are.

The Section A, the Welsh Mountain Pony is the smallest of the four Sections, with heights up to 12.2 hands in the US and 12 hands in the UK. Section A’s are the Section upon which the others are built – the foundation of the breed. These little powerhouses first carried the Welsh farmer across the hills of his farm, making his work easier. Over the years Section A’s have found their niche in performance venues, including both under saddle for children and adults alike, and also in harness. In the USA, they are the second most popular of the Sections, but in their native Great Britain, they outnumber all of the other Sections.

Section A Welsh Mountain Pony stallion, Young’s Main Attraction, winner of many Supreme Championships. Owned by Paula Jo Bright

photos courtesy of Kathryn Southard

Section A Welsh mare Severn Baubles and Beads Owned by Mary Benedict, Severn Oaks Farm

Section A Welsh gelding Severn Consort 2011 WPCSA Champion. Owned by Maria Hudgins

March/April 2014  
March/April 2014  

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