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The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


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The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013



May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

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The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


Presented by Brambleridge Farm

The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013



May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013



May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013



May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

Fjords in a Traditional Norwegian Wedding A traditional Norwegian wedding could take many forms depending on when and where in Norway it might take place. There are wonderful historical pictures of wedding processions taking place both in row boats on Fjords or over land. Fjords are deep extensions of the ocean that extend well inland flanked by high mountains. In the West Coast Fjord regions of Norway the over-land procession would naturally include Fjord horses and carriages. Tor Ole’s mother Else Bigton has strong family ties to the West Coast of Norway and there are several well trained Fjord Horses on the Odden family farm near Barronett, Wisconsin. So when Jacki Werner and Tor Ole Odden decided to get married on the Odden family farm, it was only natural to plan a wedding with a Fjord horse drawn wedding procession. The bride, groom and two attendants wore traditional celebration clothes called Bunads. These are colorful costumes made of wool and linen and often embroidered. Each district in Norway has its own bunad and matching silver jewelry. For her special day the bride was entitled to a grand bridal crown with a band of fresh flowers and long streaming ribbons. The wedding ceremony took place in the back yard of the Odden family farm. As wedding plans progressed it was decided to form a bridal procession to escort the bride and groom to the ornate wedding arch. People were asked to dress in traditional Bunads or black and white. Those who chose to dress more casually were positioned to welcome the long bridal procession as it arrived for the ceremony. The procession was comprised of four horse-drawn vehicles with honor guards walking beside the horses and a long line of followers on foot. The preacher lead the procession on foot, followed by the first cart drawn by the gray stallion Smedsmo Grüen and driven by Phil Odden, father of the groom. Seated beside Phil was the fiddler from Syracuse, New York, Toby Weinberg playing the nine-string Hardanger Fiddle. The carved and painted bridal cart was second in line. Tor drove the Fjord Mare Silver Willow Marcy with his beautiful bride seated comfortably beside him head and crown held high. The third carriage, a four-wheeled Spider Phaeton was pulled by the Brown dun gelding Herger and driven by friend Dave Dunn. Seated in the carriage were the mothers of the bride and groom, both dressed in traditional bunads. The last carriage bore the grand-parents and was pulled by a pair of red dun Fjord geldings driven by friend Larry Peterson with help from his wife Liz. There were honorary side walkers beside each horse. Since it was a farm wedding Tor’s uncle Greg and his oldest son Tyler, both farmers from the neighborhood, walked beside the first carriage keeping pace with the gray stallion. To have a stallion leading a wedding procession was a sign of status and fertility in the day that these processions were common. A gray stallion was rare and offered more status. As the fiddler played a traditional Norwegian Gangar Fjords...continued on next page

The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


Fjords...continued from previous page or March tune the gray stallion quickly picked up the beat. Since the accomplished Hardanger-fiddler had never had an opportunity to play for a wedding procession like this, he was pleasantly surprised to feel the stallion marching to his wedding dance tune. And yes, the gentle stallion was impressive hitched to the road cart decorated with brightly painted acanthus leafage. When the procession wound its way to the back yard across hay covered fields it stopped on a side hill overlooking the farmstead. While the wedding guests were waiting to receive the wedding procession and as the rest of his Fjord herd looked on, the stallion Smedsmo Grüen was compelled to arch his neck and raise his head to trumpet his and the procession’s arrival. His loud and hearty stallion call sent shivers through the crowd. Fjords...continued on next page


May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

Fjords...continued from previous page Behind the fiddler, Tor Ole drove the gentle mare Marcy hitched to the wedding cart with few worries. Marcy is a very experienced show horse having competed around the country in many Pleasure Driving Shows as well as Combined Driving Events. Marcy wore a traditional Norwegian harness with padded hames and a carved saddle in the form a pair of Nordic dragons. The wedding cart was made by Phil Odden in 2007 and was extensively decorated with painting and carvings. At the time it was made there were no plans for a wedding, but only hope that one day it could be used for its intended purpose. The bride’s maid and best man followed behind the bridal carriage while the bride’s father and step-father were side walkers beside the mare. Third in line, the Spider Phaeton was painted black with yellow pin striping. It was decorated with acanthus flourishes painted green with yellow and gold highlights. This is a competition vehicle for Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving Events. A pair of Fjords usually pulls it, but on this day Herger the 14-year-old seasoned competition horse handled it with ease. Seated high behind the driver were the mothers of the bride and groom dressed in colorful Norwegian national dress. The fourth carriage was a hitch wagon pulled by the two red dun geldings Frode and Ildar. The seven-year-old Frode is a veteran show horse but this was Ildar’s first official job at age four. The wagon was decorated with red bunting and fresh cut flower bouquets. Norwegian wedding traditions ran deep during the entire three-day wedding. The first wedding day, June 21 ended

with a big bon fire and tasty picnic. This a fitting way to celebrate the summer solstice. Midsummer’s day is a celebration of fertility with the hope of good crops, an increase in the four-legged population of the farm and the wish for healthy children to carry on the farm into the future. Old Norse traditions for this day also included celebration food, horse-racing sports and a good deal of home-brewed beer consumed from lively decorated ale bowls. People dressed in festive costumes. There was fiddle music and dancing well into the night. If there were a wedding in the community the celebration would be all the merrier. Harley Refsal of Decorah, Iowa served as the minister to wed the couple as well as the Master of Ceremony for the reception. Harley has been a good friend of the Odden family for over 30 years. He is an internationally renowned wood carver and before retiring taught Scandinavian Studies at Luther College in Decorah. Harley was able to explain the traditions of the wedding ceremony for those who were unfamiliar. Both Christian and Old Norse readings were included in the ceremony. The farmyard was decorated with landscaped flower gardens fortified with loads of perennial and annual flowers. Talented artistic friends of the family planted and tended the flower gardens for weeks in advance and then crafted spectacular fresh cut flower arrangements with the hope of a beautiful midsummer day for the wedding. And that is exactly what happened. As the early morning clouds faded to light cloud cover for the bridal procession, a focused warm ray of vibrant sunshine came forth just in time to illuminate the bride’s pretty face just at the moment she said “ I DO.” For some it was the face of God and for others it was Thor himself who split the clouds at that moment. The newlyweds have little time for horses, carriages, fiddles or music these days. Jacki is close to finishing her Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering while Tor Ole is in his second year pursuing a PHD in Physics. They both study at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. And in regard to fertility, that is yet to be determined. By Phillip Odden Barronett, WI

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” - Mary Bly

Ziggy of Ashland Welsh Farm. Courtesy of Mel Bosworth

Spotted Face Kitty, a semi-feral adopted of Ashland Welsh Farm. Courtesy of Mel Bosworth

Maybe, sitting on her friend Emma of Fade to Grey Farm. Courtesy of Megan Harris

Sweetheart of Sugarbrook Farm Courtesy of Kathy Cline


Shanghai, of Stonefield Farm, has ‘planted’ herself, for more morning chores. Courtesy of Barbara Nelson


There are so many factors that go into the making of a great pony hunter, and there are only a few “great” ones out there… Start with a pony with a great mind. Let’s face it, these ponies are being ridden and shown by kids. If being brave and kind does not come naturally, more than likely, this pony won’t be a top contender in the pony hunter ring. A big part of this is the way these ponies are bred and brought along as youngsters. If you are starting a young one, make sure you have someone bringing your pony along that has a proven record in this field. I have had quite a few ponies from specific breeding programs that come with that great mind that everyone wants.That is half the battle when bringing one along. Next, let’s move onto the pony’s athleticism. This is very important. How well can the pony jump? Does it come naturally? A great jump is everything! But along with a great jump there needs to be a great riding child that can stay with the pony and allow the pony to jump without interfering. Here is a great jumping pony, with a good pony rider, allowing the pony to jump at its best ability. Movement is another important factor. This could potentially be a tiebreaker in many cases. If two great jumping ponies are being compared and one is clearly the better mover, that is the winner in most cases. Having a great mover does not necessarily mean you have the best jumper.

The model class is always a fun class for the kids. Having the model winner on top of good movement and a great jump is sometimes hard to find. If you have a good moving or great jumping pony, but it is not the model winner, it should never be a deal breaker. There is only one model class and there are a handful of jumping classes. It is nice to have the conformation winner, but if there was one aspect I had to give up, this would be it. The great jumping grey pony pictured above is far from the conformation winner. But it jumps so well, who needs the conformation class! Size always comes up in the pony hunter ring. There are very specific specs on this for each division. Everyone wants the “top of the line” pony hunter. But if you have, say, a 12.1 pony doing the smalls and it easily has the step, it is a contender. This pony will not be marked lower in the model because it is a hair smaller than the others. If it is within the height measurements, it gets judged fairly like all the other sized ponies in the class. This is a great sized pony for a smaller rider to start the division on and be competitive. In fact, I own a 12.1 pony my daughter shows. He has the step like the rest of them (maybe even more) and wins with the best of them. If you could add beauty to this pony, that would be the icing on the cake. A good looking, great jumping and moving pony that is also the model winner is hard to find, but they are out there and they will never be overlooked and they will always be hard to beat!

Jill Aureliano holds her “r” in the Hunters and Equitation, “R” in the Hunter Breeding. She is a married mother of three girls that ride and a son that plays hockey. Shw owned a successful hunter show barn up until 5 years ago when she sold the business, as her children were demanding more time. Little did she know that her 11 year old daughter would become quite the rider and pull her back into the show scene! Again, she is focusing on the young hunters and ponies. Breaking, showing and selling. She has been riding for 37 years and has been a professional for 25, taking students from the Short stirrup to the big hunters, winning at major shows through out the country. She is also a certified equine appraiser and currently seeking her “R” in the Hunters/Equitation.

The Paisley Pony

New and improved web-site for foxhunting, horse show and racing photos.


May/June 2013



A colt out of Am I Foxy by High Hope’s Best Bet Yet Presented by Somermist Farm

Popportunity SFF German Riding Pony Colt Popeye x Anotha Toughcookie Born March 17th Breeder/Owner - Stonefield Sportponies

Auggie by Welsh K stallion, Empire’s Power and out of Welsh/Tb Dam, Wicklynn’s Simply Irresistible. Born May 9, 2013. Bred by Thea Hall. Presented by Megillian Farm

Corgi Hill Flinka, a Norwegian fjord and a grey dun. Breeder is Debbie Ulrich. Presented by Corgi Hill Farm

Corgi Hill Finn Foal out of MVF Erlend and SkjennaGard Fiorgyn Born May 13, 2013 Presented by Corgi Hill Farm

Bayridge Remember When Colt by Llandefalle Better By Far out of Sea Shell Born 5/17/13 Presented by Bay Ridge Farm RosMel Bay Crossbred Filly (RosMel’s Scarlet Emperor X RosMel’s Spendid by Salvandi Jazzman) Presented by RosMel Welsh Pony Farm

Glynhafan Peter Pan 2013 section B bay colt Out of Ambleside Tiger Lily by High Hopes Bugatti Presented by Glynhafan Farm


2013 Above and below, 2013 foals presented by Somermist Farm

Bayridge Ready To Rumble Colt by Llandefalle Better By Far out of Bayridge Covergirl Born 3/5/13 Presented by Bay Ridge Farm

Bayridge Ready Set Go Filly by Smoke Tree Dragon Tail out of Cuesta Catalina Born 4/16/13 Presented by Bay Ridge Farm



R.I.P. Lunch, aka ‘Mr. Hay Inspector’ of New Blessing Farm. Courtesy of Karen Severns Simpson

Cayenne and Pepper of Halo Hunter Farm Courtesy of Alexandra Mager

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.” - Anonymous

Kitteh, Velvet Green Stable’s own kitty in charge. Courtesy of Mala Tyler

Everyone jumps at Sugarbrook Farm! Meet Aiko, the barn cat. Courtesy of Sandy Holbrook

Silva of Fade to Grey Farm. Courtesy of Megan Harris

Fluffy Kitty, a semi-feral adopted of Ashland Welsh Farm. Courtesy of Mel Bosworth

The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013



• Meticulously Designed & Preserved Equestrian Property • Grand Manor Home perfectly placed for privacy and views of the pond and rolling pastures • Features 24 Stall cypress sided horse barn with large matted stalls, office and an interior exercise area • Miles of four rail fencing and a half mile racetrack ready for you to raise your champions 36 Emley’s Hill Road, Cream Ridge, Monmouth County, NJ 08514 Property Previews: Sunday 5/19, Noon-2pm • Wednesday 5/29, 4pm-6pm Sunday 6/2, Noon-2pm

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Robert L. Dann Auctioneer Lic. #AU005609


Deadline for the next issue of The Paisley Pony is July 15th!

Bayridge Reality Star, filly by Smoke Tree Kismet out of Special Order Born 5/21/13 Presented by Bay Ridge Farm

Announcing Alvesta Zendaya, 2013 Welsh Section B bay filly sired by *Llanarth Tarquin and out of Alvesta Sweet N Spicy (by *CadlanValley Pirate). Zendaya is a full sister to Alvesta Naiya (retained filly--champion Welsh, Sport Pony, and Model Hunter Pony) and Alvesta Tarquinius (‘12 colt going to North Dakota as a stallion prospect). Presented by Alvesta Farm


RosMel Sec.B Chestnut Filly (RosMel’s Scarlet Emperor X RosMel’s Bonnie Dancer) Presented by RosMel Welsh Pony Farm

Filly born April 2013 Out of Sacred Decision, a World Champion APHA mare by Kilvey Taran Presented by Greenfields Farm

Photo: Sue Shamberger

DRF Copper Top Born April 10, 2013 Out of 1/2 Connemara Mare & by Connemara Stallion Skyview’s Triton Presented by Dayton Ridge Farm and registered with the North American Sport Pony Registry

DRF DeeDee & DRF Ireland Both 2011 fillies by Connemara Stallion HK’s Danny Boy. DeeDee (front) is 3/4 Connemara. Ireland (back) Purebred Connemara Presented by Dayton Ridge Farm and registered with the North American Sport Pony Registry

RosMel 2013 Bay Crossbred Filly (Salvandi Jazzman X RosMel’s Silver Mercedes) Presented by RosMel Welsh Pony Farm

RosMel Sec.B Chestnut Filly (RosMel’s Midnight Tango X Salvandi Magic Moment) Presented by RosMel Welsh Pony Farm

RosMel Sec.B Black Filly (RosMel’s Midnight Tango X RosMel’s Flower Power) Presented by RosMel Welsh Pony Farm



“Pony Brags”

Allie Scott & Benjamin, along with Tatum Mitchell. From Beau Cheval Farm

Barrett Cowan at Devon

From the April AMHR show in Ocala Fl.

2 year old colt- Carews ( Chicco B X Jovee Jesse)- was bred by Jovee Farm He was 3rd in the nation in the USDF All Breed Oldenburg/ISR 2 year old colts. Photo: High Time Photography

This is Cheyenne Clark and BJ’s Fun Sized Connect The Dots aka “Checkers”. They had many wins that day to include a unanimous 1st place in showmanship! Trainer is “Mom” Samantha Johnson of SC Johnson Equine Services.

“Pony Brags�

Emmy training with Jizzabelle. Emmy makes little obstacles for Jizzabelle. They work together as a team and have full trust in each other Casey Reber and her pony, Shenandoah Goodnight. All smiles after great ribbons over fences at the Polar Bear Schooling Show at the Virginia Horse Center. The pair trains with Katie Gardner of Otteridge Farm in Bedford, VA.

Heidi and Peanut Butter & Jelly aka PJ. Photo taken by her mom, Robin Ann. Heidi is trained by her Cousin, Stephanie at Fox Tail Equestrian Team. Heidi loves riding PJ and wearing her SunnyBows. Primrise & Alexa Aureliano Champion at HITS


May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

“Pony Brags”

Riley Potts and his awesome pony Bubble Gum Riley says, “it is important to pick out your horse’s feet regularly”

Stella Daliessio riding Stripey From Highland Farms Parkesburg, Pa

Vimpenny Sweet Sultan with Barrett Cowan in the irons and Lt Ryan Cowan leading with the 8th place ribbon in 4 and 5 yr olds Leadline at Devon.

The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013


“Pony Brags” Owen and I made the big move up to Intermediate a couple of weeks ago at the Poplar Place March Horse Trials. After spending the previous year at Preliminary, and having also completed a CIC*, I felt that we were ready to handle the jumps with the red numbers! I went into the weekend with the goal of: A.) Having a good time, and B.) That we’d complete all three phases. Owen put in a relaxed,( maybe even a happy?), Dressage test, earning us a 39.2 for 8th place. I was thrilled that we’d stayed under a 40! We Show Jumped on day two, and I was relieved to be getting it out of the way before cross-country. Show Jumping makes me the most nervous; my coach, Julie Richards, told me to pretend I was jumping at her farm, so the whole way around the course I was thinking, “You’re riding at Julie’s, you’re riding at Julie’s. Don’t throw up! Breathe!”. It wasn’t until we cleared the last fence that it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard a single rail drop, not even a tic! Owen had jumped the only round in our division without a rail. We accrued 2 time penalties, probably due to his significant hang time over the first several fences, and it moved us up to 2nd place. The night before cross-country we had torrential rain and thunderstorms all night. The barns flooded, and poor Owen didn’t even lie down to sleep. The footing was saturated and muddy. I wasn’t going until the afternoon, but I was agonizing about whether I should run or not. After talking to about ten people, and after my mom pointed out that Owen had hunted all winter in the mud, without boots or studs, I decided to at least try. I’d let Owen pick his pace, and if he didn’t handle the footing well, I’d pull up. He went out of the start box like his tail was on fire. Our first five fences were tables and roll tops of sorts, and he jumped everything right out of stride. I took a tug going into the first combination, but then allowed him to pick his own pace again. Then the corner, sunken road, combination drop into water, trakehner and chevron; Owen jumped everything easily, as if we’d schooled it a thousand times. Having planned to navigate the course safely, rather than quickly, I didn’t look at my watch until the second to last fence. I was shocked that we were still under optimum time, and as we crossed the finish I figured that we had only accrued a few time penalties. I cannot explain the feeling of coming off a course like that; the connection you feel with your pony, the happiness, the tears and excitement. All I could think of was how much I loved my pony, how far we’d come, and that I could not believe we had just finished our first Intermediate! I was headed to the concession stand when my mom caught my attention and held up one finger. One= won. Owen had won the division. I hurried to look at the scores; Owen was in 1st place with a 41.2! We had finished our cross-country course double clear, and were the only ride across all the Intermediate divisions without time penalties. We won our first ever Intermediate by a 10 point margin. Megan Buchanan Harris Fade to Grey Farm: Eventing, Foxhunting, & Connemaras


The Paisley Pony

May/June 2013

“Pony Brags”

Vimpenny Sweet Sultan He’s been a stallion his whole life... now has a second career as a kids leadline pony. Pictured at Devon 2013

Miniature Horse’s name: Penelope Rider: Lilyana Weaver (led by her dad, Robert Weaver) From: Everything Little Farm in Bucks County, PA with their leadline ribbon from Devon.

Emmy and Almighty Sophistocat Jizzabelle

Do you have a Pony Brag you would like us to include in the next issue of The Paisley Pony? Email it to us at

The Paisley Pony


May/June 2013



May/June 2013

The Paisley Pony

PAISLEY PONY DIRECTORY Judges Jessica Axelsson r ADS Pleasure Driving Judge 609-846-5105


Breeders of quality section B Welsh and Welsh crosses. Standing the multi champion 14.1 hand liver chestnut stallion, Blueridge Rising Star. Several Large and Medium ponies available 704.732.5667











Caspian Horse Society of the Americas Quality horses 10-12h. Caspian excell in jumping and cart. Top bloodlines, some imports. To find out more about the caspian email Ph: 512-924-2472

The National Chincoteague Pony Association The oldest & largest Chincoteague Pony Registry & Breeder in the world.Over 30 years celebrating the Chincoteague Pony. Breeding & Registering Chincoteague Ponies in all arenas.Excelling in Hunter, Dressage, Western or English, Jumper, Sport, Cart,Ponies in all circuits. Gale Park Frederick - 360-671-8338 2595 Jensen Rd. - Bellingham, WA 98226 (live pony cam) New Forest Pony Society of North America has been awarded the status of “Daughter Stud Book” by the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society (NFPB&CS), the Mother Stud Book for the breed of New Forest Ponies in England and Wales. This allows the Society to fulfill all your registration and transfer needs here in the USA. To find out more about the New Forest Pony, come join us and other enthusiasts at Ph: 406.363.7669 Email:





Dayton Ridge Farm Breeding & Selling Connemara Ponies Connemara/TB & Connemara/WB Crosses Janet Johnson - (608) 604-4840 ~ WI

Deadline for the July/August issue of The Paisley Pony is July 15th!

NPS America As the first international Area Chapter of the UK’s National Pony Society (NPS), our Mission is to promote, support, and recognize Mountain & Moorland and British Riding ponies in the United States and to foster the welfare of ponies in general. The Mountain & Moorland breeds include the British Shetland, Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest and Welsh. Join us at Wyant’s Winter Springs Why Trot? ~Glide Ride~ on EZgaited Cheshire (near Eugene), Oregon USA 541-998-2803 *

Education American Association of Riding Schools. Teaching, learning, and reward materials for novice-level schooling programs. Customer service and business management support for stable owners. Affordable for even the smallest Directory Cost:programs. $100 w/o logo or $125 with Directory listings are logo for up to 5 lines- listing is for 1 year (4 $100issues) w/o logo or $125 w/logo * 732-684-4565 one year (six issues).

PONIES GF Aurelia-2007 Grey Half-Welsh Eye catching small mare,fancy mover Video available Contact Karen Banister (303)280-0777 Ultra Fancy 3yo Reg. Welsh Gelding. Medium pony, Superb disposition. Outstanding Hunter prospect. Champion bred. Ready to start. For sale - Two 2011 Welsh Sec. B geldings - all imported bloodlines - great movement to mature top of the line medium. Excellent in-hand and under saddle prospects. $5000 each - go to or call 440-487-7746 for more info. More ponies available. GF Gala-2006 Grey Sec.B Mare Very fancy mare,gorgeous trot. Wonderful temperament,video avail. Contact Karen Banister (303)280-0777

Classifieds For sale - 2009 bay mare by Lands End Adagio - Sec. B Welsh - 13.1 1/2 in - big step and great jump - quiet with easy changes - $10,000 - go to or call 440-487-7746 for more info. More ponies available. GF Elliot-2010 Grey Welsh Colt Full brother to Elation,10+movement Will make a fantastic small hunter Contact Karen Banister (303)280-0777 7yo Reg. Welsh Gelding, 12.1 1/4h. Very fancy, 10+ mover and jumper. Super disposition, Eligible green. Tons of show miles, Sale or Lease For sale - 2010 chestnut mare by Land’s End Poseidon - to mature top of the line large pony - beautiful mover - lightly started under saddle. $8000 - go to or call 440-487-7746 for more into. More ponies available.

SUPPLIES Quality bulk sawdust and wood shavings. 110 Yd. loads. Prompt Service. Call Mike 315-729-1499

TRANSPORTATION Blue Diamond Stables custom equine transport. USDOT, M/C carrier, shows, direct ships, emergencies, CEM import & export direct to JFK & Chicago. 740-809-8180. Encore Farm - Local scheduled and emergency hauling in the Central NJ area 908-309-7917 Michael Mauro, LLC - Equine Transport Serving the Northeasy for 15 years. NJ Based. Fully licensed & insured. MemberAmerican Horse Carriers Assoc. (201) 341- 3431

Pony of the Month “Roosevelt�

Hello my name is Mallary Socher and I am the current owner of the best pony in the whole entire world! He is an 11 year old welsh cross pony named Sugarbrook Roosevelt aka Roosevelt. He is out of Sugarbrook Chocolate Rose and Helicon Corsair. He has a puppy dog personality and is very fun to be around. Whenever I walk into the barn and call his name he lets out a very loud whinny and stairs at me till I come and give him a kiss! I have had Roosevelt since January of this year and he has been the best first pony I could ever ask for! He lets me do anything I want to him. I will stand up on him in his stall, sit underneath of him, canter around the ring double bareback, he can bow, and he will do anything for treats!! Also Roosevelt will go around a course of 3 foot one day with me and the next give my little 6 year old sister a lunge line lesson, he is the ultimate pony!

May/June Paisley Pony 2013  
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