The Pitch Pipe January 2022

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#5: Do some warmup exercises, even if just once a day. There are SO many from which you can choose, and some of the best resources are from our own Sweet Adelines superstars. Check out the short videos from the new Directors Resource Toolkit.

EMBEDDED VIDEO #6: Link your chorus/quartet learning tracks to your home smart device and sing along! You can learn your music AND get in some good voice training, using SOVT methods as well as regular phonation.

#7: Set a daily routine for yourself. For example:

• Morning: Stretch/yoga, focusing on alignment and breathing. Do one 10-minute SOVT exercise, like bubbling a song in the shower. • Afternoon: Do another 5-10 minute SOVT exercise. Sing along with a learning track. Imitate technique as well as learning the notes and words. • Evening: While you’re making dinner or doing dishes (or watching your partner or kids do that for you), bubble along with the theme music of your favorite television shows. Or put your favorite barbershop videos on YouTube and sing along! • Bedtime: Sip tea with honey and lemon, and get a good night’s sleep — the best thing for your voice!

#8: Remember to be patient and kind with yourself. It bears repeating: Do whatever it takes to stay healthy and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Sandy Marron is Master 700 Director of the 2020 International 2nd Place and recipient of the Most Entertaining Chorus Award, Lions Gate Chorus (#26) in Vancouver BC, Canada. She is a Certified Sound Judge, tenor of the 2004 International Champion Quartet Brava! and serves as Directors' Coordinator for Region #26 RMT. She also serves on the Education Direction Committee and Song Assessment Tool Subcommittee.

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