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The key to a successful poker run is a well thought out and executed plan. turn into the stop. If your stop is on the other side of the road, the riders are forced to stop and wait for on-coming traffic. This can hold up traffic and cause problems, especially if you have a lot of riders,” comments George. “And these problems can lead to someone getting hurt or worse.” If this is your first motorcycle event or ride, we would certainly recommend that you find someone with experience in organizing such events. Our first recommendation would be to partner with an entire organization that has experience in such things. There are countless riding organizations out there. From Harley Owners Groups ™ and traditional AMA motorcycle clubs to civil service and military riding groups, there are plenty of experienced groups that can help with your event. There are also professional organizations and promoters that handle such events as well. As always it’s a question of cost and return on investment. A grass roots riding organization may be able to bring a lot of volunteers (and consequently riders) to your event – all for a portion of the proceeds or maybe even just for the exposure. A marketing professional or event organizer may do it all for a flat fee – working with your own volunteers or his staff and temps. It all depends upon your situation and the dynamics of your situation. A 50% split with a local riding organization may end up costing a lot more then a $3,000 consulting fee charged by a professional promoter. But if you find a partner charity with a large volunteer base – they may work a deal that is much more beneficial for you. It all depends Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

upon your specific resources and needs. Most importantly, you need to determine how many people you have available to help plan, promote, and finally host the event. The first step in planning a Poker Run “is making sure that you have enough people to work the event,” according to George. “There’s a lot of work to be done before hand, which a few hard working people can knock out; but you’re going to need people to work the actual event.” “From the folks handing out the cards to people flagging the bikes in the lot, it takes a lot of people to host a well organized run.” Regardless of where they come from, you will need bodies to pull the event off. You need to be confident that you have either the volunteers or resources to pay staff to work your event. If you don’t, there’s no point in going any further. The first group that you need to identify is your key organizers and leadership. If you have a large enough pool – you can set


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The key to a successful poker run is a well thought out and executed plan.

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