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Art show bucks industry trends Pioneer updates on America's president What happened? Gallup, a research company known for its opinion polls, announced on Monday that President Donald J. Trump’s American approval rating reached an all-time low in their daily poll since he took office on Jan. 20. The newest poll found that only 40 percent of Americans approve of the job President Trump has done to date. Fifty-five percent of Americans polled said they disapproved of the job Trump has done in less than a month in office, while five percent claimed to be indifferent. According to Gallup, Trump’s disapproval rating has been in the low to mid 40 percent range since the first daily poll was released on Jan. 23. A number this low goes against the trend for new presidents; according to Gallup, both Barack Obama and George W. Bush had approval ratings in the “high fifties” several months into all of their terms. According to Gallup, the lowest approval rating for any president came in February 1952 when then President Harry S. Truman received a 22 percent approval rating. Cal State East Bay Professor Emeritus David Baggins said his low approval rating was not a surprise to him. “The stock market loves him and sees him as the answer to the economy,” Baggins said. But he is the opposite of elite liberal sentiment. I do expect he will ultimately be impeached.” According to Gallup, their polls are done over a three-day period through phone interviews that contact, on average, 1,500 Americans who are 18 or older per day. The low approval ratings could have something to do with his controversial immigration ban that halted travel between the United States and seven countries that included Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Since the executive order was signed last month, protests broke out all over the country and last week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals put a temporary hold on it. On Sunday, Trump’s senior adviser on immigration issues Stephen Miller, appeared on CBS television show “Face the Nation” where he said, “We have a judiciary that has taken far too much power and become in many cases a supreme branch of government. Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.” On Friday, Trump told reporters on Air Force One he was considering filing a “brand-new order.” Miller said on Sunday the White House is considering a new executive order that would narrow the travel ban on refugees and travellers. Another hot button topic of Trump’s brief tenure are his appointments of conservative judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court justice and Betsy DeVos for secretary of education, who has no experience with public schools. On Monday Mike Flynn, who was appointed Trump’s national security adviser just a few days earlier, resigned after he was questioned by the FBI for a phone call he made to a Russian ambassador, according to a statement from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

By Louis LaVenture Editor-in-Chief


An artist paints on models at the TrapxArt show in downtown Oakland on Friday. See page 8 for more pictures and coverage of the event.

Oakland releases more proof police were aware of problems at Ghost Ship By Matthias Gafni, Thomas Peele and David DeBolt EAST BAY TIMES

Despite getting called to an illegal rave at the Ghost Ship warehouse _ complete with $25 cover charge and sales of booze and drugs _ an Oakland police officer in 2014 decided to break up the party but not cite the uncooperative promoter for code violations, according to newly released records. Oakland officials, who had heavily censored police incident reports last week before releasing more than 600 pages of documents under threat of a lawsuit by the Bay Area News Group, released those same records Tuesday with key passages now intact. The new information provided the clearest picture yet of the advanced warning the city had of unsafe conditions and illegal activities at the warehouse before 36 people died there Dec. 2 in an inferno during a dance party. Other records that had previously been redacted were also released, adding new details of a fight involving the art collective's founder Derick Almena, along with an arson investigation at the site, both in 2014. Between mid-2014 and the deadly fire, police visited the building and associated properties nearly three dozen times, dealing with thefts, reports of child abuse, a stabbing, gun threats, drug sales, illegal housing and more. But that isn't the whole story. Police, fire, public works and building department employees had visited the Ghost Ship and other nearby properties at least 245 times since 1988, most of them after 2007.

In response to questions as to why police officers did not flag code enforcement officers or cite Ghost Ship associates for reports of an illegal rave and illegal housing, city and police officials have insisted that it's not a street cop's duty to handle permit infractions. Other communities have joint efforts between police and code enforcement and the mayor has said an upcoming software upgrade will increase such coordination. This newspaper last week asked the city to remove heavy redactions from key police incident reports and those changes were made Tuesday. The biggest revelation came from a March 1, 2015, encounter: At 1:34 a.m., a 22-year-old woman flagged down officer Hector Chavez to report an illegal rave with drug and alcohol sales. The woman told Chavez she went to the Ghost Ship for a private party with several friends, but when they arrived at the venue they were charged $25 at the door, according to Chavez's report. Once inside, the woman told Chavez people were selling booze and a "wide variety of drugs," including marijuana and ecstasy. She told Chavez she was not happy with the situation, so she left and flagged police down while she waited for her parents to pick her up. Chavez wrote that he observed people loitering outside, but when he drove up "all the subjects ran inside and closed the door behind them." As loud music bumped from inside, he banged on the door and although he could hear people inside, no one would open the door. Finally, rave promoter Sean Griffith, a.k.a. Hatter, came outside to speak to the officer, according to Chavez's report. Based on the female attendee's account, Chavez wrote that it appeared


An Oakland Police Officer hangs up caution tape on the corner of E. 12th Street and 31st Avenue in Oakland near a memorial for the Ghost Ship fire victims.

Griffith was in violation of the city's cabaret permit ordinance "since I know from previous contacts with Derick Almena (who rents the building) that this

facility does not have a cabaret permit and is supposed to be an art studio." It


2 OPINION For the love of Pablo



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A year later, Kanye West is still tinkering with album By Sean Serrano CONTRIBUTOR

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I have the same love I had this time last year: rapper Kanye West’s album, “The Life of Pablo.” West’s seventh studio album came out on Feb. 14, 2016 and it’s withstood the test of time. This album is a masterpiece and shows the true greatness that West achieved with his previous albums. As a huge Kanye fan, he lost me with Yeezus but he won me over and made me fall in love all over again with “The Life of Pablo.” Before “The Life of Pablo” came about, it was originally titled “SWISH,” referring to his 2013 deal with Nike, which he called off after the shoe company failed to give him royalties and delayed his Red October shoes. His original track list did not include “Ultralight Beam,” “Father Stretch My Hands pt. 2,” “Famous,” “Feedback,” “Low Lights,” “Freestyle 4,” “I Love Kanye,” “Silver Surfer Intermission,” “30 Hours,” “Facts,” or “Saint Pablo,” some of the stronger tracks on the album. Just two days after he released his tracklist, West announced the album’s name was changing to “Waves.” The album art for “Waves” is famously known for having signatures on a note pad such as A$AP Rocky, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Swizz Beatz and many more. Having all the different celebrities and musicians stop by gave “Waves” even more hype. Change wasn’t something new to the album, but I never would’ve thought he would change it to what it is today. Just days before it’s release, Kanye announced on Twitter that he would change the album’s title from “Waves,” to “The Life of Pablo.” Since its original release, the album has changed physically, and he was one of the first, if not the first artist to ever edit his album after it’s released. In the song “Feedback,” the whole production got a makeover. The original loud beats were replaced with smoother synths so his vocals weren’t overpowered by the production. He broke “Wolves” into two different songs, and the original outro became “Frank’s Track.” West added background vocals, fine-tuned beats, and made small lyrical changes. The most pleasant change was his addition of “Saint Pablo,” a song that samples Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From” as he speaks about his

trouble with money, his ego and the Black Lives Matter movement. It wasn’t the first time Black Lives Matter was mentioned in his ever-changing album. Chance the Rapper’s original line for the album’s first song, “Ultralight Beam” is “But people don’t just forget about Jason Van Dyke” — which refers to the shooting of Laquan McDonald, who was slain by Jason Van Dyke — was changed to “cause they’ll flip the script on your ass like Wesley and Spike.” Kanye’s ability to use his platform to speak upon things bigger than himself while using his celebrity status to make other artists better is another reason why this album is easily one of his best. Before “The Life of Pablo,” rappers like Chance the Rapper, Desiigner and Frank Ocean were overlooked by many. Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native like West, made it a priority to remain an independent artist. His junior album, “Coloring Book,” won him three Grammys on Sunday for best new artist, best rap album and best rap performance this year. Desiigner wasn’t noticed much before signing to G.O.O.D. Music, West’s record label, not even a week before “The Life of Pablo” was released. Since then, he has become a four-time platinum record selling artist for his song “Panda,” which was featured on “Father Stretch My Hands pt. 2.” The exposure West gave these young artists allowed them to have a breakout year after they were featured on “The Life of Pablo.” Unfortunately, with greatness comes darkness. Kanye had plenty of breakdowns and outbursts following the release of the album. In his tour visits to Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento in November he gave rant after rant about politics, the way the media portrays artists, and his own problems before eventually cancelling the rest of the shows on his tour. West was one of the more famous celebrities to endorse Hillary Clinton, yet after Donald Trump won the presidency he was seen alongside him for a meeting not too long after. Before the shows were cancelled, he went on in a rant at a Sacramento show about how the radio was messing up the culture by not playing young, up and coming artists. He also talked about his rocky friendship with Beyonce and Jay-Z and his allegiance to Clinton, all before he was checked into the hospital for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Overall, I have to love West for what he has done with music and culture. This is an album that will be loved for many years to come for what it is and what it will become. ‘West once again shows his forward-thinking by being the first artist to ever change his album while being released. Whether it be “SWISH”, “Waves” or “The Life of Pablo”, this was one of the greatest albums to date.

Kanye’s ability to use his platform to speak upon things bigger than himself while using his celebrity status to make other artists better is another reason why this album is easily one of his best.

Overall, I have to love West for what he has done with music and culture. This is an album that will be loved for many years to come for what it is and what it will become.

Gary Moskowitz


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Tracing the artist’s constellation


Student featured in campus gallery By Kali Persall MANAGING EDITOR

All of the particles in our bodies are descendents of dead stars. The concept, made popular by scientist Carl Sagan in the 1980’s, is also the inspiration behind Cal State East Bay senior Bob Pero’s photo series “Particle Theory” which features portraits of people overlaid with images of stars that were captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. The series is currently on display in a solo exhibition at the Oakland campus, and at the BFA and Alumni Exhibition on the Hayward and which opened Feb. 9 and will run until March 9. The digital collage of photos, which include a self portrait, are illuminated by a lightbox that Pero made out of a frame, opaque plexiglass and fluorescent lighting to give them “a glowing effect.” Pero, a photography student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at East Bay, said he was brewing on different

ways incorporate special effects into his photography, including methods like manipulating light through the use of crystals, prisms, mirrors, fog and other special effects. The idea for “Particle Theory” was composed with this new approach in mind. “[The series] is about human’s connection with the stars and how we as a society tend to forget that we are a part of stars, we are essentially star matter,” he said. “So I tried my best at creating images that get the subject in touch with the universe and the stars.” Pero also said a childhood fascination with NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope had a role that inspired the series. “I wanted to explore that stuff but still be grounded on earth,” he said. “As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to explore the stars in my living room and in my kitchen.” Pero’s photographs have made their way to four art shows within the last month. He estimates that in the past four to five years, his art has hung in anywhere between 20-30 times. “Particle Theory,” which underwent frequent revisions and improvements during photography classes through East Bay’s BFA program, took over two years to complete. “It opens people’s eyes to the fact that we’re all made of stars,” Pero explained.

“Regardless of whatever trivial bulls--is going on in people’s lives, we all have to remember there’s a bigger picture.” According to Carolina Gainey-Vejar, East Bay’s art gallery director and chief curator, the BFA exhibition is an annual event that has taken place since the BFA program started 10 years ago. This year, Gainey-Vejar combined the undergraduate show with Art Alumni in an effort to attract more student interest to the program. Students have to apply to the BFA program through a portfolio review, according to Gainey-Vejar. Because of the selectiveness of the program, less than a dozen students are enrolled each year. “Only our recognized best students continue through this more advanced degree,” said Gainey-Vejar. There are six undergraduate students and 21 art alumni students — the majority of whom are BFA alumni — participating in this year’s exhibition. Gainey-Vejar said artists don’t have to pay to use the space, however they must be registered in the BFA program. Photography is a full-time job for the 28-year-old student, who freelanced for the Oakland A’s, the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors. He also photographs weddings, portraits and real estate firms. “[I love it] because you’re not sitting behind a desk, 9 to

5,” he said. “You’re meeting people and seeing new things. I was getting bored of working those dead-end jobs.” Pero comes from an artistic family, however he said before discovering photography, he felt like an “oddball” because he wasn’t skilled as a drawer or painter, like his mother. Around eight years ago, he found a camera at a thrift store and started photographing adventures with his friends in crumbling buildings and other settings. Pero said he struggled in the early years trying to prove himself and chasing jobs on Craigslist. Often, they didn’t even respond to his emails. The Fresno native felt that he needed to establish himself in the City, so he rented a 12 by 16 foot gallery space at Broadway Studio, for which he paid between $200 and $300 a month. He shared the gallery with four other artists, who helped him pay for rent. In Aug. 2012, the group got fed up and moved out and subsequently found a 6,000 square foot warehouse that previously served as an office, where they started their own gallery, which they called Arthouse. The group pooled their money to pay for rent and constructed a main gallery space, complete with floating walls that hung from the ceiling, typical of a gallery, as well as a bar and a stage area.

Pero said it took three to four years to complete. The gallery hosted workshops and classes, in addition to hanging the work of young artists seeking recognition. They charged $20 a wall per night and people hosted weddings and other events at the location. “Our objective of the gallery was to cater to the people who were just kind of getting into the art scene; talented artists but didn’t really have the background to be in a legit gallery that was taking a 50 percent commission,” said Pero. In December, approximately two weeks after the Ghost Ship fire broke out in an Oakland warehouse that had been converted to an “artist’s collective,” an anonymous caller reported Arthouse to the fire department. The warehouse was inspected annually by the fire department, but the final check revealed zoning permits that had been overlooked, and the gallery was forced to shut down. “Not to say that I had an ego when I came to this school, but I thought that I knew enough that I could breeze through this program — breeze through classes and get the paper in the end,” said Pero. “I’m trying to keep my eyes open and learn new things every day.”

South Hayward’s dive bar set to reopen on B Street The Dirty Bird takes flight downtown By Wendy Medina COPY EDITOR If you’ve driven down Mission Boulevard in Hayward, the Dirty Bird Lounge’s flickering neon sign may have caught your eye, but its rustic outer appearance could have quickly diverted your interest. Drive down Mission now and there’s still that rustic charm, with the addition of boarded up windows and an abandoned lot. The local watering hole in South Hayward closed its doors in late December in exchange for a move to downtown, and is set to reopen on

March 17, which will be the bar’s eighth anniversary. The move ultimately happened “due to the bar and much of the property around it being sold to a developer who is putting up high density residential,” Dirty Bird owner Aric Yeverino said. Apart from the new location — the former location of ME Restaurant and Lounge before it closed in 2014 — it looks like there will be a whole new menu, new look, new vibe, taking on an Argentinian flare, according to the bar’s Facebook page. The Dirty Bird is trading in its south side notoriety for Argentinian tapas. I stumbled upon this local gem one Thursday night with my roommate, looking to pass the time. I’d seen the bar before on the way to campus from my apartment, but like many onlookers, I never went in because of its shanty look. From the outside, it seemed like the “Bird” took the seedy appeal of a dive

bar to another level: a dark roadhouse past its glory days, dimly lit, plopped between a smog check shop and an empty lot. But it must have had some sort of charm since they generally had a nice amount of patrons from the look of the parking lot. The experience inside was much more appealing, retaining the dark look but giving it a whole new meaning. Banksy and Tim Burton-esque Day of the Dead portraits hung on the walls, which will make their return at the new spot along with cheap beer, a red-dimmed lounge area, pool tables and groovy music. The bouncer, Frank, a man with a salt-and-pepper slicked back ponytail, dressed in all black and a trusty switchblade on his hip, could’ve been someone right out of a Quentin Tarantino film. He was an enjoyable, mysterious, sober presence, to assist on the descent to becoming plastered, and definitely part of the bar’s appeal.

“Results from our move have been generally positive,” Yeverino told the Pioneer. “Our real regulars know of our situation and can’t wait to come to the new spot. All the same faces will be returning, including Frank and some new ones from [his Oakland-based] bar, the Libertine.” I live right around the corner, so after my first visit, this place became the spot to go get trashed on the weekends. It became a running joke among my friends that the Dirty Bird is “the perfect stumbling distance” from my place. Since downtown is generally where all the action is as far as nightlife, this bar was a lucky find for a college student not trying to break the bank and who lives on the opposite side of downtown. The Mission Boulevard location was ideal for me, so the move also means the dissolving of the iconic “hood” spot I’ve grown to appreciate. The new Dirty Bird will be at 926 B

St. The stars aligned for Yeverino in the last few years, as he opened a new bar in Oakland in 2015, made connections there, was eventually bought out by Mission Boulevard property owners and prime real estate appeared on the market, according to an article in the East Bay Express. “As I’ve known for quite some time the city wasn’t exactly looking for just a bar to move into downtown,” Yeverino told the Pioneer. “Luckily through opening my other bar in Oakland [the Libertine] I met a great Argentinian chef named Javi.” The pair linked up and partnered to cultivate this new idea of Argentinian kitchen fusion with an atmosphere of happily buzzed clientele. While the drink prices will slightly go up to ease the damage of the remodel, as a fan, I hope the “Bird” keeps close to its roots as a dive bar whose slogan is: “We are here to pickle your liver.”

4 FROM THE WIRE Fire From Page 1 is unclear what prior contacts Chavez had with Almena, the Ghost Ship founder who is under criminal investigation for his role in the deadly fire. Chavez advised the promoter about a noise complaint earlier that night and the illegal rave allegations. Griffith, an Oakland resident, told him he did not have a license, but was hosting a private party. "I advised Griffith that I knew that there was an illegal rave at the facility and that he had to shut it down," Chavez wrote. He told Griffith he would wait for everyone to leave, but Griffith walked inside and tried to shut the door. "I had my foot by the door and my leg was caught between the door and the door frame since they were trying to shut the door," the officer wrote. "I had to push the door open to free my leg." As several dozen people left the warehouse, Griffith told the officer he had a private club called "Outlet" and members pay a monthly fee to attend his parties. "I later found Outlet on Facebook which claims to 'represent the cutting edge,' " Chavez wrote. "It also mentions taking a few months off to look for another venue for their 'private parties.' " Chavez said he left the scene when Griffith told him he and some other people had to stay to tear down lighting and sound equipment. He wrote that he did not cite Griffith for a cabaret permit violation, but did not give a reason. Attempts to reach Griffith on Tuesday were not successful.

Twenty minutes later, Almena called police to have "several subjects" removed from the warehouse for refusing to leave and police again watched to ensure they left. In September 2014, police responded to an early morning report of an arson just outside the warehouse where firefighters had seen and doused a burning sofa on the sidewalk, according to another now unredacted report. "The business at this location has several pieces of furniture set outside as the employees regularly work throughout the night on their projects," Officer Michael Erickson wrote in a report. Almena told the officer that he awoke at about 6 a.m. and saw an "orange glow" outside a window. Firefighters were already there, he said. Sources have told the Bay Area News Group that at least one firefighter that morning got a glimpse inside the warehouse, became alarmed at the conditions, and reported it to the department's fire prevention division. No action was ever taken. In December 2014, the father of an artist living in the upstairs area of the warehouse and Almena got in a fight over rent, a newly unredacted report states. Almena allegedly tackled the man, Max Schultz, and punched him in the back of the head, officer Michael Camacho, one of five officers who responded, wrote in the report. Both men demanded the other be arrested. Schultz told police he wouldn't stay away from the Ghost Ship and said he "might be murdered if both parties stayed under one roof." Both men were arrested for battery, Camacho wrote. Almena was given a citation, but fearing more violence, officers took Schultz into custody.

BART rail system may designate itself a 'sanctuary in transit' By Cindy Carcamo LOS ANGELES TIMES

The busiest rapid transit rail system in the state could soon become a "sanctuary in transit" for people who are in the country illegally. The governing board of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system -- better known as BART -- may soon consider adopting a policy that would limit its police force from enforcing federal immigration laws. The transit system serves San Francisco and several other Bay Area cities. "I'm deeply convinced that the train and transit system should not be part of a deportation machine," said Lateefah Simon, a BART board director. If BART does end up designating itself a sanctuary in transit, it would be the first such agency to do so. But it would join dozens of cities, including San Francisco, across the country that have declared themselves sanctuaries. The move comes at a time when immigrant rights activists have urged communities to defy President Trump, who has vowed to deport millions of people in the country illegally and pull federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities. Earlier this month, San Francisco sued the Trump administration, charging that its crackdown on sanctuary cities violates the states' rights provisions of the U.S. Constitution. San Francisco, one of 400 sanctuary cities and counties in the country, stands to lose more than $1.2 billion a year in federal funding, most of it for healthcare, nutrition and other programs for the poor, according to City Atty. Dennis Herrera. The city's lawsuit contends that Trump's executive order violated the 10th Amendment, which establishes a balance of power between the federal government and states. On Thursday, Simon, of Oakland, and Nick Josefowitz, also a BART board director from San Francisco -- proposed the idea of studying what it would mean to make the transit system a sanctuary. Specifically, they asked staff to investigate a policy for possible adoption that would limit the cooperation of BART police with immigration enforcement officials.

For instance, the proposal would call for restricting assistance to federal agents in enforcing federal immigration laws and limiting BART police officers' ability to book a suspect into a jail where the county does not have a sanctuary policy. Also, the policy would call for limiting information shared directly with other federal agencies, such as the Joint Terrorism Task Force, fearing that it may lead to indiscriminate enforcement of immigration laws. "We need to know what it [the policy] would mean legally, politically and financially," Simon said. "It's important to understand what we would be putting forward to the board. I personally feel like it's the right thing to do." An estimated 240,000 immigrants without legal status live in San Francisco, Oakland and Hayward, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center. Another 120,000 live in the South Bay area of San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, the report found. Many of these people ride BART every day, Simon said. She said BART officials are there to make sure trains are running on time and safely, not to serve as an arm of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "All of the undocumented folks I've worked with in my life are just trying to secure their citizenship, and they are working, paying taxes and paying BART fare," she said. "I want to be on the right side of history." BART's existing policy allows transit police to provide services such as traffic control or policing during a federal operation if immigration officials request it, according to its police department policy handbook. Simon said BART police are also permitted to call or turn over to immigration officials people they suspect may be in the country illegally under the current policy. In practice, however, BART police have not contacted or transported anyone to immigration officials in the last four years they've researched, Simon said. "It's my hope that if this passes, it'll be a model," she said. "I hope it gets picked up by other cities, such as Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit and Washington."




Friends of some of the Ghost Ship fire victims talk during a memorial near the site in December.

San Jose: Thousands rally to support Planned Parenthood, women's rights By Tatiana Smith MERCURY NEWS As part of a thunderous response to anti-abortion groups targeting Planned Parenthood locations nationwide, thousands of abortion rights demonstrators lined The Alameda on Saturday, rallying in support of the nonprofit that provides abortions and other medical services to women throughout the United States. Wearing many shades of pink and holding posters that read "Stand with Planned Parenthood" and "Keep your religion off my body," the crowd of about 4,000 people focused on the decades-long debate over whether women should be allowed to decide whether to terminate their pregnancies. Facing them at the intersection of Taylor Street and The Alameda was a small crowd of anti-abortion demonstrators, firm in their stance that a human life begins at conception. Anti-abortion groups planned demonstrations at more than 200 Planned Parenthood locations nationwide, calling on Congress and President Donald Trump to defund the women's health provider. Supporters of the nonprofit fired back with their own demonstrations, urging lawmakers to uphold a woman's right to choose. Large rallies were held in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, among other cities. Sisters Jessica and Jude Lopez of Redwood City carried cardboard signs reading "Think outside my box" and simply "pro-choice." "I've used Planned Parenthood throughout my life and it's important to me to support women's rights and reproductive freedom, as well as supporting public health care for women and men who otherwise couldn't afford it," said Jessica Lopez, 42. "I think it's a little perverse that people want to be involved in other people's health care and in their sexual freedom." Added Jude Lopez, 52: "It's our bodies and our choice." She added that she has talked people out of having abortions before. But "it should be between us and whoever we include in that decision," she said. "And for me, that's not the government." The abortion rights demonstration, organized by "STAND San Jose," spanned several blocks along The Alameda. After a few hours, the crowd then moved to the intersection at Lenzen Avenue, where local politicians -- including San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Rep. Zoe Lofgren -- and other community members spoke. Participants later

marched down Lenzen Avenue. "We really want to show how much this community needs this center, how necessary it is," said Rosa Warren, founder of STAND San Jose. "We know that statistically speaking, making abortion illegal does not make women not have abortions -- it ends safe abortion." Warren and other demonstrators also highlighted the fact that Planned Parenthood provides services beyond abortion, such as birth control, STD screenings, pregnancy care and resources for marginalized communities, including transgender people and those without health insurance. Lupe Rodriguez, a regional public affairs director for Planned Parenthood, said there were no known anti-abortion or abortion rights demonstrations in the East Bay on Saturday. Many people likely gravitated to the largest demonstrations in the area, which were held in Redwood City and San Jose, she said. San Jose police said the protests were peaceful and that there were no arrests. Volunteers formed a "safety zone" between anti-abortion and abortion rights groups to avoid any conflicts. Among them was Peter Corless, 52, of San Jose. "You can just see how San Jose is standing up for what's important here," he said. "These are not hundreds of people; these are thousands of people here. This is political activism, which is unusual for San Jose and long overdue." Just feet from the entrance to Planned Parenthood stood about a dozen anti-abortion demonstrators with their signature yellow balloons. The group has demonstrated in front of the clinic on Saturday mornings for many years. "We're trying to open people's minds up to the idea that a baby is a baby at conception. Planned Parenthood does do some fairly good things for women's health, but if they could do them without killing children that would be even better," said Cathy Campbell of San Jose. "We're not anti-women. We're pro-life." Carol Hieatt, of San Jose, said: "We're just trying to protect life and women's lives." A San Jose woman who identified herself only as "Nana" stood holding a banner and a rosary. "This place is here in my neighborhood, and that's very disturbing to know that my tax dollars are being used for abortions by Planned Parenthood," she said. "We're here to say that pro-life is that very thing. And we believe in women's rights, including women in the womb."

"These are not hundreds of people; these are thousands of people here. This is political activism, which is unusual for San Jose and long overdue."




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Adopt don't shop: The downside of buying your pets By Tishauna Carrell STAFF WRITER During the summer of 2015, I adopted my dog, Gus, a large fluffy ombre brown Chow Chow mix from the Long Beach Animal Shelter. My mom, little sister and I had decided that we wanted a dog. As long as it was from a shelter, I did not care which breed it was. Within one minute of entering the facility, my mom was instantly drawn to Gus, who was laying down in the corner of his gated cage. “He reminds me of Mookie,” my mom said, referring to her childhood Chow Chow dog. We spent 30 minutes filing paperwork, answered questionnaires and paid $100, and then became new dog owners to Gus. Sadly, Gus passed away from cancer on Jan. 19. Although his death was shocking to my family and we didn’t own him for as long as I would’ve liked, I’m glad I was able to provide a happy environment for his final two years of life. Gus’ death also reminded me why I am a big advocate for pet adoption. Prior to adopting Gus, I wrote a research paper in my freshman year

English class on why adopting is better than buying dogs from breeders. I learned about the overpopulation of unwanted. I also learned about puppy mills, which are facilities that force dogs to breed and then are sold to pet stores. Puppy mills operate nationwide and are mostly located in agricultural states such as Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas, according to, an international nonprofit that advocates for animals. Due to the unsanitary conditions of puppy mills, sick puppies with viruses or contagious diseases are given to pet shops. As someone who used to love visiting pet stores just to look at dogs, I was extremely upset to find out that this was happening. Approximately 7.9 millions animals are taken to the shelter and 2.7 million are adopted every year, according to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. If people were to adopt rather than buying dogs, it could put an end to puppy mills and also help with overpopulation. Because of pet overpopulation, shelters are unable to take care of homeless pets, and put them to sleep.

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Some of the reasons for this is that owners let their animals have babies and cannot provide a home for all of them. Animals then end up wandering the streets having babies, according to the Humane Society. “So many pets are out there homeless, so we encourage people to come to the shelter to adopt first rather than buying a pet,” said Hayward Animal Shelter volunteer coordinator Hilary Drake. “If you go to a breeder, people will continue to breed full pets but there’s all these homeless pets sitting in shelters and they need help too.” The Hayward Animal Shelter markets February as adoption month and kicked off with an event called “All Fur Love” where people with qualified homes could adopt a pet for free. “All Fur Love” was started several years ago by the staff team. “The shelter staff often come up with fun names and event ideas to promote adoptions, like “All Fur Love,” said Hayward Animal Shelter Volunteer Coordinator, Alyse Lui. This year the event took place at the Hayward Animal Services on Feb. 11. In the days leading up to the event, the shelter featured red and pink heart decorations and a free Valentine's Day booth at the event. In order to adopt a dog, visitors had to fill out a 3-page questionnaire and complete an interview based on the questionnaire and the environment of the home. Although the event was free, the shelter suggested a $10 donation. “We like to do an event around certain holidays, and we thought it would be a good time to do an event around Valentine's Day,” said Drake. Its promotion [lets us] do something different and it gives us a bit of media coverage as well.” For the second time, the event was


sponsored by Assembly member Bill Quirk. Because of him, the Hayward Animal Shelter was able to offer free spay and neuter vouchers. “Bill Quirk has been a long-time supporter of Hayward Animal Services and wants to help animals get adopted into loving homes,” Lui said. Fortunately, according to Drake, there are no puppy mills in Hayward, but they are focused on addressing

overpopulation by offering the free spay and neuter vouchers. “Spaying and Neutering is a great way to help reduce pet overpopulation in Hayward and also help your pet live a longer, more comfortable life,” said Lui. Although I do not plan on getting another dog any time soon, knowing that I provided Gus with a happy life makes me proud and I will continue to encourage people to adopt.

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Golden State Warriors lideran todos los All-Stars Por Victoria Groenewold CONTRIBUYENTE

Traducción por Wendy Medina EDITORA DE COPIA

El debut de los All-Star Games de la NBA durante el próximo fin de semana, que se extenderá desde el 17 de febrero hasta el 19 de febrero, incluye a algunos atletas de la zona de la Bahía, dándole una sensación local. Cuatro jugadores de los Golden State Warriors hicieron la lista de estrellas para el juego, incluyendo al guardia Stephen Curry, al delantero Kevin Durant, al delantero Draymond Green y al guardia Klay Thompson. Thompson también tratará de defender su título de tiro de tres puntos la noche antes del partido oficial el sábado. Todo el equipo de entrenadores de los Warriors serán responsables del equipo del oeste mientras que el entrenador en jefe Steve Kerr y su equipo de personal observan desde el banquillo. Los Warriors son ahora el tercer equipo en la historia de la NBA en tener cuatro jugadores en una lista de jugadores All-Star, dos de los cuales son titulares, Curry y Durant. Los otros dos equipos que han hecho esto fueron los Boston Celtics de 1962 y en 1998 por los Lakers de Los Ángeles, y ambos equipos fueron a ganar campeonatos. Kerr tendrá un par de subtramas interesantes para administrar durante el juego. Kerr dijo a reporteros que espera jugar a los cuatro de sus jugadores al mismo tiempo. Russell Westbrook de Oklahoma City Thunder, quien fue elegido como reserva para el juego del domingo por la noche, es un posible candidato para jugar con las cuatro estrellas Warrior. Esta sería la primera vez que Westbrook y Durant jugarán juntos desde que Durant dejó el Thunder para venir a los Warriors durante la fuera de temporada del año pasado. Westbrook y Durant tuvieron un visible intercambio de palabras durante la victoria de los Warriors sobre el Thunder el sábado, el

primer viaje de Durant a Oklahoma City. La lista de Warriors ha cambiado significativamente esta temporada, con nuevos jugadores como Durant, Zaza Pachulia, David West, Patrick McCaw, Ian Clark, Kevon Looney, Damian Jones, JaVale McGee y Briante Weber. A pesar de que el equipo perdió dos de sus titulares de la plantilla del año pasado, los Warriors han empezado con un comienzo que los pone como equipo número uno en la conferencia oeste, sino que también tienen el mejor récord en toda la liga. Durant lidera el equipo con un promedio de puntaje de 25.7 puntos por partido, Curry está en 25.2 puntos y Thompson está en 21.8. Pachulia ha sido un sustituto constante de Andrew Bogut en el centro, con 6 rebotes en un juego y dispara 77,3 por ciento desde la línea de tiro libre, una enorme debilidad en el juego de Bogut. El delantero Green ha sido una fuerza en la cancha a lo largo de la temporada y en el juego del viernes pasado contra los Memphis Grizzlies, estableció un nuevo récord convirtiéndose en el primer jugador en tener un triple doble con 10 asistencias, 12 rebotes y 10 robos. La principal competencia de los Warriors en el oeste ahora son los San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets y Los Angeles Clippers. En la conferencia del este, los Warriors se enfrentarían a los Cavaliers de Cleveland por un tercer año consecutivo en la final, salvo un trastorno por parte de un equipo como los Celtics de Boston. A pesar de todos los cambios y los nuevos jugadores, Kerr ha hecho un trabajo tremendo de conseguir su equipo preparado sobre una base diaria y ha encontrado la combinación correcta de jugadores en los momentos correctos. El equipo sólo está mejorando pero todavía tienen margen de mejora. Su debilidad sigue siendo la cantidad de pérdidas de balón que producen y una presencia grande de hombre dominante dentro. Sin embargo, tienen la mejor defensa y ofensiva en la liga. El equipo no han perdido partidos consecutivos durante todo el año.


El curador de Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry (en medio) se desliza por los defensores DeAndre Jordan (izquierda) y Raymond Felton (derecha) de Los Ángeles Clippers por una canasta de la segunda mitad y una falta en el Staples Center de Los Ángeles el jueves 2 de febrero de 2017. Los Warriors ganaron, 133-120.

49ers se reconstruyen de la tierra para arriba Por Cristian Medina CONTRIBUYENTE

Traducción por Wendy Medina EDITORA DE COPIA

El 3 de febrero de 2013, los San Francisco 49ers estaban a 7 yardas de un touchdown, pero no pudieron anotar y perdieron el Super Bowl XLVII a los Ravens de Baltimore. Desde entonces, ha sido nada más que cuesta abajo para los Niners, ya que han pasado por numerosos jugadores y cambios de entrenador, así como la regresión de su quarterback titular, Colin Kaepernick, que una vez mostró mucha promesa. Desde la temporada 2014, los 49ers han pasado por dos entrenadores y han compilado un récord combinado de 15-33. Después del pésimo rendimiento de la temporada pasada de 2-14, el dueño del equipo Jed York decidió hacer cambios significativos en las esperanzas de sentar las bases para resucitar una franquicia que mostró potencial para regresar a sus días de dinastía de hace apenas cinco años. Los 49ers cortaron lazos con el gerente general Trent Baalke y el entrenador en jefe Chip Kelly. Baalke había sido el gerente general del equipo desde 2011 y había estado con el equipo desde 2005. Kelly fue despedido después de sólo una temporada. Después de un proceso de entrevista que duró más tiempo que los otros cinco equipos con vacantes de entrenador principal, los 49ers contrataron al coordinador ofensivo de Atlanta Falcons, Kyle Shanahan, para que tomara el timón avanzando, después de que perdieron ante los Patriots de Nueva Inglaterra en el Super Bowl el 6 de febrero. Shanahan, hijo del entrenador en

jefe ganador del Super Bowl y ex coordinador ofensivo de los 49ers Mike Shanahan, tendrá el trabajo hecho para él, pero debería estar bien después de dirigir a los Falcons de Atlanta a una aparición del Super Bowl con la ofensiva más alta y el el jugador más Valioso de la liga, el mariscal Matt Ryan. Los 49ers hicieron un alquiler sorpresa para el gerente general en ex jugador John Lynch. Lynch no estaba públicamente en la carrera para el trabajo hasta el día antes de ser contratado y no tiene experiencia en trabajos de oficina frontal. Anteriormente trabajó en radiodifusión, pero sí ganó un campeonato en 2002 con los Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Él tendrá que rodearse de un personal de exploradores experimentados y expertos de personal de jugador si quiere tener éxito. Ya empezó a hacer esto, sobre todo contratando al director de exploración de los Broncos de Denver, Adam Peters, para que fuera su vicepresidente de personal de jugadores. A pesar de su falta de experiencia en la gestión, no es ajeno al campo de fútbol; jugó fútbol universitario en Stanford y jugó 14 temporadas en la NFL. La contratación de Lynch puede ir cualquiera de dos maneras para el dueño York. Podría ser un fracaso monumental similar al del ex presidente y director general de los Detroit Lions, Matt Millen. Millen, ex jugador de la NFL, dejó la emisión y fue directo a la oficina frontal con resultados desastrosos. Durante los siete años que Millen estuvo a cargo, el registro combinado de los Lions fue de 31-97, incluyendo la temporada 2008 sin victorias de 0-16. El segundo es que podría ser visto como un movimiento de genio que resulta en una victoria del Super Bowl como la de los Denver Broncos y su vicepresidente ejecutivo y gerente general,

John Elway. Elway ayudó a los Broncos a ganar dos Super Bowls como su mariscal de campo en la década de 1990 y fue contratado en 2011 para dirigir el equipo. Aunque Elway técnicamente tenía experiencia como director ejecutivo y copropietario de un equipo de fútbol de la arena durante cinco años, definitivamente no es lo mismo que correr un equipo de la NFL. Shanahan y Lynch tendrán que reconstruir una lista que es casi nula de talento de nivel superior. Su primera tarea será probablemente encontrar un nuevo mariscal de campo. Según varios reportes de ESPN, Kaepernick se retirará de su contrato en marzo, convirtiéndolo en un agente libre sin restricciones. La reserva para mariscal de campo Blaine Gabbert no es claramente la respuesta, y aunque es posible que Kaepernick pueda regresar al equipo, los 49ers probablemente buscarán el draft, negociar o la agencia libre para su futbolista. Ojo a los Niners para perseguir mariscales de campo como los Kirk Cousins de los Redskins de Washington o el respaldo de Nueva Inglaterra Jimmy Garoppolo. Conseguir a Cousins dependerá de qué tipo de etiqueta de franquicia Washington coloca en él y si los Niners estarían dispuestos a cambiar su selección de draft general número dos este año, así como una selección de primera ronda en el draft del próximo año. El precio de Garoppolo también sería muy alto. Los 49ers también podrían usar su selección de draft número dos en un quarterback. Deshaun Watson de Clemson y Mitch Trubisky de Carolina del Norte son nombres que se rumorea que están en la mesa de draft de los 49ers. Si no utilizan su segunda selección en un mariscal de campo, los Niners podrían mirar a las rondas posteriores

para llenar ese lugar. Los nombres para estar atentos son Brad Kaaya de Miami y Davis Webb de Cal que ganaron los jugadores más Valiosos de Senior Bowl este año. Vale la pena señalar que el MVP del Senior Bowl del año pasado fue Dak Prescott, quien llevó a los Dallas Cowboys a los playoffs de este año.

Las contrataciones de Shanahan y Lynch deben tener éxito en el largo plazo. Todo lo que los fans pueden hacer ahora es poner su fe en este dúo y la esperanza de que York se quede fuera de la mayoría de las decisiones de fútbol. La reconstrucción 49er ha oficialmente comenzado.




TrapxArt show bucks industry trends


Two artists discuss pieces during the TrapxArt show in downtown Oakland on Saturday. The event was held in a three story building that featured premade art, live art pieces being created, drinks, clothing, music and much more. The event combined a club atmosphere with an art gallery and a department store with plenty of things for attendees to buy. The next show is scheduled for March 10 at the same location with the theme titled "Runway: A Tribute to Nostalgia."

Left: A model waits for an artist to put the finishing touches on her body art. The live art exhibit started when the doors opened and went on throughout the entire show. Above right: An artist sews a custom piece of clothing during the TrapxArt show in downtown Oakland on Saturday night. Above: Attendees of the TrapxArt show in downtown Oakland talk near art pieces on display and for sale.




Exhibit celebrates 50 years of the Black Panthers By Michelle Johnson CONTRIBUTOR Visitors of different ethnicities and ages filed into the gallery space on a recent Friday, some visiting for the first time, and some returning for another glimpse of the popular Black Panther exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California. Dim lighting and colors of black, red and blue immediately surrounded the space. Centered in the middle of the entrance sits a replica of a peacock wicker chair that was pictured in an iconic portrait of Huey Newton, one of the founders of the Black Panther Party that hangs on the wall in the exhibit. In big bold text across a large black wall is the Ten Point Outline, the party’s guiding principles and goals that adds context to the entire exhibition. Crowds gathered around a video presentation to listen to former members and others speak on their experiences and the party's accomplishments as well as regrets. The “All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50” exhibition opened in October and was extended through Feb. 26 due to popular demand, according to museum officials. The exhibit explores the Black Panther Party’s complex history through a contemporary showcase of art, photographs, artifacts and first-person accounts from former Panther members, scholars and community members. The exhibit took around three years from start to finish, with the help of 100 Black Panther members, according to a museum gallery guide. A serious vibe filled the air as visitors made their way through the multidimensional exhibit. Each room shows a different aspect of the party’s history. The exhibit includes a mixture of items that provide insight into the party’s beliefs, motives


and struggles — photographs, text, audio and artifacts, including a recovered rifle from the Sacramento chapter and jail cell bars from a decommissioned Oakland jail that used to hold former Panther members. Starting as a small organization in Oakland in 1966 founded by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was a radical political party formed to protect citizens from police brutality and

provide services for their struggling communities. Both men and women served as leaders of different rank. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., by 1968, the party had grown with chapters all over the country. By 1970 there were 40 national chapters and branches all over the world including France, Germany, England and many more, according to gallery placards. The Black Panther Party made ef-

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTING FEDERAL CRIMES (for 29 years)?/COMPLETE ISBN: 978-1-945563-86-7 by Leland Yoshitsu available on iTunes • Kindle • nook • ($2.99) • @lelandyoshitsu


Against Asian-Americans Today, it is important for the Public to know that our US Federal Government has secretly STOLEN, DESTROYED, AND ENSLAVED our FREEDOM, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY by secretly NOT ENFORCING AND NOT DEFENDING our 14th Amendment (to provide all its citizens “equal protection of the laws” against Crime and Racism) as NBC continues to secretly maintain and enjoy Their UNCIVILIZED ‘RACIST GRIP OF CRIME AND TERROR AGAINST THEIR KIDNAPPED AND TORTURED’ Asian-American Hostages who still seek TRUTH AND JUSTICE after being severely punished and confined by the US Federal Government (for 29 years) for being the ‘INNOCENT VICTIMS’ of Federal Crimes by NBC.

forts to provide African Americans with their basic needs and created several programs including free health clinics, free breakfast for children program, free ambulance program and Oakland community school, among many more. Some of these programs are still operating today. “The presence of movements such as Black Lives Matter and the ongoing political protests highlight that, while the

Panthers were revolutionary and ahead of their time, the problems with our community, state and nation's concept of equality and justice, as highlighted by the actions and principles of the Panthers, persist,” said Eileen Hansen, Center for Experience Development and Collections program manager. The “All Power to the People” exhibit invites visitors to reflect and expand their understanding of the rich history of the Black Panther Party.

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Single mom starts organization for student parents By Tishauna Carrell STAFF WRITER

Audra Stance came to CSUEB in the fall of 2016 to pursue a degree in nursing. Not only does she work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Kaiser Permanente, but like many other students, she is also a single mother to a nine-yearold girl. Stance said one of the struggles of being a single parent is spending quality time with her kids. “It’s hard doing it by yourself,” Stance said. “Especially when you have a job, paying bills, going to school, having to deal with high cost of living and everything… you just gotta let your kids know it’s not easy but someone's gotta do it,” said Stance. Transferring from Merritt College in Oakland, the 34-year-old Stance was stunned to see that, unlike the community college, Cal State East Bay doesn’t provide day care services. In August 2011, ASI shut down their Early Childhood Education Center, an on-campus preschool that provided for toddlers and infants. The termination of the program was due to excessive cost and low enrollment rates, according to a previous article by The Pioneer. “Those are very important resources, that is how you help the community, you have to be diverse on who you serve,” Stance said. “[The] majority of the students are straight from high school, their parents aren't attending with them, but people tend to forget there is an older crowd who are coming back [to school] trying

to continue their education as well, most of the On Nov. 28, Stances’ new organization, Sinolder crowd have children, so they need to ac- gle Moms Always Rise Together, or S.M.A.R.T., commodate.” was established as a “special interest,” a type of Although her grandmother assists with rais- group that focuses on hobbies or other interests ing her daughter, Stance told the Pioneer that outside of the classroom. On Jan. 19, she was noshe wished CSUEB had more resources for sin- tified by a Student Life advisor Dwayla Jourdan gle parents such that S.M.A.R.T. would as workshops, better qualify as an kid-friendly “Academic Organievents, more zation.” financial as“Student Life and sistance and a Leadership Prodaycare. Stance grams has recogdecided she not nized S.M.A.R.T. as a only wanted to student organization bring back day whose members are care services, comprised of stushe also wantdents, from various ed to provide majors, who are unitkid-friendly acing to create resourctivities on cames to address their pus and more unique situation as resources for stusingle mothers purdent parents. She suing their degrees then took action in higher education,” and decided to said Jourdan. start an organiIn less than two zation to assist months, S.M.A.R.T. single parents on acquired almost 40 IMAGE COURTESY OF GOOGLE campus. members, three of whom are single fathers, and In October 2016, Stance filled out a “new or- 12 board officers. The goal of S.M.A.R.T. is to ganization” application online with Student Life provide a support system for student single parand Leadership, an on-campus program that ents by creating events at which parents can provides student organizations with resources spend quality time with their children, network and helps promote campus life. with other parents, exchange parenting tech-

niques and hold academic workshops for parents. One of their major goals is to bring back on-campus day care services. Stance said she is concerned that the Cal State five percent tuition increase proposed by CSU Chancellor Timothy White might affect the club’s goal to get a daycare on campus. The CSU Boards of Trustees in Long Beach announced that due to high enrollment rates, more classes are needed and students will pay an additional $270 per quarter and/or semester, according to a previous article by The Pioneer. Despite the potential increase, Stance hopes to make S.M.A.R.T. a non-profit and to get a daycare on campus before she graduates from the nursing program. “I’m gonna make sure, if that’s the last thing I do before I graduate from Cal State East Bay, is to make sure that there is a daycare on campus or off or more financial resources [for single parents]” said Stance. Although S.M.A.R.T. was offered $100 for funding from CSUEB student government organization Associated Students Inc., she felt like that it wasn’t enough to get her club started, so she decided to start a fundraiser. On Feb. 1, Stance hosted the group’s first event and fundraiser at Acqua E. Farina, an Italian restaurant in Hayward. Over 40 people attended and paid $35 to eat a three-course meal, which consisted of a salad, dinner and dessert. From the fundraiser she raised over $500 and plans on using this money to make “S.M.A.R.T” T-shirts to be sold to the public. The restaurant donated 25 percent of what they made from her guests.

Rain or shine, you can always find something at the...

Chabot College Flea Market Next Flea Market March 18

Corner of Hesperian Blvd. & Turner Ct.

Saturday 2/18/17 • 8am - 4pm

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Pioneers split wins with SF State By Susi Larsen LAYOUT DESIGNER

The Pioneer softball team opened the 2017 California Collegiate Athletic Association Conference schedule on Saturday with a doubleheader on the road against San Francisco State University. Despite 7 Pioneer hits, they could not stop the defensive errors, and with a total of 7, the Gators took advantage of every misplayed opportunity. Even the two-run homer by freshman infielder Sarah Fukushima in the third was short-lived as SFSU gained back a run because of an error. Sophomore outfielder Anissa Gonzalez finished the first game 2-for-4 with a run and a stolen base. The Pioneers lost game one 6-5, going into game two, which they also lost 5-3. In Sunday’s doubleheader, sophomore Bailee Glover pitched a complete game and captured her first win of the year as the Pioneer defense held the Gators to only 1 run. In game two, senior third baseman Marisa Lerma went 3-for-4 with 1 run and 4 RBI’s to help the team win 5-4. The team redeemed themselves on day two of conference play, and they will now take a two-game winning streak into next week’s home games. East Bay is now 6-2 overall and 2-2 in conference, they will play Humboldt State this weekend. Friday’s doubleheader starts at noon at the Pioneer Softball Field with another doubleheader on Saturday starting at 11 a.m.

Sarah Fukushima drives the ball over the left field fence for a two-run homer.

Coach Claire Sua-Amundson high fives Ashley Allen after getting to third base.

Sarah Fukushima scores on a wild pitch.

Marisa Lerma’s throw goes through Ali Cerminara’s glove as the Gators score.


49ers rebuilding from the ground up By Cristian Medina CONTRIBUTOR

On Feb. 3, 2013, the San Francisco 49ers were 7-yards away from a game-winning touchdown, but were unable to score and lost Super Bowl XLVII to the Baltimore Ravens. Since then, it’s been nothing but downhill for the Niners as they’ve gone through numerous player and coaching changes, as well as the regression of their starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who once showed much promise. Since the 2014 season, the 49ers have gone through two head coaches and compiled a combined record of 15-33. After last season’s dismal 2-14 performance, team owner Jed York decided to make significant changes in hopes of laying the groundwork for resurrecting a franchise that showed potential to return to its dynasty days of just five years ago. The 49ers cut ties with General Manager Trent Baalke and Head coach Chip Kelly last month. Baalke was the general manager since 2011 and had been with the team since 2005. Kelly was fired after just one season. After an interview process that went longer than the other five teams with head coaching vacancies, the 49ers hired Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to take the helm moving forward after they lost to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. Shanahan, son of Super Bowl-winning head coach and former 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan, will have his work cut out for him but should fair well after leading the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl appearance with the league’s highest scoring offense and the league’s most valuable player, quarterback Matt Ryan. The 49ers made a surprise hire for general manager in former player John Lynch. Lynch was not publically in the running for the job until the day before he was hired and has no front office experience. He previously worked in broadcasting, but did win a championship in 2002 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’ll have to surround himself with a staff of experienced scouts and player personnel experts if he wants to be successful.


From left, San Francisco 49ers Eli Harold (58), quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) and Eric Reid (35) kneel during the national anthem before their NFL game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

He’s already began doing this, most notably by hiring Denver Broncos Director of Scouting, Adam Peters, to be their vice president of player personnel. Despite his lack of management experience, he’s no stranger to the football field; he played college football at Stanford and played 14 seasons in the NFL. The hiring of Lynch can go either one of two ways for owner York. It can be a failure similar to that of former Detroit Lions President and General Manager Matt Millen. Millen, a former NFL player, left broadcasting and went straight into the front office with disastrous results. For the seven years Millen was in charge, the Lions combined record was 31-97, including the 2008 winless 0-16 season. The second is it could be seen as a

genius move that results in a Super Bowl win like that of the Denver Broncos and their Executive Vice president and General Manager, John Elway. Elway helped the Broncos win two Super Bowls as their quarterback in the 1990s and was hired in 2011 to run the team. While Elway technically had management experience as CEO and co-owner of an arena football team for five years, it’s definitely not the same as running an NFL team. Shanahan and Lynch will have to rebuild a roster that is nearly void of top-level talent. Their first task will most likely be to find a new quarterback. According to several ESPN reports, Kaepernick will reportedly opt out of his contract in March making him an unrestricted free agent. Backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert is

clearly not the answer, and while it’s possible Kaepernick could return to the team, the 49ers will likely look to the draft, trade and or free agency for their future quarterback. Look for the the Niners to pursue quarterbacks like the Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins or New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Getting Cousins would depend on what kind of franchise tag Washington places on him and whether or not the Niners would be willing to trade their number two overall draft pick this year as well as a first round pick in next year’s draft. The price tag for Garoppolo would also be very high. The 49ers could also use their number two draft pick on a quarterback. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and

North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky are names that are rumored by draft experts to be on the 49ers’ draft board. If they don’t use their second pick on a quarterback, the Niners could look to later rounds to fill that spot. Names to keep an eye out for are University of Miami’s Brad Kaaya and Cal’s Davis Webb who won the Senior Bowl Most Valuable Player award this year. It’s worth noting that last year’s Senior Bowl MVP was Dak Prescott, who led the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs this year. The hires of the Shanahan and Lynch should prove successful in the long run. All fans can do now is put their faith in this duo and hope that York stays out of most football decisions. The 49er rebuild has officially begun.




Golden State Warriors lead All-Stars By Victoria Groenewold CONTRIBUTOR

The NBA All-Star Games debut over this coming weekend, running from Feb. 17 through Feb. 19, and features some Bay Area athletes, giving it a local feel. Four Golden State Warriors players made the All-star roster for the game including guard Stephen Curry, forward Kevin Durant, forward Draymond Green and guard Klay Thompson. Thompson will also aim to defend his three-point shooting contest title the night before the official All-Star game on Saturday. The entire Warrior coaching staff will be responsible for the West team as Head Coach Steve Kerr and his staff man the sidelines. The Warriors are the third team in NBA history to have four players on an All-Star team roster with two of them starters, Curry and Durant. The other two teams that did this were the 1962 Boston Celtics and the 1998 Los Angeles Lakers, both of those teams went on to win championships. Kerr will have a couple of interesting subplots to manage during the game. Kerr told reporters he is looking forward to playing all four of his players at the same time. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, who was elected as a reserve for Sunday night’s game, is a possible candidate to play with all four Warrior stars. This would be the first time that Westbrook and Durant will play together since Durant left the Thunder to come to the Warriors during last year’s offseason. Westbrook and Durant had a visible exchange of words during the Warriors victory over the Thunder on Saturday, Durant’s first trip back to Oklahoma City. The Warriors roster has changed significantly this season with new players such as Durant, Zaza Pachulia, David West, Patrick McCaw, Kevon Looney, Damian Jones, JaVale McGee and Briante Weber. Even though


the team lost two of their starters from last year’s squad, the Warriors are off to a start that has them the number one team in the Western Conference and also the overall best record in the league. Durant leads the team in scoring with an average of 25.7 points per game, Curry is second at 25.2 points and Thompson is third with 21.8. Pachulia has been a consistent replacement for Andrew Bogut at center, averaging 6 rebounds a game

and shooting 77.3 percent from the free-throw line, a huge weakness in Bogut’s game. Power forward Green has been a force on the court throughout the season and in Friday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, he set a new record by becoming the first player to record a triple-double with 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals. The Warriors’ main competition in the Western Conference right now

is the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers. In the Eastern Conference, the Warriors would face the Cleveland Cavaliers for a third year in a row in the finals, barring an upset by a team like the Boston Celtics. Despite all the changes and new players, Kerr has done a tremendous job of getting his team prepared on a daily basis and has found the right combination of players at the right

times. The team is only getting better yet they still have room for improvement. Their weakness is still the amount of turnovers they produce and they lack a dominant big man presence inside. However, they have the best defense and offense in the league statistically. The team has not lost back-to-back games all year.

Women’s basketball sweep homecoming weekend By Marissa Marshall STAFF WRITER

The California State East Bay women’s basketball team made the most of homecoming weekend. The team defeated both of their opponents; Sonoma State and San Francisco State in what their eleventh win in their last 13 games, and initiated a three-game win streak. East Bay has been on a roll and left their imprint on the California Collegiate Athletic Association Conference as one of the best teams, if not the best. The team is now ranked second in the conference with a record of 16-8 overall and 13-4 in CCAA games, but recently beat top-ranked UC San Diego (18-5, 14-3) 71-57 on Feb. 4. “Being second is a great feeling, especially in this league, but we want more,” senior guard Shomari Harris told the Pioneer. “We do not just stop here, we have to keep our focus.” On Friday the team faced Sonoma State (11-11,7-9). After the first half the Pioneers trailed by one point, but continued to play their style going into the second half. This game was much more competitive than the first matchup East Bay had versus Sonoma on Dec. 31 when the Pioneers won 63-46. Sonoma showed resilience against PHOTO BY KEDAR DUTT/THE PIONEER a strong East Bay team, but it was not Cal State East Bay sophomore guard Elayshia Woolridge passes the ball to an open teammate during the game against enough. Sophomore forward Morgan the San Francisco State Gators on Saturday at Pioneer Gymnasium on the Hayward campus. Greene and Harris were the key to the Pioneers’ win. Harris added 12 points and 5 assists ed to East Bay’s control in the paint as floor and play my hardest,” Greene Green earned a double-double with they out-rebounded Sonoma 38-26. said. “It was hard redshirting last year, in the victory as well. 14 points, 12 rebounds and contributThe Pioneers went on to win 60-54 “I have to leave everything on the so I vowed this year to not hold back.”

as they went into their next game with across-the-Bay rivals, San Francisco State (2-21, 0-16) on Saturday. San Francisco is ranked last in the CCAA, but put up a good fight against the Pioneers and made the final homecoming game a close contest. East Bay did not have the greatest game shot-wise in the first half, as they shot just 29 percent in the first half. Despite this, the Pioneers led the entire game and increased their shooting percentage to 34 percent in the second half. The women outscored the Gators in every quarter of the game, but in the third quarter San Francisco managed to get the score within two points but East Bay showed no signs of folding. East Bay responded with a 9-0 run and maintained control and a lead for the rest of the game. East Bay won 60-50 and completed the sweep for the weekend and a sweep against the Gators this season. Harris had another double-figure game with 17 points and went 7-for-15 from the floor. Senior center Remy Puou also had chipped in with 17 points, 14 rebounds and Greene added 15 rebounds of her own. “Every game I play, I am going to to go after the ball overtime I possibly can,” said Greene. “I feel I can out jump anybody on the court and I know how important second chance points are for us.” The Pioneers already earned their ticket to the CCAA postseason tournament, but they still have conference games to play. The team will travel to Southern California to face California State San Marcos (12-9, 9-7) on Friday at 5:30 p.m. in their last CCAA road game.

The Pioneer Newspaper February 16, 2017  
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