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Wedding Feature The



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ADJECTIVE belonging to a place or small area

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Bryan Redhead & Co. Ltd





As professional accountants we offer tax and accounting services that you would expect which run alongside many others. Please take time to review our services. If you require more information or would like to arrange a free consultation please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Accountancy and book keeping Taxation • Payroll • Company secretarial Fee protection insurance • Business Start ups and advice VAT • Limited Company Formations

Market Street, Broughton-in-Furness, Cumbria LA20 6HP

T: 01229 716778 F: 01229 716931 Email:


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Distribution now 7000 per month This month we have an exciting addition, a wedding feature, as summer arrives so does the wedding season, I love the arrival of the fabulous invitations in the post, sorting out an outfit and enjoying a full day of celebrations. We are again jam packed full of local businesses and events. Remember if you call one of our advertisers do mention you saw them in The Pinfold. I am always available should you be interested in advertising your business in The Pinfold.

I would like to thank Lorraine Oates, Powder & Paint Photography for the editors photograph, this months lovely cover photo and for contributing photos for the wedding feature.


07850308132 @ ThePinfoldLocal on Twitter

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Lakes Legal - Death with a will Are you Psychic?

New Grants for shop fronts &

homes in Ulverston conservation The new “Good Life” festival


Utility Providers


You are what you eat


Review: Inner and Outer beauty


Wedding Feature



What’s going on in business?




Jess Gillam

Award winning venue dressing

Tracy Wells Designer millinery


A week in the life of a wedding


Boogles and Bumps



Honeymoons and Weddings abroad

30 What’s going on in May?


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Jess Gillam Jess Gillam, a saxophonist from organised three workshops with musicians to be Coronation Hall.

14 year-old Ulverston, has concerts and world class held at the

The first will be with the Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra (Saturday 13th April, 7.30pm). TSYJO is a world-class jazz orchestra made up of the cream of Scotland’s young jazz musicians. Led by internationally renowned Scottish sax player, Tommy Smith, their playing will mesmerise and amaze the audience as they give classics their treatment.

Snake Davis, the most prolific session sax player of the last 25 years, will perform with his band the Suspicions at the Coronation Hall (Friday 31st May, 7.30pm). His soulful sax riffs can be heard on tracks by Amy Winehouse, Paul McCartney, and many more. Snake and his fantastic 8 piece band will belt out Motown, Stax and Northern Soul Classics. Snake will also be giving a workshop for intermediate and above sax players a chance to meet Snake and to learn about the techniques that have helped him become the successful sax player that he is. (Friday 31st May, 2 pm).

College of Music, Apollo Saxophone Quartet will perform at the Coronation Hall (Sunday 30th June, 7.30 pm). In this concert the Quartet will play a classical and contemporary repertoire and in the second half of the concert the Apollo Quartet turns things on their head in playing live to vintage cinematography from the formative years of film making.

The Quartet will also be giving a workshop in the afternoon for saxophone players approx. Grade 3+ standard. This is, again, a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the top saxophone educators in the UK. Formed 25 years ago at the Royal Northern


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INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS Are you over 55? Would you like to release cash from your pension? Do you have a potential Inheritance Tax problem? Do you have a preserved Occupational Pension?

Are you unhappy with the return on your savings and investments? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you need to speak to us.

WE OFFER FREE ADVICE. Call us now on (01229) 585818.


Are you confident you have the correct insurance for your business? Are you paying too much for your business insurance?

Has your business insurance premium increased at renewal? For a free review and quotation

please contact Sarah Bradley on (01229) 585818

FOR ALL YOUR COMMERCIAL INSURANCE NEEDS. Steven Martin & Associates Limited, 33-35 Market Street, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7LR

Steven Martin & Associates Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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What’s going on in Business? Thurs, 2 May 2013 from 12:00 to 14:00 (BST) TH Commercial Property Club Lunch, Carus Green Golf Club, Burnieside Road, LA9 6EB

Wednesday 8th May, 10 am until 4 pm- RRES Rural Renewable Energy Seminar, at Millom Network Centre LA18 5AB. Please ring 01229 719650 for more information and to register. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there. Fri, 10 May, 9:30am – 11:30am Pink Link Ladies Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at Clarence House in Dalton in Furness and are ran by Tracy Irwin. Contact to join

Weds,15 May, 5:30pm to 7:30pm Clock Tower Buildings Street: Low Wood, HaverthwaiteJoin us for our next social event at the new Clocktower Offices in Haverthwaite. Open to all business owners from Ulverston and beyond. Hosted by the owners and UBA we will be enjoying some lovely wine and cheeses plus hearing about the history of the Clocktower and getting a tour of their new offices. Wine has been donated by Julius Barratt one of the owners of the ClockTower building. For more information on The Clocktower visit their website This is a FREE event but please book on the eventbrite site so we get the right numbers!

Every Second Friday morning, Millom and District Business Breakfast club 8am – 9am Millom Network Centre in Salthouse Road For more information phone Paul Stewart on 01229 719650.

BNI Barrow in Furness. We meet weekly on Fridays 6.45am at: The Custom House, 1 Abbey Road Barrow-in-Furness LA14 5UF Call Chapter Director Scott Gomersall on 01229 838567 to let us know you will be visiting.

BNI Lakeside. We meet weekly on Wednesdays 12.00pm at: Newby Bridge Hotel, Newby Bridge, LA12 8NA Contact Helen Penny on to let us know you will be visiting.


@ThePinfoldLocal on twitter


Photo: P

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Lakes Legal Limited

Death with a Will: A guide

This guidance applies to the situation where someone has died leaving a Will. If your loved one has not made a Will you might like to see our guidance note; Death Hannah Elizabeth Bell LLB Director without a Will: Photo: Powder & Paint Photography Guidance to assist those who administer the estate available at

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times of life for those left behind. It can be a very difficult and confusing time. Talking about death and what we would like to happen to our assets once we are no longer here is not a common subject of conversation. Leaving a Will can ease the burden placed on those left behind as the Will sets out exactly what the deceased would like to happen to their assets on their death.

renounce their appointment or take a ‘back seat’ in the administration if they do not feel able to take on the role of executor. The role of the executor is wide and varied but essentially they have five key roles:

1. To collect in and account for all of the deceaseds assets. 2. To complete a tax return for HM Revenue and Customs. 3. To apply to the Probate Registry for the formal authority to administer the deceased’s estate. This is called applying for a Grant of Probate when the deceased left a Will. This document is needed to realise most of the deceased’s assets. There are legal rules which govern this application process. 4. To pay any debts or taxes due (Including Inheritance Tax) on the death of the deceased from estate funds. 5. To distribute the estate monies amongst those entitled to benefit.

When someone dies leaving a Will their assets How to Proceed… To be continued next month (known as their estate) are administered in accordance with the instructions left in their will. Lakes Legal Limited offers a comprehensive Fixed-Fee will writing service so you know exactly The Starting Point how much it is going to cost you from the very Once all reasonable steps have been taken to beginning; No hidden costs and No VAT! confirm that the Will which has been found is the most recent up to date version the deceased Single Wills £75.00 and Couples Wills £125.00 created it is time to ascertain that it is legally Why not call 01229 47 18 71 now for a one hour valid. Particular vigilance should be used when fee free consultation. dealing with a home made Will as there are “Lakes Legal Limited; a professional service at an certain legal requirements which must be affordable price from the comfort of your own followed when making a Will to make it legally home” binding. The persons who administer the estate of someone who died leaving a Will are called Executors.

First those appointed as Executors should consider whether they would like to be involved in the administration or not. Just because someone is appointed does not mean that they have to fulfil that role. Appointed Executors can


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Are you Psychic?


ore and more people are realising there is more to this life that what we can see and are experiencing strange goings on, asking questions and wondering what it is all about.

Maybe you are noticing sparkly lights out the corners of your eyes, seeing shadows, getting a strong smell such as perfume or tobacco or hearing someone calling your name but no one is there? Or maybe you always know who is calling – before looking at the caller display! Or, you think of someone then bump in to them. These are all psychic skills.

There are so many signs that indicate spiritual awakening maybe happening for you such as:

• Changing sleep pattern, waking up two or three times a night. • Food intolerances. • Seeing auras around people, plants, animals, Amanda “The Angel Mystic” and objects. As seen on TV • Getting a buzz or ringing in your ear. • Vivid dreams with messages in them. • A great desire to break free from life-draining jobs or people. • After years of being happy and content with the same job, house or partner, feeling it is not enough and wanting to leave, change your life and be free, creative and be who you really are. • Hands tingling and getting very warm. • Noticing synchronicities. • Wanting to discover the reason you are on the earth for.

These signs have been coming to light in my one to one readings I do in my studio in Windermere and via Skype and Phone, so I know this is happening for so many. My Psychic Parties are a great fun way of realising what is going on for you.

At a Psychic Party we start by playing some “psychic games” things like Psychic Pass the Parcel, Eye Spy with my Clairvoyant Eye, Human Pendulum and some telepathy games.


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We use dowsing rods and pendulums so you can really try what works for you and what doesn’t, as you may have more Clairvoyant skills by that I mean being able to see things either with your own eyes or using your third eye. Or maybe you have a gift of claircognizance which means you just know something, even if you don’t know how. If this is the case you are probably always saying “I knew that would happen”. Amanda After the games I do the one to one readings and whilst the rest of the party are playing with cards and some others games. These parties are certainly a fun night filled with discovery about you and have been going down a storm. Even The Sun Newspaper had As seen on TV one and ran an article on them.

"The Angel Mystic"

So if you want your own all you need is between 5 and 10 people and they cost just £25 per person. For more details of the parties and my other work please go to

Amanda has recently launched a home learning program, that are done via calling in or logging in via internet to a teleseminar call. So more people can learn about Spiritual matters from the comfort of their own home. The first one is Manifesting with Your Angels, but there will be more to come covering Angel Awareness and Spiritual Development.

Angel & Psychic Readings in Windermere or via phone or Skype Psychic Parties Development Groups Workshops Clairvoyant Shows Home Learning Programs

Tel: 015394 44656


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Ulverston Community Partnership’s Business and Enterprise group and Ulverston Town Council are launching two new grant schemes for 2013.

Bishop Rowe said:

The Residential Improvement Scheme will provide a grant of up to £100.00 towards external house painting for house frontages in the conservation area.

Both are discretionary grants and all applications must be in by 10 May. Decisions on grants will be made before the end of May All work must be completed before the end of January 2014 and the grant will be paid on submission of receipts.

The Ulverston Shop Front Improvement scheme will be the second year of this popular grant which offers a grant of up to £500.00 for improvements to shop fronts in the conservation area. The grant will be for painting, new signage, guttering and any other visible improvements to the shop front.

Funds for these grants have come from Ulverston Town Council, South Lakeland District Council and the Portas Town Team Grant.

Chair of the Business and Enterprise group and Ulverston Town Councillor Cllr Norman

“We are very pleased to be able to offer of these grants. Last year’s round of shop front improvement grants helped to improve the appearance of many shops in the town centre and we are delighted to be able to extend this for another year. New for this year is the grant to help people paint the front of their houses. We think £100.00 will go some way to encouraging people to get the paint brushes out”

Interactive forms can be found on the Ulverston Town Council Website, Paper copies are available from Ulverston Town Hall.


64 Monument Way Ulverston LA12 9SY 07970728989


@ThePinfoldLocal on twitter

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The new “Good Life” Festival in Ulverston June 14th to 23rd 3013

The aim of this festival is to celebrate what is great about Ulverston, especially

organisations/businesses etc that are involved in sustainable activities and to offer people some

recycled, organic or fair trade goods or offer community activities (such as the Roots and

ideas about living a “good life”..

It will include using local produce to prepare meals, serving local beers, selling local products and services (all reducing food miles etc and supporting the “shop local” ethos). It will include low carbon t r a v e l (e.g.the bike shops are keen to be involved and a r e organising bike rides and bike maintenance workshops and the Green Party is organising an opportunity to try out recumbant bikes and tricycles etc).

It will include local clubs and activities opening their doors to everyone to try out an activity that might improve the quality of their life or health e.g, the running club, yogalates class, tai chi class, local brass band, art therapy, yoga and salsa classes

Shoots project, Gillams, Boogles and Bump, Ulverston Scrap Store and Ford Park Community Group).

It will include the Ulverston Open Gardens weekend and an Eco Fair at Ford Park with stands, workshops and talks about energy use, co-housing, climate change, recycling, ecotherapy, health, composting, eco arts and crafts, growing your own food etc

It will include meals in local cafes and restaurants showcasing local produce, the official re-opening of the Laurel and Hardy Museum, the launch of a new beer by the Ulverston Brewery, workshops on making art and instruments from rubbish, gardening activities, singing, “poetry in the park” and much more....if you want to get involved please ring Kim on 01229 588164 or Jean on 01229 587726. The programme will be available on the Ford Park we site or the Good Life Festival Facebook page

It will include an eco trail around Ulverston highlighting businesses or projects that sell


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Utility Providers

Want to know about a company who’s mission statement is :

‘To become the UK’s number 1 TRUSTED Utility Supplier’? read on….

Hi - I’m Jean Walsh and I’ve come home to spread the word in the Furness and South Lakes area about the existence of The Utility Wa re h o u s e Discount Club which does not advertise (therefore keeping costs to a minimum for its members) but relies on recommendation and word of mouth to grow its customer base, currently in excess of 450,000 members and growing fast…. The club is operated by a British company -


Telecom plus PLC - established in 1996, now listed in the FTSE 250. It is based in London and has a UK call centre.

When people ask me ‘What do you do ?’ I say ‘I teach people how to save money or make money which interests you?’ Having originally been a customer I decided I was prepared to recommend the club as an authorised distributor and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, what could be better than meeting lots of new people and helping them – especially in the current financial climate! I’ve just qualified for the company ‘mini’ – so you won’t miss seeing me when I’m in your area – just look out for the ‘Purple Pigs’. We’re out to make a ‘PIG’ difference to people’s utility costs wherever we can. Anyone interested in joining the team, either call me on the number below or take a look at

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To join the Better Body Challenge call Linda 01539560313

or email:

The Pinfold May_The Pinfold May13 25/04/2013 09:25 Page 14

“You are what you eat”

“You are what you eat” quite literally, over the course of a year your body will pretty much renew itself with the ingredients that you put into it. Here at the wellness centre we are very well aware that nutrition plays a huge part in performance, results and recovery. In fact it’s about 70% what you eat and 30% what you do with it in life and in the gym that gives you the end result. SO - Are you fed up with feeling tired and lethargic, would you like a better body, an upgrade perhaps? Why not try the “Better body challenge” Over the next few months I will be helping you get to your level 10 and for those of you who like a little outside help, incentive and motivation Herbalife are giving you just that. As you know I write a regular article to get you thinking about adopting a healthy active lifestyle. This month I’ve given you a couple of my favourite recipes to try, you’ll love them and there will be many more to come, I’d also like to get you out and about doing a little exercise in the fresh air or having fun in a class somewhere, how about it? So If you are interested get in touch, we can definitely help you. Depending on the results you are looking for you will need a personal plan.

Fat loss, fitness, muscle gain. The core of a good diet is the same but the detail and activity is quite different. As a rule of thumb Start the day with a healthy balanced breakfast, a few stretches and perhaps a walk or run to get you going. Eat every 3-4 hours don’t leave it any longer, snack on protein, raw veg or a little fruit. Plan ahead and prepare to succeed. Drink 2-3 litres of water and green tea. Find out what your optimal protein and calorie intake is, we can help with that. Most people are surprised that low calorie isn’t usually the best option and that they don’t eat enough healthy protein on a daily basis. Herbalife are launching a Level 10 challenge for those who make the most progress in 90 days with local, regional and national prizes worth thousands of pounds ££££££££ With 3 categories for fat loss fitness and muscle gain, everyone can enter. I will be co ordinating challenges across Cumbria so if you want to be involved get in touch. I am also looking for people who can head the local challenges, who are enthusiastic and supportive who would like to have a bit of fun helping their work place or local community meet the challenge.You will get a weekly support group, with information, activities and motivation and a little extra in your purse! Call now for details the challenge starts last week in May.

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Muscle' Stew

This is my own 'Muscle Stew' - which packed with tender meat and rich gravy - is a firm favourite. I've used carrots but you can add any root vegetable to suit and adding extra veg is also a good way of bulking - up the dish. Enjoy!


• 200g lean beef – cubed • 4 rashers lean bacon – chopped • 1tbsp plain flour • 1tbsp olive oil • ½ glass red wine • 4g butter (I use ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’) • 1 onion – diced • 1 carrot – sliced • 2 garlic cloves – crushed • 500ml beef stock • 1 bay leaf • 2 sprigs each of : thyme, parsley & marjoram (or any fresh or dried herbs to suit your taste) • Freshly ground black pepper


1) Pre heat oven to 160° and coat beef cubes with the flour. 2) Heat the oil in a flame proof casserole dish or oven-proof pan and add the bacon, cook till brown. 3) Remove the bacon and set aside. 4) Heat the butter in the pan and add onions and garlic, cook until golden brown. 5) Return the bacon and beef to the pan, add wine and cook for a few minutes to reduce. 6) Add vegetables, stock, herbs and stir. 7) Cover and cook in oven for 1 ½ hours or until meat is tender

Grilled chicken with mango salad

This is a tasty light dish that is very low in calories and fat, yet surprisingly satisfying. The chicken is rich in protein, which helps promote a feeling of fullness and feeds back to the brain telling you to stop eating. Constant dieting can mean your diet lacks nutrients, compromising your immune system; mangoes are extremely rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, which will give your immunity a boost and help you feel more energised. For a more substantial meal, serve the chicken with a little basmati rice.


• 4 skinless chicken breasts • 1 tbsp olive oil • Zest and juice of 2 limes • 1 red chilli, finely sliced • 1 clove of garlic, crushed • 1 large mango, diced • 1 small red onion, finely sliced • 200g sugar snap peas • 1 bag of rocket leaves • Handful of fresh coriander


1. Mix the oil with the lime zest, half the juice, chilli and garlic. Place the chicken breasts in a dish, coat thoroughly with the chilli mixture and allow to marinate for at least 30 minutes (preferably overnight). 2. Place the mango pieces in a large bowl; add the remaining lime juice and red onion. 3. Cook the chicken on a hot griddle pan for 5 minutes each side. 4. Meanwhile, blanch the sugar snap peas for 1 minute in boiling water, drain, run under cold water and then add to the mango with the rocket and coriander. 5.Toss together, season and serve with the chicken.

To join the Better Body Challenge call Linda 01539560313 or email:

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Karen Johnson runs Review an Aveda Exclusive Hair and Beauty Salon in Cumbria with her husband Gary. Open since 1996, they have created a unique salon environment that offers a wide range of treatments Karen believes when you feel happy and at your best you look more radiant, energetic and attractive. Looking after our Inner and Outer beauty is important to maintain feeling balanced and in harmony with yourself and others. Review now offers a range of treatments that will make you feel more at your best, varying from a relaxing Head Massage to the more comprehensive body/mind treatments and nutritional advice.We offer a complete package to feel totally revitalised, in four simple steps relax, re-energise, build confidence and achieve goals.

Inner Beauty

We possess our own inner beauty like a sparkling little diamond, perfectly rounded and ready to shine and be radiant as it comes to the surface. It is the inner sparkle that makes us feel our best, balanced, happy and confident in control, caring and considerate to ourselves and others. When we lose touch with our inner diamond we can feel stuck in a rut, worried anxious, confused and out of control. You too can regain access to your inner beauty. We now provide a professional service at Review that enables you to reach your personal goals and be you’re best more of the time. On offer are a range of body and mind treatments that will exceed your expectations!

• Initial consultation. (Positive goal setting) • Empowering tools and techniques. (A great way to access your positive emotions) • Specialist body treatment (meridian treatment, Acupuncture) • Enhanced and unique combined body & mind treatment. • Clean Space Journey (a unique way to move away from negative experiences and/or finish with a concrete action place to achieve your goals)


The Pinfold May_The Pinfold May13 25/04/2013 09:25 Page 17

Massage, Nutrition & Acupuncture

When was the last time you spent some quality time on yourself? Our lives are often filled with high demands at work or our home lives. These continuous stresses and demands can have some serious health effects, often leading to poor digestion and nutritional uptake, intolerance to food products and allergies, lack in energy, poor sleep and a lowering of our immune system. At Review we have a whole range of relaxing and therapeutic treatments that will help you manage with the daily stresses more effectively and boost your inner strength.

Outer beauty

Outer beauty is definitely “in the eye of the beholder� but having beauty and hair treatments gives us confidence and when we all have self-confidence we radiate natural beauty.

At Review our professional hair colourists/stylist will give you advice and inspiration based on their experience and expert knowledge. We use Aveda Full Spectrum colours to create rich, vibrant, customised colour to suit your needs. Our fade-resistant formulas are up to 96% naturally derived and infuse hair with incredible condition and shine for essentially damage-free results. A relaxing hand massage will be offered while your colour is taking. Our innovative team of stylists will create a look that suits you and your lifestyle. After a thorough Hair consultation, enjoy a sensory journey using natural essential oils and a stress-relieving head & shoulder massage.

01229 820082

1a Nelson Street Barrow-in-Furness LA14 1NG

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Wedding Feature The


The Pinfold May_The Pinfold May13 25/04/2013 09:25 Page 20

AWARD WINNING at least 4 that are within your price range. From mansion houses and hotels to village halls and golf clubs each one can be transformed into the dream setting for your big day.

If you are having a religious ceremony go and see the minister as you will also need to check their availability to match your venue date. Next is the dress once that has been chosen then that can be the theme setter for the day. If your style is the vintage look or the princess style there are designers that cater for all budgets. Next is the photographer and cake maker like all wedding professionals they get booked up fast. Then we suggest you book your venue dresser. The Wedding room has packages that Planning a wedding or a big celebration need not be a stressful time. The Wedding Rooms top tips on how to make this enjoyable are to relax and enjoy the experience. There are a few simple rules to ensure that you have the day of your dreams.

Step one set the budget. Every one has a budget from the most modest to a full on film set type wedding or event, and it can be easy start with your stationery and continue to the to let this run away with you.You can still have wedding dÊcor and table linen so the most the fairytale day with out the expense. basic of venues can look like a fairy tale. When Where to start, we suggest that you choose choosing your venue dresser we suggest that your venue as most of the popular venues can you ask to see their work. We have 2 be booked up to two years in advance. dedicated showrooms in Barrow in Furness To find your perfect venue we advise that if and Bury Lancashire where you can see what it’s a wedding you are planning then go and see we do first hand. The Wedding Room also


The Pinfold May_The Pinfold May13 25/04/2013 09:25 Page 21


encourages customers to see them when they are dressing a venue so you can see the over all standard of your suppliers work. If you would like to call in and see us please do as advice is free and we can save you money too. The Wedding Room can be contacted by Tel: 01229 830168 Email: or visit our showroom 255 Rawlinson Street Barrow in Furness Cumbria LA14 1DH. We can also be found on Facebook


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Tracy Wells Designer Millinery

My aim in life was always to be a hairdresser, a great hairdresser! Not just one who does shampoo and sets and works on old ladies, but one with vision and imagination to turn average looking ladies & men, into amazing ones! I got the best training I could get, worked in the best salons, until I bought my own, and this has always been what I do, until recently..... Back 5 years ago now having a room above my salon for something, I decided not to just throw another beautician at it, as the ones I have are great! A client told me she was going to hire a hat for a wedding, this started a very expensive and exclusive hobby! Finding a milliner whose work I admired took a long time, but I did find Eleda Hats in the end, I just wanted exclusive hats in my room, hats that you admire from afar because of the price tags!! But if I were going to hire hats out they had to be the best! So Ladies can hire a £500 hat out for a fraction of the price! Why shouldn’t we have amazing hats in Barrow?? This then was the beginning of people who didn’t want to wear a hat asking for fascinators to be made to match their outfits, and as the business grew so did my interest in making them..... A long way, but the only way to learn how to be a real couture milliner at the time was in the Cotswalds! So i went down each month for a year to gain my City and Guilds in Millinery, I qualified in 2011 and from then on have fallen in love with making hats, I make hats most days in-between doing hair! I have the best job in the world.... I make hats to suit each individual client, to their own head size, body shape, height and personality, I have always done hair this way, so it is I feel a natural progression!


@ThePinfoldLocal on twitter

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Sweet Treets Bespoke Wedding Candy Buffets for ÂŁ100

Any special occasion Candy Buffets

Candy bouquets make beautiful brides maid/ mothers of the bride & groom gifts. We can colour match your wedding

Candy Bouquets for any special occasion

Contact Janice Sim


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A week in the life of a wedding guest “Comparatively simple for the bride…… ..utter nightmare for everyone else” Camilla Morton “How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide


to Everything”

Despite the abundance of advice available on what to wear for weddings by way of the internet and magazines, most people struggle not to have a wardrobe dilemma.Weddings don’t come along every other weekend so we are generally out of practice and typically while you wait for years for a wedding invitation, more often than not you will receive 3 all at once. A wedding is a splendid opportunity to dance, drink and dine all of which require an outfit with the right balance between comfort and formality. In the right outfit you can not only enjoy what can be a long but wonderful celebration but also be assured of looking fabulous forever in the photo album.





The Pinfold May_The Pinfold May13 25/04/2013 09:25 Page 25

Here are some style tips to navigate the elusive semiformal wedding dress etiquette.

1. The outdoor country wedding calls for a pretty dress with jacket or cardigan.Wedges are preferable to heels so you don’t get stuck in the mud on your way to the marquee.A hat is rarely obligatory but it’s a great excuse to wear one and it really can make your outfit. or call 012229 869887 to arrange a fitting.They will tailor any hat to your outfit and rent it to you for the day.

2. Trouser suits are big fashion news this season and make a great investment for years after the vows have been exchanged. A trouser suit would be suitable at any wedding especially a more casual on at a registry office. 3. When you need to attend consecutive weddings with the same crowd or you want to change your outfit from day to night at the same wedding you will need some multitasking garments. Try using a skirt as a dress to alternate your look.

4. The Beach Wedding: Hurrah if you are invited to a beach wedding! Who cares what you wear as you are guaranteed sunshine and can save money on shoes by going barefoot. Furthermore, if you make a sartorial mistake at a beach wedding you can drown your sorrows in factor 30 and margaritas!


5. Traditional church wedding: They say you should avoid black to a wedding and its best not to wear white but I can’t see why you can’t wear both together and back one of the biggest fashion stories of the season.

6. The Vegas Wedding: At last a wedding where you can be expected to make a statement, all the rules are out the window, short skirts, look at me prints, outlandish accessories, you’ll be the odd one out if you don’t!


For more fashionable frolics follow

52 Market Street Ulverston LA12 7LS 01229 480703


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As the weather hopefully becomes warmer, the Wedding and Christening season is now well and truly upon us. So you might have organised the most exciting bit - THE dress! But what about your one year old son, or your two year old flower girl? With the men's suit hire often kicking in at 2yrs old and many bridal shops the same, Boogles and Bump aim to fill this gap. We have a lovely choice of outfits for your boys under two, and a great array of dresses for your little fairy princesses. We can talk through the different options we can offer, and provide a personalised service to meet your needs. What if, as many couples who are embarking on marriage, you already have a young family for example a nine month old son and a three year old daughter? You may want to co-ordinate your son with his father but it is difficult to find a 5 piece grey suit for this age band that looks right.Well how about co-ordinating a silk waistcoat and bow tie with a matching flower on his sister's dress? We offer this


service from a choice of 6 different colourways. We offer both in stock styles and styles that are specially made to order which may be suitable for the child that doesnt fit the jellymould! We are also stockists for Sarah Louise and can order subject to availability anything in their range up to 12 years old. A Wedding or a Christening can be very expensive and we recognise that budgeting is very important. That is why we offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs on both in stock and made to order items. Visits to the shop are encouraged and browsers are welcome. Our collection can also be viewed at We look forward to meeting you soon..

@ThePinfoldLocal on twitter

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I specialise in both honeymoons and weddings abroad. So whether you plan to marry in the UK with a honeymoon to follow or are looking to arrange your ceremony overseas, I can offer guidance on a variety of destinations. With my experience and expertise I have invaluable knowledge including the requirements from each country to allow you to marry there.

When planning your special day, there are often endless factors to consider so to have an expert wedding adviser to look after every element for you would be a blessing in itself. I am happy to come and meet you to discuss exactly what you are looking for from your honeymoon/wedding destination and then we can work together to tailor-make the perfect destination to meet all your requirements. I also offer a bridal registry service, which allows your

guests to contribute to your honeymoon as their wedding gift to you, perhaps even towards a special excursion whilst you are away. You will receive your own personalised webpage for your guests to visit along with a beautiful selection of guest thank you cards. So why not call for some ideas on where you can celebrate your honeymoon, no matter what your specifications, I‘d love to hear from you. All my travel arrangements are booked with care and attention – that’s what a personal service is all about. Until next month, my very best wishes,

Sharon Matthews for all your travel needs 01524 761480


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Hair up

Spray Tan

Shellac Manicure Shellac Pedicure

Make up

Pick an Aveda lipstick


Pick one of the things from this list £17.00 Two of the things from this list £30.00 Three of the things from this list £45.00

01229 820082

1a Nelson Street Barrow-in-Furness LA14 1NG


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Whats going on in May? 6 May - Charity Night for Legacy Cumbria

Friendship Group - 7pm till late, at The Nines, Barrow-in-Furness, Pie and Peas, Tombola and we have a brilliant line up Megan Doherty, Tiffany

Soutward, Paper Cranes, Freshman, Daniella

Messenger and Chloe Fleming, Adults £5 under 16’s £3 call Lauren 01229 464550 for tickets or further information

14th May 2013-with Professor Jim Spates, Ruskin’s



Reminiscences, 1870-1900 - 7.30-8.30pm Explore the Brantwood of Ruskin’s time through

the eyes of some of its eminent visitors: ‘much

“shoddier” than the image in my mind had ever admitted!’

Including reminiscences by M. H.

Spielmann, Leslie Stephen, Elbert Hubbard, Sir Oliver




Salt, Alexander

Wedderburn, Anne O’Hagan,William Watson, A. M.

Wakefield and others. £5.00 per person includes a drink on arrival from 7pm. Pre-booking recommended. Jumping Jenny restaurant is open for pre-talk evening meals. Tel. 015394 41715 to reserve a table

17 May - Race Night for Children Today - 7pm to 11.30, Abbey House Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness Come and enjoy a race night to raise money for Children in Need. £15 a ticket or £100 for a table of Eight, If you are interested in naming a horse or sponsoring a race please ring Tracy on 01229 813388 17 May - The St Mary''s Hospice 7th annual sponsored ladies moonlit walk - 2013 will be

the 7th year we will be hosting our ladies only moonlit walk. Whether you''re having fun with a group of friends or taking the opportunity to celebrate the memory of a loved one''s life, this is a night you

cannot afford to miss! Soak up the inspiring community atmosphere, have your photo taken, and enjoy an aerobic warm-up, before you embark on a moonlit walk to support your local hospice - all while

most people are sleeping!For more info

If you would like your events putting in The Pinfold just email them to me; before the 20th of the month.


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Lancasters Garage

Mr S Jackson

FREE FIT Tyres & Exhaust Servicing & Repairs Paintwork Welding MOT Prep Free Local Collection & Delivery Friendly & Reliable Service


Tel 01229 587 312 Mob 07775 591 208

Unit 7 Lightburn Industrial Estate Ulverston Cumbria LA12 7NE


We are an exclusive friendly “doggy holiday home” – No sitting around in kennels here!

Tel: 0 1 5 3 9 5 3 0 0 8 4 Mobile: 0 7 8 4 7 9 7 0 9 0 6


You too can advertise your business in

The Pinfold This space is just £20 07850308132

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