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Total concentration. Full engagement. Joyful intensity.

Instilling the love of learning. What parents wish for. What our teachers work for. P I L O T S C H O O L UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL

Into a new hallway.

Through a new door.

New classmates, new teachers, new names to learn, new places to find.

So many questions. Will I fit in? Will I make friends? Will I keep up? Will I do better here than in my last school?

What starts as a day of trepidation becomes a day of transformation. A first day at Pilot is the beginning of a journey of discovery. Finding strengths. Meeting challenges.

Learning how to learn, not just what to learn. Each adventure as unique as the child who embarks upon it.

For so long, he shrank in his seat. Hiding. Wishing to be invisible so he wouldn’t get called on. That was then.

Today, his hand shot into the air. The tips of his fingers straining to go

“Pick me. I know this. Pick me.”

And his teacher did pick him. And he did know the answer. He beamed with pride. And his teacher beamed back. This is the joy of learning. This is Pilot.


ever higher.

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At Pilot School, goals are achieved,

In the gym. In the classroom. Every day.

obstacles are overcome and confidence is built.

Fin all y. S uc ces s.

Uh-oh. The dreaded oral presentation. Only now there’s no dread to be found. No sleepless night beforehand. No pounding heart or butterflies in the stomach.

Just calm and confidence. He knows his stuff. He knows his audience. And there’s something about the sock feet that makes the whole experience a little less frightening. A lot more friendly.

At Pilot, fellow students are allies, not adversaries. They all share in the journey. The ups. The downs. Champions for one another, they persevere. And prevail.

Feet inch forward on the cool, smooth tile. Toes curl under, grasping the rim. Eyes gaze into the

Arms extend.

clear blue water

And suddenly, liftoff.

as the black stripes


ripple and dance.

Headlong into a momentous first dive ever! And the smile is as wide as the pool itself.

Aquatics at Pilot. Not just about sports and exercise, but concentration, coordination and confidence. And sometimes, it’s about making a splash.

At one time, he needed a tutor. Now he is one. The time-honored tradition of the older and more experienced mentoring the younger. In a world full of books and papers, digital media and teacher interactions, sometimes the most meaningful learning moments happen

between student and student.

Whether teacher, counselor, specialist or fellow student, at Pilot, someone is always in your corner.

Last day at Pilot. Time to clean out the locker. So many memories. So much to look forward to.

A new school.

New friends.

New challenges.

What will go with her? The self-confidence attained through years of meeting challenges in a supportive environment. The learning tools received from teachers, specialists and counselors. The knowledge gained from hours upon hours of individual attention and guidance. Together, they’ve made her the strong, secure student she is today.

Today, she is ready.

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