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Visit this new home, nestled on a delightful and expansive 2-acre "mini-farm" lot located in the newest phase at McLendon Hills. This beautiful single-level, ranch-style home features hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, granite counter tops, bonus room, greenhouse and a small orchard. Additional acreage is available, too! This showcase home features "green concept" amenities from the very best manufacturers. $469,500 For detailed information call 910-255-4044 or visit www.McLendon


Ω The Moore County Register of Deeds Office in Carthage has recorded the following property transfers valued at $50,000 or more. June 1-4, 2010 Cynthia A. Perkins Et al. to Suntrust Mortgage Inc., Trustees Deed B3294/287 0.75 acres & 1.17 acres, Mineral Springs Township, 10 SP 101 $287,500. Xavier Martinez Et al. to David Collie Et al., Trustees Deed B2879/28 10.01 acres, McNeill Township, 09 SP 398 $622,000. Phoenix Housing Group Inc. to Bionca C. Stanback, Tract 19B P2 Boone Farm Bensalem Township, $135,000. Donald R. Jr. and Mary L. Metcalf to Xavier R. and Irene R. Burns, Lot 19 P1 Royal Woods, McNeill Township, $242,500. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Et al. to Earl W. and Susan T. Williams, Tract, $164,000. National Golf LLC to Daniel and Paula Michalak, INT IN Unit 1 The Cottages National Golf Club, Mineral Springs/McNeill Townships, $84,000. Johnnye and Robert J. Waller to Martin L. and Kathy R. Rallings, Lot 5296 Village Green Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $315,000. William B. and Jessica Morgan to Patrick O’Connell, Lot 38 S2 Glen Laurel, Sandhills Township, $221,000. Pinnacle Development Corporation Inc. to John M. Mayo, Unit 38 P5 Elk Ridge Sandhills Township, $200,000.

Ann H. Stokes Et al. to Robert E. and Marie A. Carbrey, Lot 338 U3 P1 Pinehurst, $220,000. Anthony E. and Katherine L. Monaco to Bunnaro Sun and Sarah L. Burnside, Lot 71 P3 Glen Laurel, $224,000. Joseph F. Safford and Patricia S. Spallone to Ellen L. Wilken, Lot 439 U10 PII Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $190,000. Timothy and Jennifer K. King to James J. Cavallini II, Lot 15 Kenwood $187,500. John S. and Joan E. Weibert to Roger W. Jr. and Karen R. Jacobs, Lot 147 U10 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $330,000. James M. and Sarah L. Marion to Robert W. Levalley, Lot 5368 S11 Woodlake, Little River Township, $195,000. Roger D. Worley Construction Inc. to Robert A. and Kathy S. Wright, Lot 2131 P1B Mid South Club, McNeill Township, $642,000. Brian Atkins Et al. to Sara M. Noll, Lot 5383 S11 Woodlake, Little River Township, $184,000. FC Pinehurst LLC to Loyde M. and Kimberly T. Gray, Lot 254 P1 Legacy Lakes, Sandhills Township, $85,000. Kimberly M. Graham Et al. to Benjamin A. and Audrey L. Bennett, Lot 77 U15 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $194,500. Kenneth J. and Michele A. Vanderveen to Marianne C. Nugent, Lot 2 Yellow Frame Farms, McNeill Township, $315,000.

Michael I. and Theresa N. Rogers to Patrick D. and Jodie C. Molamphy, Unit 127 B Regime II Golf Vistas of Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $275,000. Patrick D. and Jodie C. Molamphy to Michael I. and Theresa N. Rogers, Lot 105 S5A Pinehurst National Corporation, Mineral Springs Township, $575,000. Ballard Land & Timber Company LLC to Damian J. Cloeter and Shannon L. Robinette, 10.20 acres, Carthage Township, $70,000. Cynthia J. Troublefield Et al. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006 HE7 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 HE7, Trustees Deed B3048/214 Lot 953 Pinecone Seven Lakes, Mineral Springs Township, 09 SP 362 $153,000. Densel B. and Cheryl E. Williams to Anthony and Katharine Monaco, Tract, Mineral Springs Township, $416,000. Claus Endrigat Et al. to Helen R. and Gerald L. Ross, Tracts, McNeill Township, $335,000. Neville and Farida Divecha to Peter C. and Stacey T. Koepp, Lot 251 U2 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $274,000. Thomas A. Hempstead and Anderson & Strickland PA to Mortgage Electric Registration System Inc. Et al., Trustees Deed B2828/574 Lot 2081 PIC Pinehurst National Corporation, 10 SP 65 $277,500. Mirae M. Davis to Johnny C. and Kathryn M. Sutton, Tracts, Mineral Springs Township, $445,000.

Basil Group LLC to Mark J. and Dawn R. Wehrum, Lot 10 Bonnie Brook, Sandhills Township, $404,500. Habitat For Humanity of The NC Sandhills Inc. and Habitat For Humanity of Moore County Inc. to Evelyn C. Spencer, Lot 15 Partnership Place, $99,000. H&H Homes of Fayetteville LLC to Melissa S. and Thomas H. Rees Jr., Tract, Little River Township, $229,000. H&H Homes of Fayetteville LLC to Russell D. and Laura L. Kirmse, Lot 46 Sinclair Little River Township, $216,500. H&H Homes of Fayetteville LLC to Jessica A. and Daniel A. IV Orth, Lot 37 Sinclair Little River Township, $241,000. Robert Rose to Anthony S. Ewing and Anthony Saffier Ewing, PT Lot 23 BL I&2 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $209,000. Douglas M. and Lorie E. Kinney to Frank P. and Randy Z. Sabatino, Tract 10 Hunt Country Properties, McNeill Township, $1,075,000. Armando Alvarado Et al. to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., Lot 83 P4 Glen Laurel, $212,000. Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Hwa S. and Linda Crump, Lot 83 P4 Glen Laurel, $210,000. Thomas V. Halloran to David M. Coniglio and Lara K. Campagna, Tracts, McNeill Township, $485,000.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

Professionally Speaking

Dear Community,

Two Ways To Upgrade

Have you ever felt overdressed for an event? Perhaps you understood the dress to be formal, but when you arrived in your formal attire, everyone else was wearing jeans and turtlenecks. You may recall how you felt when everyone looked at you as you entered the room looking a bit out of place. This happens to homeowners too, but it’s not called overdressing—it’s called over-improving. It happens when property owners remodel a home to the point its new value far exceeds all others in the neighborhood. Let’s say your family has grown, and you begin your improvements by adding a wing with two more bedrooms and a bath. You expand to a 3-car garage and install a deck. In the process you add $55,000$100,000 to your home. As long as you continue living in your home, it is not a problem. When it’s time to

sell, however, you will face an unexpected challenge. Your spent $55,000$100,000 on improvements, but buyers are unlikely to be impressed as they compare the prices of other homes in the area, and expect yours to be in line. Before beginning a major project, determine the impact on your home’s value. Consider “upgrading” to a larger home vs. remodeling, getting advice from a trusted Realtor and from your lender. The Pinehurst-Southern Pines Area Association of Realtors, a trade association, offers a website www.move2moore that provides a complete listing of Realtor real estate brokerages in Moore County, contact information for Realtor members, and industry associates. Consider as a good source for Moore County Realtor information

Elizabeth Childers

Pinehurst - Southern Pines Area Association of REALTORS®, INC. The Voice for Real Estate in the Sandhills

Published every Friday by The Pilot in partnership with the PinehurstSouthern Pines Area Association of REALTORS, with a circulation of 19,000. Deadline for the Sandhills Real Estate Guide is 5:00 pm on Tuesday. FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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Daylight is a great way to make your home more energy efficient

(ARA) - Back when the cavemen moved from one shelter to another, an important factor must have been whether the sun could provide more natural light in their new home than their previous dwelling. After all, they couldn't appreciate cave art in the dark. Today, daylighting is once again enjoying its day in the sun as an important factor in home design. The U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) official REGREEN standard, a new set of environmental guidelines for homeowners, recommends adding more natural light to make homes more energy efficient, while new technical innovations in daylighting can provide homeowners with more consistent, more comfortable levels of light throughout the day. Each year, 10 percent of a typical single family home's energy bill is spent on lighting, and an additional 49 percent is spent on heating and cooling costs. When daylighting applications are properly applied, homeowners can greatly decrease the amount of energy used within their homes. More than just solar tubes, Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) bring consistent light to dark spaces without heat gain or loss. Today's TDDs can be professionally installed without requiring reframing or ceiling patchwork in about two hours for about the same cost as adding a recessed lighting can. Using advanced optics, Solatube Daylighting Systems deliver natural light into the PAGE 4

home through technology found in the system's three zones: the capture zone on the roof, the transfer zone through the attic, and the delivery zone into the room. On the roof, the daylight-capturing dome lens redirects lowangle morning and dusk sunlight while rejecting overpowering summer midday sunlight. As a result, the right level of light is routed into the tube and down into the home throughout the day. Solatube's patented Spectralight Infinity Tubing is the most reflective material found in TDDs today, with 99.7 percent specular reflectivity that enables the purest color rendition possible. This tubing material reflects the sunlight without

transmitting the solar heat, and allows daylight to shine more than 30 feet below the rooftop with virtually no light loss. Inside the home, two lenses customize the incoming daylight to match the room's design needs and the homeowner's personal preferences. Effect lenses can change the light color from natural to warm, while diffuser lenses vary how widely the light is spread. Addon kits can artificially dim the amount of daylight shone into a room - useful for home theater spaces - or can incorporate an energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) for a combined day-night light fixture. There has never been a better time to add daylighting to your home, thanks to last year's

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"Stimulus Bill" (The American Recovery Act of 2009). By installing a tubular daylighting system, homeowners may receive a tax credit of 30 percent of the product cost of each system, up to $1,500. The Solatube 160 DSe (10-inch light diameter) and the Solatube 290 DSe (14-inch light diameter) are both eligible for the tax credit when installed in a primary residence. More information on qualifying products is available at c=tax_credits.tx_index. For more information on daylighting and on Solatube Daylighting Systems, visit Courtesy of ARAcontent

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010


Homeownership Remains The American Dream

A national survey conducted recently by Fannie Mae found that the American dream of owning a home is alive and well. Despite economic challenges and the housing downturn, two-thirds of Americans still think it’s a good time to buy a house. The survey also revealed that 70 percent of Americans believe owning a home continues to be one of the safest investments available. In con-

trast, only 17 percent feel that buying stocks is a safe investment. Other key survey findings include: • Eight in ten Americans consider homeownership important to the economy. • 73 percent think housing prices will increase or stay stable over the next year. • 63 percent of delinquent mortgage borrowers expect to be in a stronger financial position in 2010.

By Victoria Spannaus Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“I will provide an outstanding mortgage experience from application to closing” • Non-financial reasons such as safety and the quality of schools — instead of economic considerations. — are the most important motivations to purchase a home. • Nearly 70 percent of renters plan to buy a home at some point in the future.

For a free consultation to discuss which type of mortgage loan will work best for you, call Victoria Spannaus at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at (800) 741-7813 or 910-692-6225. Reprinted with permission of The Printer, Inc.

Visit us online at: FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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Local Listings With . . . PINEWILD OPEN HOUSES-SUNDAY 6/13•2-4PM

Arvilla Sheron Broker (910) 639-5133 (cell)

61 Abbottsford (Pictured Home) Directions from 211 Gate - Turn right on Kilbride - left to 68 Greyabbey Vacation all year round in this very specontinue to Abbottsford - turn right cial home. Courtyard w/koi pond and Visit me at my office at Prudential Gouger O’Neal 35 Abbottsford (Pictured Home) Views waterfall. 4 bedrooms (one separate of 15th fairway & green of Holly Course guest house) 4 baths. Tremendous & Saunders in the screened porch overlooking the 14th 3 br. 2.5 ba. w-3 car garage and room Village of Pinehurst green of the Holly course. to expand over garage. 14 Abbottsford - 4 br. 3.5 ba. w/3 car 68 Greyabbey - 3 br. 2.5 ba. brick home garage - Magnificent views of 6th & backing to a pond. Shows like a model 7th fairways and greens of the Magnolia course. Expandable upper - great flow for entertaining. Two fireplaces, Marvelous covered brick porch. level. New Construction. ©2010, An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

M id l a nd Co u n t r y Cl u b — S u r ro u nd e d b y g o l f & w a t e r v ie w s t hi s s p e ci a l h ome h a s it a ll . O p e n a n d br i gh t f l oor p l a n, 9' ce il i ngs , d e n/ C a ro li na r oo m, sp li t be d r oo m d e si gn ( 2 be d r oo ms/ 2 b a th s) ; e a t i n k it ch e n, f r on t & r e a r p a ti os f or e x te nd e d ou t d oor li vi ng . B e a u t i f ul l y m a n ic u r e d ya r d , l o w m a in t e n a n c e b r ic k & v i n y l . O ff e r e d a t $ 2 4 9, 9 0 0. Ca l l B a r b a r a 6 90 - 0 2 62 fo r m o re i nf o r ma t io n.

Barbara Klug Cell 910.690.0262

Prudential is a registered service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.


RE/MAX of THE PINES 235 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Southern Pines, NC 28387

EXPOSE YOUR BUSINESS TO SUCCESS, ACCESS, QUALITY AND LOCATION!! • 2 Blocks from Downtown Southern Pines • Various Sizes and Office Suites to choose from • Ample Parking • Reception Service • Wireless Internet • State of the Art Technology in Telephones, Colored Copiers, Scanner and Fax Machine • Conference Room • Reception Seating Area CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO VIEW YOUR FUTURE OFFICE!

Pinky Doyle, CRS, GREEN, GRI Broker/Owner Office: 910-695-3651 Mobile: 910-783-6573




"Choose a Realtor who is also an experienced State-Certified Appraiser" To see MY LISTINGS and ALL area MULTIPLE LISTINGS go to

Open Houses ~ Sunday, 1 to 4

4 Bed/2.5 Bath $315,000

16 Morning Glory, Whispering Winds Airport Rd, Wh Winds entrance, RT on Winding Trail, LT on Morning Glory

3 Bed/2 Bath $280,000

32 Spearhead Drive, Arrowstone Airport Rd, LT on Hardee, LT at Arrowstone entrance, home is second one on RT

Margret Endrigat 910-690-8025

Emmy Webster 910-639-3520


121 ST. MELLIONS DRIVE 4 br, 3.5 baths • Bonus room • Gourmet Kitchen • Screened Porch Emergency Power Generator • Golf & Water Views • MLS# 133339 • $769,000

60 WHINHILL COURT 4 br, 4.5 baths • Bonus Room • 3 Car Garage • Huge Multi Purpose Room ¾ Ac. Cul De Sac Lot • Golf Front • MLS# 138491 • $969,000

180 NATIONAL DRIVE 3 br, 3 baths • Custom Brick Home • Beautiful Landscaping & Water Feature FP In Master Bedroom • Cherry Cabinets • Golf Front • MLS# 138779 • REDUCED to $679,900

Directions: Off Midland Road. Please ask gate for directions to each of these lovely homes.

Hagan & Hagan GMAC Real Estate 910-295-6321 PAGE 6

195 NATIONAL DRIVE 3 br, 3.5 baths • 3 Car Garage • Double Fairway Views • Walk Up Attic Stacked Stone FP • Top Of The Line Finishes Throughout • MLS# 138403 • $785,000

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29 LOCHWINNOCK LANE 4 br, 3.5 baths • Prime Golf Front Cul De Sac Lot • Built In BBQ On Back Patio • Custom Cabinets • Marble Tops in Baths • Covered Porches • Great Views From Every Window FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

. . .Your Hometown Realtors PINEWILD COUNTRY CLUB

Eva Toney 910-638-0972

PEACE & QUIET CAN BE YOURS AT THE END OF THE DAY in this beautiful custom all brick home with many special features: 9' & 10' ceilings, wood floors, 2 fireplaces, 3 BRs + Office, Screened Porch, Kit/Keeping Rm, unfinished Bonus Rm space. Club Membership available. $465,000 E-Mail:



135 GLENMOOR DRIVE, SCOT’S GLEN Better than new 5BR/4BA home in great neighborhood w/tree lined sidewalks, loft, screen porch, gourmet kitchen w/granite & stainless steel appliances, screen porch, large deck & private back yard. MLS#137839 $498,900 Visit

CORNER OF MCKENZIE AND FRYE ROADS right in the center of Old Town tucked away on almost an acre of beautifully landscaped privacy - 3 BRs/2.5 Baths, 2300+ SF, large family room w/wood floors and floor to ceiling wood-burning fireplace & a separate large workshop. $585,000

C a r o l y n R a g o n e R e a l E s t a t e , LLC

Carolyn B. Ragone, Broker/Owner 910.603.4114

Call Carolyn! Carolyn Cares!

©2010, An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Prudential is a registered service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Member Firm

Commissions are negotiable and not set by law.


$347,000, Seven Lakes West! All BRICK, 3BR-2.5BA with a beautiful, in-ground, non-chlorine POOL! This Bill Blum/Equinox custom SPLIT-PLAN has 10' ceilings, a wrap around porch, custom pergola & deck, inlaid Hardwood floors, Granite Fireplace, heavy moldings & a half-acre lakeview lot! This gated community offers many terrific amenities including full access to Lake Auman for skiing, sailing & fishing. Call to see 156 Morris Drive. VIEW PHOTOS & DETAILS @


GOLF FRONT IN WHISPERING WOODS. 3BR/2BA Plus Bonus Room with a Third Full Bath. This Home draws you in with it's Gracious Curb Appeal and Versatile Floor Plan. A Carolina Room and Deck w/ Privacy & Golf Course View Round Out This Meticulously Kept Residence. Reduced to $339,900.

Call Debbie Darby Broker/REALTOR

Direct: 910.783.5193

Member Firm




MLS# 136311

Rick Phillips, Broker

85 Lake Pointe Drive 910-695-5795 On Lake Pinehurst, 1900 SF 2 BR, 2 1/2 BA, 2 Car Garage Email Club Membership-$349,000

Lake Pinehurst Villa #25 Near Marina, 1700 SF 3 BR, 3 BA, Furnished Club Membership-$217,900

Serving the Pinehurst Area for over 35 Years Hagan & Hagan GMAC Real Estate


3 BR, 3 BA in Clarendon Gardens situated on a gorgeous .9 acre private lot. In ground pool and finished lower level. Extensive remodeling completed in '08. See Virtual Tour: click 'Featured Homes' at


MLS# 133509


An incredible price for a nicely situated .46 acre golf front (11th hole) lot in the popular Mid South Club. Mid Tal membership available. Build now, or a terrific investment opportunity!




L uc r e t ia Pi n no c k (9 1 0) 69 2 -6 7 67

Pinnock Real Estate

& Relocation Services, Inc. 1 1 5 E . P e n n. A ve . Sou the r n Pi ne s, NC ( 80 0 ) 6 9 2 - 7 0 0 8

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

DREAMS BECOME REALITY! Traditional New Construction Brick Home On A Pinehurst Culde-sac. 4Bdrs/3.5Ba., Office, Bonus Room w/Full Bath. Hardwood Floors, Gourmet Kitchen, Granite Countertops And Stunning Cabinetry. Breakfast Nook w/Desk Area And Large Pantry. $409,000 MLS #136929

JEWEL OF PINEHURST! 3Brs/2Ba. Great Floor Plan With New Hardwood Floors, Large Fenced In Back Yard, Loft Area Great For Computer Room or Movie Area, Bonus Room And Spacious Bedrooms. Near Lake Pinehurst. $235,000 MLS #135077

5 Bed / 3.5 Bath * MLS #136628 Beautiful home on course #6 hole 2, with huge bonus rm that could be 5th BR. Shows like new, very open floor plan w/2 masters on the main level. Lovely covered porch w/great views of the golf course. PCC Membership available, buyer to pay prevailing transfer fee.

Kathy Hawks Resort Properties, LLC Kathy Hawks-Broker

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Local Realtor Directory Lucretia Pinnock 692-6767

When Experience Counts... You Can Count on Lucretia!!!! An Experienced Realtor Will Smooth Your Transaction!!!

“The only Real Estate Team in the area dedicated exclusively to the sale of Horse Farms”

Pinnock Real Estate & Relocation Services, Inc.

Office.: (910) 245-8683 Cell: (910) 624-2997 Fax: (910) 245-8684


Direct: (910) 315-7754

Christine Sellers

Jim Horne

“Specializing in Woodlake for Over 25 Years”

MARY ELLEN JOSEPHSON, GRI Broker, Realtor MEJ PROPERTIES Cell: (910) 528-2432 Fax: (910) 944-7943 Pinehurst, NC 28374

Murray Williamson Realtor®

295-1600 Office 603-0367 Direct

Holleigh McLaurin

Broker / REALTOR®

Larose and Company

980 Unit 3 Seven Lakes Drive

(910) 673-1050

Independently owned and operated

Office 693-3300 Cell 690-1404

Cell: (910) 315-9950

Lay A Solid Foundation with a First Bank Mortgage • Fixed & Adjustable Rates • FHA & VA • NC Housing First Home Mortgages • 100% Financing • USDA • Flexible Options MEMBER FDIC

Bobby Edwards

205 SE Broad Street Southern Pines, NC 28387 910-692-6222

Call a Local Realtor FIRST BANK Y Your Community Bank Since 1935



Mortgage Loan Consultant

Edwards Real Estate & Forestry Consulting (910) 944-2023 (Office) (910) 690-5955 (Cell)

to Buy or Sell a Property in the Sandhills


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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010


Seven Lakes West $550,000 Gorgeous Brick Water Front 3 BR / 2 BA Code 674

Pinewild CC $624,500 Inviting Golf Front Home 3 BR / 3.5 BA Code 635

Seven Lakes West $775,000 Charming Custom Built Water Front 3 BR / 3.5 BA Code 636

Whispering Pines $193,500 Great Home on Quiet Cul-de-sac 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 639

Pinewild CC $529,000 Gorgeous Golf Front Home 2 BR / 3.5 BA Code 640

Pinehurst $380,000 Spacious Brick Ranch Style 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 644

McLendon Hills


3 BR / 3.5 BA Code 637

Seven Lakes North $134,900 Immaculate – Wonderful Floor Plan 3 BR / 2 BA Code 638

Pinehurst Trace $155,000 Great House in 55 + Community 2 BR / 2 BA Code 641

CCNC $849,900 Exquisite Cedar Shake & Stone Home 5 BR / 4.5 BA Code 642

National $530,000 Relaxing & Quiet Water View 4 BR / 3.5 BA Code 643

Southern Pines $1,320,000 Luxurious Horse Farm on 10 Acres 3 BR / 4 BA Code 645

Pinehurst $164,000 Spacious & Open Floor Plan 3 BR / 2 BA Code 646

McLendon Hills $545,000 Spectacular Horse Farm On 3 Acres 4 BR / 4 BA Code 647

Pinehurst $235,000 Great All Brick Home 3 BR / 2 BA Code 649

Seven Lakes North $207,500 Charming Home w/ Split Plan 3 BR / 2 BA Code 650

Pinehurst $379,500 Charming Cottage Style Home 4 BR / 3 BA Code 652

Vass $395,000 13 Beautiful Acres with a Pond 3 BR / 2 BA Code 653

Aberdeen $148,800 Super Condition – Fenced Backyard 3 BR / 2 BA Code 654

Pinehurst $169,900 Recently Updated in Village Acres 3 BR / 2 BA Code 655

Cotswold $399,000 Elegant & Luxurious Townhome 4 BR / 3 BA Code 657

Southern Pines $188,000 Bright And Open Floor Plan 2 BR / 2 BA Code 658

Pinehurst $127,900 Great Buy – Furnished Condo 2 BR / 2 BA Code 660

McLendon Hills $445,000 Lovely Home - Equestrian Community 4 BR / 4 BA Code 662

Longleaf CC $399,800 Outstanding Golf Front w/ Water View 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 664

Gorgeous Home – Beautifully Landscaped

View Floor Plans and Virtual Tours of Our Listings and See ALL Moore County Listings and Community Information at

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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Military?! Check out our Military Advantage Program at


Savings heat up with solar-powered water heaters

(ARA) - More homeowners are deciding solar power is the right thing to do - for the sake of the environment and their wallets. New technologies make it easier than ever to use the sun to heat water in our homes. And Congress is helping make going green a cash-smart move too, by extending the federal solar tax credit another eight years. Thanks to the tax credit program, you can recoup 30 percent of the total installed cost of a solar water heating system. "It's a great time to switch to solar power for your water heating needs," says Jim Cika, a solar water heating expert with VELUX America. But before you buy a solar water heater, do your homework, he urges, learn about the technologies available and review just how solar-

friendly your home can be.

"Homeowners need to factor in geographic location, orientation of the roof for solar collectors, costs and tax incentives and rebates that may be available to arrive at an economically sensible and environmentallysensitive decision," Cika says. While a solar water heating system usually costs more to purchase and install than a conventional water heating system, it can reduce energy costs in the long run and is much kinder to the planet. Cika says that the cost of an installed ENERGY STAR qualified system from his company will vary depending upon the volume of heated water required in a home. A packaged Low profile solar roof collectors are unobtrusive and blend well with rooflines. system consisting of one, two move in," he says, "effectively panels will usually be installed or three rooftop solar collector giving an immediate payback." along with a 60, 80 or 120-gal"In the case of an installation lon solar storage tank. An averin an existing home in an area age installation is projected to that has both federal and state cost $6,500 to $11,000, with some complex installations run- rebates and incentives," he says, "the payback can vary ning as much as $12,000. from three to seven years." Systems are available for gas, Two primary solar technoloelectric and boiler markets throughout the U.S., Cika says. gies are available in the market "On average," he says, "if you right now: solar photovoltaic install a solar water heater, your (PV) and solar thermal. The 400 EAGLE SPRINGS RD. 272 SAND PIT RD, ABERDEEN water heating bills should drop photovoltaic process uses the ALL BRICK, 4BR-3BA (2321 square feet!) w/ 2 HOMES and 4 ACRES with a BARN and a FULL In-Law Suite, TWO updated Kitchens, POND! 3BR home with big Kitchen, WB sun to generate electricity and 50 to 80 percent -- not an LARGE Living Rooms & terrific basement Fireplace, Security System. PLUS separate insignificant sum when you con- solar thermal uses the sun to storage on 1.10 Acres. Located just 10 min- 2BR home for in-law or rental! utes west of Pinehurst! $169,500 heat water. Solar thermal often sider that the Department of PRICE REDUCED TO $135,000 MLS #138026 Energy says that water heating is the technology of choice for MLS #135907 Call Assist-2-Sell @ (910)295-1600 homeowners for a number of can account for 14 to 25 perCall Assist-2-Sell @ (910)295-1600 View Photos @ View Photos @ cent of the energy consumed in reasons. Kevin Hughes, a writer for our homes." Visit the Sandhills Real Estate According to Cika, in the con-, struction of a new home, where who installed a solar thermal Guide Online system in his San Francisco the cost of the system is rolled • Property Transactions into the mortgage, homeowners home, explains why. • Press Releases "I prefer solar thermal, specifican save more on their monthly energy bills than the increase in cally solar hot water, a much • Out & About in Real Estate older technology. It is much their house payment. "Solar water heating provides a positive cash flow from the day of See Solar on Page 15

Homes For The 1st Time Buyer


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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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Take Advantage of Buying Now by Selling with Smarts

With today’s changing housing market, the opportunities to buy a new home are tremendous. Interest rates are low, prices are extremely competitive, and many builders are offering fantastic incentives. But if you’re like twothirds of people in the new home buying market today, you’ve got a home to sell first. On any given Sunday afternoon, hosts of lookers are visiting open houses across the country. How can you prepare for an open house? It’s a question on many sellers’ minds. Follow these tips, have a plan and you’ll have likely will have a new home buyer signing on your dotted line sooner than you may expect. Experts say the home’s cleanliness, condition, and overall appearance create traffic from potential buyers. This traffic generates offers on a correctly priced home. An important thing to keep in mind about setting a price is to remain realistic. Some sellers are concerned that the value of their houses have declined slightly and want to wait until prices have gone back again. Think about it this way: It’s always better to trade up in a buyer’s market, like the one we are in now. For the sake of argument assume since the highest point of the market your home value has dropped 10 percent, from $300,000 to $270,000. While the value of your house has fallen, the price of higher-end homes has also dropped. A home selling for $500,000 in the past has also PAGE 12

dropped 10 percent in value, and now sells at $450,000. If you sold your home today for $270,000 and purchased the larger house for $450,000, the difference in price would be $180,000. But if you waited to recoup the 10 percent value on your home and sold it at $300,000, chances are that same larger home would also move up in price to at least $500,000. That is potentially $200,000 price difference between the two homes. So by selling today, you would actually save $20,000 moving up now. While how much you ask for your home is obviously the key factor in many buyers’ minds the presentation and cleanliness of the home is crucial. The buyer must be able to envision their belonging in their “new” potential home. Keep personal items like photographs to a minimum. Locate any clutter around your home and either throw it out or organize it neatly. Consider how often you use items in the clutter. If you haven’t used it in over a year it may be time to toss it. Don’t forget that some items can be donated to various items in your community which may be a better option for some items than throwing them out. Clean off your kitchen countertops and pack up small knickknacks. Not only will the house appear more organized and spacious; but you may get a heads up on packing up for your impending move. Pack up essential items into a box that can be easily moved into a closet when not in

By Jarrett Deerwester Moore County Home Builders Association President

use. You may want to remove most books from your bookshelves, leaving just a few with some nice decorative pieces. Remember that potential buyers will like to look everywhere in the home. Organize all of your closet spaces and kitchen cabinets. Before the open house is the time to do a full and thorough cleaning of the areas in your home you’ve been avoiding organizing the past year. Renting a storage unit may be helpful as well. Remove any furniture that blocks walkways or windows. Consider stowing away your now empty freestanding bookcases. Removing extra table leaves will make rooms appear larger and remember to leave just enough furniture to showcase the room’s purpose. While it is essential the buyer is able to see their things in the home; a home that is too empty can appear cold and lifeless. Make any minor repairs you can before potential buyers come through. Wash your windows inside and out. Polish up faucets and mirrors and don’t forget to hang fresh towels in the bathrooms and kitchen. Overly worn rugs should be stowed away or replaced and the entire house should be vacuumed. Consider having the carpets shampooed and air out any musty smelling areas. Off scents will surely break a potential buyer’s interest if even on a subconscious level. Other tips include turning on all of the lights to highlight the home’s amenities and setting the dining room table for a “decorative

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appeal.” Buy fresh flowers for vases throughout the home. Make sure the doorbell is working and children’s rooms “are minimally personal.” If potential buyers do not have children, you want them to see the room as a possible guest bedroom or office, while maintaining a possibility of children’s room for those with kids. Keep “curb appeal” in mind as well. Walk outside and see what your house looks like. How does the landscaping look? How about the front porch? Make certain that your house number can be read from the street and remember to keep your sidewalks clear and your lawn mowed. Trim shrubs and trees and if needed, freshen mulch beds and consider planting some flowers. Selling your home doesn’t have to be a headache if you are prepared. And most of all remember to relax. Keep things in perspective. While it may take more than a week to sell your home -- as was often the case during the boom years of real estate, with a little extra preparation your home will be sold before you know it and you’ll be moving into you new dream home. For more information on selling your home, contact The Moore County Home Builders Association at or visit the National Association of Home Builders at FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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WELL LOVED HOME with upgrades galore. Crown molding chair rails, wood floors, gourmet Kitchen, plantation shutters, palladium windows, gas fireplace, large screened-in porch. 3BR/2BA $324,900 (137659)

PANORAMIC GOLF FRONT VIEW of the Pinehurst No. 3 golf course from the Living Room, Kitchen, Breakfast area, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, and new 36x14 deck. Spa/Hot Tub on deck. PCC membership available for transfer. 3BR/2.5BA $380,000 (133324)

GREAT VALUE! Well maintained. Split bedroom plan. Hardwood floors in Living & Dining Rooms. PCC membership available for transfer. 3BR/2.5BA $210,000 (137180)

THIS BRICK COTTAGE needs interior updating but has great potential! There is 476’ unfinished upstairs and a 12x20’ unfinished basement. All the main windows were replaced w/vinyl clad windows in recent years. 3BR/1BA $265,000 (137363)

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131195 130 MAGNOLIA RD., PINEHURST, DIR.: 2 Doors from the Potpourri. "Craddock Cottage", circa 1896 - Restored 4BR/4.5BA. $699,000 Diana Barton 910.295.0389 910.295.5504

136604 12 EDINBURGH LN, PINEWILD CC, DIR.: From Linden Gatehouse; R Edinburgh; House on right. Totally Remodeled! 3BR/ 2.5BA. $429,900 Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504


136639 Wonderful Golf Front home w/Lake View! Spacious 4BR/4.5BA plan. $720,000 Joel Rich 910.315.4009 910.295.5504

134717 Golf Front on Dogwood Course! Elegant 3BR/3.5BA Villa home. Beautiful amenities! $663,455 Joel Rich 910.315.4009 910.295.5504

138656 Immaculate 3BR/2BA tubled brick English cottage. Spacious floorplan. $449,900 Kimberly Byrd 910.695.6778 910.692.2635

w w w. p r u d e n t i a l p i n e h u r s t . c o m


138473 14 ABBOTTSFORD DR., PINEWILD CC, DIR.: From Hwy 211 Gate; R Kilbride; L Greyabbey; R Abbottsford. Phenomenal Golf Views! 4BR/3.5BA brick Home. Will consider offers from $599,000 to $698,876. Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504 137849 68 POMEROY DR., PINEWILD CC, DIR.: From Linden Gatehouse; L Lasswade; L McMichael; L Pomeroy. 3BR/2.5BA Brick home on a Pond. Will consider offers from $459,000 to $528,876. Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504


137261 61 ABBOTTSFORD DR., PINEWILD CC, DIR.: From Hwy 211 Gatehouse; R Kilbride; R Abbottsford; House on left. 4BR/4BA (Guest House) back to golf course. Screen Porch. $565,000 Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504

137224 132 STEEPLECHASE WAY, SO. PINES, DIR.: Midland Rd to Knoll Rd; Left Steeplechase. Golf Front! Showcase Home! 3BR/2.5. $399,500 Barbara Uber 910.315.1679 910.295.5504



138719 310 BECKY BRANCH RD., SO. PINES, DIR.: Midland Rd to Pee Dee; 1st Right Serpentine; Yellow house on left before the Knollwood circle. 5BR/3BA. $365,000 Emily Hewson 910.295.5504 910.315.3324

138701 Aberdeen: Beautiful Custom Built 5BR/4BA Home on 14 Acres! Just minutes to town! $540,000 Eddie Thompson 910.690.3145 910.673.1063

136676 35 ABBOTTSFORD DR., PINEWILD CC, DIR.: From Hwy 211 Gatehouse; R Kilbridge; RAbbottsford; 1st house on left. 3BR/2.5BA Brick Home backing to golf course. Will consider offers starting at $459,000. Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504


137858 124 STEEPLECHASE WAY, SO. PINES, DIR.: Enter Longleaf; Turn onto Steeplechase Way. Incredible Golf Front Lot! 3BR/2BA. $359,900

138757 236 MIDLOTHIAN DR., SO. PINES, DIR.: Follow Signs @ Methodist Church on Midland Road. Inground Pool. 4BR/3BA, 2700+sf. $299,500

137373 Lovely 1900+sf, 3BR/2BA, custom built home. Great location! PCC Available. $279,000




Pat Koubek 910.215.2869 910.692.2635

138348 Beautifully appointed 3BR/2+BA home on 19+acres; 5Stall Barn; Paddocks; Tack Room. Kay Beran 910.315.3322 910.692.2635


138707 Prestigious Unit 2, Large Manicured Lot, All Brick, Single Level, Over 2500sf. New Pool. $419,000 Frank Sessoms 910.639.3099

Nettie Calfee 910.315.6225 910.692.2635

138368 Dramatic, Golf Front, 3BR/3.5BA Home. Private backyard with large Patio. $765,000 Marie O'Brien 910.295.5660 910.295.5504

134288 Lovely 3BR/3BA home on a tranquil wooded setting. Move-in Condition! $325,000 Terry Ganse 910.783.5335 910.295.5504

Eva Toney 910.638.0972 910.295.5504

138100 Elegant, 3000sf, Brick Home with Cherry Kitchen on 1+Acre Estate Lot. $424,900 Krista Duncan 910.690.7009 910.295.5504

REDUCED $7,000!

136293 Kensington Village: Liv Rm w/cathedral ceiling & fireplace. New Carport. 3BR/2BA. NOW $152,900. Linn 910.295.0800 or Marie 910.295.2660 910.295.5504




138315 Better Than New & Golf Front Too! Maple, Stainless & Granite Kitchen, 3BR/2.5BA. $274,951

137540 Adorable & well-maintained 3BR/2BA Cape-style home. Easy commute to Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB $99,900 Jill Greenleaf 910.783.6139 910.692.2635

138461 No City Taxes! Off Linden Road - Overlooks picturesque horse farm. 3BR/2BA. $186,900

Krista Duncan 910.690.7009 910.295.5504

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Carol Haney 910.315.5013 910.692.2635

138597 7 Lakes West: Nearly New! Many Extras! 3,100sf, 4BR/3.5BA. $398,500 David Ball 910.975.1487 910.673.1063

137859 Forest Hills: Unique & Spacious Contemporary 3BR/4BA home w/over 3200sf. $314,521 Eddie Thompson 910.690.3145 910.673.1063

138590 Great Starter Home in 7 Lakes North! 1270sf, 1BR/1.5BA. Lots of Potential! $139,000 David Ball 910.975.1487 910.673.1063

138682 Priced to sell! Village by the Lake, 3BR/2BA contemporary w/screen porch. $127,900 Nettie Calfee 910.315.6225 910.692.2635

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Sandhills Real Estate June 11, 2010  

Sandhills Real Estate June 11, 2010