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SELLER IS OFFERING $2,000 TOWARDS BUYER CLOSING COSTS on what is already one of the best values in a Southern Pines golf course home! 1900+ sq ft & ½ acre lot on the 7TH fairway with golf membership optional & no HOA dues. ½ mile from U.S. 1 for a convenient commute to Raleigh or Ft. Bragg, yet no city taxes. Bright & meticulously maintained single level custom built 1987 with new range, new washer/dryer, gas logs, central vac. Spacious 16X24 tiled sunroom 2005, recent heat pump and oak hardwoods bedrooms. Fresh neutral paint, 1 yr home warranty & move-in ready, so come to the Open House or call for a private tour. MLS#136758. DIRECTIONS: From U.S. 1 North in So Pines, left on Valley View Rd at Hyland Golf Club, ½ mile to house on right, corner Valley View & McLendon Court. Cindy Pagnotta, Broker, Innovate Real Estate 910-528-6768. See more photos at 10% of my commissions are donated to The Walthour-Moss Foundation.


The Moore County Register of Deeds Office in Carthage has recorded the following property transfers valued at $50,000 or more. May 17-21, 2010 William and Jayne Vanvooren to Donald R. and Susan B. Cox, Lot 103 U10 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $232,000. William V. Persing to Linda S. Langdon and Linda S. Persing Langdon, Tract, Mineral Springs Township, $150,000. Gloria Warner Incorporated to James F. Jr. and Namproong Betsch, Lot 642 U8A P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $270,000. Mark B. Kelly to Bryon and Carolyn Wade, 20.02 acres, Carthage Township, $295,000. Quality Built Homes Incorporated to Leighton Properties II LLC, Lots 447 448 U12 PII Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $65,000. William E. Connor Jr. Et al. to Joshua Crisp and Ashley Evans, Lot 2451 Dorset Seven Lakes, Mineral Springs Township, $159,500. William J. Jr. and Sharon B. Simpson to Scot A. and Catherine A. Padgett, 14.08 acres, Greenwood Township, $237,000.

Pedro and Rachel Hernandez to David A. and Barbara F. Lamblin, Lot 467 Knollwood Heights, McNeill Township, $372,000. New South Properties Et al. to Grosvenor Properties LLC, Lots 4142 P2 Arrowstone, McNeill Township, $86,000. Dana Properties LLC to Stephen C. and Roberta M. King, PT Lots 12 BL K&3 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $290,000. Troy C. and Barbee H. Decker to Jan E. Saltzman, Tract, McNeill Township, $225,000. Grosvenor Properties LLC to Troy C. and Barbee H. Decker, Lot 54 P2 Arrowstone, McNeill Township, $365,500. AW Builders Inc. to Cheryl O. Williams, Lots 57 BLC S2 Pine View Manor Estates, $250,000. Lewis M. Debernard Jr. Et al. to Michael D. and Michelle A. Paulson, Lot 93 Whispering Winds, McNeill Township, $306,000. Christian and Mary B. Wagner to Brandon C. Copeland and Jenell E. Rubin, Lot 340 U3 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $198,000. Frances Mannino to Walter L. Mauch Et al.. Lot A17 P1 Pinehurst Trace, Mineral Springs Township, $235,000.

FC Pinehurst LLC to Weekley Homes LP, 0.381 acres, Sandhills Township, $81,000. Dennis and Teresa Frye to Danelle M. Boling, Lot 2 P1 Beacon Ridge Villas Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $132,000. George Desmarteau Et al. to Eric M. and Sandrea L. O’Connor, Lot 611 U1 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $154,000. John A. and Cynthia L. Rovnak to Donn A. Stanley Jr., Lot 786 Big Juniper Seven Lakes, Mineral Springs Township, $145,000. Frank E. and Trudy Wells to Lee M. and Michelle Tonsmeire, Lot 4532 S10 Woodlake Little River Township, $415,000. Andrew L. Scheerer Et al. to Kristy K. Scherer, Lot 81 James Creek, Sandhills Township, $180,000. Troy Lumber Sales Corporation to Edwards Timber Company Inc., Timber Deed Tract, Carthage Township, $150,000. Ronald B. and April R. Marion to Marc L. and Kathleen J. Daymude, 13.18 acres, Greenwood Township, $54,000. Patricia S. Duncan Et al. to Donald R. and Sherry B. Yow, Tracts, Mineral Springs Township, $50,000.

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Bank of New York Mellon Et al. to James D. Williams, Lot 33 S2 Sandhills Estates, Sandhills Township, $75,000. Charles H. McDonald III Et al. to Jeremy and Andrea Heldt, Lot 288 U9 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $222,000. Andrew F. and Beverly L. Pasternak to Peter P. and Virginia S. Strzok, Lot 50 U10 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $178,500. James K. Blakeslee Et al. to Daniel H. and Constance L. Bevins, Lot 622 P1 Fairway Homes, McNeill Township, $345,000. Rupert B. Donaldson Et al. to James O. and Angel Dearing, Lot 4 P1 Springs Meadows, Sandhills Township, $201,000.

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601 SUN ROAD, ABERDEEN OFF OF 15/501 3BR, 2.5BA. Large all-brick custom built home with 3 car garage. Sunroom, fireplace, nice lot. For Showing Appointment Call Clarence • (910) 309-4441 Prudential All-American Realty

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

Professionally Speaking

Dear Community,

What's In Our New Real Estate Website?

The members of the Pinehurst-Southern Pines Area Association of Realtors速 (PSPAAR) and the PinehurstSouthern Pines Area MLS, Inc (PSPA) are proud to announce the launching of a new and improved real estate website. The new website can be reached using the domain names of either or So what inside this new website that would be of interest to real estate consumers, first-time homebuyers, relocating homeowners, retirees, business executives, second home buyers, investors, and our members: First a quick overview- The home page provides further access to pages on- Property Search, About the Area, Find a Realtor, Use A Realtor, Affiliate Members, Advocacy, Community Links and About Us. The design theme for the Property Search pages was to allow consumers and clients to access all property listed by members of the PSPA MLS. The main search criteria are: Residential, Land, Commercial or Open Houses. After selecting the main criteria you can enter search criteria such as Town/Village/City, Street Name, Type (Single family, condo, horse farms) Square Footage, Number of Bathroom and Bedroom. Probably most important is price range. Easy to use toggle bars and pull downs were used. Consumers can now obtain a complete listing of all planned open house locations by accessing the Property

Search tab. The Open House calendar listing will give you location, open house time, comments about the property. What a great resource for consumers. On the Find a Realtor page you can search by first and or last name, Broker Office, Realtor Designation, Multi-lingual Realtors and Specialties. From this search page you will be provided a complete list of Realtor members who fit your criteria. The member information contains a photo, contact information and the ability to send an email, view that Realtor's residential, commercial or land listings. All listing information contains complete Google mapping. On the Find an Affiliate page you can search for home inspector, mortgage consultant, local bank or an attorney. This page provides a link by business specialty for the Association's Affiliate members. It provides contact information, office location mapping and other business information. The About the Area page gives you information and links to all cities, villages and towns within Moore County. In addition to a summary of pertinent information you can click on the main area title for direct access to other links and information. So I've talked about the important aspects of our new and improved website. So please, take an internet ride on either or

Elizabeth Childers

Pinehurst - Southern Pines Area Association of REALTORS速, INC. The Voice for Real Estate in the Sandhills

Published every Friday by The Pilot in partnership with the PinehurstSouthern Pines Area Association of REALTORS, with a circulation of 19,000. Deadline for the Sandhills Real Estate Guide is 5:00 pm on Tuesday. FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

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Three tips to make your utility meter run backward

(ARA) - What would you do with an extra $2,200 per year? That is the annual energy bill for a typical American home, according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE). Dramatically reducing that cost, or even selling power back to the utility company, could mean having enough money for a vacation, a down payment on a car or a boost to your child's college savings. If you are wondering how this can be done, a trend emerging in new home construction, "netzero energy," is helping homeowners keep energy dollars in their pockets. Builders construct such homes with highly energyefficient materials, and with the means to generate their own power. The goal is to reduce the yearly total energy bill to zero, and perhaps make the meter run backwards at times. Lowering heating and cooling costs is critical to achieving netzero energy, since these typically account for nearly half of a home's energy use. Keeping warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer is key, along with adding on-site power systems. Steps can include new construction methods for greatly improved insulation, using energy-efficient windows, and installing solar panels or other renewable ways to heat water or create electricity. 1. Build with SIPs Most homebuyers are familiar with "stick framing" - construction using numerous individual


sticks (boards) with the insulation added between them. Yet an increasingly popular building method for high energy efficiency involves a different approach. Known as structural insulated panels - or SIPs - the body of the house is made of large-size prefabricated wall, ceiling and floor sections with built-in insulation. SIPs work like a giant insulated cooler. They are made of wood panels sandwiching a rigid insulating foam core. The result is fewer gaps in the home and more continuous insulation. Homes built with SIPs are 15 times less leaky and have 47 percent greater insulating capacity than conventional construction, according to DOE. "SIPs can be used to build any style of home, and are generally stronger than stick framing," says James Hodgson of Premier Building Systems, North America's largest SIPs manufacturer. "They can cut heating and cooling costs up to 50 percent, and can even help save money by speeding construction and allowing for smaller furnaces and air conditioners." SIPs also contribute to healthy indoor air by sealing out pollutants, and create up to two-thirds less waste during construction. (For more information on SIPs, visit or call (800) 275-7086 to speak with Premier Building Systems). 2. Install energy-efficient windows In addition to well-insulated

walls, ceilings and floors, another key consideration for netzero energy homes is efficient windows. Such windows may have double or triple panes with gas fillings and special coatings to help resist heat gain or loss. Specially constructed frames help seal against air leaks. How the windows are installed in the wall is also important, since much of the heat loss can occur around the window rather than through it. Proper mounting and sealing of the window in the wall can help protect against air leaks. "Installing windows for high energy efficiency can be tricky," says Jim Crowley, owner of Crowley Builders in Grass Valley, Calif. "If the window opening isn't right, it's like putting a round peg in a square hole; there are going to be gaps." Crowley addresses this by using SIPs for the walls. "In addition to providing insulation, SIPs have pre-cut window openings that are straight, square and properly sized. Combine this with proper sealing of the window and it's the best way we've found to get a tight fit." 3. Generate your own power More new homes are using

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environmentally responsible, renewable energy sources onsite to further reduce reliance on utility companies. These systems can include geothermal heat pumps that obtain warmth from the ground, solar panels for electricity or heating water, and windmills that convert wind to energy. When combined with home construction methods like SIPs and energy-efficient windows, such systems can help the home achieve net-zero energy use. In some cases, homeowners have even reduced their consumption enough and generated sufficient power to make the meter run backwards - in essence selling electricity back to the power company. "Achieving energy self-sufficiency in homes and other buildings seemed pretty radical not too long ago," says Hodgson. "But building methods have advanced greatly in recent years, saving energy without homeowners having to sacrifice comfort or style. Why build with methods that have been around for a hundred years, when newer, proven methods are available that will outperform what can be done with conventional framing?" Courtesy of ARAcontent FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010


Figure Out Your Financial Strategy

If you’re a homeowner, buyer, or seller looking for real world advice and inspiration, be sure to check out In addition to a comprehensive mortgage calculator and other helpful tools, the web site offers loads of home finance information. As FrontDoor’s experts remind us, homebuyers need to create a financial strategy before touring homes or applying for a mortgage. Here are four basic questions to ask yourself: • How long do I plan to live in any new home? • Will I want to make home improvements? • Do I want to keep cash on

had for other investments? • Am I comfortable taking financial risks? If you can comfortably pay your monthly bills and aren’t worried about overall debt, your probably answered “yes” to that last question. If so, you may want to consider a low-down payment or longer term mortgage of 30 to 40 years. Even though your home won’t build equity as quickly, you’ll have extra cash available each month for home improvements or investments. If you prefer to live conservatively and minimize long-term debt, think about a mortgage of 15 years or less. You’ll pay if down faster, build

Joan Annis

By Victoria Spannaus Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“I will provide an outstanding mortgage experience from application to closing”

equity more quickly, and reap larger tax deductions in the meantime. Looking for more information to help structure your financial strategy? • Use online mortgage calculators and other tools that let you see exactly how much you’ll pay under different scenarios. • Decide if you’re willing to pay points to get a lower interest rate, or take a higher rate to keep closing costs down. • Talk with your lender to see

if your can combine loan features and build a customized mortgage. • Don’t forget to factor in the tax savings of owning a home, as well as ancillary expenses for property taxes, insurance and maintenance. For a free consultation to discuss which type of mortgage loan will work best for you, call Victoria Spannaus at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage at (800) 741-7813 or 910-692-6225. Reprinted with permission of The Printer, Inc.

Cell 910.690.8296

CCNC GOLF-FRONT $789,000 Upscale features in a private, gated community 3 BR/2.5 BA

PINEHURST $252,500 New to Market – Desirable Unit 8A 3 BR/2 BA Split Bedroom Floor Plan

SOUTHERN PINES $167,000 Golf-front townhome in active adult community. Unlimited golf, swimming pool – 3 BR/2 BA

SOUTHERN PINES $162,700 Serene park-like setting in adult community. 4 BR/2 BA Unbelievable square footage value! KNOLLWOOD VILLAGE CONDOS UNIT 108 – 2 BR/2 BA - GOLF FRONT $75,000 UNIT 313 – 3 BR/2 BA - POOL VIEW $122,000 UNIT 504 – 2 BR/2 BA - GOLF FRONT $92,000

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

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Local Listings With . . . ARVILLA’S NEW LISTINGS

Arvilla Sheron Broker (910) 639-5133 (cell)

PINEWILD GOLF & POND COMMERCIAL BUILDING ABERDEEN – 16,000 SQ. FT. Experience beautiful views from 322 FIELDS ROAD this home situated on the golf Visit me at my office at Building Right hand eleva- course next to a pond Prudential Gouger O’Neal Steel tion has an entrance door plus a * 3 br. 2.5 ba brick home & Saunders in the roll-up door. The rear has 2 * Split bedroom plan Village of Pinehurst entrance doors, 2 roll-up doors * Open kitchen to sitting area w/ramp access and loading dock. * Formal living and dining rooms Room in front and back for park- * Golf cart area or workshop ing approx. 50 cars. Rear also has under house extra storage behind the building. * Large deck for entertaining and $550,000 Owner will finance -enjoying the views PRICED TO SELL $415,000 ALSO AVAILABLE FOR LEASE ©2010, An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

M i d la n d C ou n tr y C lu b — L o c a ti on , L oc a t io n, L oc a ti on ! !! U n s u r p a s se d g o l f & w a t e r v i e w s f r o m ev e r y w i n d o w ! B e a u t i f u l l y r en o v a t e d h o m e i n c l u di n g n e w a p p l i an c es , c o u n t e r t o p & b a c k s pl a s h, f l o o r i n g s , pa i n t , l i g h t f i x t u r es & m o r e. E x pa n d e d f l o o r p l a n i n c l u de s Ca r o li n a ro o m & s c re e n p o rc h ; 2 b e d ro o m s /2 .5 b a t h s . O f fe re d a t $ 26 9 , 00 0 - C o n t a c t B a r b a r a K l u g 6 9 0 - 02 6 2 f o r m o r e in fo r m a t io n .

Barbara Klug Cell 910.690.0262

Prudential is a registered service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.




PASTORAL PERFECTION AND PRIVACY! 18 Acres of partially cleared and ready for pastures! This Lovely and Peaceful land allows you to plan and build your “Dream Country Estate.” The property is located on Calloway Road in Southern Pines and a very short distance from the WalthourMoss Foundation. Properties surround these 18 Acres has a lot of Country Sophistication with lovely homes and barns. Directions: Take May St. to Delaware, then Youngs Rd., Turn Right on Goodwill, Straight to Calloway. Property on Left. FABULOUS FIND! PRICED AT: $810,000. RE/MAX of THE PINES 235 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Southern Pines, NC 28387


NESTLED IN A LONGLEAF PINE FOREST in Southern Pines are cluster residences reminiscent of New England town villages. This beautiful 2 Story, 4Bedroom/3Bath, Well Manicured Landscaping home is Ready For Move In! Great home with plenty of space for entertaining, guests, crafts/hobbies or ???, 1st Floor Mstr Suite, Hardwood Floors throughout. Easy living for retired people that are accustomed to fine residences. PRICED TO SELL! $144,900 with over 2700 Sq.Ft. of living space!!


Eileen Malan, REALTOR 910-690-5852

"Choose a Realtor who is also an experienced State-Certified Appraiser" To see MY LISTINGS and ALL area MULTIPLE LISTINGS go to

Pinky Doyle, CRS, GREEN, GRI Broker/Owner Office: 910-695-3651 Mobile: 910-783-6573


OUTSTANDING AGENTS OUTSTANDING RESULTS® 235 E. Pennsylvania Ave. Southern Pines, NC 28387

Shirley Starkey, GRI, GREEN 910-691-2808



80 WHINHILL DRIVE 3br 3ba golf front/ Open and spacious with beautiful golf views between the 7th and 8th fairways--over an acre lot! $500,000 offered by Peggy Floyd and Jean Webster

Call Jean Webster at 910-690-2086

CCNC Beauties

135 ST. MELLIONS DRIVE 3br 3.5ba golf front. Nestled in the landscaping for privacy but easy access to golf. Great views, 3 br on main floor with added bonus room. Nice wow factor with special ceilings and comfortable outdoor spaces. New price of $575,000. offered by Peggy Floyd

Call Peggy Floyd at 910-639-1197 Visit Website at

Joel Rich 910.315.4009

©2010, An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Prudential is a registered service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.


On a quiet street near the club gate, this traditional brick home is landscaped for privacy. The house is perfect for easy, comfortable living. The four bedrooms include one used as an office. The family room with a vaulted ceiling, fireplace and built-ins is a cozy gathering place that opens to the brick patio. The kitchen has a breakfast room. The garage has storage and a workshop.

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On a quiet street close to gate, this brick ranch has comfortable floor plan with several extras. There are 3 BR, 3.5 BA, a light-filled Carolina rm., keeping room with window wall to patio, close to garage a “man cave” study, a landscaped yard and lots of privacy. Well-cared for home is in excellent condition with roof 2009, 2 new water heaters.

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

. . .Your Hometown Realtors MIDDLETON PLACE

Eva Toney 910-638-0972

One of the newer homes that has been meticulously maintained. 2400+ SF, 2 BRs + Den/Study w/fireplace, large formal LR & DR, gorgeous Kitchen/Keeping Room with cherry cabinets, wood floors, Corian counters and bay window. The walled brick terrace area has irrigated garden area and privacy for outdoor entertaining. $319,000 E-Mail:



3 VILLAGE LANE, PINEHURST Walk to the village, hotel & parks from this 4BR/4.5BA home located on one of the prettiest streets in Pinehurst. Versatile floor plan w/lots of storage, upgraded gourmet kitchen w/quartz counters, hardwood floors. Lot continues thru to Graham w/park like backyard, porch & deck. MLS#136546 $699,900 Visit

41 QUAIL HILL CONDO PINEHURST CAREFREE LIVING WALK TO THE VILLAGE 3 BRs/2 1/2 Baths - new Kit & Baths, furnished, fronts 18th Fairway, Course #3. $435,000

C a r o l y n R a g o n e R e a l E s t a t e , LLC

Carolyn B. Ragone, Broker/Owner 910.603.4114

Call Carolyn! Carolyn Cares!

©2010, An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Prudential is a registered service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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OPEN HOUSE - JUNE 5 & 6 1-4 PM


Commissions are negotiable and not set by law.

1.21 ACRES


Visit for photos & details on 130 Lamplighter Lane.




$499,000 Seven Lakes WEST (Gated Community) - This luxury, all BRICK, 4BR-4.5BA home has an extra-large BONUS ROOM and a 3 CAR GARAGE! This is the Home you've dreamed of! Gorgeous Landscape, Cobbled Driveway, Hand-Hewn OAK FLOORS, high end fixtures, GOURMET KITCHEN and a 2nd Fireplace in Master Bedroom. This home is fabulously chic & tasteful from top to bottom! It is, by far, the nicest home you’ll find in this price range!



Betsy N. Robinson 910-639-0695

Anita M. Emery 910-639-1751

Member Firm






MLS# 137516

285 Quail Run Clarendon Gardens 3 BR, 4 1/2 BA, 3779 SF $379,800

Rick Phillips, Broker 910-695-5795

Pine Valley Condo # 20-18 3rd Fairway of # 3 Course UNIQUE 2 BR, 2 BA, 1120 SF Email $159,500 w/Club Membership

Serving the Pinehurst Area for over 35 Years Hagan & Hagan GMAC Real Estate


Classic single level brick home built in 1999. Bright and open floor plan measuring over 2,100 s.f. Features include oak hardwoods, large Kitchen, Carolina Room and spacious Master BR Suite. Nicely landscaped .49 acre lot and circle driveway.


MLS# 134724


u Red


in! Aga

Attractive and spacious first floor 1 BR condo in the popular Pinehurst Manor community. Features a beautiful 17x6 tiled Carolina Room w/ lots of natural light, a large updated Kitchen, fireplace, patio and more!




120 Eagle Point

L uc r e t ia Pi n no c k (9 1 0) 69 2 -6 7 67

Pinnock Real Estate

& Relocation Services, Inc. 1 1 5 E . P e n n. A ve . Sou the r n Pi ne s, NC ( 80 0 ) 6 9 2 - 7 0 0 8

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

FANTASTIC HOME. Open floor plan beautifully decorated 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, plus bonus room. Front and Back Porches overlooking beautifully landscaped yard. $250,000 MLS #136949 THIS IS A MUST SEE!

SOUTHERN CHARM! Roomy 5 Bedroom home sitting on a fenced double lot near access to Ft. Bragg. This home has comfort, privacy and much more including delightful screened porch. $465,000 MLS #137230 FABULOUS FIND

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Price includes Country Club Transfer For information on this property and all area properties Call 910-783-7993 Or visit my website at


Your best resource for real estate in Pinehurst, Seven Lakes, Southern Pines and all of Moore County.

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Local Realtor Directory Lucretia Pinnock 692-6767

When Experience Counts... You Can Count on Lucretia!!!! An Experienced Realtor Will Smooth Your Transaction!!!

“The only Real Estate Team in the area dedicated exclusively to the sale of Horse Farms”

Pinnock Real Estate & Relocation Services, Inc.

Office.: (910) 245-8683 Cell: (910) 624-2997


Direct: (910) 315-7754

Christine Sellers

Jim Horne

“Specializing in Woodlake for Over 23 Years”

MARY ELLEN JOSEPHSON, GRI Broker, Realtor MEJ PROPERTIES Cell: (910) 528-2432 Fax: (910) 944-7943 Pinehurst, NC 28374

Murray Williamson Realtor®

295-1600 Office 603-0367 Direct

Holleigh McLaurin

Broker/REALTOR®, SFR, NAR Green

Larose and Company

980 Unit 3 Seven Lakes Drive

(910) 673-1050

Independently owned and operated

Office 910-693-3300 Cell 910-603-4660

Cell: (910) 315-9950

Lay A Solid Foundation with a First Bank Mortgage • Fixed & Adjustable Rates • FHA & VA • NC Housing First Home Mortgages • 100% Financing • USDA • Flexible Options MEMBER FDIC

Bobby Edwards

205 SE Broad Street Southern Pines, NC 28387 910-692-6222

Call a Local Realtor FIRST BANK Y Your Community Bank Since 1935



Mortgage Loan Consultant

Edwards Real Estate & Forestry Consulting (910) 944-2023 (Office) (910) 690-5955 (Cell)

to Buy or Sell a Property in the Sandhills


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FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010



Seven Lakes North $196,800 Custom Built All Brick Home 3 BR / 2 BA Code 669

Aberdeen $125,000 Great Buy – Cul-De-Sac Location 3 BR / 1 BA Code 670

Beacon Ridge $255,000 Beautiful Golf Front Home 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 996

Pinehurst $169,000 Furnished Golf Front Condo 3 BR / 2 BA Code 324

Seven Lakes South $254,500 Relaxing Golf Views 3 BR / 2 BA Code 369

Carthage $147,000 8 Acres of Wooded Land 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 403

Pinehurst $610,000 Gorgeous & Elegant Home 4 BR / 3.5 BA Code 486

Seven Lakes West $575,000 Stunning Water Front 4 BR / 3 BA Code 493

Southern Pines $42,000 Affordable Get Away 1 BR / 1 BA Code 496

Pinehurst $239,900 Charming Home on Corner Lot 3 BR / 2 BA Code 509

Seven Lakes West $627,000 Fabulous Water Front 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 518

Foxfire $229,000 Great House w/Split Bedroom Plan 3 BR / 2 BA Code 531

Seven Lakes West $795,000 Elegant Water Front 4 BR / 3.5 BA Code 532

Seven Lakes North $175,000 Quiet Cul-De-Sac Location 3 BR / 2 BA Code 533

Seven Lakes West $359,000 Charming Golf Front 3 BR / 3.5 BA Code 546

Seven Lakes North $184,900 Brick Ranch Style Home 3 BR / 2 BA Code 547

Seven Lakes West $237,200 Open & Spacious Floor Plan 3 BR / 2.5 BA Code 556

Pinewild CC $575,000 Spacious & Elegant Brick Home 4 BR / 4.5 BA Code 557

Seven Lakes West $362,700 Spectacular Golf Front w/ Pond View 4 BR / 3.5 BA Code 559

Longleaf CC $315,000 Elegant Home in Golf Community 3 BR / 2 BA Code 560

Pinehurst $259,000 Recently Updated - Private Backyard 3 BR / 3 BA Code 577

Southern Pines $62,000 Cozy Affordable Unit with Golf View 2 BR / 1 BA Code 591

Pinehurst $169,000 Charming Water Front Condo 2 BR / 2 BA Code 592

Seven Lakes North $214,900 Split Plan – Large Corner Lot 3 BR / 2 BA Code 593

Seven Lakes West $295,000 All Brick - Spacious Floor Plan 3 BR / 2 BA Code 327

View Floor Plans and Virtual Tours of Our Listings and See ALL Moore County Listings and Community Information at

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

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Military?! Check out our Military Advantage Program at


Low water flow leads to high satisfaction and savings

(ARA) - In the United States, Americans consume 3.7 billion gallons of water every year that are not replaced, leaving a huge water deficit - a result of growing demand on finite water supplies. In fact, at least 36 states are anticipating local, regional or statewide water shortages within the next five years. Everyone has the power to change the water equation in the United States and put more money in their own pockets, while helping hydrate the planet. According to water-savings expert Tommy Linstroth, every homeowner can take three easy steps to help erase the water deficit by switching to WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads and faucets. Atlanta homeowner Peg Grady recently accepted this challenge, replacing three waterguzzling toilets with newer con-

serving models and installing low-flow showerheads and faucets in place of older ones in all three of her home's bathrooms. All the new plumbing products were manufactured by American Standard Brands. While happy to do her part by greening her lifestyle, Grady is thrilled with the unexpected retrofit benefits - monthly water bills reduced by half and a happier family, thrilled with the performance of the new plumbing products. "We should have done this years ago," says Grady. "We're saving money every month, and we absolutely love our new fixtures. The showerheads seem to have better water pressure, and we have been pleased and surprised with how well the toilets flush. In the past, we've had to pull the plunger out on more than one occasion. Since we've had our new toilets, we've been

American Standard’s FloWise Transitional Showerhead delivers a dynamic spray using only 1.5 gallons per minute, saving 40 percent less water than current standards. PAGE 10

plunger-free." Satisfied consumers save water without sacrificing comfort Grady was one of 21 suburban Atlanta families that volunteered to swap their existing plumbing products for high-efficiency, WaterSense-certified models. This mass retrofit replaced 71 toilets, 96 faucets and 55 showerheads in 71 bathrooms. American Standard provided products and funding for this first-of-its-kind makeover: the results showed at least 25 percent in overall water savings. The water and money saved by the homeowners from the Serenbe community in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga., and from the Chastain Lakes neighborhood in Kennesaw, Ga., demonstrates the simple steps every person can take to conserve this precious resource. "We want to convince homeowners, building professionals and legislators that water conservation doesn't mean sacrifice and can mean real savings," says Linstroth, a principal at Savannah, Ga.-based Trident Sustainability Group. Linstroth documented at least a 20 percent collective savings in overall water usage at Serenbe, a savings that has remained consistent over two months. At Chastain Lakes, an older suburb built more than 20 years ago, Linstroth documented at least a 25 percent savings from the retrofit. "As product technology has advanced, performance and satisfaction have advanced right along with it," says Jeannette Long, general manager for ecommerce with American Standard. "If we can encourage

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According to American Standard’s Water Savings calculator, replacing a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet with an H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush toilet saves 1,400 gallons of water per year.

more home owners to feel confident with water-saving products, it will go a long way toward easing the drinkingwater burden." Plumber Nick Marine (Marine Plumbing of Marietta, Ga.), who handled the new-product installation at Serenbe and Chastain Lakes, counsels every homeowner to investigate ways to save water and money. To learn what you can do - and how much you can save - go to inspiration/calculator. Marine also recommends checking with your local water utility; many offer rebates that offset the product investment. For more information about American Standard's water-efficiency products and Water Savings Calculator, visit Courtesy of ARAcontent

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010


By Mark Stewart Stewart Construction & Developmnet Co.

How green is your heating & air conditioning system

What is your home’s “MPG”? As our economy has changed and energy prices have escalated, Americans have become more aware of fuel economy in our vehicles. Higher efficiency vehicles are in demand as consumers seek to save money and realize that the “good old days” of $2.00 per gallon gas is probably gone forever. (Yes, $2.00 per gallon is probably “the good old days”). But how does your home measure up as to fuel economy? The beautiful cabinets with quartz countertops, the luxurious showers and whirlpool tubs, magnificent arched windows and doors, etc, are great features and certainly add both beauty and valve to your home, but what about your heating and air conditioning system? The new trend in automobiles is Hybrid and Flex fuel vehicles. Hybrid vehicles utilize energy

from either electricity or gasoline combustion engines. Flex fuel vehicles simply use all six or eight cylinders to create power when the vehicle needs it, but reduces to four or even fewer cylinders when not under a load such as highway driving. Have you “looked under the hood” of your home to see what energy efficient features your HVAC system is providing? All heat pumps are measured by a “SEER” rating. This stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating”. The higher the seer rating, the higher the efficiency. To qualify for most green building programs, a seer rating of 15 is required. Does your system have a two speed compressor? Or a variable speed air handler? Both of these features pay huge dividends when it comes to energy efficiency. A two speed compressor requires less power


to start each time the compressor comes on. If it has a particularly demanding load and cannot meet the requirements at low speed, it simply stages up to high speed. By running at low speed the compressor uses significantly less energy with less wear on the equipment. Just like your automobile’s engine will last longer if you average 50 miles an hour verses 100 miles an hour. A variable speed air handler also saves energy and creates a more comfortable indoor environment. By operating at lower speeds, the system can actually run longer. Extended running time for both the air handler and compressor drives additional dehumidification, reducing indoor humidity and operating noise. This also extends the life of the equipment as well as using less energy. During cooling season, reduced

indoor humidity allows you to set the thermostat as much as five or six degrees higher while maintaining your normal comfort level. Properly sized and properly installed HVAC systems with these features will greatly increase comfort, while decreasing operating and maintenance cost, giving your home the performance and efficiency you deserve. If you have any questions regarding the efficiency of the heating and cooling system in your home, give STEWART CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT a call at 910-673-1929 or email us at

1035 Seven Lakes Drive (beside First Health), Seven Lakes, NC 27376

Direct: 910-673-1699

or Toll Free: 800-994-6635

“Call an Agent you Can Trust....Call Sandy” Email:

ADORABLE WATERFRONT COTTAGE ON LAKE SEQUOIA! Fantastic location with unobstructed views of lake, near boat dock/beach/picnic area. Used as vacation home/barely lived in! $320,000

NEW CONSTRUCTION BEAUTY ON LARGE, CORNER LOT NEAR 7LCC GOLF! Split BR plan w/custom features: bamboo floors, cherry cabinets, granite counters, ssteel appl., concrete drive + many xtras. Price below market! $189,900

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

Sandy Stewart ABR, GRI Broker/Owner

PINEWILD GOLF FRONT BUILDERS HOME! Over 1.5 ac. on quiet cul-de-sac; 3200+ sf, 3BR/4-1/2 BA + Bonus Rm; hdw floors thruout, 3 fireplaces, scr. porch, 3car gar., Custom details abound! Inc. membership. Owner/Broker $560,000

UNIQUE FIND IN BEACON RIDGE! Double, 1ac lot near Club, "green features", finished basement, gas appl & hotwater heater, radiant heat floors, conditioned crawl; 3BR/3-1/2BA, over 3200 sf $364,900 (MLS #138095)

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Plenty Of Reasons To Buy A Home Even After The Tax Credit

By Jarrett Deerwester Moore County Home Builders Association President

WASHINGTON, May 24 Even though the home buyer tax credit expired on April 30 for and won't be renewed (exceptions for military and foreign service members through 2001 exist) there may never be a better time to buy a home than today, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Many outstanding opportunities still exist for home buyers, but they may not be around forever. "The home buyer tax credit was just one of many factors motivating Americans to buy homes," said NAHB Chairman Bob Jones, a builder and developer in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. "But buyers can still take advantage of today's low interest rates and competitive prices to get a home they may not have been able to purchase just a few years ago."

Besides mortgage interest rates that have been hovering at near-record lows, home prices nationally have stabilized indicating to most industry analysts that new homes prices are set to increase over next few years. This increased demand created by the $8,000 tax credit; has already driven the price for materials higher with lumber alone up 31% this year. Keep in mind material and costs largely determine new home prices. Today's new homes are also built to be much more energy efficient than homes constructed a generation ago, making them more affordable to operate. New homes are designed to support modern lifestyles with open floorplans, flexible spaces, improved safety features, and low-maintenance materials.

Consumers who are thinking about buying a home should not count on interest rates or prices staying at current levels. Mortgage rates are sensitive to market conditions, and even a slight increase can push monthly payments beyond a family's budget. As the country recovers from the recession and people stabilize their financial situations, NAHB economists expect that home prices will begin to increase nationally by 2011. NAHB's home buyer brochure "Opportunity Knocks for Home Buyers" describes many of the opportunities in today's market, as well as the long-term financial benefits of homeownership. It provides examples of how interest rates affect monthly mortgage payments and the typical federal tax savings over the first five years of homeown-

<SOUTHERN PINES, NC> <May 24, 2010> — Buford “Beau” Davis has joined the Keller Williams Realty Pinehurst Market Center. Mr. Davis is a native of Raeford, and holds degrees from East Carolina University, where he obtained a BS in Business Administration, and from Old Dominion University, where he received his MBA. Before entering real estate, he had a long and successful career in banking and finance.

“We are really excited to have Beau Davis join us here at Keller Williams – Pinehurst,” says Team Leader Buford “Beau” Davis Terry Rainer. “Keller Williams Realty offers its associates unparalleled career growth and lifelong learning

opportunities in the real estate industry. We know that Beau will be a great fit and that it is our clients and customers who will truly benefit from Beau joining us.” “I chose Keller Williams Realty because of its reputation for integrity and its agent-centric business model,” says Davis. “I want to really grow my real estate business, and Keller Williams Realty provides the training and technology that will help me reach my goals.” Beau

ership. The brochure can be downloaded from NAHB's web site at: hure. The home buyer tax credit is still available for eligible home buyers who had a signed sales contract by the April 30 deadline and who close by June 30, 2010, as well as for qualified members of the military, foreign service and intelligence communities, who have until April 30, 2011, to sign a contract. For more information, go to m. To locate a building professional to help with you new home project contact the Moore County Home Builder Association at

Buford “Beau” Davis joins Keller Williams Realty - Pinehurst Market Center


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Davis can be reached at 910691-8599 or The Pinehurst Market Center, located at 206 Commerce Avenue, Southern Pines, NC, was established in 2009 and has 62 associates. In the calendar year 2009, the Market Center shared more than $75,310 in profits with its agents. To learn more about Keller Williams Realty, call Terry Rainer at 910-528-2078, or visit FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

MCHBA Builders & Services Re

DIRT CRAWL SPECIALISTS We can protect your home from:


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Protect your home from:

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in your crawlspace?

The earth in your dirt crawl space is the major source of moisture in your home! This moisture is carried up into your house from the natural upward air flow created from rising heat.

EHC 910-843-4456 CleanSpace is the answer.

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The Home of Home InspectionSM > Pre-sale and pre-listing home inspections > Comprehensive, customized reports done on site > More than 1,600 items inspected > Objective, unbiased results for informed decisions > Easy scheduling

To Schedule a Home Inspection, Just Call Marty Gabryszak 910.528.2178 • 919.238.4035

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409 Johnson St • Aberdeen FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

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Out & About in Real Estate Keep us involved

Send us your event photos to share with the community. Submit digital photos accompanied by caption information to

Susan McKenzie, Owner of Olde Towne Realty provides and donates clerical support, supplies and office space to the Moore County Nursing Home and Assisted Living Committee. Barbara Venditti, Administrative Assistant at Olde Towne Realty, is Chairman of the Committee. Members are volunteer advocates who are voices for residents in Long Term Care facilities in Moore County.

A special performance by Joe Murphy (R) owner of C-Thru Windows, serenades guests with "O Solo Mio" and other Italian love songs! Glen Davis (L) provided the musical entertainment of the day. PAGE 14

Buongiorno! "A Taste of Italy" was the theme for this years client party given by Pat Phillips of Rhodes & Co. as everyone tries to demonstrate the Tarantella!

Shannon Harris (L) of Bank of America and Rob Pittman (R) along with Pat Phillips enjoy some Italian wine on the patio.

Dr. Bernie Dennison and his wife, Carlene, also enjoy sipping vino on the porch!

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FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

Out & About in Real Estate Keep us involved

Send us your event photos to share with the community. Submit digital photos accompanied by caption information to


Lobby of the Carolina Hotel, Pinehurst, NC

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MAINTENANCE FREE custom built home. Hardwood floors, tile baths, granite countertops, & stainless appliances. Bonus Room and Office. Covered front & rear porches plus large deck with swing. Nice big yard. Sanhills Farm Life school district. 3BR/3BA $329,000 (136879)

INVITING CAPE COD with a gourmet Kitchen overlooking a cozy Family Room w/fireplace. Many custom features and park like backyard. PCC membership available for transfer. 4BR/2BA $278,000 (137143)

QUIET RURAL AREA near Cameron. Large corner lot with many large trees. New carpet, freshly painted interior including ceilings, and masonry fireplace. Seller is willing to help with buyer’s closing costs with an acceptable offer. 3BR/1BA $124,500 (138209)

GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD. Unit 1 off Oakmont Circle. Cul-de-sac location. Well maintained home. Third bedroom used as a den. Large deck and screened-in porch. Workshop area. 1.5 miles from Member’s club. 3BR/2BA $225,000 (135332)

Cynthia Curtis, Director of the Bethany House, Inc. receives a check from Monica Hawke, treasurer of your local Certified Residential Specialists that made a generous donation to The Bethany House at their April meeting.

The Bethany House, a United Way organization, is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing a clean and sober living environment for women recovering from substance abuse. The Bethany House operates on the premise that each woman in the program is a woman of worth, capable of solving her own problems and possessing the ability of regaining her life. The residency program requires a 6 month stay in the home, employment, schooling or volunteer work, and a commitment to be actively involved in their own recovery. A Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) is a proven leader in residential real estate. CRSs are among the top 4 percent of all agents in the country. CRS agents have advanced training in areas such as business planning, real estate investing, marketing and technology. They have years of experience, demonstrated success and professional advice to help you make smart decisions about buying or selling your home.

We are here for all your REAL ESTATE needs Seven Days a Week! Joanne Padgett

Elizabeth Childers Associate Broker

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

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Assoc. Broker Assoc. Broker Assoc. Broker Assoc. Broker

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Roger Johnson Associate Broker


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135552 33 EDINBURGH LN, PINEWILD CC, DIR.: From Linden Rd Gatehouse; Left Edinburgh; Home on left. Golf Front! 4BR/5BA. NOW $725,000! Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504

137350 708 THRUSH DR, WOODLAKE CC, DIR.: From Woodlake Gatehouse; Right Riverbirch; 1.25 mile to Thrush; House on Right. 4BR/3BA. $225,000 Merry Garner 910.303.3091 910.692.2635

138568 44 Acres & 3,00sf, brick house. 1,100' frontage on NC Hwy 22. Across from New Food Lion. $3,000,000 Jerry Slade 910.639.3780 910.295.5504

137743 Lake Front Villa with Great Golf View! 3BR/3BA. High ceilings, Carolina Rm. $525,000 Joel Rich 910.315.4009 910.295.5504

135043 Stunning 3BR/3.5BA home & location! Golf & Water Views. $1,895,000 Marie O'Brien 910.528.5669 910.295.5504

137869 Golf Front on the 12th Hole of Course #1. Spacious, open plan. 3BR/3BA. $379,000

138315 Golf Front! Better than new! Maple, Stainless, & Granite Kitchen, 3BR/2.5BA. $274,951

138100 Elegant 3,000sf, Brick home with Cherry Kitchen on 1+Acre Estate Lot. $424,900 Krista Duncan 910.690.7009 910.295.5504

133886 Over one and a half acres. Gated community of CCNC. $114,900 Bonnie Baker 910.690.4705 910.692.2635

137746 Large Great Room w/stacked stone frplc, wet-bar. 3BR/3BA. Inground Pool. Patio.

137270 Charming 1930 stucco home. 4BR/2BA. Guest House. Golf Front! $359,900

136260 Golf Front & Water View! Stacked stone Fireplace, Built-ins. 4BR/2BA. $459,000


Mary Lou Vecchione 910.639.1387 910.295.5504


Krista Duncan 910.690.7009 910.295.5504




137540 Aberdeen: Charming & well-maintained! 3BR/2BA. Easy commute to Ft. Bragg. $99,900

138004 Pinehurst history & perfect location make this home valuable! Sold "as is"! $485,000 Joel Rich 910.315.4009 910.295.5504

137967 Spacious, 2500sf, custom built home on a 1-acre lot. Professionally landscaped. $348,500 Frank Sessoms 910.639.3099 910.295.5504




136179 Stately brick home on quiet cul-de-sac, east side of Pinehurst circle. NOW $449,900!

Quiet Location! 3-4Bedrooms, 2.5Baths, hardwood and tile floors, Screen Porch. PCC. $290,000

Jill Greenleaf 910.783.6139 910.692.2635

Pat Koubek 910.215.2869 910.692.2635


137220 Enjoy a spacious 4BR/3.5BA, brick, 2-story home nestled in a private cul-de-sac. $369,900 Frank Sessoms 910.639.3099 910.295.5504

Mav Hankey 910.603.3589 910.692.2635


137194 Waterfront setting on Echo Lake! Lower level w/4thBdrm/Bath. 3BR/3BA. $239,000 David Ball 910.975.1487 910.673.1063

137224 Private, Golf Front Home! Immaculate! 3BR/2.5BA. Granite in Kitchen. Bonus Rm. $399000 Barbara Uber 910.315.1679 910.295.5504

134886 Golf Front! Best Condition! Best Location! Best Price in Longleaf! 3BR/2BA. $349,000 Kimberly Byrd 910.695.6778 910.692.2635

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Mary Joe Worth 910.695.5430 910.692.2635


135787 Panoramic views from all main living areas & deck. PCC. 3BR/2BA. Move-in Ready. Eva Toney 910.638.0972 910.295.5504


137522 Open design. Abundance of Hardwood, Carolina Room, Granite in Ktchn. 3BR/2BA. $220,000 Donna Chapman 910.783.6061 910.692.2635

John Condit 910.585.2087 910.295.5504

Terry Ganse 910.783.5335 910.295.5504

137647 Golf Front. Brick home with great landscaping & deck. 3BR/2.5BA. $450,000 Arvilla Sheron 910.639.5133 910.295.5504


134737 Forest Hills: 4BR/2BA Starter Home! All brick, hrdwd floors, almost an acre! $159,900 Nettie Calfee 910.315.6225 910.692.2635

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Sandhills Real Estate May 28th 2010  
Sandhills Real Estate May 28th 2010  

Sandhills Real Estate May 28th 2010